Overcoming Limiting Beliefs as a Creative - An unconventional Drawing Class | Fritz Schnitzer | Skillshare

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs as a Creative - An unconventional Drawing Class

Fritz Schnitzer, believe in yourself!

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs as a Creative - An unconventional Drawing Class

Fritz Schnitzer, believe in yourself!

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9 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. My Story 1/2

    • 3. My Story 2/2

    • 4. Overcoming limiting Beliefs: Results

    • 5. Empty Your Mind: Drawing Lifelines

    • 6. What do you see?

    • 7. Drawing gently

    • 8. Class Project: "My ugly Masterpiece"

    • 9. Final Words

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About This Class

Do you think "I can't draw"?

Do you think "I don't have enough talent for creative stuff" ?

I have good news for you: thats bonkshot!

You will learn strategies and techniques i discovered and developed along the way which help you to empty your mind and just get going.

I will talk about my journey as a graphic designer who never believed in himself and how i changed my mindset and still do.

You’ll learn how to perceive yourself differently regards drawing. And you’ll get a glimpse on how it is to see.

This course is designed for everyone who can write her or his name, so basically everyone.


Sounds good? Let's go!

Material you will need:
- Paper
- Pencil

P. S.

I intentionally kept my bloopers, blackouts and moments when i was freezing internally in the videos because i wanted it as raw as possible. I also wanted to show you that we are all human and “mistakes” are an essential part of the process. The more mistakes you make the more success you will have!

Meet Your Teacher

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Fritz Schnitzer

believe in yourself!


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1. Introduction: I went to this course. My name's Fritz, freelance graphic designer from Jack who are living in It's really 1/2 me to smile. So please, in this course I would show and demonstrate ways and exercises how you overcome your limiting beliefs. I can't stroll, which is, in my humble opinion boots. In fact, this is not a typical drug course. You know, like the basics. See I and say which everybody, you and trust. But what will is how to empty your mind to see if yourself android in a more positive way and embrace Roy. No, let's go. 2. My Story 1/2: Hi. Uh, I decided before we do the exercises, I want to talk about myself first. Let's say about my my job. What? What I was thinking about myself regards drawing seven months ago. What? Thinking noble. It's, uh, you know, it's like when I've been in prime school, my teachers, all of that. They said to me, Excuse. My first name is Marcus. Second names free, Clich? Fritz? And then after weather decided for it. So you teacher said, like, you know, it's a my music teacher. She was like enough for the instruments. But, like, trying, you can play this. This is really back. Dean. Dean, do you mean? Um, yeah. And then, uh, drawing painting to say I didn't actually say said it, but I didn't actually say se. She gave me the feeling. I understand. Yeah, I'm good enough. Draw not painting on. Then. You see, all the kids were on you pretty decent. At least your opinion producing android, and then you compare yourself to them. This really sucks. It's your stuff. So, yeah. Then, for that reason, my parents started toe pain for for school of science, so I had disserved stuff for me. I had a really good grades, but we embarrassing feelings Course. But at the time, I didn't realize this was a bad decision following me. Many years. Yeah, This extra was going on until in the school. What's droid for me? Um, and to high school, I, uh I had to do this stuff for myself. And then, of course it's Yeah. So when I was, that's once back when I was really and the parents that didn't show me draw. Hey. And I just made from because parents, then I want to help. Your heart would have been, like, what did me in drawing false something like this. Like to show me how to draw and, uh, so believe installed in my I was going into life visit you almost love life on uh, yeah. Then I started to the apprenticeship as media design, which is once that graphic design no more That executed function desire list design, global cover page off Maxine. And then you was did design media designer. That makes it so, um as we design you more, more like excluding 1005. So it's not really creative droll, but it was like for eight. If related Sahwas this job and then, you know, uh, because of So my mother died in 2000 and six on the just just want toe. Just want to tell you the circumstances. So get the full picture and then explosion its relationship to use. And in my apprentice company, what did me. So Yeah, I got, like, severe Do you have any text for For two years and you have to do something about it. What's this was too the first time in life. So start really books about psychology, self development. You said that you said so. And then I worked for one year design, decided to quit my job trouble for one year. So struggling one year, almost. Really? Yeah. And then I can bake and did, uh and you could start in Korea speech therapist. I made this just realize I don't really like, like, much more graphic design. But now I had that confidence because holes Yeah, Okay. Design console, the greatest. All this funny ideas. Yeah, And then I was working for six months in restaurant. Then I decided a new content this for us rest of her life, so I didn't really know What talents? What skills? What can I do? Um, yeah, I'm 35. So fearless. That falls. What's that? Got no less? No. What I want to do? Yes. So a good start traveling again. I have to go like OK, you know what? I want to find out what it is, what the extra really want. I was visiting. So if you would have been seven, uh, meditating. Introducing one routines. Your duties? Yeah. And then one day listeningto audible creation C I an exhibition? Yeah, Okay. Waiting for you. Find out what you really want to do. It should become post. So because then you your focus, it's not a narrow it once more wider. Then you can see that, right? Uh, yeah. So I did this and actually work. Then I I really, really wanted to Graphic design. What skills design should be. I was sitting on my list on, uh, yeah, number one. Really fast draw. Can I drove? Cannot Android. This is really, like, attendant. You should have. And then I was watching so many videos on YouTube. Join doing your talent. What many Ted talks reading articles. So many things and then yeah, and then I mass to to make my first on my drawing rules and, uh, take park. I hope so. But I still was really afraid of throwing. And in fact, Tuchman, other people and I would get the confirmation like Okay, so just be would have been from you. Really? Yeah. So I convinced myself Kind of like forced myself drawing and finishing cost every day. One part, of course. And yeah. So I was doing this finishing Crossman waas. Amazed by stuff was 3. My Story 2/2: put it on paper, So yeah, uh, then I continued continued withdrawing book what's and then ink drawing by a council down, which included looking and, uh, amazing. Then I'm still drawing every day least five minutes, which is meeting almost every day. No, sometimes $6. Uh, yeah. And, uh, and then I was doing. Then I was doing many, many courses on sculpture. There was 11 course one class for local mark for you, For your town or city. Really? Like, yeah, I was doing this assignment for for this house, developing local mark show time insert on a screen past. Yeah, And then I was doing this, Uploading a passport to this date on Carson's culture. But it's amazing. I really like you. Have you ever thought about like, teaching your own house? Stuff will be What can I teach when there are so many cars off out already and no. 10 to teach something. So make a close. How to overcome the limiting things? Because this is what I made last 67 months. 678 months. Yeah, and then, uh, I was actually flaking on first challenge before someone uncomfortable being then trading prepare myself to record stuff. Yeah, Here on, uh, June challenge, making my courses video just before. Uh, yeah. So Yeah, but just keeping the keep stuff video because I want to show that we are all humans. Uh, just just do it just to stop. That's and then let's go back to the side a little. And then I I was putting this My design One cups, most constant posters. You know, this stuff is getting sold in bookstores and facing, and, uh, I can tell you how satisfying is how amazing it feels. I always use Thank you. Good enough. A lot of graphic designer can go toe good our center because that drawing I'm not creative enough. You know, first success next month. This is what this is what I want give you, no matter how hard believes I like how you truly feel control. It's everything, Cronus. The way that it was. Um so to say I want to say I know how you feel, but I think I would never know how you feel. But I wasn't resuming position. Uh, some of the decisions that you and this possible you can individual style. The basics you will learn basics from then on. It's just Meddoff practice telling me 20% 15 studies show, and then the rest is just like to put it. So, um yeah, is, uh, this video was quite spontaneous. Quiet. That's scripted. I made some notes, uh, and they tried to keep things video as personal as possible. So I wish you wish you good luck for exercise. And, um yeah, you're not long. Definitely. I still have t o Just thoughts. That drawing. No evidence. No, that's like joins who say, uh oh, be that people really liked him, so I don't know. That's against this. What I want to say about this, uh, I want my journey So can do it. You can draw. See what is a 4. Overcoming limiting Beliefs: Results: Here's the screen cost. Um, it's not about reading. I just want to show you what it actually means when you overcome a limited release on what you're able to do to draw. It's take this one home. So if you would have told me six months ago Ecuador's I would have told that you are crazy . So, yeah, um, this is from, uh, sculpture. Close some some drafts on. Um, just thank you through well here. Yeah, maybe it's a fast, but you can You can go to this link address. Ana can have a look for yourself. I think I would put it in the class description. So you it is the development. So it's just a process, really. Grosses. Okay, See you later. 5. Empty Your Mind: Drawing Lifelines: Hello. Take a most come back to exercise two D exercise. Teoh. This exercise was designed to shift from the Left Hemisphere logical hemisphere. So you arrived creative in towards a hitman atmosphere because it's too complex and too much data for the left. You would get more in a moment. You calm down, there's no future and there is no past. Make sure make sure papers totally out of your focus. Let's go. That's let's go. And it's good, Captain, we clothe. So, uh, before we draw the life friends, we should do a woman exercise. It's very important. So what do you do with your little finger? Three times This comes this. No. So does this. My And these are my life once and all the elements. It's worlds. So what I do? Uh, just look at my start, letting totally to see you take my time. You re less my friends, their extreme made looks more the ship from left hemisphere too, right? This could be We take five minutes. 10 minutes. That's up to you. So you go. I was drawing for approximately three minutes. Four minutes on. Get this. My drawing off my life. Really some lights before some I didn't realize before. So help you concede hope to contrast this high enough. And you, Um yeah. So, basically, you can take any complex pattern like a bark from a tree or, I don't know, a complex pattern from shirt from some clothing store. And then you give to go if your nose, uh, anxious or mood, just do this for a woman Exercise. Yeah. You can start you. You're actually wrong. You can enjoy it more so see you in the next life. 6. What do you see?: work on big toe perception Exercise one. What do you see? Yeah. So I'm asking you, What do you see here? What? Flora? No. What's wrong? What do you see? Flow. What do you see? Really? A flower? No, Just look closer. What? You actually see strokes and shapes? Some strokes are thicker. Some strokes are thinner. Uh, and combined, They are making the illusion. Uh, how can you say horror, Graham? Ah, something like this often often flower. So that's the reason you are struggling. We've ah, during what you see. Because actually, when you draw something, uh, from she know, I lost last threat. Um, did did the debate diverted That, uh, different evident it did do, do, do, do do do Do do. So, uh, there was actually in war going on between your brain and your eyes and your hands so you can say between your brain and your hand Eye coordination did say you want to draw just falling for flow on you sheet of paper and then you start ruling. The chances are much higher than then. Did you that you that you draw a slower? We just thought in your brain instead of the quarter flour, which is on the piece of paper. So did work. That's the reason I was choosing the the lifeline exercise before it was distress you as well to be more in the moment and really draw what you see and not what is in your brain. So, yeah, I think about it. Or let it sink in this information. Um, yeah, and, uh, soon the next lecture. Enjoy. 7. Drawing gently: one. Uh, what? Nobody to perception Exercise, too. Psaltis drawing So But let's talk about myself first. I used to draw, Let's say, press like an elephant. They cause if it subconsciously huge pressure. So this was off course reflecting. You can say it's a perfect mirror off your internist. After a while, actually, many years I realized, impressing wayto I want to enjoy joy, make more most strokes. So and then after a while, I realized how was pressing Maybe the dates of the So let's stop exercise. So for their exercise, I have chosen December for incident. Yes. Yeah. Affinity beans. So no process for so be it. In this case, you take and then you draw. I do this, you go. You feeling how hard pressed? Then you be the impressive you think hard on. Do you suffer that? So a little slide off your hands, we'll feel refused. Yeah, you chose, um, spirals. You see the paper or it doesn't. So you told us virus. Find the sweet spot off the pressure on and it's not too soft. 8. Class Project: "My ugly Masterpiece": All right, So now it's time for a class project. Draw something. Yeah, Actually, was drawing two minutes ago. Five minutes ago. Three minutes ago. Four minutes ago. Something really? I have a lot of fun. This was This was posting my moon and yeah, but just some general tips. Like to make sure that really dropped. So, uh, I like to think to think too long. Too short, uh, at the room. Wrong place. Oh, well, yeah. And the trick is, the secret is just a fun. Since that vote is drawn, May scribbled. It's is this, uh so yeah, for bonus points, feel free to upload your drawing in the 40 gallery on, I think. I think, uh, I, uh um you must No, that's a cipher. One for one object. And we all draw the Flamingo there. Almost. Or flamingos were also on, uh, here, so have fun. Enjoy. Let's go. And I want to see my masterpiece. Yes. Here's Yeah, it's from me. Wonderful. Just you amazing. So, yeah. And, uh, can't you guys 9. Final Words: Yeah, it was dust. Hope people Take a look. I hope you could take something. I hope people take something from from schools this course and its food to choose making scores for recording. This class is one of the last things I want to so miss anywhere. Really happy. I mean, and it's the same thing when I started drawing drawing six months ago, so and I really enjoy it. Sorts one of sense every day day, So yeah, totally enjoy hope you can totally enjoy the future. That's what I wish you good luck and a lot of fun when your greatest all of this.