Outsourcing Kindle eBooks - How to Find and Hire Good Freelance Writers on Upwork

Steve McDonald, Author, Instructor, Digital Entrepreneur

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3 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Outsourcing Kindle eBooks on Upwork - Intro

    • 2. Outsourcing Kindle eBooks - Writing a Great Job Description

    • 3. Outsourcing Kindle eBooks - Choosing and Hiring a Good Writer


Project Description

Share Your Job Listing Ideas - What IS and What ISN'T Working on Upwork

Once you've created a job listing and you've seen the types of results you're getting, share it here. Share an answer to any of the following questions:

  • What phrases did you use in your listing to get a good response?
  • What did you do wrong that you would change next time?
  • How much did you offer to pay your freelancer? Should it have been higher or lower?

I'll attach a full example of a job listing that I have used dozens of times to find great writers. You're free to use it or make any changes you want so it works best for you. When you learn a strategy that works for you, share it here for the rest of us!

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