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Outside The Box Marketing For Authors

teacher avatar Dr Rob Alex Alex, Ph.D., Powerful Fun Teaching

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Outside The Box Marketing For Authors Introduction

    • 2. OTB Marketing : Vacation Time

    • 3. OTB Marketing : Refreshing Fare

    • 4. OTB Marketing : Treasure Hunt

    • 5. OTB Marketing : Video Entertainment

    • 6. OTB Marketing : Get Mentioned

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About This Class

Marketing is one of authors' biggest struggles.  It is absolutely vital that your book stand out amongst the hundreds of thousands of other books being published every year.  This course will help you discover new ways to do that by sharing five outside-the-box ideas to kick-start your creative marketing plan.

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Meet Your Teacher

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Dr Rob Alex Alex, Ph.D.

Powerful Fun Teaching


Dr. Rob Alex, Ph.D. is brilliant at coming up with outside-the-box ideas. He is currently creating fantastic courses available on Skillshare.com around creative marketing and relationships. It's fascinating how the relationship skills he teaches to couples crosses over to authors and entrepreneurs with their relationships to clients and fans/readers. He had a spiritual awakening in 2010, which happened due to transcendent lovemaking experiences. This encouraged him to bring more spiritual perspectives into his work - metaphysical concepts alongside practical ideas. He teaches how to use ancient wisdom to expand your thinking while creating more personal life energy and how to direct that energy to develop amazing relationships (personally and professionally) and live the l... See full profile

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1. Outside The Box Marketing For Authors Introduction: Hello. We are robbed. And Jenelle Alex, the co founders of authors talk about it. And we're really excited today to bring you this new class outside the box marketing for authors. Yes, it's gonna be a fun ride. So hold onto your arms on your chair and we're gonna get started. Well, why do you absolutely need to get outside of the box when you're thinking about marketing and promoting your book? Yeah, this is vital. It's very important that you stand out above all the other authors that are out there. But why is that? I mean why? Well, because there are upwards of a 1,000,000 new books published every single year. Yeah, a 1,000,000 a year. Is that crazy or what? And it's probably going to go up from there. Everybody has a book inside them. So we need to make sure that you have some opportunities to stand out from that crowd of authors, right, Because when you have so many others out there, everybody wants to have their books read. Everybody wants to get sales, and yours is very easily. Just if you're doing what everybody else is doing, it just gets lost in the mix of everyone else's, so you have to be different if you want to get noticed. Gone are the cookie cutter ways of marketing your book, and we've got to really get outside the box to understand and gain that knowledge that we need to promote our book well. And you have to do your best to what's the word? I want to use their for you, but to really adjust it to tweak it to fit your book, your niece, your personal brand and what you stand for. And we're gonna definitely talk about some of those things in this class. And you just said that you just can't do what everyone else has done. I mean, that's and not going to work. It's not going to continue to work. If you're just following the pack, you're gonna get lost in the shuffle. I mean, there are techniques that you can do that others have done. For example, Hey, should we be on social media? Should we be online? Well, yes, of course. So if you have this overreaching general peace than there are some of those aspects of doing what others have done and not reinventing the wheel but we want to make this wheel for your car and the best way possible. Well, we want you guys to be a personality and not just another cog in the wheel, if you will, we want you to stand out above everybody else, and we want you to get to know your readers and your readers to feel like they get to know you. So again, we're going to be sharing of some really unique ideas and some things to help spark some ideas within you within you. But we're going to be sharing some ways that you can do this online, which ah, lot of writers. A lot of authors are a bit, you know, somewhat introverts in that sense. Um, but also, how you can do this offline, how you could do this in person, in your local communities and beyond. So we're definitely going to give you some ideas around that, and we're gonna share five outside the box ideas for you guys to kickstart that creative marketing process and get it flowing like the beautiful river that it is 2. OTB Marketing : Vacation Time: Okay, everybody, it's time to start that journey that we just talked about. Ready for this outside the box marketing for authors and number one is vacation time. Well, it sounds really It sounds great, doesn't it? So how can we apply vacation time? Teoh Marketing your book number one is donate copies of your books too. Well, you could do that. The local hotels think of some, especially even smaller mom and pop most hotels. And you could possibly donate copies your book for their lobby war for some of the rooms. Or if they do anything special for their guests. That type of thing. A bed and breakfast are great for reading. I mean, think of that. That's a more relaxed atmosphere. Usually, Um, it's a little more homey, so that's a good place to donate copies of your books. Because people are just gonna kind of take a more relaxed approach. And then another one are the vacation rental properties that are out there? Of course, Rob, you and I travel. We, uh, yes, I don't know us. We're traveling entrepreneurs, so we use vacation rental properties, different town houses, condos, homes, those types of things in different locations because we rent for those long term types of vacations. You know it's not a vacation for us. But whether it's a month, perhaps, or even those that are just the week Reynolds, because you have these books at your fingertips and when you're on vacation, especially if you're going to be there for a while, people are more likely to want to relax in and read a bit. Take that book to the beach or wherever, so it's a great way to do that. And especially with the bed and breakfast and the different book vacation rental properties , it is possible that they would actually give that I like a gift basket or such, and we'll talk about that here in a little while. A swell, um, donate Internet password cards. Now Think of it every time you go to a hotel and they're like, Well, what's the Internet password? And they give you a little card with it? Well, what if that had your information about your book on? So yes, So it's basically a business card size, Um, and one side is going to have their Internet WiFi password, if you will, and then on the flip side, it would have basically a promotion. Or, you know, the marketing tool in that sense for your book information on your book where they could get it online. Of course, awful are you get a print version, but if you can have something on there about an e book version, that would be really great to Here's the gift shop or gift basket idea. Some of the hotels and so forth have gift shops, yes, and so you can always go to those, especially the smaller ones. Or if they're locally owned and present your book and say, Hey, would you like to care in my book in your gift shop? Then the other option we talked about is especially a bed and breakfast, or perhaps a vacation rental. Or sometimes it might even be Ah, they might do. Ah, honeymoon rental. Now, mind you, I know you're thinking they're going to read while they're on their honeymoon, but maybe you never know. I depends on what your book is about, but the idea is often they might give some sort of a gift basket or some welcome basket. Real estate agents do this to, um, we're not getting into that so much here. That's a little bonus tip there that a lot of times, real estate agents will do that when someone the housewarming gift in that sense. So that makes sense. Or if you do that in your local area, um, that is something that they might gives, especially someone new to the area. You know, when you're vacationing, right? Yeah. When you go on vacation, I know we don't want to think about book marketing, but this is a great time to just casually leave your book behind. Yeah, you can leave your book behind. You could even leave it as a gift. Even if you're just on an overnight little trip somewhere and leave. It is a little gift. If you wanted to, specifically with a note to the cleaning crew, the made, whatever you wanna call them, Um, and the hotel s. So there's all kinds of ways to do that. You could do to the thank you two again if we were talking about bed and breakfast or vacation Reynolds as a thank you. You could also, of course, leave that, um, with the desk clerk, you could leave that restaurants or again, a card or something. And, of course, in some places they do have the journals, little guest journals, either sometimes in the lobby or in the room or in the rental itself. And you could sign that, for heaven's sakes. If there's one there, make sure you sign it and say, Hey, Robin, Geno, Alex of authors talk about it, or whoever you are. Well, and if you're going to leave your book, give it away as a kind of a thank you to the cleaning crew. The staff at the hotel make sure that they know it's a thank you for the little No. A little note card, handwritten note card in it. Say thank you for a wonderful stay. Please have a copy of my book. Yes, yeah, in those types of things were great. And again, if you don't have a copy of the book, you could leave a little promotional card or even, in that case of the bookmark idea and leave a promo car a promo card with the free downloads. So, um, there is your first tips. We'll be back with number two 3. OTB Marketing : Refreshing Fare: All right, everybody, we're ready for the next section in outside the box marketing for authors, and we're going to refreshing. Fair, yes, refreshing, fair feeling hungry. Just thinking about that, actually, be refreshing. So there's a really interesting thought process around this. If you think about your local restaurants and again these my I say again, like we've already said that you they might be just your mom and pop type restaurants. But it's possible that even some of the bigger chains, if they are owned by local people, that you could potentially work this out with them. These ideas. The first idea is to put flyers to go on their boxes. This works great for, like pizza places that deliver. Um, you know you can exchange some kind of. Maybe you pass out their flyers for them and let they allow you to put their your flyer on their book on their pizza boxes. As they're delivering these pizzas, he's wonder wonderful, delicious pizza pies or even be able to go in with some. Somebody has to fold those boxes on it. That's already, and you might even volunteer your time. Or maybe you'll be promoting the restaurant in some fashion, depending on you have to think this is where you have to think. This is about sparking those ideas within you and won't make sense and is relatable or applicable to you and your book and your connections in the community. So make sure that you're giving them something in return so that it's mutually beneficial. No, you can do a book signing at a restaurant. This is a place that I don't see too many people do a book signing now, obviously, you have to go on their off time. They're not gonna want to do a book signing at their busy time on Saturday night. Friday night. That depends. But you know is sometime, you know, talk with the restaurant and see when it might be a great idea for you to do a book signing at the restaurant. You can make some promotion around it, maybe get the local media there. Why? Because my thought is if they have a location, an area within the restaurant, that they could place you, that's a good idea than even if they're busy. Now they have mawr there, people coming in, more of their customers were coming in, So the author being there would probably get more attention. So it just depends on the management Are the owner or so forth? So that's something to consider. But as we were talking about the to go boxes and being more of, ah, how it depends, there's a variety of different restaurants there. But where is Rob mentioned The pizza place. That's probably depending on the size of the restaurants, not necessarily where you want to do a book signing. So I get It depends on what you have, what your book is about. It might be a little higher class or higher end restaurants that you might want to consider , but it's just those types of things that you need to think about. Now. This is a great idea. Um, lunch with a local author, you know, make this a monthly feature and be the organizer of it. Yes, you're the author, but maybe be the one that starts it and then go forward helping other authors in your area . Yes, it's something that could be done if you could propose this idea to a local restaurant I can think of back in our hometown. There is a very unique little restaurant. It's very headwinds. It's gourmet, but it's definitely kind of a high end niche to a little restaurant on the local square, on the by the courthouse in this little town. And it's it's in neat little place. But if they could have something, if they would agree to having a lunch with a local author of dinner with a local author, where once a month perhaps you could have an author be there, they could talk about their book and sit down and actually then have lunch and have that opportunity. And you could go so far as to have someone else sponsor that lunch and the real was free or everybody had to come in. But the benefit to the restaurant is they know they're gonna have this, hopefully this room full or table full or whatever of people that are going to come in every month or whatever, and ah, and have this just even getting the word out about the restaurant, and then you can mutually promote it. So yeah, eso again, what relates to your books? What makes sense when you're thinking of the restaurants? When I speak of the little quaint restaurant from our hometown. I think of one of the clients that we've recently worked with, and some of the what's in her book has to do with arts and crafts and needlework. But it's a fiction story, but this clicks in my head as, oh, this could work here. It would be that, um I don't say feminine feel, but I can see that fitting in this particular type of restaurant that I have in mind. So you have to think what makes sense. Go ahead. No, I was just gonna say that now, you know, obviously, ah, horror novel might not work in that location, so that might be more of the pizza place like we were talking about, or something to that nature, especially around Halloween. You can probably really get into a lot of restaurants around that time, right? So there's so many different ways to look at this and think about what might make sense and what fits your book your topic, whether it's when we really focus on fiction here. But it also works for non fiction as well. Now you can, of course, then work together. You can do this online this is not just offline. Yes. Yeah. Almost everybody has a website, a Facebook page, all those type of things that you can do some of this online, possibly right. So make sure you're you're promoting it, you know, out their flyers telling under one, But then use your own social media. Use the restaurants, social media, the websites that of each of you that you have. You could take photos of these events or just being there. If it's and I say event, if it's a the Thea lunch with an author, for example, or a book signing, there's ways that you could do that and have videos. Perhaps post herbal, uh, a bomb posts around that post a blogger on that. So there's definitely different ways two for you, as well as the restaurant that you're connected to. And if you were to arrange a monthly lunch with an author than those other authors could do the same thing. And so then you becomes this nice little community, and you're all supporting each other in that 4. OTB Marketing : Treasure Hunt: All right. Are you ready for the third tip here in the outside, the box marketing for authors. And it is the treasure hunt. Who? It sounds exciting right now. I'm, like, bats on super exciting. And with the background we have up for your here for your eyes, I think of the actual pirate map, but the treasure map for the X marks the spot. But this is going to be a give away. You're gonna give away, um, your book in a certain way. And, you know, you can do this very intricate where people have to find clues and this can work both online and offline. And we'll go over that here in a little bit. Well, when you're doing a giveaway, though, I know Rob, you just said that it is about giving away your book, but actually, it's There's a possibility of giving away some other things, right? You can do other prizes along with that, right? The point is that they're going to do this treasure hunt or in a sense of scavenger hunt, where they end up getting to enter a drawing for the give away. That's one way to do that. You could obviously take this and tweak it. This'll is supposed to spark ideas for you, so you don't have to do exactly thes things that were suggesting. Take these ideas and twist them and tweet them into what makes sense for you. I'm obviously a free copy of your book. Now, that could be a printed version Would be digital. Yes, but there, Steven, I think, Rob, you said you actually have heard of some people that have actually taken in placed physical copies of their books. They have placed our copies of their book around larger Metropolis cities. And you know, then they put out on their website. Hey, a free copy of my book. Here's the clues. Go find it. It's got like, a geo cache. If those of you that no one of Geo cache is you don't know Geo cashing is then never mind, but look it up. Yeah, Geo cashing but s Oh, yeah, It's a very interesting way to do that. And again, you could give that something different. A gift certificate. You could give a gift certificate or gift card. If in a giveaway, don't just tuck these away necessarily somewhere, but, um for something else that it's sponsored by your book or by you as an author. So that's something to consider. You could give away an E reader whether it's a Kindle Kindle fire. You could do that. You may not be as targeted in the people that are trying to enter them. So that's something to consider when you're doing giveaways, because you really you're trying to gain people that have interest in your book. That's the ultimate point. But, um, you know eso when you give away just a kindle fire or whatever device, some sort of tablet or something, you're going to get a lot more people wanting to enter. But if they're having to take action to do that, then they're probably a little bit more interested anyway. So there's some interesting ways online we're gonna talk about. Yeah, and if you're giving away something like a Kindle or Kindle fire, um, you know, you're you know you're going to draw people in. That's gonna be exciting. The bigger the prize the mawr interest people take at least at first, right. But because giveaways are, ah whole happens a lot, right? And some of those air fairly easy to do with the treasure hunt. It has an extra funding peace. And a lot of people really enjoy that treasure hunting feel. So doing it offline because you can do that on the local level right now. And as we said, hi. Business cards, fliers, clues around town so people can find these things and, you know it might not. It might be somebody that has no clue. You know, that they don't have connection to your website or anything. They might find these and and then go check out your site really depends on how you go about it. I definitely recommend that you create a plan because you could really be promoting this treasure hunt on the particular day. You could go so far as to collaborate with some local businesses, and people show up they're in their store or their restaurant, and they're looking for that hidden business cards somewhere. Or they found a flyer somewhere, and then they have to make a list of where they found them. Or you could have clues. It might not be a blatant image of your book that might have clues, so it depends on how you well I need the clue part. You can even collaborate with other businesses around town like a restaurant like you have to go in and, you know, ask the cashier for the clue or the go into the flower store and asked the florist for the clue. So you can really get people going around the town to these different locations. And if you're if you were doing that again on a local level, then it's the idea of promoting you as a local author. So certainly something to think about. And one way that you could do some of that is then have people. When they get to that last location, that last place they need to end up at, they could enter the drawing by having some sort of proof of all the clues. Maybe they just snapped a photo of it on their cell phones or whatever. So or they can actually collected something physical or wrote down information Or, you know, save that on their notes on their phone or wherever there's tons of different ways to do it . Just make sure that you put together a nice plan so that it works smoothly and fluidly for you, and now you can do the same thing online takes a little different planning and a different little different strategy. But it's for those of you that don't feel comfortable going out locally and talking to the store owners or are more comfortable on the computer. This is a great way to do this. One thing that you could do is high little images throughout your website. Now, if you did it, for example, around Halloween, even if your story your books have nothing to do with following, you could have hidden a little pumpkin on different pages of your website or something to that effect. And people then would have to tell you what pages they found it on. They would have to say, Oh, this is where you found it or whatever use decide to set up to prove that they found those things are take screenshots and send those to you, or post them on your social media and say This is where all I found things and that you know, that way they entered the contest. So it kind of depends on how you want them to submit those injuries or that information. So that's really, really up to you. Another really cool piece with this, especially if it's online, is that you could collaborate with other authors and do this together So you could have these clues or these different images on 345 other websites. Other. Oh, sorry. Other authors. For those of you listening, I just kicked my husband, I And so you can have that so that they can come together. And then you have to decide well, where they going to enter and where they're gonna post this. So to do it, it's a little bigger project. A little bigger planning more of your involved. But it can also then expand the reach as well. Yeah. And you know what? Better team that a team of authors working on something together? Yeah, absolutely. 5. OTB Marketing : Video Entertainment: Okay. Are you ready for the fourth installment here? We've got video, entertainment, video, entertainment. This is one of my expert t's here. Rob likes this way. Want to create entertaining videos for people? So if anybody knows anything about YouTube out there, the videos that go viral, you know, get a lot of attention and led to a lot of money for people. And this could happened. Not very likely. But it could happen to your videos as you make them by bringing the laughter. Yeah, it has to be funny worry all known to have a tendency to watch the silly cat video or the guy falling down or whatever over something serious and intense. Um so definitely, if possible, finding some way to bring humor into it. Now here's the question that I'm sure some of you are asking. Well, my book doesn't have humor. It's not a funny book. How do I bring humor into a promotional video around that? Well, and I did this on one of our Facebook lives one day where I did a funny segment on what you could do with my book. Besides, just read it and we you know, we prop the window open with, you know, we used it the balance on her hand to improve our walking for our next pageant, weary and all those kind of Yes, I was going to try, but I think make the final cut. But those type of things, you can use it to prop up the the table so it doesn't rock anymore those type of things and just to bring a little humor to it. And it doesn't matter what your books about You could do that. That type of segment, um, and really bring some humor to it, even if it's a very serious or a horror book or anything like that. So you just have to think what makes sense and what fits you that that's important, obviously, and obviously doing something stranger that is Rob just talked about. But it's really important to have something that's entertaining, and it maybe it doesn't involve walking around with your book on your head or that type of thing. But you could dress up as one of your characters if it's a ah, a fictional story in particular. Um, if it's not, then if it's a serious of the nonfiction you could even have someone still act out something that of the topic. And it could still be humor, as it could be a funny skit that they act out. So there's some level of entertainment still that brings that into play and people get the message. Yeah, these air kind of like if you think of the movie trailers because you watch a movie trailer to see what movie you want to go see, You know, if the trailer doesn't hit you, um, you're not gonna go see that movie and these air kind of, in a way, that same thing. Obviously we can make a trailer of our book a very professionally done one. But these little videos air also trailers to give them an inside into your book and at least to raise awareness on or just completely silly and entertaining. Rob, you and I did a couple of parodies. One would have been kind of a parody of What is it? Um, the flipping your I don't know. I can't think of that. The house flipping, Yes, but one of the house flip flipping shows get you again. He's kind of bruises. When he did 10 recording this freak. Um, but we did a little parody on that, and we went through like, Oh, we've got to fix this and tear these cabinets out. And if the end we said, Wait a minute, we're not house flippers or house experts. In that sense, we and we were doing. We had a relationship. Book outs were relationship experts. And then we had the promotion of the book, and we also did a parody of the Ghost Adventures show and actually went out to a graveyard and did some. And I put on this heavy, dark makeup, did some funny things around that, and, uh, and again it was about No, wait, we're not, you know, paranormal experts. And so we just did some weird, funny things, and, you know, they were entertaining. We had fun with them, at the very least. And now Facebook live and YouTube make this so easy for everybody. You mean with Facebook? Um, you can go live anywhere, and I know YouTube's playing around with this right now, and they have a similar set up that's coming down the way, but you can go live wherever you are. You don't as long as you have some kind of connection, Teoh. Ah, the Internet. I want to clarify that depending on where you guys are, there are no still a few places. I believe that I don't have Facebook live, but that has spread fast. So most places in the world do you have it? Um So I just want to clarify. I do that you get to know me, you know, disclaimer. But they're fun, and they're they're easy to do. You pick up your phone, you point it at yourself and you go, Oh, yeah, You know what? Here's the thing. If you think it totally was awful and you're like, Oh, my gosh, I can't believe I said that or this Saturday there happened. You don't actually have to posted. Yes, it was live. But you can just go ahead and delete it. You don't have to keep it saved on your fan page or on your personal page. Or if you run a group, that's OK, because if you don't hit post, then it's not going to stay there anyway. But then you want to be able to download that video, save that video and actually then repurpose it and put it on YouTube. If you have a YouTube channel, which is really easy to make as well, so the other thing that, of course, is sharing. We definitely don't recommend that you necessarily create a video and because if you record one great, but don't only put it on YouTube and then share it from YouTube to Facebook. When it comes to Facebook, you want to upload your videos directly to Facebook. If it's not a live one? Yes, definitely, because Facebook doesn't like you to leave Facebook. They want you to stay there so they get more attention. Those videos will get more attention than the shared ones from you. They want to keep your face on Facebook. Oh, very good. 6. OTB Marketing : Get Mentioned: All right, everybody, We're ready for the fifth installment here outside the box marketing and get mentioned. Just simple is that get mentioned. And one of the ways to do that is through raffles that they have. Um well, it doesn't say, you know, I will. Rob. You actually were involved somewhat too. But for many years when our older sons were small, I was PTO president. And on old Other Oh, my gosh, This committee that committee have found so many boards and committees and chairperson of this setting the other over the years, often times we are looking or they are looking for raffle prizes or something to that effect. So, in a variety of places, you could offer your book or something that is relatable to your book or even again, a gift card that it was sponsored by Yes, your book or you is an author. Obviously make sure your books appropriate. We don't want Teoh be advertising a on erotic novel at the school, so, you know, make it s so make sure it's appropriate before you even consider it. And if it is, go for right. So really think about that and where it might fit. There are different organizations that it could make more sense with than others. So, especially if you happen to have a Children's book or young adult book. Those air amazing to do in some fashion is a give away with schools and churches, those types of things. But maybe there's an organization that is environmentally focused or something to do with endangered species. And so you could potentially give that away and think of those book had that feel to it. There's a lot of those silent auctions out there where you could donate a copier book and people bid on it. The big thing there is, the book stays on the table, so everybody that's walking around gets to see it. So it's it's promotion, and that's and again, if you're just giving something else away, if you've sponsored it, and then you can put your flyer, your card something or whatever with that now there are a lot of the radio giveaways or podcast in that sense as well. Dio Yeah, radio sounds so old now, but there's so there's still a lot of radio programs out there and a lot of online radio that you can take advantage of this on, and it's just, you know, do they can do the call in thing, even if they want a call in to win a copy of this book or, you know they can make a process where, you know, enter your name toe win the copy of this book, and you could then I know we're talking about a radio giveaways. What become labelled the says. But you could do it with something. Local television. You could possibly do it. Someone might do it on their YouTube channel. Um, it could be done in a Facebook group or some sort of an event with Facebook or even Twitter depends. There's many, many ways that you could expand this idea, and, of course, you could give away. As we've said, a copy of your book. You could give a free download. You could get a signed copy or again, you could give something that either is related to your book. I know one of the authors that we interviewed for others talk about it, actually, um, I say raffled off, but that she, her book her Siri's has to do with. I think it's called the glass shop mystery Siri's. And so she actually does glasswork. She and her husband and they would raffle off or give a drawing have do a drawing whatever for his gorgeous, um, piece of glass work that they did that was actually etched glass that matched the cover of the latest book. So it's just a really interesting way, and she would have that I believe I remember correctly that was actually posted or excuse me. Placed in a local art store and are me was I was an art store glass shop I don't really remember, but it was, You know, this place and that they could have that drawing. So it's very interesting. Different idea to dio now Booth give the way. Then there's booths all over the place. You know, there's there's festivals, there's trade shows. There's all kinds of things. But gift these to those people that are running those boots and say, Hey, you can You're more than welcome to give this away to attract people to your booth, right? And something a little different. So, again, is it relatable to what you're doing? Um, you know, I think of another example. Ah, a client that we've worked with. And her story is it's a very feminine, focused story. But she has part of the story has to do with needlework, and they are knitting a wedding dress for one of the characters. So if you had some sort of artsy, um, convention or trade show or something someone might think is really cool and they wanted to give away a copy of that book at their booth, that's a possibility. So it's a way that they can get people on their list and then they drawn in. And this is very popular with the nonfiction books that self help Piper ones. People love to get those that, you know, trade shows and that booth better out there, right, etc. As we just explained that you could do with fiction. So there's different ways to do it. So there's definitely different things there you can think of. Festivals would trade shows. Um, and we we mentioned all of those, of course. So that was that was the a bunch of ideas, but one of refresh your memories. You know, our first tip was the vacation time. Plan out your travels with your book in mind and refreshing Fair, you know, connect. People love to eat. They have Teoh have to meet, and it's, you know, often at a wonderful time to commune with others. So how can you apply that and use that in a beautiful way? The treasure hunt. Oh my gosh, I hope that one has your mind spinning because there's a lot of different ways that you can work out the treasure, huh? And make it a success for your book marketing. And A. It is one that will take a little more planning. So you have to think about that. So you want to do it bright and do it well. But it could be very interesting and then has robbed. Talked about video entertainment. Yes, one of my favorites put me on video anywhere. I love, love, love, and they get mentioned. Find this ways to get mentioned by donating something, giving something away or sponsoring something. You could do that as well, because when you sponsor something, it doesn't always mean that you are opening your wallet to do the sponsoring. So there's other ways to go about that. And then, of course, your project, Yes, here on skills share. We want you guys to do a project. And, um, we want you just posted here in the project section. You know, choose the idea that you like the most and are willing to try and just post it. It's kind of ah, holding you to it in in that sense of the word, we want to see which one that you feel like would work best for your book. Right? So we'll share also a really nifty workbook that will help you lay out some of these ideas and make some notes for yourself. But we want to hold you accountable. So all we're asking you to do for the project is just pick one idea and post it in the project section and let us know. Thanks for listening. Thanks for watching. Whatever. We want to hear what you liked. We really, really do want to hear that. And what ideas this might have sparked for you. Yes. So I'm General Alex, and I'm Rob Alex. Catch you next time