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Online Business: The Ultimate Sales Funnel

Mark Lareau, Digital Marketing Teacher since 2007

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17 Videos (60m)
    • What Is A Sales Funnel And Why Do I Need One?

    • The 3 Things Your Funnel MUST have

    • How To Get Good Product Ideas For Your Offers In Your Funnel

    • What Makes A Great Free Offer

    • How To Create An Effective Squeeze Page That Captures Targeted Prospects

    • The Best Ways To Deliver Your Products When A Customer Subscribes

    • How To Create PDFs For Your Reports and Ebooks

    • The Basics Of Recording Video Products Using Affordable Software and A Laptop

    • The Free HTML Editor Software You Can Use To Create Squeeze Pages and Sales Pages

    • A Couple Different WordPress Themes You Can Use To Create Squeeze Pages and Sales Pages

    • The Free FTP Software Your Can Use To Upload All Of Your Funnel Files

    • Product Types That Sell Well As OTOs and Addon Products

    • Secrets Of Pricing Your Front-end and Back-end and Services

    • How Many Upsells You Should Have In Your Funnel To Maximize Profits Without Going Overboard

    • How You Can Increase Customer Value On The Back-end Separate From Your Initial Funnel

    • Understanding EPC and Customer Value So You Can Scale Up Your Business

    • How To Monetize Your Download Page With Related Offers Like The Pros Do


About This Class

"Here's What The Gurus Forget To Mention In Their $997 Courses" Discover How To Multiply Your Income By 2 or Even 3 Times With Your Own Sales Funnel

From the Desk of Mark Lareau
Dear Friend,

Everyone knows the money's in the list.

And if you're not building a list already, then that could very well be one of the biggest pieces of the profit pie you're missing in your business.

But you don't just need a list...

If You Really Want to Make Sales Hand Over Fist, then You Need 2 THINGS...

  1. A List
  2. A Sales Funnel

It turns out both of these things go hand-in-hand.

Your Sales Funnel Allows You to Profit or Break Even While Building Your List

  • Because it allows you to be able to afford ads
  • Because it allows you to be able to ad swap your list if you'd like
  • Because it allows you to maximize the amount of revenue you make per customer

Fact Is...

If you don't have a sales funnel in place, then you're leaving the lion's share of your profits on the table.

The backend is where you really profit.

It's how you multiply your profits faster and easier than you ever dreamed possible.

In My New Video Course, I'll Show You How to Set Up Your Own Sales Funnel from Start to Finish

You'll discover:

  • What is a Sales Funnel and why do I need one?
  • The 3 things your Funnel MUST have
  • How to get good product ideas for your offers in your funnel
  • What makes a great FREE Offer
  • How to create an effective squeeze page that captures targeted prospects
  • The best ways to deliver your products when a customer subscribes
  • How to create PDFs for your reports and ebooks
  • The basics of recording video products using affordable software and a laptop
  • The free HTML editor software you can use to create squeeze pages and sales pages
  • A couple different WordPress Themes you can use to create squeeze pages and sales pages
  • The free FTP software you can use to upload all of your funnel files in bulk
  • Product types that sell well as OTOs and add-on products
  • Secrets of pricing your frontend and backend products and services
  • How many upsells you should have in your funnel to maximize profits without going overboard
  • How you can increase customer value on the backend separate from your initial funnel
  • Understanding EPC and customer value so you can scale up your business
  • How to monetize your download page with related offers like the pros do

Imagine Uncovering The Real Secrets of The Gurus... Without Spending Thousands On Their Coaching Programs

If you were to spend $5,000 on a guru coaching program, what would it be like?

If they were to take you by the hand and lead you to do what they do, then they would probably show you exactly what's inside this video course.

I'm not knocking coaching programs.  

I think they're great.

But not everyone wants to dish out that much money for coaching.

You're Not Going to Invest Anywhere Near $5,000 to Discover How to Build a Funnel that Slams More Sales into Your Account

(By the way, some of this is "upper-level stuff" the gurus often keep out of their high dollar courses and only reserve for one-on-one coaching students.)

These 17 videos you'll watch in a moment go into the gritty details of how to set up your own sales funnel.

You get to watch over my shoulder as I show you the real secrets of taking your business to the next level...





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Mark Lareau

Digital Marketing Teacher since 2007

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