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Diego Davila, Amazing Courses for YOU!

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About This Class

Often when visiting a website, you find great videos, and you click Play! and what happens... the video takes a long time to start and after it started playing the videos stops all the time to reload... Well, that happens because the video is not optimized for Web.

In this Class, you will learn how to Optimize all your videos for Web, so you can use them in your Website, your Blog, your presentation or in any project.

Also, here is the Complete Collection of my Best Sellers Skillshare Courses, you can enroll in all the courses you want!

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Mark S.

We Build Your World Online

Good to know that Handbrake works. I did try to download and install it on my old Windows8 machine. However it required an update for .NET and this caused my machine to be unstable and I had to reset.
Jacob Lagendyk

Educating for the future

Verry helpfull, Thank you





Diego Davila

Amazing Courses for YOU!

Hi, I'm Diego. I'm a Network Engineer and I'm passionate Skillshare Instructor.

My Mission is to inspire you to revolutionize your life so you can live the life you desire! Doing what you absolutely love every day around people you love and care.

My goal is to produce the absolute best material, best courses to help you to bring your life to the next level, next level on your health, finances, relationship, and to help you to conquer your goals so you can live a more fulfilled life.

I want to thank you for taking the time to improve your life and learn more and more, take a look at my courses. I created each one of them thinking about YOU.

Enroll now and start changing your life! see you inside! :)