Overcoming Fear & Reaching Your Dreams | Christopher Greenwood | Skillshare

Overcoming Fear & Reaching Your Dreams

Christopher Greenwood, Smartmusicbusiness.com

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12 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. The Biggest Myth About Fear

    • 2. Eliminating Fear From Your Life

    • 3. Perservering through fear when you feel like quitting

    • 4. How To Handle Criticism

    • 5. Books I recommend to conquer fear

    • 6. Procrastination is a dream killer

    • 7. Get control of your thoughts and you'll get control of your life

    • 8. Discipline the bridge to conquering fear

    • 9. Using Your Willpower To Push Through Fear

    • 10. The Art of Dreaming

    • 11. Having Vision For Your Life

    • 12. Action Takers Set Goals


About This Class

This course will help you to stop letting fear control your life and sabotage your dreams.

For so long I listened to the voice of fear telling me I wasn't good enough, I'd fail or to wait a little longer.

I"m proud to say I've stopped listening to that voice of fear and now take action towards my dreams even when I'm still afraid.

That's one of the number one key's to conquering fear is "to do that which your afraid of".

Let me tell you it doesn't come naturally but action fuels success and I'm here to be your coach giving you the inspiration and tools to flush fear out.

Don't wait any longer you've put off your dream far too long and it's time to make it a reality.