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Overcoming Fear & Reaching Your Dreams

teacher avatar Christopher Greenwood, Smartmusicbusiness.com

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. The Biggest Myth About Fear

    • 2. Eliminating Fear From Your Life

    • 3. Perservering through fear when you feel like quitting

    • 4. How To Handle Criticism

    • 5. Books I recommend to conquer fear

    • 6. Procrastination is a dream killer

    • 7. Get control of your thoughts and you'll get control of your life

    • 8. Discipline the bridge to conquering fear

    • 9. Using Your Willpower To Push Through Fear

    • 10. The Art of Dreaming

    • 11. Having Vision For Your Life

    • 12. Action Takers Set Goals

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About This Class

This course will help you to stop letting fear control your life and sabotage your dreams.

For so long I listened to the voice of fear telling me I wasn't good enough, I'd fail or to wait a little longer.

I"m proud to say I've stopped listening to that voice of fear and now take action towards my dreams even when I'm still afraid.

That's one of the number one key's to conquering fear is "to do that which your afraid of".

Let me tell you it doesn't come naturally but action fuels success and I'm here to be your coach giving you the inspiration and tools to flush fear out.

Don't wait any longer you've put off your dream far too long and it's time to make it a reality.

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Christopher Greenwood



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1. The Biggest Myth About Fear: The biggest myth about fear is that it's a lot, and all fear stands for is false evidence appearing riel something that seems real in your mind. But in reality, it's nothing at all I'll never forget. When I had a sporting event or a school of enter, maybe I had to perform on stage or speak in front of my church or something like that, and I'd start to think about this event to the point I was worrying about it, to the point I was losing sleep about it. Can you relate to me out there? And all of a sudden, that day comes and I have to do whatever as I have to do have to get on the field. I have to go meet somebody at worker, meet someone for coffee that I'm scared to be network or walk into a room of people, and all sudden I'm doing it. And also I'm realizing, Hey, this is a such a big deal at all. Why was he even worried about that? But that's what fear does. Fear always whispers in your ear that you're a failure, that you're a loser, that you won't make it fear is always the loudest when you're trying to do something great . Fear is always speaking into your ear that you can't make it when you're trying to step out of a crowd. When you're trying to do something great when you're trying to stretch its always saying No , wait a little longer, you're not ready. It put it off a little longer. No, The only thing you should put off till tomorrow is procrastination, and I've come to realize that fear is just a lie. It's a myth, and you can't listen to that voice anymore. I still struggle with it sometimes, but now I've learned to recognize that voice and what I know when I'm starting to get nervous about something, or I'm starting to get fearful about something. I know I'm on the right track, so I want to encourage you having those thoughts of fear, your normal. But it's what you do with those thoughts. You see, it's even biblical that the Bible says, you know, think on things that are lovely. Think on things that are peaceful. Basically, seeing yourself winning as opposed to seeing yourself failing, I think, was the book Norman Vincent Peale, Power of positive thinking. It makes a difference. How do you do it? You start saying I am gonna have a great day on that sports field. I am going to score a goal. I am going to speak really well in front of those people and I'm gonna connect with them and they're going to get impacted. When I walk into the room, I'm gonna go talk to people and to see how I can help people. And I'm gonna meet some really good people and make some connections. You start saying those things over and over, you start saying those things. You know what? It changes the way you think. You can't change thoughts with thoughts. You have to fight thoughts with words. The power of the spoken word. How do you do that? By getting good thoughts in By taking courses like this and really encouraging yourself and being around people, they're going to motivate you inspire. You see, courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is the Willingness Toe act. Despite the fear. I'm going to say that a lot in this course because sometimes you have to do things afraid, but the thing you know I want you to understand in this first lecture here is that fear is a lie. It's a myth and it's just a liar. And don't listen to that voice. Listen to that voice inside of you when you were a kid that you used to dream and used to step out and just try things and you didn't care if you fell on your face. You didn't care if you made a mistake because you know what? We all fail. We all make mistakes. But you know what? Who cares? Keep going. And of all the multi millionaires, almost successful people that I've met, known and studied over the years and the books I've read, they've all failed. They've all struggled with fear. They just know how to answer to it now and how to respond to it and not let it ruin your sorry, not let it ruin their lives or who are ruled their lives as well too. So hey, I hope this first lecture here is really inspired. You really encouraged you. Let's keep going on this And no, that it is a journey and you're gonna win the battle 2. Eliminating Fear From Your Life: courage isn't the absence of fear. Courage is the Willingness Toe Act. Despite the fear, I like to say Do it afraid and why do I say do it afraid? Because for so long when I had to get up on stage and speaker to perform, I was so nervous. I remember doing high school assemblies and having to speak and sing songs and before we would go on, because we travel all across Canada and the U. S. And before I go on, I'd be running back to the bathroom, back and forth, back and forth before the assembly would started. I had so much nerves, I was so scared and they call my name and I'd go up on stage and I do whatever it is I had to do and I'd give my best. And let me tell you, every time I got off that stage, I felt so much lighter. I was like I did it, I did it, I didn't run, I ran to the stage and I did that what I was scared to do. And that's the key to eliminating fear from your life forever. After all these lectures you've watched, if you want to conquer fear. The one thing you have to do is do what it is you're afraid to do. Now I've got on stage is thousands of times and no longer am I afraid to go on stage. But before I go on stage, sometimes I'll be standing backstage and you know, the sound guy or somebody Oh approached me there like hair. You nervous? Or you will care. You ready to go on? I'm like, No, I'm not nervous because I've done it thousands of times And that's the key. No matter what it is, if it's sports, if it's networking, if it's you got to just meet people or it's getting up on stage speaking, if you just continue to do over and over again that what you're afraid to do, you won't be scared anymore. Over my younger days, I used to love to skateboard, and I still do. But when they turned the camera on to fill me, I get so scared I'd get all nervous when it came to contests. I get all nervous and on my legs would shake, but I kept on doing it and you know what the fear level went down and down and down until it was gone. The same thing I remember by going on dates and meeting girls beating the opposite sex. Whether you're a girl trying to meet a guy, the more you do it and put yourself out there, the less the fear will rule your life. You will eliminate fear. So it is not an issue anymore. I used to be nervous and have fear to talk to the camera. Does it look like I'm scared or nervous talking to this camera anymore? No, because I've done it so many times now. But there was a time when I waas. Nobody starts anything perfect. Nobody starts anything amazing and no fear. It's something you develop. You're not born with courage. You're not born with. Fearlessness is something you start to develop over time. And that's why I like to say courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is the Willingness Toe Act, despite the fear, the willing to take action despite the fear. So I encourage you today. Do it afraid? Do it. Afraid. I heard that story of those sales people that have to make all those sales calls, and they hate getting rejection. I remember when I had to type emails to people, I'd call people myself. I didn't like projection. I don't like picking up the phone, but my dream was too important to me. My calling and what it is I wanted to do was so important to me. I would pick up the phone, I would make the call, I would get up on stage. And that's why your dream has got to get so much bigger than the fear. So it punches it in the face and it's gone. You build up your dream, you paint that dream, you continue to see yourself winning and doing the dream, and then you take action towards it and fear will be gone for your life forever. So here's my challenge for you right now. Whatever it is that you're afraid of, write it down and then do it. Whether you can do it right now, Are you gonna put it on your calendar and say, You know what? I'm going to do this. I'm gonna do this. And the more you get up and you go again and then you go again and then you go again. You will watch the fear be eliminated from your life forever. 3. Perservering through fear when you feel like quitting: I may have been in a dark place, but I wasn't a failure. And still, I started blaming other people for my problems. That's from my book Fighter five keys to conquering fear and reaching your dreams. And I want to talk about persevering through the fear because what if you've taken action, you step that you had the courage to step out? But how do you keep going, especially when you're still scared, especially when you fall on your face and you embarrass yourself or you get hurt or you go broke and you're like, I just don't know if I can get up and give it another try. I don't know if I can keep going. I've knocked on the door. No one's answered. You know, I like to say, Knock on it again. And if no one answers again, kick it down. And I just love this story of marathon runners when it comes to perseverance in overcoming fear. Because marathon runners, first of all, I don't like running. Okay, I hate running, and so my hat comes off to the marathon runners because they're exhausted. They're running in heat, They're tired, they're hungry. There's just pain throughout the whole body, from their feet to their head. They're just exhausted, ready to give it in, ready just to throw the towel in and say, I can't do it anymore and they just want to collapse. But they developed this thing called a second wind. And when they pushed that stitching and they developed that second wind, somehow they're able to run harder and faster than they ever have before. And they have this breakthrough, this breakthrough of conquering fear, of giving up of throwing in the towel. And that's what I want for you right now. Maybe you are still scared because you did get hurt. You went out there, you tried something. And now you're even more afraid. Can I encourage you? Can I n challenge you to get up and give it another try to somehow develop your second wind ? You know, I love the quote from I think it's Sylvester Stallone. That that said that you know, I'm not the smartest, are the most talented, but I continue to find success because I keep going and going and going a relentless lists of saying I'm not going to quit, and I think that really comes back again to your dream your dream and your dream Being so big Your dream of painting That picture of who you are today And you might not be stoked about who you are today But you're contrast in that picture of who you are today off what you'd like to become in the future Your dream of who you are becoming cause let me say every day we're becoming someone Every day we're becoming someone Can I challenge you to get up and go one more time? Kick fear in the face Punch fear in the face and give it one more try persevere one more time I think it was King Solomon who said Even though a righteous man falls down seven times, he gets up and goes again. Can you get up one more time and give it another shot? You don't know if your breakthrough is just around the corner. You don't know if it's just over that hill. If it's one more phone call, one more attempt to the stage. One more meeting, one Mawr interview, you know Who was it? Colonel Sanders? I think it was you met with 52 banks until he got that bank loaner until he tried 52 restaurants. I think it was that would, ah, all rejected his recipe until he found one person that would do his recipe of Kentucky Fried Chicken and then it blew up. Can you imagine if he gave up on the 52nd 1? Maybe he went to 51 restaurants. Everybody said, You know what? I'm not gonna I'm not going to go to the 52nd 1 I've thrown in the towel. Then we wouldn't know about this amazing recipe of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Like Come on. Like you don't know if there's a breakthrough just around the corner. So just want encourage you give it one more shot, persevere through the pain because your breakthrough is just around the corner. 4. How To Handle Criticism: if there was any power and criticism, the skunk would have been extinct years ago. That doesn't mean, though, that it doesn't hurt. When people criticize is whether that's a friend or family member or AH, boss or spouse just doesn't matter. It still hurts. How do you avoid it? And how is it connected to fear? Well, it's really connected to fear because we're fearful of being criticized, being fearful of being made fun of in looking silly and people writing a silly commenter hating on what we're doing. Remember, originally, I was kind of scared to put up courses and videos, because what are people going to think about? You know what it is I'm putting out there. But then I realized it's nothing, and I realized that critics love to criticize that what they wish they would do. And even in my music career, I don't read my iTunes reviews for the books that have written. I don't read the reviews for my books. It's not gonna help me to become a better writer, a better author. It's not gonna help me to improve myself for reading these comments. Sure, if I want to get somebody else to go through them and critique me. And I just wanted on honest critique from a friend that I trust, then some random troll on the Internet. And it just wants to be rude and say something really negative. Why don't want to read that is going to help me. Is it gonna pump me up? No, it's not. So I've learned to block those things out of my view on their frayed hearing a story from Les Brown when he shared about this speaker who was up there speaking and he was in the crowd and he wasn't his famous speaker yet, but he wanted to be. And the guy that was speaking, he shared his story that he was getting paid $5000 for the speech and the dude was totally boring, totally does not connecting very monotone and just would bore you to sleep. But you know what he said, he said, The reason I'm up here and you're down there is because I represent the thoughts and dreams that you refused to act upon because he's not afraid of being criticized. He acted upon his dream because he's not afraid of looking sillier, getting made fun of her failing or falling down. He gets up there even though he's not the greatest. You see, you don't have to be great to get started, but you do have to start to become great. And I want to encourage you through this course to take action and to start just to start to get in the game. Put that book, output that video out there. Call that personnel, go for the job interview, make that sales call Get in the game, Guys, don't listen to the critic there. Nothing there, just a voice of fear in a voice of discouragement that you don't need to be filling yourself up on just by you. Even taking this course shows me, and then you're the type of person that doesn't listen to those voices or needs to stop listening to those voices and I know you will, and you watches you flush that stuff out. You get that out and you start filling yourself up with positive info. You are going to make a difference in your life, so get the critics out of your life. Cut those people off. Stop reading those reviews. Stop roaring about what people think about you cause you know what? They don't really care that much. And people would love to do with that which you would do. You know, people would love to do what I would do to speak, to perform, to get up on stage and to talk. And so I don't think about whether I'm good enough or whether I'm the most talented speaker , the most talented performer, singer author. There's always gonna be more talented people than me and you. You know what create anyways create anyways, cause your unique in the world you have something special toe offer the world, so do it today and get in the game. 5. Books I recommend to conquer fear: There's a couple of books I want to recommend to you guys. The 1st 1 is mine, of course. Manifest Fighter five Keys to conquering fear in reaching your dreams. To go a little bit more in depth than further in this course and kind of use it is another study material will help you. Huge. Just go to my website fighter book dot net. Another great book I want to recommend to you guys is power of positive thinking. Um by Norman Vincent Peale. Here it is, right here. Boom Power of positive Thinking on by Norman Vincent Peale. Really, really great book really changed my life really helped me to conquer fear and I know conduce the same for you. Second or 3rd 1 here is John Maxwell's failing forward. Really great book. Just a It says right here, turning mistakes into stepping stones for success. And that's what it is. You make mistakes, you fail, but you fail forward. Okay, Goes along with what I say it fighters and some you never fails. A fighter is someone who never quits. So Hey, I believe in you guys Keep taking action. Don't quit and keep moving 6. Procrastination is a dream killer: The only thing you should put off until tomorrow is procrastination. Procrastination is a dream killer. And procrastination is a cousin to fear, Isn't it procrastination? Why we put it off and put it off and put it off? Because we're afraid? Because we're letting fear whisper into our ear toe. Wait a little longer, hold off a little bit. Mawr, you're not ready yet. The timing isn't right. This season isn't right next year to keep putting it off putting up. And then you never take action. That's what fear does. It causes you to procrastinate. I can remember so many times in my life I remember specifically actually wanting to quit my job and I went from five days a week. I was working at this. I t job up in Ontario being a computer guy. But I wanted to do music full time. And so I went from five days a week, and I remember I was so scared to ask my boss for Fridays off, and I asked for it. And so all of a sudden I had Fridays off, and I was amazed that he actually said Yes. And this is the thing you don't know, unless you ask. You don't know unless you try. I could have listened to that voice of procrastination and fear, but instead I took action. And so I was working only four days a week, and I had Friday. Saturday, Sunday, had a long weekend every weekend to pursue my music to pursue my dream. And then I asked for another day off, and I went to three days and then eventually I quit my job. But I'll never forget guys sitting in my office ready to type that email to my boss, wondering, you know, should I send this? Should I really send this email? But I didn't want to be wondering the rest of my life. What if I never did it? What if I never went for my dreams? What if I never stepped out? I always have been nagging in my ear that I never tried. I never went for it, and that would have been procrastination at its finest, having me wait and wait and wait. There's never a perfect time. There's never a right time to do anything. The thing is, you just got to do it. You just got to jump all in sometimes and go for it. And, yes, you do fall in your face. Yes, you do fall down and you make mistakes. But I promise you, you learn from every single one of those, and every time you do something once, then the second time's a little easier than the third time's a little easier than that in the fourth time, I remember doing crowdfunding campaigns, and I was trying to get everything ready and getting everything you know, prepared and all the content ready the videos ready. But then there came a time where I couldn't put it off any more. I couldn't let procrastination rule, and I had to take action. And that's one key that you can use to conquer. Procrastination is to set a date put in your calendar, put in your iPhone, your phone to remind yourself and set a date, and said, This is when I'm doing it. I did that once time, even for ah friend trying to get me to go on a date with the girl. He's like, Dude, stop putting it off, man. Stop sleeping on its up thinking about it. Just do it, caller, send the email. Maybe that's you watching this right now. We got a call. That person sent an email. You met them. You got their number. But you didn't phone them. You didn't go to that party and meet them. You just keep putting it off and putting it off and put it in off. And so procrastination just pulls you farther. If this is your dream, procrastination just pulls you farther and farther and farther away from your dreams, and then they never happen. And I want you to reach your dreams. I want you to conquer fear. But one of the keys to conquer in fear is to conquer procrastination. Get off the Netflix, get off the iPhone and start working on you. Start working on your dream. 7. Get control of your thoughts and you'll get control of your life: get control of your thoughts and you'll get control of your life. The battle is in your mind when it comes to conquering fear, guys, because you so a thought than you reap in action that you take you so that action you reap a habit you so that have it, you reap a character. You saw that character and you reap your destiny. And if you want your destiny to come to pass of you doing something great, you've got to conquer that fear. And it all starts with what you're putting inside your mind. What you're listening to, who you're hanging out with, what you're reading, what you're putting in front of your eyes into your ears, who you're hanging out with. Frames, your thoughts. It's biblical. That says as a man think if so, is he. I have to put myself around positive people I had it came to a point where I did cut off negative people had to cut off certain music certain movie, certain shows because I wanted to be positive. I wanted to have success. And so I changed my friends. I changed my thoughts and guess what? It changed my accents. It changed my habits. It changed my character, and it's changed my destiny. I am a different person today as a result of what I put in my mind. I have conquered fears in my life as a result of what I was thinking about. My whole point is on this lecture is that you have to choose your thoughts or else they will choose for you and you need to choose positively. You need to choose wisely. You need to keep surrounding yourself with positive information. I don't always bounce out of bed and wake up and just be like Woo, ready to conquer the world. You know what I mean? Sometimes I wake up like that. Yes, I do. Sometimes I wake up and I'm just like, Oh, and that's where I have to grab something inspirational and put it in here and feed it in here because if you've noticed, if you watch the news and look around the world, people are always talking negative. But you know what? That story never changes and you know what? It's a lie because whether the economy is doing good or doing that, people always say, Oh, it's negative. There's opportunity everywhere you go, there's an opportunity to conquer fear all the time and take action and change your destiny . I want to bring it back to the dream, because if your dream can get so big in your mind, no fear will get in the way because you'll be so positive your thoughts will be in control because you're putting good stuff in here. You're seeing yourself winning. You're seeing yourself succeeding. I am more than a conqueror. I can rock that stage. I can sell that product. I can, you know, hit that goal. When I get on that platformer into that arena and play sports, I am going to crush it. You start saying that you start speaking that you start meditating on that stuff, meditating on positive things, taking this course, seeing yourself winning. Then you are gonna conquer fear. Many start, but few finish guys. Many start, but few finished because along the path they started listening to that voice of fear of negative negativity, and they didn't get control of their thoughts. So take control of your thoughts and you'll take control of your life. 8. Discipline the bridge to conquering fear: discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. By Jim Rohn You know I don't like the word discipline necessarily, but I understand I need to implement it into my life if I want to achieve certain things and I want the fear flushed out of my life. What kind of discipline am I talking about? Well, one thing is, is going to bed on time, reading really positive material and taking action I'll never forget. I was in Osaka, Japan. We just played a really great show, and all my friends and the band wanted to go out. But I knew I had tons of interviews the next day, and I didn't want to be exhausted for that because my dream again was knocking on the door , and I heard the next day they're all hanging out chatting that they went Met Lady Gaga and their band at some club or something like that down the street, because she happened to be playing a show the same night we were, and I was really bummed out that I didn't get to meet her or her band, but I realized that I needed to put certain things into my life disciplines. If I wanted to stay fearless, if I wanted to stay going towards my dream. And sometimes you need to ask yourself, Yeah, this hurts right now reading this positive material or working out or getting up on stage, even though you're exhausted, even though you're tired. But if you can make it a habit and it becomes a part of you, then it gets easier and easier. And the fear just backs down and backs down and backs down and then doesn't even show its face anymore because you don't know what to do. You've disciplined yourself to respond when things come up, you don't fear it anymore, you know you call it out. I encourage you to put certain disciplines into your life. One of the things I do when I'm traveling, when I'm in a hotel room, I discipline myself. I turn off the TV. I disciplined myself to go to bed on time. I disciplined myself to make sure I've downloaded certain podcast of certain messages to keep filling myself up. I discipline myself to try and eat better. That's one thing I I struggle with sometimes, But the more I do these things and put them into my life. The fear just gets flushed out because I just It's become a part of me when the disciplines , the really good disciplines in the good habits when they come apart of you. Whoa, Then you become unstoppable. Make habits work for you. Instead of making habits work against you, you discipline yourself with good habits, positive habits and then you on your way to success. 9. Using Your Willpower To Push Through Fear: a fighter isn't someone never fails. A fighter is someone who never quits and what comes to conquering fear. Guys, you've got to never quit. You can't back down. You got to keep facing fear in the face and do that which you are afraid to do, to conquer fear and to flush it out. And that's where will Power comes in. Having the will to push a little bit more, go a little farther, hold on a little longer and not let go of those rains. I heard a story of my hero, Peter J. Daniels. Talk about his son. Graham was also a friend of mine, and he wanted to learn how toe right on bulls and kind of tame one of those crazy horses or bulls. And he hired this guy toe train him, and he keeps getting thrown off the horse and thrown off the horse. And he's just, like, ready to give up. And he says to the guy who's training them, He says, What do you do when you've just done everything you can and the stupid thing just won't work or you can't get rid of it? You can't comment down. You can't get control of this horse, and then the guy who is chewing is spitting tobacco, said to him. He said, You got to give it a little bit more and that's what you have to do. Guys, when you want to go for your dreams, when you want to conquer fear, sometimes you've got to just give it a little bit. MAWR I'll never forget. When I was traveling from Cheyenne, Wyoming, all the way to California on a trip and I was traveling all alone and I was on tour and it was lonely and I was driving hours and hours and I had my tunes playing at my motivational stuff, playing like You're listening to right now to try and encourage me and keep me going. But sometimes it was still discouraging. Sometimes it was still lonely. I was on a music tour and I didn't have a lot of money, and I remember driving through Vegas and all of a sudden I was looking at these lights and the big pyramid in the hotels, and I just like Whoa is the first time I've ever seen Las Vegas and I was just blown out of my mind about how amazing this was, and I kept on driving and driving. Didn't even stop for food or gas or anything like that. And then I said, I find myself in the desert again and it's pitch black and I'm driving and I'm driving. And now it's 2 a.m. in the morning, and that's when my gas light goes on and I am tripping out. I have fear that I am going to run out of gas in the middle of nowhere. I have never hugged my steering wheel so closely and so tightly before in my life. But I kept on driving. I get on praying and all of a sudden after another 30 or 40 minutes of driving with the gas late on, not sure if I'm gonna make it. I see a gas station and I am so happy. I am so excited dancing, pumping my gas, saying, Woo, I finally made it and this is the thing. Fear gripped me for a while, fear grifting. But I kept on going. I kept drying. I didn't turn around. I didn't pull over on the side of life. No, I stayed in the driver's seat and I kept on driving, and that's where your willpower comes in. That's where you got to keep going. You got to keep pushing. Sometimes you do need to rest. Sometimes you're exhausted and you have been driving for a long time, and you have been giving it for so long that you need to rest. And that's something that we forget in regards to will power. Because at the end of the day, you know, our willpower is down and we contend to make poor decisions at night, like eating the foods we shouldn't or drinking things that we shouldn't. And just taking actions or making bad decisions that we shouldn't because our willpower is low. So it's important to re charge those batteries. Guys, you gotta recharge and sometimes just get some rest. Sometimes you need to just relax a little bit, unclear mind, and then go at it again. But it doesn't mean you get out of the game. Yes, stay in the game. I kept on driving and I kept on driving. I was trying to get to California and I finally got to California. I think it like three in the morning, and I'm driving to all these different hotel rooms. Our sorry just hotels tryingto book a place to, ah, sleep that night and I was exhausted, and all the ones that I wanted to book that I could afford were full and all the ones that had space were too expensive, and I was just did not have enough money on my credit card even. And so I parked my van in the McDonald's parking lot and I slept there. And I remember waking up in the morning, brushing my teeth at the side of the road, spitting out with a with them water and then eating at the McDonald's dollar menu again for breakfast. As I continued on my trip to my destination. And I just want to say I wanted to quit. I had so much for your I don't know if I was gonna make it there. Could have had a tire blowout, could have running a gas, just didn't know if I was. You know, I was kind of kept on waking up in the middle of the night because I was sleeping in the car, kind of scared of things, but I pushed through it and I got to the other side. And let me tell you, um, I don't sleep in my car anymore. I can afford a nice hotel room. Now I can afford a really nice breakfast or dinner anywhere I want to eat. And I just want to say that didn't happen overnight. But that came with perseverance, and that came by tapping into my willpower. My dream again was still so big. I'm one of my dreams so much. I didn't care what I had to go through to get to it. And I just want to say whatever your dream is, it's worth it to push through so that you can achieve it. Many start guys, but few finish. And so I encourage you to keep going. Never quit because of fighters and someone never fails. Ah, fighter is someone who never quits. 10. The Art of Dreaming: it was up, guys. Is Chris Manifest hanging out here in California? I just took my daughter to her first doctor's appointment and got super stoked. She's doing really awesome and just, you know, just got stoked and inspired. I wanted to shoot a couple of videos in this video. I want to talk about the art of dreaming and talk about how my superhero growing up with Superman, like I liked Superman so much that my mom wouldn't take me to Niagara Falls because I was convinced he was really. And I was convinced if I jumped off, like in the movie Part two, I think it is that Superman would would save me Actually was part one when I think the kid jumped off, but anyways, but that was just like my dream. And it was such a childhood dream, and it was just awesome cause there's no limits. It was just such a child like faith and belief that I could almost do anything, and it's so important to keep dreaming. And in the fighter book, if you guys have already it, there's a chapter in the back at the very end called Dreams, Visions and Goals and I talk about the idea of dreaming and dreaming big. And what dreaming is it's basically painting that picture in your mind of who you are. In contrast, ing it, which would like to become. And I remember as a kid I would dream all kinds of stuff. You know, I dreamed that I would want to be Superman. I remember I dreamed I wanted to have a pretty girlfriend one day or a wife. I remember when I first started to get into skateboarding, I would dream like all night about all the skateboard tricks and getting sponsored. And then when I got into music, my dreams changed. Teoh being on stage or singing songs. And now you know my dream of family and just seeing things and dreams are always in the future, you know, and you always want to continue dreaming. I don't care how old you are. I don't care if you're 58 18 year in your twenties thirties or in your your sixties or seventies. Always be dreaming and have a vision for the future and have an idea and the idea of dreaming. Some of us, you know, life hits, you know things, things don't work. You know, when I was a kid, you know I didn't have a girlfriend right away. I didn't get good at skateboarding right away, and and it was easy to want to give up on that dream and just say, Forget it. It's not gonna work because cause problems happen. But it's important that we don't let life steal our dreams. And some of us, you know, we get hit with problems we get hit with, like any made fun of or just not working out right away. And so we turn off our dream machine and we stop dreaming. We don't dream anymore. We don't think about what God might do with our lives or what we could do. And we just we just take what life gives us, and that's it. And we don't try and change it in. The key to making your dreams happen is to take action and to go after it. But constantly be painting that picture in your mind of seeing where you could be, you know, and putting no limits on it. You know, I like to refer to the Bible. The Time goddess for me. Who could be against me. And I really believe that God doesn't just put something in your heart that can actually accomplish. I believe he gives you the skills and the talents, and he gives you that dream for a reason so that it can come to pass. And at the end of the young, the fighter book I talk about dreams, visions and goals. And I'm gonna go through visions in the next video on the third video talk about goals. But the idea of the dream being in the clouds and trying to bring that to reality, you know how you do that is when you write it down and that's going to be talking about envisions. And then what I like to call goals is goals our dreams with the deadline, putting a deadline on your dream and saying, Hey, when is this gonna happen? And what action steps, Um, I'm gonna put towards to make it happen, you know, that's the reason I wrote the fighter book is because I want to see your dreams happen. And I really believe there's a road map to get there, and that's first by dreaming, you know, maybe you're sitting out outside and just going for a walk and think, and sometimes I just skate and I'll have my iPod listen to tunes. Just be skating, doing tricks. And I get ideas. I get dreams. I start to think sometimes you can go to the ocean. You can go to the water, go somewhere that inspires you. Go to a coffee shop, you're sitting by a fire and you're thinking or you're looking up at the stars. And I am just dreaming of what God can do with your life. Because if you make yourself available and step out there and just say, Hey, God, here I am do something great with this life. You know, it's amazing how he comes and puts those things inside your heart. And then you start to take action. Things start to happen. And so, you know, whatever Asia at wherever you're at in your life is going to encourage you to dream. And maybe you've lost your dream. And like I said, you turned off your dream machine. You're not dreaming anymore. I don't even think about it because life is beach up a little bit. Well, let me encourage you that you know what we were designed to overcome problems. The only people that don't have problems are dead people. So if you're alive and you got problems, that's a good thing. I heard Norman Vincent Peale say one time, you know, is this guy that met him is like, Dude, you're Norman Vincent Peale. You're famous. You wrote the book The power of positive thinking. Can you help me out? So I got all these problems about these issues and just like, yeah, man, I just came from a place where there's over 100,000 people, they don't got any problems at all. And he's like, You take me to the man. He's like, Shuriken take it to him. But I'm not sure if you're gonna like the place and he's like, It's the West Gate Cemetery. He's like, What? You get a man, that people are the only ones who don't have problems. He's like, you know, problems are a sign of life. And he said, You know, sometimes if you're looking at your life and you're like, I don't got any problems, maybe need to pray and say, God, trust me, give me some problems that I can overcome stuff and it gets easier. And then the longer you you've lived in, you conquer things. You start to build up a confidence toe, overcome them cause it's funny. Every time I have a dream, it seems that there's there's a there's a problem. There's something I have to overcome to get to it. But as you step out and take action towards it, it gets easier and easier. And I want to talk about that more in the next video about vision. And basically what I want to talk about is taking that dream where it's in the clouds and pulling it down into reality and writing it down so you can see it, taste it and touch it. Hey, I encourage you guys don't have the fighter book yet. You can actually listen to this thing for free on Spotify made it available so you can hear it on the one reading it because I want you to get it in here. You know what you put in your eyes, your ears and in your heart is what comes out. And so you want to fill yourself with good stuff, you know, positive stuff. The word I like to read a lot of self help stuff because it just inspires me and encourages me because there's a lot of things I want to do. And sometimes fear is what was just trying to creep up on me and push me down when it when I get these ideas. But I want to sit down and write a song or something like that, I still get thoughts of the negative. I gotta keep pushing it out of my mind. That's why fill myself up with the word and inspirational stuff constantly, so I encourage. If you're having thoughts you're having discouragement, your normal deep. You're totally normal toe have that stuff, but it's what you do with it. And that's what's important to renew your mind and flush out the junk and get the good stuff in there, whether it's my booker who, whoever. As long as you're filling yourself good stuff. So this is a video one of three. The next one won't talk about vision and pulling that dream down into reality and making it happen. I love you guys. Remember, Fighter isn't someone who never fails. A fighter is someone who never quits. Piece 11. Having Vision For Your Life: it was a guys. Welcome back. This is Manifest. And this is video two of a three part series of dreams, visions and goals. In the first video, I talked about dreaming. I talked about painting that picture in your mind of who you are and contrast in it, which would like to become where you want to go, what you see happening for your life and you're painting that picture of seeing who you are and you're growing. And I talked about how important it is to dream and to think big and to dream big with no limits. And the cool thing about dreaming is, is there is no minutes except what you put on it. And now what I want to do with this video. And I'm calling it X ray vision because I want to continue with Superman theme because the idea of having a vision is we're going to see what other people can't see. You know, that's the idea of vision is be able to see those things that people can't see and I talk about in the fighter book about music and the songs I write, and I'll have a vision for the song I see with the song is going because sometimes I play the demo. The really brought idea of the song for my wife, and she's like, I don't know what you're doing with this but I just trust you that you got a vision for And then I'll player the finish, just like Whoa, it's like, you know, two completely different sauces like Dang. And that's why it's important to have vision, to see where you're going and with vision is what we want to do is want to take that dream , take that idea and pull it down from the clouds that you can see it so you can touch it so you can write it down and you can hold in your hands. But like, this is my vision. This is it right here because sometimes we can get stuck in the dream arena, and it's like, Oh, that's a really good idea. That's a dream. It's like, yeah, one day that will happen And it out. While I realized that hope is not a plan, you know, you gotta give that dream legs. You got to give it arms. You got to give it a body so it can move so it can happen and pull it into reality. And the number one key to do that is to write it down to write your dream down in a journal , write in the book. You know, if you have a dream for something, you know, open up a magazine or whatever it is and quotes and take pictures out and cut them out and put them up on your wall in your room or your locker your office wherever you are, so that you can see it and be reminded you like that's it right there. That's what I'm going for. And it's always in front of your face and it's it's reminding you, it's it's concentrating on you. And so you can like Shukan. Like I said, See it, touch it, taste it because it becomes real when you write it down. When you can see where is you really want to go, it becomes tangible. And it's not just up in the clouds, but something that can actually happen, you know? And that's the cool thing about dreams like so my my dreams. Like like I said in the previous video, I had a dream that I wanted to be married to a beautiful girl one day. You know, that was my dream. And so I took action towards that. And you know what? I'm married for over 10 years to a beautiful life. You know, skateboarding was it was a dream for a while, but I started Teoh bought a skateboard. I put magazines of skateboard pictures and I want to get really good at skating. And I took action. So I surrounded myself with the idea, you know, And then the same thing with music, you know, I want to be a rapper wanted to be an artist. So I surrounded myself with music and I bought stuff when I practice, and I did all these things to build it up, and you know what it happened. So I encourage yourself to surround yourself with the vision. And the thing is, when it comes to vision and you start to write it down, well, some people are like, Well, you're getting serious because you're talking about it. And also, you share your dream with someone and you share your vision. All of a sudden, it's just like you're accountable because you put yourself out there for criticism. You put their out there to be be judge. And you know what? It's sometimes good to have somebody that's just like holding you accountable because you like, you're like, you know, I'm going for this and you shared it. So now it's like, kind of like you're on the line and I have certain friends and guys that I talked to and say, Hey, do this is my This is my dream. This is the thing that I'm working towards and they'll hold me accountable to be like, Hey, Chris, you know, are you just talking because a lot of people just talk, you know? And what does the Bible say? Sometimes something about dreams. But you scare me with your visions because some people just talk and the idea of vision is your writing it down and you're about to start taking action, which is what I'm gonna talk about in the next video, which is goals, because then you actually put a plan in place to take that vision and actually put legs on it. And like I said in the other video, what are what are what our goals, goals, our dreams with deadlines. So we started with dreaming, taking that time out, painting the picture of where you are. But where do you want to go? Where do you see yourself? You know, and I've heard it said that man, Sure you wanna have a goal for a month? You have a goal for a year. But where do you see yourself in years to come? And that's what I realized with music. Like I've been doing this thing for, like, over 10 years now in full time. And I didn't realize that I really should have had, like, a 10 year goal where I wanna be long term, because so many people give up along the way and they say Forget it. But if you have a goal that you're gonna be somewhere in five years, well, then you're gonna be there. Because if you don't have a goal in five years or you don't have a goal where you want to be in 10 years, well, then you don't plan on being around there to do that to you. And that's like a challenge just to dream big and dream long term, because things don't happen overnight and that's all I encourage you as you're doing. This is like, you know what? It doesn't happen overnight, but that's OK cause you enjoy the journey. You enjoy the process, but you still plan and you write it down. So in this video occurred you whatever it is your dream is, write it down, make it plain, get cut pictures out, cut images where it's on your computer or wherever, and surround yourself and fill yourself up with good stuff that will inspire you and put you closer towards your dream. And I did talk about sharing your dream with somebody. But you want to be careful who you share your dream with, because there's some people that will tear you down. It will be others that will lift you up because some people won't understand. Your dream could be so big, and it could be so amazing that people like you. I can't I can't see doing that. Really, you're gonna do that like there's this one guy. There's Peter Daniels, and his dream was to see how much money one person could give away in their lifetime. But he was broke, He was illiterate and he was just It's just like such an impossible thing. But you know what? I believe that we serve God. We serve Jesus. Who does the impossible. So I encourage you make that dream so big that you need God like you can't do this without God. You need that help. You need that support. You need that prayer because it is so big and you watch as you take faith and you step out towards that vision, it's gonna happen. Hey, I believe in you guys. You're awesome. Dreams, visions and goals Video number to look out for number three. We're gonna dive into goals and goal setting. And remember, a fighter isn't someone who never fails. Fighter is someone who never quits. Alright, guys, piece. 12. Action Takers Set Goals: Hey, welcome back. Eyes were on video number three of Dreams, visions and goals and I hope you've been dreaming. Hope you took some time, Teoh. Get out there and dream. Just imagine what God can do with your life because you can do amazing things if you make yourself available. If you didn't know my story, I was the worst rapper singer. Out of all my friends suck the most. And but I surrounded myself with good people. You know, I've heard it say, You know, if you're the least, if you the most talented in the room or the smartest person in the room, it's time to change rooms because you want to be around people that are smarter than you, more talented than you so that you can grow. And that's what I've always tried to do. And even with skateboarding, I was the worst. When I first went to school, my nickname was speedy because I used to skate so slow. That's how I got the name. But I kept at it. You know something? You know the story that I bought a snow shovel to school and shoveled the parking lot so I could skateboard and just cause I wanted to get good and I didn't give up. And so it's not about, you know who has the talent. It's about who has the passion in the dream. And so I know you've got a dream out there. I hope you took that dream and you wrote it down and made it your vision so that you can see it and you can touch it. You can taste it certainly become really, really Well, now what we want to do in this video set goals and you want to set smart goals, You want to set goals that are specific, that they're measurable and they have a deadline. Like, when do you want to see this goal happen? You know, like an example of a goal? Giving an example of a bad goal is like, you know, I want to lose weight, you know? Okay. Well, what does that mean? You want to lose weight? Okay, let's make it specific. How much weight do you want to lose? When do you want to lose it by And then Thirdly? How are you going to do it? What planet you're gonna put in place? Well, maybe The goal is I want you lose £20 by December 31st of 2014. And the plan is I'm gonna go to the gym every other day for 30 minutes after work or before worker before school or whatever, Andi, I'm gonna eat certain things and planning my meals to hit that goal. That is specific. It's measurable. You've got a plan of action. You know, I always had to put a plan when it comes down to putting a new album out, you know, I know I have to write a certain amount of songs. I gotta find a producer. I got a schedule, studio time and a time to write each day, and all of a sudden you know, what is? I'm working towards that thing. Almost certain things happen. And I have an album, you know, got a schedule photo shoot and make things happen. And the key again is action. And like I said, you know, like the reason I called the book fighter and in five keys to conquering fear and reaching her dreams, because sometimes it feels like a fight man. It's like some things don't always work out. Like even Right now, I'm trying to finish off this record and it's not done yet. And we're finishing two songs. That's just like sometimes I just like I just want to get this done and it's like a fight, sometimes still after my seventh record, because I wanted to be good. I wanted to be great and things go wrong and things don't always work out the way I want them to. But I gotta keep fighting. And so I continue to set goals and keep pushing through and and persevering until I see it happen. So we started off with dreams, got the dream. It's in the clouds. You're dreaming. You see where you want to be and you imagine it to the point that you can write it out so you can see it. Whether you're drawn a picture. Even if you've got a phrase, you're like, this is my dream. By here this date, this is what I want. You got that Now it's your vision, and then you have a goal start to set goals and you're saying, but this time it's gonna get done and I'm going to do it. And you know what? Some people get all freaked out about goal setting, and it's getting all, like, intense or whatever We know what you know. Those who don't plan, you know, it was a poor preparation equals on poor presentation. That's what it is. Poor preparation equals poor presentation. If you're not planning a life and you just expect things just a happen just go along by getting along those people that don't plan don't take action. No wonder There, there, there, There. Nowhere in life And you want to get somewhere, You gotta start saying you're gonna take my life seriously. I want to be somewhere. I want to do something great. I want to give because like I've realized that nothing just happens automatically. You know, it's always when I take action and I do something and stir things up that something comes back, whether it's me sending an email, reaching out to somebody writing a song like every time I write a song and I sit down to write something good happens, I get, like, a good idea or like just something comes up up from it, you know? And so when you you take action, you get dirty and you get out there and you just start doing stuff and stirred around doors open and they don't open right away. And sometimes it can feel like you're you're spinning your wheels and it's just like, Oh, like that's what it was for me for a long time shared another story that, like it's like, seriously felt like nothing is happening. Like Why isn't this happening? But that's why I said in the other video, You wanna have a long term game plan when you realize nothing happens overnight. But as you chip away at things and chip away, all of a sudden you're somewhere and you're like, Wow, look at where I will look where I came from and look where I am now, so I encourage him and dream big dream with no limits. Take that dream, pull it down, share it with someone that you know, you look up to her that all inspired you. Write it down, put it around. You surround yourself, making your vision and then set goals. Put an action plan in place. Say this is where I want to be. But this time, and what am I going to do to get there by the end of the year, the end of the month, end of the week and just keep working at it, you know? And again, I want to say fighter isn't someone never fails because I failed so many times. And in a podcast, I said, sometimes you know, you want to fail as fast as you can because you want to figure out what works and what doesn't. And you're only a failure if you quit. So don't quit. I believe in you guys. I love you guys and I want to remind you the fighter book. It's inspired you listen to it for free on Spotify. You don't have to just by That's why I made it for free and available and you could listen to it on YouTube. I think I got the clips on YouTube so you can hear that and get inspired by that. Well, hey, I love you guys. I believe in you. Keep going. Keep fighting. Piece