Outsourcing For Freelancers: Make More Money and Do Less Work.

Nate Ginsburg, World Traveling Internet Marketer & Entrepreneur

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25 Videos (2h 11m)
    • Trailer

    • Outsourcing is The Future of Work

    • Top Outsourcing Myths Busted

    • The Outsourcing Mindset

    • The Right Way To Build Your Team

    • How Can I Use Outsourcing

    • Other Benefits of Outsourcing

    • Increase Revenue With Outsourcing

    • Save Time With Outsourcing

    • Where to Outsource

    • Creating Your Account

    • Writing Your First Job Description

    • Job Description Live Walkthrough

    • Inviting Applicants To Apply

    • Inviting Applicants Live Walkthrough

    • Screening Applicants ---> Hire

    • Screening Applicants Video Walkthrough

    • Rough Guide to Pricing

    • Hiring Tips and Tricks

    • Common Problems and How to Avoid Them

    • Optimize Your Communication

    • Delegation Tips and Tricks

    • General Utilization Hacks

    • Monitoring Work and Payments

    • Tools and Resources


About This Class

2 Hours of video content. More than 20 Self Paced Lessons.

1 Opportuntiy to change your business and life forever. 


Why Should I Take This Class?

As an entrepreneur, you are used to wearing many different hats.

Some hats can only be uniquely worn by you. They empower you to push your vision and busieness forward.

Other hats are more generic. They can be boring, tedius, time consuming and take you away from more crucial elements of your business.

What if you could only wear the hats that made a real difference in your business and forget about the other ones?

That is the potential with Outsourcing. 

In this class I will show you how to use outsourcing to delegate the low end and repetitive tasks in your business, tackle new projects, and scale your business. 

Furthermore, I'll show you how you can save money, increase the effeciency and output of your business, and decrease stress all through outsourcing.

This is really just touching the tip of the iceburg when it comes to outsourcing. Find out how much outsourcing can do for you inside the course!


What is Outsourcing?

Basically, outsourcing is tapping into the vast network of internet freelancers around the world on a contract-to-contract basis. Through outsourcing, you have access to thousands and thousands of contract workers with every kind of skillset imaginable. 

You can outsource domestically and overseas, low-end and high-end technical projects, for cheap and expensive; basically anything! 

What's Your Story?

I first learned about outsourcing when I was traveling SE Asia a few years ago. I met someone who was running his business with outsourced workers while traveling the world. 

This completely blew my mind.

Fast forward a few years, 100+ successful hires, and over $20,000 spent and I've sucessfully built my business around outsourcing. 

Outsourcing has been so helpful for me, that I started to share my experience in an acclaimed Local Skillshare Class. The positive feedback I have gotten from that course led to create this online version.

Learn from my hard earned experience and watch how I show you step-by-step how to outsource with ease. 


Who This Course is For

This class is for entrepreneurs, freelancers, creatives, students, small business owners, hustlers - Any opportunist who wants to be more effecient with their time and build something that is scaleable.

It's for beginners - so don't worry if this is the first you've ever heard about the possibilities of outsourcing. And, you don't need much money at all to get started. 


This Course Includes:

  • Why outsourcing is the future of work and why NOW is the best time to get started with outsourcing
  • The right way to approach outsourcing for your success
  • Many ways that you can start using outsourcing today
  • Walkthrough of the end-to-end hiring process - From job posting ---> your first hire
  • Tried and tested tips and tricks
  • Tools and resources I use

True to outsourcing, this course can be taken and applied effectively anywhere and is offered at a very reasonable price. Plus, you also get:

  • Online content that you can access forever and from any device
  • Continuously updated recommednations on tools and resources
  • A community of peers for feedback and to share successes


Plain and simply, outsourcing has changed my life and business forever. 

Join me inside and see how it can change your life too!

See you soon,


5 of 8 students recommendSee All

Well worth watching. Yes, it's based on slides, but it's pretty much a case-study in how to use slides - far from just reading them out, the instructor is talking over them, adding lots of useful info. And yes, heavily focused on oDesk but the instructor explains at the start that he's used oDesk more than any other platform, and he does name a bunch of other platforms. I learned a good amount and I'm glad I watched it.
Good solid information about getting a first job posting up on oDesk, dealing with the overwhelming # of responses that can come in, and determining who might actually be able to do the job! Helped me figure out how to hire a coder for some simple Wordpress work. Feel better about off-loading small tasks to outsourced work now. Tips about managing hired workers after the hire was helpful too.
Maggie Appleton

Illustrator & Visual Designer

Great class. I am a PR and marketing freelancer on oDesk and it helped me to better understand the other side. I do not hire people, I am hired. Very educational.
Audra Hamlin

PR Consultant





Nate Ginsburg

World Traveling Internet Marketer & Entrepreneur