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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is Asana

    • 3. Start a Team

    • 4. Start a Project

    • 5. Tasks and Subtasks

    • 6. Delegate

    • 7. Templates

    • 8. Organize Your Goals

    • 9. Organize Your Content

    • 10. Organize your Clients

    • 11. Organize Your Daily Tasks

    • 12. Integrate Automations

    • 13. Organize your week

    • 14. Recap

    • 15. Conclusion

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About This Class

In this class you'll learn how to create a personalized system to organize every aspect of an online business using Asana. I'll teach how to create teams, projects, and templates, and different ways to use those so you can organize and plan any project you have for your business.

This class is aimed at bloggers and online service providers, but the different methods can be applied to many different types of businesses, you'd just have to adjust for a few things that might be different.

By the end of this class, students will have a streamlined system that will make managing an online business not only easier, but also more efficient.

You will need

  • A project to organize.
  • An Asana account—the free account has all you need for this!
  • A computer with internet connection. Desktop/laptop preferred, since I'll be walking you through the process on a computer as well. Asana is available for mobile as well, but with the mobile layout, the instructions won't look the same.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sara Obando

Helping you start your online business


Hello there, this is Sara, and I am a designer for wedding professionals, helping them with their brand, website, and overall presence. But I also guide and educate creatives and service providers navigating the virtual world so they can launch and grow their business online.

When I started my business, I had no idea what I was getting myself into! I had creative skills, I wanted to offer my services, and I thought that was all I needed. But there were A LOT of things I had to learn to actually run a successful business, from social media for businesses, to email marketing, time management while working from home, business and money mindsets, and much more. That was then.

Now I love systems, and organization, and finding ways to make things ru... See full profile

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1. Introduction: hello and will go into this culture course. Organize your business with Asana. My name is Sarah Obando, and I am a weapon Brown, designer for wedding professionals, launching and running in on my business told me a lot of things through trial and error that I did not learn in school and that I was not prepared for when I started my own business. That's why I decided to help other almond service providers master skills that will help them run their business more efficient. Let me help you make the same mistakes I did in this class. You'll learn how to create a personalized system to organize every aspect of on only business. Using asana, I'll teach you how to create teens projects and templates and different ways to use them so you can organize and plan any of your business projects. This class is saying that bloggers and online service providers, but the bigger methods can be applied to many different industries. You might need to have just a few things here and there that might be different, but the systems I teach you should work overall anywhere. What you need is first a project to organize you contract to tackle your whole business at once. What? I recommend the focus of one specific aspect. For example, if you're an educator, you can decide to create a lesson plan for the rest of the year. Our whatever industry you're in, you can do a project on social media content for your business. Maybe you are struggling with streamlining your client work, so you can start with that eventually. You want to have every aspect of your business, organized an assignment, but it's best to start with one thing at a time and then adding up. You will also gonna sign account. Don't worry. The free Burchenal Vasana is enough for what we need. And the next video. We'll cover the steps on how to create your own account. Lastly, you need a computer with Internet connection At this stuff or left of computer is preferred since I was hearing my screen with you throughout most of the scores, and the layout you will see is the one for bigger devices. A summary is available on mobile. A swell with instructions. I'll be showing you might not follow the same layout as I teach you step by state step, make sure to follow along with your own project. The goal of this course is that you will have learned how to create your own streamline system so that you'll be ready to go and apply it to all the aspects of your business that need organization. I would love to see a screeching up your project once you're finished organizing it. And I also specter in the Commons telling me which of the Method cell teach you is your favorite one. So are you ready to start? All right, so you in the next video. 2. What is Asana : All right. So me are going to die a ride into the program. This is Osama. Like the test here in the front page. It is a work management platform, which is what we're looking for. Asana has a free and a paid option, but everything will teach You can be done with free option. Now, I have been using the sun up for over two years now it helps that I am a big fan of lists, which is why this works so well for me as an is basically the mother of all lists. But this lists allow for more customization, which is what we will learn about in this course, the longer of spending asana more ways I found to use it to organize more aspects of my business. So let's hope my experience can help you implement this amazing lists in your life as well . You don't have an account it go ahead and click on. Try for Frieder's disposal. Never here could try this other one. How did this one? Uh, it's gonna ask for your email actress, so just type it in and requested, and then you're going to receive an email like this one and schools that you're almost there. Thank you for sending up for a summer. I click the button below, so click on it and it will very fire your email address and create your account. And from then it will walk you through. I already have my own account because I'm not proceeding all the way through it. But I just wanted to show you this. So for our next step, you will already have your account. 3. Start a Team: this is the account. Yours looks a bit different because minus full of information that I've gathered over the years. But you should see something rather similar except without called information. Um, it may look a bit overwhelming, but I'm gonna walk you to each step so that you don't have to worry about this. And we will start with creating a team, even if it's only you working on this. We need a team to start a projects, and you will see that teams can be an essential part of the organization structure. So find the A team option is tear the cyber, and it's without the information. All right, team name. Come. I imagine this is where you start your own project. Remember, I encourage you to start organizing when I spoke of your business. So I will be doing this myself so that you can follow the steps for your own project. But so feel it out. How it's going to apply for you, for me. I'm going to be organizing. And you aspect of my business, it's called Grow together. Um, and we're not description everything. Three long, two little girls together program and then members I'm going toe myself and creating. So now we are in the grow together, teen take or in your case, you are in your own team speech. 4. Start a Project: here in our team page, we can start creating a project and will do so by clicking on the big new project button. It will give you several options, but don't feel intimidated. We're just gonna go for a blank project and that's it. So here I'll type the name off your own project. I will. Working on the mastermind. Ah, we're going to use a list. It's gonna be public to go to the other team. That just means that different. There's anyone else on teams. They will have access to this. But in our case, it's only else right now. The party. Right. So it should be probably any me created project. And now we are inside our mastermind project. So as you can see here, the teams, we could go together, and that's where we can find mastermind on their go together. You can see I have all the projects and other teams. If you want to be able to access this quicker click on this star Lor here and it says up to favorites and it's gonna add, it appears, and that's you shouldn't eat what I never gave them, and then you can just click on it and drag it whatever you want. So let's say I'm going to be working right now a lot on the mastermind project, so I will set it on the very first again, just like click on it and drag it to where you want now. Us. Quickly. Season of the overview This is the default overview with the lists. Right now. There's nothing in it because we have not created a list yet. But as you can see there some lines and we can start adding tasks there as soon as we already start, there is also a calendar. Once we have some tasks in there with that lines, you will be able to see here when something is do so, that will be pretty useful to know, and with that covered what we need to know about our project. 5. Tasks and Subtasks : Let's start filling it out our project I'll first create Ah headline a section and I'm gonna call it video calls. Now I'm gonna click enter to get a task. You can also just click on it But see CRT is together and then you get past spot Well, like nice things Enter que Renee's and to true coffee chance and turn call six tasks. All right, so here in life training, I'm gonna rate decreased sub tasks for this still tasks inside of tasks. So I'll click here on this little sub tasks I come, I'm just gonna paste a list that I have and it's automatically going to make tasks out of it, like it just has to be any word. Were you right to something since three symptoms sense for something says when you copy and paste that it's gonna become honest. So this Saad topics 40 upcoming like trainings that I'm going to be doing with my master mind. And now we're going to go inside of this. So it's a task inside a task inside a task. And I'm going to paste some more tasks there. No, right. So now if I wanted to I could create sub tasks for these. But at this point, we're all right. No, that's going to assign this to know Find used to me a swell assigned this to me as well. Life training. Some have a due date because there always is happening. But this specific one still have due dates. So this what happens? What will happen to this day was gonna have been long. Did you stay? And now I have those tasks ready. I like to set that lines because that way, when I come home, it's gonna show me when things are do tells you the tasks do soon that where you can keep track of it. You can also set email notifications. I don't use a multiplication. So because I always up asana opened so I don't need them. All right now let's move here to Q and A The Cure name Medias in line. Most of mine happened every week. So literally a lot of preparation. I just need to get there. So he's gonna create one task. It's gonna be called weekly Q and A and the next one and you assigned to me. But here, where I chose that date I'm actually going to set it to repeat, so I can you there live it here in periodically seven days after completion or actually going to be a bit more specific and go toe weekly until it to use Do it every Thursday. It's basically the same. But if you have something that comes up multiple times a week, for example, Tuesdays and Thursdays thin, you could use this other option that would make it different than the poverty Copan. Now that's some. When you go inside, you'll see that he has this little icon over two calendar that says that this is a past that repeats, so I don't have to ride that again and again every week. It's just automatically gonna put it in my to do list in my tasks that that needs to happen every week. This I guess you could say we're finished covering the basic for dusk, so let's just check this little thing to show that we've done it 6. Delegate : Let's talk a bit now about the legation. If you have someone helping you in your business, you can add them to your team. For example, you can see it. I thought it more tasks now, and I have assigned them all to me. But now I have some back and tasks and graphics, but something that I usually handoff to my assistant to do. So I gonna be taught her to the team here, and teams go together to invite people and their do. Just type the email address of the person that's part of your team. If they have on Osama account than they'll just be notified that they've been added to the project and the project will now appear on their menu. If they don't have an ascending account, they will receive an email similar to the one that you received when you requested and Osama account that's gonna walked him through creating their account and was the interviewer count. They'll have access to the project. So here I'm just very quickly going to what My team member, she already has access to my asana because she's in most other projects that I have. So is it already appears there right away. I don't have to wait for her to accept. No, I just assign it to her. And she has the same last thing I do because that's my sister. A very convenient to have us your assistant. 7. Templates : let's create some templates. Now, if there's attack, they will be repetitive. But you need to change it up a bit. Each time you can copy and paste it again and again. It will save you so much time. This will be useful because starting with the next lesson will go over specific organization methods. And for those methods, you will just the one that applies. But still you and you will want to create templates based on that. So first thing that we need to do is determine where you will create a template here. We're gonna go back to my life trainings and my Oakton for beginners. And remember, I have done this list of things that I need to do every time I have a life training. So I could just come in on boarding clients and type it up again. All right, I can just use this and that's that some more here in this area, this the description area. So see, let's say I want to do this. Could more information distributed second sources and then I can list there any links that I'm using and then all their nodes. See, those are things that that I make go through every time I create a life training that I'm preparing for it. So let's just say that information is there, homey, that's assigned this to. So now we have this ready to be a template and for data will go to this little menu. It says more actions and like a duplicate task. So here you get to check what things you want. I want him to the task description. I want toe include this because that's me. Some tasks and the attachments. There's none, but might as well. Um, I would replicate everything except for the due date was due dates to change. Everything is in the training. So well, does that create the new task? I'm gonna go back to life trainings, and it created a replicated open for beginners. So now, instead of having this on wording clients someone that's empty, I'm just going to copy that name and then his backspace and deleted. That's gonna be my next one. And then I can come in and change things, changed the soldiers that I wanna use and set the deadlines that I wanted Useful disorder, life training. And I can do that again and again. I can come and duplicated again for the week after. And I usually actually have four or five trainings at a time because I like to plan ahead. I bought him on the head world you're talking about, so I can use very easily replicate templates. Go in and change the information, and it works great. 8. Organize Your Goals : We are getting started now with different methods to organize your business. First, let's look over some methods that help you shape your goals. Organized by quarters, months and weeks. I like to set most of my business goals by quarter so that I could get things flexible. Zits. My business changes a lot of where a matter of weeks, As you see here. I just the quarters that are left in the year right now at the moment of recording. And if we go inside, I divided them by months. I added on the notes, the goals that I want to achieve the world this months. If we enter July, you can find the steps to reach those goals organized by weeks. So, for example, we see what schools here were creating you often for the shooting for new products. In this culture cores. I want to go to July. You can see that there's two goals for the update and 1 44 a shooting. When we won, then we two has one for each and then sit around. You can continue dividing the tasks that are gonna help you achieve those goals every month . My personal is kept the week and month now and just plan on the predict by quarter and then assigned dates throughout the time frame that I know it will be on any works well for me. But it didn't start with this other more detail arrangement at first because it helped me organize my mind to think that way. Now, even when dropping weeks and months, I can picture the whole project in my mind in this same way that it's laid out here, which is why can't escape it so you can try out and see which one works where your best next. Let's talk about organizing your goals by milestones. A typical goal is income. So here I said, some milestones between 550 council. The idea is that every once in a while I check my finances, and when I get a milestone, I come and check it off. Numbers oriented people love this, since we feel motivated as we go up. The numbers also works for sales client subscribers anything else that you can quantify, which is a really good weight set goals. But another example that does not include numbers. Is this one over here deciding business mindset books to reach. I have a goal to read more business design and mindset related books this year. So I created a list of with books I could wreak. And when someone suggests a new book, I can come in here and just add it to the bottom. I feel great satisfaction when I finished one of those books and come and get the chicken off. And I also know right away what other book I can start with. But maybe your goal is not just a list of folks. It's actually to create a habit of reading. Well, then let's look into the next one organizing your goals by routines. Here is a list of things that I need to do on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. In order to reach Michaels, for example, I had a this post on instagram stories. This happens every day from morning from. This happens every day from Monday through Friday. You can see it's weakening five days. Meditate afterwards. That one happens every day, make signed business minds and books. That one. It's set for tomorrow because I have it such every Friday it's gonna remind me, have you read this week have you read this week and send newsletters is said absolutely in the 15th off every month. That reminded some 10 years later. This way the shootings keep popping up in my to do list what they are supposed to happen. And that helps me reach the goals that I set for myself in my business. So, as you see, the system can't even feed them each other. You can use all three on what everything was work for your best. Good luck. 9. Organize Your Content: if you have any type of all my presence. Content is probably an important part of your plan, whether it's video, social media, newsletters, challenges. But post all this waste to connect with other people require content, and the best content is the one that is planned out and organized. You can use Senate to collect information delegate tasks and said that lines were this content. Here are some examples on how you can use it as you can see here in challenges. I have a monthly challenge in my mastermind and the one for June. I picked it out out here first. I started by adding some ideas, and then I started giving shape. And then when he was ready, I could just copy and paste it in Dislike group where he belongs. For example, for blood posts, you can write a topic, said the deadline. I have my assistant doing them. I should we provide her with information here? Here, I'm telling you, like transcribe this and then we're gonna use it and look for a nice image. And then usually she replies to this with the images that she found, and here I asked her for a combat template that we can use carpenters. So she probably will reply to this with the new temple that I'm asking her for, because that way we can have a little organizing, one staying place. You can also just, like dump information like Oh, yeah, I had this country isn't this and there's all the way till the end of the year, But I don't want to forget that I have to scum thing that I can repurpose for this block post. So I added it here so that when the date comes closer, we remember that we have the buckles that we can ride. You can really use this for brain store, being saving links and other sources chatting with the other team members, and it's a great place to organize any type of content that you need. 10. Organize your Clients: if you offer services, organizing your client work is essential. I created any project for distance. Land work can be quite a bit and needs its own space. This is my client overview structure. It's an easy way to see where you are, Adam with each of your clients. Whether your services are project based, charge hourly. Our monthly retainers. This structure can apply to any handle. You can see how I divide the tasks by project based hourly entertainer. Then I had a three stages to the mall on boarding work and wrap up. Each one also has its own template. This do this now when you have on your client, determine where he goes and don't get a template to start the project organization in this example, the project based templates has designed on Lee. That's because of you offer multiple packages. You may want to have a template for each package. For example, design Onley, hus all the steps that are required for design process. In my case, there can also be a template for website on Lee or website and design. You can create as many templates as packages that you sound so that you can easily just replicate them and put the information in of your new client. I didn't include that lines in most of these because they are obviously mark projects. But make sure they're going creating any product for client you at Dawson. That lines are what make you remember what you ought to be working on, so they're very important. Let's look at the client's claim being air still the on boarding section. We can see that easily through the general overview, but if you want specific details, you can go inside each task and see that tie in B just have their consultation call in. The next step is to write an overview for the project. Well, Kind A already accepted the proposal and signed the contract, and now you ought to send the invoice. Guy Andy is in the middle of provisions down here. Clients, see was an hourly project and they already accepted. You work now just waiting for the final payment, and client is your retainer client that you've had for months. They have to test that you repeat each week plugging updates and backups for the website and the two hours of retainer work included in the package, which will expire by Saturday. So in this case, I used your petition to make your debt. The weekly tasks get repeated again. Again. This client overview structure not only helps you know where everyone is at it also helped to balance your time among clients. Ah, lot of on boarding at the same time, you should probably slow down and make sure you schedule them with enough time in between. So you don't have crazy weeks ahead or are several clients dropping up? Start looking for new clients, so next month is not short of cash. Now, if you have a very big client, you may want to give it its own project structure, so create its own product for it and use this to organize just their project. This is specifically handy if you have a team or we will be communicating with your client be Osama. That is a good way to make sure you're both on the same page. And it's actually pretty common to invite your client to better specific project. So make sure to check out the different ways, and she's what works best for you. 11. Organize Your Daily Tasks: I have a small section in its own project called Daily Tasks. Here are small things that come up every day, have to pick up something for work and want to make sure you don't forget. Write it here and said that that link for tomorrow so you don't forget another way of using this daily test section is for routines if you don't want to, said routines as your goals, but do have a couple of routines that you want to implement at in here, like this instagram stories task that is set on repeat Monday through Friday so that I don't forget to every day go and post on my instagram stories. And now you know how to use this second for little random daily things at e mails you have to write or people to call last minute ideas you want to implement or questions you need to ask someone about what can do Right now. I use the section for some other things as well. Though asana can connect with other software and automatically create tasks based on actions happening somewhere else, watch the next video to learn more on this 12. Integrate Automations: like I mentioned in the previews video. Some tasks can automatic could be added to a project. Asana is compatible with sappier, which is a software that connects one system with another system. Now I won't get into too much detail because that would be its own course. But if you use stop here or any other alternation, self borders on handy tasks that can be added here automatically. For example, I have my work email connected to asana so that if I mark a new email as important cooking of the start on Gmail, it will add it to my pain task list with a due date for 24 hours later with a name form adult replied two, followed by the name in the mainly You can Seems, all these examples replied to Vanessa replied, To scale share is a role emails that another My Gmail. I might the little star and they're added automatically to my to do list. Another automation I use are any appointments made through my booking system and they're added here as call with fellow by the name of a person, or when a new lead comes in through my website, it creates a task to reach out to that new lead. I don't have any examples of it here right now, but it really would just be another test that is created automatically. They would say Call with this in this person And the deadline will be the day that we're having that coal according to the booking that they made So the Sultan Nations can be a little more advance. But it's really not that complicated once you're committed with the other systems. And if you are already using other systems in your business to a quick Google search to see if you can integrate them with asana automation czar very efficient and can save you a lot of times, especially in the long run, so try them out. 13. Organize your week: we are close to wrapping up. I hope this different organization methods I talk. You can be useful. But I wanted to share with you one last way. That asana has changed the way I organized myself by organizing my week. I am usually a pen and paper kind of girl, but trying to organize test That might not happen until Monse a hint is kind of hard. And yes, I know all of a bullet journaling, but it didnt work from my business on such a large time scale. So I use a bullet journal anyways, along with Asana everyone they, this organization, they and I opened my journal and in a spread, organized Mondays to Friday. Then I opened my asana and come here to my tasks. You'll find it here in your menu. What? I can see all the tasks that already passed. But I didn't finish up here. And the ones that are coming up this is we're setting that lance is important because otherwise those tasks won't be listed here. And if you don't assign yourself toe a task, it won't appear here either. So they have to be assigned to you and they have to have a date. So I started by writing down in my planner what goes where, If I say there's so much for Wednesday, but Tuesday's have been more free. I put some work tasks that were for Wednesday. Unlike Tuesday in the planner to make sure I've olives my work. I also can see ahead and see what I have to refer myself for next week on event coming up or a big client project I can plan accordingly. Many of these tasks are things that I found on months ago, and it will be hard to remember them if they wouldn't be listed here. But by taken some time every Monday to go through things, I remember farther more by making sure I am handwriting them into my weekly planet. I am being aware of their existence this week. There is no way I can overlook something if I not only read it would also wrote it down recently. Lastly, I live a section for notes in my weekly planner where I at project like the Astle random tasks do in the future, etcetera so that Monday's when a planning, I can go back to the week before in my planner and convert any knows from there into tasks inside off asana 14. Recap: and so this is asana, and is there some pretty effective methods to organize your business? Remember that adding deadlines and assigning projects is what makes a difference when you're looking toe asana. The first thing you'll see are all the times assigned to you for the day during this box called tasks do soon and for the projects that you work in the most, remember to mark the most favorite so you can easily access them. They will either be hearing your cyber up here and here on the home page. They will also be listed on front. Lastly, if you have any team members, once they finish a task that you assigned to them, you will receive notifications of it in the in box. That way you can make sure that everything is some track. Take your business, divide all the different tasks into aspects of it and German. What methods you can use to organize those aspects are these business schools. Are this treaties? Where will you need content? How are your client projects progressing? And don't forget about the small but important daily tasks 15. Conclusion: and we are gone. I know this probably was a lot of content for it Under an hour. I hope you don't have a headache. But believe me, when I tell you, this organization changed my business. Being able to have unorganized overview of everything you need to do keeps you mind peace and you help soupy efficient with your time. This methods were not invented by me. I wish. I just customize them to work with the way my brain works. So feel free to adjust things and see what works for you. I really hope you were able to follow along with your own project. What did you organize? What message says you use? I'd love to know. Please share with us. A screen ship of what you organize. And tell me what your paper method waas and then go and continue organizing the rest of your business. Thank you very much for watching and good luck