Outdoor Botanical Sketching: Develop Your Style | Kateryna Loreli | Skillshare

Outdoor Botanical Sketching: Develop Your Style

Kateryna Loreli, Artist and illustrator

Outdoor Botanical Sketching: Develop Your Style

Kateryna Loreli, Artist and illustrator

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11 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Exercise: Line

    • 4. The basics

    • 5. Sketches with liner

    • 6. Sketches with pencil

    • 7. The lotus - sketch

    • 8. The lotus - outline

    • 9. The lotus - markers

    • 10. Final thoughts

    • 11. Your project

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About This Class


Sketching is so fascinating process! Botanical sketching this is very relaxing and peaceful process. And when you are doing both of this outdoors - you will get new amazing experience!

Sometimes we are shy to out and show the world that we are artists. We are afraid of other people see us drawing. Maybe some of you wanted to start sketching people on the street, but was not enough confident. 

Botanical sketching is a good point to start. It’s a lot simpler than to draw a human body, yet it’s a good training for hand. You will be outdoors, in nature, breathe fresh air and enjoy sunshine. Very relaxing indeed. Botanical sketching gives us a big freedom in listening to our feelings. How do we want to draw lines, what colors do we want to use. You will learn yourself deeply and all this things will develop your style quickly. 

In this class you will learn:

  • Exercises to get confident your hand
  • Basics principles of drawing any object
  • Sketching with different supplies to develop your style
  • Marker sketching

I encourage you to go out and find some beautiful place, parks, gardens. Maybe you live somewhere near the woods. Grab your pencils, brushes, markers or whatever you drawing with and find inspiration!

Don’t forget to follow me on Skillshare and share your project in the project section.

You can also find me on Instagram and Facebook

Have fun with sketching!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kateryna Loreli

Artist and illustrator



I believe we came into this world to bring beauty, to constantly growing and improve ourselves. We can make every our day more wonderful. We can be better today than yesterday. We can follow our dreams and be free.  Free of rules, square angles and other minds.

People always seem amazed watching artists painting. They think, artists are magicians and were born with brush in hand. Well, artists are magicians indeed. Yet, they worked hard for it. They practice every day. When somebody says to me, he can not draw, I say: “Everyone can draw”. And I am sure of it.

I am here to prove it. And to help everyone who is dreaming to learn how to draw. You just have to practice and be better every day. And together we will make this world even more beauti... See full profile

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1. Introduction: guys Katarina, artist and illustrator based in Odessa, Ukraine. Today we are in Wonderful botanical Garden in Moldova. This place is cautious here. I want to show you all benefits and delights off all door botanical. Sketchy outdoor Because interest is not enough here, you can breathe fresh air, enjoy sunshine on your ski and be with nature. I feel this unity. This is so powerful and inspiring, and they want you to feel the same. Let's sketch together. I encourage you to go out and find some beautiful places for X Cardin's. Or maybe you're December near the woods. Rep. Your pencils, brushes or whatever you're drawing with. Find this inspiration, this practice with your skills really fast. Okay, I stopped talking. You'll see everything by yourself. I can't wait anymore. Let's begin our journey. 2. Supplies: I'm going to show you the supplies that I took with me. You can use whatever you draw this. If his first time sketching on door, I recommend to start with materials that are compact and comfortable to work with. I have here pencils, liners, markers and off course schedules. Let's see closer. First of all, my favorite mechanical pencil, always sharp and always loyal. Then they have several Landers with different sizes. - Also a good option. A pencil signed pen you can. Where is the line with Is it to draw leaves, for example, until brush pen is a bit more advanced because it's require small hands control. But it's amazing you can experiment a lot with it, and I have two colored pencil just in case. 3. Exercise: Line: before we get started, I'm gonna show you a great form of exercise. So I only have to do is basically hatching. Start with short lines, try to make them straight. And the same is one Here. I'm showing you the way you don't. This little hooks at the beginning end and the end, I should not appear Practice until they're gone. Next, a big little tip is to lean on your little finger till the sketchbooks use it as a stand for your hand to know. Tang, trust me, your lines will become more clean and tidy at once here and showing you the wrong way again . So after you contrive to draw some random shapes will be allies. Also, try different directions from bottom to top. And the other way you can get the real benefit from this exercise when you draw the long lines even across the whole sheet of paper 4. The basics: I'm gonna show you a few basic tricks to help you grow flowers. When I look at this, flowers from the top, the outside edge of it approximates a circle. We can find basic shapes in every object around us, and this helps really Martian understanding it. Let's first think, looking straight down at the power. If I can approximate the shape off the flour with the circle, I confined central feed by making cross lines through it. Here is the central, my flower, this diagram then help me to find and lengths off the panels by, of course, this is not a ruler. Every pedal is truly unique as everything in nature. Now, if I'm looking at the circle at an angle that makes and the lips, I can find the center of the leaves, their same weight. Now this center is helping me to see lengths. All the pedals. This streak works for every amount of battles. Let's say we are drawing five petal flower, so I draw the circle first. Then they can space out five dildos. Imagine the star and here's my five puzzle phone. I remember our first exercises stand to show its practical benefit the line itself. If the first thing that shapes our style, you can show the volume with only one line, for instance, I'm drawing with sin aligned the coasts toe the light part, all the pedal, and with this think a line. The opposite side wishes close to the shadow. Somewhere the lion can disappear, a toll. You can play with it, but the lines should be logical. After all, don't forget. When is the sunshine and where are the dark parts You can help yourself by join an arrow showing the light as an example. To show the difference, I will draw another flower with one line thickness. Here we don't feel much William. This also can be, but it's more decreed, and they try both ways and find out. What do you like the most? 5. Sketches with liner: spring into life. Everything that's we have learnt. Take your favorite material and go for inspiration hunting. Find the best far in your place and look at it carefully. Observe from each angle how it the statement looks like what's at the direction of the pedals. Otherwise on narrow. My wildflower has an interesting Harry statement, So I've decided to show this texture with curly hatching. Good to remember that there is no absolute symmetry in the nature in professions have its own charm space between pedals near the statement should be darker. To show the William I'm also adding some strokes here and there for more natural Look at the beginning. You may feel like nothing is gonna work, but don't rush it. Be patient and loving to yourself. Eric great artist was once at the beginning point. The main thing is to relax and breathe deeply. The fresh air drawing nature is very relaxing indeed, you are now forming your style. Think of it like a grated ranger self discovery that opens only by regular practice 6. Sketches with pencil: try different supplies. For instance, I have this both mechanical pencil that I don't usually use, but it's always good to give a chance to the old things. I like the variety of line boldness that they can get with the Spencer, so I can easily portray the volume dro quick sketches. Try to case the basic form, line, direction and the mood. You can also try more abstract way to express your vision with only one line simply to no till a pencil from a sheet of paper or with bold strokes shaping Sylhet, there are many ways to express yourself. Still doesn't mean I'm drawing only with liners or what to call it. Your personal style is like handwriting. Take pencil or take marker your right and will be Britain. Might. The same people will recognize it. There is no specific instructions for it. He just look and repeat, rip it and listen to yourself and then repeat in your way. And art supplies are just tools for developing your style. They helped to find what you love. I encourage you to experiment 7. The lotus - sketch: after what I've been up sketching. I wanted to have a look around the park. Can you imagine my happiness? When I found this beauty I was so inspired at once? This is the best part. Off outdoor sketching in action You will never know what you'll find. First of all, I want to make a composition in my sketch. So I draw. I hardly seen marks with a pencil. Big circle is for main character the Lotus. This is how I will know the size of it on my paper. Then in the middle Hydro statement and go for those petals. There are no strict rules. Just draw how you see how you feel. I'm sorry you can't see my sketch. Well, this is because I use my pencil so light almost without pressure. But you will see every detail in the next part when it comes to the liners. So I meet you there 8. The lotus - outline : for this cage. I want to work with lines and color. So for outlines, I'm taking my 0.1 liner for the central pedals. I'm simply drawing or my pencil sketch. This is the most relaxing bars for me. - But then I felt like I want the lines to look more intense in natural. That's why I'm taken the intel brush pin. It gives opportunity toe wary, the line boldness so the object will look more luminous but also quest at total control or the hand. What line should be thicker in shed of bars? Or where I want to make some emphasis? For instance, the area near the middle of the flower petals, bottom side areas where petals owner you way for Lotus not to be Longley. And to combine composition on Edin leaves on the background. Some leaves are open and looking straight to the Bure, some of them like cops and looking to the sky. They are different sizes. Be careful. Was lying expression the objects that the closer to us should help more contrast, and the further objects are more light and less detailed. This is fundamental principle off perspective. That's why I've took my 0.1 liner again for the background leaves you , - uh , I'm adding some more details, and we are ready to go next. 9. The lotus - markers: before the final part, I'm removing any pencil marks. I find Marcus are perfect for quick outdoor sketching, but you can use any other supplies color pencils, watercolors or just liners and pencils, if you like. On the black and white artworks, my lotus is white with light being bush, and I'm ending terrified. Copy toe some parts off battles, starting with shadow parts. Yeah, no. Now I see that it will be easier to work with flour on the contrast the ground. So I'm starting to draw water on some parts. I'm leaving white areas as reflections. The water looks almost black. That's why actors and dark brown coptics have two sides with different tips. 1st 1 is more experience. A brush good for fine details and other tip is flat, solid, good for big surfaces. - Boom . Next ghost leaves. Migrant is called pistachio, and it's not so vibrant as I would like it to be. But on the other side, it makes a nice contrast to the water. The secret is, even if you don't have much colors, no one stops you using any other color you like. Even if it will be red leaves, you are the artist, and you always can say This is how I see it. Limited color palette can also be an opportunity to discover your new size in art expression. - As you can see, I'm coloring, not toe the very edge off the outline. This is because I like to draw my sketches in quick, a bit chaotic style. It gives also, fashion looked through the artworks, adding shadows behind the largest under the battles and on the leaves. This dark bars are helping us to separate foreground and background. Now I'm coming back to the lotus with a bit brighter tea, orange color, this way of drawing called gradually working one by one, moving from one object toe. Other. I'm gradually see the whole picture, and if something goes wrong, I can quickly notice that and correct it until it's not too late. Imagine if I draw completely only Lotus first and then leaves. And then I realized that the contrast is not enough because I've made far too dark from the beginning, start from general parts and moved to particular you. I'm finished with the largest, and now I can add deal of details to this team, - even if you see on the one car, it would be great to add something for more picturesque. For instance, I'm adding some pale blue toe my shadows on the green leaves and through the shadows on the pedals, and even if it seems not a big difference are I can catch the whole spectrum off the pallet , and we perceive the picture more interesting here I have mended. It will felt me to smooth the edges of the colors. And if I want to make the color lighter, I put the tip off the blender through the deep off the market and the blender kind of sauce , the color the vendor can get store a teapot. Eventually, it works on paper without stains. All right, look at our beautiful flower. I'm so happy with the result, and I also feel so relaxed drawing outdoors. 10. Final thoughts: so, guys, this is it. We made an amazing job. Thanks so much for taking this class. I hope I convince you. Sketching out door is amazing. If you have any questions, please let you know if you had this class a review, it would be perfect. And make sure you, Chris, follow bottom on top to be notified about my future classes. Thanks again for washing. See you in the future years. 11. Your project: nice for your project. Don't be afraid. Don't be shy. Just go out and do some sketches in your style. If you like this, Vaz, please leave a review. It's really important. And don't forget to rest for a button on top to be notified about my future glasses. Thanks again for washing and see you in the Fisher classes.