Origami for Beginners: Practical Desk Organizer | Jennifer & Shijo Jose | Skillshare

Origami for Beginners: Practical Desk Organizer

Jennifer & Shijo Jose, Origami Teachers

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4 Videos (20m)
    • Introduction

    • Triangular Box

    • Pen Stand

    • Paper Bin


About This Class

Hey everyone! We are Jennifer and Shijo from Nimble Fingers and we are here to present you Origami for Beginners. Lot's of times we have people asking us practical uses for Origami so in today's class we will dive into exactly that: Practical Desk Organizers using Origami.

This class is for everyone from beginners to advanced level and together we will dive and learn three basic desk organizers: Pen Holder, Paper Bin and Triangular Boxes. All these are super easy to make and quick to do, not to mention very easy on the pocket. Within a matter of few dollars, you can end up de-cluttering your desk and add something pretty alognside. Hit enroll and let's begin :)





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Jennifer & Shijo Jose

Origami Teachers

We are a duo that is united by our common love for papercrafts and origami. We have been taking origami classes for all age groups since several years but this is our first time teaching online.

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