Organic Marketing: A Guide to Defining Your Certain Way

Sandi Maki

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21 Videos (2h 22m)
    • Introduction to Organic Marketing

    • Why we created the class

    • Start With Why at the Beginning of Organic Marketing

    • Bonus: Thoughts on Starting with Why

    • Study Guides: The Books Our Certain Way and Organic Marketing

    • Introduction to the Organic Marketing Tic-Tac-Toe Concept

    • YOU {Center Square}

    • Target Audience {Top Right}

    • TLC {Lower Left}

    • Energy Signature {Middle Left}

    • Social Networks {Top Middle}

    • Connections {Top Left}

    • The Stuff {Middle Right}

    • Alliances {Lower Middle}

    • All Roads Lead Home {Online Home, Lower Right}

    • Organic Marketing Tic-Tac-Toe Exploration

    • Deliverable from this Class: Your Marketing Tic-Tac-Toe Board

    • Personalities Discussion

    • Bonus Material: Online Home and your Team

    • Continue Editing your Board Moving Forward!

    • Engage with us! Join the Facebook Organic Marketing Club


About This Class

We invite you to join us on a journey that could dramatically change your business, not just five years from now but beginning today. We have created this course “Organic Marketing: A Guide to defining Your Certain Way” to help business owners understand their stories, and come from a place of authenticity when sharing those stories with the world.

It’s the marketing process that we used to build Legendary Escapes into a successful, high-end boutique pool building company. And we’ve seen it help other business owners turn their dreams in realities, no matter what the field.

The beauty of Organic Marketing is that anyone can learn it and there is no marketing degree required.


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I took the advice and brought the book accompanying the videos - and spent the day reading the corresponding chapters as I move though the thinking process of my 'Why'. It resonates with me, and I've been moving towards this marketing model so it is refreshing to put it all together. To confirm and become more clear on who I'm aiming to serve while also being authentic excites me and show's me I'm on the right track. I appreciate your effort in making the process available - says a lot on who you are as a business and team. Would I recommend this class? Yes! You've nothing to loose and everything to gain as you process your 'Why'
Tania Hassounia

Illustrator | Drawer Full of Giants





Sandi Maki is the co-owner and marketing juggernaut of Legendary Escapes as well as a marketing consultant for business owners and the co-creator of the Ask The Pool Guy online persona. A published author, accomplished photographer and frequent podcaster, Sandi regularly consults with business owners on how to build and grow an organic marketing presence. With a strong presence on most social channels, Sandi has learned first-hand how to harness the power of digital marketing to leverage exposure and build a brand. She holds a BA in Psychology with a Business and Marketing emphasis. Sandi is the mother of two adorable (almost all grown-up) kids, and is always willing to listen, learn, share and grow. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and her work speaks for itself.

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