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Outsourcing Kindle eBooks - How to Find and Hire Good Freelance Writers on Upwork

teacher avatar Steve McDonald, Excel and Photoshop Geek

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Outsourcing Kindle eBooks on Upwork - Intro

    • 2. Outsourcing Kindle eBooks - Writing a Great Job Description

    • 3. Outsourcing Kindle eBooks - Choosing and Hiring a Good Writer

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About This Class

How to Outsource your Kindle eBooks.

Want to earn passive income from Kindle eBooks but don't want to write them yourself?

This class teaches you my proven method for finding and hiring good quality, inexpensive eBook authors to write your eBooks.

This class walks you through the process of hiring writers on Upwork. I'll show you the secret to attracting writers who will happily write quality books inexpensively so you can grow your passive income online. The secret is in how I write the job listing.

I show you exactly how I do it in the course. I've even attached a sample job listing on the projects page.

Meet Your Teacher

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Steve McDonald

Excel and Photoshop Geek


Learning is easier if you are given the right tools and instruction. In every one of my courses I take you step-by-step through the tools and knowledge you need to accomplish your goals. 

My talent is taking complex subjects (like Exce... See full profile

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1. Outsourcing Kindle eBooks on Upwork - Intro: Okay. In the next few videos, I'm going to show you how to hire a writer to write a book for you. How to outsource your E books. Now, I used to do this on a lance, but recently the lance and oh desk combined forces to become up work. So I'm going to give you a full walk through through the entire process of posting a job. I even have a script for you to kind of give you an outline of what to tell them and what to ask from them. And I'm gonna show you how to post your job. And then I'm going to actually show you how to go through the proposals and select proposal to and one little tip. Okey view. If you're afraid of doing this, don't worry, because here's the reason you don't need to be afraid. You're not obligated to hire anybody so you can look through the proposals. And if you don't like any of them or you don't feel comfortable hiring any of them, then you can just let the proposal go. I've actually put out proposals from time to time where I just did not get a good response on them or didn't like all the options of writers that I had, and I just didn't hire anybody. You know, every once in a while that's totally natural, and it's totally fine. So the first thing you'll see when you goto up work and it's just you p W o r k dot com up work dot com is You'll see this screen here, and all you have to do is click on the post your job button, and it's gonna bring you into a job posting. 2. Outsourcing Kindle eBooks - Writing a Great Job Description: so the first thing you'll see when you goto up work and it's just you p W o r k dot com up work dot com is You'll see this screen here, and all you have to do is click on the post your job button, and it's gonna bring you into a job posting. So down here it has a spot where you can start to describe the job. If you have a previous job posting, you can get this drop down and you could just reuse it and do any small tweaks you need to do. But you don't have to reinvent the wheel, which is really nice. So once you've done one of these proposals, it's much easier to then do more. But you start by choosing a category, and it's a little tricky for e book publishing because they don't really have any book category. But obviously it's going to be under writings. You select writing, then go to your subcategory, and this is where you would think it would have a section for e books, and I believe that you love to used to, but they don't now, so you could either go with something like copyrighting article on Blawg writing academic writing. But that's a little off the subject. Or I just use other writing or you could do Web content that almost counts is in a book. But we'll just call it other because we're going to specify that this is for any book anyway. Then you come in here and your name, your job, and you describe the work to be done. Now I'm gonna jump over to another page where if pre populated all this and I'll explain to you what I've done, so it gives you a kind of outline as to how you should write your proposal over here and you can follow that. I'm gonna close that out just so you can see what I'm looking at. So you name your job posting, and I've just called this write a short book on one of these topics pretty simple, and then describe the work to be done. So this is kind of a lengthy description, but I'm very detailed and very specific, and the reason I do that is I set the expectations for the writer right up front. They know exactly how long the book should be they know what it should be about. They know how I want them to write the book. They know how much I'm going to pay them, and they know even the subjects from which they can choose. By doing that, I saved myself a ton of time and effort and actually heartache, but having to negotiate back with people and explain things to people and spend time communicating with writers who I'm not looking for. So this gets right down to who I am looking for, So just highlight a few of the things that I've included in here. The book should be well written in native English and thoroughly edited. Now you can have someone that's not Native English, write your book. But the chances are good that it will require more editing on your part because some of the things just aren't gonna quite translate across in the finished product. And even though I say thoroughly edited, the chances are if you're hiring out a e book for 60 to $80 that it's not going to be perfectly edited. It would be nice if people did, but in general, at this level of writing, you're gonna have to do some editing, sometimes quite a bit, and sometimes you'll kind of get lucky and you'll find somebody who's awesome where you basically just have to read the book, fix two or three spelling and grammar errors and walk out the door and be happy. But normally you're going to require some editing. The next one is you must have personal experience with subject. And even though I still get a lot of proposals from people who don't they like to just go out onto the Internet and research stuff and sort of borrow ideas and then write a book about it. I put this in here specifically to try and weed out as many of those people is possible. I also want to appeal to the hobby people, the people who will have passions and who have interests in certain niches that they can write a book about with a little additional research, but that they can write a hands on book from experience where they can really teach people something of value rather than just regurgitating what they found on Google. So that's those are the two most important things, really, and then this just kind of describes how they should write it. You know, experts solutions to come and problems that people have things that are not common knowledge that you can't find With a quick Google search, I'm attaching a template to save us both formatting work has should have an introduction 3 to 7 chapters and a short thank you at the end. So basically, I'm just teaching them how to write a book, right? You put an intro, you have your body which is made up of several chapters, and then you have a conclusion. But by doing this, I'm teaching the people how to structure their book. So I don't have to go back and forth with them a 1,000,000 times later or just do a bunch of rewriting and editing myself. I've told him what what I expect and then if they don't do it, I also have a little more cost to say. Hey, by the way, this was really clear on the proposal that you need a conclusion. So can you please out of conclusion to your book? Then we'll just skipped out here. The book must be 100% original material, and I make it clear that I'm keeping the rights, even though that's already clear in the up work agreement. But I just want to make that clear and also that I'll probably publishing on Kindle, possibly in print and under your name that way, it straight up front again so that they know that I'm buying this book from them. But I'm publishing it in their name, and most people are really excited about that. If they're not, that probably passed right over this proposal. But most people are like, Hey, cool, this guy's gonna format my book, He's gonna edit it, he's gonna basically walk me through it. He's gonna pay me to write it and then he's gonna create a cover for it and then he's going to do all the work on Amazon to get it published, which I don't know how to do, and he's gonna put my book out there on the Web. Why wouldn't I want to do that? And for the most part, people really, really love that. Then we do some really clear expectations of how long it should be and the cost, and you have to play around with this. You can sometimes hire book for $50. Other times it's more like $80. It partly depends on the subject. How many writers there are that interested in writing about it? If you propose a book, that's about something that a town of people like to write about, like gardening, for instance, that you'll get a lot more interest and you can usually pay less. But if you're coming up with some kind of obscure niche or challenging subject that you're probably gonna have to pay more, and that's just the way it goes. But when we're talking about short nonfiction books, somewhere in the 8 to 10,000 words, this one says 8 to 9000 words. But somewhere in that range is pretty good. For starters, you can start doing longer books down the road, but initially you want to keep him nice and short. I mean, one of my best selling books is my despicable five pottery book. I think that one's 5000 words so super short, but it's still a really good seller. So while length is important, what's even more important is the value in the book. You know, if they're writing from personal experience and they actually have tips and ideas and strategies and solutions for the reader that you're going to get more good reviews and you're going to sell more books than if you have AH, 100,000 word book that's boring and is all regurgitated off the Internet or doesn't offer any insight for anyone that's reading it. So then I tell them what to include in their proposal, a short description of the book, their title idea and how it would solve people's problems. Now people don't always get this detailed have been proposals, and I accept that. But generally speaking, if one person is really detailed in their proposal and answers, these questions for me and 10 other people are not. It's pretty easy to decide who you want to write your book. Here's another one that's really important. I will write the final title of the book, including relevant keywords. You just need to come up with a working title that best describes what your book is about. The reason I do this is because it could be very touchy if someone writes a title for their book that they are attached to, and then you go in and Hackett all to pieces and add keywords into it and change it. You don't want to hurt their feelings. So by making it really clear up front that they don't have to worry about the title, they just basically need to say the Weekend Gardener's guide or something that kind of sums up the gist of the book and then you're going to go in and rewrite it. So that way they don't waste a lot of their precious time and energy on the title when you don't even want them to write one, because you're going to write it later. The other thing is, I have found that most people who want to write a book or who are writers are not sales copywriters, which means they don't wanna have to come up with the title. Titles are hard titles, take a lot of invested time and energy and thought to make it relevant and compelling and appealing and include keywords. So save most of them. The trouble of having to worry about that by just telling them up front that you're going to write the title and then you're gonna invest the time to write a quality title that's going to get some attention. So that's just another great example of setting the right expectations for your writers so that they have no questions about what's gonna happen in this process and so that they don't waste time doing things that you don't want them to do anyway. Okay? And I know I'm going into a lot of detail on this, but this is just all really important. And this little document right here is the key to this whole process and is gonna make it go so much more smoothly than if you just throw out ideas and just kind of dance around with whatever comes your way. Okay, Max's choose from one of these subjects. If you want to write a book about one topic, then you'd want to go back up to your description and you want to say, Write a short e book about gardening. But this one's kind of nice because it makes the proposal more broad, and it gives people choices. I'm kind of giving away. So my secrets here, but these air subjects that I'm interested in currently and that I have found that are, you know, a good niche. And so if if somebody can come up with a viable book about any of these topics that I'm probably going to be okay with it can. Then finally, I just say, you know, your job is to look closely at your field of expertise and think about what people want to accomplish with that subject and what they struggle with on a regular basis. Then show them how to solve those problems in your book. So again, I'm teaching them how to write valuable content, Right. Okay, so that's that. Then you're gonna attach a file you're gonna attach the e book template that I've provided in the course so that they can enter all of their details into that template. And did I say up here? Oh, yeah. The book should follow the attached template. In fact, a better way to say that is please use the attached template to write your book. Right now, it's very clear that they need to use that template because I'll tell you what, if they write the book inward or some other program and then they just send you this raw file that's not in that template, it's gonna waste a lot of your time and for ah, small nonfiction Kindle book. That's only gonna sell maybe a few copies a month. It's not worth it. So save yourself the heartache and make sure that you include that in there. And then, of course, attached the template. So you got your pre formatted template attached, and then it asks, Are you posting for a project or for ongoing work? And I'm always gonna say one time project. How many freelancers do you need to hire? Need to hire one freelancer down here? Have entered the skills that I need. It says This is optional, but you want toe. Include this here so that you'll appeal to as many people as possible so they can just look at what you're looking for and know what you want. So evoke riding e books, writing content rating, user's guide, writing proof reading and copyrighting. Those two are kind of a stretch. You could delete those, but definitely e book reading any books so that they know what you're looking for. Rating availability. Always pay a fixed price. If you pay by the hour, you have no way of controlling how much time they're going to spend writing this book, and then you can choose your desired experience level here. Basically, if you go with this one on the left, then you're gonna pay less. But you'll probably get less experienced writers in the middle. You're gonna pay in the middle and get middle of the road experience. And then, obviously, expert, you're gonna pay more and get amore experienced writer. And if you want to get more proposals, you want to go with the entry level because they're willing to work for less to get their name on the board, kind of to get some experience and in up work. But you just have to sift through them. Or but for now, you're looking for the people who are just trying to get started and then your budget. And in this case, I'm asking for a book for $60 notice. I put that in there, and I just am specific about it. And I've listed that on my proposal up here to write, write their passport book $60 so that they just know they have perfect expectations of a water. I'm gonna pay freelancer preferences. You can say anyone confined apply to this job where you can say only up work users confined this job. At least when I select this, I know that the users are already on up work, so at least they're familiar with the platform. And I'm not gonna have to explain that as well. So preferred qualifications for freelancer type. You can go with an independent or an agency. I don't want to go with an agency because then they're gonna hire this out to someone else . Basically, is how that works. I want a person who has hobbies and passions and interests who's gonna work directly with me because an agent, I can almost guarantee their farming it out to someone. And that person is going to be writing your garbage off the Internet. So this is a good arrangement for other situations, but not for this. So we've got independent. You could go with any job success that just meet again. You're appealing to a wider net and less experience people where you can say 90% job success in up. I mean 80% job success him up. You probably don't want to get with 90% cause then you're, you know, again you're getting into Mawr experience writers, and they're going to expect more pay. So you just have to find the balancing act on that, um, hours billed on up work. If you say any amount, that's gonna be a brand new person who has never been on up work at least one hour. They've at least worked once and had one client. So you can go with that or any amount location. I'm going to say any location, although you could say, You know, if you want to be specific with the language, you could say North America, you could say Western Europe. But the truth is, I mean, I don't mind hiring people from anywhere in the world. I kind of try and follow the shop locally thing, but that's a whole another discussion. And we are, after all, in a global economy. So, um, if you put in any location, you'll get usually some interesting indecent proposals from all parts of the world. So go the English. This is important. I always go with native or bilingual. Fluent is nice for writing. You really need native or bilingual because otherwise again, you're gonna be editing out a lot of oddities in the language that you don't want to have to spend the time doing. You know, the other levels are great for other projects. You know, if you're getting design, work down or whatever, Honestly, it doesn't matter how fluid a person is in English, but if you're writing any book, it's really important that they be native. Then the group. I just leave it. No preference because you're not specifically going to a group screening questions you can . You don't have to use these. But, you know, I've put a custom one in here. Do you have personal experience with the topic you want to write about? Because that's a really important question for me. And then I used a few from up works. What past project or job have you had that is most like this one? And why? Just to get him thinking about it? Why did you apply to this particular job? That's where I'm going to see if they have any passion for the subject, right? If they give me a canned response like because I wish to fulfill your every writing needs that I'm not gonna know that they're passionate about If if they say because I have been a avid gardener for the last 15 years have grown 20 different kinds of heirloom tomatoes. My grandmother was a gardener and taught me everything she knows, and I just absolutely love gardening. And I would die to have a book with my name on it that I wrote about gardening. Then you've found the right person. Why do you think you are a good fit for this particular project? That's almost the same question, but again, it's just gonna show whether their passion is coming out or not. You can add another question here, right here if you want to create your own or just use one of the ones from up works like I just did here, Cover letter. Yes, I do require cover letter because that's basically the proposal that they're going to write to you. So you want to make sure that they have to include that they hit preview. This just gives you your whole proposal. You can kind of take a quick glance at it, make sure everything looks good so far, it looks great. I'll shoot out of the bottom, and then, if you like what you've seen, Press Post job. If not, you can go edit it again. Fix it up so you click. Post success for job was submitted, so now it's going Teoh. Ask if you want to invite people. You can start to do this. It's gonna have a list of people down here whose faces I've blocked out, but you can invite all of them to apply to your job and you'll get more eyes on it. Or you could just let it go organically to generally. These proposals are written in a way that you'll attract a lot of potential writers because they're sick of writing about technical jargon that they have to write about to make money . So they were going to be really excited to have a job that's gonna be fun and interesting and something about which they're passionate. So anyway, that's how you write a proposal. And then in the next video, I'm gonna show you how you go through the proposals and decide which one you want to hire, if any. Usually you'll start seeing proposals within about 24 to 48 hours, and with luck you'll have 10 or 15 proposals on one job and with less luck, you might have none. Or maybe just a couple. So we're gonna let this go and I'll walk you through choosing a writer in the next video. 3. Outsourcing Kindle eBooks - Choosing and Hiring a Good Writer: OK, in this video, we're gonna talk about how to sort through all of the potential applicants for your job posting and decide on a writer and then hire that writer to write a book for you. So you've successfully posted your job, and then you come back a few hours later or a day later, and in this case, you can see I'm coming back five hours later. This was posted five hours ago, and I already have to applicants, which is great. Usually I don't even bother to check back for about 12 hours, and by that time you usually have a handful of people that you can then go in and sort through and start to make some decisions. Now, if you click on this right here, it will take you to kind of the homepage for your proposal, and it will also give you a bunch of suggested freelancers, which, to be honest, I usually find that it's agencies that it's suggesting to me, probably because they do large volumes of work and so they just kind of come to the top of the search results. But it's usually agencies, and I don't like to work with agencies. I want to find individuals, so I usually don't bother with that. But if you click right here, you'll go right into your applicants, and you can start to get to know them a little bit and make some decisions on which one you want to hire. So after clicking that, you arrive on this screen, and I've blocked out the images and some of the details here just to keep people's privacy . But just to give you a little tour of this screen, you can click here to view your posting so you'll actually view the listing that you came up with. You can edit your posting and go in and make changes to it if you need to. You can remove your posting if you have already found someone, or if you've changed your mind for some reason, you can click here for more options. I ignore the suggested like I said, because that's usually just agencies. This shows you how maney applicants you have so far, and then it just shows you like how many of you have messaged how many have hired etcetera ? You can sort this list by clicking here and say like newest, oldest higher list hourly. Most hours worked. These three are gonna apply because you're not doing hourly. But you could do newest, her oldest or just the general recommended for this job. If you go here, well, if you're here, you can archive them, so basically takes them out of this listing page and archives them so that you don't have to scroll past them. So if you get 20 applicants and 10 of them, you just are pretty sure won't work. Put him in a category, so you can check on them later if you need to, but so they'll be out of this listing so you can get to the other 10 that you actually want to consider. So that's that option than if you go to this one and click that drop down. You can either straight up decline them and just say, no, I'm definitely not interested. Or you can make them an offer and make them an offer is essentially saying that you want to hire them, and at this point, you're committing to hiring them. Okay. And if you look over here, you'll notice that there's a dollar amount here. This is the amount that you're freelancer is proposing, that they'll do the job for. And you do have to pay a little bit of attention to what's going on with this so that you understand it. And if you recall correctly, I actually proposed this e book for $60. But this person has said that they would do the job for $50 so they're actually under bidding me, which you don't see very often. But this is a first time person. They've never done a job on you to me before. So if they're proposing $50 then why did they put $55.56 over here? Well, what they've done is they've added in the up work fee of 10% so that once the upward fee of 10% is removed from this fee than the amount will be as close to the exact amount that they're asking for of $50. And I'll show you real quick on a calculator, how this works. So she proposed $55.56 right? If we subtract 10% of that, minus 10% equals, we get $50. So by adding on the $5.56. This freelancer is ensuring that they're gonna walk away with the $50 that they want. This is normal. Almost every freelancer that you work with is gonna do it like this. So you kind of have to get used to seeing the amounts like this. And after a while, you won't even think twice about it. But a couple of things to consider is that because of this, you are going to be paying a little bit more than your original proposal. And you also just need to get used to seeing these weird numbers. Now, if somebody doesn't include the amount, in fact, I'll show you one where they didn't they straight up offered $60 for the book, so this particular person did not write in any extra commission. So they're gonna have to pay the 10% of this. So they're giving away but paints $6 ultimately they're going to get paid $54 out of this. Normally, you'll see that when a person is brand new toe up work and they've never done a job before . After a few times, they'll start to realize that they can add in the commission and that most clients will pay it and they'll start to do that. So in a way, you're kind of getting away with the book being a little cheaper. But it's also sort of a fair deal because this person has never had a job on up work and you are offering their first job. So it's a pretty good, good win win situation as long as you check all of this stuff and you check on their profile and their experience and you use the messaging system a bit to talk back and forth with them, to just make sure that they're a competent writer and that they have a good concept for the book and so on. So let's take a real quick look at this particular proposal and see whether it would be good for us or not. So my question is, why do you think you're a good fit for this particular project? I'm a good fit for the simple reason I personally grew herbs and vegetables indoors, so obviously they're looking to write my urban vegetable gardening book, which is great. What past project or job have you had that its most like this one and why I write a lot of information promotional material for a number of organizations on different topics. Okay, so they have good experience writing that's really important. Why did you apply for this particular job? I retired from full time work 63 years old, but I'm still very active with intellectual and physical Freelance seems a very good way to keep oneself occupied professionally. So you know, that is definitely telling us that their brand need of freelancing and they're just kind of checking it out. So you want to take a little bit precaution there? But you know the experience up here for doing information and promotional materials? Uh, sort of tends to balance that out a bit, but you still may run into some things as faras them staying on task or getting it done within the deadline or that kind of thing where they haven't freelanced a book before. Do you have any personal experience with the topic you want to read about? This is where they'll usually kind of give you their proposal if you don't require a cover letter. So instead of directly answering the question, she says hello. I'm a retired university lecture with extensive experience in different types of writing that's great and for different types of audiences. As besides my academic work, I have been involved in various extracurricular activities with communities, NGOs and agencies that doesn't really, you know, necessarily tell me much. I can write on the topic how to start an indoor garden for herbs and vegetables. So that's great. I am nude up work, but I guarantee the quality regards, and I've blanked out the name. So that's pretty promising that weaken g o up to this area that I have blanked out up here , and we can see a couple of additional things like where they're from. In this case, it's an English speaking country, Um, and you can click on their profile if you want, and you can see, you know, like their basically their CV or the resume. Oftentimes they'll have a portfolio or or at least a piece of writing in there that you can look at. And then you can also see, you know, if they have educational background or work experience that relates to writing. So and in this case, I looked at that and it's really great. So this would actually be a person that I could do that that with now one thing you could do from here is just click on the send message and I could start to communicate and say, Hey, you know, so far, things looked pretty promising. Give me a little more idea about how you would structure the book. What angle would you come from? You give me an idea of what the outline of it would look like. Or you could ask, what sorts of herbs and vegetables have you grown indoors? Have you grown them from seeds, etcetera, etcetera, Because you're just again really trying to get an idea of How much does this person know and how much will they be able to really draw from their own experiences to write a stellar book for me? But that being said, this is a pretty good prospect. The one above is a pretty good prospect to both from English speaking countries. Onda again, That's two proposals within five hours of writing that without doing any extra, you know, promotions or even inviting any freelancers. They have come and found my proposal. So once you've messaged back and forth with a few people and you found the one that you want. Do you go ahead and click. Here, you click on make an offer, you're gonna have to put in your password, and then it's gonna bring you to the hiring page, and this is where it gets serious. And at this point, you have to essentially be certain that you want to hire this person or that you're willing to hire them and pay them for the job because you are essentially entering into a contract with them. And to me, it's very important for us who are publishers to take good care of the writing community because they're really the ones doing all the hard work. So I'm just asking you to kind of follow my lead. And you know, when you're communicating with people, be kind and be enthusiastic and be supportive. I mean, don't let them take advantage of you, but create a good experience for the writers so that we continue to have a pool of freelance writers out there. Treat them while and they'll take really good care of us. So the point I'm really getting at is if you enter into a contract with them. At this point, I'm essentially saying that I'm gonna pay her $60 for this book. So she writes a book, even if it's not 100% perfect or whatever that I'm gonna pay her for the book, and I'm going to treat her with gratitude and respect. So let's take a look at how this contract works. You have this little section right here where you can click this and it will close the job and withdraw any other offers if this one is accepted. And you only want to do that if you found the one writer that you wanna hire and you don't want to consider any other writers. But if you have, like a multiple proposal out like I have, where has a whole list of different topics that could write about and you want to hire, you know, maybe two or three or four writers, or even just look at the other writers to see if maybe one of them is going to be really exceptional? Then don't check that box, so it's got the title. It's going to deposit $60 for the project into escrow and this is one of the beautiful things about up work is that what it does is it put the $60 payment into an escrow account that they hold and basically that protects everyone in the process. If they don't deliver the book as promised, then you can just submit a request to get your money back. And as soon as up work verifies that they didn't indeed fulfill their under the contract, then they'll send you your money back. On the other hand, it also protects the writers and allows them kind of to feel confident in free to come on this platform and write a book because they also know that the money is in escrow. And they know that if they deliver the product to you that then up work will release the money to them and they'll get paid. So it takes a lot of the discomfort out of the equation for both parties of not knowing if you're gonna get paid or not knowing if you're going to get the product that you asked for and then having them keep your money can thing. So it's really a cool system. This is about milestones if you had a huge project and you wanted toe have five books written at one time, you want to write one book and then pay them and kind of complete that milestone and then write the second book and then pay them and so on so forth that you could do that, but that I never use that system for the most part, these air small projects. So you just want to do one payment for the whole project. When it's done, milestones get very complicated, and they're just kind of a waste of time. Unless you have a huge project, you can put the due date in here. You just click this to open a calendar. I usually go for two weeks. Oftentimes you'll agree on something different with the individual. So maybe they a lot of people say I can finish this book in a day, which is fine if they can actually do it. But I personally prefer quality of over speed, so I'd rather have them take two weeks and put a little bit of passion and soul into it, then sort of crank out a Google researched book in a day that isn't gonna provide a lot of value. So you select your date. Um, you don't want to switch to hourly. You can do your billing. You can either do pay power or put in your credit card. Put in your billing details. Name, card number, expiration, blah, blah, blah. Security code, Selectric country. Your address. You know, all this is very obvious. With all done this a 1,000,000 times, you can see that they're going to make to temporary charges totaling $10. That's just to verify your card, and then they return them to your card. But just be aware that that's gonna happen. So, you know, if you have a debit card, you only have $5 in your account. Put a little money in there before you do this. But like I say, they're going to refund that back to you. It's just to make sure your card works, and then this is just a spot for you to communicate any additional information to your person. If you had an additional contract that you want to have, you could attach that here. And some people do that, Um, but you condone. I mean, I encourage you fact, I almost insist that you look through the upward terms of service and the user agreement so that you understand the contract between you and the writer. It's very important. And they, in my opinion, they do a great job of setting this up. But you always want to make sure that your rights, you know, particularly your copyrights for the book are covered and that you understand how you own it, you know, so definitely spend a little time doing that. You click. Yes, I understand and agree. And then you click the higher button, and that's gonna send this contract to them. And once they accept the contract than the jobs started and they're off and writing now, if for some reason they don't like the dates that you offered, you know they want three weeks instead two weeks and they can change that in the contract and then send it back to you. If you think that's fine, then you can accept it. And again, they're often writing and the contract is live, and that's how you pick a freelancer and hire them to write your book. Keep in mind that you don't have to hire someone if you write a proposal or post a job, and you don't see anyone that you like then, even if you get this far and you are about to hire someone that you're not really happy about before you click this button. If you change your mind, go over here and click. Cancel and you have not sent them a contract. So you are under no obligation at that point, and you can just let the job expire or let the job go away. Or you can cancel the job even and take a deep breath. Rewrite your proposal if you want. Change your pricing or any of the terms to get better prospects and people that you can feel more confident and comfortable hiring to write a book for you.