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Organize your thoughts using mind maps

Georgia Chioni, Writer/Screenwriter/Director/Producer

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6 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Organize your thoughts using mind maps - Introduction

    • 2. On writing and thought organisation 2nd

    • 3. The concept of mind map and how to start it

    • 4. Mind Map Example Essay on Litterature 4th

    • 5. Example mind map speech fn

    • 6. Final tips


About This Class

Writing a story, an essay, preparing a slide presentation or a speech is not an easy thing. It requires concentration as well as a clear and consistent line of thought. It our effort to complete our task we might get stuck, stressed, nernous, disappointed. It can happen to anyone, as one of the main problems is how to organize our thoughts, how to start, how to structure and continue our writing work. To this end, we need to organize our thoughts. Organization of thoughts will make things much easier for us and will facilitate our writing, leading to a fasteer decision taking process and thus, why not, to a better life organization. 

In this context, drawing mind maps may prove to be the right tool with regards to thought organisation. It's a very useful technique that can help us store all the information we have in mind, better comprehend our subject and render, thus, intellectual transparency easier. To this end, the course will:

 -Give a brief introduction and share tips and advice on writing and thought organisation

-Introduce the concept of a what a mind map is and how to start creating it

-Give examples of mind map formulation and in particular a)drawing a mind map while preparing an essay and b) drawing a mindmap while preparing a speech

-Give further tips and advice of how to "store" ideas. 





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Georgia Chioni


Hello, I'm Georgia.

 I was born in Thessaloniki (Greece). I started writing at an early age, in fact I started writing my first novel at the age of eight. It was about a haunted mansion. Years later, I  graduated from Law School and lived in various European countries, having obtained two master degrees and one PhD.

I have also followed a screenplay writing- and film direction school.

Legal Background:

-Degree from Law School in Greece (Thessaloniki)


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