Overcome Artist's Block & Reclaim Your Creative Power

Jennifer Keller, Express Yourself with Creative Confidence!

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16 Videos (48m)
    • Introduction to Overcoming Artist's Block

    • 1.1 Your Personal Visual Language

    • 1.2 What do you Believe?

    • 1.3 Fight or Flight

    • 2.1 Brain Dump

    • 2.2 Explore your Passions

    • 2.3 Alice in Wonderland Walk

    • 2.4 Indoor Treasure Hunt

    • 2.5 Virtual Treasure Hunt

    • 3.1 Skills You Have

    • 3.2 Get Schooled

    • 4.1 Time & Space

    • 4.2 Declutter

    • 4.3 Organization

    • 4.4 Shopping

    • Conclusion


About This Class

Creativity is a powerful force within you.  It can express, heal, relax, and communicate from the deepest part of your soul. It’s always present, but there are a few techniques that you can learn to access it more quickly and easily so that you can stay in the flow and avoid the frustration, stagnation, jealousy and even the depression that comes with artist's block.

Join artist and instructor, Jennifer Laurel Keller, and learn how to unlock the doors that lead to unlimited creative expression. You must be willing to do a little soul searching, journaling, doodling, sketching, and go on some inspiration seeking adventures so that you can remove any barriers that prevent you from creating with authenticity so that you can align with spirit and raise your artistic vibrations.  By the end, you’ll be bursting at the seams with expressive ideas!

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Jennifer Keller

Express Yourself with Creative Confidence!

My name is Jennifer Laurel Keller.  My friends and students call me Jenny.  I’m an artist and an instructor, but what I really do is help people release their blocks and express themselves with creative confidence. 

I grew up in a creative household, earned my art degree, and got my start working in art galleries. I’ve been a framer, an art auction coordinator, and worked in an art supply store - all while coaching other artists and creating my own paintings.  I also love to hunt for treasures for my vintage decor business, Harmony Rogue Interiors.

When I'm not working on my creative business, I love to visit nature, take road trips around Northern California, practice mindfulness, snuggle with my kitties, and gather with friends for good food and fun.