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Organize your life | TIME MANAGEMENT: ULTIMATE GUIDE to PRODUCTIVITY(Fully Animated)

teacher avatar Super Sapien Skills, Fully animated learning experience

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (20m)

    • 2. VALUE OF TIME

    • 3. DELEGATE



    • 6. LEARN TO SAY NO




    • 10. CARPE DIEM

    • 11. MAXIMIZE


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About This Class

There’s so much to do and I am falling short of time.

We all want to get more done.

Are you the one trying to squeeze every minute of the day, trying to accomplish everything, or are you that lazy person, who just wants to work smart.

This always comes down to managing time better and being more productive, improving your efficiency.

In this course on Time management and Productivity, we will talk about

  • the origin of resistance so that you can pinpoint the exact root of the issue
  • understand human psychology and perspectives: saying NO, perfectionism, procrastination
  • proven techniques and strategies to manage your time most effectively and boost productivity
  • major time saviors
  • the most common mistakes people make
  • understand the role of your environment
  • time management tools and products
  • maximizing your day

So, let's dig deep and get time on your side.

Class Project: Your class project is about Goal setting in conjunction with time management.

Note: No prior knowledge required for this course.

Meet Your Teacher

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Super Sapien Skills

Fully animated learning experience


Super Sapien brings to you an experience - fully animated learning. 

Here, we celebrate motion. We believe in taking risks and breaking rules, to give you a truly satisfying experience.

The best experiences we have had in life are most vivid. They touch many nuances in life. We learn based on the experiences we have had and that's exactly how we humans are tailored. 

We wish to make education like that - a vivid experience.

You will have an amazing experience through our colorful high-quality animations, which will help you learn, and if not learn, they will definitely orient you towards your goal. And that's exactly what we wish to do.  Take you one step closer. 


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1. INTRODUCTION: It's great to have you before we begin with the course. We want to share our approach towards the cost and tell you what you can expect out of it. Instead of giving you a list of Do's endurance, we will go through every point and understand the reasoning in psychology behind it once you know why. So it's a little more easier to remember and a little more motivating to follow. In this course, we will talk about the original resistance so that you can pinpoint the exact route of the issue. We will give you a variety of proven techniques to manage your time more efficiently. We will talk about the most common mistakes people make perspectives. You must have major time saviors, time management tools and products and also understand the rule of your environment. So let's dig deep and get time on your side. See you in the course 2. VALUE OF TIME: to manage time better, We first need to know how we spend our time. On an average, you spend about 92 days in the, But that's enough time to walk up the butch 24 700 times 40% of their lives in front of this cream, which includes failures of stuffing on the Internet and watching TV. Do you know you can come Mount Everest 18 times in 30 years? We spent 3.5 years eating. You could take 30. A trance is the Equateur at 50 kilometers Bora. You spend five years waiting off which six months I spent in front of the red light on two years of driving, in which you could drive to the morning back and go to the moon again. Time is incredibly short, and you do not have much of a choice. You need to sleep, eat work, travel. Most people feel money is the most important resource, but they have misunderstood. It's dying you can on more money, but once time is gone, it's gone forever. We may feel that we have a sense of time, but in reality we do not have any sensory organ to notice the passage of time 3. DELEGATE: we all the 24 hours a day, not more, not less. Yet some achieve more, and some get less for me to contribute to this inequality as how people manage their time, the most productive of the Lord know how to use that time efficient. You can make the best use of this resource by using advice Lee for the things that are important media personal attention and mean a lot to you. First, make a list of all. What is your personal attention on what can be delegated when you give a task to someone else. You're free to attend to other, more crucial things, and you confined this space in time to play baseball with their Children and see them grow . It's good to offload. Sometimes we're hesitant to delicate as we feel. Teaching them will take a lot of time. Oncogene teaching takes time, but it's only a one time process. In the long run, it saves time. You should know what to dedicate delicate, repetitive tasks and do the not so often once yourself. Now the person may not be able to do it as good as you, and you may have the old to do it yourself, but you can always make corrections and additions. Remember this. If you want to achieve a lot, you cannot practically do everything yourself. Time is by night. 4. IT'S OKAY NOT TO BE PERFECT: What is it like to be a perfectionist? When we look at something, we want to do it better. We keep seeking for more and more groups in our minds. It's supposed to be flawless. To achieve that, we're going to give attention to every detail, making only such to be as robust as possible. We are on this continues dreadful to get everything right. We want to give our best shot. We want everything to be. If that's what's happening to you, my friend, you're obsessed by perfectionism. We often feel being a perfectionist is awesome. It's a great trade to have. It's deeply connected to a pride, and that's why we have a date towards it. But if you zoom in a little, you can see a lot of missed deadlines, incomplete projects and also a lot of unrealistic expectations. That is because you get stuck on working on the minute details, which are often meaningless and unnoticeable. You want to meet those almost impossible and java on necessary standards that you set yourself and in that process you must on something larger as the whole thing. This perfectionism makes you hesitant to delegate and gives you a reason to procrastinate. Perfectionism is a perfect mask for a master procrastinate. Oh, it's amusing to vacate it everything you do, but it's equally important to finish to wind up and move on, bringing on two things to make them better and better looking for faults, which are often minuscule and age 11. In the end, it's just a waste of time. They do not let you move forward. Do not let it sees the Fortunati. Loss of time is loss of opportunity. Have you learned about the Chrisley bad inside mint during Lee? It Some was. Simon's come to their birth place to meet when the grizzly bears are waiting near the rocks to catch them as they jump up to get to the next level. They need to fish for salmon during that part of the season so that they have enough energy to hibernate. If the grizzly bear decides to perfect its catching skills before he really goes fishing, he might miss the fishing season. And missing the fishing season means starving to death. It's very important to be out there at the right time. It's important to meet your deadlines. Time is a fortunately, if you missed that in the time you're fortunate is gone for that 5. ORIGIN OF RESISTANCE: There's a list of things you want to do, and you never end up doing them their activities, which are actually good for you. But you just say no, you stop it at your own self and you do it again and again. But when is all of this resistance coming from the lizard brain? We all have our lizard brains, like literally. It's the most primitive part of our brain, the amygdala, which is a part of the limbic system. As we evolved, a brain got all the other layers and top and became water does. Today, this lizard brain just wants to hit, survive and reproduce. It is there to respond to any threats to our survival, respond immediately and automatically in a split of a second. And that's how bn species have survived for thousands of years. Today we don't have to face such threats. But when we have to do something new, something out the fact comfort zone, it just naps. As the presentation deal product launch comes closer, fear and insecurity of the lizard friend takes over, and we all voices at the back of my head asking us to watch out, slow down step back poor compromise. So we keep postponing things being too self critical and finding excuses. Perfectionism on procrastination. This existence is coming from here on. This lizard brain is not going away. So we need to know it's a lizard brain that is speaking, learned to keep it quiet and keep moving on. 6. LEARN TO SAY NO: This is the time management technique we do not. He was enough. We're so quick, It saying yes. Agreeing to things beat helping our colleagues accepting the dinner invitation, attending the after parties more taking more work than we can human later. And then we wonder why we do not have any time left but ourselves. Your kid wants you to read him a book your colleague needs help at work Your project deadlines around the corner. You need to do your daily cores and you badly need some sleep. And that's when you overcome it. And then you're in a so you can finish your own work. Or you can't keep up with the promises you made. Are you miss undefeated of less that you truly needed. And to top it, you end up feeling frustrated, dialed on grumpy. You need to understand time is limited. As difficult as it may sound, you have to stop saying yes when you want to say new, you can't see us to every invitation, request and demand. Have you ever stopped to think when you say no to one thing, you are actually saying yes to something else? It means saying yes to some, mostly yester more time for your loved ones and yester more time for yourself. It's about saying yes to things that actually matter next time when someone asks you for something or before you overcoming your own self, take a moment to think with this with my schedule and, more importantly, does this matter to me? 7. DISTRACTION: they say you should put your phone aside while you're working. Watch only one episode at the time and not pinch on. Do not self on Facebook were very long put all distractions aside, but what exactly is a distraction? It is something which diverts your attention, breaks your focus, doesn't let you concentrate. It is the list that you blame on. If you look carefully, it is not your phone Facebook on Netflix, which is playing the devil. It's the action that you're taking, which is doing you no good. You choose to pick up that call. You choose to open Facebook on the notification belt. You choose to give in to the Netflix or to play these things that supplies, which you very well know about. We responded them is why it's distracting you. You always have a choice to focus on your hook or give in to that temptation, and when you want to connect on our fund on lengthy so called distractions on actually there by your side 8. TIME SAVIORS: the reason you're attending this course as you want to achieve more in life. My setting goals here says it is easier and more effective to manage your time. If you have things on your plate, you know what all you have to do. You a white wasting time, wondering what you want to do next. Make a list of all the goals you want to you. Me as specific as you can secretary them into long term ones on short term ones. Decider timeline and make sure your goals a realistic, achievable and challenging land well. Divide your task into small chunks and work one step at a time to it's the bigger picture you need to decide what is most important. Priority dies properly. Some things that origen someone, something's that important. Some, My Lord, based on your past in these baskets, do the urgent and important things first and make sure you're not very occupied by the things that our origins are not very important. You might miss undoing the important not origin pasts. To meet deadlines, you have to time your tasks to help you plan better. Leo attached a worksheet in the project section. Do have a look at it 9. ROLE OF ENVIRONMENT: going to the countryside. Walking in the woods on spending an evening at the beach is a refreshing. You feel so rested ingenuity. That's what a good environment does feel. What if you're really life could be so comporting. What if you could manage your environment better? The environment we live in, we walk in the society. We belong to cultures and traditions. All of these factors have a major influence in our life. I understand time management hasn't been so comforting, but with good surroundings with a good atmosphere around you, you can work better and do things more efficiently. After all, time management is actually like management in this part of the cause, we were welcomed building a better environment for you. Square foot does not matter. The design does keep your workspace clean. You can have a minimalistic of torch specifically on your desk. Keep only what you need the most in the vegetables on a your desk space. Put the things in your drawer. Sort your emails on a day to day paces and keep your documents nicely labeled and placed them and drop off holders. If you keep things back in, please, you won't have to raise time fishing for them. Basically declutter and organized. Get rid of all the extra stuff. It doesn't matter if you have a lot of rooms based opportunity, you can always optimize it. It doesn't have to be expensive using nice and lively cutters and a good spacing will light up your work space, eh? Ventilation Fresh and Mattos. You should have a good Athlone your workspace. If you have cross ventilation, it is even better. We often overlook this point, but it is very essential are tell you why. If there's good as circulation, it maintains the oxygen levels of your room. When the oxygen levels are low, you feel tired and you're much more less. Oxygen also causes headaches. When you have good effluent, you can work better and also for longer sunlight. Having a very literal makes your environment more life. A natural light is the best loss of like to her in other environment. This is the one thing that matters more than all of these combined. If your mind is rush, if you have slept well, meditated at fresh and healthy food, exercise all of these factors influencing productive ITI and effectiveness look after yourself. The time you spent on yourself is time invested and not being wasted. After all, your body is the home where you have to live forever. 10. CARPE DIEM: We're living at a time where eight place trophies at a thing and feeling good about ourselves, matters way feel like we're entitled to the good stuff, and that's how life will turn out to be. But when life on food things are not always so beautiful and like is not always better, this gap between expectations and reality causes us to feel depressed, angry, frustrated and we often get into the blame game. All of these emotions occupy ahead and take up our time. That's when you need to get back and work your ass off, baby miss Selecting trees in traditional Winter quarters It literally means make the most if it by you. It's about living in the present moment. Not ready with fast. We'll be dreaming about the future. It's about living your dream. It is about the fortunate. You have your precious prize list. Talking about your genes is just a waste as well. This be said, wait to get started is to quit talking and begin to. You have to get yourself into action. It's good to fantasize too much of it spend the time working towards taking things, execution models doing stuff. Stop debating stop. Time is free. But you found But you can You can't keep it with You can spend it. And once you've lost it, you can never have a 11. MAXIMIZE: there are certain things that we have to do, but we can still try to get more out of that. Multi tasking is the best way to maximize on what you have in hand. It is argued that when you do too many things simultaneously, it reduces your focus. Mattera certain areas Multitasking can be a boon. You can always listen to a podcast while you're traveling to work. Netflix and food seem to be a great combination and this is the best time to check your instagram feed way. Hope you've enjoyed this expedience and felt your time was well invested. We realize that as time passes, the things we discussed will start to fade away. We have a solution for that Instagram. We will be posting a lot of additional stuff out there and also reminders and notes to keep your memory stretch on, keep you on track. So follow us right away. If you like the course do follow a scent scale share so that you get a notification on Do not miss any other course 12. BONUS: TOOLS AND APPS: Here's a list of tools that you can use to manage your time. Better online time when you want to work by the clock. This tour is the perfect one. Set found on time or and focus on what you want and do not do anything else until your time is up. You can use this on your desktop or download the mobile app rescue. If you do not realize where and how your time is passing, mishap comes to the rescue. It tracks the time you spend on your applications and websites and gives you a picture of your spleen time during the day forest. If you spend too much time on your phone and get carried to be easily, forest is the up for you. Plant a tree when you want to focus. Treatment grew in the time you've said on every dive Really is the at. Before that time. It's best if you need some visual stimulation. My life organized an amazing tool to manage your tasks, and Trudeau's you can arrange it asks in a plane list. All organized them into a tree. Another amazing platform you can add, as Manila says you want. And under each less. Do you have a card where you write down your task and you can move the gods around from one list to another? You can object lists, due dates and also shared it without the general members. Best part. It's free.