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Online course creation masterclass, record courses at speed!

teacher avatar Scott Doel MInstLM, Assoc, Performance Coach

Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

20 Lessons (1h 9m)
    • 1. Why I created this course

    • 2. Welcome to the online course creation masterclass

    • 3. Download and install OBS

    • 4. OBS Settings

    • 5. OBS black screen fix

    • 6. OBS mic filters

    • 7. OBS webcam with filter

    • 8. Use chroma key (Green Screen) in OBS to make PowerPoint transparent

    • 9. First example of OBS with PowerPoint

    • 10. Animated title slide in PowerPoint with music

    • 11. Second example of OBS with PowerPoint

    • 12. Multiple scenes in OBS

    • 13. Third example of OBS with PowerPoint

    • 14. PowerPoint drawing

    • 15. Fourth example of OBS with PowerPoint

    • 16. OBS Camera Transform to make it easier to point during green screen!

    • 17. PowerPoint slide's master slide creation

    • 18. OBS multiple scene's and camera locking

    • 19. OBS scene switching using hotkeys

    • 20. Handouts using PowerPoint and Word

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About This Class

Hey, I'm Scott & I’m a full-time course instructor, both on and offline. In this training, I will show you the best way to quickly create high-Quality courses that you can use to:

  • Create courses that generate passive income on sites like Udemy and Skillshare

  • Start your own online or offline teaching business.

  • Create amazing looking and engaging content to wow any audience

My Rapid Online course creation masterclass will help you to quickly, and easily:

  • Record High-Quality, great looking High Definition Video Files. Create and apply filters for great-looking videos.

  • Capture High-Quality Audio all the time, every time automatically. Enhance your voice and remove background noise while you record

  • Create engaging and attention-grabbing videos at light speed

  • Remove overwhelm and remove the need to spend spending hours editing.

  • I'll take you from hmm courses to wow courses!

I'll take you step by step through the process so you can fully understand how all the pieces link together. I don't attempt to wow you with an amazing piece that you cant action, I'll show you the exact steps to recreate what I've done so you can add your own personality to it!

With our attention spans getting ever shorter, maintaining the learner's interest is a key point is teaching anything successfully. But how can you operate multiple pieces of software while you teach...I know a secret that I'll explain inside!

I've not stuffed in full of filler to make the course hours long, it's just the framework you need to make the process your own

So if you’re ready, I'll see you on the inside!

Meet Your Teacher

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Scott Doel MInstLM, Assoc

Performance Coach


Why are 15,000+ students enrolled in my online courses?


1) I teach with passion and purpose. Every course is designed and delivered with you in mind.

2) My courses will help you achieve real results.


3) My life's work is helping people. Both on and offline through teaching, mentoring and coaching

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About Scott Doel:

I'm an offline and online instructor, that mixes the best of both worlds to make engaging and fun content


My CV:

I have a masters degree from The Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) in Executive Coaching an... See full profile

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1. Why I created this course: Hi, I'm Scott. I've been teaching offline for 15 or so years. But like all of us in the last year, I've been forced to do what I do completely online. So I find a way mixing the engagement that you'll get what an offline learning, what a quality online learning and course videos that don't need hours and hours of editing. So in an hour have taken the course, you'll be able to create amazing looking and signing videos that go with your style. I'm not giving you a template to use. I'm setting you up with a framework that you can use for yourself. So to get it will go from step one and create great luck in audio and video without background noise. You can hear my kids in the background. We've all got background noise. What we're working for, mom, I'm going to make the process easy so you don't need a team of people around you. I'm also gonna remove the need for any editing after the fact. So it's recorded in the course. And then you're done. We're gonna post it wherever you want to post it. So I've designed the course so it can teach anyone that wants to teach online. So we've all been upset or we will not enjoy the engaging content. Or maybe the technical overwhelm that comes with that. How to get over all of that and make the process simple. And I've also not stuffed it for love, extra content to make it hours and hours long. It's all Keller is no filler. So jump on in. And then we can learn together. I'll see you on the inside. 2. Welcome to the online course creation masterclass: Okay, so welcome on the inside. So we're gonna look at through the course using PowerPoint. You're probably very familiar with PowerPoint. And we're going to use an open source piece of software called Open Broadcaster. So OBS, Open Broadcaster Software, it's free to use. It is very, very well supported, very well documented. There's lots of things in the form that you can see. So you can extend OBS and do lots of magical things. I'm not doing any of that within the course. It's entirely up to you. If you want to add the extra bits and pieces into it. We're gonna go through how to set up how to use green screens within PowerPoint so that we can put our camera behind PowerPoint. And I've OBS looked through the chroma key that comes with it. So on a background would change the color. Obs a look through, they'll see the camera. So anything you then put on a PowerPoint would show over the top. We're going to do several other things to print nodes around different views. So carry on through there. But if you've got any questions, feel free to post them and I'll get to them as soon as I can. I'll see you soon. 3. Download and install OBS: Okay, so to install OBS, we need certain navigate to Open Broadcaster Software, or we can just OBS Studio. This take us to the homepage. Obs Studio is free and open source. We can use it for recording videos or we can use it for streaming of videos. A lot of streamers used days and they can give you some good ideas on how to improve the quality of your videos and the different plug-ins and things that you get to use. But OBS, It's also got a very good community resource. The OBS forums have got a lot of support and they're very active. So you can get quite a lot of help from there. If you need help for anything else, things like wiki guides, they're all in there on the main OBS site. Obs also have quite an active blocks or you can find them, look at tips and tricks, how to do things. You can do a lot of this also within YouTube. So I'm just going to fund a download OBS as a recording. This version, OBS is on Version 26. They met a lot of changes in version 26 include an active noise removal and the ability to take screenshots, which is very handy for us to recording videos. I'm just going to click on the download installer and then we can get to install. And once that's done, small file. So it's only gonna take us a couple of minute. Does have a wizard. So when you start the software, flashy. Firstly, what do you want to do? You want to record videos or do you want to strain case and I went knows is going to scan it for viruses very quick because it's used on a lot of machines. Mom agree to the license. I don't see any problem with leaving in the standards quite boards. I leave it in the standard if you want to install plug-ins and things like if you do move it from there, that's entirely up to you. Just have to remember that when you move plugins to it later, woo. Just take a moment to look because it's the first time just installed. So we do have this popup comes through optimized for streaming recording. A secondary, if we're recording courses we want to do, the optimal is just for recording, I will not be streaming. It may be a case that you want to use some streaming later so you can change some things in the settings after. The option for using for virtual camera is if you change the camera settings in OBS And you just want to use that as a camera in something else like in zoom or in teams. You could do that if you wanted to. Go on the next. Specify the settings you would like to use base canvas, I want 1920 by 1080 standard HD. If you're using it for sites like Udemy, that's the setting to use 60 frames per second or 30 frames per second. I'm going to use 60 whenever possible. There are other settings where i want to either 60 or 30, but 60 when possible. So there is a problem that will just drop the resolution then. I don't need to up my resolution to be anything higher. That's just going to cause us another problem. If it happens. Within my machine, I've got a graphics card. This is where the encoder comes in. So the encoding takes it from the system CPU and it's run by the graphics cards GPU. That was the reason I picked this laptop. I covered some of that in my previous course. If you're interested in that, send me a message. I'm going to click apply settings to go through the installer. So that's OBS installed. I'm going to pause this video and then I'll come back and we can look at all the individual settings later. 4. OBS Settings: Okay, so now we've installed OBS, thus gets some other settings done so we can have it working as we want it to. When you click on the Settings. Spurious one either way, I'm not using OBS to record OBS because it puts screens inside of screens. So I'll just to try and make it easy for you guys to see what I'm seeing. So in the general tab, I've chosen to automatically record when streaming and they keep the recording on the streaming stops. If I do that, at least if I'm recording or sorry, streaming to YouTube as an example, maybe I decided to go live to do something. I can create a course from that. I can create some kind of content from that. And it will do it automatically in the background. There is a nice function on a replay buffer is something that a lot of steam is used. It's not something that I'm going to use, something I may use further down the line. Within the general. I'm not going to change anything else on there. I'm not going to touch anything on the stream. We're going to look in the output. So in the output for changed from simple to advanced. If I'm streaming, I'm only going to be using audio track one. So audio track one is going to be a join of both the tracks. So whether that's going to be the Mike under Desktop Audio or anything else. If I'm doing it in a video, I'm going to want to use audio tracks 23 just so I can separate the output so that it will output as an end KV file. And I can, if I need to edit, it may be there's a likeness problem on I can do that after in post. If we get everything right in the star, it should be okay. But also doing this, I can do something called audio ducking, which means that there's music playing that's on one track that's going to be the desktop. Let's say that audio track to when it's playing, it's gonna be at this level. When I start talking, the audio's gonna drop down. And then when I stop talking, the audio's gonna come back up. And again, that can be done automatically so I don't need to do anything in post. It's gonna save the file in a standard folder. I don't want to a ne'er, I've already created a folder in my videos called OBS. I'm just gonna save it in there. It's entirely up to you what you do. Audio I'm going to leave as it is. I mentioned replayed buffer before. I'm not going to touch that. So just to touch on that recording audio track 23 left everything else as it was. I changed it to move it. But you can do it is entirely up to you. Streaming audio track one. It's just apply that as we go through audio. So 48 kilohertz, that comes through a standard. There is another option for 44.1. I think we should leave it on 48 to totally up to you if you want to change that. And I've disabled audit devices. So the only devices that we will see in OBS There are working and the ones we decide to add, right? And then let OBS add them automatically. That way at least we're in control of what we're doing at the start. Video TAB 1920 by 1080. So standard HD, 16 by nine ratio. I've left it with 60 FPS. The logic tech brioche records at 60 FPS. We've gotta do some stuff to that camera to, to get it working properly. Hotkeys wise, I'm not gonna do any hotkeys because I'm using a separate program, like I said, to record OBS at the moment. So we can change input anything that we'd like at the minute. They added a function err on putting in screenshots m, which is really handy if we're producing educational content. So definitely be set to nose up at a later date. In the advanced. I'm also going to add in to automatically remarks to mp4. But their standard upload for sites like Udemy for publishing is going to be an MP4. Whereas if you remember, the way we are going to be output into and KV, which gives us the separate audio tracks. This will give us the option on if there is a problem, we can adjust the MPV. If there isn't a problem in the same folder will be saved an MP4 version. So we can just upload that straight away. If the, that's goes through and that's all OK, there's no problem. We can just store the MK or if we don't need it anymore, we can dispose of it. I'm not going to set anymore in there. And that's everything for name. 5. OBS black screen fix: Okay, so we've got OBS running. I wanted to show the desktop screen so I can run through in another few bits and pieces. There's a common issue, a word, a common problem within OBS. If you've got a machine that has a graphic scope because it tries to look at the output from the graphics code. Whereas this is running internally, it can't quite see anything, so we need to change that. Otherwise, we'll just stick with a black screen. Let me show you what I mean. Display capture. Display one. I've got a second monitor. That's why it's asking for too. So I'm not seeing anything. It's a black screen. So let me actually let me leave that now. I'm going to switch off OVS, gonna right-click on my desktop and go to display settings. From display settings, I'm going to scroll to the bottom and I'm going to look for graphics settings. In here we want to add a desktop app. You've got another option of adding a, something that you bought from the Microsoft Store. But we don't want that it is the desktop app. Let's click on braves, because I've already added it. What you'll need to do is navigate to your C drive. Program Files, OBS Studio, bin, and 64 act. Because I've got a 64-bit machine, it's going to be in there. It may be in Program Files 86 if you've got a 32-bit machine. So I'm gonna add that one to there, add it, and then go to options. So we want to get it to move away and be the power-saving option. Sounds wrong, but that's what we need to do to get it to display. Let's go save. Stop that one for now. And I'm going to put Ruby s. It's just booting up. So you can see UBS is because it's displaying itself is a window within the window within window. So it does get confusing, but it'll be different when we display something else. Let me start that for you. There. 6. OBS mic filters: Okay, so I've switched the background offered showing the desktop just so we remove that confusing bit for the moment. But I want to add my microphone and like I said, I'm recording this, it's something else just so you guys could see Y c. So for now let's just do the microphone audio input capture. Have got a Blue Snowball. So I'm just gonna talk to let is that just so it's obvious to me what it is from the job line, I'm going to select blue snowball. Leave that as defaults and put that as okay, project gonna be quite a minute. So back gray noise isn't really an issue for me in this room. But I'm going to put a final next door. So just bear with me a second. Kind of found that's running. You can see where the audio dances around. So OBS has got some great functionality that we can remove background noise. They made it a sin to the latest function. So OBS 26 has a noise suppression called RN noise. So let's go and add some filters onto see what we can get. On the gear icon on filters, I'm going to add a filter using the plus. So first Phillips I'm gonna do is noise suppression. So actually if you want or leave it, I'm leaving it. I'm going to go for RN noise, which is the highest quality. There was a, an original that was in there. We've got a lower-quality machine. We may be able to use a lower CPU usage, but I'm gonna stick with RN noise. I'm not going to add anything else for the second just so we can see how it's changed. So I'm gonna shut up just as if it jumps date, but defend right next to the microphone. Pretty good. Let me switch the fan off the second. Right by my face, so is a little bit and I, and just have it there. Let's go to add some more filters so we can make our mike zone is as good as possible every time will a playing around in editing after. So next one I'm going to add in is going to be a noise gate. We can add that one if you needed. So if there's any other problems, once you've done that, you can add an a noise gate. We saw from my screen that it didn't need anything. So I'm not going to add that winning. So because we don't need the noise gate, I'm going to add a compressor in. Leave us totaled compressor two is a chain operates in this order along going to leave everything is the standard and any comeback if we have any issues later to add that one. And I'm gonna go back and see if we can get to something like minus three decibels with normal talking. If it, if it doesn't, I can add k2. It is closed at one. So we want to get up to around here just before you get into the red. Let me try talking to avoid talk. Normally that's not really coming. I've got to add a little bit more into that. So I'm going to add a bit again. Let's go into filters and let's go into plus. And then it's going to gain. To gain, I want to add in, let's go with two decibel surname and see what that gets to. Does that get much higher or should I be adding some more? Little bit more? About what about name? Oh, so now we just went straight into the red, would be talking a little bit later. So with me going into the red, we don't want that we need to add a noise limits are in as well. So the last part in the chain limiter. So noise limits or we don't want it to go three. So I'm just going to bring this one down to three. So that should see as just before the Read More or less there every time because we've got the game and then we got the limiter. That's it for this one. See you in the next video. 7. OBS webcam with filter: Okay, so now we've added our microphone and it's always there. It's got filters on it, so it should always sang, good. Let's add our webcam. May not say, Look as best as we can. Click on the plus. And I'm going to go into video capture device where someone's a logical Priyanka. I'm just gonna call it up just so I know exactly what it is. It comes through with the laptops, inbuilt camera gonna change up to the brow. Just give me a second to change over. Just move these screens are just going to make that as big as possible. So we can see with better configure video, we can play with the settings changing. So originally the white balance would come from is automatic. Got a tendency to just gonna move. So you can see the T-shirts, t-shirts white. So it looks a bit gray there. So I've just taken it off. We can play with any of the other settings that you see fit. What I've done because of the logistic has the autofocus and auto white balance had gone and use logic tech g hub to switch their health legit actually hub you can get from online now or a few videos on how to use it. So I'm gonna leave that as it is. Click on OK. You can do different things including flip it vertically, which is quite handy when I have got the one over to the side, Dr. Sidney and 20 are used for white boards. Not very handy for now, but makes it easier if you want to see stuff slightly differently. Just scroll down and show you the bottom. So we're okay with that. I say, OK, maybe we want to add a lookup table or a filter. You can, if you wanted to get look-up tables from various places on the internet, including the forum. So the logotype themselves, scripts my desktop, I've got a link on there. Our lookup table section in the form where you can go and download stored on Google Drive. So it's quite easy to get to. I quite like the ones that are in-built, if I'm honest. So I'm gonna go click on it and sorry, click on the gear, click on filters. I'm going to add a filter and I'm going to apply a lot. So I got you. Where you can find this really is to play around, I don't know a scientific way of finding it. If I downloaded them or we just navigate to them here. So these are the inbuilt ones within OBS. I quite like this, t on orange. So yes, it changes everything and I've deliberately got the loads on behind, so you can see that. But you can alter the intensity of the filter. I'm going to jump back quite a way, Dane. Well, like it then we can still see the white that comes through the teacher. Move that microphone for name. Whiter on the pictures behind on some of the books too. So I'm happy with that. So now each time we start and use any of these two, we've got the filters that make the webcam is good as we can. And we've got the filters that made the microphone be as good as it can. I'll see you in the next one. 8. Use chroma key (Green Screen) in OBS to make PowerPoint transparent: Okay. So a rename the scene, just call it master scene. I'm only going to use one scene for now. I don't wanna do transitions, I don't wanna make it complicated. I want to make it as easy as I can for now to be able to record the PowerPoint, but also to show my webcam. So as the initial point of it, we're gonna use a green screen. So you see it in the movies a lot. Green screens for taken things out. So OBS can do this processing as we go along. So what we can do is to use the function of formats in the background within PowerPoint to record a PowerPoint show with our webcam showing behind it, so that when there is a green portion or green screen within the PowerPoint as the backdrop, it will look straight through that and see me behind so I can then talk to the camera. It may be I want to overlay something within the PowerPoint so it would see me. And then it will have the graphic in front, not done in post in editing or trying to use some kind of editing software. It's still done within PowerPoint and it happens any animations bringing things in that still works. But for any normal slide decks where you've got the white background, you'll just see the powerpoint. You won't see me behind the microphone was still have all the filters in there, so it was still signed it as good as it possibly can. It comes back. We've still got the same sort of filters would on the webcam. So let's add a brains of source first off. So I'm gonna go display capture. I did say it brighter source, I apologize for that was a slip display capture. I'm going to leave that as okay. So we can put that above, which we'll show what's on that side. But just say for instance, we wanted to go past the green screen bear and get to our normal PowerPoint. Excuse me. What we wanted to also show our webcam. We can just change the order. We can drag our webcam above the display capture in another scene. So plus that is seen change the order. Might be you want to change the size of the webcam. But we can then move it around. So that would effect, let's put that one in then. What we also need to do within the display capture and need to move him back to have him on the top is put the filter in. There are the chroma key and they go plus currently key. We're leaving it is green because we're, we'll put that in in PowerPoint. I just show you that in a second. Believe everything as it is. I'm just gonna go with clothes. So we've got displayed capture first, which is whatever are the showing on screen number one. Then we've got our webcam. So it's all in there. Obviously, we've got our snowball and never in any case. So what I'm gonna do is go across the PowerPoint. So I've created a simple four slides. So I've got a green background. So all I've done in air, it's format background, color, more colors, custom and in the RGB variants, so red, green, blue, but red is 0, green is 255, blue at 0. So it's a pure green. So it's easy for the system to take it a, there's no movement, there's no shadows because it's in front is computer-generated. It's gonna give us quite a good result. I've just done some simple boxes so we can see things come in animations on them just for the sake of it. And I've got a white background here so you won't see me. So what I'm gonna do is stop the second instance of OBS recording just so we can now go straight back into it and then you can see exactly what I see. So bear with me a second. 9. First example of OBS with PowerPoint: Okay, so I've got the PowerPoint show running. I press the Windows key because I'm on two monitors to be able to move everything across. And I've got my OBS. So on my monitor that's on the side of resized that presents a notes so that since mortal can still control the parable next, that I've got my version of OBS where I can see myself talking the webcam slightly off to the side. So going live to do this, I would move the arms or bring it across. And then on my screen on the right, which is what OBS is recording, I've gotten the main PowerPoint show. So, uh, my window that I'm seeing, it's completely green. But obviously that's been taken eight for the system. And I'm coming straight through. I've just I've just noticed I've got C Mai OBS window is just hanging over. I've just moved in a so it's pretty good. Data accurate. It's just going to resize everything on this screen so it's not overlapping. So the animation was onclick. So my first animation, I'm going across to present a notes and I'm clicking on the arrow. And I have to do one click to select PowerPoint. And in the next clip to bring the animation in that just came in, that's not done in post. That's then automatically appreciate it's not great graphic. So I'm gonna go to the next show, which has gone back to green so I can carry on talking about whatever. And then that's going to bring in column member should point in the right way. It's afflict. So you probably know this obviously that it shows a mirror image. So I've got a point in the opposite way. And I've got the same thing for the next one, is going to come in and go across from the other way. So that one works. So it's just as easy as doing that. I haven't done anything in editing. It's just dead simple. Let me go to the next bit. Should be just over me. So what I could do if I wanted to, would be to change and add a, another seem. So I could switch scenes. So we'll do that as we go through and do some more in a minute. But for now, that's it. Thank you very much. 10. Animated title slide in PowerPoint with music: Okay, I need to create a new title sequence when I can use on, on any of the PowerPoints that would go through and then we'll play automatically. It will also advanced automatically. So once I click Play, I can them wait while the music plays to total sequence rolls until it comes to show. But it had been me in the PowerPoint or the PowerPoints or carry up. So let's try and recreate that within PowerPoint. So I'm going to hide my camera for a minute just so I can show the PowerPoint show. So all I'm gonna do is you slide in. Just going to use a title slide. And I'm also going to get weird the subtitle, which extend this line it left. And choose the font decrease. Maybe you just increase it slightly if we can squeeze some room. Yes. Okay. So the second line, whereas record courses a speed, obviously, you can change this for whatever you like. Just go in to align it to the middle. So I'm gonna come up range, align, center, range, align, middle. Ok. Might want to just pop it to the left. So all I'm doing is selecting it and using the Cherokee. She's going to align that to the far right hand side. Should give me space to put a, another line into here. So all I want is something like just to copy as it was. We could use a straight line. I'm going to hold the Shift button and I'm going to draw a vertical line. Is high as the text coming up to shape, outline, change it to black. If I didn't have black selected, just click the dropdown and come into here. But I also want to go to the wait, make it a thick text. Looks good to me. Going to press Control and a, to select everything. And then I'm going to come up to the animations. That animation fly in. Let's change that and have it fly in from the right. So animation pane, I'm gonna right-click fact options. Change that from the right. Ok, so all comes into get a little bit fast. Let's look at the timing. Very fast. I'm gonna change it to medium. Let's see what that looks like. Ok, I'm happy with that. Let's, we'll save that one. And let's go and get some music. So easiest way is going to be used something like Youtube Studio to use their copyright free music. Just in case you are going to use the same thing on YouTube as you would do on something like Udemy. So let's see what we've got. audio library. You can go through them, pick whatever you like, can listen to them from the side. Let's just pick one just to show you that. Not going to use that one for a minute. Let's come all the way down. I'm gonna go to the next page. There's quite a lot of pages here. When I've used one from here in my first, which was this one, I'm not showing display audio, so you might not get the audio very well. So bear with me a second, I should just go and fix that. So I had to start a second instance of OBS to be able to record the screen. So again, I've got two instances of OBS. I'm just going to add the Desktop Audio. So I'm going to come to the plus sign. And from here I'm going to have audio output capture, which is going to be my desktop. In the dropdown, I've got two selections are mentioned before. I've got a second screen. So I'm just going to use the computer audio. I'm going to click on okay. So I've now got the Desktop Audio plane. Let me just go to show that screen. Can have it play and it will capture it better. So I'm going to stop the second instance of OBS recording and then come back to this one. So bear with me. Okay, so we're back again, right? So this time I've got the Desktop Audio running. We can, and we'll look at a later date, have desktop audio playing. And then the volume automatically lowers when I start talking. That's called audio ducking or soy chaining, will do that little later on in the course. But for the purposes of now, I just want to download that video, inserts it into the PowerPoint, and then play with it in there. So I'm just going to click on it and go across to the download. A couple of seconds to download that one. So I'm just going to pause it and go and get it so we're ready. See you in a second. So we're back into PowerPoint now, I've moved the file that's on my desktop, sort of mixed up in my Downloads folder. So let's insert it. Go along to insert, and then along to video or audio on my PC. Just the file that I downloaded. So it's YouTube, copyright free, so we can use it on YouTube. We can pretty much use it anywhere. No, move the speaker off to the corner just to get it out of the way for name. And I want it to actually happen. Above. So the music starts where I don't want to have a up an onClick. I don't want to have that happen on click either. So there'll be a delay for this one coming in, which was a second, that audio should start straight away. The audio is going to be a little bit too long. So I'm just going to select the audio which brings up the audio format sections. Let's go to Playback. It's gonna start automatically. We're not going to have it loop. Let's have it fade in. So it's not jumping straight in. And let's trim the audio. We want to match the waveform pattern. Pressure is a little bit small. Let's try and drag it somewhere across to one of the lower points. Actually, let's bring it to match these two. Ok, so it's a twelv second clip with that, which is going to be a little bit too long. But a total I think that's going to be never-never eight seconds. So let's try that. So I'll put that right in. I'm just going to click on the play. Okay, so that seems OK. What I'm gonna do is end the show again, going to come back and I'm going to fade eight. So this should give us around an 8 second. So I'm going to change the duration for that slide to be able to transition into the next one. So I'm going to advance slide after eight seconds to save that as we go in through James display. So it swaps automatically into the next slide. Maybe the music isn't right or play with that, but you get the principal could escape from the PowerPoint show. Stop that recording at this point. Wasn't happy with that, so I'll just trim them a little bit more. Let's try playing that one. Okay, so the audio plays fine. We need to reduce the slide duration. Tau backup to this one. Back into transitions, slow duration. When I reduce that, when done. Let's save that. Let's try it for the last time. So that works quite well. If we wanted to, you could just save that. I have that one slide in the show and export PowerPoint is a movie, so you can also use this within an, another editor. We've got the icon here for. Let's see if there's any way we can get rid of that within the settings. Seems the icon is there or not gone too far into it. So probably the easiest thing to do would be to insert a shape over the top of it and we can't see it. So obviously if I change that to white and change the outline to white, we know it's there because we can choose on it with the box. We can see how it all comes in together, but I can't see that icon. They let me play. So it works quite well. We can't see anything dynamic come through. And we can just change the wording based around the course with delivering. We can do the same thing for subtitles, etc.. I so often I see you in the next one. 11. Second example of OBS with PowerPoint: Okay, so this is now going straight into the second screen. Title worked really well at the audio come through, had the title scroll through come and ultimately they use in the animations. So we can change that each time we want to record something else. I'm still in the presentation. I still do the navigation through and then add in the extra animations that come with it. And then the last one. So the next one is watch up from the bottom, which is a normal, normal presentation. So it's got a white back ground. So the webcam monk show through because it's not using the green screen. So what we'll get into now is using OBS to create other scenes that can put our webcam back onto the front page. So that's it for now. I'll see you in the next video. 12. Multiple scenes in OBS: Okay, so now we're good with doing a green screen so that the camera behind the PowerPoint, but looking through the PowerPoint based upon the green screen. We've also done totals and animations that go with that so we can do title, subtitle of credits, etc, that sort of stuff. The normal bits and pieces you would do. So maybe we want to do some extra cameras so we can do a camera that shows on top of the Powerpoint slides so rather than behind it. So what I'm gonna do is to copy the Master Scene. So right-click and I'm going to duplicate. And just to make it something slightly different, I am going to put camera left so I can then move the webcam and put it on the left-hand side. So let's edit this one. Chewy, squeezed up mundane. Just drag it over. We're going to be too big. Still. Put it to something like like this. So we can resize as we go through. But so when we play with the PowerPoint, anything that's a heading or title. And then any of the content would be there. We're gonna right-click and duplicate it again. You probably guess where this one's going is camera, right? So in this one, we just need to move the camera straight across to the right-hand side. Same sort of principle. We're going to click on and just change the screens. Camera left camera, right, camera, left, camera right. They're all about the same height. So that's okay for me. What we wouldn't need to do is to alter the sources. So because in this previous example that we copied, we're using a green screen in this one, well not. So the embryo needs to be on top. And in the display capture, we don't really need the filters. There. I'm going to remove the chroma key. Shot that mundane. And the camera, right? I'm going to drag the embryo above. In a display capture. We don't need the filter again. So remove groupbyKey. Only issue and I just wanna make sure Annex I didn't see it. Not on there. Okay. So we got and so we may also want to do one that doesn't have a camera. Let's duplicate. So I'll put no. So in this example, I will just take the embryo off. So I've got a camera in the middle to make eye contact easier. There we go. Just means you've got to look around and it's sometimes. So we've now got a master scene, a camera on the left, a camera on the right, and a no camera. So I'm just going to stop that recording and then come back to you so we can see that in a moment. Give you an example. I'll put it together into PowerPoint. 13. Third example of OBS with PowerPoint: Okay, so we've done the title. We're back in on this, but we've already seen the next few. So our clickthrough. So we've now done is created scenes that we saw in a previous video. So in the video on the bottom left hand corner, I clicked on the scenes to choose the camera. All I'm gonna do is that based around what slide Oman. So I'm clicking on PowerPoint here, which says left camera. And I've got camera left with the CNO created. So I'm just collected on the camera left. Gets me in there. Obviously there's an alignment thing I could play around with that or create slide masters going forward so that the alignment of the camera is the same as the alignment within PowerPoint. Or do that on the next video. I'm gonna go to the next slide. So clicking on PowerPoint, I'm gonna go camera, right? So we can put the camera wherever we like. We can also during the show if we need to realign it. Same as if I went back to camera left chains it become a left on hair are can realign that. So now I know when I delivered a show, it's gonna be fixed based around that. The owner when I got there we created is no camera. So it doesn't show the camera which is relative to the slide that's got no cameron. So if we created a master that had placeholders, we can match the placeholders within OBS. Or we can just have a quick practice before we run through whichever you see fit. And that's it for this video. Thanks very much. 14. PowerPoint drawing: And I wanted to add another feature. I like using the draw function within PowerPoint. So when you're in the presenter view, you get an option of a pan or a highlighter that you can draw on the screen. So I use it as sort of a white board to make things easier. As a whiteboard, I've got a keyboard with a track pad on there. It was easier for me as well to have a, sorry, left them right, the left-click. So this logic, that keyboard as a left-click function, so I can hold that down and enjoyed my finger on this side. So it works quite well. And it's also based on the unifying receiver. So there's a little USB one. So because I've got a unifying receiver, I can use my normal keyboard and my normal mice and that trackpad. It lets me use multiple devices. So it works quite well. And I'm not great at drawing, but it can still make things a bit more engaging when you're doing PowerPoint as opposed to showing an already created model. That gives you the option on drawing the model as you go, as long as it's not too complicated and difficult with r as I am, then you should be in the same. So what I've got is the PowerPoint show you can see, and I spotted after the last video that I made an error during it, any changes I make in OBS to the scenes. So previously I right-clicked and removed to filter on camera left would also affect the scenes in everyone else. So that's because I've copied them. If you were to create them from knew you wouldn't have the same issue. So that was just a bit of a schoolboy error. I apologize for that one. So in PowerPoint, I've added in a new blank sleight, nothing major. So what I'm gonna do is go back and then set up the slide show and just get to this slide and do a little drawing on there to quickly tell you about some kind of model. Though. That's it for now. Are see you in the next one. 15. Fourth example of OBS with PowerPoint: You seen a title before. So that's how it all works, has go on quickly through the green screens. So we get to which was the last one previously. No camera. So we got camera left. So I need to click camera left within OBS to bring out went up. I could automate this with VBA script. If you have a look in the OBS forum, there's an, an option there. But I quite like it being more interactive. I'm gonna go to the next gene, which calls for camera, right? So back into OBS, clicking on the camera, right? So I've mentioned before I've got two screens. So it's quite easy to see. This. Last scene is going to be a no camera, which is the same as I'm going to use for the drawing screen. This was the first example with a fun. So hold in the trackpad. I'm just going to move it across and I put the trackpad down on a hard surface. So back on the desk because it makes it easier to draw. We can see the pointers off to the right. I could much easier through a controlled model rather than trying to balance everything on my lap. And it does make a lot of difference. Makes it look a lot neater and it's a lot easier to talk about. So maybe as an example here we wanted to talk about tuck Quintin development. We might want to call this one forming. So this is when we are coming in. This one is going to be storming. This one's gonna be norming, and this one's going to be performing. It's quite easy to create, quite easy to show. And it makes the presentation a lot more interactive, in my opinion, there are many other things you can do. You can have lots of different bells and whistles into OBS or into PowerPoint. You might wanna do several different things. So and i join the model and I'm just gonna go camera left. So it's going to bring my camera right next to the model is going to be easier to talk about. So you're in control if we're not locking things and we're not trying to make it too fancy. You can make the presentation or the trading costs a lot more entertaining. That's it for now. 16. OBS Camera Transform to make it easier to point during green screen!: Okay, so let's look at polishing up OBS. So you've spotted the earlier one where it's if there's something on the left-hand side of the screen that I'm looking at, I've got a tendency to want to point to the left. But then that goes to my left, which is my right on that screen. So we need to flip the image. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go into the logistic Brian. And I right-click on there and go to transform. From transform, I'm going to flip horizontally. So now if I'm pointing to some minutes on my left-hand side, goes across to my left. By pointing the other way, goes the other way. So it makes it a lot easier for me to talk about what I'm seeing on the screen. 17. PowerPoint slide's master slide creation: Ok, I'm in PowerPoint name. I may want to create a slide mastered effects. So let's have a look at what's being used. On this one. I've got a layout is still, it's a title slide by Kudu is blank. That's not a problem. This one layout is total slides, so I need to keep the title slide in there. Think all the rest. Realistically going forward. We can use blank because we want to create, however it comes through. I've also got the latest version of PowerPoint, which is got design ideas. So it's quite nice being able to use that. So I'm going to have the title slide placeholder, and then I'm going to have the rest of them are blank. So what I'm gonna do is go into view. I'm going to go into Slide Master. We know we want to keep title slide, which is this one. And I want to get rid of this one. All I'm doing is pressing Delete on the keyboard. This is used by one of the slaves that sin there, which is the one with the no camera. So I'm going to ignore that for now. She's gonna get rid of the others. Which one's issues by slide 78, because that's the side-by-side. Okay, so we can get rid of that. Let's get rid of kickback when what I'm doing is clicking on them and pressing delete. So within the blank, I'm just going to take before to credit itself. If I wanted to add those in, I can quite easily do that. I'm going to use my signature. So I'm going to use a font that's a handwrite insignificant or put that in a corner, probably in the left. So if I'm usually for sites like Udemy, it doesn't get in the way their logo. I need to move these slides to be within the normal blank. Lost my train of thought. So I'm just going to go into close. We're gonna change that one. I'll put down as blank. I'm going to put this one as blank. But this one has blank. And again, it may mess up with the formatting or can move that as we get later. And I also think the first one we have words wrong as well, so we need to move that to black. So we've done all of those. I'm going to go back to view, back into master. Get rid of this one, press delete or delete. So I've got my title slide and I've got that one within this standard master. So the parent, I'm just gonna get rid of that title. So when you've got these two as an option, anything you want to create as a Slide Master, that's completely fine. You can put it into here. So I'm going to come out of there. And what I'm gonna do is I'm going to come up to Design. And if you hover over the first one, Office Theme used by all slides. So it's really in this presentation. I'm then going to go in, click on the arrow to go to the bottom. And I'm going to save current thing. And my current theme is going to be OBS. Could call it whatever you like. So this and allow us now, once we going forward is I want to add in a new slide. There only gives us the option of the types of slider up like makes it a lot quicker to going through. Might be that we want to use different placeholders for cameras, etc. So we know exactly where everything is. We can decide wherever we want to put them. So let's come away from there and then we'll start using that within OBS. 18. OBS multiple scene's and camera locking: Okay, so I'm back in for UBS. I'm going to move things around so we can have a, a common. So I know it's easy way of working. So I'm going to, instead of I've hidden the two cameras that we had before, we had a camera left America, right? I'm going to have the camera looking through. Are going to have the camera on the front, would I anything else? And a camera top-left, top-right, et cetera, et cetera. So let's look at the screen, is we do it. We're just going to switch my camera off. Well, actually I'll leave it on. So camera left shows on top of. So we got lots embryo first display capture. So we still got the left and right. So I'm pointing to what looks on the screen that I'm looking at on the right. But my character is pointing the other way. So I'm gonna come in, I'm going to right-click. I'm gonna go to transform. And I'm going to flip horizontal. So the one I'm pointing to that side, it comes through. I'm going to resize that. And I'm going to append it to the top left of the screen. There is a snapping function within OBS. So I'm quite happy with that. I'm just gonna get rid of camera roll your money. I'm going to remove that one. Yes, I want to get rid of a though and I'm just gonna copy send a picture stays the same. And I'm going to come in and go to duplicate camera left bottom. Just to keep it it sorry, forgot, but uppercase. Don't have to do that. This is me, sorry. So this come into that one and I'm going to drag that so it pins on the bottom. So I'm going to change that camera left, kinda go rename camera left space. Top. Right-click. You pick a white dot, dot, dot 12 there. And I'm going to drag it. I will long and let it snap to the corner. Let's duplicate that one. Camera. Right? What's up? Okay? So we might also want to duplicate the screen. We've got the Master Scene, which is quit a minute. We've got the display capture an embryo. Because we're not capturing anything on there, it's on the eyes on them. I might want to copy the master scene. So I have that is just the camera when I everything else. So if I change that, let's rename that master. Ebt PowerPoint green screen. Let's copy that. Actually lets just duplicate cubic and emperors Cameron string. So you get the example you can create as many as you like. I'm gonna put that right on the top camera. Any screen, master, PowerPoint greens, greens or look through top-left. Let's go through them. We put them on therapy but he moved the camera or going on an arm in front. So I had to move it while we were talking. Okay. So I'm going to point to my left, So that one's right. I've drawn a point to someone who would come up on that side of the screen. This would be the one that shows frame, so that's OK. Notice I've still got the display. So you can't do anything for me. Left, top, left, left, bottom. Boy, job, robot term, but we didn't move. Okay, so let's go to robots. And so what we can do is the lock, any of these so we can move things around. So I'll click the padlock and it doesn't let me move it. So if by accident a, I couldn't move my camera. I can't do it on these, so I'm going to lock it for that one. I'm going to lock it for all the ones where we got the camera in a corner, PowerPoint green screen. I am going to leave it as well and I'm going to lock that. But with the camera and the screen I'm going to leave it is the function to be able to drag it arrange should I want to. 19. OBS scene switching using hotkeys: So within OBS I0, so what, so create hokey so we could click a key combination to be able to go straight across an end to show that screen. Or maybe show a screensaver, take a screenshot. So what I'm gonna do is go into settings and went in settings. I'm going to click on hotkeys. So I put this screenshot is to go control button. Unequals are already used to control by them for anything else. So I'm using that as my base. Just going to scroll down. So I've tried to make these the same as the number that they are within this screen. So camera left bottom, 1234. So i price control and for control and three, it should help me understand Marianne, When I want to change. So control 165, etc. So just named all of those. These only appear when you've added the screens. So if you cold yours, something different or you've not added them, then they won't be that of already applied dose. So with this screen, this is now my active screen. I'm going to press the Control. And four, I'll move it selects corner 56 so I can move it around quite easier. Should make it easy to navigate if I'm using PowerPoint. So on my monitor that's off to the left. So let me put it back to number one on my monitor and it's optimize side. I can then have PowerPoint play in C presents a view or research presents a view. So it just gotta click in. Ones are next to that. I'll have OBS so I can see what's going on. Like we've just clicked shortcut key if I wanted to stay at one side of the keyboards to operate OBS And the other side of the keyboard or the arrow keys to operate PowerPoint. That's it for me. Okay. So for anyone that spot it, they're trying to take them and put them in order. Why don't you just start with number one, camera on screen, number two, master PPT, green-screen, et cetera. Well spotted. I didn't think about am, I just don't have it now. What's the edit back? So I'm just going to change mine over. So it didn't subject you to it. But I renamed them all. And now I've renamed them. If I go back into Settings, and if I go to hotkeys, it automatically adds the digit dipole in front and it's kept everything on their charges pressed. Okay. So now what I want to go through, I can see the number on the sides which is controlled and the number left job number three makes it easy for us to going through. It made things easier and safer nights, even bet. 20. Handouts using PowerPoint and Word: So another part on speeding up course creation is to speed up and eat supporting materials. So things like handouts. So what we can use is the notes section would in PowerPoint as part of that. So I've gone through each of the slides that you can see. Just to expand on the notes. And I just added in placeholder text lorem ipsum, just five paragraphs on each one. So I'm gonna go in and we're going to get rid of some of the stuff. I've done this before. So you're not going to see half of the things there. So let me show you what I mean. So I got to interview just like before we went into Slide Master, but now we're gonna go to notes Master. So it didn't notes Master. I removed the footer. I had two holders. I've just removed one of them and I'm also gonna get rid of the page number. So just highlighted and press Delete. I don't use place number in the slide, so I can't use them in here. If I did use them in the slides, I couldn't, you know, it's entirely up to you. And I've resized this image to be at the top. It will come through with the slide number, but we can get rid of that in Microsoft Word. So I'm going to close the view. But I'm gonna go back in and I'm gonna go into notes page. So that gives us an example on how it's going to come through this. I want to bring this section up. And he said, goes over, will carry on. We can emperor address or anything else that we want to come in. So I'm happy with that. I'm going to go back to home. Actually close the view so we don't get confused. When you're genomic view. Let's come back to home. And then lastly into file, into export and create handouts. So we can do and H with slides next to sludge, normal stuff that you would see. But we want to put notes below the slides so it comes through in that way. Let's click on again. So this is now going to open up Word and then get word to create. It. Just takes it a couple of moments. If it just goes on too long, I'll pause the recording and come back to it. So we should in a second C word open up and I am worried or start flashing when it's been done. So it's coming up with the orange, so it's starting to work. Just come across the word to see, let it work just so you guys can see it. So in Word, we can do whatever we want. So I've already taken off the slide number 40, resize this one. Or you may want to do is the same principle. So say the slide number of expand this. So it will still stay within words margins. So it works quite well there. We can also have cuz we had green screens within PowerPoint, which show on this screen is black because that's the color of my desktop. So the chroma key is looking through it to the desktop. Maybe we decide we don't want that image. So I can select it, right-click and then catch it. So I can then insert, Let's say I change the image after I had the placeholder day with the blue box, I changed it and I wanted to add in something else. I can do that in PowerPoint. Exports is a JPEG and then come into pictures from this device and then add em, whatever it was. So I put it on my desktop. I say it, whereas this one is still at the end, comes in, it's full size. Anything else I want to add m with m word, I can do that. Headers and footers, etcetera. So it's quite a nice, easy way of creating the handouts that go with the content based around whatever you write in the note section.