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Online Coach / Therapist: Build Your Business & Get New Clients in 7 Days

teacher avatar Elmira Strange, Psychologist, Coach

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

21 Lessons (1h 39m)
    • 1. 1. Introduction: About the Course

    • 2. 2. Therapy Vs Coaching?

    • 3. 3. Why people visit Therapists & Coaches?

    • 4. 4. Are you a 'Therapist' or 'Coach' by nature?

    • 5. 5. Do you need to be certified to coach?

    • 6. 6. Importance of choosing your 'niche'!

    • 7. 7. What Specialities are 'out there'?

    • 8. 8. Your previous experience matter!

    • 9. 9. Chose your own 'niche' now!

    • 10. 10. What to do if you are interested in many niches?

    • 11. 11. Making sure your 'niche' is profitable

    • 12. 12. Get known through Social Media

    • 13. 13. How to write your own book in 7 days

    • 14. 14. Have your website ready!

    • 15. 15. Where do your clients 'hang out'?

    • 16. 16. Sure Ways to find New clients!

    • 17. 17. Your long-term marketing plan

    • 18. 18. Build your own database!

    • 19. 19. Do you need to offer 'free' sessions?

    • 20. 20. How much to charge your client?

    • 21. 21. When to quit your 9-to-5 job?

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About This Class


This course is for those who are developing their own coaching practice and wishes to work as an 'online' coach or a therapist. In this course the student will learn, for example:

- What is the difference between 'therapy' and 'coaching' and how to combine both,
- How to find your own 'speciality' or ‘niche',
- How to ‘attract’ clients within 7 days,
- How to make sure that your 'niche' is profitable,
- How to write and publish your own book within only a week or so
- How to 'get known' through social media,
and much more.

The BONUS lectures include: a) How much you should charge your clients for your services, b) When you should quit your 'current' 9 to 5 job and start coaching full-time, and c) Should you offer your 'free' trial sessions to your potential clients or not.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Elmira Strange

Psychologist, Coach


Hey, my name is Elmira Strange, and I am Research Psychologist (MPhil), Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (Dip), and Certified Life Coach (Dip). I love combining my passion for Psychology with Coaching.

The unusual bit: I was born in Northern Kazakhstan (where it's freezing cold in winter -40C), then moved to Russia, then to the United Kingdom.

The interesting bit: I had a life-saving surgery and near-death experience in 2012. The near-death experience made me realise that we are here to share our knowledge, help each other, and enjoy this life.

My interests: Psychology, Online Entrepreneurship, Spirituality, and Paranormal phenomena (no wonder after my near-death experience!)

My previous experience: Whilst I was working at University (Wales, UK) as a Senior R... See full profile

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1. 1. Introduction: About the Course: Hello, everyone. My name's a mirror strange and I'm your instructor. I have reading this course specifically for those who are interested in becoming an online coach or online therapist or therapeutical coach, as I often call myself in this course, you will find out many interesting things, such as water knishes are the most profitable. How to find your own niche or specialty. When do you know when you can leave your 9 to 5 job and start coaching full time, how to fight clients and so much more? This is a good time to stuff. Working as on online coach in the United States is a $1,000,000,000 industry, and it's growing daily. Most coaches are working a self employed. Some coaches are employed by many companies. You might prefer to work from the comfort of your own office, all from the comfort of your own home. The choices are all there. Weight loss, coaching, personal performance, coaching, business, coaching. They're almost the most growing on the most popular specialities or nations are there. Also, Personal coaltion, which is aimed at dealing with confidence issues or exciting shoes, are also really popular and really lucrative at the moment. But we'll talk all about it in our future lessons I will see in my next video 2. 2. Therapy Vs Coaching?: Hello again and welcome to Section two therapy Coaching. Both in this lecture will have a look with the difference between therapy and coaching on where you can combine both from the start. I would like to say that there are two times of coaches. There are those who see that they're doing poo of coaching and not a therapy, and that you can't even mix both. And there are those who say that coaching is a form of therapy on that they doing both. So, in my own observation, I could say that most people and I mean clients that come to you services and who want a serious change in their life there would require both a therapy and the coaching. When you combine both the client benefits from understanding where they current issues come from, hardly link other events in the life. Is this goal that they're thinking about is what they truly want and need. Would they be happy with achieving the desired goal for many years ahead? People who ask for coaching only can also benefit from reaching the goals in a shorter period of time. On this type of coaching, called surface coaching, are supposed to deep or therapeutic. Coaching on this type of coaching would suit those whose issues are either non a long term or no deep enough and you can help him. So let me give you an example. See, you have a client who just changed the job on in this new job, but he needs to do some presentations in front of his colleagues at his old job. He used to work on the computer all day alone, so he didn't have to do any presentations or speech in front of his colleagues or bosses. So with this new job, he has to. So he came to you because he wants to become more confidence in his public speeches, so to speak. So you could offer him either a surface coaching, which is the non deep coaching where you both sit up in action plan. You do homework. You help him with tips and techniques to become more confident when he's talking in for the follows. Perhaps you can give him some tools as well, like daily affirmations on visualization techniques that will help him as well. And you know what? This will work, but probably as a short term strategy on what do you mean as a shelter? Because, for example, if his circumstances will change on, he will find a new job where he has to do presentations on the big scale. His conference might be undermined again. It might decrease. But in the second scenario, he came to you on you offered him a therapy to coaching. This coaching means that you spend some significant time with him doing some basic counselling. For example, you might discuss with the client when his issue started on the waters, his first memory off public, speaking on where perhaps he failed by understanding this links, you can explain him that his failures belonged to his childhood and he can leave the there . So you see you actually using the therapeutic Methodius? Well, no, just coaching. You can also talk about where his ideas came from and his beliefs on whether it was from his parents, from his family from his classmates, and I will help him to dissociate his internal beliefs from the beliefs of others. You might also want to discuss confidence in his parents are they are confident when they speak to all this do there have to do public speech or any speech in front of other people in the current job or previous jobs where he could have learned something from them. So by going into a little bit of a therapy as well, that can be very helpful and can be very revealing to client where his issues come from, and only afterwards you can proceed to actual coaching, where you will set up an action plan on where you will use grow coach and model or any other coach and models that you're familiar with. So, as you can see, you can actually give him a whole package off really good tools and techniques that combined a therapy or some therapy and coaching. In most cases, this approach is a holistic coach, which can create a long lasting and significant change in your client. Even if he will change the job off the job, he will feel confident. And it will be all thanks to you and to your holistic approach where you combine so many approaches in one. So I hope now you can see the difference between coaching and therapy when you combine both in the same session. So which one do you use now, while it depends a lot on your own ish on your Klein's on the circumstances on what results they want to achieve, whether they want something really short term, whether they want some quick fix and they don't care that it won't last long, or whether they want a real serious change in the life that will help them for many years ahead. The thing is, if you specialize something like in stress management or working with a D h d. Or you are involved into spiritual or holistic coaching or even weight loss coaching, then you might want to use the combination of ball for therapeutic on the coaching strategies. But if your name is retirement, coaching or career caution of business or success in leadership coaching, then you might not want to go to a deep off their beauty coaching. Unless the client wishes to discuss that his past toe understand what's been stopping him from his own progress. So I hope now you can see which one you can use the week York lines. I hope you enjoyed the election, and I will see you know next video 3. 3. Why people visit Therapists & Coaches?: hello and welcome again to our next lecture. Why people hire coaches and visit therapists Well, for various reasons. Of course, most people are looking for coaches to get something done or to achieve something quicker. For example, they've been thinking about writing a book for many months or even years, and realize that the good professional coach can help him to do it so much sooner. And you told That's true. Other people want to change the career, but they're not sure where to start. Some clients want to become a better public speaker. All maybe to reduce the stress are long excited, which is a very common thing. So what's the deal with therapist? Why people visit therapists? Most clients visit therapies because they simply want to understand why something in the life doesn't work. Why they're not happy in the current life situation, what's been stopping them to achieve what they really desire. Now you can see that people need both coaches and therapists if they want to understand how to improve their life, how to feel happier, how to get rid of issues and how to gain positive outcomes. The main thing is that the person can say to the coach or the therapies the things that they wouldn't say to the family. A cold your therapies can provide the confidential and non judgmental environment to the client, where the client can open up and share their problems. Also, one of the main reasons why people go for coaching is because of the accountability. If the client doesn't do the homework that the that they set up together with a coach for the next session, they know that the coach will be disappointed on. This is one of the most motivating things for the client. So if your niche allows you to combine both approaches, then do so because it will benefit your client long term. However, if you're type of the client doesn't like the sound of worth off therapy, then don't use it. Or don't tell him that you bring some elements off therapy into your sessions. For example, business people probably wouldn't like the sound of therapy in the coaching. Perhaps it's not what they regular need it anyway. So, as I say, Anna, understand what your clients require and use either coaching off therapy or therapeutic coaching depending on the circumstances, depending on the session with blind depending on the type of client in deliveries on Dependent on your niche off course. I hope you enjoy this lecture on I will see in the next video. 4. 4. Are you a 'Therapist' or 'Coach' by nature?: hello and welcome to our next lecture, therapist or coach. Which one is you? In this lecture? I want you to think about the jobs and the roles you've had in the past. Think about what you've enjoyed on what you didn't enjoy. Do generally like to give a straightforward advice to people. All do like counseling people discussing the issues and the problems on day passed. Think about this. Questions carefully Do give on undivided attention to people when they're venting. Do you understand that venting is important in important part of the healing process before they can move forward? Do injuries seen the patterns in how people see the world, and then the behavior? Do you see the links between the past events on the current issues? So if you say yes to any of these questions, then you're more therapist in the coach, which means you can work as a therapeutic coach, which is great. But if you are a true coach, which doesn't want to use any therapy or any therapeutic approaches in decisions, then you would say yes to some of these questions, which I'm gonna tell you. Do you like setting goals and targets Do you believe that moving forward is more important than talking about the links to the past? Do you believe that moving forward is more important than talking about the links to the past and the past itself? Do you feel frustrated or annoyed when people complain about the problems, even if you really want to help them? Do you like the wars performance coaching gold sating new skills? So if you answered yes to any of these questions, then perhaps you're more off a coach e coach, where you can focus on action plants and goals straight from you feel session. But in this case, you need to think whether you want to work with clients who might have some psychological issues or whether you want to stay away from its on going to something like Korea or business coaching. I hope now these gives you some sort of idea off. What type of course you are. What started just would you use? If not, then don't worry. Just be flexible. Be open with practice. You'll understand so much better on you will see easier and easier where you feet in the whole picture with your clients and of course, my personal advice would be if you can use both in your sessions, because these can provide a long lasting change for your client. Ah, hope you enjoyed your lecture and I will see in our next media. 5. 5. Do you need to be certified to coach?: hello and welcome to our next lecture. Do you need to get a certification or diploma for your coaching business or No. Do you think that doing an online course in life coaching and region books around it is enough? It depends depends on your personal circumstances. If you have a really good experience off working in a particular area, for example, therapeutical counseling settings. Or maybe you were or Raisi some sort of coach or trainer in your company before on may be. You know your subject really well, then perhaps you don't need to take the whole course. Maybe just need to update your knowledge on coaching models and how to structure your coaching sessions and also maybe can learn a couple of NLP techniques, which are really, really helpful to any session on. That's it. You will be set to go. On the other hand, if you're not fully confident that you can coach are the people other clients you're not sure about how to structure your sessions, how to do assessment sessions if you know how, when and how to refill the client and to whom? Or perhaps you you're not show about coaching models or you don't know what exactly they are, then you definitely could do with more knowledge than that. So perhaps you could do with taking a course, a serious big course in life coaching that can give you mawr techniques on more tools to your whole coaching. Took it. The truth is, nobody asks to see your certification or diploma. But I have to say that all the years that I've spent studying psychology and therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy and life coaching, they couldn't be replaced by regional book and taking one symbol online course. So do you need the certification or degree to coach people? The right answer would be yes. For many students, most of my students on this perhaps not so much about getting qualifications and accreditations just a short off, but for the for the knowledge, for the extensive knowledge that you can get through those courses on the expertise they will give you. Also, when you have qualifications and also helps to your overall image, just imagine if the clients who are interested in working with you want to see your website . Of course, that will go to the page which says about you and there, you can show off what qualifications you have, what expertise you have, what degrees studies and previous experience you have off course. Taylor read everything about your nish on be seen as an expert. So if you decided to take a course, what course is the right course for you again? It depends. It depends on Munish. You can take a course on actual life coaching or career coaching or personal performance coaching. We can take a course on something to do with the therapy. For example, Cohen should be here all therapy. Or maybe you want to take a course on spiritual counseling, which will include spiritually bereavement. So in this case, you'll be looking at different course completely. In any case, I would advise you to take a course that will give you a knowledge about your nish. There will giving expertise and then if it's not enough. For example, if you took a course on therapy, you can add some coaching models on its over it. The coaching models like grow. That's an easy to learn coaching model that will help you to structure your sessions, and that's essential, essential element of any coaching. If you know coaching model. Really? Well, you're not gonna lose your time and your clients time. You'll get straight to how to set goals. What is the reality? What is the options that have to achieve the desired goal? Are you gonna set up in action plan on another thing? I wanted to cover his. Well, while we're talking about certification and professional studies, you have to remember that if you are a professional and if you want to work as a true professional coach, then you need to think about it. Taken an insurance for your business that can protect you and your earnings from any potential lawsuits. Because these things happen, though very rarely. But they can happen. I don't say. Of course, you will need to think about paying your own taxes and registering as a self employed. If you're not there yet, you can also rages. There's a professional life coach on some websites, which will give, you know, only professional look, but also they will give you an updated knowledge through the articles, for example, on through through the latest legislation that you can find find out through them on also, if you're going into professional therapeutic coaching. Then you might need to think about getting a supervision for yourself on personal coaching , which all therapies psychologist half on perhaps monthly basis. Some coaches who specialized also in cognitive behavioral therapy approach to the coaching sessions they use supervision and personal counseling wants in 23 months. This might be really important if you're working with people who might have mental health issues. It's very important for your own mental health, but we will talk about it in some our next lecture. Well, this is it for today's lecture. I hope now you can see if you need to take an additional course or any other certification , or whether you just need to take your knowledge on some things that you're not sure off in order to become a professional full time coach. Ah, hoping Joe Dollar today's lecture on If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me on. I will see in my legs video 6. 6. Importance of choosing your 'niche'!: hello and welcome to the new section on how to choose your knish. I hope that you were looking forward to this lecture because it is truly interesting and very important for your coaching business. In this lecture, you will start learning on the importance off choosing the right special ality in your own coaching business. So why is it important to choose your niche? Or rather than offering your services as a life coach or therapist? You might think that working as a life coach or therapy, each coach can give you a big scope for the clients. Don't get me wrong. It works as well, but only when you established your business when you're working in it for some time, which means that you have a few clients at least a few clients already on that's now you're ready to expand your services, and now you can become more general life coach or have more broader approach to your business and to services. When you create your niche at the start off your business, then it is important to go for niche or specialty rather than going with the general approach, because when you're going for your niece you become focused on your services on only your group of clients. When you're marketing your services on, you can target those who specifically feet to on want your services. I work with many entrepreneurs, online entrepreneurs, and every one of them had the own niche on there always advised to anyone to have a niche. For example, some entrepreneurs worked with people who are mute to marketing who are beginners on others . We're working with staying at home months, which is another category off lines but who want to work online through eBay, for example. Or they were working with students who want to learn about business off photography. They were also working with experienced people who wanted to become business coaches because it's based on the experience on the previous experience off working in the corporate world. Everyone off these entrepreneurs advice to anyone who listen to them to choose a specialty on No to aim at everyone who's on your Facebook list. So to recap this short lecture, creating your own niche is very important, especially in the beginning off your coaching career. It's important if you want to establish your business faster if you want to get your clients faster on. If you want to be seen as an expert in your field. Well, I hope you enjoy the lecture on. I will see you in our next video. 7. 7. What Specialities are 'out there'?: Hello and welcome to our next lecture. What culture specialties are out there to be honest lots and lots, and you might be surprised when you'll hear all about them on. This is a really good news because you can special, specializing so many things. You can choose one niche now, and you can add another one or two later. You will never get bored on. You will always have clients, so coaches specialize in many things. For example, sports coaching addiction special ism, where you help clients to deal with the alcohol, drugs or smoking addictions. You can work with various phobias and panic attacks, where you will help people to deal with a fear of heights, spiders and perhaps soft toys. And actually, I'm not joking about fear off soft toys. It is called zoo phobia if it's related to animals or video for beer, if it's related to dolls. So anyway, really good and profitable niches also include relationship coaching, where you help the client to become better at the zing or to improve the current relationship of marriage. Career coaching where you help declined to find the job, the love language, coaching where you come back you can combine teaching a foreign language with the action plan in order to achieve faster results in a shorter period of time. Also, happy thought of working as a stress or and get management consultant because this is one of their widely recognised forms of coaching. You can also specialize in retirement coaching, where you help the person who's about to retire from the work to plan the next several years when they're free from the job. As a stress management consultant, he can also specialize in something like working with families with disabled Children. That's what one of my colleagues did. You can also specialize in parenting skills coaching, and finally, you might consider business coaching on business. Kocian is a broad term as well for so many niches within it, business owners take a lot on themselves, especially when they've building their businesses and when they have writing their businesses and they often neither coach who can help them to focus on the vision on what's important and what's not and what's next to achieve and how to in the business. My colleagues in business coaching, who worked with business owners off material business, rather online business They say that right now is the best time to become a business coach because they see really high demand here in the UK, But there are not. So many business coaches are available to them yet. So those of you on vertical those who are in UK, you have a direct message that the reason niche on there is a demand for business coaches. Well, I am here some more knishes for you to think about. There is a niche. You might be surprised. It's called cancer coaching, where you help people to get through the treatment by focusing on the now on the available resources, planning the next strategy planning next day or week. There is also a spiritual coaching where you help people to find a very purpose or the life purpose on perhaps helping them to go through a bereavement off the loved ones through spiritual understanding, the results of a divorce coaching where you help people to go through divorce on creating the new face off life. There is also a Judge Deco or coaching where you work with either Children or adults who have ever been diagnosed with a d. H. D. There is a personal style coaching where you help people to find the old style. And, of course, consider personal development, coaching, market in coaching, waiting, planning, coaching and weight loss coaching. Now you can see how many specialties are out there and consider that every one of them can be nish styles even feel that just when you're choosing your Ornish, remember what coaches strategy you gonna be using? What coaching model is the combination off therapy and coaching, as we were discussing before, Is that the pure culture where you use a coaching model such as grow always at the larger therapeutic approach? Where if, for example, you people you work with people with a D. H D or people who are battling with depression, for example, so it's you can see lot's to consider? I think about you can go through this lecture again and write down all the special specialties that I mentioned here on that might be suitable for you. That will be a good start for analyzing M planning your own niche. Also, I would like to ask you to leave your feedback for this course. I'm asking you now because statistically speaking, more students unfortunately do not complete the course is still a end on. Therefore, they never leave any feedback. Your feedback is very important to me because I use it to improve my existing courses and to create my new courses we can reach. We can share with others. So please take a few seconds to give this course and feedback many, many things and I will see you in our next lecture. 8. 8. Your previous experience matter!: hi and welcome to our next lecture. What are your own experiences and qualifications? This lecture will give you additional help when you're considering your perfect niche. So think about your previous experiences and qualifications. Maybe you have already experienced in therapeutic settings and perhaps becoming a therapeutic coach who specializes, for example, in stress management would suit you the best. Or perhaps you have experience off staying at home Mom, which can be perfect for working as a coach who works with other months in this case, your specialty. Maybe teaching new months to be the best parent can be or teaching new months. They parroted skills. Oh, perhaps helping stay at home mums to identify the next career move when they're ready. The most important advice I can give you here is that you need to be comfortable working with your group of clients. See your you want to become a business coach because it's lucrative. It's profitable. It sounds great. It has a a good potential off early money. But think about how much of actual experience do you have working with business wholeness or business minded people? Would you be comfortable working with this group off Glines on this topic. I bring it with a purpose because I myself made a mistake before I went for a group of clients who I thought would be ideal for me to work with. But actually, due to my own lack of experience of working with them, I didn't feel that's comfortable on. I quickly understood that this is not a really the more suitable for me knish. So again, I would advise you to write down your thoughts about your previous experiences to see what I use. Trends. What What is your potential expertise? Don't rush with the process. Speak to your friends and family and show them your potential options. Maybe they can see you as an expert or reading something, and you just don't know that can tremendously help with the process of finding your perfect niche. I hope you enjoy this easier on. I will see in our next lecture 9. 9. Chose your own 'niche' now!: Hello and welcome to our next lecture. Choose your old niche now for this exercise. Ideally, take a pen and a piece of paper. You can do this exercise in your own time if you want, after listening to this lecture first, or you can do it right now at the same time. So take a least off your previous experiences on qualifications. If you did that a previous lecture, if you haven't, then right down the least off the things that you're good at. For example, you might be good. That being a parent, as we were discussing seriously, maybe you are good at having motivation toe achieve your goals on. You could teach all this to do the same. Or maybe you're good at job interviews on representations. This might take some time, and you might want to pause this lecture for the exercise. So what is the next step? The next step is stuck to particularize them. Your previous experiences, your skills that you're good at into categories. One of the categories would be your skill. That you have a good experience with. On another category would be a little experience off the skills. So now see which ones go into Good experience section as they can be, potentially qualify you as an expert out of these skills, with good experience. Identify those which you're confident with, to the point that you condition them toe others. Now, if you have quite a few of the skills, group them again into two or three specialties such as, for example, parenting business, healthy lifestyle or dream job, Dream Korea or anything like that after you've done that, What you need to do now you need to think about the specialities that we were discussing in one of our previous lecture, which is called, What Coaches. Specialties are out there, and you need to see which ones correspond to your categories. You can either go back to that lecture and listen to the game all you can have a look. I will include some PdF. She'd weigh the options on coaching so you can literally downloaded in open and then compare your notes against those which are offered as an option for you. So what you need to do now you need to compare the least and see which are off the specialties that might be the most suitable for you. But don't. Don't forget that we need to choose the niches that have some profitable margin as well. If they don't bring money, they become a Hobey. Just remember that. So this is what we're going to do in our next lecture. We'll have a look. Which of your nieces are the most profitable. So I hope you enjoy this video on. I will see you know, a next election. 10. 10. What to do if you are interested in many niches?: hello and welcome to our next lecture. So what you gonna do if you have interest in many niches? Not one. To be honest, I think most people who want to become a coach or therapist are interested in helping other people in many aspects, and not just one. So for most people, it will be difficult to choose one single specialty on I can share your pain. If you're one of those. On the other hand, you can choose your niche in a single niche fairly easily. If, for example, you have been working in that occupation area for a long time or you have some long term interest. This could be, for instance, helping people with weight loss, working with parents of disabled Children, working in sales, working in a student career service. In this case, you have a lot of experience in that niche area, and you can take it further considering you want to stay in and finish considering it is still your interest and you want to work with it. If, however, you were working in many different areas and have interest in many subjects, then of course, it's harder for you to find your specialities. In this case, this is what you can do. You can choose 2 to 3 subjects instead of one. For example, you can specialize in helping people to quit smoking, on managing the anger and stress related issues. Or you can specialize in parenting skills coaching and also stress management and career coaching, which can be tailoring for parents who want to change the Korea. So basically, you try to find 23 specialities that can be related in some way, and you can tie the mean all together as a single package. Another approach in finding your niche when you have so many interests would be, for instance, to start with a single niche like weight loss coaching. And when you have enough clients, you can add your next niche, for example, personal developments or personal style coaching. But I would never recommend to start with a general approach, such as becoming a life coach. It's a very general term on some people do it successfully on the building businesses just based on being a life coach. But January, speaking of this approach, can take much longer time to establish and to find your true Cline's. It would be so much easier to find your special it instead. So what you gonna do if you're interested in unrelated subjects, for example, you might be interested in weight loss coaching on business, illness coaching. In this case, you ask yourself these questions. Which of these topics are most interesting to me? Which of these topics are most profitable? Which of this interest I can't sustain for a long time? And which of them have stayed with me as my long term interest already? If you have a long term interest that you would love to work with, but it's not profitable enough, then I'm afraid that's not good enough, either. It is not good enough to just follow your passion if it's not profitable because it becomes your hobby and it's not only be becomes a hobby after spending so many hours that they on your hobby, which doesn't bring you any money, it just literally can't sustain you that long. You will feel disappointed. You will feel frustrated, and eventually you will walk away from your interest. So strategic planning we've getting your perfect niche on getting profitable. Niche is the way to go, so if you still can't make your mind up between two or three nations. You can either ask your family or friends as a suggested a lier, because they will see you as an expert in one of those knishes much easier than you do or leave them. For now on. We will have a look at the profitability margin for both of them or free of them. I hope you like these. Lecture on. I will see in our next video. 11. 11. Making sure your 'niche' is profitable: hello and welcome to our next lecture. How to make sure that Jonas is profitable? Well, I hope by now you have some idea about your perfect niche or two or free that we can explore. So now we need to make sure that your needs is profitable because in the end of the day, you need to make money too, right? So there are a couple of easy ways to do it. First of all, open your Google page on type your niche there. Notice how many websites offer a your niche or something similar? Notice if there are any advertisements on the right side of the screen that mentioning your knish. If there are 5 to 10 websites and advertisements with your type of niche there, that's good. That means there is a demand for your nation and perhaps not so much competition yet. However, if the wrong more than 20 websites and advertisements with your knish, that means you gonna be dealing with competition. So what you can do in this case, you need to reflect on how your services might be different from those that belongs to your competitors. For example, maybe your targeting a specific group of blind in comparison to the coaching services that are offered through those websites. Or maybe you offer some services as well as an additional aspect off your whole package. So next you need to have a look at the keywords websites, one of the good keywords websites. It belongs to Google on its called Google keyword sides. The link for this Google keyword site is add worse. The google dot quirky as I put on the screen. If you didn't these visit this side before then you might need to. Rage is the first. The service is free on. It will show you which phrases are in demand, which is so important for your marketing strategy. I've been using that service for years on. The best thing here is that it can show you whether your niche is in demand and whether it is high. It has a lot of high or low competition, and now the website of the keywords it's called keywords spy, build, comb, and if you go there, you can do research. Similar research there on the key word spider call. You don't have to register. You actually start solution it straight away. So put your key phrase, for example, weight loss coaching in the court in the search box. Specify way you want to look at us or UK and search. The results will show you how much the vicious man for your nish cost to your competitors. It also will show you misspelled phrases and words, which is really good to know when people are searching for your niche. And, of course, it can give you the main data. How, how much or how many times your niche is searched for every month. If you see that your niche has been searched around 1000 times a month or more than it is a really good sign, the reason profitability margin there, even 700 searches for a niche in the UK is a very good result. If there are less searches than that, if there are less than 700 or even less than 500 then it's it's not a good sign. Maybe you went to narrow on your knish. Or perhaps your initials. Nothing demand as you thought. The one thing I want to mention while we're talking about niche on how to choose finish and everything here is a little secret for you. Basically, people want to eliminate pain before they become happy. Just realize what this phrase means. People want to eliminate pain before they get happy. So there is a psychology behind it on if you know it, trying the triangle off Maslow's hierarchy of needs, then you will know what I'm talking about. Basically, people need to satisfy the basic desires before they can go for something like self fulfillment and happiness. And this is why the people will prioritise eliminated pain before getting happy. So why am I saying this? This is about your nish. If your name is lim aimed at eliminating pain, for example of physical psychological, for example, you are helping people dealing with depression or stress or anger, or perhaps a physical pain. Chronic pain. When it's like that, that can be more in demand than if you are offering your coaching services for getting happier, getting fulfilled, finding your best career or anything like that. There will be a ZA second the regain for people who are who already dealt with some pain or another, but saying that, for example, if you're talking about getting the best job of their lives, getting the dream career and that sort of thing where they are now. It actually can cause them psychological pain if they are working somewhere where they're not happy. So that's the pain as well. It's a psychological pain. So think about that. That eliminating pain is in more demand than making them happier on. See if any of your knishes can be tailored to that, because that can be a really good marketing strategy. If you're interested in these areas, well, so this issue or task for today have a look at the those websites which I mentioned keyword Search on Google Google Main page. See if your niche or two off Ray are profitable. Which one is the most profitable, which has more searches on lower competition on decide which one you gonna work with. I hope you enjoy this lecture and I will see you in our next video 12. 12. Get known through Social Media: Hello and welcome to today's lecture. Get known through social media. If you are serious about your business, then you need to think about building your presence online. You can either brought your services or you can brought your own name. So what do you mean by that? And what's the difference between them? If he decided to broaden your services, for example, Amy's weight loss coaching, then it has its own benefits, such as weight loss coaching phrase in your brand name. So when the clients here Amos waiters coaching, they know Watty offering them what services. On the other hand, they might know. Know who you are on a me that could be anyone's name. But if that's good enough for you, then go for it. Use your services rather than your name. If you decide you to brought your own name, then you put your name. Say, for example, a me loose. You put it anywhere you can on your social media pages on Facebook on link Teen on YouTube . If you making any videos pretty much on anything, you put your name and you brand it. Eventually, people will associate your name with the products in on services that you provide them. And so then you will become known for your name instead. Off your product or service on the products and services will be associated with your name at a later date. If, for example, you look at YouTube feeders on you, look who created them. Sometimes you will see some someone's name with the surname, but other times you will see the brand name or nickname. So if the brand name could response to the services, for example, you will find the video, which is titled How to Lose to Part a Week Naturally, and the creator of that video will be called Easy Weight Loss. Then it makes sense to you. You're more likely to subscribe them, and you will keep them on your least off watched and like videos for much longer than if they used the own name instead of it. But if they use their own name, you might not so keen to subscribe them because he could forget who they are, what exactly the offering on what and what videos they're creating. However, if the videos opposed it regularly and you like the videos eventually will stop recognizing this person, you will recognize the name. So in your own eyes and the eyes off other YouTube watchers, they become more popular by the name. So basically, getting to know are getting known by name is beneficial in the long run, because when you will start creating your own, you are Ignatius. Your other products, like digital products, may be e books or videos or e guides, video courses or just are the services like Ocean Services. Then your clients might follow you just because your name is so familiar to them. On this leads to another thing that I want to discuss with you. It's sort if I will share with you this little secret that that came to me from one well known entrepreneur, he said this phrase people buy from people whom they like and trust People buy from people whom they like and trust this phrase I've heard from as a safe, one well known entrepreneur. This entrepreneur didn't have much spare time. He was always busy creating staff and going to conferences and producing more videos. He was just busy. He didn't have much spare time, but when he saw a potential client, he could spend with them after two hours on Skype, giving advice, discussing the ideas, they plants their goals. So can you imagine an entrepreneur he would be earning? High figures would spend up to two hours with someone else just discussing that person's needs and goals. Why did you do that? Because he knew the power off your cell to people after they like you and trust you. So he was creating this trust and liking this by giving away. He's free time. So creating your online presence you need to create your own Facebook page, which is connected to your brand name and your services. You can either name it with your brand, as we're saying a lier as, for example, where Amy's were Amy's weight loss. Coaching all you can create the group, for example, it can be called I'm feet unhealthy, where you will be referring to your services. Basically, you will use the phrase that people are looking for their solution for it, that my type, anything like I'm fart on unhealthy or I am slim and feet and healthy or I'm a healthy eater or I like animals or I like other people or I hate other people. People use also the phrases in the Facebook, and when you start writing it, you can actually see that there are groups formed based on these phrases. So I urge you to actually use one of these phrases to create your own Facebook group, create a group, and after a while you will stop having forwards because they like the phrase at that point . Don't sell them anything yet. Just update your page with different interesting pictures, interesting phrases, affirmations, quotes, anything that is inspiring and motivating. But after a while, after a few weeks, you can actually change the name of the group on something related to your services. But obviously it will be on the same subject off weight loss. The Facebook will allow you to do that to change the group's name as long as it's not too different, as long as it is not gonna confuse your followers. For example, I did that before, and I had a group which, which was called something like I'm Fat and stressed. Later on, I've changed the name of the group onto stress and weight loss domination, which can be taken as a as a brunch thing just This is Justin example, so you can think of your own names and just do some brainstorming around what you could use as a key phrase that people are looking for on which later could be converted into your services name. If you like to talk in the video, if you're not shy to talk on the video on YouTube videos, for example, then you might think of another approach, which is called periscope. If you like to talk on the videos, for example, making YouTube reduce, then you might like pair. School Periscope is a mobile app where you can broadcast yourself to the whole world. So wherever you are, people can see you live streaming. You can show them the places you're visit. You talk to them in real time. You show them yourself. And of course, you talk about the topics that are related to your niche for most of the time, even though sometimes you can deviate and talk just random, the benefit off using periscope regularly is that it can help you to build a least of followers even quicker done on YouTube or Facebook. I know entrepreneurs who made of really good sales all the services through periscope to the people who became the clients just because they wanted to follow them and wanted to see them through periscope. As I was saying, Any people buy from you when they trust you when they like you when they know you on periscope can allow you to do that where people follow you, they see what you're doing, how you talk, how you behave, what you visit on what you like, really. So when it's time to actually trying to sell your services, there will be much more likely to buy them. Just think about this. One periscope is relatively new, more while up much, much younger than tweeted or anything like that on its already has 10 registered users. Around two million people are on periscope. That's any time off the day, and many of them could become your clients. So to recap this lecture, use Facebook for creating a group. Use YouTube for your videos because it's a free promotion material, which is viewed by millions of people around the world. Periscope use periscope for life streaming to build up this trust and likeness of yourself by people. Think about writing your own e books The Kindle e books on We will cover How to do it a to one of our next lessons and consider writing articles. If you like to ride, of course, writing articles for the websites that are related to your business. This all is very important for getting known through social media on for finding on attracting you new clients. Long term. I hope you enjoyed this lecture on. I will see you in our next video. 13. 13. How to write your own book in 7 days: hello and welcome to our next lecture. How to write your own book in one week. Other was mentioning in my Alia videos. Writing the book can be a very important marketing strategy for your brand and for your coaching business. I'm forgetting your name known. It is a long term strategy, which which can bring you more clients who are interested in getting to know who you are through your books can. What you have to offer The best thing about the books is that you can create links inside of the book on throughout the book that lead directly to your website to your services pages to your Facebook pages and so on. Writing an e book It doesn't have to be long, and you can self publish it through so many platforms. Although a Kindle is still the most widely used platform for reading books for downloading books and for publishing. But there are other platforms you might want to explore, which called Lulu and blurb on deer are quite a few are this. The only thing is that at some point you might want to promote your book for free so you could get as many reviews as you can, because that's the most important thing when you self publishing on, if you publish many platforms, Kindle will get upset with this on. Kindle won't allow you to do that because they want to keep you to themselves. So I would advise you to start with a Kindle on Lee, get as many reviews as you can through free promotion, and only then consider other platforms for self publishing. So how do you write a book within one week? First of all, you need to start with a topic that you know really well to the point that you can write a book on it have, which is pun intended on. You can teach others. So all you need to do is to add some updated thoughts, some interesting videos, some research statistics and some other general interesting information from are the books or some legitimate websites? Secondly, you don't need to write the great big book you actually can do on Lee. 5 6000 words on it, sufficient especially for self development. E books. Don't forget to add links to your website to your services to your social media pages and to your contact details, for example, in 3 to 5 places throughout the book, but you try to make it more natural rather than pushy or sale. See thirdly, do some research on other similar e books are out there on, for example, Amazon Kindle. Look at the titles and the descriptions. The more you research and look at them, the more you will get into the writing frame of mind. It always helps me next. Don't procrastinate. If you don't know how to start your book, start with Middle. Start with information that it's in your head. This information you can use in the middle of the book. It doesn't matter that you don't start from the start from the fills page. It really doesn't matter. Start with what you know and just write and manage will flow. The good rule of thumb is to start your book with something interesting. This may be a latest statistics or a good quote or some interesting fact. Your aim is to grab your reader's attention from the start. The next point is plan, plan, plan. When I creates a book or a new lecture, I plan the main points that I want to cover throughout the book or throughout the election . Then I had introduction to the top, and I add the conclusion to the bottom. I go through every point briefly on the right couple of centers on each point, what I want to cover, what I might already know. What I need to remember to say when I'm covering this point, This all will help you to eventually work on your book. The main thing with writing your book is to let it floor once you sit down to write, sometimes you might want to start with ascendance. That doesn't make much sense to the whole subject, but it does to you eventually when you will be eight eating this book later, you can change the sentence for something else. But for now, just right, that is the main point on. The last thing I want to add here is you need to make a goal and set the date for writing your chap that your first chapter for right in the whole book for publishing. So basically you're sitting up goals for yourself. You coaching yourself if you still need to find some somebody who can give you accountability like another coach. Have a look through a website which is called Coach Me. Free that call where you can find free coaching services. I hope you found this lecture useful and informative. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. And I will do my best to give some more information. If I can, I will see you know, a next election. 14. 14. Have your website ready!: Hello and welcome to our next lecture. Have your website radio, So why do you need a website? To be honest these days, many people don't have a website for selling their services. They do through Facebook groups on YouTube videos where you can contact them directly. But I would insist on getting a nice but simple website for your services. If you have a contract corporate website with a page where people can buy from you your services and pay for them through PayPal directly, then you're just simplifying process for everybody. And that includes your tax records. For example, in the past, I wanted to use someone else's coaching services on the coach there. He didn't have his own website. He wanted to make the whole payment through PayPal. But for that he needed my email address and he needed to sort out the monthly payment outgoings. But the time he try to work it out, how to do all that? To be honest, all my enthusiasm for getting those coaching services went really down. That's natural, and it happens to everybody. In the end, he didn't really pursue my interest on he lost his sale. These cultures services were on a monthly basis and I would sign up for six months package that he was offering. So can you imagine he just lost the client that would pay him for the next six months. So please remember this example and please don't repeat this mistake half your website and your page with people on it. Ready? Your website can be build with a free available tools such as weeks are weeks dot com website, which is avid. Isis seems everywhere or go daddy. They offer website building services as well, which are free. The only thing that you will need to buy is the domain name, which you can buy from Go Daddy for less than $5 or £5. So your website should have a front page where there is a little bit of information related to your niche market and you services. And then there has to be a page where people can purchase your services, and it should be a page with your own bio and your contact details in case that they want to ask something before they buy your services. The front page, ideally, will have a couple of articles that are written by you and perhaps your YouTube videos, where you explain what sort of services you over the page with your services can also have some short video where you talk about your coaching on what your clients can gain from your services. The page with with your buyer and contact details will have some some of your previous experiences and qualifications, but keep those which are truly related to your coaches services. Your wife has to be short on Interesting to read. Split it into 23 paragraphs. That was easy to follow. I let me say the gang keep it short. Otherwise you won't keep your reader interested for long. So at the start, just keep everything simple. The website can be built over months or even years on. Believe me, this is not your priority at this time. Your priority is to sell your services on Onley. Then you can create your long term strategies for attracting York lines. So this is it for this lecture. I hope you enjoyed it and then we'll see in my next video 15. 15. Where do your clients 'hang out'?: hello and welcome to our today's lecture where your clients hang out. This is an important part of your marketing strategy to know and to research where your potential clients are. Think about your own nation. For most of you, Facebook groups will be a deal. There are many existing Facebook group groups out there where you can participate on linking. But these groups are usually not keen on people advertising their own services, so creating your own group will be much better. But I also think off your Facebook, least of friends who off them might be interested in your free promotional culture services . Well, perhaps they can refuse someone they know if you offer them a free session or a discount. And how about anything? There are many professional people and organizations there that could become your potential clients. Linking to those people are usually easy. Most of them replied to your friend's request quite quickly and easily. As always, you have your own length in profile looking professional and might be somewhat interesting to them. There you can send them a direct email with your free offer. Other clients will hang out, maybe on YouTube, where you can target them with your videos and your offers. Just make sure you create a call to action approach of strategy at the ends of the videos such as, I hope you Like my video. If you do, please subscribe it. Oh, please subscribe to my channel on. Check out my offer page at www dot on your page address. You might also think about an opportunity to give free talk at some organizations that create speaking events in your city. In the end of the talk, you give out your personal details on you. Speak about your coaching services. This is a very powerful strategy on it's used by most entrepreneurs these days, and I mean highly paid entrepreneurs. Yes, it does create some off planning on some off work on their behalf because you will need to find where these talks held out on who's organizing them on. Of course, you will have to prepare your speech on give it out for free as well, but you cannot imagine how much it usually based off to do that. But if you're not sure about giving the rial talk to real people, then you can do a webinar, which is either pre recorded or streamed life. So it's not that difficult to find people who are interested in listening to your talk on what you've got to say about your coaching services on about the topic around you. Knish on. Remember that when people know you, they like you, they trust you. They won't likely to buy your services. We'll find out more about the discounts and offers that you might give out at that time. So your homework for today is to make a research and see where your clients are, what websites they visit, what books they read, what groups they get enrolled in and so on. All this information can help you to created the best marketing strategy and targeting your group of clients. I hope you enjoy the old today's lecture, and I will see in our next video 16. 16. Sure Ways to find New clients!: hi and welcome to our today's lecture shoe ways to find new clients within the next seven days. But there are also ways to find your client's long term that will come back for more on. We'll have a look at balls shelter on long term strategies for attracting new clients. First of all, you confined your new clients through Facebook groups on Link, Teen asked. We were discussing our previous videos. What you need to do is to send them an email which say's Hi, my name is so so I work as a way close coach. It just one example that they often use when I use a healthy superfood combined with a personal action blunt. So you offer them something different and interesting here that is created specifically off your needs. So you show them that you make it something personal to them. Usually, people get great results from this approach pretty fast. So in the sentence, you giving them hope it will work for them really quick as well. And I would like to offer you a free trial session, which means there are no obligations. Normally, my sessions cost $90 an hour, but as a promotional event offer, you know, only free initial session. But also, I would like to give you 50% off from the next two sessions that you book with me, which you can think about after your free decision. I hope this sounds interesting to you. And if it does, police reply. With a simple years on, we'll set up our first session. Assume it is convenient for you. Thank you for your time to read my message. I am really looking forward to hearing from you. There are two opinions on how to create this perfect sales later. I know you might not like sales, and to be honest, I don't either. But sometimes we have to do that. We have to write an email offering our services because in the end of the day, we do sell our services as well. If you're not sure about including the price of your coaching services on if you just want to give out free coaching session so that you could discuss afterwards what you actually offering them as a paid services, Then do so Just keep it short and don't include anything related to your prices. Yet just over them free service instead. So send this email to as many people as you think might be interested in your offer through Lengthen and Facebook. As we were discussing, Do research on them really profiles and see what groups that belong to. Oh, they follow and make your own conclusions. If you want to take it filled their then pay attention to the language they use when they interact with others. For instance, in the Facebook groups, if it's more intellectual language or if it's a more down to earth language, then you can adjust your approach accordingly on your emails. The second method East to advertise yourself as much as it exportable by mentioning what you do whenever you can, and wherever you can need to think about the short statement message about yourself, about your services that you over and you will use this opportunity whenever you mentioned your work to anybody else. When people ask, What do you do for leaving you? Given this short, simple statement in this statement, basically, you tell that you help people. It's called. I help statement. You help people to improve the quality off life on. Then you narrow down to actual job that you do your coaching niche. For example, you could say I help people to improve the quality off life on, give up, smoking for good or I help people to understand what they want from life. I specialize in Korea, coaching on help my clients to find the dream job. Let everyone know about what you do. Spent a few minutes practicing talking about what you do at home in front of a mirror. When you're good at it, then you don't have to even think about it anymore. Your statement has to be clear on easy to understand people should here straightaway. Who is this service for? Is it for long term smokers staying at home months? You're yo dieters and sugar, huh, Alex? People with all CD and society people who suffer from depression and who want to feel more positive business people who suffer from stress and so one. The main thing is that anyone who is interested in what you do can become your potential client, so don't waste your time on offer them free trial session, then take the colder details and contact them. The very next day set up, you feel session. The next method can be very Kwik and can bring your clients in no time. There is a website which I was mentioned in one of my alien videos which is called Coach Me free dot com. You can advertise your services all enough website. Most people on that website who promote the coaching services are not trainees. As the website saves, they're actually professional coaches who can offer you to free maybe four free coaching sessions on. After that, they're going paid. So the idea is during those one or two free gold concessions, your client will get used to you. They will like you. They will trust you and they will want to continue working with you but only paid for money . If they can afford services, why would they want to stop them on? Go to someone else off course That will want to continue with you. And they will continue working with you if the price sounds reasonable to them on especially if you look after them by offering them discounts. I know of some coaches who work enough websites I and they built a business is thanks to the website. So the next method can also bring your clients very, very fast. Basically, you need to advertise your services at the websites that offer vultures. You probably heard about them before. For example, Group on Watcher, bounty deal, zp, Living, Social and so on. Other guys wanted to off your sessions off your coaching services there make it more specific to your nish on the services that you offer. Of course, your first session or two will be low paid. But as with free coaching services, it can lead to potential long term clients. I personally know a therapeutic coach who's using those website as watcher and Groupon for promoting these services. Off course they have to keep the price down, for they feels to sessions that they over there. But over the months they build up the least of clients who come back for more. So I would advise you to do the same. And the last method is to actually set up JVC's GY V stands for joint ventures with other professionals that can be related to your business in some way, for example, that can be online nutritionists or fitness coaches or career advisors and so on. You can either find them through linked in Facebook or YouTube, for example, go to YouTube and find people who potentially can be your JV partners. These people talk about something that's related to your niche, but they shouldn't be cautious like you. Otherwise, that will see you as a competitive rather than a JV partner and find those who have a fairly large number of followers contact and directly and offer your proposal. For example. You can explain them that you are a coach who works with people via Skype or Google hangouts. On that you would like to find new clients. So what, you need to do it? You need to offer them a good percentage of earnings. So make like 50 50 because that's what works in JB's world. So you offer them 50% off earnings from anyone who wants referred through them to you, for example, via the media. Tell them that the only thing you need to do is to mention your services off course. It has to be done naturally and not sound as a businessman way. They mentioned that you're offering free trial session or a 50% off decision when they mention the YouTube, his name. And, of course, they need to make sure they give either a link to your website or your email that is connected to your services. Again, the best approach here is to refer to your services or something specific and no general, so that the views could realize whether the Siris for them or not, within the 1st 30 seconds off hearing about it. You can use the JV approach with other professionals who is on the link team on Facebook, who has clients that can be referred to your services. GV is based on mutual trust, but of course you will have to have either PayPal or some virtual paperwork to show how many of them. How many of this views contacted to you directly Because of these business partners in their own line entrepreneurs, World JB's are considered to be one of the fastest approaches in selling your products and finding new clients. Just remember that well, I hope you found today's lecture useful and informative and really enjoyed it as I did, and I will see in our next lecture 17. 17. Your long-term marketing plan: hello again and welcome to our next lecture. Powerful strategies for attracting clients long term. In our previous video, we were discussing short term strategies how to find clients quickly within one week. But in this lecture, we'll have a look a long term strategies because you want your clients come back for more, don't you? On the first strategy we counter is always, always. Always attach a link to your services on every email you send down to your potential clients to your JV partners on to pretty much any business partner out there, because you never know they might become your Klein. Even better if you include a little statement, a short statement which will be a 23 sentences maximum about your services about what help people right on. Attach that to the end of your email, whoever you saying you need to at any time. And, of course, it has to link to your website to your page with services. The next method is always try to use the power off a referral when you have a coaching session with a client, or even when you're talking to your friends or family who might be interested in what you do. Always let them know that you give a big discount or a free session to anyone who can refer other people to your services. People don't refer all this for nothing, but if you will offer them something that they might be interesting, then there will be interested in helping you. So the next strategy, which is very important and a lot of coaches don't do that. Always make follow up after your sessions. That means when you provided to your coaching sessions to someone and you're coaching sessions ended, don't leave it at that. Give a month, maybe two, and then call Dr McGinn. Ask them how they doing. Ask him how they're getting on with the desired goals, that they try to achieve your sessions asking if they need any more help and, of course, offer them a big discounted session, which would be the boost session or an additional session that can help them to get back on the truck if they lost it. Another long term strategy, which we were discussing a little bit, Alia because it can work both short term and long term, is creating your Facebook group. You will use the name, which people search for. As I was explaining in one of our previous lectures, it could be anything what people can search for. For example, my marriage or I'm happily married. Oh, I'm fit and healthy or I'm working from home or I love working from home or I want to be rich Anything that people might search for that might be your niche. Or that might be the name off your group. Some people just put something like dealing with excited disorder or dealing with eating disorder issues. Oh, coping with an erection Coping with depression Any of these groups can bring your potential client. You have to always think long term when you set up a group like this over the time, you will have many followers because they will find your group by the key phrase that you used the name of your group. Once you set up the group, now you need to make sure that you interact with people with followers. You can post some interesting pictures of really good, much raising quotes, the information that is based, two groups interest, and from time to time you can pose discounts off some promotions that is related to your services. What you need to do their you will need to pull some interesting picture your offer about the discount or a free promotional session on a link to your website and not a the front page, but to the page. Where you offering services? What happens when people follow the link? Which leads to to the person's front page. Normally, we have front page, which is loaded with information on articles and photos on people Lose truck. They actually forget why they came here. So link it to the page where you offering services and don't clot of the page make it simple, nice and easy to see what it is you offering, how much it costs on that leads nicely to our next strategy. When offering services on your website page, don't forget about email Coaching as an option sent in emails is very convenient for both parties because it gives you time to think about what they're putting it in your email and for your clients. It creates a man emitting, especially if they don't want to reveal themselves through Skype. Or perhaps they're too embarrassed about the issue. Or maybe they just want short answer through email that they can read the free time at their leisure time. The reasons for not going through a Skype approach or Google hangouts approach might be various. The bottom line is, some people would prefer email coaching, so just set up a system. Set up a PayPal on your website page to your email coaching services so they could purchase a service, email you and wait for the response. There are many website building websites where you can build your own website on. You can create a PayPal you can link everything that it set up automatically on. It's fairly is to do it fairly straightforward on these days. It's awful free. I myself used something like Weeks website. I'm not promoting the services, so you're free to look for anything that will suit to you. So on the next long term strategy is have you thought about blogging right in your own blawg? You will be writing articles that obviously will be linked to your coaching services or anything around those services. The articles can be linked to your Facebook pitch where you can post them there. And of course, there also will be linked to the website onto the page with your services, which is a great strategy for search engine optimization. But if you would rather talk than right then, of course, consider YouTube or period scope for your services. But YouTube In a way, it's better because you can record it and it will be there for years. The head. Whereas periscope, it's a life streaming, which is not really recorded. If you go via YouTube approach, then make sure that your you post your videos or vlogging blokes, as they call it video blog's Every week and preferably 23 times a week. YouTube videos are shown around the globe to millions of visitors these days on. If you target your group of clients specifically with your videos on, you narrow it down your niche that you're talking about the same pretty much the same problem, but from different angles. You can create your crowd of followers fairly easily. I can give you a really good example of somebody who's using YouTube videos for their coaching services and have done of really well. His name is Cory on. He's known as a relationship coach on the YouTube. If you look at chorus videos, 99% of them their target. Any issues that linked to relationships to personal relationships? Well, it's a fully laugh of breaking out whether the person should remain in the relationship or whether it's better for them to leave anything you can think off. He covers in his videos. He often does it in a style of Q and A, and he gives more information by answering someone's question off course. It took him years to develop. He's coaching strategy and so many videos. He's doing it for several years. But again, you have to see what techniques he's using it in his approach in his business, in the ends off every off his videos, He's using call to action method, which means he always say's that that if anybody is interested in he's coaching services, they confined him through this link or through this page, and they can have a session either through Skype or through email. If you look at his personal website, you can see how much this guy charges and his charges feel growing, and he didn't start charging so much money from the start. The price was growing as his business was growing. At the time of making this video, he charges $800 a now for his personal services. Do you think he's better than any other therapy? Stole their? Probably not. But it just shows what you can build when you focus for so long on your niche and you know what you're doing. You know the rights resting. And of course, he offers email services as well. If you want to contact him via email to discuss your issue, your personal relationship issue it would cost you $300 per email. Think about that And again, it just shows that with consistent work on when you focus on Munish, you can achieve great results. Excoriated. The next long term strategy is to creating your passive income. For example, you can create your own digital products, such as e books on video courses, or you can promote other people's products online on Get Commissioned for it. This approach is called affiliates of becoming an affiliate for some someone else's products. And of course, now you know how to write an e book. Also be discussing all previous lectures. I would add to that that self publishing your own books. E books through Amazon Kindle is a great way to grow your coach in business. Just make sure that you include your coaching services, the link to your website page or the page with your services or perhaps your biography in every book. Think about linking. You have to link your products and services everywhere you can, whether you're writing an article for someone else's website. Whether you've got your Facebook group where they've got your E book, everything has to be linked, and it can be also linked to your Google page onto your linked in account. So there's no excuse. Now there's no to use this opportunity to link yourself or to link your name to anywhere you can. It will benefit search engine optimization, which is great for finding you. And it's a great strategy for your overall social exposure online. So this is it for today's lecture, and I hope you enjoyed it. And of course, I hope you've learned something new, and you've learned new strategies that you can use toe attractive clients to build here business. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact me on. I will see in our next video 18. 18. Build your own database!: hello and welcome to our next lecture. Built your own database. I just wanted to cover here with you that it is a really important to start collecting e mails off your clients off potential clients from the day one e mails is a gold mine off any entrepreneur off any business businessman of business, lady, especially online. And you can sell your services to those who know you who like you, who trust you again in a gang on entrepreneurs online. They say that it is much easier to sell your services to somebody who already know you rather than to someone new. When you build your database and you have a list of clients, don't send them emails every day, as many professionals do. We know how annoying it can be to see this e mails that come daily into our in box. There is no way we have a time to read them all. I don't know about you, but I get so many emails I have to delete by 10 so even twenties every day without actually opening them. What I have time. I have to unsubscribe them because I can't keep up with the emails so please don't make this mistake. Use this opportunity to send them occasional email that gives them discounts and offers or certain promotions. It is much more efficient to send them emails occasionally with the special offers, such as New Years Resolution or Halloween special. Just add small articles, articles on some interesting forgers to your emails to make them more entertaining. Mawr engaging. If you want to make your e mails automated, then you can look at a T website. For example, Get response. Don't call that provides a service where you can no only built your e mails well in advance , but also set up a culling there at which rate will be sent out to your clients. They service is not free. As far as I know, I think it starts something from $10 a month, Um, or something like that. While this isn't for today's short lecture and I hope you enjoy the on that found out something new and something interesting or useful, I will see in our next lecture 19. 19. Do you need to offer 'free' sessions?: hello and welcome to our next bonus election. It's actually a final bonus lecture on the final later of the whole course. So if you got us far as this well done, you, I'm proud of you on. You are very serious about building your successful business, I can tell you that. So today we'll discuss, shoot, you offer free sessions. The answer would be, yes, please to offer your free coaching sessions on a trial basis. Many coaches do this successfully on. I've taken some coaching sessions after I had them for free, but I have to add me to you that a winner was studying to become a life coach myself. I've been told not to give out for recessions, mainly for two reasons. Firstly, E can be seen the your sessions, your recessions over your even coaching sessions can be seen us cheap because they're free . And if you look at other professionals such as lawyers and doctors, they never give out any free sessions, really, on the second reason for that eats because it can be very difficult to persuade your clients to take up paid culture services after you give them for free. However, by giving out your free session, you can demonstrate what you can do for them. You can explain what you can offer. You can show the power off your first session with them where they will feel more positive , uncertain about the future about the goals. Of course, they will start getting used to your persona. They will start liking you, entrusting you so it creates the whole market in really good marketing strategy. I know you're not here for just sell, sell, sell, but you have to think about it. Otherwise you're coaching will become your whole be, which means you're not gonna get any money for it. When you offer your free services to your clients to your potential clients, just mention that is it. It's a free trial section where they can find out how you can help them before considering your coaching services. This way, you let let him know that coach and cannot be done in one session. The first session is only beginning off the whole life change. Well, this is it for this course, and I'm thinking you for staying with me throughout the whole course on completing it. If you still have any questions. Or if you want to speak to me directly, you can find me through my website. Immuno Strange dude. Calm or through this website, you can contact me directly. 20. 20. How much to charge your client?: Hello and welcome to our first bonus lecture. How much you should charge your clients when you're thinking about a price for your coaching services, you need to consider quite a few things. As a professional coach, you can easily charge your clients 75 $200 an hour in the US, which can be increased with your expertise. In the UK, you can charge anywhere between 50 and £120 per hour. Of course, if you live in the city, the price will be higher than if you leave in the more rural place and oh, in the countryside. But as a beginner, you can start with 1/2 off normal rate, which means about $40 or £30 per hour. You can also offer a package deal, for example, which contains six sessions for declined. What was the whole package, with a probably good discount as well. You can also offer breakthrough sessions, which I usually done face to face rather than online breakthrough sessions lost for free to five hours. They take all day, and they're very intense in the break. Physician. You can combine many tools in one day, for example, you can combine counseling and cognitive behavioral therapy and hypnosis on affirmations, and also you can give them a handout park in the end of the session. This type of sessions usually are aimed at dealing with four beers addictions such as alcohol addiction or smoking cessation over a number of issues that just confidence, anxiety and career change in one day. For one breakthrough session, you can charge 200 to $500 or in the K would be from 150 to £350. Although I know off one coach who charges £500 for a breakthrough session for people who want to give up smoking. If you are offering your services offline from the comfort off your own office and no, just online, then you can offer group sessions as well, where a small group of people can receive coaching with the same aim. All those saying that I have to say that you can do the same thing online. If you use Skype or Google hangouts, you can create a little group so you can offer your coaching services for perhaps a much lower rate for them. But the really good price for yourself. If you're coaching from the comfort off your office, even if it's in your house, you have to consider some expenses that went into it. Think about how much you paid for the advertisements off your services. If you had any traveling expenses, especially if you're working from an office, do pay rental charges for the office for the premises. Also, maybe you have insurance. Consider these costs as well. So there, well covered by your prices. Well, I hope I give you enough information to think about how much you should charge your own clients from now on. So this is it for this lecture and I will see you at the next video. 21. 21. When to quit your 9-to-5 job?: hello and welcome to our next bonus lecture. When should you quit your 9 to 5 job and start coaching full time? Well, the answer to that is it depends. It depends on how many hours you put into your business. All daily basis initially depends on how much savings you have to keep you going, especially when you don't have enough clients. In the beginning. On average, I would say you could quit your job in 34 months for some people will be 6 to 8 months again. It depends on how many hours you put in all your spare time. If you put on average about 34 hours each day, then you could plan quitting your 9 to 5 job and start full time coaching in about 34 months. But I would urge you to have savings just in case. The last thing you want is to be stressed about how to pay your bills when you don't have enough Glines here. So if you spend 34 hours each day where you were reaching the clients where you send out e mails on the LinkedIn, Facebook to your potential clients, you got some clients through posting vultures on group on and wild chair and perhaps the website a website Coach me free, which we were discussing earlier on your regularly making your YouTube videos for free promotional for your services. Then you are heading in the right direction. Took with your main job a normal job and do your coaching full time, especially if you have 23 clients paid clients that it's a very good sign. A very good potential for quitting your main job. Hold this all, Megan says to you. Put some hard work into your business and growing your business. Use all the strategies and techniques that we were discussing throughout the whole, Off this course through every lecture. There are so many things that we just got so many secrets. If you will use most of them or even every one of them, then you can build your successful business in no time.