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Online Marketing - Unleash the Organic Power of Facebook

teacher avatar Dan Grijzenhout, Over 35 years of business experience

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Online Marketing Leveraging the Organic Power of Facebook

    • 2. Setting Up Your Facebook Business Page

    • 3. Setting Up Your Facebook Tabs

    • 4. Creating Your Facebook Shop and First Product

    • 5. Creating Services on Facebook

    • 6. Uploading Your First Promotional Video

    • 7. Creating Like As Your Business Page Backlinks

    • 8. Posting to Groups on Facebook

    • 9. Drive Traffic to Your Website Using Facebook Notes

    • 10. Congratulations

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About This Class

Online Marketing - Unleash the Organic Power of Facebook

Marketers spend a lot of money online to advertise to get traffic to their online assets such as web pages, blog pages, lead capture pages, etc.  But did you know that with a bit of proper setup and some work over time, you can get a lot of exposure and traffic to your online assets organically on Facebook?  

In this lecture series I show you step by step how to set things up to have Facebook work for you organically so that you get a good volume of traffic to your websites and blog sites that you don't have to pay for.

I won't kid you, this takes work on your part.  But if you are willing to work at it, you can see some great targeted traffic coming at you that will generate sales for you.  

Many people use Facebook in bits and pieces - only using some of it's capabilities.  I don't know it all yet myself - I keep learning as I go, but I know quite a bit now after having studied the platform in-depth and what I teach in this course will take you a long way.  

I have learned some great strategies for selling on this platform on limited budgets - Sign up for this course and you'll know how to do it as well.  See you on the inside!

Best wishes, 

- Dan Grijzenhout - Class Creator

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dan Grijzenhout

Over 35 years of business experience


About Dan Grijzenhout: For close to thirty years, I've been a professional business and information systems consulting professional working to executive levels for both private and public sector organizations globally, a number of which were "Fortune" level enterprises. I've built from scratch, operated and sold an online global payment services company that moves millions of dollars on behalf of its 100,000 plus account holders annually; I've been interviewed on the show "World Business Review" by former head of NATO and Secretary of State, General Alexander Haig, for my work in advanced digital and online telecommunications services and nation-wide online and card based "Loyalty" programs; and I now work at writing books and building training programs to share my years of experience w... See full profile

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1. Online Marketing Leveraging the Organic Power of Facebook: Hello and welcome to this lecture, which I title online marketing, learning toe leverage. The organic power of Facebook. I started out on Facebook. Justus. Almost everyone else did. I opened an account, started finding other friends on the site and started communicating with them mostly by. I guess you could call it blogged. Posting as a lot of what Facebook is really about at its base is a social platform. Ah, blood site. I was starting an online business, and my initial focus when getting going was to write some articles, published them to get known and then to build them into books and market them on Amazon Kindle. I did not much of a strategy other than that in the beginning, I had just always wanted to write and publish a book. This was a bucket list item for me as I began to delve in further into the world of Facebook and this ban sometime over the last couple of years, in fact, I became aware of just how powerful this platform really is from a business and product marketing perspective, and I have learned a lot about the platform to date. Yet I am constantly learning more things I can do on it to further my brand awareness and even close sales right on the platform in south. With this in mind, I want to share with you some ideas for using Facebook organically that you may not have thought off. Here is an initial list of ideas to get you started. First, you must absolutely have a business page. If you're trying to market or sell anything on the Facebook platform, this is your first step. Facebook frowns on you, using your personal consumer site to do any business marketing, so you have to get this done. An additional tip. Don't limit yourself to just one business page. Create several if you have different categories of things to sell. I am still working to build this all out myself, but I have found the time to create a main business page from my website, an author page for books I write and a couple of pages for individual business verticals within my online business. Now, why did I do this? While it increases your ability to get found, people look for and follow business verticals through keyword searching. If you type, for example, coloring books into the Facebook search bar. Your search will return coloring book titled pages created by people coloring book groups, people who use this keyword in their name and some title about lines on their own pages, top posts and latest post containing the keyword or keyword phrase videos of people have posted with the phrase in the titles events relating to this phrase etcetera. So creating business page verticals within your Facebook presence can be a very good idea. My next step for you. Do a little research. Use the Facebook search bar to check out different keyword phrases, and when you find good ones that people actively search on, use them with associated hashtags in your business page posts. And this helps people find you. Do you want to get people to your other online assets, such as your Web pages? Start writing, posting and sharing Facebook notes. Basically, here you are writing articles and posting them on Facebook. A couple very useful tips in this regard right the full block post or article on your website or blood site. Then go to Facebook and in your note, right, the blawg article summary and not the rest of it next, Put a line in the Facebook note with a back link to your Weblog site. Full article. Understand anchor text that says something like Click here to read the full article. Now you're driving traffic back to your business site, where you can use lead magnus to capture email addresses, and you can sell them all your business products and services. Find enjoying targeted groups in your business. Neesh. Then, when you post related articles, videos, advertisement blurbs, shareable content, etcetera, share them to these groups. This extends your brand awareness to potentially tens of thousands of people. Go under the managed tabs button in your business page and at the shop button to your Facebook page. Now you can set up and highlight some of your best selling products on your Facebook business page, and you can share these products in your online posts. When people click to learn more, you can direct them back to your website and shopping cart to buy things there by tagging the product image. When you do the tagging, a window opens up so you can enter the URL of the Web page that you want to direct them to another tab option I recently discovered and really like is the services tab here. You could market your time and services offered to others. I have used this feature on my Facebook business pages, and I point these pages directly back to my online time booking system Web page that I have built into my business website. I actually just love this feature. If you are looking to get consulting or freelancing jobs, here is a great way to increase your exposure and have people find you and book your time automatically Next. Post videos to Facebook directly. Facebook likes sharing videos again As you published to Facebook. Be sure to craft your video title so they contain good usable keyword phrases. And don't neglect the use of hashtags in your video description. Areas take some time to explore in the business. Pages of others in similar dishes is yours. And when you find popular ones go under the more tab displayed on their business page background image and then select the light is your page button toe. Link them back to your business page. Now here's what this does for you. First, you can't comment on another business page as your page unless you like it as your page first. When you do, then comment on another page is your page. The post. You create their builds visibility for your business page so you can get more traffic to your own business. Lastly, you can start to see in your news feeds content published to that other page. This helps you keep track of the goings on there and who is posting content to that page and you never know. Some of that content could be useful to you. In summary, I'd like to just say to you, Keep at it. You can drive a lot of organic Facebook traffic to your website just by taking the time to explore and work Facebook with your posts, your shares, your group involvements the use of hashtags in your posts liking other business pages, Commenting Another business pages opening your Facebook shop, starting a services tab, etcetera. That's all for this lecture. Bye for now, 2. Setting Up Your Facebook Business Page: Hello and welcome to this lecture, which I titled setting up your Facebook business page to begin marketing on Facebook. Your first step is to create a Facebook business page One recommendation that I make in this regard before even starting the set up process is to do a little keyword research first on Facebook to see what people are searching for in relation to the business niche that you're trying to sell into and then to be is targeted, as you can get in your business page title to what people are searching for and to the products you were trying to sell. If you can tap into what others air putting into the search bar and have your title reflect that, then you will be able to get the hits on your business page that you want to through organic search is being done. Here's an example for you. I recently set up a business page called Coloring Book Online Publishing. The reason I did this and chose this title is because it combines several key word phrases that do very well on Facebook. Go to the Facebook search bar at the top of your screen and type coloring, book, publishing or coloring books online or online book publishing or the combined words with Hashtags, for example, hashtag coloring books, hashtag coloring book publishing, etcetera. There are about 90,000 people talking about coloring books online on any given day, a good following, Yet there are very few business pages out there with similar names in the titles. So if you build a page with this type of strategy in mind and start using related hashtags in your posts, your page in your post will start to get found organically. So do your keyword research first and plan out your title carefully and you will reap the benefits later. The first business page I built, I did not do this, and organically, it does not do very well as a result. But I have learned since then to incorporate keyword researching into my set up beforehand , and it really does make a difference in getting found. Okay, so now set up your page. First, go to your Facebook account and look for the top blue colored bar across your screen and click on the down arrow at the far right of the screen. Click on the Create page option to start a screen will appear that gives you several type of business choices under a title of creative page. Select the one that is the closest fit to your business niche and click on that related image. For my example, I selected brand or product and a window appeared that asked me to pick a name for my business page. I entered it here. Note. Before you do also click on the Facebook page terms first, to review their business terms. If this is your first time, I recommend copying and pasting these terms into a blank word document to save and store it on your computer so you can read it at your leisure or whenever you feel like going to sleep. Also on this windows, a drop down choose category list. Facebook is helping you target your business here, so choose your category. Carefully pick one that most closely resembles your business. I chose Website in my example Onley, because what I am selling does not fit their category list, and I plan to use this page to drive most of my traffic to my website, which is an online training site. That's where I want to earn my revenues, and that's where I want people to go, press kinyu and done, and the next screen you come to is there set up screen here. You will do two things at the bottom of this window. Enter the web pains you want to be sending people to. If they click on the website part of your page and in the middle of your page. You have about 200 characters to play with to describe your business page and what you are about. When you have these two items entered, click save info at the bottom of the screen to move to the next set up task. On the next screen, you upload your profile image for your page. You can upload larger images, but Facebook uses a size of 180 by 180 pixels for their icon Images. For best results create something in that size. I like to use the clarity of 300 pixels here. It's nice to have a clear image as opposed to something blurry. Click the next button when you have an image you are happy with uploaded to the site. On the next screen, click the add to favorites Button and this business page will be represented on your primary Facebook page as a selection option if you desire to have it shown there. If you don't want to display it on your primary page, hit the skip button. The next screen helps Facebook target your page. Samore. You can enter in the country cities, etcetera of where you do business, and you can also do some business interests targeting on this screen as well. Entering business categories described what you were doing with this page. Take your time and do a good job in this. Getting this tightened up will help your actual sales results from this page later on. Okay, so this was the last page in your set up windows. When done, you will be brought to your newly created business page, but you have one thing left to do. Click on the add a cover button toe. Add your page background image, which gets displayed across the top of your business page. The pixel dimensions for this image will be 851 by 315 savior. Cover photo after uploading it, and this part of your business page set up is done. That's all for this lecture by for now 3. Setting Up Your Facebook Tabs: Hello and welcome to this lecture, which I title setting up your Facebook tabs when you first set up your Facebook business page. It comes with a standard set of menu tabs on the left side of your page. There may be tabs that you wish to add to this page to improve your page and to take better advantage of page marketing opportunities. Three tabs that you should have on your page that I recommend are the shop tab, the services Tab and the notes tab. The shop tab allows you to add in showcase products you sell on your website. The services tab helps to promote services you provide for a fee, and the notes tab allows you to create more comprehensive posts to your page, which can be stored long term on your business page, which is a great way to provide useful content to your page visitors and to keep them coming back. If these tabs do not appear automatically on your business page as it is created, and you wish to include these on your business page, here's how you set them up. My business page that I'm using as an example came with the shop tab in place, but the notes and services tabs were not there to see, and I had to add them to see them. As you can see on the illustration, you are looking at here to get these two tabs added. First, look for and click on the managed tabs button at the bottom of the current tabs on your business page. This brings up a page that allows you to add tabs to your page at the bottom of the tabs list on the right part of your screen. Click on the Add a tap button where indicated a window will pop up that prompts you to add these additional two tabs. Run this step twice to add them once for each tab we may ratted. You may wish to change the order. They appear on your business page. You can do this by moving your cursor over toe. Hover on the three horizontal bars on the tab. You wish to move and then clicking and dragging it to where you want it to be on your business page. As for this illustration, when you have all the tabs where you want them on this list, you are done, and you can click on the page menu option on the heading bar to see what the new tab section looks like on your business page. If you're happy with the result, you are done. That's all for this lecture by for now. 4. Creating Your Facebook Shop and First Product: Hello and welcome to this lecture, which I titled Creating your Facebook Shop and add in your first product. Facebook has now made it easy for you to showcase and promote your best products on Facebook. Business page is you do this through the shop button on your business page. When setting up your Facebook shop, be aware that you're limited to showcasing or featuring only up to 10 products on each business page. You may add more than 10 products to your shop, but the featured product section of your page allows for only 10. If you want to be featuring more products than this, you will need to set up additional business pages. You start setting up your Facebook shop by clicking on the shop button. This will bring up a window that allows you to start setting up the shop section of your business. Paid the first thing you will need to do to continue on. Beyond this screen is toe. Open up and read through the Merchant Terms and Policies document, or at least swirl through it to the end of the document as otherwise you cannot continue your shop set up what I recommend you do is take a copy of this agreement and paste it into a word document or something on your computers so that you can read it at your leisure and easily reference that later on, as you need to. Once you have done this, press the continue button at the bottom of the window to go to the next window in the Senate process. The next window gives you two options to set up your store for purchases. The first option is message to buy. This allows people to message you with questions about the products you are promoting so you start up a dialogue with your potential buyers. The 2nd 1 check out on another website allows you to integrate this shop with your online website store, and you can send people directly to your website or purchase page. I like offering deals and coupons and my online marketing, so this second option works best for me. I just set up each product with a coupon code and embedded in the website link, and people are sent directly to where they can purchase my products and get the incentive discounts offered through my current promotions. The next screen sets up your currency for your online shop presses a button after you have selected the currency that you want to use from the drop down list in this window. Next, you will be taken to the page where you can add your products at the top. You will see the 200 character description that you entered when you set up your business page. Look it over and make changes to it if you desire to, as this description will travel along with the products you create within the shop. Next, click the add products button toe open up the window. That allows you to set up the product you wish to add to your Facebook shop. By the way, you may also be viewing a shop now button at the top right of your screen, just below your page. Background image. Click Addictive you the drop down list and select the edit button. If you want to reconfigure where this button goes in this example, you will be configuring it to go to your shop. It press by a viewer to your business page on the next window, press the save changes button to complete this configuration. Now back patting your first product. Press the ad product button and the ad product window appears in the center of your screen . First, you can add a photo. Now. Don't use too big a photo. A thumbnail photo size works best in Facebook will resize it to a square icon for you. If you're using anything other than their preferred icon size, which is 180 by 180 pixels in the name section, enter the title that you want to use for the product. Next, enter your price. This is a free text field. Seek inside whether or not you want to enter anything beyond the decimal. That is to say, you could enter 25 with a dollar sign or 25.0 with a dollar sign. Woodwork eras well, next. Describe your product and you have quite a bit of space that you can use here if you want to. And the check out U R L Section is where you want to send a person interested in purchasing the product or learning more about it. Here, you can add links that include coupon codes if you want to use them. Feature this product if you want to. And remember the Maximus 10 featured products for business page Lastly, shared the product to your page. This enters it as a post on your business page that you can then share with others. If you wish to press the save button and you have completed your basic park set up on your business page, Facebook then brings you back to the fully filled in ad product window. Press the same button. If all looks OK. Note. You can still add photos and videos to this if you desire to, by clicking those spots at the top of the window and following the related upload instructions that appear a window should appear that says, you have added your first product press okay and you're brought back your business page with the shop view being displayed. You can now start to share this product with other Facebook groups pages, etcetera, and begin your marketing campaigns using this product. That's all for this lecture by for now 5. Creating Services on Facebook: Hello and welcome to this lecture, which I titled Creating Services on Facebook. Facebook has a services tab that you can set up. If you have services you wish to showcase that you provide declines as part of your business. The first thing you'll need to do is to ensure that you have set up your services tab on your business page, which you do through the managed tabs button on your page. And I've included a lecturer on this set up in this class. Once this is set up quick on your services tab and on the page that appears, press the at a service button. This brings up a window where you can enter the details of your service and at an icon sized image of your choosing. Be sure to add the Web page, location or business contact information for people to contact you about the service that you provide in the description area of this window. This service tab, in my view, is still a bit rudimentary within Facebook. This is because you have no way within the service set up to add a hyperlink to where people can actually sign up for your services on the right. You do have your general business information displayed, which does make it easier for people to find you. But I would really like to see the mad spots within the service set up to include both ah hyperlink and an email address linked to make it easier for people to purchase from you. For instance, I have put into my services links back to my services booking page on my website. As you can see in this illustration, the problem is that if you are asked to go the extra step of copying and pasting this information into a browser to be taken to my booking page, he or she just can't click a displayed linked to get there. By the way, if you do go to my booking page on my website, you will see the system I used for booking, scheduling and collecting payments for my services online. I actually highly recommend this system, and you should check it out for yourself. Just go to my page and click on the acuity image near the bottom of the screen to learn more about this booking system. Again, I very highly recommended. That's all for this lecture by for now 6. Uploading Your First Promotional Video: Hello and welcome to this lecture, which I title uploading your first promotional video when you were ready to upload your first video to your business page. Click on the videos tab on your page, and when the video page appears, click on the add video button displayed on that page. As per the illustration, a window will appear that has several menu items on it and input fields that allows you to describe your video in the description area. Provide an overview of your video that is keyword search rich as this will make it much easier to find on Facebook. If you look at my illustration, you will see that I also like to add a number of hashtags in this description area to make it become even more easily found by others. Searching for content on Facebook. Do the same in your title area below. Make your title keyword search rich wherever you can and then do the same in the tags area below. As your video gets loaded, you can also then add a custom thumbnail for the video. If you wish to. You do this by clicking on the add custom thumbnail button in the picture area. There are a couple of other menu tabs on this screen that you can update now or come back to later using the edit feature. Once your video has been published, you can add captions to your video. There are some more advanced things that you can do to change the settings and view ability of your video if desired, and you can cross post it to have it appear in the video collections of other business pages that you have created. If you desire to do this once, you are satisfied with all your settings for the video, press the publish button at the bottom of the window and you are done. Facebook will then process your upload, and when it completes its work, it sends you an email to let you know that your videos on your page and ready for viewing. That's all for this lecture by for now 7. Creating Like As Your Business Page Backlinks: Hello and welcome to this lecture, which I title create like Is your business page back links on Facebook? Once you have built your Facebook business page, you are eligible to create on other business pages like Is your business page posts to these other pages? Doing this can pay. Offer you significantly in terms of exposure to your own business page, leading ultimately to increased sales. Once you have this in place with another page, you are allowed to leave visitor posts as your business page on other Facebook pages that you come across the complement your knish and or can be considered to be good target markets for the products and services that you sell. Types of useful visitor posts that come to mind include sharing information and standard posts on their pages useful to their visitors. That can help build awareness of you as an authority figure and knowledgeable person in the subject matter notes post that also provide useful information and that provide within them back links to you. If readers of these notes click to read the full articles you created, which bring them back to your website so that you can sell them your products and can try to collect the renal addresses. By the way, go take a look at my notes lecture in this class for more on this strategy product for sale advertising posts, which is basically sending people either back to your business page or directly to your website to purchase a product and finally, like me tight posts where you could be just trying to get people back to your Facebook business page toe either like it or share. Once you create a visitor post on another business site, it will stay at the top of visitor posts on that page until someone else replaces it with a new post, then your scrolls down one notch, but will still remain visible for a period of time until enough new post push it out of you . So if you do the job on the presentation of the Post that you leave on other pages, you do have a good shot at getting people to click back to your business page or other online assets for a period of time. He track of these other pages periodically. If they are Facebook locations, you want to remain visible on, and when you see that your previous post have disappeared. Replace it with a new one that would be visible again on your business page. By the way, what happens is that there will be placed a light image of the other business page. So you are providing your visitors with more useful curated content, which they will appreciate, and you are providing the other business page with exposure as well. This may help you if you communicate with them. It can build mutual support bridges wherein you create a relationship where you can both help and promote each other. And this is a strategy that can help you both increase use and sales. Now let's get to the part where I show you how to get this done. Step by step. The first thing you want to do is find other similar business nature. Consumer targeted Facebook business page is you do this through key work phrase searches, as this illustration depicts. Once you find good target pages to like is your business page, go to those pages toe Like um, for this example, I've chosen the Coloring book magazine business page to start find the more tab button on the target business page and selected to view the drop down list. Where you had, then click on the like is your page button. If you have more than one business page of your own created, you will see a drop down selection list appear from which you can select the business page of years that you want to use toe like the Target business page. Select the one you want and your pages air Now connected. Now you could post is a visiting business page to their page. Go to the right something panel on their business page, and you should see on the top right corner of this panel your primary business icon photo and a drop down arrow, which you click on to select the business page of your own that you want to post as select the business page. You recently linked through this example, and your icon will change to the one represented on that business page. If you're using a different icon photo for it now, you are ready to post supposed what you wish to publish it, and you are done with the work part of it. So now for the fun part. If you look at their Web page now on the right side of their screen, you should see the visitor post section where you should be the top one displayed. Unless in their settings, they have implemented a posting approval step. And if they have, you won't appear there yet until you get approved. If you do see your post, hover over the title line of your post and you will see another window appear next year. Pose that shows your business page image and a summary of what your pages about. Remember the 200 character about description that you set up when you build your own business page. That's what appears here. You also will see a link to your website opportunities toe like follow and message you. And within your post, you can direct them to wherever you designated within your original post message. This is a powerful way to get additional exposure to your brand. Your business page to your website to collect email addresses, make sales etcetera. The more of this that you put into place online, the more your awareness out there grows, and the more successful you become this people come to your business page. I hope you've enjoyed this video bye for now. 8. Posting to Groups on Facebook: Hello and welcome to this lecture, which I title posting two groups on Facebook. The first step in posting two groups on Facebook is finding groups that you want to join. You do this through doing a bit of strategizing what your target groups would look like. And then you use the Facebook search tool to enter key word phrases to find and joined groups that you are interested in. It can take you some time to find, join and be accepted into groups you have targeted. But once you are a part of these groups, you have an audience interested in your business nation that you can get in front of and sell from your business page. As you search for groups to join, be sure to read their notes on what they are about, particularly groups allow advertising, and some don't the ones that don't will appreciate usable content that you were willing to share. And they, your good candidates for receiving both posts that allow people to link back to your business page through the appearance of your Facebook clickable icon and viewing Facebook notes that you have created within the note, you can get them back to your website. So these air good ways to post to these groups. Just be careful about overtly trying to advertise within them as you could find yourself quickly blocked from the group. On the other hand, some groups out there do allow product and service advertising post, and they often will tell you this right in their group about areas. So give them a read. Another way to see if they accept advertising is just to scroll down a number of their existing posts to see what type of content is being displayed. If you see ads posted there by more people than just the group owner, then you could be pretty sure that you can post your ads within these groups in addition to quality terrible content. Remember that you have to give to get on Facebook. The more useful content you share beforehand, the more likely they are to check out your advertisements later, so always lead off with providing useful content. First, it will pay dividends to you. Now let me walk you through the steps of posting to a group. You start by looking at your post on your own business page that you want to share in a group and press the share button at the bottom of the post. A window will pop up that will allow you to select share in a group. The next window will allow you to select the group you want to share, too. Type even one letter into the search field at the top of the window, and it will bring up a list of all the groups that you have joined. When you select the one you want, you can post your item as is, or you can choose to add to it, which I have done in this example. Note my use of half tags in the post. Using them will broaden the posting to a wider audience than just the group. Click the post button when you're happy with it and you will be taken your post just made within the group. If you choose to go there by clicking on the line that appears, that notifies you that your post has been made to X y Z group, you are now looking at the posting made within the group. I want you to notice two things if you have her over the title line of your business page, and in this case it's professional consulting. Online training, which is my business page. A window appears and displays information about your business page. This includes back link to your website. This is very useful to getting you traffic, and this posting is now in a group that, as you can see by this example and the first slide in this lecture, droop, has close to 47,000 members who could potentially see your post. Next, look at the hashtag hashtag consulting careers. Enter that in the Facebook search bar at the top of the screen and press Enter Your post is also now posted to friends of the topic, consulting careers and maybe displayed to people searching on this keyword. It may appear on business pages containing this keyword in groups for this keyword phrases in the title, etcetera. You have an opportunity for a lot of exposure just within the one keyword phrase used, and in this example, I used eight hashtag keyword phrases just within one post. This is how you get the job done to promote yourself organically on Facebook. That's all for this lecture by for now 9. Drive Traffic to Your Website Using Facebook Notes: Hello and welcome to this lecture, which I titled Drive traffic to your website using Facebook notes. Driving traffic to your website is another very useful strategy on Facebook. To achieve this, you first have to be creating full articles or block posts on your website itself. Once these air in place, you would go to your Facebook business page and click on your notes tab there in, by the way, see my lecture on setting up a notes tab if you do not find when they're on your business page when looking. For once you have clicked on the ad no tab. You can start to create your note on Facebook using the article you have on your website at a picture to it at the top of the screen and then copy and paste your content were indicated below. Not my strategy here is to just enter the first paragraph or two to get the reader interested in your article, but don't complete it. Then you can add a link line. Be Lewit that says something like Click here to read the full article and possibly even a second link line below it that could read something like by X Y Z product at 50% off now, or get my training course at 50% off now, etcetera. And put that on a second link line below the 1st 1 If you can get your reader to select either one of these, you then have an opportunity to sell them something or get their email address through eat magnet you have on a lead capture page. Once you complete and publisher note to your business page you can then posted elsewhere on Facebook, such as to a Facebook group that you may have joined. Take a look here it my example. This puts your note in front of others who can get value from its content and who can then possibly reciprocate by giving you the real address or by purchasing something from you. When you share to a group or elsewhere on Facebook, remember to include some hatch tags to broaden your viewing. Exposure of what you have created. See my example and my lecture on the use of half tags. Here's a finished product safe to the group called Advertise Your Businesses, pages or groups looking at the example you will see that contains approximately 21,596 members in this group, which is a pretty good audience size. This takes just a minute or two to do and what you have created. His content is out in front of potentially thousands, that is to say, if Facebook allows it to be viewable to the entire group Next, if you have your mouse over the title line just above the image, you'll see that same other window appear containing all the links you have created on your business page and that this is the same image again that gets posted when you post on another person's business page using the like me as a business page example in a lecturer I've already completed this feature works for group postings as well, so be sure to post your groups also in this post. I also entered the hashtag hashtag consulting careers. Now look what happens when you typed hashtag insulting careers in the Facebook search line . There you are again, right at the top. See what starts to happen for you exposure wise on Facebook as you start to spend the energy toe work the platform. One piece of content can go a long way to get you found. If you work it properly, closing this lecture out, let's look again at the bottom of the note that you put on your Facebook business page. Do you see the click here to see the full article link? When someone viewing your Facebook post clicks on this link, they get taken to the full article on your website. There they convey view the full article, and as they do so, they are exposed to the content on your page that might contain advertisements which concern you revenue. If they select those links and get to that page, they can also is there, leaving your page be exposed to an exit lead box, where you have an opportunity to capture their email address on exiting your pages? Well, they provide their email address to get a free gift, but now you can email market to them over time, hopefully to close a sale to then at some point in the future. Now view that get 50% off link on a related course link when someone viewing a Facebook post clicks on this link. As for this example, they get taken to my training course sales page, where I have an opportunity to sell them on a training course of 50% off. This and summer is a very effective strategy to get awareness out there and to give value to others via your content in exchange for a new prospect connection or a sale. Try this out. It works. That's all for this lecture. Bye for now. 10. Congratulations: Hello and congratulations on completing this class. It's great to see and making it all the way through. And I hope I was able to give you some useful and lasting knowledge that will help you and whatever you're wishing to achieve. If you're liking the content that I'm creating, I'm very much looking forward to seeing you in more of my classes, which you confined in this site by going to my profile section. You can still reach me through this class. If you have questions by starting a discussion with me, I'll be more than happy to respond if I hear from you. A second thought that comes to mind is that if you have appreciated the content I have created, please give me a thumbs up where and when the site ask you to to rate my class. This helps me trend better in the system and helps me to reach more people who could benefit from the training I'm trying to create. And if you choose to share the class link with friends or anyone else, thank you for that additional support for my creations as well. Bye for now,