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Online Marketing Lead Generation Tools

Ken Rudd, Fortune 500 Sales Manager

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7 Videos (27m)
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About This Class

This video series gives you insight into the tools used in internet marketing as it pertains to lead generation. You will learn how to create an opt in page, how to use exit pops, how to use leadpages, unbounce and many more tools to help capture visitors to your blog or website.





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Ken Rudd

Fortune 500 Sales Manager

Hello, my Name is Ken Rudd, and I am a Regional Sale Manager for a fortune 500 company located here in North America. For the past 25 years I have spent most of my time in the real world of business developing customer relationships, driving revenue growth, and improving profits. Track record identifying sales opportunities and converting prospects into satisfied clients. Skilled at conducting successful client negotiations and developing lucrative new sales territories.

That was the ...

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