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15 Lessons (1h 11m)
    • 1. Introduction - Welcome to the course

    • 2. Chapter #1 Branding

    • 3. Chapter #2 Website

    • 4. Chapter #3 Content Creation

    • 5. Chapter #4 Lead Magnets

    • 6. Chapter #5 Email

    • 7. Chapter #6 Youtube

    • 8. Chapter #7 Facebook

    • 9. Chapter #8 Automation

    • 10. Chapter #9 Free

    • 11. Chapter #10 Podcasting

    • 12. Chapter #11 Webinars

    • 13. Chapter #12 Funnels

    • 14. Chapter #13 Traffic

    • 15. Course Summary and Wrap Up


About This Class


Joined Up Digital Marketing Strategy for Online Course Instructors! Do you know WHY your marketing is failing?

Discover how your Course Marketing Strategy fits into your Digital Business

How to match the Six Parts of Digital Business - Business Model, Customer, Product, Offer, Marketing and Traffic to your Course Marketing Strategy

In this course we discuss the following Strategic Steps:
1. Branding
2. Website
3. Write Epic Content
4. Lead Magnets
5. Emails
6. Youtube
7. Create a Facebook Group
8. Automate Social Media
9. Create a Free Course
10. Podcasting or Be on a Podcast
11. Webinars
12.  Funnels
13. Traffic

I will show you the importance of relationship building and how to create a system which will make your Course Marketing more successful.

This is an introductory course to get you thinking beyond "Spray and Pray" marketing

You will not discover 101 places to post coupon codes

You will discover how to start thinking like a professional marketer and how you can start to take your Course Marketing beyond selling your courses for $10 each and looking to sell them for as much as $997 which is what I am now doing.

Discover 13 critical components to an effective online course marketing strategy. If you don't know what these are and how to join them together then the chances are that your course marketing is not successful.

What will students learn in this course?

  • How to place branding at the core of your marketing strategy
  • The importance of establishing your own website which you control
  • How to market yourself as an authority through the power of content creation
  • The importance of lead magnets to attracting potential customers
  • Why email is the arterial system of digital business
  • Why Youtube is such an effective digital marketing channel
  • How to use Facebook to develop your online reputation as an expert and authority
  • Why Automation is important to digital marketing and why it’s the key to scalability
  • The importance and power of FREE
  • How Podcasting can leverage your brand with a completely new audience
  • How Funnels can enable you to organise an effective marketing campaign
  • Why Traffic is the lifeblood of your marketing

Who this Course is for?

  • Any digital entrepreneur looking to grow their business
  • Online marketers who want to understand the digital business ecosystem
  • Online Course creators who need guidance in marketing their courses

Enjoy the Course and I wish you great success!

Best regards