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Optimise Daily Success: How to Create a Morning Routine | Morning Routine Habits

James Ramsden, Helping you become a better you

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15 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How To Create A Morning Routine

    • 3. Waking Up

    • 4. Drink Water

    • 5. Make Your Bed

    • 6. Affirmations

    • 7. Exercise

    • 8. Cold Showers

    • 9. Meditation

    • 10. Preparing For The Day

    • 11. Daily Learning

    • 12. Staying Organised

    • 13. Motivational Videos

    • 14. Most Important Task / Eat The Frog

    • 15. Conclusion and Thankyou! :)


About This Class

In this class, I talk about how to create a successful morning routine. Through looking at how to actually form a morning routine, then going through many habits that will promote personal success, this class will help you to optimise your morning and in turn optimise your life!


1. Introduction: having a successful morning routine is extremely important and beneficial to your own personal success. Some of the most important people in the world and the most successful people in the world start the day's the same way every single day. In this course, I'm going recovering some of the key habits the successful people include in their morning routines. You can pick and choose which ones you want to include your only routine. However, I would suggest trying to implement as many as possible at least trying to form a baby 3 to 5 habits into a morning routine. But the more you include, the more benefit that you will see. I think it's worth giving each of these habits ago on seeing how they work for you, on what benefit they are to you and your own life, trying up to shrug any of them off without having tried them at least once. First on top of that, when trying these morning routine practices, I was trying for at least one week at a time because this gives you the most of the time to actually see results on benefits off, including them in your morning routine. What is a morning routine. Well, simply a morning routine is a sequence off habits or actions that you do repeatedly every single day, every single morning. Why is a morning routine important? The way that you start your day has massive benefits on implications on what happens for the rest of your day. So if you start your day negatively or the first thing you do is check your phone, then it's very likely that the rest of your day won't be as productive as it could be. Depending on the tasks that you do in the morning will depend on the outcome off the day. If you're doing high dopamine tasks such as watching YouTube, videos are playing games first thing in the morning, then it's very unlikely that you're gonna be doing harder. Let's go for me and focused work, which is more fulfilling later in the day because you have that easy sort of dopamine first thing in the morning. By the end of this class, you'll be able to form your own one of routine will have actionable steps to choose which habits on actions you want to implement into your morning routine, which is going to be most successful for you. You also have the knowledge and information about the benefits of each of these habits on what they're useful for, so that forever do. Let's jump straight into the first habit. 2. How To Create A Morning Routine: so before I give you some information on the different habits that you could be, including is probably useful to know how to actually form and create a morning routine. The best practice idea is to list out on a piece of paper all the different bits that you want to include in your morning routine. Specify an order he wants. Complete them in what's most beneficial for you and then try out the order. Try for maybe a week. Different combinations, off habits and different orders. See what is best for you. What's best for your productivity on go from there. You can also make use a technique called habit stacking, which is offered by James Clear in atomic habits. The basic idea with this is use the habit creation formula, which is Q craving, routine and reward and use the reward off. One. Have it Teoh trail onto the cue of the next habit. So, for example, why is he personally is after I meditate? I use that to jump straight into my to do this. Using this technique makes it so much easier for you to form your morning routine and create a specific order off habits to include on to follow that order every single day. One of the main benefits of this technique is allows you to for multiple habits of once, which is technically, or just one habit, which is your one redeem, although you probably won't need some sort of reward for each of your habits, or at least the completely on one routine. This may come in the form of having an extremely productive day or allow himself to take the evening off. But having a reward is pretty central to making sure your morning routine sticks, at least at first, until eventually the morning. Routine itself becomes the reward, but to form this morning routine have it on the rituals. Is ideal Born routine is useful toe have that clear system off habit, which is cute, craving, routine and reward. But using certain habits such as meditation, you can help to form these habits much quicker on to a great degree off ease and efficiency . Visitation being a keystone, have it massively helps it. This on allows you to solidify in your mind and get clear idea, or what the morning routine is, and then eventually or will come automatic. The length of your morning routine is completely up to you. How long it takes, what you do that's electable on down to you. However, I recommend that if you take five habits from this video on, definitely start your day with drinking water. That's essential, nonnegotiable. Then you'll see massive improvements to your productivity and your everyday success. 3. Waking Up: the first habit for a successful morning routine is waking up and specifically waking up early. The time that you wake up has a massive impact on helping you will be in that morning. So, for example, if you wake up at five or 6 a.m. every day, you'll have a few extra hours in the morning to do productive work. Whereas if you're waking up at 8 a.m. every day, then you would have that slot of time in the morning to be more productive. The time that you wake up has an impact on your circadian rhythm on defects. How you go about your day If you're waking up later in the day than its local, you're gonna be staying up late into the night and we won't know that later in the night is when we don't really do productive work. Unless you're out on. That's the time when we're chilling watching TV or playing video games. All of these unproductive activities happened during the evening, so by shifting our working hours more into the morning, we have more hours to be productive. There is also the added psychological benefit off if you're waking up early. Then you can tell yourself in your head I'm up before the rest of the world. I do work while the world is asleep. That gives you a bit of motivation to be more productive, but also give you that bit more energy to get yourself out of bed when it's 5 a.m. Waking up early gives you your first win for the day by becoming a winner. I'm getting up early every single day. You have the added momentum on the added benefit to keep going forward into your day. So what time should you wake up? That's completely up to you, and it depends on where you are a morning person or anything person. But even if you are a night out or uneven person, try and shift your waking hours a little bit forward at least maybe an hour earlier, at least for a month or so, just so you could test that war, it's like to be productive in that time. A good time section to wake up is between five and 6 a.m. If you don't like it up without period already, try and aim to somewhere in that period, whether it's 5/2 5 or six. Any of the times work, but it's whatever works best for you, depending on how much sleep you need will affect what time you go to bed and in turn what time you wake up. So if you're someone like me who needs eight hours sleep a night on your waking up at 6 a.m. then you need to go to bed for a least 10 p.m. So you ensure that you get eight hours of sleep. You have to factor into that as well. The fact of your evening routine. How long that takes. You have invitation to get to sleep, so usually it takes probably about 15 minutes to half it out, actually fall asleep, which means you need to be in bed by evil, half nine or court to 10 at the very latest. It's also ideal to make sure that you're going to bed at the same time every day. Waking up with the same time every day to ensure that your circadian rhythm gets the most benefit on makes it much easier for you to wake up but waking up at the same time every single day without fail without sleeping in on the weekends or having a day off. Every now and then this will ensure that it's much easier to wake up that allows you to get into that productive state much quicker. 4. Drink Water: the next habit is drinking water. So when you wake up, the first thing that you need to do is drink some water because after, say, eight hours of sleeping, your body is extremely dehydrated and this is the perfect time. It's drink water. If you've been asleep for hours, that's eight hours without water. And that's an incredible amount time that you would not go with during your day today. Life the best thing to do as soon as you wake up his tricks and water added benefits to help convince you are that drinking water. First thing alleviates the feeling of your Penis, which makes you feel more awake and more energized much quicker and also fuels your body ready for the day. This kickstart your metabolism and gets you pumped and ready to start the day properly. With energy and motivation and health. At this time, I would suggest that you take any recurring medication or pills you need to take. So, for example, I take it in the hay fever tablet at this time, which helps with my allergies on. That was to give me a reason to drink water first thing in the morning to prepare for this habit. I would recommend that you for your water or your water bottle the night before and then place it on the side, ready for you to drink when you wake up. It's an added bonus here if you put the water away from your bed, which means you have to actually get out of bed to drink the water. How much water is you need to drink? That's entirely up to you. Usually undoing probably about 500 milliliters at most depends are first you are. It's always nice to have the option of having more if you want it, so I usually leave formative militar toe one liter bottle, ready for me to drink when I wake up. Drink water. First thing is one of the integral habits that I think everyone should have in their boredom routine. It's so good for making you feel awake and energized and also kickstart your metabolism like I said, which is extremely beneficial for your own personal health, 5. Make Your Bed: starting your day of a wind. Can you be that added momentum, motivation to go out and achieve more difficult tasks? Another way that you could get that 1st 1 of the day is by making your bet. This simple transfer takes less than two minutes. Has a massive impact on your efficiency productivity for the rest of the day, having a noise made bed ready to work in you when you get home from work, No matter how stressful or tiring the day has been, such a nice welcoming thing on could make the worst day seem just a little bit better. There is also the idea that your outward environment reflects your inward mental state. So we're having a nice organized space on including in that your mate bed could help organize your thoughts on Get rid of that entropy inside of your mind. Another benefit off making your bed is that if you have a surprise visitor or a family member or friend comes around to visit, you have to worry about having everything in order because your bed will be already made, and that was a great impression to people from the outside. Imagine if you come home. Teoh screwed up bed with covers for everywhere pillows out of the place. That gives us such a bad opinion about how you keep yourself and how you organize. Add puts across the idea that you on unorganized person that you're messy on you don't have full control over everything that's in your life. So by adding this simple habit your morning routine, you give the impression that you're organized and tidy person who knows what they're doing and is ready to go up and achieve their goals. I just want to take a second thio going a little bit of a tangent which is still related to your bed. If you're gonna be using your bed, make sure user only for sleeping on for other activities. Such a sex, that is it. You shouldn't be using your phone in bed. You shouldn't be eating in bed. Both these things are extremely detrimental to allowing you to get to sleep on. You should avoid these whenever possible. 6. Affirmations: This next habit falls more into the spiritual psychological realm, and that is affirmations. So some people don't believe in the power of affirmations I personally do. They're one of the things that has actually changed my life, and I really think that there is a power to them. Doing daily affirmations, particularly in the morning, can help you reinforce your identity and begin feeding information to subconscious, which will then reinforce provide to the outside. So your subconscious is something the believes pretty much everything is told on. But giving yourself repeated affirmations frequently, as in daily, you can basically train your subconscious to believe so something's so, for example, one to boost yourself is the would be to tell yourself every day I love myself. Eventually, your subconscious will begin to believe that you actually love yourself on your self esteem or rise. As part of that, the way that this works is your subconscious mind will begin to look for things that prove that belief to be correct. So if every day you're telling yourself I have wealthy on wealth flows into my life, your subconscious mind will look for evidence to prove that you are wealthy person on it. Wilmore easily latch onto things that will be useful to achieving Deco. For example, if you're telling yourself that you are Brophy, then you might see job opportunities that you wouldn't have found. Information is useful to manifest into your life. Things that you want on. These things are very specific. It's important that if you're gonna be doing affirmations that you need to make sure what these affirmations are confirmed that you do want them in your life on ensure that they will be useful to you and your own personal success. It's also important to make sure that you don't have too many affirmations. The power comes from quality over quantity, so maybe keep it to a maximum or five affirmations that you do every single day. These could be in different subject. There is or specific subject areas. When I do, affirmations are usually keep it in one's perfect subject area that want to manifest into my life at that time. That reinforcement off one particular subject area ca massively help in your so called just accepting that information. It does work if you have more generalized affirmations in different subject areas, However, I find the having one specific focus works the best 7. Exercise: This next habit is exercise on its one of the key three foundations off the 2020 20 formula provided by Robert Drama in the 5 a.m. club on. This is part of the morning routine, off leaders and successful people off the world. The basic idea is that you spend 20 minutes or exercising to a two minutes on meditation and reflection and 20 minutes on learning every single morning. And this is known as your power, our or your winning our for that day, and you carry this out every single day. Why is exercise is so important to this? Well exercising like drinking water. First thing. Kickstart your metabolism, get you in the healthy state of mind and get your brain and body ready to go for the day. Your brain and your body much closer lengthen, you think, and they're very tight together. A healthy body means a healthy mind and a well informed on healthy mind. Help the body doing just 20 minutes of intense. Pushing yourself exercise every day is usually enough to ensure that your health is in optimal shape on. You don't really need to go and do any other exercise if you're pushing yourself every single morning, as you're probably aware, many of the most successful people in the world exercise every morning, and this is a good reason. They have much more motivation and productivity during the day and allows them to keep their brain and the body in tip top shape, which optimizes the Rome performance. It doesn't matter what type of exercise you do, whether it's cardio weight training, hit workouts, swimming, Bastable, sports whatever you want, that's up to you. But make sure that you do exercise every morning or at the very least, every day. Doing its part of your morning routine is very useful because exercise is a keystone habit . This means that having the habit of exercise will have many positive knock on effects in other areas of your life. Example here is if you're exercising frequently, it's very likely that you're gonna be eating properly. As a result of that, you won't be eating as much junk food as you want to control what you look like and make sure that you're looking good 8. Cold Showers: after you've exercised, you probably wanna wash away that sweat. Well, I have the perfect solution. Cold showers. You might think, Oh my God, Coach Hours of the worst thing on you'll be right because they're very enjoyable. They're very uncomfortable, but they have so many benefits that they're worth taking. Why Cochell so good? Well, the main reason that I found is they build discipline by doing something that you deliberately don't want to do. Every single day, you put out your self discipline and your stronger mentally and ready to tackle any challenges specifically in your life. And in that day, coach hours, a great morning ritual. Have they really help to beautiful positivity? A momentum for the day, but doing something that you really don't want to do. You build up your mental resilience on your toughness and you're ready to tackle any challenges that offered at you during this day. There are some other extreme benefits off course showers, such as boosting your immune system, reducing depression, making you feel healthier and energized and motivated. Ready to go on top of that for men improves your testosterone levels because Coach I was usually much shorter, they have warm showers, you'll be saving time. You'll be saving water and energy, and you'll be helping out the environment again. Coach hours are very uncomfortable on there, definitely something that aren't that enjoyable, but the benefits, like I say, extremely worthwhile. And if you haven't tried them before, try it just for seven days on. See the benefits, see if they work for you. It would be worth taking two showers a day. If you really don't want to go without your warm shower, have a cold shower. After you exercise in the morning and then in the evening before bed, you can have a warm shower. It will help relax. You prepare you for a good night's rest. 9. Meditation: meditation. This is one of the core habits that I think ever in the world should have is so extremely powerful and beneficial to your mental state that if you're not doing that, you're missing out. It's so incredibly useful, powerful Furin productivity in reservation, your self awareness on all of the other physical benefits that come of it. Just do this habit. Meditation in the morning is something that I do twice. I do it once in the morning. What's it looking up on? Another time, after I have Michelle, Meditation clears your head on, gives you clarity on a clear sense of direction. What you want to do for the rest of the day. It's no surprise that almost all of the most successful people in the world have some form of meditation or mindfulness practice. And if it doesn't tell you that these air successful people and that this habit is directly correlating to that, then you should go have a look into it because meditation can bring you success. If there's only one thing you take away from this course, be it to meditate, meditation can provide you with a clear and stable sense of mind. whatever challenges the day is gonna throw you, you'll be calm, prepared and ready to tackle them or relaxed and focused. Mind meditation. Fulsome. Praise your attentions by and gives you greater clarity or focus when you're working on a task. It makes it much easier to find the flow state quicker, and you benefit massively from this because allow you to be more productive. You also probably aware immunization decreases stress by reducing them out off the hormone cortisol that's in your blood. On top of that, it helps you to be more compassionate and relaxed and calm on understanding or people around you. So it doesn't matter what the problem is that's thrown at your way during the day. If you've made sure to meditate, that morning would be much more repaired and ready to tackle that problem by just investing five minutes in yourself every single morning. The benefits for the rest of the 16 hours of the day could be huge. I've been meditating every day for the past two years on the benefits it's had. The effect it's out of means of person is immense. My own personal success, productivity focus on clarity of full have massively improved since I started meditation, tryout meditation for seven days or 30 days. But make sure you commit to this habit being accused of habit. Meditation makes form of the other habits. You know where your routine much easier on, makes them form quicker. It was to give you a class infrastructure and makes it easier to follow the preset order or following your habits. A useful tool that you can use meditation for is as a divider between different sections of your morning routine. Having a clear mind is a useful indicator or moving on to the next section by leaving certain parts of your one of routine until offer you meditate. You can clearly divide up your day using meditation on. Once you try this, you'll understand what I mean a lot more because after you meditated, you have that clarity of four sense of calm mind that is much easier to have that clear divider between your day. So, for example, the 1st 1 I do in the morning is my general preparation on a daily morning routine ritual stuff, which is relevant. Whatever day is, no matter what I'm gonna be doing on that day. That stuff always happens next, holding one meditation, which is the divider, are following that. I reflect on what I want to do that day, what task I want to accomplish. Then I'll do my learning for the date, which will be relevant, even what I want to go on and do or just generalized learning on. Once I have that clear mind and quality of four angry attention, it makes it much easier to absorb that information. We're free the form off, learning videos on school share or reading books. After a meditate, it's much easier to absorb that information on Apply it to my own life. 10. Preparing For The Day: If you have no clear idea what you want to achieve drawing the day, how do you expect to achieve anything at all? This is where journaling had to do. Let's come in. They're useful productivity talk to give you a clear sense of direction and purpose with what you want to do during the day. By preparing on sitting the task that you want to achieve joined that day, you give yourself order on you. Give yourself clarity of mind that you know exactly what you're going to be doing with your day. This helps you prevent from floating between different activities. Some the aren't very useful on allows. You destruct your day much better and makes it much easier to achieve your goals before you begin your to do list. It's want to know the to top his to do list that most effective and these approaches are the most important task approach with you. Preset 3 to 5 task you want to achieve in that day, and that's all you focus on. You don't worry about anything else. If it doesn't relate to any of the tasks, you don't do it, or on the other hand, you have the snowball Break it out method. This is You list out every single thing that you want to do during the day. By achieving one little to ask the matter. Health smaller is you can take it off and give yourself that added motivation to move onto the next task. So, for example, you might break down your most important task into very many sub tasks on. Once you take one off, you can move on to the next one and the next one. You have that motivation to keep going after you completed a task at the end of the day, breaking it down committee feel more fulfilled, Feel like has been a much more productive day. But on the other hand, most important task approach is very useful for actually getting things done on allows you to prioritize things much better. Whichever to do this method you're gonna be choosing it doesn't matter. As long as you have one task you need to accomplish that day. If you're gonna set out to achieve one thing, what one thing would make the entire dear win? Which talks would that be identified that at the start of the day, and make sure you complete that task. Folks on that get out on first and then we want your chosen method. Is it this time that I would like to recommend you do any scheduling on making sure that you know any appointments or meetings or events that happening today? What time they're happening, how you should prepare for these events? Make sure you have heard of this written down and ready to go from the start off the day. Another tip here is used a pen, and people have to do this activity rather than using some software or your phone. Because whenever you're using a computer or additional device, there is always the opportunity and the possibility that you'll get distracted by those devices. Say, for example, you have to do this app on your phone, so whenever you want to take up the task, you have to go over that pick up your phone open. The APP had to take up the task, but there's always the possibility that if you go on your phone, you might have a notification on. This makes it so much more likely that your click on the notification because you're on your phone already, and that can lead down a rabbit hole off destruction on being unproductive. So I simply minimizing this destruction on this risk and using a piece of paper or a bullet journal or some of a similar method you can reduce on eliminate the destruction entirely. 11. Daily Learning: this next have. It is very important to your own personal growth, and this is reading or learning every single morning. If you're anything like me, then you might enjoy learning like I certainly enjoyed learning on. I enjoy spending my mind on becoming a better person and growing. But sometimes I lack motivation on energy and discipline to actually go out alone because in the morning, or willpower and discipline are at the highest levels, it's much easier to get your learning on. You're reading out of the way first thing, but having a dedicated a lot of time to learn and expand your mind every single day. You will definitely see results on personal improvement and growth over time. Using this time can help you to get free books that you've been putting off or because you've been meaning to read, and it can help you to explore subjects that you have been very interested in. I'm curious to learn more about the type of learning that you do is completely up to you, or you want to read or watch YouTube videos or skill share. However you wanna learn that doesn't to you where was best but I would highly recommend that you try and minimize them up technology that you use. Like I said it in a previous tip that if you're gonna be using a digital technology device or if you're gonna be on your phone or watching YouTube videos, there is the risk that you'll go on on. Do something that isn't related to learning, such as. If you're watching YouTube, you might see a video that entices you on your end up. Go down a rabbit hole off an hour of watching point this. Issue videos by minimizing this risk reading just a physical book. You can get the learning done. You can have greater attention and focus on the learning itself. Andi. There isn't the opportunity for destruction to grab you by having this dedicated full time . You also allow yourself to make sure that you read and you're learning every single day on learning every single day is integral toe. Having optimal personal growth, you can freely learn more at any other point in the day, but having a dedicated a lot of time that you always learn, you always read and improved well. Massively benefit your personal success the most successful people on the wealthiest people in the world. How an abundance of knowledge that they can tap upon at any given point they commit himself the learning regularly on used their knowledge to massively influence their own success. It's important to note that type of knowledge you consume should be brought ideally as the more knowledge you have in lots of different areas, so much easier is you to act for not large in any given situation, although it very much helps to have a special either of knowledge that you'll most knowledgeable about. I recommend that you brought in your knowledge base so that you can heart your mind and have a clear idea of what's going on around you. Bill Gates, for example, does I think week every year where he goes off the grid pretty much and just reads and learns and consumes knowledge for a week straight and just look at his position. Look where he is. He's one of the most powerful, both these men in the world, and he does a week off just pure learning and knowledge of reading every single here. If that doesn't tell you the power and the usefulness of knowledge, I don't know what does 12. Staying Organised: to optimize your productivity and increase the chances of being productive throughout the day. You need to have in physical space properly organized at one of the ways that you could do . This is through having an organization have it is part of your morning ritual. Make sure that your physical spaces tidy. Make sure everything's in its right proper space Before you begin working for the day, what do you do here is have a quick glance around the room or your work office space. Clean off your desk. Make sure everything's tidy and probably organized. Available quickly to access on. Begin working from there. It helps to have 123 items that you dedicate as those are the things that I'm going to make sure, or in their right proper space, for example, of these things that you might use every single day, such as your house key or your backpack. Make sure they're in their proper spaces. So, for example, I keep my house key in my BTC trade. I am a backpack on the floor by my stuff, so that's in the corner, every to access any point of one. If I need to get up and quickly put out there are grabbed by Greg McKee, and I'm ready to go within two minutes. This helps prevent the stress off having to get ready and rushing yourself at some point if problems arise during the day. So making sure you're spaces organized can be extremely beneficial for your efficiency and productivity and success for the day. 13. Motivational Videos: This next habit is something that I personally don't do anymore. I think it can be very useful, but isn't something that is necessary to everyone's one routine. This is watching motivational or inspirational content. It could be very useful to kick start your day with a surge of energy. Motivation on Driven, ready to go out and accomplish your goals by watching a short you should video that motivates you, pumps you up for the day. You can get stuff done. You could be re energized. Motivated. Andi actually achieved lots of tasks, but the problem arises when you start relying on this as your only source of motivation. Yes, is very useful and motivational. However, if you're washing it every day, and I shall only form off kicking your brain into go boat on getting a brain ready to go for the day, then it's something that you're not relying on on is not good, because you now rely on watching a motivational video every single day. If there's a day when you don't watch the motivational video, your productivity will massively drop because of that. So every once in a while, maybe if you're feeling down, you can watch a motivational video, but I wouldn't include it as part of our everyday morning routine, maybe once a week to be fine, but try and limit the amount that you watch motivational content. 14. Most Important Task / Eat The Frog: This next habit is possibly the most important for your daily productivity and daily success. And that is doing a most important task or eating a frog first thing. So what I mean by this? Well, eating the frog is known as doing the most difficult task for the task you've been putting off the most first thing. This gets out of the way and you're not dreading looking forward to anything else the rest of the date. That is negatively gonna weigh on the mind on to prevent you from achieving what you want to do at maximum levels. Or there is the most important task approach, which is to do your most important task of the day. First, this make sure that you start the day of a win. You get out the way on you have that success of your bell ready to go there. Okay, I've completed this today. Today is already a win. I could be so much more productive if I keep going. Most off them. This task will be quite long on. You have to spend a good hour or two at least, or completing this task, which means you're practically dedicating this time to the flow state, make sure that you leave out as many distractions as possible. It's much easier to do this if you're waking up early, such as at 5 a.m. If you have maybe one or two hours in the morning off uninterrupted flow time, you use that time is your most important task or we eat the from time to get outside completed. Then once you complete the task and it's now a TM or 9 a.m. you can look back at how much you've accomplished during the day already, and you've got another 12 hours at least to go, which is awesome. You have that extra huge motivation on a surge of energy to go out and complete the rest of the tasks for the day. 15. Conclusion and Thankyou! :): thank you so much. Washing this course but really means a lot to me. I really hope that you've learned a few things that there are a few morning routine rituals and habits that you're gonna start implementing your own one in routine. I hope that you'll be able to use this information. Begin structuring and creating your own personal morning routine. Optimize your own productivity on your own everyday success. If you like the scores and you enjoyed it, please leave a rating and review or leasing comets down below and I go back to you. You're supports. Greatly. Appreciate it on If you do this, check up metal content. I hope you can let some more I'll see you again in the future peace.