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Optimize Your Linkedin Profile & Get more Leads with LinkedIn

teacher avatar Filipa Canelas, Content Strategist & Content Creator

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How LinkedIn Helps you Reach your Goals

    • 3. My 3 Part-Strategy: PPP

    • 4. First P: Presentation

    • 5. Second P: Profitability

    • 6. Third P: Professionalism

    • 7. Conclusion

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About This Class

It takes you an average of 7 seconds to form a first impression.

What is the impression you want people to have when looking at your LinkedIn profile?

That's exactly what we're going to focus on in this class.

You will learn what I call the PPP formula to make your profile stand out from the crowd and reach your target audience, whether you are a freelancer, an entrepreneur, or a job seeker.

Each section of your profile will be optimized according to your goals, so you can get exactly what you're looking for with LinkedIn.

In this class, I want to help you build a LinkedIn profile that stands out from the crowd and makes people click and interact.

You will learn the best strategies for optimizing each piece of your profile for the right audience, whether that's clients for your freelance services, investors for your business, or an HR manager for a new job.

And from top to the bottom of your profile, you can expect great insights, practical strategies, and up-to-date information.

I am excited to go on this journey with you, and I see you inside the class!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Filipa Canelas

Content Strategist & Content Creator



Hi, I'm Filipa Canelas! I'm the founder of Able-Academy, a content strategist and author.

I Empower Businesses & Entrepreneurs to Build an Effective Content Marketing Strategy and Leverage their Content for Brand Awareness.

Content is my jam -- I've written 200+ blog posts, 50+ hours of video content, a 150+ page book on time management, and a LOT of social media posts.

I have been featured in Thrive Global by Arianna Huffington, the Authority Magazine & Billion Success. I've reached +40,000 people (just like you!), including professionals from NYSE, Airbus & Hitachi, just through the power of content marketing.

If you're frustrated with your content marketing strategy and are ready to accel... See full profile

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1. Introduction: It takes an average of seven seconds to form a first impression. What is the impression you want people to have when looking at your LinkedIn profile. That's exactly what we are going to focus on this class, you will learn what I call the PPP formula, which will help you to stand out from the crowd and reach the audience you want to target, whether you are a freelancer or an entrepreneur or a job seeker, each section of your profile will be optimized according to your goals. So you always get exactly what you expect from LinkedIn. But first, Hi, I'm Phillip book analogy and I help entrepreneurs and businesses develop a content strategy. After all, I'm a content creator myself with thousands of pieces of content and then reached more than 40000 people just through the power of content marketing in this class, I want to help you craft to LinkedIn profile that gets views, that gets clicks, and eventually gets you the sale or gets you the goal you are searching, you will learn the best strategies to optimize each piece of your profile to target the right audience. And that can be clients for your fill and services and investor for your business, or maybe an HR manager to get the job from top to bottom of your profile, you can expect great insights, might personal experience and up-to-date information. I'm really excited to go on this journey with you, and I see you inside the class. 2. How LinkedIn Helps you Reach your Goals: I always start any class with the motivation behind it. Why? Because I believe that knowing exactly why you want to go through this class and make these changes will increase your commitment. You need to know exactly why it is important for you to embark on this journey of optimizing your LinkedIn profile. And there are three main reasons why you should be on LinkedIn, especially with your optimized profile. The first reason is that LinkedIn will help you reach your goals. Second, it will help you sell. Third, it will help you build a personal brand. Starting with the first reason, LinkedIn helps you reach your goals, you must always start with this question in mind. Why should I have LinkedIn profile in the first place? And I will go first. I wanted people to find my profile when they are looking for content strategists or content influencers. That's literally my goal. So this means I must optimize my profile to be seen by these people. And yes, this includes optimizing my profile with certain keywords, which is something 99 percent of people have no idea that plays a role in LinkedIn, but well, ruled talk about it later. So I really want you to think about this question. Why do you want to use LinkedIn? Are you looking for clients? Are looking to build a personal brand. Are you looking to promote your company? You really need to be specific and clear in your goals. And all of these goals are reachable and they all are possible with LinkedIn. But you first need to know exactly your reasons. Now, assuming that you are clear on your goals, the second reason why you should be using LinkedIn is to sell. And so I challenge you to think of your LinkedIn profile as a sales page. Why? Because it actually is a sales page. And I can be honest with you and say I haven't always treated my LinkedIn profile as a sales page. And as you might guess, I also didn't have any results with it. But once I start treating it more seriously, I started receiving a lot of messages for people interested in my services and asking me how I could help them. So truly, your LinkedIn page is a sales page. And finally, the third reason why using LinkedIn is so important is because you are building your personal brand. And I would argue that LinkedIn is perhaps one of the best platforms to build your personal brand while targeting specifically the people you want to target. Because all of your profile can be optimized exactly for those people you're trying to reach. And in today's world, it's really important to start building a personal brand because it will help you stand out from the crowd and get people recognizing your expertise in your industry or field of interest. And it doesn't matter what kind of career path you're pursuing, It's always worth it to build a personal brand. And in LinkedIn is a great place to build new connections, to connect with your audience, to establish meaningful relationships with people in your industry or other industries and no other social network. It gives you this opportunity to so clearly showed your experience, your projects, and the things you have accomplished. So I hope I gave you enough reasons to jump into LinkedIn and make it work. In the next video, I'm going to explain the PPP formula, which will help you make your profile the best in your industry. And for the class project, I would really love to see screenshots of your profile because I will give you some feedback based on what you said. Thank you. And I'll see you in the next video. 3. My 3 Part-Strategy: PPP: Hi and welcome again. In this video, we are going to cover my PPP strategy for your LinkedIn profile. And this is my formula for optimizing each section of any LinkedIn profile. The three P's of the formula are complimentary and the power lies on making all of them optimized. So you can imagine a triangle with all of the three P's. But what are the three Ps exactly? The first P is presentation, the second, peak, profitability, and finally, the third piece, professionalism. And each of these pillars is directly related to each section of your LinkedIn profile. So starting with the first KPI presentation, That's all related with your profile picture and your banner image because these are the two main elements of your LinkedIn profile that involve image. Now the second PI, profitability is related with your bio or headline. We'd your About section and with the featured section. And the reason why this is called profitability. It's because these three parts help you sell your services. These are exactly the place where your potential clients will see you as a right fit. And finally, the third P is professionalism. And this is all related to your professional experience, to your skills and endorsements, and to your recommendations, which are three main sections of your LinkedIn profile. And this is the perfect opportunity to showcase your experiences, your skills, and the project you have worked on. And these three Ps are going to be the focus for the rest of the class. In once you master all of them, I can guarantee you that your LinkedIn profile will get much more results in terms of use, in terms of search results, and also potential leads and clients. 4. First P: Presentation: So let's start with the first P presentation and we will focus on your profile picture and your LinkedIn banner image. And these are the two main elements that involve image and visual elements, starting with your profile picture. The first question, you should always ask yourself, what do I want people to feel when they come to my profile? And remember that you always have a goal. Would your LinkedIn profile, whether that's selling your services, building your personal brand, or getting a job. And so you should know exactly what you want people to feel when they look at your profile picture. And in a good way, you want to stand out. And when I say stand out, you don't need to do crazy things in your LinkedIn profile picture. You want to stand out in terms of your industry, in terms of your niche, and in terms of the people you want to target. So really make sure you are doing the extra work. And what I mean by extra work is figuring out the best people in your LinkedIn niche and seeing exactly how they are positioning themselves in terms of their profile picture. Are they using background colors or are they keeping things very neutral? This is really important and the goal here is to stand out in your industry. It is to stand out according to the things you are looking for. So let's jump into LinkedIn to find some great examples of LinkedIn profile pictures. Okay, So we are now onto my profile and we are going straight to the profile picture. So as you can see, I have two main elements on this picture. First, I've got the background color which matches my brand, Mencius, my banner, and overall, Mencius, my website, able Academy. So this is very consistent in terms of the colors. Now, this color works for me because I'm not very wordy heard in appealing to everyone. I'm interested in spreading. I would say a message that I'm friendly, that I'm open to colors, I like colors and I have no problem showing them on my profile. And then you have a picture of me, a high-quality picture in which you can clearly see my face. You can clearly see me as a person and also smiling. So this shows some friendliness to people. And overall, I would say this, this is a good profile picture, but I can show you some other people that also have create profiles. Now this is Jennifer Welsh and she talks about the stock market and investments. And as you can see, her profile picture also looks incredible. But she has a slightly different format. I would say it's because she's also targeting the niche of investing. And as you can see, your profile picture looks a bit more sober. The colors are blue, the background is blurred. So she's I would say that with this profile picture, she's trying to capture a different audience than I am, though she's trying to look a bit more professional and serious with her image. And this is why it's so important to know exactly who you want to target with your content. So you can always optimize your profile picture to the people you want to target. After having an amazing profile picture, it's time to give your banners some attention. And I've heard a lot of people saying that your banner image doesn't matter. But I think exactly the opposite. I think it's perhaps the greatest opportunity you have in your profile y first, because most people don't bother to have any banner image. So they just have that standard blue backgrounds image on their profile. And yes, I was that person for a long time. And second, even if they do have a banner image, that image usually says nothing about themselves, about what they are trying to achieve and what you want people to get when they click on their profiles. But we're going to do exactly the opposite. We're going to stand out and tried to achieve our goals using the banner of LinkedIn. So let's go inside LinkedIn to see exactly how we can craft the perfect banner image. Now, let's pay attention to the Benner I've included. So as we said previously, the colors match. So I've got a consistent color pellet the top of my profile. And what I'm doing here, I'm trying to call attention for this message. I'm literally speaking to people and saying, Are you tired of crane content and hearing crickets? So this is not going to appeal to everyone. I'm literally appealing exactly two people who are already creating content but are not seeing results. And this is exactly my target audience. I'm trying to target people or businesses that are creating content, but can't see the results with the content they are creating. So I'm not trying to appeal to people who don't create content because I'm very specific in terms of my call to action here. So tired of creating content and hearing crickets, I'm basically nourishing down in terms of these two propositions. Because if you aren't creating content and you are having a lot of results, you would also not resonate with my message. Here. I've got just a few information about myself. This could be skipped, so you don't need to include this. I just did because I thought it made sense and because it looks good. And tabs of the white and then orange. Now let's jump into Jennifer Wells to show you she is doing her banner image. So as you can see, she's calling attention to something she has created, which is money's cool. And she again, has this very clearly learned the basics of personal finance. So if I'm someone that already has a lot of professional experience in finance, I'm not going to be apparently interested in this course or in the things that she is offering. And that's totally okay because she doesn't want those people in her courses, right? Because she is targeting people. Want to learn the fundamentals. And so as you can see, both Jennifer and me, hopefully, we are using exactly this LinkedIn banner image to call attention to what we are selling, to tell exactly people why they should continue one to our profile, to send us a message to connect. So the goal is really targeting the right audience with a banner image and again, using the same colors, using the same branding. He's really important because it just shows a consistent image throughout your profile. I hope the first P of the formula presentation got you're really excited to continue taking your LinkedIn profile to a whole new level. It might get you a little bit of work to get these two elements working together. But remember, you are probably doing what 80 or 90% of people are not doing. So eventually, you will get the results that they are not heavy. And now I want to jump to the next section, the second P, which is all about profitability and making your LinkedIn page sell. 5. Second P: Profitability: Welcome to the second P of my PPP formula for your LinkedIn profile. And it's all about profitability. This video is going to focus on the three sections of your LinkedIn profile that will help you turn your LinkedIn profile into a sales page. We will start with the bio or the headline. We will move to the About section and finally to the featured section, starting with your headline, you need to think of those two sentences as a hook, literally a way to capture people's attention. Make them click on your profile and your headline will appear on searches. So you really want to make it optimized for search results. And also to get the right people clicking on your profile. Because we don't want random people showing up on your profiles when they don't match our ideal target audience. So let's jump right into LinkedIn. Okay, so now let's give the proper attention to the bio or the headline, and let's just read mine. I have, I empower businesses to build an effective content marketing strategy. Look that my bio is not. I am or software engineer at Google or content marketing strategist at Facebook. I don't follow that structure for a simple reason. Everyone else is doing that. And if you want to send out, you need to be created in perhaps you need to change things a little bit. So I prefer to use my headline as a value proposition. So I'm telling exactly who I help in doing what. So as you can see, I'm being very specific and I'm not trying to appeal to the masses. Or I'm not going to put too much emphasis on my current role or on the company I work in because I want to highlight how I can help companies or businesses or people and not exactly my Enroll. And let's just check this example of Jenny for Welsh. And she has a very simple headline. But look what she says. I demystify the stock market for new investors. So her target audience, new investors, How does she helped them by basically talking about the stock market? Let's see Adam. Now look what Adam helped to say is I help people break into technology and engineering careers. So he's literally saying, if you want to get into a career on tech or engineer, I can help you. And then he has improved. You're saying that he was a manager of product management and hiring managers. So he has experience as a manager. And really what you want with your headline in your bio is to help you rank on LinkedIn searches and to make people interested in checking your profile and connecting with you in engaging with your content. And in basically, in the end, hire any new or using your services. So let's do a quick search here. We're going to search for content marketing. We are targeting people, so we want to see everyone that has content marketing on their profiles. Just going to select people that are not on my network. And finally, let's put their location as United States. So look at every one that appears here. They all have content marketing on their headline. Content marketing, content marketing, content marketing. So basically they are optimizing for keywords and obviously they have roles that are very relevant. So all of their goals are focused on marketing. They have the keyword. There's other places, like it shows here. So content marketing provides services. So you see the keyword in many places, all their profile. And that's exactly what you want to do, is to include your keyword in several places of your profile. But obviously in this case in your headline. And the more you make your headline appealing, the better, because the more people will click, the more people will engage. So you really should use the section as a valid proposition. And a good model to use is to use the following structure. I empower target audience to achieve a certain result. In this case, build content marketing strategy through and then your area of expertise. So in my case, it's kind of this is pretty much enough. But I could say, for example, I empower businesses to raise brand awareness through content marketing. So this could also be a different way to phrase it. So you really want to think about target audience, the results you help them achieve, and then through what do you help them get those results? So through content marketing's, through programming, through coding, through building a design for, for, for those clients. So you should be very aware of how you want to position yourself in your headline is the perfect place to do so. Now that your headline is optimized, we are moving to the About section. I believe there are three good elements for having a perfect About section. The first one is the introduction, the second one is the proof. And finally, the call to action. In your introduction, you should tell exactly what to do and how you can help people. In the second session to proof, you should add reviews, perhaps your portfolio, testimonials and things that to prove that you are an expert on your area. And finally, the third is the call to action, where literally you want to direct people to a certain place so they can move forward in their relationship with you. And I want to show you how I crafted my About section because this can give you some inspiration. Let's see it. Now. Let's jump right into my About section, which is here. And I wanted to show you how I built my About section. Now, this is basically what I have on my headline. So with a bit more info like leveraged, that help businesses leveraged their content for brand awareness. Then I have a short introduction about me slash what I do. So content is my jam. I written to a 100 plus blog posts, 50 plus hours of video content and 150 page book on time management and a lot of social media posts. Then. So this could be the introduction that we talked about. But then I have some social proof here. I've been featured in Thrive Global by area and Ovington, the authority magazine and billions success. I reach 40 thousand plus people, including professionals from New York Stock Exchange, Airbus, detaching just through the power of content market. So this is pure proof. This is showing my expertise and why people should believe. Then I have my offer. If you're tired of publishing content and hearing crickets, I can help you with content strategy. So I helped businesses and people increase their brand awareness by creating a tailored content strategy through able Academy. And then I also have LinkedIn evaluation. So I helped you get your LinkedIn profile and content selling on autopilot. So I have the offers. And then again, I have more social proof. And these two comments are not exactly related with content marketing. But because they are from people that are experts or they are recognized, I want to help do have them here and I'm talking about these two. So Derek Sivers, founder of CD Baby and author and also told them Zohar, Harvard professor and New York Times bestseller. And then I've got a review from an online students. So I really wanted to diversify in terms of testimonials, but you only do like one single thing. Obviously, you should have testimonials that are only related to that. But here I'm just trying to position myself more as kind of an influencer in this niche, in not exactly as experienced in times of content strategy because everyone obviously that creates a lot of content gets that experience. And obviously I have audit things that prove it. And then I just have the call to action here, which just says, For more information on content marketing, send me a note here on LinkedIn or ads, and then I have my email and check out my featured section above. So I'm sending exactly people to a specific place. So I'm telling them to message me, send me an email. And what I want with this is basically to get into call with them and maybe see if there's a fit, if they need my help or if they don't already just need some general advice which I can help them. And so I've just had my call to action here. So I want people to do a specific action when they read my about page. And this is literally how you can optimize your page. You have your intro, you have some social proof, then you can also have your offer or exactly how you can help people. And finally, you can have your call to action or even add the more testimonials if it makes sense. Finally, instilling the second PI, profitability, we will figure out how to optimize the featured section, which literally only a few people, I really taking advantage of it. Now continuing, we have the featured section and look at the two things I have here. First, they match my brand. So always the oranges and the whole windy space think, and I have the two offerings currently, I think makes the most sense to have here. So I have marketing insights in your inbox, which literally is my newsletter about marketing. And I have the LinkedIn evaluation because this is a link in which you can buy directly and because it's not high price, I can have it here, so I wouldn't have exactly. I mean, you can have it but just don't expect to have immediate sales if you have a very high-end product or service here. Again, this is just to direct people to my content, to the things I am offering in literally to get them on my list in this case, to get their e-mail, to contact with them, to offer them my services to see their pain points and really just talk with them. Which is something I really like to do with the people that subscribe to my newsletter. So you're featured section is an opportunity to showcase yourself, to sell your services and really to show why people should trust you and why people should continue on your profile because they are seeing everything that is on LinkedIn fields. So they have every section filled with information about you. And this just makes them always confidence in more comfortable buying from you and talking with you. And the goal is really if you can match the brands, so use the same colors and use things that are relevant. So here's something I don't think it's relevant, which is 2 f here on the Featured Section, a post that you have created on LinkedIn. Unless it's like a post with a really, really high engagement that tells people something about you or about your services. I wouldn't recommend it because it's a bit amateur. It's much better to show exactly your website or things you are selling, or even your portfolio if you are a freelancer. And with these three sections optimized, your headline, your About section in your featured section, your LinkedIn page is ready to convert. Whether that's converting into a job, whether that's converting into getting free land service or getting an investor for your business. It doesn't matter. You just want to sell exactly portrait looking for. Now, in the next section, we are going to jump into the last p, which is professionally. And I see you there. 6. Third P: Professionalism: We are now in the last piece of the PPP formula and it is less p is all about being professional. And that can mean a lot of things. But I'm referring specifically to the LinkedIn sections that highlight your professional experience and skills. Obviously, the experienced, the skills and endorsements and the testimonials. And that's exactly our focus for this video. So let's jump right into the experience section and I'm going to give you a template that will help you craft all of your work experience in a much more compelling way. Now we are on the experience section. And this is where most people actually take the time to fill in the information, but a lot of people just had their role in the company, so they don't actually write this information that I have here. And I want to show you the format I use to talk about my experiences. And this is a great example. So I actually have a first sentence talking generally about the whole experience. So I say invited by cyber you and online course platform to teach us courses to their audience. And then I am very specific in terms of the results I have produced it. And this is the key. You really want to be specific in terms of results. So don't use common knowledge, common general guidelines of your industry be very specific so people can understand exactly how you can help them or their company get the same results. So I just have taught personal development courses on cyber UN reached plus 500 K students. So this is relevant, this is results, this is people, this is a big number. Then I have produced 30 hours of content on personal development, productivity, and skill learning. So again, I'm highlighting the amount of content I'm produced. So what does this mean is I'm literally saying I'm a content creator and I did this. And then I put another one which is improved productivity at Fortune 500 companies such as Airbus, Hitachi, and New York Stock Exchange. So again, I'm very, very specific and giving social proof. And this is basically what you want to achieve with your professional experience. You want to have a quick sentence, summering up. And as you can see, I actually didn't have it here, but it's totally okay. I still have to edit. And then the most important part are the bullet points, which in these bullet points should detail exactly the results you have produced while having this professional experience. And one interesting thing you can do with this section is to actually add links, are relevant links to this section. So if you go over to Edit, you can go under Add Media and you can add links or you can add images in. Literally you can add relevant things to the experience you have on your profile. And now that you have your experience section completed, let's jump into the skills and endorsements. And now this next section of your LinkedIn profile is the skills and endorsements. And the reason why you want to have these skills is you want to highlight your expertise and eventually you get people endorsing you from these skills. So first of all, you should have a ton of skills related with your niche and you go onto a new skill and you simply add, as I did, marketing, digital marketing, copywriting, CSTO, content management, social media. And it doesn't really matter how much endorsement you have in these skills. The most important ones are the three ones that are featured on LinkedIn before you actually have to click on Show More. And then I also had some interpersonal skills, tools and technologies you know, how to work with, especially relevant for your, for your niche. And what you're actually looking for is to get endorsements by people in the way you do. This is first you ask, then you also endorse other people with whom you have worked with or you know exactly, they have great expertise in that area. And then you literally will start building your skills and endorsements part by asking, you will increase, obviously the number of endorsements you have for each of your skills. I have to admit, I don't pay that much attention to this part of the profile. But it's especially important if you work with 101 clients that really wanted to see how other people, what other people have said about specific skill that you have. And again, make sure you add a ton of new skills to your profile. Especially are obviously if they match your niche or the things you are trying to achieve with your profile. And finally, recommendations, which is a section that only shows up when you actually have some recommendations. And so let's see how you can get more of them. Now, the less section we are paying attention are the recommendations. In this section basically allows other people to write recommendations to you. So they are very specific in terms of in what project did the work with you and obviously what they thought of work toward you. And the way you ask for recommendations is clicking here as quart a recommendation and basically searching for people that you want to ask for one. Now, this takes a little bit of work for one specific reason, which is it takes time to write recommendations. And still most people prefer to leave you an endorsement than they do to obviously write recommendations. But what you can do is if you want to working with clients who in the end left you what testimonial? You can just ask them to leave the same testimonial here on the recommendations section. I actually have to still do that, but it's super important. And the way you also get more recommendations is by giving it to other people. So as you can see, I also have not given that many still working on that part, obviously. So you also should be giving recommendations to other people because they can also review where recommendation to in the end because you are providing them value first. And yeah, this is specifically important. If you have a portfolio with you actively work with a lot of clients. And if you can ask them for a recommendation, it's perfect because this will make you stand out in terms of your profile in specially when compared to other people in your industry. With these three sections optimized your professional experience, your skills and endorsements, and your recommendations, you are ready to make your profile stand out in terms of professionalism. Really, your profile now should be shining. Why? Because you have optimized all the three parts of it. Your profile is visually appealing. Your profile is selling exactly what you want to sell. And finally, your profile is backing up everything you are doing with experience, skills, and recommendations. 7. Conclusion: We've reached the end of this class. And I absolutely loved going through this class because I'm a fan of LinkedIn. And I used to think that LinkedIn was this boring corporate platform in which people just ranked a bit about themselves. Really, that's not the case. And if you use it smartly, you can expect great resource from your LinkedIn profile, specially when your profile is optimized. And so thank you so much for watching this class. For the class project, I ask you to leave a screenshot of some parts of your LinkedIn profile so I can give you some feedback and feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn. I hope you have enjoyed this class and most importantly, that you take the time to put these strategies into practice and to really make your LinkedIn profile stand out and reach the next level. Thank you very much, NIC or in other classes.