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Online Reputation Management (ORM): Remove Negative Google Links

teacher avatar Nader Nadernejad, Multimedia Producer and Marketing Expert

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (52m)
    • 1. Remove Negative Google Links (Trailer)

    • 2. Contact Author to Remove Links

    • 3. Request Removal From Google

    • 4. Calculating DA/PA

    • 5. Calculating DA

    • 6. Calculating PA

    • 7. Best Practices for Removal

    • 8. Outranking Links on Social Media

    • 9. Requesting Guest Posts

    • 10. Using Free Sites

    • 11. Hiring a Publisher on Fiverr

    • 12. SEO Optimizing Your Articles

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About This Class

This is a digital marketing course in Online Reputation Management (ORM). 

Learn how to push down or remove negative Google links, remove Google links that damage your online reputation!

Negative Google Links Damage Reputations! 

The first thing most employers do is Google you. This isn't only limited to employers, though! People you date search you on Google, as do family and friends. 

That's why you need to learn how to remove or bury negative Google links. It can save your reputation and your money. Hiring a reputation management expert is expensive, which is why it's much better to learn how to do it yourself. 

By background is in digital marketing and reputation management. I've saved dozens of people's reputations over the past couple of years and I want to show you exactly how I did it. 

In this course, you'll learn: 

  • How to remove or bury negative Google links¬†

  • How to¬†generate positive media coverage¬†

  • How to request that news outlets take stories down¬†

  • Your legal rights including slander and libel laws¬†¬†

  • Mindset and motivation as you restore your reputation¬†

  • Information about the reputation management industry¬†

I made this course to help people who deserve a second chance. I think everybody deserves a chance to restore their reputation without having to hire an expensive reputation management company. 

NOTE: This course contains both free and paid methods. You are not required to use any of the tools or websites in this course that are mentioned and the paid marketing methods are still useful even if you don't choose to implement them. They can be learned simply by watching the videos. 

I'll see you in the first lesson! 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nader Nadernejad

Multimedia Producer and Marketing Expert


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1. Remove Negative Google Links (Trailer): welcome to the course. I hope you're ready to remove some negative Google links. And I want to let you know that this course works for different search browsers. So you could be using search engine of Google, or you could be using being mainly were focusing on Google's principles and algorithms. When we're removing those links. We're also focusing on S CEO, so s CEO. And as it pertains to Google, when you're tryingto either remove a Google link or push it down in search results Now in this course, we're gonna be talking about first how to remove it. How do we get that link completely off the Internet? We're going to talk about talking to individuals, including the author that wrote The Post or the person who slandered you two going through Google Systems toe actually flag it and get Google to take it down. Now those things don't always work, and I understand it's unfortunate. But even in our industry of reputation management, there are things that we can't do because we're not superhuman. But we can have superhuman like success if we understand s CEO in the way that Google works , meaning we can actually create different links and push the link that slanders us down so those negative links can completely disappear. Over the years I've been building my personal brand, and I started with my original Web site. Right now, I'm teaching courses I built myself Amelia profiles, made videos, put myself own Google listings. So if a bad article was to come out about me now, sure, it may rank on search results, but you'd have to keep going for so many pages until you found it. And then when you actually found it, you would probably wonder there's overwhelming positive results. Could this negative link be wrong? And even if that negative link was right and people somehow believed it a little bit, it makes your brand look more believable. And it also makes yourself look like you're getting more attention. That might sound silly, but that's a part of the mind set of reputation management. If you create so much overwhelming positive media, there's a chance somebody's going to slander you. But it's probably not because you're really a bad person, but just because you're really notable and maybe even famous Now I'm not saying I'm famous , but I'm looking at some cases of people I managed, and ah, lot of my clients said, you know, when honora half these negative links, I said, You know what? It doesn't matter. Although we can't remove the negative link, we're gonna outrank it, and we're gonna make you a big public figure. And it's not gonna really matter of people are talking about you because they're giving you attention. And attention, to a certain extent, is good. So let's get to the one with the course. I hope you'll understand the scope of it. We're gonna try to remove the links totally. And if that doesn't work, we are going to keep building positive media that is overwhelmingly influential, and it's going to make those links get pushed down, disappear and maybe even eventually be removed from the Internet. So let's go ahead and remove those negative Google links 2. Contact Author to Remove Links: the easiest way to get a link taken down. For example, let's say you stole something, and I'm hoping you didn't do anything bad like this. But I believe everybody deserves a second chance. If you stole a granola bar because you were hungry and you went down in the news for stealing or theft, then the best thing to Dio would be to contact the news outlet. It's much harder with the news because journalists have a responsibility to communicate news that significant, interesting and new. But they also have the responsibility to inform the public about crime. And when you're going about requesting removal from a journalist, it's going to be a lot harder. Then, if you're talking to a blogger who maybe had a bad experience, your restaurant or they were angry because you did something, the best thing to do is to contact them and get it taken down. Now, chances are you've already tried this, especially if you've been trying to remove a negative Google link. But there are ways to go about it. When you want to do is instead of getting angry. Let's say this article was about a person, an individual who did something wrong. It doesn't look like it is unless it's PC optimum. But I'm un opinionated to that. All I'm gonna say is, let's say this is your article and your own CBC news. Whenever people look up your name Bob White or whatever your name is, they're going to see this. And let's say this is a bad article about you. What you want to do is actually contact the editor when we're looking at news reports or news sites. You want to look for the editor or editor in chief. You want to find the highest editor to deal with your problem, and the way you want to message them is you want to go over to their contact form. And instead of getting angry, what you're gonna do is if they're asking for a contact US plays, you're gonna look for editor. If there's no editor, you're going to choose news because you have a news inquiry. So you're gonna put down your email address here, and then your subject is going to be removal request. You're gonna write removal requests, and then you're gonna put a dash in the name of the story or if you can't get it removed, you get edited. For example, if you were charged with a crime, but you weren't convicted and the story hasn't been updated, you can have them say that you were found innocent. Just send an edit request or not edited requests, but edit request. And that's far more likely for a news outlet to respond to and to agree with. Now I always start with removal. I start with a removal request. And then if they declined that, I'll ask them for an edit request. So you often start with do your editor. If you have their name. Definitely put their name. It's more personal right about your articles. Say there was an article made about me or this article written by Alice or try to find the journalist name. Here is the link length, um, to the article put the link here. You're going to say, I really need this taken down. Or usually you would say you don't find it factual. Their factual inaccuracies, for example. I wasn't at the park like this. Report says I waas or I didn't steal anything bad. I only stole a granola bar. Can you please take this off because it's ruining my drop job prospects. Or, if you truly believe that you need to inform the public about my granola bar theft and please mention it was a granola bar and that I was hungry. You have to ask me for comment. Otherwise you can be sued for libel and you wouldn't get sued for libel. But see, the thing is, you would actually have more of a legal case in first falling Canada. They would favor you rather than the journalism. Well, the reporters they would. They would favor you and your rights to privacy on and in America or the US I believe, even more so. They protect the rights, um, for different reasons for the journalists, but also for the person who's doing for libel. Journalists have kind of more leeway. But there are laws that protect citizens. Maura's well, so it's really kind of confusing. But what you want to do is you want to say, You have to ask me for comment. I'm the person in this story. Please edit the story and put my point of view in it because that's not fair, and they're very likely to edit that story for you. If you can get it removed, it's much easier. But the best phrase I'm going to give you before we leave This lesson is you want to say this? You want to say, Is there any way you could help me out? This is asking for help. When you ask somebody for a favor, you build repertoire. So ask them. Is there any way you could help me out instead of getting angry? Tell them like it's damaging my career. It's hurting my public image. I only took a granola bar. You know, you have to try to make yourself look human, humanize yourself to them and tell them about how they're destroying your life or destroying a reputation. And then you're gonna say thanks in advance, and then your name really type her name. So thanks in advance is actually saying, Hey, thanks in advance, you expect them to get back to you. What also helps is if you can leave their number or your number. I'm sorry, Um, and just leave your number right there, and what will happen is they may contact you and speak to them over the phone. Humanize yourself. Talk about why it's hurting you now. We're also going to get into some steps to actually remove these links, but these are good places to start. This is where we always start, because if they can take it down, it's much easier. 3. Request Removal From Google: Now it's time to request removal from Google, and I'll let you know the best way to do this. What you want to do is try to contact again the author and try to get the link down. Now if the author doesn't respond to you that you're going to need to take other measures and what you're going to do is go to Google and type in. Remove information from Google Google Search help again. If you're having trouble, I'll show you exactly how to do this. Remove information from Google Google Search Help so we're gonna type that in and right here under support. Google dot com Web search troubleshooter You're gonna hit that and you could inform yourself on the removal is policies by just clicking this link? That's we'll let you know what can and cannot be removed. But I'll go over that for you again. It's going to bring you to this page when you conduct that Google search and what you're going to do ISS. It's gonna ask, What do you want to dio? You're gonna click, remove information you see in Google Search and then so we're gonna hit that and then we're going to say in Google search results and on a website. So we're gonna hit that. And now it's going to say, Have you contact with sites Web Master? I already asked you to do that. So go ahead and give that a shot. But if they haven't responded to you, you're gonna put yes, but they haven't responded. Next, you're going to choose what you want to remove, and it has to fall. It has to be under the next criteria. Has to be contact info, phone number, email address, user name a picture of yourself. You don't want that a government issued i d number an inappropriate, malicious or spammy site. That's just, you know, being malicious and just trying to ruin your good image. Um, and there is also, um, let's just open this up if it has your bank account or credit card number again, if it falls into this category that contains a full name or business name or is obviously explicit or sexually explicit in that manner on image of your handwritten signature, because people can use that to sign documents or content that should be removed for other legal reasons. Now, if it doesn't fall into these categories. You're gonna put this down. And if you get a lawyer, it's much easier. But all you're going to do is say yes. The lead master hasn't responded. You're gonna choose content that should be roof or other legal reasons on. And then you're going to use this form. It's gonna link you to the remove content from Google form and right here removing content from Google. You're gonna fill it out, and then it's going to send the message to Google. It's really that simple. All you're going to do is put you would like to report, You know, put which one you want to report, usually a legal issue, or you can put content that has been published. So this is really important. Just use this form to fill it out and again get to this site that's gonna help you do that . It's There are a lot of gatekeepers and blocks actually moving it from Google this way. But it doesn't help to give it a shot because you want to increase your chances of link or movil, and this is always where we start. So do that. Filled the forms to remove content from Google. And after you do that immediately, go to my next steps. You don't have to wait for Google to respond because they often get inundated with requests and it takes so long. They also have a legal tab up here. Somebody is publishing illegal content about you. You should do your best to try to use your lawyer or somebody to contact them. But this isn't about that. No lawyers are expensive and they're not always worth it. So I'm gonna teach you exactly how to remove it. Go and submit this form. It's gonna help you out. For example, you want to remove your personal information. You want to remove your idea bank number. You follow the instructions of the next page. It's gonna keep taking you down a hole like it's going to take a long time. Usually just admit through this form, but everyone needs to know is there and you should start there. So give it a shot 4. Calculating DA/PA: any of the services that I recommend in this course I'm not affiliate of or doing make any sort of monetary gain if you use them or not. In fact, it's totally your choice. But you can use the website authority checker to figure out how well a website ranks. I'm gonna use my website. For example, go to s your review tools dot com slash website dash authority Dash checker or just Google s your review tools Authority checker and you'll get to this site. Now type in the Let's say you have a negative link on google dot c A. Well, you're gonna have to look at the site that it's posted on, Let's say, toasted on my website. I never do this to you, But let's say I had a bad story about you. I probably don't have very high page ranking score. That's performer check. So you're gonna put I believe you have put http. That's probably what we're lacking. Performed Check. Okay, so it's gonna load a little bit. And if we're lucky here, it's loading. And right now it's auditing the page to tell you how powerful this page really is. What it's gonna take to outrank it. So my page authority is one with six external links to my domain. A domain authority is one that's not very good. It's really not very good. It also tells you how old the site is and the older the site them or domain or page authority is. Let's try global news dot c A. I believe that's a sight we're gonna try Mawr or C B c dot C A is actually, um c b c dot c A is our public broadcaster. So let's see how good C b c dot c A. Fares always hit a not a robot. So the capture knows you're not a robot displaying social school will talk about Facebook twitter, social media linking to it, which also plays a role. I tend to check that click on performed check. So we're performing the check. It generally takes a bit of time, so you have to be a bit patient. Thank you for bearing with me. Appreciate it. Okay. And as you can see, the your L is 21 years old. There's over 49 million links to that site, and the page authority is 93. See the domain authority is 94. It ranks very high, so it's hard to outrank it. No, it's gonna be hard for you to buy articles or fine individuals with higher paid rankings. But what you can do is develop a large project. We're gonna get into this later on. But if you do something really cool and pitch another news outlet like Huffington Post, you can outrank this. In a case like this, when you're dealing with a very high page authority and domain authority, it can be very expensive to outrank it. I'm going to be honest with you. The websites 21.5 years olders 50 million. Almost external links are back links to the domain that's been shared over what, 700,000 times 750 almost 1000 times. So it's incredible. It's just so much social proof and ranking that it's gonna be hard to actually outrank that , to be honest. But there are still ways, and it would never give up if I were you. For the most part, you won't run into these issues, but if you dio, I want you to go ahead and do your best try to fight that link. I promise you, within at least the next few years, you're gonna get it gone. And there's a mindset thing that comes into play here. You were not your search results. You are not what the Internet says about you. You were you and you know you're a good person. I think you're a good person. I think you have it in you. So I'm not trying to make this course fluffy. But I really think it's important not to get frustrated in this process. Go about it and empirical way. You understand how to request removal. Now you understand how to understand the site. You know, You know how sites work. Now I've armed you with a real knowledge to begin fighting this. You know, when you need to fight an opponent, the more you know about them, the better you can fight. Now that you know how to calculate domain authority and page authority, it's time to outrank those links. 5. Calculating DA: is important to learn what domain authority is now. Domain authority. Each site has a D A score and it's a search engine ranking score developed by MAS, which is, I believe, company that predicts how well a website will rank on search engine search results. Ah, or search engine results page excerpts. Now Domain authority is calculated by evaluating linking route domains a number of total links. So websites that are linking to that website. So if you go to like global television or global news got a global news is we're looking for prints story. There's gonna be a bunch of social media sites, people linking to new, nor new stories that have developed some really important developments that are happening. Communities are gonna dimensional websites. People are going to be a linking global news dot c A. And for that reason, the search ranking goes up. So if you commit a crime and it goes on Google News or you're accused of a crime, whatever someone publishes a story about you but goes on global news, there's a low chance you're gonna be able to outrank that unless you find another website to post content about you. from a higher domain authority. Now, if you want to calculate domain authority and page authority, we're going to get into that in the following lectures, I'm gonna teach you how to calculate domain and page authority so that you can go ahead and find sites and have higher domain and page authority in orderto outrank thes sites. Now we're focusing on news because news is generally the hardest thing to out rank. But this is also gonna work for blog's and different pages. You need to understand if you type in your name on Google and this link is showing up first . Although you have social media and other links, it's because it has a higher domain authority. So now that you know what domain authority is, let's learn about page authority. If you haven't already guessed which I know you guys are pretty smart. You probably have. But we're gonna do it anyway. 6. Calculating PA : page authority is just like domain authority, in the sense that both doing authority and page authority are given a number one toe 100 on how well it will rank 100 being a higher rank now one obviously being the lower rank. If we look at individual stories, for example, this American icon story, we can calculate the page authority by using an online auditing tool that will get into next lecture. But you have to understand toe have a good chance of out ranking links, meaning pushing websites negative content down to the last page of Google or onto the second page, third page and eventually fourth page. You're going tohave to use or publish another story or more content marketing on another page or, for example, that's a global news post the bad story value. If you find a website with higher domain authority and you post a block post on the page on that site with higher page authority, then you're going to be able to outrank global news. Not in the first day. It could take 60 to 90 or even Mawr days for S E O to kick in, but eventually you will outrank that link. Most people don't have trouble with larger outlets like this, But if you dio you can still out, rank it by using the techniques. I'm gonna show you in the next lectures. So let's go ahead and figure out how to calculate domain authority and page authority so we can figure out how bigger problem really is with that negative link. 7. Best Practices for Removal: we're gonna talk about best practices for removal requests. The best way to get a Google link removed either from the author or from Google itself is if it's deliberately malicious and malicious, refers to something that's characterized by malice. So somebody is deliberately intending to do harm to you, such as air trying to sabotage your business, their competitors, er, they've done something wrong on They just don't like you, you know it's not grounded. In truth, it's either vindictive. It's vengeful, seeking the harm someone. So it really depends why the person's doing it. But I have to break the news to you if they are telling the truth in the article, for example, if you've actually done something wrong and it's a news report, you're gonna have a very slim chance of removing it, Which is why the next section is gonna talk about out ranking negative links. I know it's tough and I don't know why you're taking this course, particularly if you want to send me a message that would be helpful. We can talk about different strategies that you can implement and different videos that I can add to this course to help you out. But what I recommend you do is to ask yourself, Is the link malicious? If it is, best practice is to send email and let them know like this is malicious and I don't want to take legal action. So let's work together. But, you know, try speak to nicely ask Can you help me out? Try your best. And if things get tougher, if it's malicious, you could take legal action. If not, we're gonna move on to the next steps, and we're gonna do it anyway. We're going to go over. Why that Google link the bad one, whether it's malicious or not, is ranking so high and what we conduce do in order to change that. Don't you understand why the link ranks for your name? Why rank so high? Um, you understand a bit about domain authority and page authority. Everything's gonna become a lot more clear to you, and you're going to get real confidence when it comes removing those links. So let's go ahead and learn that 8. Outranking Links on Social Media: before we go over the pain methods the rial surefire powerful ways to remove negative search results. We're gonna talk a little bit about using social media toe leverage your brand and outrank those negative search results. So if there's a negative result about you, what I recommend you dio is create a social media account. If it's about your company, create social media accounts about your company. If you've already created those accounts and they're not ranking high enough, what you need to do is have your name mentioned more on the actual account. It sounds kind of funny, but let's say someone wrote a negative article about not or not on a jet, but I would do is I would go ahead, make sure my name on the account is not or not in a dad. Make sure I put not or not in a job in the bio. My name is not or not in a job. Make sure I put not on a dad as a website, and we're going to get into the websites in the paid part of this section, in fact, next section. But what I recommend you do is also make tweets put. My name is my name is not or not. Earn a chat and sounds kind of silly, but you need to try to mention your name as much as possible. Probably do it more smoothly than I just did it like. That's obvious because it says I know my account. But try to find ways to mention your name. Build a Twitter, build a Facebook, built a YouTube building. Instagram those in the main networks I recommend, but trying to build any network anywhere you can because the more links you have in your name or the brand that's getting slandered, the more likely old rank above that negative link. Let me show you what I'm talking about. Let's say we go to google dot com, and there's a negative link for my name. So right here, let's see. Let's say there's a negative lank right over here right here, instead of not in a jab, beauty in my marketing and see it just says negative. Think here daughter is a scammer, for example. Let's say it says that if I have my Twitter, it's how ranking that's pushing it down. If I have my linked in its pushing it down. Twitter and LinkedIn have pretty much the highest search authority, even higher than Facebook. I find Facebook has a chance to push it down. See generally if the link was published on a block or local news outlet, not a large muse outlet than your so likely to be able to remove that just by using three methods. Free methods like Social Media build Facebook Bill Twitter built instagram. If it's not ranking high enough, used the account more published seven times a day. Make it fun. You may not be Internet savvy. You may not love using the Internet. I don't know a back on you come from. But I can tell you if you use Twitter, Facebook instagram on a daily basis and you make it fun. Eventually those rankings will rank higher than a negative link, including when you go to images. If it's a negative image, all the other images of you are going to actually out do that link. So I understand it's not gonna happen immediately. But another method to do is to make YouTube videos and in a title, mention your name or the brand that's being slandered. My full name is here, so appears in the first page of YouTube. Now, if I made 10 videos like this, there's a good chance that 3 to 5 videos air going to rank for a song, the first page of Google, and it's going to push those negative links down. It is such a good idea to do that, so I recommend you do it. Make as many videos as you can, and it's fun. Hey, look, I'm getting subscribers every single day, which makes me very happy. And at the same time you're using positivity and you're using fun. Things like social media toe out, rankle the bad and the negative. Create those social media accounts. Mention your name as much as possible, entitles as much as possible in bios, mentioned your name in your tweets and your posts and be very active on them. And eventually they will begin to outrank the negative links 9. Requesting Guest Posts: The next free method I'm going to recommend is guest posting and guest posting is a method used for marketing, but it can also be used for reputation management and out ranking negative Google links. On the best way to do this is to ask yourself, You probably work a job or you have an interest. So if you work at car dealerships, look for car blocks. If you work at the grocery store, look for food logs. If you I'm looking for something you have experience, expertise or an interest in but are also knowledgeable about it. The best thing to do is to go ahead and find blog's and site. In this case, I believe this is a local news site and send them a question. Send them on email. Look for their contact form if you press command. If you're on a Mac or control and F and you type in contact, you could go to the Contact US page, usually of any network, and you can send them a question. Go find the editor and say, Hey, I want to write a story about food and you have a food blogger. I'll give it to you for free as long as you mentioned my name and my site. And then you can mention your name on your site because if your name and your site pops up on the first page of Google with a negative link, you can create food blog's and put them on big new sites like the Coast or like a showed you before. Maybe you can pitch CBC with a free story, and they may actually post your story with your name in it, causing it to rank first on Google and again pushed down that negative link. So that's a free method. Create a blawg. Go on your note pad type something type of food log type a post about how much you love summer or travel and send it to a travel blawg, and you can even check their domain authority to and research it. Now that I've showed you and that's one free method, you're probably thinking not or that's gonna take a long time. Yeah, it's going to take a long time, but I'm gonna give you a free method, and you're going to see this website later on in the course. If you go to this site, and I recommend this site in a lot of my courses because it's a It's a very cheap marketplace for $5. I know I'm talking about free methods, but for $5 you can ask. You can hire an article writer. They'll write a 500 board article, just look for article writing. And then you can browse this marketplace, look at reviews of different sellers and have them actually write the Article three. You fuel of a busy life. And if you want to cough up $10.20 dollars, you can get 567 articles written about your topic, right? A food article, right? A different article. A lot of blog's are struggling to make content all the time, so you're helping them out for free. They're gonna be very happy and post your posts. But it really depends on who you're targeting and who you're pitching. So I recommend you do that. Contact people and try to request guest posts. And if you don't have time, we're talking about free methods here, So let's move away from five or dot com. Why don't you just ask a friend to write you an article or applaud and tell your friend that you're gonna put them on a website. Your friend that's really interested in car detailing. You can tell them. Hey, you know what? You let cardio telling right a block about it, and I'm going to send it to this site and I'm gonna get you featured because I'm I'm practicing publishing and I want to try to get people published, So that's what I'm doing. And if you send me a blawg, then all posts it for you. But put your name in it for some reason, you know what I mean? So try to find those guests. Posts, requests, those guest posts. I know free methods take longer, but we're coming. If you know it's difficult to find super easy things that happened straight away, when you're repairing reputations, it takes time, and it takes effort. But I think you'll notice in the professional methods were a lot of them are in the next section, and they go over some of the more paid methods. You realize you can outrank these links faster, and you really have more resources available to you than you think. So let's give it a shot 10. Using Free Sites : the next free resource I'm gonna share with you. That helps you outrank negative links is free websites. Or you can write block posts or write messages. And thes things were primarily used for, like articles to share with people so it can read them. You know, one side is medium dot com. You can create us. You can actually make money writing posts on medium. But what you want to do is making medium account click get started. You could sign it with Google or Facebook. Doesn't really matter. You can do that immediately. Or you can believe you can create account using an email. But generally just use your Google account. Simple is that and then write an article. It's a simple assigning in and in the top right hand corner. I believe you'll see great or write article Very simple there tutorials all over the Web for it. But write articles include your name in the title and include your name in the actual article, and you may be wondering, like, how am I gonna do that? How am I gonna write an article about myself and make it smooth if you don't want to be seen writing about yourself. Create a fake account, create an account called Anonymous like I've seen this them for a nana muss for celebrities . IMDb Page is, believe it or not, Anonymous is a great way to create just articles about yourself that are gonna outrank those negative links or your brand or your company or your clients negative legs. So definitely give that a shot. Use free sites like Media and do a Google search for sites like Medium, where you can publish free content. The next thing I recommend is Cora Cora is a great place to answer other people's questions . If you remember answers, yahoo dot com Corps is basically the new thing. And what's so great about Cora is that we can use core of back links to make other sites rank higher. Remember what we did our domain authority page authority on it. I showed you the ranking and the numbers. If you use Quora and you answer other people's questions and you link back to your social media sites, it gives them back links. It gave them higher page authority. It's gonna make them rank higher. And when we get into the other sections of this course when we talk about creating your own website in the paid section of this course, you don't have to pay for the course. I mean, like, paid sections to outrank, um, other bad links. They're paid methods do it even easier than these three methods. But obviously they come with a small budgetary requirement using Cora on linking back your website, but in a smooth way. You know, I'm gonna give you Let's see if we can find a floor a question. I don't know if it's gonna make me log in, but let's talk about, um, Cora, our tomatoes, uh, fruits. I hope someone's entered the question. I just want to show you the interface. Alright, core dot com There we go. So if you link see like this, this is a link toe. Ask ideas dot com If you link within your answers on Quora back to your website, then in a very smooth way, you're boosting its domain and page authority, which is gonna make it probably rank first, especially for your social networks or other articles, or just any other links about you. If you write, you become an active member of Cora and I know not everyone has time for this, so maybe do it before Ben, Get your friends to do it, create a core account and sent back links or links to those sites that obviously aren't the negative link but positive links about you. And then you're going to get higher ranking, and you're gonna eventually outrank and push those negative links down. So the last thing I want to recommend is linked in linked in is a great marketplace was not really a marketplace. It's actually almost like a resume site, but also a social network at the same time where you can connect with other like minded business people or people who are looking for jobs or careers, and you can create block post within lengthen. And if you include your name or your brand name that's being slandered, obviously in the other article, in a linked in post and make it relevant like my name's daughter, this is my business. And to keep writing a first and last name, it will rank on Google, too, So those air three free resources I recommend, but there are hundreds all over the Internet, and if you spend enough time and you get enough people on it, maybe you can find some help where you can find a virtual assistant to do it for you. You are goingto have a great return. You're gonna outrank those negative links, and things are gonna become a lot easier for your reputation. So use those three resources and look for more. If you have any questions, as always, asked me in the Q and a section. 11. Hiring a Publisher on Fiverr: remember when I mentioned fiver? Well, this is a website that you can also use to purchase articles again that fiver dot com if ivy r r dot com What you can do is just type in as simple hope as published articles. And don't worry, that wasn't an editing problem. I just hit right on my mouse. Um, okay, so publish articles. It's better integrating account so you can track your posts and so that you can track the things that you buy but publish articles. I will publish articles on Bren Joe. I will post in published articles to your WordPress block. So that's your word, Plus Boggs. But other people also do news news. Article publish. So that's personal. Write and publish your article on Forbes. We're talking about Forbes. This personal opposed it on Google News. It's on a finance website, and it's linked under the new section of Google News. And what I mean by that is when you type in a story or you look for something the new section of Google imagine getting your story posted here and here. That means it's probably gonna have high domain authority for two trusted new site Google will probably give it benefits. So you can do that for as little as look, a website with the d A of 90 a domain authority of 90 for what, $10. That's ones for $60. So keep looking. Trying to find the $5 ones on what you can do is publish, like, 20 a day, 10 a day because 20 articles a day all you have to do is 20 by five, which is ah, 100. As you can see, $5 for 20 articles, $100 or 20 articles. Okay, so you're probably gonna be able to outrank so many of those negative links just using Fiverr. Now, let me tell you something. Lots of people didn't know about this. Let's say you had no idea how to do it and you decided to hire reputation management company. Do it for you. Do you know what they would charge you instead of $100 for 20 articles, you probably get five or six articles and a little bit of social media optimization, and they would charge you up to 10 or 15,000 U. S. Dollars. I'm telling you, I see up to But I mean Mawr, depending on how big you are because they know you're desperate to remove those negative links, especially if it's more negative. They will charge you if the link is more defamatory. So if the link says you're smelly there, probably only going to charge you three grand. But if the link says that you robbed a store, they're gonna charge you like 20 grand because they think that you're gonna pay that. So that's the marketing industry for you. Some people may call it corrupts. Other people might call it smart, but you could simply use a website like fiver on. Haven't seen anybody talking about that. So this course just unveiled a massive secret to you. You can actually take this into the industry and go ahead and start using this method on other people. So find people who has had their reputations damaged and not tell them what you're doing and charge them an arm and a like for it. I generally don't charge people very much when they do this method. I usually always charge under a grand, but I really believe I'm not saying you should do that. You can do whatever you want if you own a marketing agency, but what I do is I'm actually charging for the time. It takes me to contact these people toe. Write those articles for them because my time is very valuable. Um, and yeah, Generally, I want to help people in their reputations. I think it gives me really good word of mouth. I just don't feel right getting people to spend an arm and a leg for it. Other people are different. So now you're learning a little bit about the marketing industry and the PR industry. It's very there's a lot of money and that billions of dollars. But all you have to do is go in fiber, you know, just And when you submit those articles, obviously someone has to write them. I told you that, but you can also find other article writers on here. You could spend 200 bucks and you can get people to write them, and then you can get people to publish them. It's gonna take time, But there's also a way to hire a virtual assistant, so we'll talk about that as well. Andi, it's always gonna be cheaper than hiring a PR firm. So you're actually managing your own content strategy yourself. So there you go. There's your secret. If you have a problem, you're probably if you actually have a negative link, you're probably going to go to that site right now. But that's a paid method for you to you, so give it a shot. 12. SEO Optimizing Your Articles: I did talk about creating articles in this entire section and throw out a lot of the course , But I don't think we have actually been to a page to create the article. So I wanted to show you what they tend to look like when you're writing a story about yourself. You want to make sure that it's significant, interesting or new, Sinful. That's the acronym I want you to remember so significant, interesting or new, otherwise known as sinful. So this is how it's gonna play out. You have a negative article about you. You need to create a story about yourself that's going to rank on the first page of Google ahead of that article. So you're gonna need to know a combination of story writing skills, and you're going to need to know S e o or search engine optimization. Oops. So store writing skills and search engine optimization. Let's break it down. You want to write things that are significant, interesting and new, but you also want to make it obviously true. And that sounds funny cause you're gonna be creating a lot of articles about yourself, the outrank, the negative article. How could we make it true. Well, you're gonna make a true but making it mostly true. And this is why journalists hate PR people because we don't really make the most true stories. We just generate positive media for our brands to really break it down for you. But you're gonna create us. Let's say you're a personal trainer. I worked with a personal trainer who struggled with this reputation. He said, How we gonna create stories that are gonna outrank that negative article about me? I said, you know what we're going to do? You were going to make you do something next month. I want you to open a free training seminar in the park. He says not. I'm a busy guy. I'm a working guy. I said, you understand? We can a picture at this event, and we can make hundreds of news articles about your event. All right, understand that. We're gonna I'm gonna write the stories for you. I'm gonna publish them for you on these sites, and they're gonna be significant. Interesting. And new stories. They're gonna be written well, and not only are we going to remove this link, but you know what's gonna happen he says, What not or what's gonna happen? I said, By time, people Googled you. Not only will they not see that negative link anymore, but they'll see hundreds of articles talking about how great you were helping other people at your free lesson in the park and what a great personal trainer you are. You're gonna get testimonials. You're going to get positive news coverage. You might even get really news coverage from this. Don't be silly, and that's exactly what happened. We completely not only remove the negative article, but by writing great stories and publish things about his brand and using something that was true so we can get photo evidence and then publish it. That boosted his brand incredibly. And now he's making. I don't really want to give aways in companies making a lot more money than he was making before, because we fixed his reputation and boosted it to be better than when he first started out before the bad thing happened to his reputation. So definitely write those stories, and this is the format you're going to write the stories in. You're going to write a title so the title is going to be generally your name. So if it was me not or not in a Chad, um gives away free courses about reputation management, So that's a big one. Now I can create different titles. Notter, not on a job is teaching people how to fix their reputations. Not are not in a chat is a reputation management expert. So here is some different articles that we can use. Each document is going to have its own title, so we're not going to put three for one. But these are different ideas you can use, so I like I like the 2nd 1 Not a not a giant teaching people how to fix the reputation. There's a bit of mystery there, so we're gonna make that the first article and the way we're going to write news articles for the Internet is we are going to write line by line. They're actually called paragraphs, although you think of paragraphs being like 3 to 10 sentences, orm or um, you can use one sentence, and as long as you do a line break, it's still paragraph. So you're going to say not or not in a Chad. Enter his age is helping people fix their online reputations. I'm typing very fast so they don't aboard you guys. So that's why I'm doing all these mistakes is helping people fix their only reputations. Uh, last month, he launched a free course on his website. You put in brackets the website, and this isn't true or not actually sending it to my website. I'm just giving an example. Probably remove the hyperlink in the actual document for you. Send it to the agency. But if you're publishing on the site directly, hyperlinks a great in fact, you can highlight this and make it a hyperlink on. Then keep writing. Hlinka. Atmore details add like at quotes, actually, So you're gonna add quotes from yourself. You're gonna say I believe everybody deserves a second chance in life. Okay, that's how you write a quote. Next, you're gonna put a quote, a comma, quotation marks and then says not in a jet unit with last name. So you have what's happening. You have why? I'm doing what I did. And you have a quote and you're gonna keep writing a story in this format. Nodded. Started digital marketing two years ago. Uh, daughter's friends say this is awesome. You can get a quote from somebody who was at the event. Oh, I was so happy about that Course. Keep writing that. Keep doing that. And an end with the conclusion your conclusion is gonna be, um, not in a job is excited to help people restore their reputations and plans to, um, release a paid course later this year. So it tells us what's gonna happen. See, I'm just making this up on the spot like this. Just fake. This is fake muse, to be honest. But again, I always write about the truth. So this this, if I actually would've publish it would be truthful. I would actually go and do those things and create a real brand. This is how you create a brand. And that's how you save your reputation No. S CEO, Because I know this has been very long S E o for articles. I want you stick to a few rules. Okay, 1st 1 repeat the key word you want to rank for. So if you want to rank, your name is not a keyword, but it's a search term. So if you want to rank for my name right this a lot in that articles. When it gets published, Google website crawlers pick up on it. Okay. The next thing you want to do is use original use, original content. I was going to think this covered everything the original content think, but it really doesn't. The next thing you want to do is never plagiarize. So plagiarism is when you copy somebody else's work or copy something else from the Internet. In this case, Google will find out, and they won't rank you higher if you follow these. Step three step rules. Repeat the key word you want to rank for, use original content and never plagiarize. You have a much higher chance of ranking. What more piece of advice I'm going to give you right rich content long before the longer your content, the more keywords in it, The more pictures, the more all tags In those pictures, you might have to learn a little bit of S E O if you want to get really, really good at this. But for the most part, you're going to probably have 20 articles If you follow the way I've taught you to do this . If you stick to these rules. Unless you're out ranking the U. S government or something for your name, then you're probably gonna be able to do it. Um, so this is really gonna help you out? I think I've given you all my secrets. Pretty much for this is really how we go about it. The only difference that I have is a marketing director that you probably don't have. The leverage that I have is that I have content contacts outside of fiber that will publish articles on more rich websites on sites like Forbes and Huffington Post and Fox News. So those of the contacts I have, but that's the only difference. Really, You don't need that. I barely use that unless I'm working for an enterprise client or I've never worked for a politician. But I imagine if I did, I tend not to go there. To be honest, I don't I don't go that deep into it. Sounds a little shady to me, but really, for the most part, everything I've showed you in this course what I've been doing for years and it's really going to help you, I think I've covered everything. If you have any questions asked me in the Q and A section Q and A. Please ask me. I'm around. I have not left like I'm still in this course. I look at what you guys write me every single day. So be sure to ask the question in the Q and A section. I've been doing this for years, and I haven't seen any courses like this on the Internet. Talk this in depth about it. So I really hope I've helped you. I really wish you the best with everything and thank you for taking this course. I'm honestly very grateful that you have taken the first step better in your reputation or the reputation of others. We need more people in this industry, and it's just been amazing ride. So thank you.