Online Business: Top 10 Best Classic Tactics to Build Your List!

Mark Lareau, Digital Marketing Teacher since 2007

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12 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. JV Giveaways

    • 3. Ad Swaps

    • 4. Solo Ads

    • 5. Click Banking

    • 6. Free WSOs

    • 7. Pay Per View & Cost Per View

    • 8. Bartering For Leads

    • 9. Exit Popups

    • 10. Buying Ad Space Direct

    • 11. Integrated Cross Promotions

    • 12. Viral PDF Reports


About This Class

"The Money Is In The List" 
Everyone knows or should know the very importance of building a list. However with rise of Facebook and other social platforms, some people doubt the power of email marketing. It's easier today to 30.000 likes on your Facebook fan page than it is to get 30.000 leads in your email list.

But something thats is unknown for many amateur marketers is the reach that both has.

With Facebook you can get an reach of max 20% of your total likes.
So if you do everything right and you have 30.000 likes, you only reach 6.000 people. 

Where as with email marketing your maximum reach is 100% . If you have large email list, you always have some people who won't receive your email, but that's never larger than 5%. 

So think about it. What would you choose? For me, the choice would be easy: Email Marketing.

Another myth about list building and email marketing is that it's very expensive. Totally understandable, but not completely true. Yes, there are many great paid ways to build your list and yes some of them can get very expensive if not used right. But there are a lot of Free tactics to. 

Want to find out more about those tactics? Hit the enroll button above and take this class!

In this class we are going to talk about some of free tactics and cost-effective paid tactics you can implement right now. 

So take this class and get creative!