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Online Income Essentials - What Beginners Need to Know.

Nick Nyxson, YouTuber & Content Creator

Online Income Essentials - What Beginners Need to Know.

Nick Nyxson, YouTuber & Content Creator

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11 Lessons (1h 30m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What Is Online Income

    • 3. Types of an Online Income

    • 4. Online Income Misconceptions

    • 5. Marketing

    • 6. Part Time vs Fulltime

    • 7. Gear

    • 8. Mindset

    • 9. Timing and Limitation

    • 10. Can Anyone Do Online Business

    • 11. Conclusion

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About This Class

Hello there, Nick here.

In this course, you will learn everything that will allow you to start your first online business and set up an online income.

In this course You Will Learn:

  • What is an Online Income;

  • What Types of Online Income are there;

  • How to start an Online Business;

  • What Mindset you should have for an Online Business;

  • Is expensive gear necessary?!;

  • Is Online Business for everyone?!;

  • and much more!

This course is made for complete beginners of online business and works as a gateway to an online business and covers the concepts that are necessary to understand in order to create the first online income.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nick Nyxson

YouTuber & Content Creator


Nick is an expert in the field of Content Creation and Online Business. He mainly specializes in YouTube, Pinterest, OBS, and Similar content creation and distribution software/platforms.

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1. Introduction: so well over there. My name is Nick Nickson, and welcome to only income essentials. That online course that allows you to learn everything that you need to know the real stuff . They're real things that you get, implement and use in order to create your full time or part time and doesn't matter. Actually, your fool online income, the thing that you can make equal this will allow you to make your living through an online income sources. So why am I qualified? Actually, to teach you in this case? Well, because I am doing a full time only income myself, meaning that all of the money that I made that I live with is made through the online source. Not a single one of them is an offline source. It took me years to get here, and I have, like, at least five years off practical experience of how we can You like all the failures, all the successes, everything that you may need to know, and you may need to use in order to get to know the online income freedom. So I'm gonna go through the things that I'm gonna teach you in this course. So you understand what you can actually work with? So we're gonna learn what? What is actually online income? Because it I'll have a lot of people seem to know what it is, but actually do not understand well what it is. So we're gonna go through it in high detail. We're gonna go through their leading A misconceptions with our, which is a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot off on Internet. And you need to go through them to understand, actually, what to believe and what do not believe you're gonna go there. Types of only comes the practical stuff that you need to. I will teach you to understand and know to allow you to choose whatever. Ah, homeland path. You need to proceed or you want to pursued. We're gonna go through some basic support marketing, which is extremely important. We're gonna go through the work load, work schedule itself. So will you need a full time job? We need to We need to do a full time unit, part time, etcetera, etcetera. We're gonna go through the gear that you might need to use again. It depends on the online business off type attitude. So it might well be. It's very very. I'm gonna go through a to do what you will. You might use a need there. Ah, we're gonna go through the only business mindset What kind of mindset you need to have and what kind of things that you need to expect from your mind mentally. Which is extremely important and extremely overlooked. Ah, wanted to go to timing and the limitations. Often online business. Like what? Types. What can limit teaches or what can a ceilings or bottoms you can reach or look fall to you while you're doing goal in business. And we're gonna go through if, even online businesses for you. And other than this that we're gonna go through the many, many important we want stuff which allow you to understand everything that you need to, uh, know about online because I hope things course will be very, very helpful. Because it took me years to get ah, here where I am now to allow me to teach you about this stuff that I'm gonna talk in this course. So thank you again for being cared, and let's get it started. 2. What Is Online Income: So hello and welcome to a first lecture off online income essentials. So in this lecture, we're going to talk about what is an online income. You may say it's a simple question. Everyone knows what online income is at its income that is made online, right? Well, this is not 100% correct, and it is a bit more complicated. It's not complicated, so it is still very simple. But you need toe real as I understand that on landing commits because you need to build this as a basis off everything that you need to know. Okay, What online income is only income for you is anything that is made purely by working from the device. It can be a computer or your phone, meaning that if you're sitting on your phone to take my you're sitting on your phone and doing the work there and this generates money for you, this is an online income. If you need to go to somewhere to finish your work, if you need to go to, I don't know, do some anything. That is anything that is not related to working on a phone that isn't Hartono Land income. This is basically saying that is an offline income, meaning that you make money by being on your phone or on your computer on your own on both . It doesn't matter like doing this through calls messages through emails through different applications through social media, but it's still 100% needs to be done on the phone. This is an online income meaning what? What is the main important thing? That the best thing about online income This means that you can generate income, whatever you are, just by having an Internet connection. And in some cases you don't even need that our Internet connection all the time. In some cases, you just need Internet connection. Just you get a job, get a work and just deliver work like in this case for myself. Like by creating this course, I need an intern connection just to upload this course. You just said that I don't need tohave a Internet connection 100% of the time. So just to wrap it up just to be like really short and understandable, lecture on Lee and income is any income that can be done 100% by working on your device can be mainly smart device. Look on the phone or on your computer. This is an online. You can actually generate an online and come through the other device like a game consoles . But you understand what it needs to be computer. It needs to dance of computational power. Needs to be connected onto at policed sometime. Not, maybe not in all the time. So we're gonna This This This is small lecture that you need to understand that we are not going to go. I I did this electric. So you understand we're not going to go through anything that is done off line that this is 100% own allying income, like doing everything corn, your computer or on your phone or on your any smart device. Basically. So the next lecture, we're gonna go through the types often online income just to go through and give you the understanding off what actually were the different types of online income that you get work on and how it could generate money through. So I'm going to see the next section 3. Types of an Online Income: Hello and welcome back to our online income essentials lecture to So when this lecture were to go through the types, often online income that you You know what? Let's start over this lecture. The first things first, you need to realize that there are few ways there are quite a lot of ways to make money online. That's a lot. A lot of whether the 1001 ways to make money on a line. But you need to realize bursting that in order to make money line or generate income online , you need to provide something. So this proof this provides something I divided into four different categories. There was 1/5 1 that also can generate income for you, but yeah, but which we're gonna touch. But this is, uh I'm not doing that. So that's why I'm not gonna go in a very high details about that. The first is first and second, Basically, first this second, our products, any products that you can sell to the end customer or to the business. Anyone like you for a while. You're providing product and someone is paying money to you for that. Why divided this off first and second, because this can be a fiscal Perak like any product that you won't like. Let said computer mouse or air parts or phone or whatever this, which is physical, it can be sold like physically. And the 2nd 1 is digital, like anything that exists only on the device, like smart device, let's say this course or maybe a logo design or maybe something like painting or the music or the video, anything that is digital, it was like two different products. We're gonna go just through withdrawal of those first, and then we're gonna get touch them one by one. Third thing that you can actually sell is services. So anything service that you can provide is the service so that you can sell. Services usually can, um, uh, cut can contain the parts of all the other stuff, like digital particle physical product, but still decided to divide it into something separate that to, um to make it easier to understand, because it may not require the creation or just a quick question off the product itself. It may require some modifications, maybe, maybe some improvements, and that's why I gave it to separate site services can be like anything like any service that you can sell online but usually shoot to require being online the meaning that it usually concerns the digital products. So, like, maybe someone will ask you to make a logo for himself like you carried the logo. Someone may ask you to modify local for him. South Human Mortify logo. Someone may ask for your device. You may sit down and give you advice. This is services well, like people. People may ask you for advice. You can. It would be consultation or whatever it is. There's 1/3 thing to make money. Four things to make money is what I call spotlight, so may. Basically, this is all the promotion and adds that you may do for your customer who might want ask you for the promotion. It is kind of like service as well, but it only requires your, um, promotion, like your spotlight. The spotlight. Did you provide towards your customers because you may be a visible person for thousands or millions of different people like, let's say the good example of this spotlight. All nine businesses, a YouTube, but you may not. You're not generating any income or from YouTube views or YouTube subscribers. You are generating an income from ads on YouTube, and ads are paying you money just because you have a lot of people. Atmore. People who have more adds three more, the more it will cost to have an ad space or for a videos I give you using your regular at sense on YouTube, for example, it's like having, like fixed price usually and like more people see more people you generate. But issue or using a paint promotion like someone pays you money for your video. You have, like a very limited amount of space and time, like have single video and person. People are paying you more money because you have more viewers. You have last year's you, but you were getting less money. So this is what the spotlight thing means. This is a four million things that you can generate your own lining come from. There's 1/5 online income, let's say which is, which comes from more like an intellectual property, something like that, like a, uh, dividends or something like that from stocks, etcetera, etcetera. But I decided to not include this in this course because I'm not doing that, and I I don't have a really good understanding off. This is well, so let's say I mean, like, the income can be like You can sit down and get the Robin Hood application, for example, or something like that, and buy a stock there and, like stock that pays you dividends and just the stock will pay you a dividend, said just. This is basically the same as making money online, but I never do that. I don't do that. So that's why I'm not concerning that. So we have four, the first types off only income, digital product, physical product, service and spotlight. So let's go to the example off, which I gave you examples but still with physical products. The good example. Physical products are amylin F B A and drop shipping or any Shopify shipping our shop by store they or any store that you can create online so that you can create. So what does this mean? Like with a drop shipping, you buy stuff for the lower price on the other store and sell it for the higher price on your store. This is how we generate money with a drop shipping. Usually you're buying this from very cheap Chinese websites, and they handle or or they handle everything by themselves with the regular story. Have to realize this one with a regular online sore, though if you're running A if you're do running a stock for yourself. And if you're just sending all the products physically yourself. This is kind of like not and online income, just like regular business that you're promoting online on this is It's not something like that that's so for you. You treat requires more work than just work online. You may call this online work, but for me it's not as free as any regular online work. So with Shopify, you can do something like that. You could you would make a Shopify store drove with drop shipping store as well. But you may just ask someone to to control this for yourself, like in some other countries to have stock there and just do it like excel this on all my store. This means that you are basically sitting on your computer doing nothing except controlling this digitally. So this is qualifies an online income. There's some same goes for an Amazon FDA. If it doesn't know what Amazon FDA is, it's fulfilled by Amazon. What it means that you buy products in bulk somewhere else, and you send it there at this cellar. Basically, since this products to your Amazon warehouse, this is what happened. What basically happens. They send to Amazon warehouse and then you'll least disparate on Amazon and you just sell em and just make money from it, meaning that you don't have to do in your fine work because you buy products online, Let's say from the Web site, like Alabama or some like that. You buy products from online son. Send them. Ask the seller to send them to Amazon warehouse in usually in us or in any other country where you are. Where Amazon Warehouse located. You send them there, and they are being sold off by Amazon website. From there, this is a good thing off the physical product. We would example, so physical product sales the digital product is a bit different, like a very wide variety, like it can be any digital thing that you can sell. It can be a stock. Photos can create a lot of stock photos and sell them. You can be stuck videos. It can be a video editing me, so I can I want to services. But now let's not go services. It can be music that you can sell online, or it can be courses that is seven. Like this course. For example, these are a pure example off the digital product that can be paintings or illustrations or whatever it is. You can sell anything that is digital if you're marketed good enough. This is a good example of marketing sound like the start. This is a good example off selling digital products. Now let's go to the services. The good money making one of the best make also, but one of the easiest ways to make money online. Each provide services. The great example of that. Probably the best example of making money through services is five or dot com fiber dot com is a website that allows you to list your services or just by your Aeneas any service that can be done through Internet. If you want to know if the service that you will provide exists on Internet, go to Fiverr and search there if it's not there, that means your effort bridge, which probably or not, but still fiver is the best example of services that you can provide. Old line period. Just go to Fiverr dot com. It's F i v e r r dot com, and just go and find it yourself. This is all the services that you can provide. It can be a video editing game creation. It can be video creation. It can be anything that it can be. Look silly videos recorded by telling someone's name. Or, like some specific phrase, whatever you want. It can be any think, basically anything like a lot. A lot, a lot, a lot. A lot of things. It can be done through the fiber the last. But Dallas is against spotlight. And, as I was telling one off, the greatest example of spotlight selling is the YouTube. But we're certainly selling basically an ad space. You're doing whatever you want to do on your Internet, on on your videos or photos or in your music. Whatever you want. Loan podcast. Whatever it is, do whatever you want, and people are just wanting toe by your time from this video's That's it to be visible or for your viewers. It's good a way to make spotlight sound. So let's just rank them in order to I understand for you which one will be the great for you to start if they have any. It's experience with that offline business. Any experience at all. If you have a good experience, warehouses, stuff like that, you understand what? How offline business work. You have sold some stuff and you understand how it works, then Probably one of the best ways for you to start making on the new money in line will be a physical store, physical online only store that the only sort the sell physical goods. This will be the great ways for you to start one of the great ways. And if you have a budget, you're gonna need the budgets to do that. If you don't have a budget, services will be the best start for you. You don't have a budget. You don't have any pride, pride experience with ah selling anything online or physical products. And you just know some stuff how to do some stuff, Then go and start services if you want. If you know to create some digital products, then by all means skip services and skip physical products and start by creating a digital product. Just go there because this will be the most lucrative for you because it costs more to have it. Did you? You make more by creating a good digital product than by creating a good services. Because you're a single person, you're a single person that you can like. They have the limitations with services with digital products, you do not have a limitations. You can sell as many vehicle products that you want to. You have the limitations of the physical products as well. With the geoparks, you don't have a limitation. You have quite a lot of following. You have, like, create your own land continent stuff, and you have quite a lot of following your maybe with a few 100. Not if you you don't need the 1,000,000. Just if you wanted think, start with big spotlight, you will generate the less income. But if you're doing this part time, it may be a good beginning for you. A good boost for you. I did all of those like I did all of those, Whatever what I was saying. So the physical products. I did digital products. I did Ah, a spotlight and I did. Services added. All of those, even or fiber. I did all off those All of those I did YouTube added Twitch. I did. Ah, blogging. I did Amazon FDA. I did. I'm doing a course. I do promotions, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Probably the best way for you to start. Probably the best way for you to start is if you can do that, go with their digital products services. The simplest want to start, but it's not. It's not gonna generate you substantial amount of income for really, really long time and probably will never do the substantial amount off income. While the digital products are good, good digital products will generate you a substantial amount of income. A did the same for me. I have an only income coming from all over the place. Like from promotions from services like, I don't know a lot of services now, but still, I was doing that. Still, the best way to generate money is to create a digital product. So this wasn't for the second lecture. I will. I hope it was not a really long lecture for the next lecture. We're gonna go through some online income misconceptions because a lot of people understand on letting him as something different that it actually is. So we're just gonna go through that and I will tell you exactly, exactly. One of this mixed conceptions are on, which is reality is about one line income. So thank you for being here with me, and I'm gonna see you in the next lecture. 4. Online Income Misconceptions: so hello. And welcome back to the lecture. Three off our online income essential score. So in this lecture, we're gonna talk a bit about in misconceptions about online income, and some people think that are really. But actually it's not. Ah, there are few things that are actually really important that we need to go through first thing. That this misconception is that making money online is easy. Mistresses misconception number one. Well, it's actually kind of some kind of true, but not really making money online is a bit easier than making money, and you are else a bit easier because it doesn't does not require you to walk around and do a lot of stuff like outside of your computer. But still, it is not easy. It is easy when you start doing that, but until you understand what you'll need to do, which will take a lot, a lot, a lot of time and effort and a lot of failures in order for you to understand how it actually works. So by thinking that making money online is easy in getting it with this mindset starting good with this mindset, you are like doomed to fail from the very beginning. Don't get with the mind set off. Making money online is easy making manual line generating old line income. I don't like calling and making manual line, by the way, I like the name. Generating online income or creating on online business is as much work as any other type of work. So for put a lot of work there, if you put a lot of smart work, each will give you results. Good results you'll have. You'll find a success. You'll think that it's easy and just try to find shortcuts and hacks and stuff. You were doomed to fail from the very beginning, so understand that this is a big misconception about generating all line income. Second misconception. In order to sail, sell something online, you need to have something orient to create something wrong. That's that's the same thing that I didn't talked about the types of all income because I want to talk about in this a lecture you don't need to create, own or even see the product in order to make money from it. Fine sounds for sound earlier, right? But there's thing called fill it marketing that allowed you to promote products that are not actual your own that you don't own, that you maybe never even used in your life. But if you're promoted and someone else comes to this product basically promoting other people's products, when someone buys the product that you promote from your wings, you're gonna get a kickback from it in many cases, quite a lot off income from it. And this is actually one off my bigger sources off online income, selling other people's products or services. By the way, you can sell them. You could just promote them on your own with your social media or in your blocks or in your videos or anywhere else. And just put the links one ever on whatever platform your they'll just I feel that things and when people are going to go and buy the products or services, and in many cases this can be a services with the recurring online recurring monthly payments. Then you're gonna get a kickback from it, like you can get up to 2030 men, in some cases 50 to 60% off the sales from there. Imagine if you're selling $100 a month product with 50% affiliate income. That means that until this person is paying for this product $100 a month, you're gonna get 50 doors from that. And if you managed to sell this product to 10 people, you're getting $500 until they're paying that maybe forever $500 per month. This incredibly good way to make money, by the way, Meaning that you're not confined with your own products. You're not confined if you find a really good product. And you see you think that your viewers or whatever the people are ah, you're interacting with can buy this product. You can just promote Just show them this product and sell them this product and you're just gonna make money from that without even creating your own products. This is a great way to make 11 of the greatest way to make money. Probably I would I wanted to talk about that in the digital and physical products part in the types of online income. But I decided to keep this for the misconception because a lot of people think that they need to have or create a product to sell it. You don't That's a good to think. Greatest thing about creating online income. Probably one off the greatest thinks about online income. Last biggest misconception about generating online income is people understanding what? How how they can generate the income itself. You see, they don't understand that in order to make money, you need to sell something like you to generate income. You need someone to pay something to you. Like what? The things that I talked in the previous luxury before. Streams of income. They don't understand that you need to have one of those four streams of income in order to generate in lining up case in point. I'm going to talk about what people are actually thinking. People think that if you create YouTube videos to create an instagram post, if you could Facebook post Twitter post or wherever it is that you're gonna generate money from use war subscribers or for worse, or likes etcetera, etcetera, they don't understand that views itself. Subscribers itself likes itself, forwards itself. They don't generate you any money unless it's a play, unless the pinks of drivers like for twitch. But I'm not talking about about this right now. They do not make you any money. So let's say if you go and see YouTube video with the one million views people are calculating, like always. She must have made a lot of money from that He may have, but he may actually generated zero money from that. If the view if the video was monetized, then yes, it would generate someone of money, which, which amounts, would very wildly, depending on where the videos from what, what language? The videos from what the video is about, How long this video? How, where the viewers are coming from, how long the viewers are staying on video, etcetera, etcetera. It's like very wildly like video with 1,000,000 views can generate $10 or $100,000. It varies wildly and kept. People cannot even imagine how while it it varies. And it may even generate $0 because it may not be monetized at all. So this is there's a huge misconception before thinking you're not generating money from views you're generating Manny money from ads or sponsors on the videos like that. Or maybe an affiliate links like I don't like I said, You may be P person might be sitting down making a product review without anymore decision or video, and he would have one thing to feel. It links in the description. And when people would find the product unusual and think that the disparities for them and when they would go through the feeling and buying parts for themselves, they would get a kick back from that. Or, for example, a person may get 100 million views on video and get, let's say, $10,000 maybe from the monetization from ads. He may have an additional sponsorship. Do you on the video like, say, on the beginning on the back where she actually tells about the sponsor of the video, and he would maybe get another 5000 doors from that and he may get, and not a $20,000 from a feeling links. But you would only know you don't understand. Maybe think that only the views are important for him like this. $10,000 made from use. But she would make a 3 to 4 times mawr just by doing other things so realize that views subscribers likes followers. They don't make you money to generate money by someone paying you money. Other for ads on for sponsorships or for selling products, yours or someone else's. This is how you make money realize that's the big misconception that people are thinking that view subscribers or something on YouTube or any other major platform has have something doing like generate money. From that, there's a top three misconceptions about generating money online that this is making income elastic Samsel saying, making money online, even though I don't like that, this word or this phrase. So in the next lecture, we're gonna talk just a tiny bit about marketing. And, well, you need to know and learn about marketing. But because it is very, very important thing to learn and to know what you need to learn about marking as soon as possible, because by knowing good marketing, you're gonna generate ships, amount of money we'll on, and I'm going to see you in the next lecture to talk about that. See, there 5. Marketing: so hello And welcome back to the lecture Number four off online income essentials. And this in this lecture we're going to talk a bit more about marketing, which is extremely, extremely important. Thing that a lot of people are actually overlooking, for some reason are thinking at off it as a secondary thing in an online business, which is incredibly wrong decision, because marketing is essentially the connection between you and your customers or whomever I's gonna pay you. Maybe it's gonna be a businesses or whoever it is. Marketing is back to exactly allowing you to connect to them. So if there is no connection between you n your potential income, that means you're not going to make any money and meaning that your business is basically a failure. So that means that you need to think about market as much, if not more than about business itself. That whatever you're selling itself, you must think about how you products or your services will be presented, how people will be able to find you, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. For that, the different marketing strategies will work off for different types off businesses for ah , the businesses where you are basically the part off the marketing itself. Like said that YouTube or you to business or your YouTube channel or instagram page or whatever you it is you make money from marketing. This channels may be a bit difficult than marketing anything else because you are basically market by the platform itself. It's the marketing itself is a bit difficult, but discover ability is far easier than any other business. Lots of let's say, like a drop shipping sore like it's easier to be discovered is a YouTube channel. Then it is is there to be discovered as the drop shipping the store. So you need to think about that in this way, how the person can discover you. First of all, think of who is the person who is your end customer who will find you will purchase your services will be a services at digital or physical goods or the promotion who will purchase that and then think where they might be and then go on, market your product. There you may be paid marketing. Maybe you may create an actual a page there and grow it organically there and then drive traffic from there, or you may do however you want or you may just optimize your ah website for S CEO. If you're using a separate website as the issue me search engine optimization, meaning that you will make your A page website or your store whatever business platform you have more discoverable by search engines, which can be really, really good way to earn traffic and market your products. But the best way, the best way at the moment and I would not say the easiest, but still the past way to market your products is to have a prose presence in social media instagram you to you to be still social. YouTube is the social media, so before you will say that YouTube is a social media website, deserve peace agreement. YouTube is really good one, but they're probably bit more saturated and you might find a bit hard time to be discovered on YouTube and or is over. However, Hower the growth amount off your YouTube and Instagram is incredibly high, so he could go like, really, really high levels. But for the moment, I highly suggest you to grow on smaller website that are less utilized, utilized on a lot of people but they're not lot off creators. Let's say, in my case, I heavily utilized Pinterest for my promotions. I use Pinterest Ah lot. I have quite a lot of traffic driving from pictures, and probably one of the biggest drivers of my online income is a Pinterest the next days within, which is up and rising in 2019 and 20 million beyond is tic tac. Definitely. You can market your business on Tic Tac. Many people will say that it's for Children, etcetera, etcetera, however, still there quite a lot of people dwelling and tic tac and end off different ages, not just small age. So you may find, Ah, a user and user for your products itself. How were you need to think about who are the users off your product? If the users are more like an elderly, people are like, let's say, 60 yours, how or maybe even 50 and up. You might consider not using Tic Tac or it. Many consider that uses Pinterest because their average age off Pinterest users is pretty high. Plus, if your users are female and customers are female, Pinterest is still very good because majority of the users of the pictures are female. Ah, but you might think that the younger audiences are more constrained on YouTube on instagram and tic tac. So you need to think of it like that, who is your customer, where they're located and how we can deliver your basically your existence to your customers. After that, your products will will basically talk for you, even if their affiliate products, because when people are looking for the field, but when people are looking for the product of used it separates. Don't find that your reviewers is good even though it's not your product. People are gonna tend to come to your a piece of content and to your ah website or whatever you want. My business platform. You have more and more and more and more, and you might, and you will generate more and more more and more sales. So, uh, main take away from all this. Concentrate on marketing. Really, really, really well, in this day and age, it is pretty easy. It's not. It's in pretty is not. It is not a good word. It's doable because because it's not simple thing to do. It's doable, but not difficult. Think to market your products for absolutely free. It's very it Zobel out. I cannot say a word very easy because it took me quite a lot of time to understand and get this how you can market your products for free. So it might take quite a lot of have to you as well. But I can say if I was able to do that, you will be able to do that as well because I'm not really good. Mark, I'm not good marketing guy. I'm not very good at marketing, but I managed to understand what sells my products and what allows me to gain more income. I'm using a Zeiss A For my example, I use Pinterest is my main traffic driver because I managed to crack Ah, that's a crack crack Pinterest, uh, and gain quite a lot off users from the this platform. Ah, and this allowed me to grow really, really fast and it transformed my income into really incumbent. So it allowed me to live on full time on an online income. So again, men take way, concentrate on marketing along side with the product of business itself. Think about who will buy from you first, the not for alongside of what you'll sell. If you will build your business together like that with the marketing end with a business itself. If you build it together by learning and getting stuff from one side and from another side together, you might get a really, really good at creating business that will blow up from the very, very beginning and allow you to gain quite a substantial amount off income. As an advice I would take concentrate on YouTube. Concentrate on Instagram. If you're using paid advertising, concentrate on Facebook and concentrate on Tic Tac and Petrus. This, like five things that you need to concentrate on on like first. And if you are using website constraint on Seo search engine optimization as well, you know you can find a lot of think about issue on YouTube and all the learning platforms as well. So this was all about the marketing. I I will. I did not go through it in a very high detail because marketing off the product is like separate course, maybe not the course that scores look a lot of different courses, depending on what type of business you are running at it will take way, too. It's way too specific into very things like the fourth of different things. But overall, this is what I what I said like this would have talked about. This is what you need to know about marketing in the next lecture we're gonna took about what kind of time you need to will give to your online business in order for it to grow into full time, maybe even a part time income or yourself. So I'm going to see you in the next lecture. 6. Part Time vs Fulltime: so hello again. Welcome back to lecture number five. It's no fifth lecture off our online income essentials, and in this course we in this lecture, we're going to talk about how much time you need to dedicate to your own line. Business is, it should be your part time job. Or is it should be a full time job right away. All I can say is everything else will say here will be from my personal experience. There's another thing that I've heard somewhere is the thing that I've gone through. So I started my own business, is back in around 2014 with the YouTube and like build a lot of different stuff and did a lot, or for basically every kind of different online business. And I was doing this part time by giving, like around by the beginning, like giving it probably just a few hours a week. And then that's increasing, increasing, increasing gradually and for around a year now I'm doing this full taps. This my job. I can say like that. My business really started growing and exploding when I went full time when I was doing this part time. That income generated from the business was minimal. It was, but it was minimal. However, I'm not saying that you should go full time. Why? Because when I went full time with my own line business ahead five years of experience before that. So I knew a lot off stuff in advance Before I went full time. A lot of stuff about a lot of different online businesses. I learned how to create on build all my business from ground up all kinds of different online business. I learned how to market it. I've learned how to improve everything I learnt. What sells what doesn't sell would need what you need to do and learn a lot of things about my mindset about what I was doing wrong, what others were doing world, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. It took me five years to start generating a real good online income like a full time online income. And then I went by I Then I went full time. So should you do full time? No, not in the beginning. Well, you should go full time online business only after you know that you can you know for sure that you can generate a living from your online business. I'm not telling that the only you should go and start doing online business when you're only business income will be as much as your regular job income. No, usually what you make from a regular job, usually not in all the cases. Usually it's a bit more than you. Then you actually need that. It's a bit more. I would say Go full time. Zach starts part time, work 100% all the time, starts part time and learn from experience. Don't waste too much time about research. Spent some time about research. But but do your online business let go and do online business? Do right away to do it part time. Do it for as long as you think it's needed. It depends from person by person basis. I know people who started online business and part time, did it for a few months, just a few more to three months and went full time after that, that we're doing just great in three months. They went for part time to full time and doing just great. I know the people who have been doing this for years and still cannot figure it out, and probably I was one of them. It took me five years, five years toe went to that. But I'm a very swollen and I can I I'm not a really good example of that. I'm so, Warner, I I'm going into too much details, and I tended to go and over think a lot of stuff that I don't need to everything that I need to just do it. I tend to do that. And thankfully, when I stopped doing that, I went on like my results showed up. And now I'm doing full time, full time online business when you should do when you think that you are ready to go from part time online business to full time online business. Always always have at least six months worth of expenses, at least like absolutely minimum. Whatever the salary you have for that, have a six month six times more than that saved up six times one of the and then think about going full time with your online business it to least except in the best case scenario, have a years year, one year worth of money had it's I know it's hard to say for yourself. But you trust me, just do save it, save it and it will be worth it. Only after that, when you're ready to think you know enough, you generate some amount of money. You generate something from of the part time. Don't think that if you are not for not generating anything from a part time online income don't go full time. Because if you're generating nothing in part time, there is very high chances that you are going to generate nothing while doing full time. So don't go full time while they're generating $0 for yourself. Why do you know you already? Meaning that you generate some income from part time job and the time is the only problem that is not allowing you to go bigger. Only after that, the time Maybe, though, if the time is there on the problem, you have enough of expenses in the future. And you know you can make it is full time, then go full time. Only after that people are thinking that online business is easy and they start doing that . Oh, I'm gonna become a youtuber. Oh, I'm gonna become an Easter Graham star. I'm gonna become a drop shipping guru or something like that. They think that because they've seen someone done it, it's easy to do that because he has done it. I can't do that as well. It's true if someone else had done it, you can do that as well, but it's not 100% sure that you will do it. You can do it, but you probably will not do that. So think about that about if you're thinking of going part time to full time, Think about that first. At least you're doing part time. Tried to allocate to your online business a bit more time. Try to allocate just a bit more time and then think about going full time. You have to have to have a lot of things in place to go full time. So this is what is my take away from this part time full time business stuff. I am doing this full time because I was there. I was already on the level that I could do it full time, and thankfully he told paid out because I was. I planned this quite quite extensively. Everything went as planned, it and I think even better than that. So this was about during the part time or full time in the next, a lecture. We're gonna talk about an online business gear that you might need to have, Like, you know, that your didn't get a computer. So you might need some things in order to create your own line. Been. So we're gonna talk about this in the next lecture. 7. Gear: well, Owen, welcome back to online income essentials. And in this lecture, we are going to talk about online business gear. What you're going to need in order to run your own line because I maybe create or yeah, whatever you want to do with your own landings. So first things first, you need your main smart device from where you will control your old business, and this can very from person to person. But in my case, what I think, in my opinion, you 100% you 100% need tohave a personal computer in order to have a main powerful device that will allow you to control your online business. It's a personal computer can be like desktop computer like be computer for a laptop or maybe a Mac or whatever it doesnt matter. Is your doing Mac or Windows? It doesn't really matter. It should be powerful enough to do your many or many of your stuff, including a basic video editing. If you're doing some video stuff of huge problems, should be doing some media stuff in order to promote your business and sound recording, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, and you just This is not a 100% necessary. But computer will allow you just to have, like, better control over your own line business because majority of the things that are created , like software, etcetera, etcetera, websites there optimized mawr towards the computer like Matmour. Just all of them are optimized the computer in some of them. Our optimize, the majority of them are optimized toward mobile devices, so you will lead either computer like desktop computer or a laptop. So if you don't have any one of those, or do you want to purchase or we have a new what to purchase, like a new ones? Which ones you will need to have. So if you're only business consists off. A content creation lets you in the course creation or any other video creation music with any other thing that needs to create content. Now I would highly highly suggest you to go with a desktop because that stops usually are far more powerful than the laptops. Like you have far more power and far cheaper than, uh, similarly powered laptops. You will have a bigger budget, and you have, like if you can allow yourself to spend quite a lot of money Then you can go 100% with a laptop with similar power left. Or however it will cost you farm or for the powerful laptop than its for powerful desktop. Plus, the screen state is really important. You have, like having a largest screen for the computer is better, and the desktop can allow that. Plus, with a desktop you can purchase any size this scope, your inside of screen you want and have a multiple school greens as well, or my only immunised. I have a two screen set up right now. I'm on a computer. I have, like one screen, one giant 35 inch screen right here and 1 24 inches going right here, which which counts as my lighting as well. For my face. This two monitors are incredible. I have third Munter there as well, but I'm going to talk about the third thing in a bit. This allows me to have, like, more control, to have far more information in front of me and having a different utilities for my online business. You can do almost the same with the laptop. In addition, you will have a more advanced a feature off more ability, which is really, really good that allow you will allow you to have to move your online business with you, which is the main thing about online business. So if you can't afford powerful computer, then by all means go with powerful laptop. But in the beginning, I would so highly suggested to start with desktop like generate something one of income that will buy you a powerful laptop, then go on by powerful left up and then move oil business towards there. The third thing that is emerging in 2019 the third device that I prominently used. Ah, lot is using an iPad or in my case, I'm going to show you I'm gonna show with this is this is my iPad. I'm just gonna close it down. This is my iPad with the keyboard screen. So it's like here, and I could just run my computer and used like that and with stylist at all the said iPad Pro 2018 model, which allows me tohave like something some kind of mix between own and the laptop, because it tell it has lost some of the mixture stuff and plus innovation, touchscreen and this keyboard allows me to to do some stuff that I cannot do really well in a computer because I don't have a stylist and touch pad. I'm a computer because I draw some stuff. I mean, not draw, designed some logos and stuff, etcetera, etcetera for my business. What I do have some video, anything there which I will edit this videos on my iPad. Plus, it has quite enough power, so I pad is another option that you could use powerful iPad. I mean, I put pros or something like that, but still irregular iPads are powerful enough to do the majority of the jobs that you'll need to do on your computer, in addition to everything that to that iPad is really good device as a mobile device like for the communications, etcetera, etcetera, plus its small, its compact. It's lightweight. It's battery powered with powerful battery and allows you to have everything in one place. But the bad thing about that is because it's tries to be everything. It is not the best at nothing, so it's like Jack of all trades, so you could go with an iPad if you want. If you know what what you're doing so, uh, the iPad is the next thing. But what about the phone? You over, you may say, What about a phone? Can I control and create and do my stuff on my phone? But the answer is to some degree, yes, but your smartphone, unfortunately in today's day and age, is more like a complementary and additional device for your online business. It is incorrigibly difficult to run. You're only to create and run your own line business solely from your smartphone. Despite what it doesn't matter. What kind of phone you have will be an android. And iPhone, whatever it is, doesn't matter. It is very, very difficult to create an online business. Own your phone controlled from there just because not because of the software limitations. I'm like that. Yes, there are, of course, total limitations compared to the computers and power limitations, but not as much because of about that, but mainly because of the size of the device. Like if you cannot do a lot of stuff with a small screen, you cannot do that like video editing or access city for photo editing or some different kinds of work that you need to do on your device like it's a bit difficult to do that on just your phone. You will need some like size or something like a tell is something like an iPad, like 11 each iPad or 10 inch sides at least, and enough power to duel this mobile devices made for mobile communications mainly like to access information passed quick and reliably. Whatever you are, it's not made to be a main device. One thing that is, Ah, exception. Kind of like. An exception is sensing devices in this case, which allows you to have a decks mode, which allows you to transform your Samsung Quick Latest, this latest Samsung devices into the computer by connecting them to the special doctor and capital monitor and keyboard. Everything like that. If you do something like that, then yes. But by using your mobile phone is a computer. You are not using it as a mobile phone, so it's kind of like a mixed bag or something like that. And I don't use that to be fair, even though I have, like my have something revised its galaxy s eight, by the way. No, and I can use it with the decks, But I just don't because I don't think that I can have enough power to do. Ah, the majority thinks that I do neck other things that are complementary and additional stuff . But depending on whatever you're doing, is the camera itself, like at least the webcam I'm doing this on Webcam and Microphone microphone is probably more important in many cases. Stand a camera because when you're talking you're talking is more important than how do you look. People are listening to you again in medical case, of course, is people are listening to you. It's more important to you what I say then it's the bad behind me. It's far more important. You may have noticed that, but now you notice it more, and after that you wanna noticed all the time. But it's far important for you to understand what I say than what you see. Like in my case, if it is more important, what you see for your online business, then by whole means go and purchase, get camera and just go. And how have it connected your computer? Just You use it however you want. But microphone is far more important because if you are the prominent members of your member of your videos and talking in anyways, that the microphone is far more important and far better investment. Your case. Other than that ah, well, the gear that you'll need Foreign one business is highly dependent on what you're doing. I was specific off what you're doing under that. None of the devices that you may have is applicable for every business, like, other than your computer main main device or maybe Cameron Microphone. None of those are. None of other things are applicable for all the business entirely dependent on what kind off things that you're running and thinks that you are doing. So this was all about only business gear. In the next lecture, we're gonna talk more about your business mindset. What you need to think about what you need to realize what you need to do. And what do you need to few in order to run your online business? I'm going to see in the next lecture 8. Mindset: so hello. And welcome back to the lecture number seven of our online income essentials. And in this lecture, we're gonna talk about your own land business mindset. What type of mine said you need to have in order to succeed? Ornaments start any type of online business. It doesn't matter which ever platform a thing you're doing will be just a simple no service or just providing products. It doesn't matter, like at all. It will be a YouTube channel. It doesn't matter. So in order to succeed, uh, you know, my business first thing that you need to do or the first thing that you need not to do is to start an online business or whatever you are doing for an X amount off money. You should do not do that because 100% of the times when you start a new on line business for the X amount of money, you are going to pale fail all the time. It doesn't matter what you do, it doesn't mean it doesn't matter what service you provide. You are going to fail all of their time. It doesn't matter, so just don't do that. Never do that never start your only business because you want to get an X amount of money. Why you fail while thinking about money. Of course, all of us start business for the money. We want to leave on something because it's kind of like a job for you. Yes, all of all of us to get. But when you want to focus first on money, you are not focusing on the service provided you do not provide value towards your customers. You do not provide the value and your customers. Why you should. Customers pay you money because you provides value so that this means you're giving first value and then you're taking money from that. That's how it should be, not the money. First, give me money and then I maybe provide you some in value. No, it should be. Vice versa provide value. First value first is 100%. All of the time I think about providing value. Case in point. Let's go to them to an example. If you have some product, if you have some physical product or digital product, you let's go. Let's go. Think of something like that. If you're creating, get online course like this court, for example, Think off what your customers or what your students will get from your course. We'll get some knowledge, will get some feelings, will get some insights if they will get that, that your customers will buy this course and you, in turn, will get money. You see, I was connected. You need to provide the value. Let's say you're creating a YouTube channel. You need to provide entertainment or again, knowledge or whatever feelings or whatever you do. You provide those the customer. The people are coming and watching your video. Your channel growth goes more, more and more and more, and you attract sponsorships. Now you attract on AdSense revenue, etcetera, etcetera. It increases with the value. The money comes with the value, not vice versa. Not value comes with the money. Money comes with a value. That's how it should be done. Treat your business as a product like any product. Let's say I don't know. Look, airports, why airports cost that much better. Yeah, I think they're a bit overpriced for what they are, but people are still buying them a lot because off the branding and valued it is provided by the same product. You know that Apple products are good. You know that Apple products are very quality product, even though that this $200 earphones are doing exactly the same thing as maybe $50 earphones or your parts or whatever. You wanna call the same thing exactly the same thing as 1/5 door. But you're paying 20. Deliver that. Why? Because you know that this is the quality, and you know that it works really good with your apple device. You're still paying that a majority of the people complain. No, there puts their stupid and stuff, but people are still buying them, not because people just overall stupid, but because they understand the value of this. Why the phones are getting expensive, expensive, expensive People are buying that because people are understanding the value. Want people are paying 1000 of $1100 for an iPhone is that 1 404 $100 was the maximum price like 5 to 6 years ago because they trust the brand that you should do the same. It doesn't mean that they're right. It doesn't mean that their party's is still the best option to buy. It's not, but you still get it. And its jets? What your customers did you should do for the customers will provide them with a good value . Show them that there actually paying their money for something more valuable than their money's worth final more valuable than their money's worth. And people are gonna come towards you and just they're gonna give you money away The money that you want But your mindset should be on the value first and money will come. Do not come straight on money Come straight on value and money will come I concentrated on the money first when I started my only been suspect five years ago I custard and money all the time I steal up to a year ago. I was considering the money first What? I started concert just a year ago when I started concentrating on value. My only business just started to grow right then and there right then and there. Concentrate on value. Next thing that will more talk about the next in the next lecture is thinking that it will be your fast money. Ah, money earning business. I mean that all my businesses not fast money business it takes time. It's any other business. The main point here is that only business is like any other business, any other brick and mortar store. Like any other service, it is exactly the same exactly the same as of business. The difference is that you do not have an access to the only local people when you open the store there you have the excessive people globally, but the difference as well here is not. You are not the only one who has the access of the global, two different people globally as well. So concentrate on your only in business as the regular business. Think of it as a business that you want to grow indefinitely. I don't think that you, which will be your own my business, look for a few years old. Few months off the weeks it will be your business forever. Which 1 may not be but still focus on it like that. This is how your mindset should go, and your business will just go forward and forward and forth. So in the next lecture, we're going to talk about timings that I said right now, how much time it will take your growth to your business. Someone? How much that'll take your creator business, etcetera is. And how much time will it take to make some good money from your business? And what limitations And, like different kind of barriers you have in your own land. So I'm going to see in the next lecture. 9. Timing and Limitation : so hello And welcome back to lecture number eight, I think. And in this lecture, we're gonna talk about timings and limitations. So what do I mean by timing and limitations? And let's start with the timing and let's let's get to the limitation later. Timing in timing. I mean, how much time you will need for online business to succeed. And this is a time of ALS the time that you you're you're gonna take first. How much time does it take to build up your own line business? Well, it depends highly on what type of online business you're building and how much work you're putting and what kind of work you are putting. It may take up to a few weeks, maybe, maybe, even like probably even less, but a few weeks in order to set up your first online business and get it up and running and just scattered going. However, in order to get your first customers for your business, eat might take quite a while, and it's highly dependent on the type of marketing you're doing for your business. When I started my different types falling, but this is I was 14. Some are businesses. I started making right away making money right away. Like as soon as the business was wrapping running, I started making money that maybe not a lot of money, but still, And for some businesses, it took a few months and one of them to click here on a year to make its first dollar basically, and it depends highly on what type of business you are doing. But what I can tell you with a very, very high degree of certainty is that they're most likely you're not gonna make money quick . Most likely, you are gonna take quite a while to make even a single dollar. It is what it is. It will take quite a while to make you money. Because online business is not a child's play, its business that requires to have everything in its place your products, your delivery, your marketing, everything should be on point, you know, for you to start making. I'm not even talking about substantial amount of money I'm talking about, like any money at all, because you have an access to entire world through your business. So does everyone else, meaning that despite you're competing with, despite your having and again access to entire world. You're competing with everyone else in the world doing the same thing, meaning that you will be drowned under the millions off, different only in businesses that are trying to do this exactly the same that you are doing . And what you need to do is to be patient and work to be seen. Work a lot. That's very important thing, if you are. If you have a good business, you need to work a lot to be seen because, plus you, because you have good businesses, you provide good value. When you get seen, make sure that your customers will stay with you. Then it will just go snowballing up and up and up and up. It may take a few months to get your first customer. It may get just a few weeks to get the second. It may get a few days to get your 3rd 2 hours to get your for fourth and few minutes to get your sticks and etcetera, etcetera. It will just go faster and faster and faster. The effect off only business is snowballing. It's like How can I say it's like a look line in the beginning, like a line, nothing is happening. Line just goes like that. Nothing is happening. And just suddenly he just starts to rise, like just but by a tiny bit first. And then more and more and more and more just skyrockets and just goes flies away, up in the sky. But the majority of time, we're gonna have it just line, just nothing happening. It may discourage a lot of people, but trust me when you get those first results and when you get to the end game, it is absolutely worth it. It is 100% worth it to persist through everything and just go toe to reach the skies. This is all about timing. You need toe wait and work and work in. Or that That's why I was talking in the one of the previous lectures about part time full time. That's your that you don't You should not start this full time because imagine, like have making zero amount of money for a year. When your online business you need to eat right, you need to pay the bills into paid less electricity bill builds for a computer or, if you're working for the phone. You need to charge your phone somewhere. Get paid for Internet whatever you need, at least someone of money to have. So that's why having a regular job and part time only in business is the best way to begin with. Best way to begin, because your job will finance your part time job, and sooner or later, your part time job will become a full time job in finance Everything in your life. This is like nurturing like growing tree like girls really, really slow first, and then when it becomes big and large, it gives you huge amount of fruit. In the end, they should wait until it will give you huge amount of fruit because it will if you're working hard. If you're working smart, it will give you now about the limitations. As for the limitations, what are the limits off an online business? What are the lower limits or that limits what you can see? Lower limits, like there's nothing you're making nothing so turned a lower limit zero. But what is an upper limit, as you see from, uh, are going to say the biggest companies in the world biggest companies in the world. The majority of them are Internet based Google, Facebook, Amazon. You see that they are there amount of moneys practically unlimited. Okay, I'm not maybe comparing your only and business to Google's or Amazon's or Facebook's, But you see that they don't have an upper limit you should not have as well. You don't have an upper limit if you work hard enough. If you work enough, you're gonna make make a $10,000 a year. If you work even more or name is smarter, you're gonna make your $50,000 a year. If you work even smarter that next year you're gonna make 100,000. If you work even more smart and more hard and just allocate your resources into the best things and just throw away the other things that do not work, etcetera, etcetera. In the year that you're gonna make 1/2 a 1,000,000 then improving mawr, you're gonna make a two million, it saturates that are gonna walk up and up and up and up. It's probably I would not say the easiest, but probably Mawr most available way to become a millionaire for everyone all around the world. It doesn't matter where you're from. Doesn't matter at all where you're from, you have an Internet access. You have good communication skills. If you even if you need this, if you need one, you have a good communication skills and you are willing to work. Then you can't reach. We could Which millions? I will not say. One thing that probably is the hardest one to scale is the services. Because you were limited with your own time and your own ability. So you add someone and just work with your own name and just do wonder your brand that create the company, then yeah, sure. But this will suddenly trust for Hamilton on the regular company, not just online company, but still, it will start yours as an online business and just continue going up and up and up and up. You don't have an upper limit. We will just go and go and go and go. My only business has been growing exponentially since since it started making stay Billy making money like every single month. I am doubling my income. Avery. Single month, I'm doubling my income in all all my streams offering you with all of them alof them. I worked hard enough. And now we're making warning more and more and money. And you can do that too, if you start doing, uh, this online business and give it some time. So this was it for this lecture in this and the next lecture, which will be our last lecture thing we're going to talk about if anyone can do online business, because dancer might surprise you. Okay, I'm going to see you in an extraction. 10. Can Anyone Do Online Business: Okay. Hello. Wouldn't welcome back toe over last lecture before the last one, I think. And this lecture we're gonna talk about if anyone can do online business. And I see a lot of posts, An Internet, like people are saying, Oh, yes, anyone can do a no ambition. Grow with be whatever you want, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. It's take underwrites, but they're not. Unfortunately, by seeing what I see everywhere by seeing people their attitude, I have, like quite a lot of presence in an online social media YouTube instagram. I see a lot of difference, but people different stuff. I can safely say that not anyone can do online business. Simply not simply not everyone is built to do that because not anyone is willing to do whatever it takes to reach the success that anyone is willing to leave their comfort zones . That cozy place is that they think they leave good enough, But I'm not. I'm not judging anyone if they think and they're happy with that, good for them. Not everyone is willing to do that. Not everyone is willing to have a sleepless nights to go and reach success beyond their dreams. Not everyone is willing to do that. So if they're not willing to do that, that how can they do that? They simply can not. If you're willing to reach these stars, which the success which have a millions of dollars, probably in your bank account, then it is to start. If you're willing to have a sleepless night for three years to come, if you're ready for that 100% ready and use willing to do that, you may be ready. If you understand that majority of the time off your work the results gonna be exactly the zero, then you probably can do that. They were not willing to do any of these. Then you probably not faithful, are like business because people again are thinking that only businesses something like like a regular business on an easy mode. It's not. It's exactly not 100%. Not the difference between regular business at an online business is basically the police or business is being conducted. Regular business is conducted regular places like in the local stores in Sadr, etcetera, and only business is conducted an Internet. It's like a giant city where everyone leaves, which is not divided with the geographic borders. That's a that's all the different. Let's look one Mega City, which is the Internet and where offline business has, like a limited amount of customers available. Well, all my business has not. This the difference. It's exactly sit online businesses, not the business on easy mold. It is not. It's It's like starting a business with the biggest city off the world, or everyone else is doing the business already, or he's willing to start the lame business. If you're willing to go through everything, take your time. Take your not help but take your sanity. Maybe to go through this stuff that you warned to achieve, then you're most likely that you will Semuels your success. But not everyone can do that. I don't believe the people who are saying that trying to be optimistic, understand? I understand that, trying to be optimistic, I tried to be optimistic as well, and I try to give everyone the chance to do that. But I 100% as well understand that not everyone is going to do that. I have a motivational page on Instagram, and I see people from all around world in my comment section and just seeing what they do in seeing what they feel and seeing how they interact with my post. And I see like even though they're following the motivational page, they are like down like owned bottom, like dwelling on a bedrock as a motivation. But they don't want to do anything in their lives. And I ask majority of the people like Why should why do you do that? Because the majority of them said, because I'm perfect, perfect defined. What do I have in mind? My, with my 95 job, Have a foot to each and like everything is fine, but I do I. But I don't feel good. It's weird things that you will see an Internet and again about online business. Not everyone can do that. You think of yourself. If you can do that, I think if you are willing to take whatever it takes and then just start doing that because you need that, you need to understand if you can do that, because if you think that even a bit much a tiny bit, that you are not willing to go through the hell in order to reach heaven. If you think that you're not? You're not willing to do that? Don't even bother starting. Don't even bother because you're just gonna go through hell and stay there. That said, you're never gonna reach Chairman. You're going to go through hell and stay there. That's it. Sorry to break it. Just for somebody. This is what it is. It's not the only the only business and not business on easy mode. It's exactly the same as any other business. It takes a lot of work. It takes a lot of time. It likes a lot of energy and it a lot of sleepless nights. Unfortunately, it is what it is. I hope I didn't break. Everything's everyone's dreams about hemorrhaging. So all of this is because I have to be realistic. I don't like lying about stuff in my courses. So this was it all about in our lectures and in the next election, the last lecture like ending conclusion, we're going to wrap everything up and just go through whatever we learned in this course, I'm going to see there 11. Conclusion: So hello And welcome back to our last lectures and congratulations by the wait for reaching here because you are an actual winner who just goes through everything in order to reach the end. And I'm pretty sure that the last lecture that I talked about and that anyone cannot not anyone, can you? Another business is not applicable to you because you are willing to go through everything in order to reach the end result that you want. You are willing to go till the end. And congratulations on that. You are an actual, an actual winner. So let's wrap it up. Everything that will learn about this course we learn about different types of only and income. We'll learn about the misconceptions off online business, and you should go and consider every misconception. I think about that really, really hard. We went through the types of online income, which is extremely important, even though we we went everything through vaguely and that's because, Well, I mean, this is really really you do not narrow subjects very broad subject, and you need to think and consider what is the best fitting for you women through marketing , because marketing is extremely, extremely important, and you need to consider marketing alongside your business. They should go like together like that. We considered, if part time or full time is the best fit for us and only business, and we realized that part time is the best for the beginning and by an amount of income will be high enough. You can go to the full time. We went through all the business gear with routine it, which is mainly a computer, laptop or tablet or full as a complementary device, not the main device, because phone cannot be just the main device. It's very hard to work it tell me, but it's not, um it is not 100% necessary to be your main device. Just use it as a complementary device. In the best case scenario went through an online business mindset that he's bases of everything. Because you need to understand what you're stepping into were three timing and limitations for you to understand how much time everything here takes and what limits you're basically reaching on the top. And we understood that Derek no upper limits for you go as high as you can and the last but not least, we went through. If anyone can do online business, and they will answer the question that not everyone is capable of doing an online business and, for that matter, any business at all, because some people are just willing to stay whatever the yard be in a comfort zone, I cannot blame them about Well, I was one who, where who was willing to stay in a comfort zone. And I'm still ashamed off the head that I was willing to do that. So this was all about online income. Essential. This is again, essentials of online income is not exactly the way to make you money and make you rich, etcetera. That are the guys who are telling you that they will make you rich really, really fast. I just simply lying to you. And they're doing this for the marketing purposes, even though they can, sometimes for some make monies for someone, it's not applicable for everyone because it all depends on the person itself. If you are willing to work a lot, you don't need a bunch of girls and stuff to make you rich. Me themselves, they get they can teach you some ways and that you can just go and do it yourself now by modifying their teachings like however you want. So this was it for this course? Congratulations again for reaching till the end. I hope it was helpful for you. And I hope you liked this course and I hold I was not remembering way too much again. If you want to check my different courses, we have a lot of other courses as well. You can check owned whatever platform you're watching this. And now I will see you. And I wish to see you in the next course. And if not, maybe we're going to see your somewhere in social media or somewhere. So thank you for being with me. This was Nick Nickson and see later.