Origami Paper Craft : 5 minute crafts | Sai K | Skillshare

Origami Paper Craft : 5 minute crafts

Sai K, Instructor on Skillshare.

Origami Paper Craft : 5 minute crafts

Sai K, Instructor on Skillshare.

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5 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Introduction and Supplies

    • 2. Moving Fish

    • 3. 3D Butterfly

    • 4. Bird

    • 5. Standing Cat

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About This Class

About This Class

Paper craft is one of the most interesting hobbies and can be enjoyed at all ages.

These timeless projects encourage crafters young and old to think outside the box and pick up inexpensive, easy hobbies.

All you need for the class is some paper and 10 minutes free time to create these beautiful DIYs.

By the end of this class you will be able to make your own creative versions!!

See you in the class!

Meet Your Teacher

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Sai K

Instructor on Skillshare.


Hello my name is Sai and I have worked in MNC's for above 5 years.

My work was totally in the field of Excel and data by this I have imporved my Excel skills and also by referring to multiple online sites i have come up with this course today.

My main goal is to teach you in a simple language which is easy to grasp.

So let's begin our Journey..!

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1. Introduction and Supplies: paper is one of the most interesting hobbies on Give Me Enjoyed a on ages as it is. One thing this time this project and greet grabbed us young and old, to think outside the box and become inexpensive. Easy hobbies. Whether they are cut, folding faces are printed. People crafter Easy to here. Some ideas guaranteed to inspire. In this class, I'll be showing for interesting projects. All you need are some basic crops. A place, any color are origami paper, scissors. New markers on you are good to go. By the end of this class, you'll be able to make your old washings happy grafting with me. 2. Moving Fish: Let's make a moving fish for this. You need a scrape piece of paper. 10 by 10 centimeters. Fully diamond. I sure Then for each corner to meet the center for repeat for the other side. Fully back to the center. Yeah, it's your flight. Now you're going to me Quarter 14 inch carts, all the B starting about an inch from the end. Make sure you cut up to the middle for so keep cutting till you get an inch of it from the other edge. Open the paper. Let's close Thies to adjust to form the body of the fish. So on one side of paper on for the other side. Now the body is trending on its flexible assume. Now let's make mount. Using this grab inch, cut a piece off paper. I should redo and then glory on. Then stick under. Look section of the fish. You can see bodies ready. Let's make things okay. I'm using the square piece of paper making hardship, saying you can make a me shee off your choice for maybe square or heart shaped Our So now I'm making under the hard chairs on Patrick in half speech to make things. Let's make ice but square wrong pieces on live I'm using marker. But eyeballs, our appreciates ready seem so easy. 3. 3D Butterfly: To make this cute butterflies, you need a four size paper on a piece of ribbon or third. So let's begin for one corner off the sheet into opposite edge to create our time. Then cut off the excess sheet. Now you should end with the perfect script, then for your paper into half on May 2. Equal cuts take one piece unfolded in half Len threes. Open it up on four. Linda. Just all the four corner should be folded inside like this. Come, I showed you no point. Open one site on four office and a piece of paper, then four in the exact manner again. Half century until the paper answer. You should have somebody around three fours more the force, the more the things will be sure. Thank you for the other piece. Let's me but the butterfly. So take other things of people way have to make your partner in zig zag hman Corn it up. No, you can see full properly folded for little pieces like this on joint border sheets. Then diet with the liberal or trend unsecured. This part of life used in a lot of ways you can decorate with on your wall. Are you the moment on top of the order? Roomy box. I love to hear war, I guess you have for these long but people, but like he's done. 4. Bird: making bird crafts is among our favorite calf circuits, which can be made in various colors. You only two circles off six centimeter in diameter, then a small circle for face, 2.5 centimeter in diameter on for tail. You need to identify centimeter off paper. Andi, I have this ice and beak already cut out so you can highlight them with markers. All these two circles unfolded unevenly, leaving one centimeter, then make water into cards to form wings. Carty don't in the center line. Separate these two sheets. No. Take one sheet and start calling the cuts off paper using scissors. Now you can see bodies ready. Almost. Let's call for other sides off the wing. No, take small circle on Let's stick eyes on beak on board the sites off the face. Stick this on to one side of the body. Now let's me tail using rectangle sheet, full it into half on. Make small cuts, touching the center line, then fold the sheet alternatively on. Then call it up. And finally, let's stick it on the bird to complete its shape. That's it. Your body is ready. The colorful birds also look standing on this plane on shelf or table 5. Standing Cat: the skewed Kat Graf standups on sold This can be fun preschool cop You need do 20 by 20 centimeters. Kraft Paper on market points off your own choice. So let's see how to meet steak, one sheet of paper and then, for like in do half the former triangle, then joining other side unfold. Border ages to me. Stop. No look going one centimeter inside. Hold up their bites. I sure What's up? This is for yourself. Unusual. These half sentimental is left in the interest. So for live inside, then for one senator down, inserted inside the head of the pack. Now this makes hand on the back. Let's do highlights using marker pens. Let's make up yours eyes, nose. So let's have some fun sketching. You can use Kenny Mark opens or you can use any graph paper for ice. Now take another. She poured into house, take 1/2 of the paper and then forded again. No, you concede to four State Take bus for London four again or live in the hearts again. The scene close. The deal has to be Bridget, the other side on top four from thought. What's don't I think? Under the Ford begin bust huh? Then four again. No for your corners. Done the paper? I sure No for you. The paper are games from back Now flip it over. And then four. Look, they really do her then. But the and just should mean descend. Thank the left or departure week. So four living works London losses She now this bomb legs body of the cat, then four side. Just half a image in sight and flip it over Port They got Folan 40 on game the other. So you must see force in the fund. Unforced In the back. I'm more the fours under. No, you have to insert it inside. I Sure so that it's get a grip. Too stunned. No boy. A small injured inside before the legs for it. Like this. Now you can see it in sign right? Then place a gag Are super cute. Cat is ready