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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Promo

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. Canva, Stencil

    • 4.,

    • 5. PicMonkey

    • 6. Pablo

    • 7. BeFunky, PiktoChart

    • 8. Latigo

    • 9. Thank You

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About This Class

This lesson introduces various online graphical design websites that you can use to quickly and easily create basic or even advanced promo materials.

In the Online Tools for Busy Entrepreneurs series of classes I will tell you about the various online tools (and some offline) that will make your life as a business person a lot easier, will help you save some assets and also the environment.

All the lessons will be bite sized - and will cover one or two tools only so that you can digest the info quickly and do not lose valuable time.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Blanka Salkova ☃ ➮ ☕

Mom, Translator, Video Marketer ✿


I love running my small home based freelance business!

As a translator, I get to translate video games, business and marketing documents, sometimes advertising copy or educational content. I keep learning new things and at the same time do what I love - play with words. Besides I plan to reveal some of that knowledge in my upcoming Skillshare courses!

As a teacher, I help others learn foreign languages - English and German - and try to do it in a fun and easy way. Right now I am experimenting on my youngest student - my son - and we are having a blast.

As a video marketer, I use my ability and knowledge to create videos (doodle videos, screencasts, talking heads, interviews, reviews...). Then I SEO optimize the same videos to rank them in Google and YouTube to earn... See full profile

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1. Promo: 2. Introduction: Hi. My name is Blanco and I want to welcome you in my class. Today we will cover image editing songs, among others, Spencer all pic Monkey Canada. And suddenly the lesson will be brief, busy and to the point. Let's begin. 3. Canva, Stencil: Hi, everyone. This lesson is going to focus on various sites online sites that will let you create simple graphic designs in the style off Canada Convert can be used for free, but some features are paid. Um, So, um, I'm going to show you a couple of other similar sites which are either completely free, or you can use them like Canada. That means a certain type of use is free. I use kind of myself on a couple off the other side on. I am perfectly happy with the free plan. So some of the other side's which are similar to Canada or stencil pic monkey be funky Victor chart easily. Instagram Pablo, Loose Jew. Andi let ago. So let's have a look at Canada first. Okay, so let's start with kind of a. As you can see, I have already logged into Canada. Andi, the first thing you can see is pre designed templates that there are many different types of ads, events, marketing materials, looking any books on social media posts on dso on, or you can use custom that I mentioned for our purposes, or just pick maybe a Facebook post here, and it will bring me to a new dashboard where I can pick a layout here. So just pick the 1st 1 which is for free. But if you scroll on, you'll get to the paid options. Yeah. Harry, go. Here are some of the paint designs which you have to pay for. If you want to use them, just pick a free one. Maybe this was traveling. One here, traveling together on you can do anything you want with it. You can change Leo to you can add in various elements. You can add text again. There are some preside templates which are free, quite a lot of them. And then there is the paid part. You can change the background whatever way you want. Some backgrounds of free, some paid. And then there is a section with uploads where you can upload your own images and then work with them. Let's say I want to add some text, so I will just pick from one of these designs. If I click on it, it pops over here and then the rest is either a material for you on their side where you can just try and explore on your own. You can resize. If you double click, you can change the size, the color and the type off the phones right. You can copy the text part you can arrange. That means send it back or to the frond. Right. You can change transparency. You can add a U R l or you can simply delete it. So there are many money possibilities with Canada, and you can create great designs. Now let's move on to the next one. The next one is stencil. Stencil can also be used for free on. Then, if you need more features or more images, you can up great. But you start off with 16 images for free every month, which I think for a normal person's use, is quite OK. So if I choose maybe this one, Yeah, it's free. I can add text. I can move it again by clicking and holding. I just drag it wherever I want. I can change color here, right? I can change it to Italy, Next underlined. I can have shadows. I can do whatever I want. So that's the text. There's the big grounds now. Then I can add some icons and graphics. They have templates So all the templates are a paid feature. They have a new feature, which they didn't have when I created my account. It's colts. So if what? You're the 1st 1 Maybe, uh, it gets put in immediately after clicking, and then visual thing happens. You just change the colors. You can change deformed. You added it any way you want on, then you can save it or you can put it the cloud. You can even share it. You can do whatever you want. Then there are some logos and watermarks about this, but that is a up grade teacher again on. Then there is the section with your safety images, but I haven't said anything yet, so that's stencil. 4., Now let's have a look it easily. You can use it for free, or you can go pro again. There are some public visual list, some templates. You can pick one and then work it or are. You can start from scratch such a custom side and work away. Just click on this one to show you what it looks like. Okay, so this is the templates, which you can change according to your needs. It's very similar to all the other graphic sites graphic design sites you just click on title or whatever text there is even in the bubbles. So let's look at the one of these. When you double click, you get to choose the text or just put in my name. Andi. That said, I didn't change the size again. If I double click, I can change the opacity. I can change. The colors change toe red. I can change the formed maybe two. What are delicious? The size. It's too big. So put it to 20. I can add in I high playing, so you get all the features you need. And then if you click on present, this is the ready result, which you can then download or resize. You can do the file size. You can do pretty much whatever you want. Eso That's easily another one is in program, which is cool for infographic Tor. Various charts, maps Andi sewn which start with data or some sort of source, which to import. But I do not have any data. Really? So I just use one of the time plates. Okay. Lets just this nice colorful on called holiday Andi, I believe it Public on the web Because to have a private I need to upgrade. And my purpose is public is fine. Okay, Good. It right on. They tell you what to do. So if I double click on just again that in no title, Right? Um, here. I could write. Okay, quote, whatever. Andi. Basically, that's it. Obviously, I can change the colors and I can change the daughter. I just need to click on it on, uh, move wherever I want to. If I double click See, I get to see chart on. If I change the numbers change graph So maybe I'll just a friend of number Figel too, right? It changes. Change it to you. So as you can see. It's pretty easy to work with. And if you need to create lots of graphs and stuff than Instagram, is the thing for you, and obviously you can then downloaded or share it or do whatever you want. 5. PicMonkey: pic monkey pic Monkey is one of my favorites. I didn't bother creating an account. If you want, you can check out the paid version for free for seven days, but I usually don't do it. I just choose one of the options, like edit, touch up, design or clash. Usually it's edit. Then you have to upload a picture, but for our purposes are just click on design. Andi, quickly show you what can be done. So this is the background of the canvas color. Would you can change any way you want. You can even have a transparent canvas. Um, and then you have the basic. But it's like cropping, rotating exposure colors sharpening, re sizing whatever you want to do. Then you have various effects, like in Trippett on. When you see this little picture of a monkey, it means it's a paint feet feature, so you can deals it. So I'm going to try to find a free what they like. That's the Order one. I didn't pick up picture, so, uh, let me big picture. Okay, so this is the picture on. If I choose, maybe the cross process effect, I click on it. I've applied on it changed to the sort of greenish thing if I changed a LeWitt's getting bluish. Andi. So if I click on apply keeps, I keep it. If I don't, it just goes back to the original. So that's effects. You can touch up. Fix blemishes. You can use wrinkle, remove, shine, reduce and so on. But those are usually the royal paid features, so you have to think about what you want to do with your picture. And there's the text option. You can add text. It immediately appears on. Then you just change the phone off us. A. Paid one. I didn't want to click. No, and that's it. And when you click here, you can start typing right, and it does whatever you want. Then there are over lace, some of them off of free. Some of them are paid. The paid ones are again without this little crown. So let's click the newly hearts. So if I click on this one, I get a really hard at it right in between my eyes. Then there are the various frames again, some of free. Some are paid. So let's big a SIM Pledge one and you can see what it does on the text, just free or paid. If my at the 1st 1 this is what happens, you can different effects. Right then there are themes you can choose from Santa Land like costumes. Cherry nose stick on beard over his overlays. Summer paid some of free. Just have to explore. And then there is a better future. I'm not going to change because it's not really needed right on again. Some of free. Some are paid right now. Yes, I can see a free version. If I use electrical preview on it's a business card. I can customize it anyway I want. So that's a new thing they have, which they didn't have previously gonna pick from invitations and out mints, cards, postcards, business cards, Facebook covers and Social Square social post. So that's quite nice, actually. Right, So that's Big Monkey, my second favorite one After Canada 6. Pablo: The next one is called Pablo. Andi. You get to work with images, they have their templates or you can upload your own picture. So just maybe choose this one. The one with the sale, right? It says 30% off sale. It changed the picture for the one I clicked on Bond. If I click on a text, I get change it. I can choose the formed I can choose if I want a bald it or I criticize it or I make it bigger, smaller center it we didn't left or whatever change the color. Maybe to read if I want to change the background, I don't have to click it at the picture and pick anything else. I just click anywhere here. So maybe I think the sky it will just automatically changed a sky. I cook the, um whatever it is flower leaves. It gets changed to that. That crowned this doesn't look that good. So just move it over here so that you can see it better. You can play with the canvas with a text. You can add quotes right inside your own logo graphics and then you can share it all. Download the templates are different categories, like blank or quote announcement, outreach, love promotion. So again you can explore on have a go at it. 7. BeFunky, PiktoChart: right. Another one is be funky. It's a photo editor, collage maker or designer. It's quite similar to pick Monkey, so just click on maybe the collage maker to show you what can be done. You got a basic converse again. You kind of put in pictures. Just you clay Que drag. That's it, right. You can also choose from your computer and upload now than there are various setting sly background color rounding with hide and Salon varies layouts, right? You got tapes pumping up. What are the featured wants? Some of free. Some are paid. I'm not going to clear because it's just to show you what's what's going to happen. What's on offer. I know that there are patterns was like Whatever I choose it, it's it. Drag it and it's the There is graphics. Let's choose to Father's Day, for example. Right click. I can edit here. I can make bigger or smaller by dragging here at the corner. There are there is other options, but I'm not going to use them. There's obviously text right, which you can use again. It appears automatically you can change the size, um, typing anything you want and you're done on. I think that's a nice quick over you off. What be funky cannot for you. You just need to play with it alone. Another one is picked a chart. It's great for infographics because you can create an infographic very quickly on easily from pre designed templates on if you want more. Obviously you have to pay to level up. If you want to create a new infographic, you just click on, create New on. You can choose whether you want an infographic, a presentation or something, but you are going to print. So just click on Infographic. Obviously, I got back here where I started. Andi. Let's say I wanted to create an infographic about me. I can have a look at the preview, or I can start using the tempered right away on its very easy to work with, because you basically have the whole thing in front of you and you just click and change as you need, and it shows you what you can do like here, the properties to bar for color, for style and so on the side panel when you need to add text in easing back crowns and then if you want, you can get the full tour, but I'm going to close it because I don't need it. So what you do, you just click on it, tells you what you have to do. So if I didn't want to have about me, just change me for maybe blank on if I wanted to have it all in uppercase are click obviously on caps lock. So that's it. I could change the color from black to whichever one. I won't say Violet. Okay, let's I wanted to change the picture so I can delete it. Obviously, by right clicking on. Then delete on that. Upload my own one. Yeah. Just put in this one. No pasted here on can work with canvas canoe or whatever I want. Right on. After changing it, I can preview on, then don't vote. Um, that's it. Then there is the presentation function. What's the doubling picture? There are free tablets and pro templates. Choose which everyone on board for the online presentations. They have a fixed 4 to 3 ratio slides pre designed. And then there are the principles, like posters over various reports, stuff like that. And again, you can choose between free and pro templates. So just pick this one, Not something good. The preview. This is what it looks like. So another toy online toy that you can play with that's a big chart. 8. Latigo: on the last one is called that to go on and you can prepare or design pretty much anything like interactive posters. You can use pixie canoes, videos, YouTube videos, documents, Ling's, Google max, whatever. This is a little, uh, sort of promo, which shows you what can be done. Andi. I'm sure you recognize the pattern is very similar to all the previous graphic design sites . Let's go to the actual canvas right on. But I'm not going to upload anything. Just pick something from the public gallery. So what? Just create new content. Let's create a poster, right? We'll call it Bolster. We're going to make it private on. We are not going to showcase it because it's just for our demonstrations sake description Here on, Let's say, can't doke close to the pet full for the keywords. But obviously you choose relevant keywords for your own conveniently next. And the nice thing is that it shows you tips when you get into the Post editor so you can pick from a template or you can create your own. You can close the tape, or you could go for the next one. I'm not going to use the tapes and to make things faster, just going to click maybe on the, um, open house tempted here. This is what it looks like. Does it do? It's, um, up on. You can change it accordingly. Right? The pictures are loading, my connection is slow. And I think it's very nice on a very easy to work with to like all the others. You basically click when you double click. You can change the text. Do anything else, right? You can change the pictures. Here is the menu, right? If you have hold were it lets you see what the symbols are so you can play around with it. Uh, let's see some other one. Right? So that's the templates. It works in a simple way. As Canada, you can change the background two other colors or images. You can add text. If I click here, I get that ticks at it just publicly because it tells me and I can change the text on here . It can treat the color the formed really old. What about here? I can add images by uploading or by searching. I can add videos again, and I cannot blow where I can get some videos from YouTube just by inserting the YouTube u R L. I even can attach files documents to it by uploading Andi. If I want, I can add a map to the poster. So it's a very versatile tool in my opinion, and that's it. Those are the nine alternatives to con ver that you can use on that I think will satisfied the regular user on the pro user, too, and I'm looking forward to seeing you in the next lesson. 9. Thank You: did You enjoyed the lesson? And don't forget to take part in the glass project and they feel back and soon the next listen.