Overcome the Resistance that is Limiting Your Success | Dr. Ross Wirth | Skillshare

Overcome the Resistance that is Limiting Your Success

Dr. Ross Wirth, Professor, Org Change & Strategic Planning

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18 Videos (2h 39m)
    • Introduction to Organizational Change Resistance

    • * Pathway to Learning

    • Cost of Resistance

    • Introduction to Change Resistance – Defining It

    • * Change Resistance – Multiple Points of Leverage

    • Self-inflicted Change Resistance

    • How Change Resistance is Demonstrated

    • * Resistance to Change – Reasons why people resist

    • Change Resistance Transition – Moving people past resistance

    • * Deeper Understanding of Change Resistance

    • * Accidental Triggers of Resistance

    • * Enduring Change Resistance – Pathway to Failure

    • * Resistance Mitigation – Anticipating reasons for resistance

    • * Benefiting from Change Resistance

    • A New Path to Overcome Resistance

    • Summary – Understanding Change Resistance

    • * Summary – Mitigating Change Resistance

    • Knowing what you don’t know


About This Class


Managing resistance – clearing the path to Success

What is getting between You and the Success You Want?  Other people resisting what you want!  That is what is holding you back.  Are you taking out your frustrations at home?  Or compensating by micro-managing the resistance you face? 

Understand what is causing resistance – and Do Something About It!  If you believe people will resist you – they will.  Time to change your approach because conquering resistance is possible.

All organizational change projects have some resistance.  However, the reasons behind resistance are very complex and often influenced by the change objective’s impact and how the change project is managed.  Further, the people leading the change project are often the source of the resistance through their choice of leadership style and management actions.

Upon completion of this course, you will have a foundational understanding of why people resist change (many reasons are hidden) and what you can do to manage a successful change project (you want to avoid being a cause of resistance!).  Topics covered in this course span the breadth of change management since mistakes in analysis, change visioning, planning, and implementation all provide fertile ground for resistance to develop and flourish.  (The path to reducing resistance is possible, but does take some work.  Do not attempt this if you are not willing to face the resistance you may be causing.  You will only frustrate yourself further.)

Now, why don’t you do something about the resistance that is holding you back?





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Dr. Ross Wirth

Professor, Org Change & Strategic Planning

Dr. Ross Wirth currently serves as a part-time management professor at Franklin University, teaching strategic management and organizational change classes. Prior to his retirement, he served as the Dean of the College of Business and Business Administration Program Chair. Before joining Franklin University, Dr. Wirth worked 32 years in international oil and gas where he served in a number of management positions, often involved in strategic & operational planning, business development, per...

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