Overcoming Artist's Block: Reboot Your Creative Brain in Three Exercises

Octavia Bromell, Illustrator, Designer, Curator

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5 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Exercise 1: Throwing Shapes

    • 3. Exercise 2: Going In Blind

    • 4. Exercise 3: One Minute Time-Bomb

    • 5. What if You're Still Stuck?


About This Class

Illustrator Tink works through three short exercises to break out of a creative funk and inject some life back into your art.

The exercises are fun, a bit wacky, and designed to help you stop overthinking things and start letting your head cool off, and reboot. In this class you will practice turning abstract shapes into objects, giving yourself a very short time limit, and even drawing without looking at the paper!

Suitable for any level of illustrator or artist, Tink shares her passion for drawing while delving into the unpredictable and enjoyable. All you need for this class are some basic art supplies - all the exercises can be completed with just a pen and paper, but Tink uses gouache paint and coloured pencils for variety in her sketchbook.


What To Expect:

  • Introduction. Tink talks through what artist's block is, how pesky it can be, and what to expect from the class. Watch this clip for a teaser of the full class.
  • Exercise 1: Throwing Shapes. You'll paint or draw abstract shapes on the page, and the go in with a fine liner and add those all important details. Turning blobs into living, breathing people or objects is so gratifying, and is the ultimate doodling exercise. Watch Tink paint her page and then create movement and depth with some fun sketches.
  • Exercise 2: Going In Blind. A blind contour drawing involves not looking at the page until you've finished the entire drawing! This wacky lesson is designed to switch off any frustration, and turn on the disco music. See the results, and the process, as Tink draws from an interior design book and shows glimpses of her sketchbook, to illustrate some times she's used the exercise in the past. Your sketchbook won't ever be the same after this true stretch of hand-eye coordination.
  • Exercise 3: One Minute Time-Bomb. In this lesson, Tink will talk through - and then draw through - one minute of speed drawing. You've got a very limited amount of time. What will you get down on the page? Why will you priorities that? This quick little sketch will stop your mind from worrying about perfection, while highlighting the parts of your chosen scene that really stand out to your artist's eye. Invaluable to people struggling with a creative block, watch Tink speed draw a scene and then learn about why perfection is the enemy of creation, and how to approach work you aren't 100% happy with.