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Optimize your website based on best practices and online psychology

teacher avatar Ruben De Boer, CRO consultant, speaker, teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

16 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Course goals and structure

    • 2. Introduction to the case

    • 3. Clarity

    • 4. Relevancy

    • 5. Friction

    • 6. Distraction

    • 7. Motivation and psychology

    • 8. Reciprocity

    • 9. Commitment & consistency

    • 10. Social proof

    • 11. Authority

    • 12. Liking

    • 13. Scarcity

    • 14. Landing page and product page best practices

    • 15. Checkout best practices

    • 16. Thank you

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About This Class

Do you want to get more leads, sales, and clients from your website? There is a big chance that you are missing out on these and that your website can be optimized. This course will help you do just that.

My name is Ruben, and I will be your instructor during this course. I have been in the business of optimizing websites for over 10 years, and today I am a conversion optimization manager/consultant.

In this course, we'll analyze a website together and come up with improvements in order to raise the chance to land a lead, sale, or client. We´ll have a look at best practices as well as the basics of online psychology. The course is set up in a very practical manner, so you can apply what you learned into practice straight away and improve the success of your website.

Key learnings include:

  • Optimization of your website based on best practices

  • Optimization of your website based on online psychology

The course is designed for everyone who wants to increase the success of their website. Therefore, no prior knowledge is needed.

Ready to start optimizing your website? Then wait no longer and get started straight away!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ruben De Boer

CRO consultant, speaker, teacher



Ever since helping out a company in 2009 teach clients to become more happy and confident with improved social skills, I have been fascinated with the questions: “If we can change people’s behavior offline, how can we do this online?”

Fortunately I wasn’t the only one. I have read many books and followed many courses since. Now as CRO consultant at the award winning agency Online Dialogue I have the pleasure to work with amazing people on great websites every day.

From my passion for CRO, I want to help others to improve their optimization skills while trying to make this world a better place. With understandable, affordable and practical courses, a book and by helping out charity organizations for free, I want to make CRO av... See full profile

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1. Course goals and structure: welcome to the course. In this course, you will learn how to get more leads, clients and seals for your websites. The course will give you practical tips and examples based on best practices and online psychology. My name is Ruben and I will be your instructor in this chorus. I am in the business off optimizing websites for over 10 years and today I'm a conversion optimization manager and consulting's. In this course we will conduct an expert review. This means that we will analyze the website based on best practices and psychology. For this, we will use the expert review matrix. So in this course we will cover five things Charity, relevancy, friction, destruction and motivation and especially with motivation, will taken extensive. Look at all I'm psychology as well. If you feel out all your findings during this course and expert re few matrix, it should look something like this by the end off the course. So we have the pages off your websites and right here and here we have clarity, relevancy, friction, destruction and motivation. This matrix is a great way to see what you can improve on which page according to these five principles If you place your expert review matrix in the project section off this course, I will be happy to have to look at it and give you feedback. So I hope you will enjoy the course and find it very useful. If you have any questions during this course or after death, please feel free to contact me. I'll be very happy to help you out. 2. Introduction to the case: In this course, we will have a look at a real websites. Together we will analyze the websites of Book a Bus That's you, the Book of bus websites, its elite generation websites. After filling out the necessary information on the website, the organization of book a bus will help you to find the right coach or minivan for your group travel, and you can save money with that. Let's have a brief look at their websites. We find ourselves on the book of bus dot you home pH. And what you might straightaway notice is the big header over here, Coach Higher and bus rentals across Europe. There's a payoff and a form which has a lot of focus, and it seems very clear with the clear and big call to Action Button, which gets you a free price boat now before we feel it. The forum. Let's see what else the home page contains. That's some welcome and introduction text over here. And here are some examples off defense for which you can use book a bus, and these are actually links below. That is actually the value proposition. We find the best deals, safety and quality and personal supports. Here you find some customer reviews, which looks pretty good. It's good social proof and below. That's there. Some examples of buses you can book for Book of Us David have some success stories and a food or over here with a very nice every score for customer reviews. Now let's go up and feel out to form and see what happens. So I will go from my hometown off Amsterdam in the Netherlands, and I'll go to Barcelona. There we go in Spain. Very nice city. How the parts? Well, let's say thirst. Age 17. Been in the morning and let's return on the 20th. Let's do that late at night so we can have dinner in Barcelona and I'll do that with 32 friends. Let's click. Continue and see what happens. We are now on the request. A quote bitch. We see the trip over here from Amsterdam to Barcelona and a form over here. It says indication for your trip. For this itinerary, you will need to request a custom quote and you can fill out this form What, you also see us? How does it work? Step one. We compared the quotes from bus companies. Step two within one business day, you've got a custom quotes with the best price and Step three book is the online and enjoy your trip. Now here we also see our itinerary. We can change it. You see more customer reviews and all the way at the bottom. There are some frequently asked questions and, of course, the food er. Now when we fill out this form, so first name, last name, email, phone number, and if we have any specific requests, we can click to request a quote page. It will take you to thank you. Page and a team of book of us will do their jobs and find you the best deal for your trip. So that's it. The Book of Bus Websites has two important pages. The home page and request a quote page. And of course, the goal is to get as many high quality leads as possible. And they get that by clicking on this. Orange doesn the request because button so it's a small websites and therefore perfect for this course because I can easily show you the theories and practical examples which you can apply for your own website. 3. Clarity: Let's start with clarity and Claritin basically answers the question. If the contents or offer on your webpage it's as clear as possible to website Fister. So does every webpage have eclair value proposition? Is there a clear visual hierarchy? And Artur visuals like images and videos supporting the content and strengthening the value proposition and us every base have a clear next step. Now a value proposition is very important, but I see a lot of websites doing this wrong or not, displaying a very proposition at all. Now a good and clear value proposition. Medicine needs off your website fister and different chase you from the competitors. So basically a good and proper value proposition shows your website fister. Why don't you do business with you? What is in it for den and how you are going to improve their life with your offer. Now, with the clear visual hierarchy, you make it easy for the website fister to see what belongs to what's and what is important . Now if you check out this slides, it is very easy to see what belongs to what and what is important, and this might look very easy and simple. But the principles apply for your website as well. It should be very clear what belongs to what and what content is important now. Officials on your page like images and videos, should add to the content and strengthen the value proposition and with visuals, it is very important to match their website fister. For instance, if you are selling to teenagers, don't show images off medals. Good and clear visuals should strengthen the very proposition. It should make it better and easier to understand what the value proposition is for your website visitor and last is a clear next step. Every webpage for your website should have a clear next step. If there's no clear next step, the website Fister will not continue in the funnel and he will therefore not convert. Let's check out some potential clarity improvements on book of us. The value proposition off book of us is this text over here, but it is pretty small book. A bus could increase the fun size off this text so it gets more attention and therefore becomes more clear to the website visitor. But the real benefits off book of us are now. Remember that for your websites the value proposition should be reflected over the whole websites and business, including return policies, guarantees fest, chipping your images, your videos, your customer support. The value proposition should be in the DNA off the organization and in every step off the customer journey and therefore on every page on your websites. The next one is this button over here. Continue does not make it clear what visitors can expect on the next page that that's over here. Get a free price boat could be displayed in this button instead of continue. So it is immediately clear for the website fister what they can expect on the next step. Now, if we scroll down on the way over here, we see Discover book a bus for business. But if you check out these examples at the top company events event, transport, school trips, most of these events are business to business related. So if this is book a bus for business, then what are we looking at right here? Then what are these events and this form isn't that also for business? So this could be a clarity issue. Now let's check out the request A quote page which I already have over here now. First of wool, if we check this over here, the website Fister couldn't miss a lot of information about the bus and therefore it is not clear what the website fister will get. Book of us could think about adding pictures off the bus for extra information about the facilities. Like doesn't have a wheelchair. Access Mr WiFi on board Blessed after toilets. This is crucial information to make it clear to the website visitor what they will get when they book a bus through Book of us. Another potential clarity improvement could be this sentence Over here it is rather small, but it looks like a text link. It looks like you can click this text and it takes you to another page. But actually it is just a sentence and it's not applicable. And the last potential clarity improvement is over here. This looks like one big sentence and therefore it is hard to read, and that's clear. Book of us could leave more space here, so it's easier to read and ever more clear what the steps are 4. Relevancy: next up is relevancy and relevancy answers the question If your webpage meets the expectations off your website visitor. So in other words, this a message on your webpage match with the message off the traffic source your website fister came from. So, for instance, someone can come from Facebook or Google Orlando Rechnio your websites And is that message on the page consistent with the message of the traffic source? And does it match the intentions and expectations of your website visitor? Now, for instance, when someone is on Facebook and its person seizure at which displaced the free white paper to download? Then when this person clicks on the ads and let's on your websites, this page should show this message very big and on top off the website. So you should be very clear to the website Fister that he or she can download the white paper right there on that page. In that way, it meets the expectation off the website visitor. Let's check out some relevancy improvements on book of us here on Google. I searched for rent bus group Amsterdam, Barcelona when I scrolled on if the book of bus ads over here so let's click it and see where it takes us. The ads. There's apparently not direct us to the home page. It takes us to a landing page, and that is very good. Because of lending. Page is most often more relevant than the home page, So this page states bus rentals around Amsterdam. It does not match my actual intention a trip from Amsterdam to Barcelona, but it partly matches it. So let's see what else we can finds. We have to form over here, so that's good. And we scroll down. We have some text over here. Best rental in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a big and bustling city where something is always going on, etcetera, etcetera, and this piece of text is not relevant at all for me. I want to go from Amsterdam to Barcelona and I get text on how amazing am stem is the shoot , of course, be text about Barcelona, and then we can still ask the question if it should be displayed over here because I already made a choice to travel from Amsterdam to Barcelona. So I know how awesome Barcelona eyes. It would be much more relevant for me, why I should book with Book of Us and how book a Bus is going to help me make this trip. Awesome. So it is great that the ad did not take me to the home page, but also on this landing page, there is still room to improve the relevancy. 5. Friction: next up. This friction What is causing doubts? What is causing doubts, hesitations and uncertainties for your website fister to take the most desired action? What is making the process difficult? It could be a foreign field that is too long and ask for a lot of unnecessary stuff. For instance, when your website fister wants to sign up for your newsletter a. Ask for the phone number and name as well. If you don't need that information, don't ask the website fister. This a foreign fuel can also be too hard to fill out. For instance, a zip code feels when you felt the sip goats. You often get these error messages that there's a space or there's no space or their capital letters or no kept. The letters make everything as easy as possible for your website fish There. Bucks and errors are a major source of friction on websites, and you will see these allots. A typical Buchan error is a non existing base, otherwise known as a 404 page a website. Fish their clicks a link on your website or come from Google and Lens on the page on your website that does not exist. Another source for bucks and ours are filters which are not working fine. And they see this a lot as well. For instance, when you search for rent items, you also get blue items where you don't get any items at all. And of course, the site search the site. Sirs is very important and has to display the right results. If your search does not display the right results, it's a major source of friction and a big conversion killer for friction. One of the most important elements is to form. It should be free off any form or friction. Now, there is some friction over here because when I type m for them, for instance, I get the drop down from both Google chrome as well as a drop down from book of us. And this could be pretty annoying. But out of n debts, this form seems pretty good. Now, another source of friction is the phone Aiken. Over here, it does trigger the huffer effects, but it is not applicable. To get to the contact page, you actually have to click the word contact. But you would expect that a click here on the Aiken would take you to the contact page as well. Now, on the request A quote page. The phone number over here could be a major source of friction. Website visitors want to get a free quote in their email, so the phone number does not seem relevant here. Some Fister's might not want to leave their phone number. Our wonder why book a bus needs it. Therefore they might not comfort and therefore book a bus could remove the phone number of fields. However, on the other hands, the sales team off book a bus might need the phone number to follow up leads and too close to seal, and that's gaze. The phone number fields. It's unnecessary form or friction, and therefore it should not be removed. So always check the issue with the business and check your data if you have it. 6. Distraction: now the 4th 1 we will be looking at its destruction. Is there anything directing the website? Fister's attention away from taking the most desired action? Is there anything unnecessary or distracting on the base for every page on your website? You want everything to be relevant. If something is irrelevant, like a piece of text or an image, simply remove it. It is just distracting. If a piece of content does not adds to the motivation off your website fish there or it does not strengthen the value proposition, remove it for destruction. Let's check outs to request a quote page as there is not much destruction on the home page . And this time I will go from EMC. Them too much rates. So, first of all, you want consistency in your colors, especially if it is related to the main culture action and this color orange over here. It's not unique because the bus and it does have it as well. So the bus and the dots get a lot of attention as well, where the focus should be on a request quotes button. The next one is his line of text. Over here, it is very small If it is important, book a bus should make it bigger. If it is not important, it should be removed like this. It is just hard to read and therefore distracting the attention away from the important form over here. And will we scroll down? We get the customer reviews and ratings and of course, social proof. It's very important online. In most cases, however, this list is very long. We can wonder if this is necessary or just distracting at this point. So for destruction remove everything which is drawing the websites vistors attention away from taking the most desired action, which is this button on this page? 7. Motivation and psychology: the last item in the expert review matrix his motivation and psychology and we will have an extensive look at this. Let's start with motivation in general, art of motivators on your websites Persuasive, Had the right time. Unbelievable. And do they match the needs and motivations of your website? Visitors The best motivators for your website Fish there to converts our benefits, matching the needs and motivations of your website Fist there with the right timing. So why would someone buy from you? Or how is your service going to improve the life over website visitor Now, in your user research data and science, you can discover what drives your website fister What are their needs and motivations And with that information, you can graft strong benefits. Motivating your website fish there. Now, with psychology, you can strengthen these benefits and we will cover of psychology using the six principles off Children e Children e described his principles and his famous book called Influence. The Six Principles are Reciprocity, commitment and consistency, Social proof, authority, likability and Scarcity 8. Reciprocity: The first principle is a principle of reciprocity, and this is our tendency as human beings to return a favor and not through inducted. We want to repay our depths and don't feel indebted. How come uses online, We'll give something away for free, which has fell. You like advice for great white paper, an awesome email campaign or give away a part of your products for free. If we give something away for free, which has value, the visitor will feel inducted. The Fister wants to repay the debts, and therefore there's a higher chance this visitor will comfort and pay for something later on. Applying the principle of reciprocity should be quite easy and fun for book of us, as Book of Us has a lot of customers that also know all the things that could go wrong when booking a trip for a big group of people. And when someone is responsible for this, it could be very stressful to plan and book that trip. Now Book of us can take this dress away with their experience in this markets. They could create a document with top 10 things to take into account when booking a trip for a group of people, they could create a checklist with things to do. Another idea is a small email campaign, which takes people through the process of booking a trip for a large group of people. Now this contents can be displayed summer on the home page in a pop up and a navigation for a big takeover when someone is about to leave the website. So by removing the stress of booking for a big group of people book a bus gives something away for free, off value, and this creates reciprocity. 9. Commitment & consistency: the next principle, his commitment and consistency. We, as human beings, have to need and tendency to be consistent. When we started something, we want to finish it online. You see this a lot in a check out process, you see each step a visitor has to take in order to convert. And when the visitor completes a step, you most often see a check mark. This will give the Fister the feeling that he started something and us the tendency to finish it, and therefore there's a higher chance for the visitor to convert. He could also uses a website buttons. If a visitor comes to your websites from, let's Say, ants and add displace green button. The visitor already clicked on a green button. Now in your funnel, half those green buttons So the fister states consistent with the behavior off clicking on that green button, we can find an example off the process in the check out here on flicks Bus Flix, best Issa competitors off book a bus. And once I felt this form and his calculate price, it takes us to this page, and on the top of the page we can see the process over here now it states we are in step two and we already completed the first step. The trip information. This will give the visitors off this website the feeling that they started something which makes them more likely to complete it. Now. Book of us could try the same thing by showing a process on the request to quote page with the first step Mark has done so, they could try this over here, they could add a step which is marked as done. Another thing related to commitments and consistency, which book of us could try is to create even more consistency in their main call to action buttons. When we go to the front page, we see an arrow into button over here. But this arrow is not here on the request to quote page. So by including the arrow here, a swell. The buttons are consistent with each other, which could trigger commitment and consistency for more. Fister's 10. Social proof: The third principle is a principle off social proof and this one is very famous, especially online. Social proof is our tendency to do what other students, especially when we feel uncertain and you will find this everywhere online, refuse ratings, customer stories, climbed logos and a lot more. If you have reviews and ratings on your websites, make it as trustworthy as possible. A good customer story with a first name discerning and a picture is much more trustworthy for the website fist there than just one small sentence and the first name, so make it as trustworthy as possible. Improving the social proof for Book of us is pretty straightforward. Book a bus has a lot of customer reviews and some of them are displayed on the website. However, all these reviews like a surname and a picture. By including these, the reviews are March more riel and therefore march more trustworthy. Also, an overall score is missing. This one is displayed in the food er off the page, but barely any website visitor will see this by including the overall score and perhaps average course for the driver tour bus and book a bus. Visitors will get an easy and quick overview off the ratings, which could persuade them in doing business with Book of us 11. Authority: the next principal. Its authority and authority is our tendency to obey figures of authority, and this principle has made a huge impact on the history of mankind. We as humans did some great things by following great leaders like Martin Luther King. But he also did a lot of bad things by following bad leaders like, for instance, what happened in Europe in the forties of the last century. So authority has a very big impact on the human behavior. Now, how can we use this in a good way? Of course, online. Now, when your company is mentioned in media, for instance, on television, in a newspaper or a magazine, you can show these icons on your websites as well as Aikens off awards. Your company is one. If your website fist or sees this Aikens, they will think you're an authority. Don't trust you more and obey you more. Now you can also showcase a number of years your company has been in business. If your company has been in business for a long time and you can display images or videos off you or your boss on stage in front of a big group, this will also signal that your organization is an authority in your markets 12. Liking: the fifth principle is liking when we like someone, we trust him more and the same goes for websites online. You can create liking by showing pictures or videos off your staff, and if your team someone in your team could even tell a story, prefer be related to your products. When the website sister sees these pictures and these videos, they will see the face behind the website and therefore they'll likely website more and therefore trusted more. You can also create liking by showing that you understand your website fister and by showing that you are the same, for instance, by using the same words as they will do. Book of us could creates March more liking by displaying images off the staff, for instance, on the contact page, they could show images off the team or pictures of people working on customer support. They could also include a story somewhere on the Web sites about their latest company trip , where they use the services of book of bust themselves for their own transportation. Until about their experience on the request. A quote page book of us could show an image off the person who will find the best bus for this particular group. And by showing that book of us understands the stressful process off booking a bus for a big group of people. The website Fister will few understood this oh creates liking, increasing the chance of converting the visitors. 13. Scarcity: The last principle is a principle of scar city, and this one is also very famous online. You'll see this everywhere. When something is cars, we fell you it more and therefore we wanted more. And the line. You will see this with last two tickets available or last hotel room available. You see it in temporary discounts or something is low unstuck or even come down timers for a temporary sil. When something is cars we wanted more and therefore your website fish. There is much more likely to converts. Scarcity for book A bus can be quite difficult, and that is because book a bus is likely dependence upon the best companies. If scar STI can be applied book a bus could make deals with the bus companies for temporary discounts. For instance, our book of us who gives something extra during the trip for free. For instance, free WiFi three bears for a bachelor party for free entertainment on the bus. Oh, for a limited time. Of course, another thing, book of best could do. Let's display a price indication here on the request to quote page and states that this price can increase if the visitor does not request a quote within 15 minutes. Book a bus could even display a countdown timer With this. This will create urgency for the website Fister's to complete their requests. When using Scar City never lie and always be honest. By law, it is not allowed to fake these things. When a fish there finds out your lights, it will most certainly backfire. But if you can use Car City, you can definitely convince more Website Fister's to convert. 14. Landing page and product page best practices: many websites sent a lot of traffic to their landing page and product page. It is therefore important that these pages have a high conversion rates, especially lending pages. Get a lot of traffic from, for instance, expensive marketing campaigns. Now with the military. GUS, we can craft some best practices for your landing page and product a cious, and the 1st 1 is have a big, relevant and benefit driven header. Make your header into a great value proposition and strengthen this using high quality officials. Now for your product page, you might want to have the name off your products as the header off your page. In that case, this signals relevancy and a 2nd 1 Start with benefits before features. First, tell your website fister how your product or service is going to make their life better before you start talking about features and third you social proof and make it as real as possible with a first name, a surname and preferably a picture and a good customer review and fourth, have a symbol single and big call to action button and preferably display this button on the top of the page and repeat it at the bottom. You could even have a call to Action Button, which is always in few, even when the visitor scrolls and fifth be as clear as possible. What will your website Fister gets one day convert and in general, besides these five tips limits destruction make it as easy as possible for the website. Fist there to covert creates urgency and show indicators off safety and authority. 15. Checkout best practices: you can also graft free very important best practices for your checkouts and in your checkouts. You already convinced your website fister to do business with you. So different principles apply here compared to, for instance, the landing page and a product age. The first and very important one is to limit destruction and this is crucial in your check out. You want the full focus off your website fister to go through every step off the checkouts and finally convert. You want to remove everything that is distracting from this process and this could even be your main navigation and seconds is to remove all forms or friction. Make it very, very easy for your website fister to fill out all the forms your checkouts and make it very , very easy for your website fister to pay. Also, you want to remove oh unnecessary farm fuels. If you don't really need that information, then simply don't ask it, because the more form fuels you have in your checkouts, the higher the chance that your website fister will drop out and lest show the steps which a website Fister has to take in a check out in order to convert and when the fish they're completes, one of those steps make it clear that that step has been completed. This will give your visitor or feeling that he or she started something, and therefore this person is more likely to finish it. We learned this in the commitments and consistency lesson, and that's it. If you filled out your expert re few matrix, it should look something like this, and you can now start making the necessary changes to your websites and hopefully see your conversions and income increase. 16. Thank you: thank you for following this course. I hope it will help you to get more leads, clients and sales for your websites. Now, if you still have any questions, please feel free to contact me. And also please feel free to connect with me on linked in. Now, if you like this course, I would of course, very much appreciate it if you can give it a nice review here on skill share. This will help me lots as well as others who are considering to take this course now. Thanks again. Thank you for completing this course.