Online Teacher's Toolkit #4: The Best Platform for Your Online Class | Lauren Lapointe | Skillshare

Online Teacher's Toolkit #4: The Best Platform for Your Online Class

Lauren Lapointe, Music | Creativity | Teacher | Yoga | Meditation

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9 Videos (15m)
    • Introduction and Overview

    • How Online Marketplaces Work

    • Marketplace Options

    • How Self Hosting Works

    • Self Hosting Options

    • Considerations for Your Class

    • Mix and Match

    • Pick Your Platform

    • Wrap Up & Class Project


About This Class

Are you considering launching your first online class but aren't sure where you should host your course or what website you should use? Or maybe you've already released some classes but are wondering about other options?

In this class, you'll learn about the different types of platforms and whether you should use a marketplace platform, self-host your class on your own website, or even use some combination of these options.

We'll cover how marketplaces and self-hosting your class works and the pros and cons of using each method. We'll also talk about some of the more well-known platforms so that you'll have a basic understanding of their key features.

There are a number of options available and it's important to have an understanding of the different types of platforms before you begin to make your class. This way, you can create a class that is designed for the platform you choose. 

Although there is no right or wrong platform, you may find that one feels more accessible or appealing to you – or just might be the one that you want to investigate first. 

Thanks so much and I look forward to seeing you in class! Just click "enroll" to join.





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Lauren Lapointe

Music | Creativity | Teacher | Yoga | Meditation

LAUREN LAPOINTE is a nationally-touring Singer-Songwriter who had no idea that she was creative until well into adulthood. Following her instincts, she left her cushy office job and business degree behind to follow a creative way of life and never looked back. She has since released three critically acclaimed CDs, played at the nation's top listening rooms, and received international radioplay. She's also a certified advanced-level Yoga and Meditation teacher, and enjoys helping others follow...

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