Optimize Your Design Workflow: Adobe Illustrator Libraries II | Elizabeth Silver | Skillshare

Optimize Your Design Workflow: Adobe Illustrator Libraries II

Elizabeth Silver, Surface Pattern Boss

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6 Videos (43m)
    • Introduction

    • Gathering your Libraries

    • Organizing your Libraries

    • Saving your Libraries

    • Optimizing & Best Practices

    • Wrap Up & Project


About This Class

Make a good design great with Adobe Illustrator swatches and brushes! Pattern designer Elizabeth Silver shows you how to organize the swatches and brushes your created in Part 1 of this course, and how to best integrate them into your daily design workflow. Get tips on how to be sure all your brushes are in the correct color mode, how to change your default swatches and how to keep your libraries updated. 





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Elizabeth Silver

Surface Pattern Boss

I've spent my career keeping the 'fun' in functional with color and surface pattern. With 10 years of in-house design experience with brands like Target, Walmart, Disney and GapKids I'm comfortable working in a variety of styles on tight deadlines. In 2012 I went rogue and have been building a robust freelance and licensing client roster ever since. Beyond textiles, I've had the opportunity to create illustrations and prints for such products as party paper, dinnerware, outdoor decor and gree...

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