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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (55m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What to outsource from abroad?

    • 3. What to save on?

    • 4. Agencies

    • 5. Hourly arrangements

    • 6. Contract arrangements

    • 7. Eastern Europe hires

    • 8. South Asia hires

    • 9. Other regions

    • 10. Freelancer platforms

    • 11. Recognize scam: Duplicates

    • 12. Recognize scam: Promises

    • 13. Recognize scam: Payments before work

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About This Class

This class was designed for you to get started with outsourcing, despite of your experience with hiring. Sourcing talent online can be a very attractive option, but it can also be very dangerous, therefore you will learn a lot about possible scams and how to avoid them. With that, you will find knowledge on various types of hiring and which fields should and should not be outsourced.

Meet Your Teacher

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Taurius Litvinavicius

Businessman, author and tech expert


I am a businessman with a wide range of software development skills, including .net core, MSSQL, c++ and other technologies. I have worked on the most straightforward and the most complicated projects, but no matter what the task is, the best way - is the straightforward way. Therefore, in my lectures, I will only cover the things that you will actually need.  My goal is to help bring technology and business together, because there is nothing better than an all-rounder in these areas.


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1. Introduction: hello and welcome to this outsourcing course. So first of all, what kind of outsourcing are we talking about? We're talking about mostly Third World or any region that is cheaper been we warn you are based in. So if you are based in the U. S and a region Britain, much will be cheaper. But you want to go for I'm a Eastern Europe or Asia, Middle East or maybe Africa and we will talk all about that. So first of all, what to look for, what to look for in the whole thing. When you're looking for talent, we will cover that and we will discussed talk about communication. And more importantly, I will cover a lot off nuances on scam various scam that it's out where now, while so I cannot teach you how to find discount, how to sniff out with scam. I can give you some tips which, with some experience, will make you recognize every scam you see. So first of all, we will cover what we should look for in a good person in a good talent and then off course . Well, look at what? Where to look. All those people we'll see some regions the pros and cons of each region, as well as some platforms where you can actually find these freelances people who work on contract as well as agencies. We will talk a bit about agents as well. So again, for out, of course, we will be looking at what you should be wear off. And then where should you look for these people? And then we will also cover a bit about different structures of hiring some pros and corns and water. Beware off that we will talk off course about hourly contract as well as some other possible arrangements will be colored. So if you want to save money for your company, if you're a small, start up a young startup and you need some cheaper workforce. Take a look at this course and you will be good to go with the outsourcing 2. What to outsource from abroad?: hello in with lecture will take a look at some fields that you should avoid. Been trying to do some outsourcing and then some fields, which you should definitely go for and outsource from earth cheaper regions. Now, first of all, the important part. And now what to avoid what you should not even think about hiring from different region. The festival is a legal representation. Whatever kind of lawyer you need. It has to be a local person as local as possible off course. We have to understand the law for that country and in some countries for states, districts and other such smaller areas. Now the second thing is the accounting most. You couldn't theory get an account and say from Europe, who understands the accounting off United States? It is probably not the best idea unless you're going for someone who's internationally fluent. Let's go to that. So basically it's someone who can work on an international level. But then we aren't really talking about that kind of outsourcing that would be extremely expensive. It's not a cheap option. So now, once we got be avoiding out of away, let's go, let's go for something. So first we have programming programming is great thing. Great field to be outsourced. You don't really need those programmers to be on site. You probably need if you have a bigger team. You might want to have a couple of management people on site, but it is not necessary. Most of the time programmers do the work. Most of the stuff is online. It goes for re Internet to go somewhere in the computer and was no need for ever want to look at but one screen. When when you're doing some kind of conference is there you don't need to do that. You can do everything remotely and very far remotely. Doesn't matter where a programmer is. You can go for programmer anywhere in the world Now. The second thing is sales. The sales, it's probably you probably bone be able to go for meetings for field sales over some people in who live in larger areas may actually bring some field availability as well. So sales is a good thing to go for, and you can go for agencies who offer that service as well. Now the next thing is kind of related sales, and that's because tumor support So it's the same thing people can on circles and make calls from anywhere in the world with no problems. That there you should look at outsourcing that field as well. And last but not least, is we. Design design is great when a cell source you don't really need to talk with those people too much again. It's useful to talk about with beautiful pictures. But if you're not an artist like I am not, we don't need to actually talk to us. Design, as a good designer will know what to do. The important thing is to find a good designer. Most of the cheap designers, the ones who make a logo for $5. We really have no thinking ability. We basically have some knowledge and skills to use, Ah, tools like four to shop, and they just got to create that image. So you you have to give them very clear direction. But if you pay a bit more, you'll get a good job done and the fat note we will conclude with lecture 3. What to save on?: hello in with lecture, we will take a look at what you should save on and what you should not be stingy on. So first of all, let's look at free categories off your workforce. Now let's look at management, so management is the only place where you must not save any money on you. Can Nella be stingy with management? Now? An example is sort of bigger example on that would be the companies that dig up gold digger . Some other expensive materials from the ground sing in Africa and other such countries, perhaps poor countries, and many of them actually have very poor management. That's why was investments if you invest in re actual digging thing, not the actual commodity. If you invest in that, it can be quite wall tile, and the reason it is that is because usually the management is very poor, so you can't expect too much from the workers who are Blaine labor workers. Hard labor work as he can't expect too much from them. If you have very poor management, management should be very strong. It should be very assertive and very careful, though you need to rely on management now off course, it is likely that you will be the manager and you won't need to get into that. But you will probably get into creative workers now. What I mean by creative. It's only people who draw pictures, perhaps create your advertisements, create your promotional videos and stuff like that. It's not only worse people, it's people who actually need to think create an architecture of some kind. Perhaps, perhaps you're building a platform, and you hire free developers so you will hire one developer, uh, gets paid, say, in Eastern Europe 2030 perhaps even more dollars an hour. And then you be able to hire a few cheaper workers who will be responsible for separate little parts of the project, and they will basically do that manual labor. So any person who has Teoh think off something. Think of something in terms off the bigger picture. You should not really be stingy on them now where you actually save money in terms off outsourcing, especially outsourcing from Third World. And that is the manual labor. So it could be literally with manual labor, such as manufacturing jobs. If you need to manufacture some product, you go to China you go to India, but we will go and talk about that a little later in this course. So the manual labor, you can save one. You just give a very clear direction. That's why you need good management. You give that clear direction and with people will do the work. But we have to have very clear direction that this could be data entry. Lee Generation Early generation in terms off people who go online, we copy the website. We copy with number from a website and do basic stuff way crowd. We don't actually make any calls. You probably want to spend a little bit more on people who actually interact with verse customers of yours. But if we do not interact, if we only do very simple work, you can go for the cheapest options. Off course. You need to look at communication skills if they aren't truly, really bore. But other than that, just go for cheapest option. Just make sure you have good structure and good management. And if that we will conclude with Lex 4. Agencies : hello, endless lecture. You'll learn a few things about agency outsourcing. So first of all, we have to look at the size often agency. You confined agencies in Philippines, in India, in basically virtually any country in were world, but you have different sizes for an agency. So you have a tiny agency. And by dining agency, I mean agency that only has two free, perhaps four people there. It's not really a company's, More like a bunch of freelance is getting together, and in those cases, you should prefer going for just separate freelances. And if you need more than one person, just hire more than one person. It's not that difficult to do, and you have full control over them. So the 2nd 1 now is a small agents in small, small agencies and actual actual small company. So that would be probably anywhere between 5 to 20 people. Depending on the actual work that we do, the development agency will probably be at least 10 people because you need some managers. You need actual design people and known design people, so you have several different people. So again, small is anywhere from five to, let's say, 2025. Perhaps, And then after that, you get to meet him and the medium size I would actually recommend, because it is likely that we will have lower price when we large one and medium agencies and Web twin stay 30 and 80 people, perhaps 100 people, sir. Just girl for the medium forcible small may be able to offer you a good price, but you have to be careful because it won't likely care about your opinion. You won't actually get any decent customer support. The it becomes kind of pointless to actually go after an agency. I think it's better to just go with freelances. You will have full control again over them. So if you want off price and quality comfort, you go with medium. Now large agencies you can always trust. There's a huge straws between year and large agency because we actually care about status flying here, and the customer support agents will do everything we can for you. And if we don't do everything they can for you, just contact another customer support agent and tell them that be other fella. I wasn't behaving quite us as well as we should, though you just tell them that and you'll get all the support that shoot need now. The second thing to understand about agencies is the payment arrangements. We have several arrangements of agencies and one of them maybe hourly, though hourly will likely go go for stuff like on Sir Rinko. So that would be customer support or sales. And then you can have fixed be reodica. A zit says him. Basically, we you will be paying, say, free 105 $100 a month. You have that fixed fee and that would again be more for me with stuff like customer support and sales and basically where people have toe have on on er have to work on an ongoing basis, but they only work strict hours. So you make that contract for strict hours and the and you kind of actually pay on hourly basis. But you only pay every month for every week, depending on your arrangement. Now the commission structures are a bit more interesting, and these obviously we were only apply for these sales. So very few agencies will actually deal with commission only unless you have something greater cell. But what you need to offer is big commission. If you go with 10% small agencies who don't actually understand how to make those calculations who just look at the number, we won't care how much you can make from about 10% in actual currency. There just look 10% and percent is bad. Goodbye. So again, if you go after a big agency and you have some proven product, you might be able to reach Matt commissioner only arrangement. So you should always look, look to that. Look at that. And then again, you can go with commission and fixed. So perhaps you're covering some fixed course just to give them some insurance. Perhaps for usually. It goes for a few periods of that's a few months, and then we make some calculations. Look at some statistics, and perhaps we will get on commission early. And then, of course, you have commissioner now Lee. So that's be most common approach, and again, this is for sales only. So we have to give something to the agent. So no matter which payment method used for sales, you will likely need to give some the missions or perhaps some bonuses. If you if you only have some very strict pricing, or perhaps no pricing at all. If if you have something free to give away now, what of a bro's off agency outsourcing Percival Agencies are very unlikely to actually disappear over again. You have to look at that size dining agency. It can disappear in a matter off days in a matter of hours. And if you go after the cheapest one, we will work like a chief freelancer. Once you stop paying them, we won't answer your messages. We won't on say your calls. So next you have good custom a sport. But again, that depends on the size of an agency. Mawr and Tiny Worst once. Forget it. There won't be no customer support. It will be a waste of your time to even try to get some. And then, of course, you have clear schedules. Now, what that means is you will never have anything. Don late. We won't be no late deliveries. Off course. Everything and anything can happen. So you corn Be sure 100%. But I would say 98% of the time you can be sure to get a riffing on time. Now what? Whatever Corns of this of this agency. Outsourcing agencies are usually more expensive than any loan freelancer. Let's see now the reason is quite obvious. Of course, agencies do have that scale, but we do actually need to make profits as your business does need to make profit. Free agency business as well needs to make profits and also most good agencies. We won't take on any small task. The task actually has to be quite a decent not even a task. I should say it should be a decent size project. So think about cost and then think about the size off the project and the fat note we will conclude this lecture. 5. Hourly arrangements: hello in this lecture will take a look at hourly payment arrangement. First of all, let's look at some main aspects of hourly arrangement, and it has to be a long term thing. You've gone pay hourly on, say, design of a often image, which is for some advertising campaign. You shouldn't also pay or say, for example, promotional video. Now again, if you have some business like an online store, you might need those things on ongoing basis. So you might hire someone say, 10 hours a week to work on that just spruce a the work if needed so you might look into that. But it has to be a long arrangement with hourly payment, and also you need to have more V unspecified kind of work. So what that means? Basically, if you can write down specifically what needs to be done, just go for a fixed contract, they will do a work, and if your half of those points that you made that needed to be done, you will pay the money. If you're not happy, you will. Ben, wait until we fix something or until we disappear and you won't pay the money than people just saw like that we disappear. What can you do? So it has to be long term, and the work should not be very specified. But again, if the specified work is on long term basis, you might want to look at hourly base as well. So what to avoid? But it's a fall. As I said before, you should avoid as much as possible short term arrangements there again, if the work only goes for a day or two, if it's a small little project, you shouldn't go the Fowley basis. If it's something larger like say, for example, you have a customer support agent for something, you just hire them on a long term basis and off course on hourly basis. And one thing to note about hourly basis. You always always have to pay attention, pay close attention to watch a people are doing. And if a on doing good Children, if they are pretending to be working, you have to have good logging capability so that you know exactly what we're doing. And if we can't do that in if they abuse you, you just fire them five them as soon as possible. It's quick. It's possible and get another person on board on board. Hopefully someone who actually do the work and won't try to scam you and the fact note we will conclude with lecture. 6. Contract arrangements: Hello and with lecture, we will take a look at one of the possible payment arrangements and that is a contract or a fixed payment. So what? On the main acts but aspects of this possible, it has to be very specific work that needs to be done now. Very specific work could be a design off logo or perhaps a design off an image and word or a video promotional video. So it has to be something very specific. So it's usually design, work and development work, programming work. Now you can also do something like that with customer support, but it will kind of go into that hourly thing as well. Now we l a thing about contracts is you have to bathe in. The work is done, the once you are happy for work that's done, you pay the money Now, off course, some big contracts. If you spend two grand free ground five, you probably won't be able to do that because people will likely want to some money before that whole thing accumulates. So you just divide that into some parts and you will be fine. But again, something has to be done before you actually pay. So what should you avoid again? It's very important. You should never pay money before that specific mosque is done. Otherwise, people won't really care about that. People will have that money in the pockets, and they might even disappear, which can be quite awful. And unfortunately, that does happen quite often, though never pay. The form of work is done, and also with hourly. With contract base, you should avoid large contracts if you need something on ongoing basis. So if you have really big project, you should prefer hourly arrangements. You have probably some ability to have good management there, and then we will be able to properly supervise we hourly arrangement, and with that note, we will conclude with lecture. 7. Eastern Europe hires : Hello. In this lecture, we will take a look at the European Eastern European region that would be mostly Eastern Europe and how feast in Europe, not exactly South Europe, so that small, like Greece or anything that is more towards way east from Greece. Now again, we will look at pros and guns. And let's not forget what this is just a sort of general description. There are always exceptions. So let's not with the pros here, and you can expect from this region good communication skills. Now we will necessarily be fluent and exceptional, but they will be decent enough and what you will be able to put your get your idea across. That's a Nim porton thing here. And also people in this region usually get have but good work Africa, it and FX. So that means that people are unlikely to disappear. And once you stop paying them and you have some question, we're likely to answer that even then, unlike, say, South Asia, awesome other regions and with little to non scam now, since most of these countries are in the European Union, we will be kind of very off that scam, so you don't really have to be careful too much, and it is quite easy to sue people. If the contract is begin with, scam is larger. So again, you should be wary of scam. You should always be very scam, but you don't need to be. That very issue would be in, say, South Asia again in India or other such country. Now the corns of this region are the higher course. So the course, of course, won't be as high as worse in Europe or United States, but it bone be as low as India. So it might be probably twice as much as you would get in India, perhaps a bit less when twice butts somewhere Longworth lines, because will be and also in freelancing plant from sue. You won't find as many options to choose from as many people to choose from as you would find in in Middle East and salvation of our such regions. So you have to be careful that but we re amount of people is usually quite decent, and you will be able to find someone that suits your needs, And with that we will conclude with lecture 8. South Asia hires: Hello. In this lecture, we will take a look at the region off South Asia. Now this region, as any other, has some pros and some corn, some generalities. So let's look at the pros first. Now this region will likely be the cheapest region, and it will off course have high availability, so you will have a lot to choose from. Unfortunately, the Ross some downsides to that as well. It's usually quite bore communication skills in this region. It's difficult to communicate with people, so if you have a small tasks, say, for example, design or something, you should probably go for a bid higher price. So instead of going for $4 an hour, go with $5 an hour because most people will have very four communication skills, and it will be difficult to put that idea across now. The other problem is that most people will have very bad work ethic it. So what that means. Basically, people will disappear once you stop paying them, and on longer contracts and longer hourly arrangements. It is likely that people decision will disappear for a day or two, and then we will lie to you. We will say there was some natural disaster or something happened to them. Now, you should never do believe that stuff. You should just choose another agent, another person right away. And we go to the lost fact that there is a lot off scam, so people will try to scam you out of many things. Mostly, of course, we will try to pretend Teoh work and then receive payment. Now, an example of that is from my own personal experience. I had once hired a sales agent to make some phone calls. Now there was a dialer in place. I didn't I did pay for it off course, but I didn't give any money. So that's fine. I paid for that and invade Iowa. I can listen to what the agent has dad during, because how many course we we made and all that And we Agent had with thought often empty core. He called a number and the co band for about 15 20 minutes. And that was accounted as hours worked off course I caught with scam and the agent was no longer working for me. So with that note, we will conclude this lecture 9. Other regions : Hello. So now it we have looked at the Eastern Europe and South Asia. Let's take a look at some other regions. So first of all, what are V's regions? The 1st 1 is off course China, and it doesn't really go into definition off South Asia. It has its own nuances. We will come of them and then with, of course, Africa and then off course, we have Middle East. So let's start with China now. China is off course, a great blaze for manufacturing. No matter what you have to manufacture, you should go to China. India is also a popular place for that. However, India is more for clothing. So if you have some clothing to manufacture, go to India. Although even with clothing, I would suggest going with China now. China also has difficult access. It's kind of difficult to find these companies. It's difficult to find everything online, but if you try hard, if you google a little more, if you're being a little more, you will find it. So it's good for manufacturing. But it's probably not the best choice if you're gonna hire someone on short term on as a programmer. For example, It's not the best idea to go after China because it's difficult to access everything and in terms of manufacturing again is good for any kind of manufacturing. But if you have electron ICS, especially electron ICS, don't even look anywhere else. Go with China. If you have clothing, you might think about India, but it's probably better to go with China. Everything will go smoother. Now let's take a look at Africa. Africa actually has a lot off scam, though you have to be aware of that. Percival Andi. Usually with Africa, the cost off the work won't be as low as say, for example, it would be with India. However, Africa has probably a bit better communication skills. So that might be attractive, however, was also not that many people to go around about the You won't find as many choices in terms of that specialist that you're looking for, so there's no love diversity there. But Africa is a possible choices. Just have to be aware off that scam. Now let's take a look at Middle East. Middle East is again similar to India. It's pretty much the same coach of the same Africa with same thing and off course with that was lots of scam. I've talked about scam before and we will talk a bit more about that later. There was lots of scam and similar to India because it is also very low. So because it's very similar to India's course and other South Asian countries, and with that we will conclude with lecture. 10. Freelancer platforms : hello in with lecture, we will take a look at some platforms that offer freelance hiring. So first of all, let's take a look at this one called guru dot com. Now what you can do here is you can simply post a job. So you and of some description, you provide details about the job, and you should be as specific as possible because we quotes will not be specific as the world if you are not specifically with your details and then you and to some categories on and it's quite simple to do, and then you can also choose fixed price or hourly. So we talked before about contracts and hourly based payments so fixed Bryce would be that contract and you pay only after the work is done. And if you choose hourly, select registrations and all that. So that's guru dot com. It's a good platform of user myself. You can find all kinds of people have, but mostly you will find people on the lower and of your course scale, and you can also find some some of these adverse from people, and you can contract we old employees as well. It's very simple Bland Forman. It's a decent platform, I would say, or are people to find, and you should be fine with this one. However, if you don't like this one, you can go after a bigger one, and that is up. Work dot com So up book dot com is the biggest one around. It is kind of dressed worthy, but you have to be very careful with the hourly job now. The reason for that is because when you select hourly you you cannot allow people Teoh do automatic logs off there. Hours worked. So basically, what will happen? We will look the hours, and then by the end of a week, your credit card will be charged and you don't you won't even approve anything that it will be charged. It happened to me. It's a very bad experience and with no way to actually get things back, so you have to be very careful with that. But other than that, it's a great platform. It office again, going tried hiring fixed Bryce hiring as well as hourly hiring, and there are thousands stands of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people here available. So disposal. Now let's look at one really bad one, and that's freelancer dot com. It's actually an Indian platform, and it's full off scam. Not only people both pretend as people who pretend to be freelances will scam me with the actual plant for move scam you as well. So basically, when you hire someone replied from takes that sort of fever at small a fee. And if you decide you don't want that person anymore, the fee won't be returned to you. So you have to be careful if you hire someone you will be paying. But I do not recommend with one. There are other options out there, so just skip this. One freelancer dot com is a very bad choice. Now let's look at something a bit different, and this one is called five a dot com. So this was is different because he don't actually create a job post. You could do that. You can post a request, and people wanted to that request. But basically what should do has Ugo for these gigs, and you can pay anywhere from $5. Teoh, however, have many dollars. We're all asking now. This is good for these very specific tasks like, for example, designing a logo like this one, Hair says. I will write your bio or about me. So it's very specific and very simple to kind of understand what needs to be done now. I wouldn't really recommend with Lang with the platform. I have actually done work on this one, and I bought work from this one. I do not really like it. The we fights over who's right or wrong, a quite difficult. They say you can contact with support, but then you have to talk with the person, and people aren't happy when you give them bad reviews. But it is kind of difficult. But again, if you have some simple logo to Dio, you will be able to get one in 24 hours for $5. It's very simple and easy, so let's go to the last one now. And that one is called people per hour dot com. So there are two options hair, but in general, this platform is for for higher end people, so basically you will pay more hair. But if you are looking for quality, you go to this platform and you'll find some quality people. Ross Um measures put in place to prevent people from scamming you and just in general, from doing bad work. Basically, you have some time to be on the platform for free as their flu freelancer. And then, if you don't do any work, if you get bad reviews, you will be kind of blocked and you'll ever have to they the monthly fee or you won't be able to use that platform. Asi freelancer. So again, this is for quality workers, and you can have free things here. So, as you can see, where is a something called pool off offers, though they offer these different things, it's very similar to fiver, but you can also go to browse hair and you can go go for browse freelances. If you browse freelances, you can find all these freelances and you can contact them and offer them jobs. Or you can post an offer. So if you go to post an offer, you hear. Actually, this is this is a different thing. I'm showing you So let's give Matt. This is from freelancers side that we want to actually hire freelances again. You can dio contract that's fixed price for something we need to do, and then you have hourly. And again, this is more for the higher rent kind of thing. And with that, we will conclude this lecture. 11. Recognize scam: Duplicates: Hello, Elvis lecture. We'll talk a bit about duplicates. Now, what are these duplicates? So, Visa. Basically two accounts of the same or rather, created by the same person. So we're Amenah reasons wives would be established. A common reason would be because one of the older accounts had good reviews. We might have had some fake reviews, which is quite common. And then they got some bad reviews. We kind of exceeded with the scam limits as much as possible. And then that person just going to jump on another account and then in those cases, which other account also has some fake reviews and it will go on and on like that. But if we forget to delete the old one, you might find the old one. And it is actually quite common to see two accounts for the same people. So but civil, it has to be the same picture. The same name doesn't say much. Now, if you don't see much difference in the picture, we may seem like two different people, but we all kind of similar And then you have also the same name, and you're really need that person. You're into that person otherwise, don't even try hard, just believe them and move on to the next one. But if you do any that, so you go to the actual description and see if a person does with same or some very similar things. If we do that, just move on. It's no good to go after a person like that now. Off course were awesome valid reasons for that. But I suggest don't even take a chance of that. So again the valid reason would be. Perhaps the person just forgot the password or something. And again, if you really, really, really need that person, you should bring this up in your interview process. You bring that up. If he answer status wise, you you move on. Now again, you have to be very, very off this scam that might be going on. And if you have a chance to avoid with, if you have an opportunity to choose someone else, just do it. Just go for it. Never risk hiring a person who has two accounts or two identities, even what is also possible, and that is very dangerous. It's a scam waiting to happen. So with that note, we will conclude with lecture 12. Recognize scam: Promises: hello in with lecture, we will take a look at another option. Let's go that on recognizing a scam. So we will look at promises or rather empty promises. So to understand that better, let's break it down a little. The first of all, let's think of a few words that could be and would be alarming. Now we most popular one is 100% now. It's not a word off goals, but it's a very popular phrase, though we will combine it with the second would which is guarantee. We will say I guarantee you 100% satisfaction. If you hire me, just hire me now Hire me now. Hire me now and they will say that. Save it until you get annoy and you actually hire them. You've gone four for that. It will be very annoying and they will guarantee you everything. The reserve two main words to be very careful. A good professional again if Ugo after the cheapest professionals we will use with these words and was no escaping them. But a good professional wound never used word like 100%. It sounds cheap and unappealing, so the second thing is politeness. So lightness is basically thanking you every step of the way. The saying Please to march now not only that is annoying most of the time, or rather after some time. If you start working with them, you might think it's it's quite a fine You might enjoy being called a sir and having to hair were pleasing on every sentence. But then after sometimes it becomes annoying, and also you realize what it is all just empty, useless charter of no self since did so. We will say we will go after you and they will say police hire me. I will guarantee you 100% status faction And then 30 minutes later, another message will arrive for you. If you have concerns, have you considered me? We will say, Please hire me. I will provide you 100% satisfaction. Of course, the communication skills might before or so you might even see some mistakes and most sentences, though you have to be very of fat politeness. And those empty guarantees was there was no need for people to guarantee you anything. You see where experiences Steve, a skill said, and if you like that, you hire them with no need for them to be pushy unless we are pushing a scam. So the fact note we will conclude with lecture 13. Recognize scam: Payments before work: Hello. Let's look in this lecture at another possible scam. Warning sign. So basically some people might want to get paid before the work is done. Now, I have covered with already in the previous lectures. I did it many times. You should pay after you're done after they are done. Actually. So we went through some platforms and they have this thing called escrow. So you basically put in the money and then the work is done. The worker actually receives the money. You release the money, so to speak. Now, this way, it kind of gives you security on both sides. You put the money in, and if we do work, they will get the money. Money is already in the system, but they on the money is not yet in their account. Now we're awesome nuances hair. And you should put no more than 50% off the total amount in the S crew, preferably it should be around 30% Now. The reason is that sometimes you get a bigger dispute and it's difficult to actually dispute that stuff. The it's better not to risk that. Usually everything will go smoothly, but it is better to be prepared and only put in 50% or less of that money. Now, speaking about baying after the work is done, you should not provide any gash for spending. So if someone is asking for some money to say for be calling, let's say you buy, you get someone to do sales and we asked some money for making phone calls. You should not do that. If you want to provide them that calling apparatus, you should set of the account and then give them bat user account. But she had set our previously You should not give them money for anything. The only money give to them is payment, and you give them the payment for work. You give that payment for work after work is done. Now, we other way to protect yourself like that is to divide the project into parts so you would divide it in parts of free to $500 again if if a project is smaller, perhaps of a total values $500 so you might do 250 then 250 again. So in that case you would only putting in the escrow $125 which is five 50% now. You can pay for the project. If it's a long term project, you should pay monthly. And if it's a sort off, not exactly short temperature with, Let's say, Let's say it's ah, or weeks or six weeks. You should then pay weekly because these people do have to eat. We do have to get paid. The only thing you have to do is to be sure that we're work. Waas done the the that note we will conclude with lecture.