Online Business Builders for Beginners

Anna Colibri, CEO/Digital Marketer

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17 Lessons (2h 17m)
    • 1. Intro: Online Business Building for Beginners

    • 2. LESSON 1: Be Your Best Self

    • 3. LESSON 2: Take Care of Yourself

    • 4. LESSON 3: Business Finance: Take Care of Your Money, Honey!

    • 5. LESSON 4: Live Your Mission, Vision & Values

    • 6. LESSON 5: Know Your Audience

    • 7. LESSON 6: Deliver Your Best

    • 8. LESSON 7: Brand New You

    • 9. LESSON 8: Websites: Your Virtual Office

    • 10. LESSON 9: All About SEO

    • 11. LESSON 10: Blogging is Da Bomb

    • 12. LESSON 11: Email Marketing: You Need a Newsletter

    • 13. LESSON 12: Social Media 1: Channel Your Energy for Best Results

    • 14. LESSON 13: Social Media 2: Schedule to Done

    • 15. LESSON 14: Time Management: Process Oriented

    • 16. LESSON 15: Analytics: Is It Working?

    • 17. LESSON 16: Continuous Improvement: Iteration

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2 of 2 students recommend this class
This course has a lot to offer! It teaches how to run a digital marketing business (or any other business, really) from the ground up, but it approaches it philosophically as well as practically. Exercises included did a fine job of getting me to think about my own values and how I might better uphold them, without sacrificing my bottom line. Can't recommend this enough to anyone considering running a business, becoming self-employed, or just looking to broaden one's career or skill-set.
I loved this course! It has taught me about SEO, Social Media, blogging and how to manage my own time. This knowledge with not only help me advance in my career, but now I also feel more confident in developing my idea and turning it into a reality. Thank you, Anna Colibri!