Online Branding: How to Successfully Brand Yourself and Stand Out From the Crowd

Mike Smith, Much effort, Much prosperity

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8 Videos (37m)
    • Introduction

    • Stand Out From The Crowd

    • Build Your Brand, Not Someone Elses

    • First Impressions Really Do Count

    • Developing Your Online Presence And Image

    • Making Your Brand Search Engine Ready

    • Social Network Branding

    • Conclusion


About This Class

In your everyday life when you make mundane purchases, do you ever stop to think why your visit a particular fast food restaurant, drink a particular soda, prefer a particular mobile phone over all the multiple brands that exist in the market?

It's simple really. The unique selling point of a particular product may be its branding. The truth is that there are tons of products or services in the market that are alike.

So, How Do You Really Stand Out From The Crowd?

Fast food, soft drinks and cars normally serve only one or two functions yet because of branding, people may perceive them to be unique, maybe even superior to other brands in the market!

Some companies think that they can pretty much get consumers to select them by simply dropping their prices or being a jack of all trades. The problem is, most people would have thought of that as a shortcut or haphazard method of building a business, when the truth is many smaller and unsuccessful businesses normally resort to such a method without success.

So does building a brand mean you'll have to spend heaps of cash on creating a million dollar ad campaign and television commercials?

Of course not. You're an online entrepreneur and there are tons of resources out there in the Internet marketing world you can utilize to build your brand with ease.

You see, resources are not a problem online. The biggest asset you will have to maximize, however, is the thing between your ears – your brain. Don't forget the thing you need to brand online the you!

There will be a fair bit of creativity, some thinking and some research to do should you want to create a powerful brand that breaks through the monotony of boring competitor sites in your market and reaches out and grabs your prospect by the scruff of the neck !

You Need To Not Only Stand Out, But Be "Instantly Recognizable "But it won't be tough, because thanks to the many sites I've created using a simple, effective style of branding that anyone can easily utilize and build their own successful brand like clock work!

This simple to execute, straight forward guide will reveal to you how you can easily create a successful and powerful brand that your prospects will recall as easily as McDonald's is associated with fast food and Coke with soda! In fact if you want to get customers coming back to you time and again, you NEED to watch this kick a** video series.

You will discover valuable chunks of branding advice such as:

  • Video #1 - An Introduction To The System An introduction to the system. By the end of this video we will lay out the Online Brand Domination Course to get you started on your way to dominating your marketplace !
  • Video #2 - Stand Out From The Crowd Some proven, effective ways to creating a brand people will definitely remember
  • Video #3 - Build Your Brand, Not Someone Else's One important element to remember to have customers flocking back to you time and again
  • Video #4 - First Impressions Really Do Count The No. 1 mistake most marketers make in building a brand - DO NOT repeat this!
  • Video #5 - Developing Your Online Presence And Image Choosing your logo and building your brand using the right words without breaking a sweat!
  • Video #6 - Make Your Brand Search Engine Ready How choosing the right domain names can affect your branding for better or worse, and the factors to keep in mind when creating a successful webpage for your business!
  • Video #7 - Social Network Branding Maximizing social media sites for faster brand exposure and profits
  • Video #8 - Conclusion final overview of all you have learned, now is the time to take action!

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Mike Smith

Much effort, Much prosperity

After failing again and again, I have found out what works and what doesn't. Now I'm happy to be able to teach others and share my knowledge.