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Online Content Creation on a Limited Budget

Dan Grijzenhout, Over 35 years of business experience

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7 Videos (26m)
    • Create an MP4 Video Using Microsoft PowerPoint

    • Shareware FTP File Upload to Website Software

    • Free Image Sources for Your Projects

    • Improve Your Audio - Audacity Noise Redcution

    • Movavi Screen Capture Software

    • Get YouTube Royalty Free Music

    • Congratulations - Content Creation on a Limited Budget Completion


About This Class


Start a Home Business Chapter 6 - Online Content Creation on a Limited Budget

This class introduces you to some cheap and "Freeware" tools that can help you to begin to create quality online audio and video content.  If you are wanting start out in the world of "Content Creation" but have a limited budget, these tools and related usage tips will help you get there. In this class, I will show you:

  • How to upload all - including large files - to your website using a great shareware tool recommended by many web-hosting companies.  You can also use this tool to download your website onto your computer so you can make a copy of it or be able to work with your site offline.
  • How to build a high quality (HD - 1980 x 1040) MP4 video using Microsoft Powerpoint.  I will walk you step by step through the entire process including building in back ground audio and animations into your final product.
  • How to reduce or eliminate back ground noise in your audio recordings to give them more professional sound quality.  This is also done through an excellent audio recording and editing shareware software program.  I will walk you through the noise elimination/reduction component of using this software - creating a quality MP3 audio recording as the final output.  Note: I import these audios into Microsoft Powerpoint to create quality presentation style videos.
  • How to use a screen capture tool to capture screenshots and videos running on your screen.
  • How to check songs for your online distribution rights and how to obtain royalty free online audios and sound effects.

I hope you enjoy the course.

Best wishes,

Dan Grijzenhout - Course Creator





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Dan Grijzenhout

Over 35 years of business experience

About Dan Grijzenhout: For close to thirty years, I've been a professional business and information systems consulting professional working to executive levels for both private and public sector organizations globally, a number of which were "Fortune" level enterprises. I've built from scratch, operated and sold an online global payment services company that moves millions of dollars on behalf of its 100,000 plus account holders annually; I've been interviewed on the show "World Business Revi...

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