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Organize And Declutter Your Space To Achieve Your Goals!

teacher avatar Irina Abramova,

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Lesson

    • 4. Products I like

    • 5. Where to buy products

    • 6. Homework

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About This Class

In this class, I teach you how to organize and declutter your space to achieve any of your goals. A clear mind and space go hand in hand to help achieve your daily goals. I hope to inspire you to start as soon as possible. I hope you take these tips and tricks on your journey to achieving your goals.

Meet Your Teacher

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Irina Abramova


Hi, there my name is Irina Abramova, I am a wife, mom, educator,multi-passionate creative entrepreneur, multi-passionate creative coach, creative lifestyle blogger, professional organizer, floral, candy buffet, tablescape, and events designer. I run a unique gifts Etsy shop using my own designs. I am a Skillshare teacher online. Creative homemaking and lifestyle are what I really love and here I want to share my creative ideas with you in order to inspire you. I love everything and anything creative and unique. My interests are in DIY, crafts, designing, photography, graphic design, art, decorating, styling, planning events, cooking, baking and food styling.

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1. Introduction: Hi everyone, my name is Irene lifestyle. While they're in a podcast. In this class, I wanted to talk about how organizing your physical space can bring you peace of mind and help you achieve your goals. Because physical space couture, mental space per say, to give you that mental clarity and bring your goals together. The cluttering and the clutter can be in your way to achieve your goals. With this class, I want to show you some tips and tricks and give you ideas as to how you can achieve that peace of mind and stop having oldest stress from your physical environment. So if you're interested, click enroll and I'll see you soon. 2. Supplies: Hi everyone. So for this class you won't need any specific supplies aside from like a pen or pencil to want to take notes. The notes will be purely of style and your discussion board area with a project. And that's all you really need to. You can use it on your computer. You can use it by printing it out, whichever way you would like to use it. So it's out there. You don't need to go over anything specific aside that a set of paper and a pen or pencil would be great in case you want to add more notes or you can use the papers that you print. That is also fine. So thank you. We'll see you in next class. 3. Lesson: Hey guys, welcome back. So let's start with the lesson itself. So you can print it out from your document section where we have for projects included. And let's begin. So root close up clutter. It could be lack of time. Lockup routines haven't prioritized, lack of resources, lack of goals. So before you begin anything, you need to think about what the cause of your clutter is, right? This is important because if you don't know what's the cause, what do you like trying to fix and work on? So I gave you this five ideas because I want you to understand, well, what may be yours. It might be one of these things here. And a lot of mostly semi will be these things because these are the really important stuff that you would need to achieve any goal. So these are some of the things I needed to understand. Are you losing time on watch movies? You don't have a routine that you set up. You haven't made any priorities yet for this. You don't have the resources or you don't have the goal, right? You'd have a gold in order to do that thing or anything that you plan to do. The next thing is reasons why you want to be organized. So this is important. Why do you want to be organized? We figured out that caused great, that's important. Now you know, what, what's your real reason like? What are you trying to achieve? So do you want to be more productive? Again, they give you five examples. You can think, you can brainstorm based on these and you can come up with your own. Obviously, I want more time. I want to feel more calm. I wanna feel more accomplished and I want to be more focused, focus more. This is important. So if one of these things is that you want more time, you're going to think about. You could make your workspace efficient by organizing so that you're not Constable through the clutter and looking for stuff that you would need for work. So so that way you will achieve to have more time. I will have 24 hours obviously. But if we kinda make our day very organized and settle, and we'd have things right by what we need, when we need. Now we can just be very, very productive and much more efficient what we're doing, right? So if you want to do something to accomplish more and you want to feel accomplish, you also need to be organized and have routines and be settled, right? It all goes what its time? Organizing your time. What is organizing your day? What is organizing your all? It helps you achieve certain things throughout the day and feel accomplished. So you need to understand what's your real reason and what are you trying to achieve. The next thing you want to keep in mind is how you're going to keep yourself accountable and staying on top of your goal, right? So you can make charts, you can write the goals down, and you can have wool boards, right? So making tribes, you know, they'll be, you can draw it out, you can print it out. I will put some things for you in the document sentence so you can start and use them right away. I'm writing down goals, writing down consonants and your computer, paper or pen, and using all those resources to get, get your ideas on paper. I personally like using pencil and paper. Again, you can do whatever feels right to you. When it comes out to world war. You can have a board. What one side or the product can be your goals for organizing and physical space and others that can be the goals you want to achieve. On a personal level. Your goals could be anything, could be family goals, it can be worth goals. It can be educational goal, personal goals. It doesn't matter what your goals are, but something is keeping you back from achieving the goal. And most likely it's, it's ended organizing space that you need to take care, right? Was to organize the space. It's easier because this class is really like talking about organizing your speech to achieve your goals, right? Once you do that, but meanwhile goes hand in hand by looking into yourself and understanding where are you losing the time? Is it, is it because you'll watch into new movies to you don't have time to do what you need to do. So this is about clutter organization, right? And decluttering. So this gives you a lot of space and time to do your work. Even if it's not, let's say the physical spaces or disorganized, right? So you wanna do your dance classes and all the time, you go into the room, you feel very stressed out. So now that you're going to get things out of your way, you're going to actually do your density classes. You're not going to feel like now I'm not doing my density plots of the Google. The thing turned away and you slept four. So all this is just to give you that sense of accountability and being on top of your goal. Okay, next thing is, what's your style? You have to know your style. If you don't know your style, then you'll know how to reorganize your space. If you're perfections, right, you would need your speech to be organized and visually, visually appealing. If you're functions right, you want to routines to be efficient. Everything should be functional. If you draw a lot, obviously, you would want your pens and pencils to be right next to you here by your table. If you don't need certainties for drawing and you like once a week you do writing. You would need probably, you know, books somewhere behind. So they're not a new way we drove cuz you doing growing daily. So you have to figure that out. And other type of pursuit, cupula and person who's looking organized mess. They call it where they just certain areas of the care bowel surgeon and they don't care about. But again, you still need to have some kind of organization for your stuff so that you can actually get those done, right. If you were to stick, you need to have brushes. If you are a dancer, you need your stuff with the ansi. It doesn't matter what you're doing. The idea is that you have to know what's your style and what are you trying to achieve. And have this clutter is not helping you achieve those goals. And the other thing is that we're using the time I need you to look into yourself and assume we're using the time because you want to achieve a goal, you need the time. So is it talking on the phone, playing video games, surfing the internet, scrolling Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and watching TV. Those are a lot of time waster, okay? If you need to talk on the phone, that's fine. Just find a way to do it. Ten minutes instead of 25 minutes, right? Eventually you will see where using the time and you really need to have a 25-minute conversation, maybe my ticket, a ten-minute conversation out of your day with now you have this mindset that you want to achieve a certain goal. And clearing your mental space and your physical space is gonna really help you achieve that, right? So that's important for you. Playing video games are a waste of time if you can do it as a treat for yourself wants to achieve a goal, right? Surfing the internet could be good if you're doing something that is purposeful, suddenly that you need to get your work done. But it's not going to be good if you're just sitting there surfing into reading pizza and I have important or do things are not important. You want to still set it, set a certain time to do that. You need to do that. Don't be like sitting there for one hour doing that. Scrolling of Facebook and Twitter and Instagram is also problem if you're doing it for work and if you have a certain boy one, do it as a five minute break, fine. If you're constantly doing that, you constantly distracted from your work. And what are you trying to achieve. And watching TV again, except people into relax, it's important and nobody city should not have that in your life. When you need to do is understand that if you get too much, I'm not achieving anything, right? So this is like even organizing your time, right? And priorities and that achieving those goals, it's not so much only about the physical space, it's everything that's around that. The other thing is to keep in mind that you need to be accountable. And if you're not accountable, then you're not gonna be like doing pizza won't be motivated. If you want to have some kind of system where you go back and you account yourself forward and you internalize and you're aware of what's going on. So you can make good phone list instead of a to-do list. Because you know that if it's a get down lists, you will do it and make those lists for yourself. So you can always go back to them and look at them like a sudden cuz somethings for the document section. And this way you can start by doing the stuff on cooling some samples. Then if you're not happy with that, you can make your own. Doesn't matter if you found a way that's easier for you. That's great. You don't have to follow this way. This is just for me to give this a star thing. So get down lists, right? You can do a like today, I wanna get list for this week. Today. Tomorrow, let's make a list of those things and what you want to get down on those lists, and then go back to them. And then at the end of the week, whatever you decide for yourself what will work for you, and cross those off. Once you cross over, you're going to feel so happy, so accomplished that it's going to be like, wow, so motivational to doodle again. Okay, the next thing is celebrating your success. It's important to celebrate success because that's what's going to help you go to the next goal or continue to what you're doing. And how I like to learn myself personally is by doing something that is like an experience rather than them flying physical objects. Feel to experience. You will enjoy it. And you can let the memory that you can keep forever is not just something you do and then you forget. So find out what that is. Or you can give yourself a break. Giving yourself a break is also good because somebody would just need to take the day off, take an hour or whatever you decide you need anything is going to bring you that happiness. Motivation to do more tomorrow and later on in the day. So the sidewalks are what? Work or if it's a break, right? You have to choose for yourself. Tackled lists. So once you get all this add up the way well we've discussed so far, you want to tackle the space, the physical space that you want to organize at home or the office, where you feel is the most stressful that brings you an anxiety that you are not achieving anything. And once you are going to organize, you feel like okay, you're gonna, gonna work with that. And it's going to bring you more motivation to work in that space. So if it's your office, Great. Put that as your first if it's, if it's your room in a house that you do your creative activities, great. Put that down. So you have to have a first thing and then second thing. And once you have that, you're going to know where to start and what do you want from that area and how that area is important to achieve your goals, right? You're like doing a mental job and a physical job in order to achieve those voltage comes hand in hand. Top priority, ok, so now you have those first two areas, what they are. And I need you to think about what causes do they exactly those that stress and go on from there. So with discusses before, is it your home or your office through the side and then what what do you wanna do there? Why is it causing you to write that out for yourself so you know what you're going to be tackling again. Purpose of the space. Okay, so then after all that, sit down, make a picture of how you want to use the space. And once you have the picture in front of you, it's going to be so much easier for you to tackled organization part. Envision what you are going to be doing there. How you see things happening there. How you can set up the room that you feel most motivated. And think of all the activities, things, the way you will use it doesn't matter. You can draw with a pencil or pen on your computer if we feel that's better for you. Anyway, it doesn't really matter as long as it's motivates you and you know what you want from that space. And you will see that when you are organizing this space, you have something to look back and keep yourself accountable. And then when you're going to see it is going to be, wow, I actually achieve that. So that's really important. So where do you begin after you do all this? How should you start? What do you tackle first in that space? What's the beginning port? Part of everything. So first thing you want to do is remove all the trash. If you have trashed lying around such a mess and you wanna get started, please remove trash. Must tell what you're going to have so much easier time bomb through everything and see what you have. Now you want to keep all the things in your room and put them into the same type, right? Like with like. So if you have pens, you put depends together. If you have markers for the microbes together, we have pins, you put pins together, whatever it is, whatever type of table you don't the room. Find the things that go together. Once you have the lane in front of you, you will know what you have. What do you need, what you don't even need after? You will see that as well. It's not only gonna be like This is what I need that we think that you will not need intercept. You know what, I have what 300 pens here, edges one unit and want to get rid of half of it. That's also going to give you more space. And you're going to feel like you got to rectangle. You don't really need them. They just holding up unnecessary space. And then decide once you have all those things, decide where do you want to put them based on your style, right? And full functionality. If you, if you are an artist right, you will want to have with these close to you that you need daily extracting pens, pencils that you all the time and the risk and go little bit further behind the desk because you're not GUN neither your mind you that once a week, maybe once in a while, but it's not in your face and some other bother you works the so you'll have plenty of space to draw. So you're not like unmotivated to do that every day. And then once you have all that done, you'll make a list of things you will need to buy to organize. You don't just go out and just spend money. You might have a live things at home. Once you go through those steps, you'll see that you have actually container lying around that you don't you, that you can use for your pens and pencils. You're going to have a great idea of what you need to buy and make a list. So you're not just going buying urine, what you want. You're going to have a specific goal and what you need. The next thing is maintaining organizations. Organisation is like somebody you have the Gosta maintain. You can just do once and forget that. It's a constant thing, it's a daily thing. It's a very time it takes something. Yeah. You wanna pull back every time you start something, you finish it. If you have an idea, you want to go through that idea. It's important because when you have the closure to the specific goal you set for yourself, you're going to actually feel accomplished so you can make you die here. His daily routine charts. We could, we'd seen charts, Monte routine get Dong charts quarterly between charts and annual routine charts. So I'll also include an intersection. Give you some ideas of what you can do. If you don't like it, you conduct will make up your own type of chart that you feel you work better with. So this is important daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly and annual. These are so important that you can always go back, look at it and see if you're achieving them. Are you unable to add more? Take walk? So you're gonna get countable to yourself all the time. And the most important thing is, Why are you doing this? What's your motivation? What is your reason being on top of these to-do list, get Don lists, organization, what's your so what's the purpose? You know, I need to list five things and I think that's going to be helpful because those taught by things are gonna be the reason you do everything, right? So if your reason is you want to get done with school faster with a certain program you're taking, but it's taking your long because you're not organized. Okay, great. Now, this is what you're gonna do. If you like. You don't have that space to sit in a quiet season because all the spaces like a bunch of other things that you don't need. So once you get the space ready, then your mind will. What's the next step was like, why are you doing? You think about it. They might do what you ride them might not moving, you're right. You're gonna turn off the whole idea. Then you're going to achieve that goal. And you might have realized that you are doing a wonderful goal in the first place because none have unimportant. So having that physical space and mental clarity, it will equal to whatever you want to get too. So that's important. So remember that the physical space will contribute to achieving a lot of things. Of course, mental space as well, not only the physical space. So I hope that you learned something and you will take this along on your journey. And that you will understand sometimes that physical space is contributing to you're not achieving those goals. Your mental status also not helping you. If you're not on the right track and you don't have the right train of thought. So hopefully you're going to be motivated. He will start tackling area your house. That's important. You're going to find the reason why you're doing it and how you can start with that and take it to the next level. So thank you so much for being with me here today. If there's anything you want to know you want discuss further, please do go to discussion center, post questions and swipe others. I'm here to help if there's anything I can help with all definitely to that. Please don't hesitate and thank you. See you next class. 4. Products I like: My failure products from the container store that you might be interested in TBI or just get ideas for yourself. So if you go to Container, you will see a page with sharp departments, right? You can look at sale custom clauses, design sense and projects and inspiration. So a lot of things that you can go through and do some research and the Quran and browse and go through this whole site. They have also places of people who share in the community ideas that they did with this stuff. And they show you pick for u ideas. So it's a nice, friendly website full of ideas and information. So let's, let me show some of the products now that I like. So like the home Edit, divide a freezer, Ben is the cost of 1799. So look at it. It's pretty cool. You can organize your stuff by different things or colored depends where you doing. Pretty cool item right hand side. It also has, You may like this also option and it gives you other options for their product here on the bottom. Also recommended products as well. Related products on the bottom. And again, those people that use the products, how they organized inspiration. So that's one of my favorites for of fridge and freezer organizing. Now the one here is I designed minuss divided lazy Susan's muscle 79, ten to 2499. Again, it's a really nice thing to organize your products with so many ways to use it. And he is going to go through, again some things. They have different price ranges. See you can have other types of products you can use that is related to lazy Susan's. Accumulate a lot ideas and products as well. And again, inspiration. Okay, so let me show you another thing for organizing stackable craft organizer draws. So these are really cool for teeny stuff in your craft room. As you can see. It's nice piece here and 1799 each. Again, it all depends on your budget, what you're looking for, but you can look through and get ideas here and stack them. Semi their ideas for related products. So these are perfect for crafts, just like this one that lazy Susan can also be used, but this is perfect for that. Stacking storage bins. This is perfect for toys or kids room, whatever it side. But I'm I mean, again, you can use it for many other stuff. But this is pretty cool. Okay, It's stackable. Took $20. Again, when we see what they're shown as related products. Hey, they don't have any inspiration, I guess nobody posted yet. Okay, let's see another product that I like and that can be useful for you guys, though. Locks acrylic modular makeup system. So it goes from 70022910. I personally use this and I find that we can meet because you see what the makeup you haven't a little stuffed are hanging around the true convenient. So they give you different styles. Prices, can look through them, get ideas, and use all the shipping ideas and pick up ideas. So it's pretty cool. Let's see what else we have. This is what they are showing related here. And inspiration as well. Okay, so that's that perfect for makeup. A can again use them for other things if you like. But they're perfect for makeup. And then Cases are premium stackable shirt and sweater bins, excellent thing to use for those items. And they come from 780 to 8994. This is what you might also like that they give you suggestions. So here's different prices and what it means and what you're getting for your money. Recommended products, related products might be useful as well. And obviously this one picture so far for inspiration. So these are some of the products that I like that I use. And maybe you can look at BAM, go through and see where you can find. Thank you so much for staying. Bye-bye. 6. Homework : Homework, I want you to post the area in your house that you are going to tackle first or in your office, doesn't matter. That's causing the most stress, that's causing the Watson inside and you feel stopping you from achieving your goals posted so that you can all see it. We can comment, we can learn from all this off from each other. And you can put some coins for things we'll pick up from that area. And what are you trying to achieve obviously that every comfort, some points as well. Not only a picture, whatever you feel that would help us and help you and around you definitely do post. Thank you so much and I'll see you in the next class. 7. Goodbye Message: Hi everyone. Thank you so much for enrolling in the class. I hope you learned a lot and you will take his ideas along with you and your journey is to share this fast your friends and family. We don't hesitate to ask questions, discuss things. This will help us help your fellow students and who can make everyone's journey much easier. Thank you so much. See you next class.