Optimizing your Website with A/B and Customer Behavior Testing | Brittany Whitlock | Skillshare

Optimizing your Website with A/B and Customer Behavior Testing

Brittany Whitlock, Owner of Big Mood Digital

Optimizing your Website with A/B and Customer Behavior Testing

Brittany Whitlock, Owner of Big Mood Digital

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    • 1. Optimizing your Website with A/B and Customer Behavior Testing

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About This Class

If you are looking for ways to optimize your website by learning more about your customers. A/B testing and general website testing is the way togo. In this class I explain all the elements of the most popular and efficient ways to test features and content on your website to better understand customer behavior.

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Brittany Whitlock

Owner of Big Mood Digital


Hello, I'm Brittany, my passion is the art of digital marketing and Ecommerce. From English dinnerware to German housewares, superheroes and wizards with Warner Brothers to marinas and storage; I’ve ran over 10 websites digital marketing efforts over the past 12 years. No matter the industry, B2B, B2C or non-profit  marketing is marketing and you can take inspiration and ideas from anywhere!

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1. Optimizing your Website with A/B and Customer Behavior Testing: Hi, guys. Welcome to another episode of conquering Digital. Today we're gonna be talking about a B testing A B. Testing is so important because you know that your website is your flagship location online and so you need to optimize. You always need to be optimizing. We talked about how to optimize Google ads. If you haven't seen that video, go check it out on my channel. But you need to be testing to understand your customer behavior to continue to create the optimal experience for your users. So we're gonna be talking about today. I'm gonna go through some different providers. What could you be testing? What should you be looking for in a platformer provider for a B testing anybody can do it doesn't matter. For B two c b to be non profit personal blawg, you should be learning more about your audience, and the more you can cater and personalized to your audience, the more people are gonna be excited to be on your website and the more you're going to see that conversion goal go through for you. So let's jump right in. We're talking about a B testing and not just a B testing by definition, but maybe testing website testing platforms and what the other features they do have. I think it's important to know that there are more tests than just a B tests, but 80 tests will test a control version. What's already on your website? First, a different version of something so it could be text colors, button colors, but in text images formed Field order. But I want you to know that you can always be testing other things outside of these platforms. You should be testing other things, including, you know, subject lines and the soul to understand customer behavior. How the interaction your website, how they interact with your marketing materials so that you can optimize them next time around or, you know when you're trying to make your next optimization decision. So overall, what can be tested across the board? Like I said, subject lines, body text, landing pages of the pages you're taking people to from your social media, your ads, whatever may be add headlines ad copy at images I mentioned call to actions that shot never spot by now would be an example. People might buy more products when you say, by or shop. It all depends on your customer base. That's what you know. Testing is learning about how our customers interact and take action form fields, so phone before email field vice versa. Does that yield more results? What is the success? So you have to determine your success. Your ultimate sister act Success isn't someone buying something, is it someone filling out a form, but also maybe some other secondary things, like a click to call time on the page. Number of page views add to cart filling out a form click through rate. You should really looking at all of these things. But, you know, do we want them to spend a lot of time on the page or a little bit again learning about our customers to optimize so important? All right, so I want to jump into the basic features that you're gonna find on a B testing platforms, and I'm gonna mention a few of them and show some examples throughout. Ah, lot of these programs have these things. Um, so you just kind of the shop and see what's really best for you and your your needs. So everybody thought you were straight up baby testing that I'm gonna be talking about. And that's what we just went over. We're gonna be going over heat maps, scroll maps, page observations, screen recordings and funnels. So maybe test again, an original versus variant. Here we see a blue button verse, a purple, and and I do want to point out that typically, maybe test we're testing one element on at page. We don't want to be tested a bunch of different elements because there's too many signals then for the customer and not only to me signals for the customer. You don't know what's working and what's not. So who many crazy tests going on at once? We really want Teoh control and understand the outcome. Uh, and so here. Well, blue, but and will people had more things to the cart? Or will purple well at? And this shows purple. The variant one, um, leading 18% more of the time. People had to leave the car when the buttons purple. This example is from crazy egg dot com do screenshot, But again, everybody has that a B test functionality that is really the basic of basic functionality. Heat maps, A lot of providers have. This is, well, this examples from hot jar dot com Heat map show Where do people tend to gravitate on your website? What are they clicking? We can see that this red area means wow. This is really concentrated area, which typically means that's where people's eyes going to first. Do you want people you know really concentrated on this area or your brother? Have a concert on another area? So again you can adjust your design and layout of the page, possibly tax called actions colors based on Hayes's, where we want them to click. Or, you know, do I really want them to click on that pink button in the upper right? But I don't see a concentration there so again, just giving you that data to make an optimist. See optimization decision and educated one based on your customer pagers, scroll maps. I love school maps on, and not everybody has this. For some reason, I think it's silly because it's awesome s So this is a crazy exit example on, and what it does is okay, people load your page and everybody sees the top of the page right, so scrolling down what percentage of the people that visited the site made it to the middle of the page. Um, you know, below the fold. So you here below the folder above the fold. That means what you have like once you start to scroll, that is below the fold. If you never scolded the pages loaded, that's about the fold. Whether it's on mobile or best up, then you should be paying attention to that. How much shows up on mobile, How much upon desktop And so you can also control these tests by mobile and desktop and things like that. Ah, but the scroll map is awesome again, like how far the making it down the page Do that. Get down the page so you can start to see you know how you show Organize your information screen recordings. This is interesting. I mean, I could watch these all day long on DSO. This is just where's people's mouse going? What are they clicking on? Where they pausing over what? When do they have idle times? Do they have a frustration point wearing a clicking, clicking or their topping? Your scrolling and mass is going aware that thrashing mouse eso you start to see those behaviors and again, like, you know, you're getting traffic to the site. But there's something there that you know, what are they getting stuck over? And you see them hovering over the space, being indecisive, maybe clicking back your to the top. Ah, logo to go back to your home page or just confused, she gonna start to see how people tend to behave. Uh, and I want to talk about page observations. You're too, because this is kind of the same thing. You start to observe how pages are performing and how people are interacting with them, and I think that's really important. The funnel eso I do use this a lot, and it's just understanding, like her conversion rate from page to page. So they landed on this page that you want them to and slamming page, and they interacted with the page in the way you wanted to. And then they finally submitted something or they finally checked out. Just understand that conversion rate from page to page. You know, not everybody that put something in the car is going to check out. We know that on, and so you can see how customers interact on your website and particularly, and give you some opportunity to test more in between those pages. This is example from video video. I'm I really like how VW does this because, um, now, this may not be for everybody. Just depends on your your l structure, but BW allows you to do a contains a regular expression in a You are also contains the word . Thank you. Um and then if the rest of the euro's unique, it doesn't matter. Ah, lot of the systems that I found very specific U R L to give them for a success page and sometimes that is unique. Something to consider a zehr looking through the systems. So some advanced features there, they're all over the place. But here's the central lines that I think generally help everybody. It just depends if you need it where you are on your website testing journey. But let's go over them. Gonna go over personalization form analysis, user segmentation and surveys Personalization. This is this is the one that little heart if I ng 80 tasty Has it also VW? Oh has it. And this is basically saying like okay, based on this, your or where they come from or these behaviors I'm going. Teoh personalize this experience for them. You'd say you'd have certain audiences and save them. You can rope in third party data, so whether it's like Google analytics or something else on less getting some information, but you're taking it taking his personalized approach. But maybe they came from a Google Adam because they hear from a Google out. We're going to show them this. I'm running test test this and this could be an image or you're changing the headline text , whatever it may be on the page, something like that. But being a little bit more personalized to that optimization and testing, um, example form analysis. Now, this not may not be for everybody more for, like, a lead gen people, but I really do like the way video B W O does this and I'm having a hard time finding other people who do it the same way. Um, so if you don't, Leo takes us up further and you know you can see here. For example, work, email, phone number, flow name. What is your average monthly track? This is just questions that they're asking for their service, but it could just be. Do you see How long did it take them to fill out their email? Do they hesitate when filling out their phone number? And I don't want to give them this. So, uh, I'm gonna take a long time, or I'm gonna start to fill it out, and I'm gonna delete it, and VW will tell you that stuff. And then maybe your decision is Teoh not require the phone number, so let them into the you know, let's enter the name. Maybe that's enough. If they wanted to. This one of her. Great. Let's give him a call. But we don't want toe back to hold them up in submitting the form. So really like the way video does that some other services also dio you know. Okay. Ah, they clicked here and they saw this form. So 25% clip here, 25% clicked here, but, you know, 10% clicked the cement, so shows they're not getting all the way through the form. But I really like this type of analysis. Um performs surveys. Couple different services do this too. I don't know how I feel about surveys because I just like to get people through what I want them to get through. I don't really wanna interrupt them with a question that no unnecessary and taking up the time. But if you want to, if you got to a certain point and they filled out the form or something, they had interaction, and you want to give them a survey. So it's kind of like a pop up survey asking a question. Ah, couple services. Do you have this? This is a VW Oh, example. User segmentation. This is fun. So kind of goes a little bit. I took Sean like the recordings on with the recordings a lot of times in a couple different services and you could just get recording services. You don't have to use an 80 testing program for this, the one I like right now. And it's It's pretty inexpensive. It's smart. Look on. This is an example from them. Theis, this navigation you see here on the right hand side, but you can segment your traffic, so look at recordings by date, domain duration. If you put any notes on something prior number page visits, total pages is the visited Your L does it contain, Like I said, a word like Thank you or success? Or is it a location or whatever? Maybe something a unique identify for your website in your euro? Are they from a different city? A certain city country I P address date technology are the using mobile desktop Tattle it. They're just a bunch of things you could said Many things don't just understand how people like on certain devices are using things have people in certain markets and areas the country are using things date range. We had a special sale or event going on. You can see how they interacted with your site differently on those days, so user segmentation is really a great way to start to understand your audience. Ah, lot of a B testing platforms have this with the recording feature, Um, and you can buy. You can purchase recording features on their own buying during a little snippet of code. So all of these testing services you just basically enter a little snippet of code in the head of your website, and I start tracking things for you and really get going right away. So who's in the game video. I talked about five use, um, personally Great service. Ah, little bit more On the pricey side 80 tasty is a good one too. Seem to have a lot of different features. Hajar is more of a straight A B testing non ton of advanced features, but it will definitely get you started. Crazy eggs is a popular one. You've probably heard of that. They have a couple different things to they have a thing called confetti, which I didn't show. I just kind of shows where people click based on those referral the source that they came from. So all these are great options, but you really have to determine what works for you. That's what I'm looking at right now. What works for us and how can we, you know, get all these things together that we want Teoh, you know, plan in our digital road map, Teoh, optimize and learn more about our customers. So if you have any questions Oh, as always, please let me know in the comments