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Optimize Youtube Videos For Faster Upload, Process And Buffering

teacher avatar Somenath Sen, SkillShare Instructor Teaching 100+ Classes

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Enroll Now !

    • 2. Introduction To The Class

    • 3. Download The Tool First

    • 4. Optimize Our Videos

    • 5. What Next ?

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About This Class

In this class you'll learn how you can optimize youtube videos for faster upload, process and faster buffering. No matter how big your file size is in this class I'll show you how to perfectly encode your videos for yourtube without losing your video quality. So enroll the class now !


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Somenath Sen

SkillShare Instructor Teaching 100+ Classes


My courses are specialized in technology domains that are well aligned with market trends, geared towards enabling gainful careers and are affordable. My aim is to teach technology the way it is used in the industry and professional world. My up to date course library will give you the perfect way to jump start your career and dive into today's job market.

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1. Enroll Now !: 2. Introduction To The Class: All right, guys, welcome to this class about YouTube. Video optimized. Well, as we all know, YouTube is a video sharing website. And if you are Internet marketer and if you use you to make money online, then you probably upload videos every but there is some couple of problem to upload videos on YouTube. First off, all, if your video is long, then it will take much longer to applaud. And if your video is not optimized for freakley than it will take much time to process. And not only that, when some visitor will view your video on, read your message. If your video waas not optimized perfectly, then it will take much time to get before on their screen. So you probably lose customer just for long before in time. That is why I come up with this class in this class. I'm gonna be teach you about how you can optimize your videos for you to for Forster uploading for Forster processing and for foster buffering. No matter how much bigger your video is, I can show you how you can optimize those videos without losing their quality. So I'm gonna be so excited to teach you about the skills. So you guys on the next video 3. Download The Tool First: All right, guys, though, will come back. So before we end to optimize the world videos, we need a tool which will help us toe in court our videos in a small size without losing the video quality. Okay, so the stool is called handbrake. The web address for these website is handbrake dot If all is no dot com, it will dot if our and now, as you can see over here, this softer is completely free, off coursed and open. Source on why I love handbrake. Is it pretty much simple? He will convert your video in just about any formats. It is open source and free and free for life that mean well, it will get updated. You will get the updated version for free, off cost and three for life. And of course, it will support multi platform. So there is not much more in this website is a pretty simple which said, if you want to check out the features off the software, just click on the futures ling's over here. Also, you can check out their community and support. You can also check out there, get her page. Andi, if you are not using windows are. You are using a different operating system, like Mac or leaners. Then click on the other platform option over here and choose whatever operating system you have and download the correct version. I'm running windows, so I just download it directly by clicking on this big red button, which they download handbrake 0.10 point five, which is the latest version. Onda Install the software into our mission. I only have install it into our missions, so I'm not going to install it again. But if you are not installing this into your missing, please download the software forced. Install it, which will take just less than a minute. Just follow the simple step and clicks them off the next. Next button on it will install into your computer, which is pretty easy to follow, so most ofall just installed the handbrake. And let's continue with the next video where I can actually optimize the videos for YouTube . So suitors in the next video 4. Optimize Our Videos: Alright, guys. So welcome back. Now. Let's just take a look at the hand brake software itself. Here is our hand brake software. Now, as you can see, it limits them. Builder is not much in options. Just couple of officers over here to configure. Now, as you can see there, some couple of times over here, which is for pictures, sittings and filters, then some video sittings. Then we have audio settings and then stuff titles on Ben chapters. Okay, on On that drop, you will see some output setting, which we have two options. One is for him before and one is for. And Gavey, we just need in before, which is the best video format for you too, And, ah, right on the top, you will see some coupla buttons. One is forced force which just needed when you have tow, add your role video in Hendrick on. Right after that, you will see the start button when you have to. Everything set up, click on the start button and operas and will start on right after that. You will have toe, see some at two Q Burton then so Cuban will discuss it more in some couple of minutes, and right after that, we have a preview button on. Right after that, we have activity. Law toe check out software logs. Okay. And on the right hand side, you will see some presets and some leveller options. Okay, on on the top there some four top level meaning, which is for file, then tools in the tools. They will see the same option, which is a stroke. You and activity lost. And a couple of options toe a bdart your hand brake automatically right after that, you will see some presets on right after that, Some help clings. So this is some couple of auction that you have to see into your hand brake software. Okay, Now, let's just add ah, raw video in the handbrake and optimized those video for you to now, As you can see into this holder, I already have a roll video for you guys. Now, as you can see this video, he's on most maybe 32 nb in size. Yeah. This video is almost 32.6. That mean almost part itchy MB incised. Now let's just optimize this video on. Let's see how the optimized video will look like? Okay. Now let's just open a war hand, Rick and click on the force. When you have to click on the stores, it will give you to auction warnings for Fuller that mean you can select folders, folders off videos or you can select individual files. So I'm just choose the single file option on a Now select the video. In my case, it is on deck stop. Then it's on the new folder and selector Raw video and click on open when you click on open video real loaded into your hand, brick softer. And now it's done. Now, on this couple of tabs, you just have to click on the video tab on Lee on. In this couple of auctions, handbrake will automatically con fear the best off since for you according to your videos. Okay, when you have to upload your video toe, hand brake handbrake will automatically configure the best option for you so you don't have toe already about anything else. Just we need to change the quality off our video. 2 22 28 or 30. Don't just over, so that there's 28 to 30 is enough to get a optimize video for our YouTube. So I'm just said it toe to innovate. Now, as you can see over here, Constand quality is 28. No. One more thing that we need to consider is the output settings where I have toe output Our video Now click on the rose and in the same folder I output my optimized video. Okay, so give it a name off your optimized video. That's a off you Mai's video, which makes sense. And now, right after that, you will have toe adult. Then you have to add came to the fore in people is the file format that we need to add it right after the client. Now click on the story of garden and now click on the start button over here on when you have to click on the start button, it will be Pierre video. Then it will in court the video for us. As you can see on the bottom, it will in court the video and you will see some couple of options over here. Like how many person days are in corded on what type of? If he is, it will get average appears it will get if used means scream person again on now, you will see the time remaining. How many times did toe convert this video? So just wait for that time and your video real convert into the folder that you are selected in this destination. Fact Just wait Coca Plop Siggins on it will just Phillies optimized our video So wait per couple of seconds and it will just finishing to convert over video on right after that built video on DSI how it will perform and what result that we have get Just wait for a couple of Siggins. Almost 70 quite person done. It's quite first round 90 person I want on Yeah, is done so close, so cool I'm just minimize my hand brakes, Doctor. Now let's just stick out the video first ofall resist the right click on the video file on Click on the Properties as you're going to see this video Will almost 33 a m belong as we all know Now let's just click on the optimized video, rightly going it and click on the properties Now as you conceive over here. This video is Steven in the long 6.5 Foreign Lee So now, as you can see over here, this video size will be optimized. Then the raw video. Now let's just play boot off them on and check out the quality. Alright, guys, So close to a whole. I'm just play the role video on So it was the quality. Then I have to play the optimized video and also you guys, the quality against just double click on the video on it will open Now here is our raw video quality. As you can see, you were here a little. This is completely cool. HD video on how crystal charities now just close the video on open our optimized video to check out documents, video quality Now that we click on the optimize video on now, as you can see over here, this is our optimize video quality which is also crystal clear but the different in spice. This is how we can use handbrake toe in court, our video in a smaller supplies so it will help to upload on you to faster not only upload foster, it will process the video faster. And not only that, when someone view your video on YouTube, they will also brokering video really fast. This is why we have to optimize our videos before we went uploaded to YouTube. And this is how you can optimize your videos for you to. Okay, so now let's the how you can process multiple videos at once in Hendrick. Okay, So pasta colanders delete my No, just delete my optimize video. First of all, I'm just copy my raw video in a couple of times. One then too. On now. It's okay. This is raw Video one, this is Ah, no video to Andi. This is drugged. You true? Okay, so we already convert a video one toe optimize video. So we have to convert robbery or 200 of your three in optimized video, and we will convert them both together. Now, let's open our hendrik flick on the source, click on the ah file and open a single file. Now, just open the raw video to no good, and then click on the brows and just put the name off optimized video to not in before no click on the sick. And I'm just not clicking the start button here. I'm just click toe Acto Hubert in the river here because I want to wild convert them once. Okay, it will stay blocked off time. If you have lots off while to convert, then you have to use these creatures. It will save you lots of time. There's click on at two Q. Burton on it will add this video with this sittings in a queue. Now let's just open the source again on Do the same thing for the third video, which is raw video three. On when the video is loaded, click on the bro's again on Give Out. Put them to optimize your three dot n before and click on the city. Okay, on now, click on air took you again, not even see over here on the button off the handbrake, you will see two in cordage pending. That means to files are in queue. You can also take out your cue by clicking on this store Cuba Turnover here when you have to click on the stroke you. But over here it will open the queues which will need to convert. You can also be delete your cue by clicking on this course. Friends over here on now was the Q and now Victor start. But when you click the start button, it will convert your use one by one. You don't have toe. Convert them once. Then you have to convert another one. Then you have to convert another one. Something like that. You have to put them all into your que Onda speak on the start button. It will convert all of your videos one by one. It will save you lots of time. If you have lots of video to convert them, use these creatures. It will save you lots of time. So this is how you can use handbrake toe. Optimize your YouTube videos. Not only core foster uploading not only core Costa processing Also, when some visitor will viewing YouTube, they can view your videos almost nova reporting. So this is how you can optimize your videos for you to 5. What Next ?: All right, guys, the will come back or we will like the class. If you like the class, then write a short revealed the class. It will help other to take a class. And if you like my dick clause, then take my other atrocities will go to my profile and you will find some more interesting classes that human interesting.