Orgasm...How To Get Her To The Big O!!!

Casey Keller, Never to old to learn something new

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9 Videos (20m)
    • How To Get Her To The Big O!!!

    • Your Orgasm Is Guaranteed

    • Positions Are Everything

    • Climbing Mount Everest

    • Laying It All Out On The Table

    • Ride'em Cowgirl

    • We Can Spoon If We Fork Later

    • Her Erogenous What

    • Teach Her The Alphabet


About This Class

This class is about helping guys to get there woman to that big O oooorgasm with tips and tricks and positions and my own personal tip of what has helped me give any woman that earth shattering mind blowing bed breaking orgasm. 





Casey Keller

Never to old to learn something new

Hello there, 

        I am an easy going, laid back down to earth, kind of guy who loves to read and to always learn something new or to broaden my mental horizons and when I heard of skillshare from my cousin Stephanie Sharma, I knew I had to check it out. I am glad that I did. I have already done two classes and am eager to do more. 

I am a disabled veteran, single father to a wonderful, smart, intelligent beautiful 10 year old girl. This learning platform is exactly what I am looking for to broaden my mental horizons of business, business development, and photograpghy.