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Online Ballet Basics

Renata Simon

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6 Lessons (1h 17m)
    • 1. 1. feet excersises on the floor

    • 2. 2. feet excersises at the barre

    • 3. 3. proper arms and legs in classical ballet

    • 4. 4. exercises that strengthen muscle groups which is required in classical ballet

    • 5. 5. stretching excersises

    • 6. 6. skills development


About This Class

You can make a base for classical ballet.

Course description:

1. foot exercises on the floor: – strengthening special muscles
(which can result in great improvements in conditions such as flat-foot
and fallen arches), – the mobilization of the feet, which is
indispensable to a dancer, – coordination required in preparation for
ballet basics

2. foot exercises at the barre: – mobilizing, coordination improving exercises

3. proper arm and leg position

4. exercises that strengthen muscle groups which contribute to good posture and the basics required for ballet

5. stretching exercises that contribute to stretching the muscles previously worked, and contribute to flexibility

6. skill developing exercises that contribute to the coordination basics of ballet.


1. 1. feet excersises on the floor: We're sitting with closed legs, straight back, retention our food muscles and then relax the short in the distance between our toes. And here's so as you see you just taking and then you relax. Take care off the way how you do it. Tension as much as you just skin. And then you relax as much as you just can try to keep on the floor, your heels all the time and also your big toe. If you're not with one leg, then you just do it to the other side. Try to not be faster as you can do it. It's better to do it slower, then to do too fast. And if you have done with the left, then just do separately. First the right leg, your attention and then you relax and then the left leg attention and then you relax. Try to sit on your seat bones be straight back. The way back is the same. You take in your toes and then you keep your toes very took ing, and then you just relax backwards, and then you just put down your heels, so I always relax as much as you just can. We're sitting with straight back our legs, air front of us with straight and me and the flex back our feet, Your arms are beside you and you can put down your fingers on the floor. This helps you to take down your shoulders. You point your feet and then you point your toes and then backers. You take back your toes first, and then you flex back your whole food. Take care that this should go bit separate Lee. So first your foot and then the toes and then backwards the toes and then the whole food. Try to keep your knee straight. Try to keep your spine straight and take down your shoulders. Try to keep together your feet and go always to the maximum. You flex it back to the maximum, and then you point your feet to the maximum. Do at least eight. Off this exercise, we take the same position. We're sitting on our seat bones with straight spine straight legs. We keep our legs together. Also the uncle, also at the toes. Our arms are beside us and their fingers touching the floor. We point our feet the very same way as we just did before, but this time we don't separate it. So we go all the way down and then we come back. Take it At first we take down the food and dender toes and then a toast comes back and then the whole foot Try not to move your knees, but try to move together. You're both feeds and go to the maximum. But now you don't stop it. Only your stuff. When you're pointing it down towards the floor and then you come back all the way. Miss it in the same position we take down our shoulders. Straight spine, straight knees. The legs close together. But this time we point down our fate to the maximum and the only Move our toes. The spread out our toes as much as we can in the mid point back. Try to not move your anchors Try to not move your knees. Only spread out your toes and then point by Try to do it at least 10 or 20 times. So how we make our first position You sit with straight legs from the view with straight spine. Your arms are beside us. We just did Before you are Emperor position you flex it back towards yourself, and then, as you can see in the video with white signs, you just take to decide. But just from your hips, try not to pull it from your knee or from your anchor. That's a bit unhealthy. You point your feet as you just did, and then your toes, and then you take back your toes and then you flex back your food. He did this. We do the same as we did before. Only this is in first position. This is what's cold in classical. Billy. First position. Try to move your foot together. Try to keep your knee straight and your back straight. Go to the maximum and try to go with your toes towards the floor. Try to do this separately. We're starting in the same position. We sit in our sit bones straight spine, straight leg and we take our first position. Try toe only irritated from your hips, not from your knee and loss from your anchor. You do the same as we did before, but without any steps. We don't separated that much. Try to continue. You go down, you point your feet, then you come back from your toes and flex it back away. Try to not move your knee. Try to push a little bit your ankle to the front. We sit in the same position and we point our foot also your our toes. We spread out our toes and then pointed back reflex back the toes and spreading it out and then pointing back. Try to do it as fast as you can without moving your uncle, your heels, your knee or even your back. Try to do it 10 or 20 times. It looks easier. Identities. We sit in the same position. We close our legs. This time we are in parallel position and flex back our foot. So we pointing down one off our food and the other worry flaccid back. Try to do it in the same way as we did before, so you're the last thing. What you point down is your toes, but the first thing that comes back is your toes again. Do it at least eight times. Always go to the maximum and try not to bend your knees or your back, especially your lower back. This time we will use a terrible and we will sit in the very same position you can take your other leg. Besides, your it can be straight and for front of you. But this turbine I'm using a red one, but you can use a stronger man. This is one off the loses. So if you for example, choose the black one, which is the strongest, it's also fine. Or usually I use actually the the Blue Room, which is the medium. You can find this ballistic tire in online shops or in other sports department store. I suggest you to not start with the strongest. Um, but try to find for yourself loser one loser turbaned just for the start. And then you will see for later how it works out for you. We take the middle of this terrible and and then we just put on our toes and liberty even further down. Our goal is with this terrible just to make a little bit of resistance to our foot. So our muscles have to work harder. So we point our feet down, and then the last thing is our toes and then backwards again, our toes comes back and damn reflex back our food try to not move your other foot. The only work with are working foot. Try not to move your hands as well. So where you keep the turban, Try to keep it there. Don't move off course. If it comes down on your toes, then you just put it back again. Let me just do it separately. So we point our fit and then the toes and then we pull back our toes and then the whole fit . We take the same position as before, reflex our food back and the terrible these kind off halfway down on our food a little bit , actually more back Visiting are sit bones are spiny straight steel and the stretch army Try to not pull back too much, Too terrible in It's enough If it's a little bit off resistance Mido Indo. And then we do the same as we did before, but now, without stopping but not separating. But the way how we go down it's the same. So the foot, the toes, the toes comes back and then reflex back our food. Try to keep your knee and try to keep the terrible in this world. We're sitting in the same position, Mr used the terrible and but this time of a pointer, food. Try to cover with disturbance. You're all off your toes and you just pull back your toes and then down and back and down. Try to not move your uncle, your heel or your knee, even not your hands and your spine. Try to do it as fast as you can and go to the maximum always so you point your toes as much as you can, and then you flex back your toes as much as you can, and then do the whole Syria to the other food as well. 2. 2. feet excersises at the barre: it's important to mention that in the left picture I am doing it correctly on the right side. It's incorrect. We have to take care off our ankle. It shouldn't go out. You have to push your ankle towards your big toe. Always. Our tools are on the floor and their knee will always go towards our foot. Never eaten or never out. Try to keep your ankle also straight as well, because if you go out, it's very unhealthy. It's very bad, especially if it will put some weight on it. We face the bar in parallel position. Our legs are closed, our knees, er straight. We pulled back and down our shoulders. We left in Libit our chest, and we just relax our arm. These are starting position. Our spine is straight and investors before ankle circle outwards. You can do it, of course, a bit slower if you want to, and then backwards as well in verse, try to go to your maximum, and then we do 1/2 point and the full point and half point and put it back half point. We put some weight on our point back to half point, and then we put it back, try to push your uncle towards your big toe a little bit and we do four times the same. We do four circles outwards with the left. Try to warm up your ankle and we do immersed for as well. And we do again. Half point full point half point where we put it back. Always put some some vato on your foot. You don't have to put it too much, especially in the beginning when you start to practice. But as you go further with your practice, you can put always a little bit more weight on your foot. You're standing in the same position with closed legs and straight spine. We do have point with the right, and then we change it in high half point to the left, and we're just changing it. Try to rise up and not to jump on and try to sing down instead of just falling down. Try to keep your ankle straight instead of going out and you change it on the top. This record role of a in ballet and then we do the same just with band knees four times. Try to keep your knee towards your foot. Always. You put down your here's and then you street your legs. We're standing in a partner position. Close legs, stretch knee, straight spine. We try to relax our arms and then we do a p a role of a stretch and sing down. So we do a knee bending believed he is keeping it together with strange Dinis and then coming down when you bend your knee in. Bolivia called this play and then you lift your here's we go up all the way to the role of a and then we just sing down, not falling down but thinking down softly, At least let's do eight off this exercise. Never been your back. Try to not tense your shoulders and try to be soft. So we do play. We lift the ankles with straight Arnie, and then we sitting down. Try to keep your knees together, your angles together never go to the side, and then we do back first the whole So we go up to relive A We do a plea. We put down our his and mistreat our knees. So we go up. No jumping but rising and their spine just doesn't move So we go up p a. Put down the hiss and then stretch two knees. It's a very good cough exercise. Let's do it least eight times mistaking the same position. Closed legs proposition. Straighten me straight spine back and down the shoulders and libit leave the chest and images do A P A. We bend our knees and the only lift our here's you lived it up and then you put it back. You lift up and put back. Be aware of your ankle. It shouldn't go out. You should press a little bit towards your big toe. Try to keep your spine, street your shoulders and the whole level off to spend any. Let me just trade up after verse. We just rise up and then sing down. You can do this fast, orbit slower, but the only work from our ankles. So our knees are always straight, and then we just do a plea A. And then we go up to live a. So take care that first we bend our knees, the straighten the knees and then we go up to relieve a and then become back with the heels and then we bend our knees try to keep your spine in your chest and, in the end, try to stay up in July of A. We take a first position with the arms, which I will explain in the next video again before we start. Let's see on the left picture, the press are ankle towards our big toe, and in the right picture the ankle goes outside towards the small toe. That's incorrect. Don't do it in this way. It's very important because we want to strength our anchors around the ankles, the masses and all the foot muscles. We want to develop and not destroy. Even sure the same from another angle. When you go up to relive a tow half point, keep your heels a little bit inside as it is on the left picture and on the right picture, my his goes out. That's incorrect again, so they stay in the first position. Straight spine ST legs relaxed arms take down her shoulders and the only open our first position from our hips, not from the knees or from the ankle, because that's again unhealthy. The easiest way to make the first position is when you are standing in parallel position and you just open your feet. But I will explain this in the other video. More detail. A little bit. Pull in your stomach, but dont straight your lower back again. This is unhealthy. Keep the natural shape off your spine from your hip up efforts. The sensation is that you try to reach the sky and from your hips downwards, you penetrate towards the floor and we do for circles in first position, Try to keep down your toes and we do four circle inverts. Try to not move your hip and then we just do half point. Point half point and he put Backer, Here's try to press your ankle little bit towards your big toe. Don't go out. Try to remember in the picture what we just showed you before his duties four times and then we go to the left again for circle outwards and then four circle inverts were up your ankle and then we do half point point. We put some weight on our point, but try to be soft. Try to be gentle to yourself. Our goal is not to make any pain or to suffer. We just develop, are scarce and again four times this half point point half point that's booted back again. We're standing in the same position. First position, long spine, straight legs, relaxed arms and they pulled back and down our shoulders, Always in classical ballet. That's the naturist stay, and we do half point. We go through a frail avai, and then we go to the other leg. So we do. To the right. We go up to relive E, and then we go to the left, try again to rise up and to sing down, instant off, jumping on your foot and then just falling down. Let's make eight in a video plea A. We bend our knees both off them. Try to open your hip and take care off your knees, your knees going towards your feet again. We're standing in the first position. We've been their knees believed upper. Here's Mr Jeannie's and there was sitting down. Let me do the same again. Plea a relevant ST Genis and sinking down. Let me do the plea. Press your feet towards the floor when you go up again. Even in real of a you press your feet towards the floor and just from the hip above you try to go higher. You try to go towards the ceiling, take it off your ankles and your knees, Younis going towards your feet. Try to keep your spine and we do eight out off it backwards. The same we go up to relive a. We do the clear put down the here's and this regiones. So we rise up. We've been the knees. Open the heap, Put down the huse and the stretch. Jeannie's try to be soft and gentle. Do it a slow as you can feel and see what you're doing. Don't rush. It doesn't have any point if you do it faster than you can. So we do again. Real of a plea put back and the stretch Dinis. At least do eight times Good. Then Dhoni's to play, and then we just lift up our here's Try to not change the level off your body. Yeah, just in play, and we just lift up the here's and put back at least eight times. But it would be nice to do it 16 times. We just go up to relive a and then six sing down. Try to be soft and gentle. Your toes are always on the floor, your spiny street, and you don't move your knees. We bend the knees and then we go up to live a clear and drill of a again the band, first of the knees and that's stretching them and then going up to relieve a And then at first he has come back down. And then we do knee bending and in the end, try to stay in first position, press your here's towards your ankles to the front and keep the position. And then we just put back our hands on the bar and seemed down. So we take our second position, which I have. I will explain in the next video, much more detailed. And then again, we go toe half point and we change on relieve A to the other side. The knee goes towards the food and the hippies open. We can put a little bit off of eight on our foot, so if you see, but their hands doesn't move For these exercises, you can also use a chair or a war. You don't have to have a Bali Barratt home for this, and then we bend our knees, straightening up and then go to the other side, especially here. Take care off your knees and on your hip. Try toe open it and we just put down this destinies. 3. 3. proper arms and legs in classical ballet: we have our hands from the bus. We left Tom. I'm putting towards the middle finger it, touching it with Tom the middle finger. And then we lift away the index finger, which going to be our higher point. And then the ring finger, which is a little bit lower than the index finger and is the last step. We just lift the little finger, the small finger. So the order looks like to us. The closest finger is the tub and then the middle finger and then the ring finger and then the small finger and is the last the index finger that has to be the most of a from us. Try to be soft with the fingers. It's very important, but don't don't be too soft, but don't stretch it. Oh, don't overstretch it. So be sure it from another angle. So the time goes to the middle finger, and then the index finger goes high, and then the ring finger and then the small finger and from a certain angle looks the same so that Tom goes to the middle finger and then the index finger goes out, and then the ring finger we go out and is the last. The small finger goes out. It's very important to don't have stress in the fingers in Bali. Okay, these are always soft, but still keeping in a shape. Once my teacher said, the sensation should be like you put your fingers into warm chocolate. Nice, warm chocolate. How we make the preparation position, the low fifth position. So it just take the hands as we just learned before curving the arms. Not too short, No. Two straight, and we lift our elbow. It's very important. Maybe lift a rebel and taking down and back our shoulders. This is how it looks from the side. Don't touch your ties, you almost touching it. But see, you don't so the first position we just lift from the low fifth position until the stomach high. Take care off the high off this position. It shouldn't run further up or shouldn't stay too much down, either. We left our elbows and we take down and back our shoulders, and we still keep this egg shaped circle so it's not a circle. It's an X shape. So from the first position believed up to the fifth or certain position as you can say You take down your shoulders and you still lift your elbows. You still have a curve and it's a little bit front of you. It's no it never goes behind you. And to the second position, we keep our shoulders down. You just open your arms, keep the elbows and still curving the whole arm from the side. It looks like this you have to see from your Perry Ferrick. You have to see your hand. It's a little bit front of you and you pushing down the hole. So with this picture, we want to demonstrate that your hand and your Arab was almost in the same level, so shouldn't go lower Your hand shouldn't go lower than this in a classical ballet. Your whole arm comes from your shoulder blades so it doesn't start from your shoulders. It starts from your back. So how we do a proper second position? So you just put up your arms, taking down, facing to the front and then curving it. So, like this, you can maybe make yourself feel a bit better dissect. Second position was, it's OK pen So lower fifth position and then the first and then we go to the fifth, we take down to the second your breathing lengthened arms and just putting back to the beginning position. So how we make the first position. The easiest way is that you're standing in the proper position bending your knees and an opening to the side your feet. So we're standing in the first position, and then we just do a Tony stretching to the side and then just rolling down first, just toes and in the whole foot. Our weight is in the middle between our two legs. From the second position we do attend, you stretch, we bring our leg forward. Are he bone facing straight and the first half of our foot we pulled back. And Liberatore's are other foot. So you bring it to the front, you put down your heel and then you just take the first half of your put food a little bit towards your other foot from the fourth position. Very your wait is between your legs. You just make a ton you and then you just close your legs. So if you're right leg is in the front, your right heel should be at your left. Big toe. You have to Kovar the back foot with your front foot from the fifth position. You just make a comfortable position. This is the third position. So if your right leg is in the front, you put your right heel in the middle off your left foot. It should be very comfortable. 4. 4. exercises that strengthen muscle groups which is required in classical ballet: They're lying on our back. Our hands are beside us. We put our feet together. Try to open your heap as much as you can and try to slightly pressed down Your lower back believed up, Arnie. And we just drop it. We lift up and drop. You don't have to lift it too high. You don't have to drop it that much. This is a small, small movement, but you will feel you're inside time muscles Try to do it like 20 times. You can do it faster or you can do it even slower. But the way back is always a drop. You just relax your muscles. You're lying on our back. Our hands are beside us. Our legs are straighten upwards and we rotated from our hip and pointing our feet You know , we know the cross. Relax and in the open cross cross cross, cross open again. The open doesn't have to be too wide. And the most important thing is try to keep your knees straight If this doesn't very still , okay, but try to rotate from your hip. If you don't rotate, you will work with the different muscle. We're sitting on our set bones. Our legs are straight a little bit, if you can rotate from your hips and their arms are in this fifth or third position. If this is too hard for you than your arms can be, just straighten up. But try to pull down your shoulders and lift a little bit your chest. Point your feet and try not to move from your back only with your legs. It doesn't matter if you can only lift your legs for a few centimeters. It's enough. Doesn't have to be high. Our goal is to work with the masses. It's straight back and then we just lived Open up. We come back and just put it down again. But if you see our back is straight, lift the chest and we just do a die ago. Now we just play with our weight. We go a little bit backwards. Come back, put down best time and always pull down your shoulders. We are lying on our back. Our legs are straight, were pointing. Our feet and her arms are beside us next to our years and we just stretch our elbows in love. Ido, miss it up, try to sit up only from your I don't mean a the legs going between the arms. Try to lift your chin. Try to go towards your feet, not to towards your ties. Try to sit up on Lee from your abdominal muscles. You can do as many as you wish were lying on our stomach. Try to rotate your legs If it's too heavy, you can just have your feet on the floor and not rotating it. Just temporary position. The arms were in 1/5 position, but again, if it's too hard, you can just stretch your elbows and just having straight arms. Just come up a little bit and go down. Try to lengthening your muscles. Try to keep your feet on the floor. Try to stretch your knee in your head is a continuation off your spine. Try to go not only up, but also further. It doesn't matter how high you can go. If it's just few centimeters, it's good enough. We're in the same position. Were lying on her stomach in fifth position with the arms. First position with the legs. Any point, our feet again. If it's this is too hard. You don't have to rotate anything you're just in a private position with your legs, and you can just have a straight in arms. This time we lift up the legs and the arms both together. Try to keep together your legs, try to lengthen your spine. Try to increase the distance between your arms and legs. Try to be long and try to move everything all together and try to not fall back to the floor. But just going down were lying on her stomach again. But this time your emperor position with both legs and arms, but stretching the knees and stretching the arms. Point your feet and we lift up the right arm with the left leg and then the left arm with the right leg again. Try to be long. Try to come up with your muscles. If it doesn't get so high, it doesn't matter, but try to lengthen. Your muscles were lying on her stomach again for a position with the legs. He pried proposition with the arms shoulder wise and restricted elbows and knees pointing our feet in a video become up. And then we just started to almost like imagine that you're swimming. It doesn't have to be really coordinated with the legs and with the arms traded west, fast as you can, you can do it fasted than I do. They're using this exercise. Also, impel a tease. Try to do it. 2020 seconds. You're lying on our stomach again, with border positions with the arms and the legs stretching them, stretching the feet, stretching the knees and elbows become up. We go to decide, and we go to the front to decide and again. Two different. It's almost like swimming kind off. Try to keep down your shoulders and try to not move from your upper body. Try to keep down your legs and then you just come back. At least do it twice, but you can do it even more. Try to keep your upper body length, your muscles and your head is your spine. Continuation and then we just go down. We are on our elbows in a swings position. Try to rotate your legs. If this doesn't work, you can have it in parallel as well. But try to stretch your knees and your elbows are shoulder vies. Try to keep down your shoulders and try to length your legs. You can press yourself a little bit from your elbows and try to keep up yourself. Your upper body shouldn't go down and lift up the leg and booted down, but we lift it, not throwing it, and we just sing down again, not falling down with the legs. Try not to move from the upper body were lying on our back. Our arms are beside us. Stretch your knees. Try to keep down your lower back. Of course, you don't have to press it that much and you flex back your feet and then just relax flags back and relax. We don't point our feet this time. Just try to flex it back as fast as you can and without moving from your knees. Try to do 20 times. We're lying in the same position on our back hands beside us, Lex towards the ceiling. Then we're stretching our knees and we flex back our feeds together and then be pointing it . Flex it back and pointing it. Try to do as fast as you can. It looks easier than it is. You will feel it. I promise it. Just flex it back and then pointing onto the maximum and this fest is you can, at least for the times we're standing in the first position beside the bar. You can use a chair if you want to. It doesn't matter. Try to stretch your knees and put down your shoulders and your arm is a little bit front of you. And we like the other arm on the chair on the bar and you're standing with long spine and we go towards the bar or chair. When we come back, try to not move from your hip, your he bones straight ing from and it doesn't move. Put down your shoulders, and when you go towards the bar or the chair, try to still keep down your shoulders, both of them. You can turn your head down, but it doesn't matter. You're standing in the first position again, holding the bar, and you're holding our hip with the other hand. It's very important because then you can feel it more. If your hip is moving or doesn't let me do 1/2 point, we leave the leg half point and put it back half point. Lift up half point and breath. Try to not move your hip straight ing your spine. Your shoulders also doesn't move if it doesn't get so high. Doesn't matter. Try to keep your knee in the same direction is your feet. Try to stretch your standing leg and let's do 10 times We're standing in. The fifth position are right leg is in front. We are taking the bar holding the bar. You can take a chair as well again. Put down your shoulders. Stretch your knees straight in your spine and your right heel is front off your left big toe. From here, we will lift up our leg, pointing the feet above our anchor. As you can see, he lived up and put it back. Lift up and back. Try to keep your knee to the side. Try to not move from your hip that he bones facing front. Put down your shoulders. Lift your chest a little bit. Try to relax your arms at the bar. Good academic or half symbolic. Kuroda, you're standing again in the fifth position, but this time are right. Leg isn't at the back. Straight spine, straight knees, lifting the chest a little bit, pulling down the shoulders again. We lift up our back leg. I will try to put my ankle towards my ankle pointing the feet and my little toe goes up efforts you receive. And I we lift it up and my knee goes to decide. I always try to keep you need to the side Try to relax your arms in the bar and we will work from our but muscle. So we lifted up and down and up and down. Try to not move from your hip. Off course You well, a little bit, But try to keep it towards the bar so it doesn't go backwards. It doesn't shift, doesn't do anything. It just stays. Repeat the whole Syria to the left side. 5. 5. stretching excersises: we're sitting on our seat. Bones are hands are behind us. Stretch your arms. You don't have to overstretching it and your feet are in what, in hip, white position on the floor. So we put our right leg on our left knee and then we have pressing down our knee are working me. If you don't feel it's effective, you can pull your leg a little bit closer to yourself, though that leg, which is on the floor, you still keep up your chest and pulling down your shoulders and press tinny towards the floor in front of you. Never put down. Now both are fits are on the floor, and we're trying to sit on our seat balls and with the left arm on crossing the right knee . First I put up my spine and then I rotate as much as I can, but it's very important. First I stretching it up and then I rotate Very important. You're stretching it as long as you want. You can stay here and then we come back. You take bag the leg and just putting it down. Four again, baby repeated to the other side so left leg, causing the write me again. You can pull closer your feet on the floor and then we're putting it down, Crossing with the right hand. You're pulling up your spine, rotating it, sitting on our set bombs. Try to rotate your head as well as much as you can. You don't have to overstretch your elbows and then we come back. I'm just putting down the leg. We're sitting with our here's we are opening our knees and then we just go between our knees with stretched elbows. Try to stretch your back muscles. Increase the distance between your tailbone and your hands. Your forehead is on the floor and try to go with your test towards the floor. And then we pull back our hands and just rolling up slowly and in the end we can close our knees back again. Oh, no force. You're standing. Our knees are hip fide. Our hands are shoulder wide, stretching the back and a slowly, we started to go to the front, stretching the back. Be putting down or forehead. If it's too uncomfortable for your nose, then you can lift up your chain and pressing down your chest towards the floor and try to enjoy this position, you know, slowly become back first in our forehead and then going back slowly to our starting position. We're sitting on our set bombs. Our arms are beside us. Our fingers are touching the floor. Our legs were stretched front of us are. Spine is straight. We make the first position as you see it, pointing the feet rotate the leg from the hip. We come up with the arms to the fifth position and then slowly we go to the front, try to go launches down, but for imagine that you want to touch your ties with your stomach and then slowly become back it straight spine. We're sitting on our heels. We go back, try to keep together your heels. Keep your ankles as well. Shouldn't go out. It should be straight. You can go to the front as well as you see and keeping your position here. Try to really keep together your heels. It's very important. And then we just come back. Yes, sitting it straight back on our right here and the left foot is on the floor, and then we just take our knee and a little bit lifting it up. You can play with your weight If it's too painful, don't put so much weight on your heel. If you can take it, you can press a bit more That would change the legs. Take your navy The same arm, same side. It's a very good feet stretching exercise. And then we just putting back. Miss Quad, our hands are front of us. Our knees are closed or hiss and feet are closed as well. And then we just put our need to the front and we just sit on our heels, try to keep You're here and those closed. And then we come back and we put back our feet. Yes. Standing at the bar, we put our position closed legs straight back, relaxed arms. You can also use the wall. This time you cannot use the chair. You will see why. So we put back our leg one off our leg. Just stretch Your calf muscle is and the media stretched the front legs where we changed the legs pushing down your hip towards the floor. Strange to me, put back both legs in hip fight parallel position, pressing down your hip towards the floor and then we just go to the front and pressing down your chest towards the floor, and then in the end, we just won't back. We had the stairs. Make sure you are having shoes on or bare feet, but not in socks. It could be very slippery. The kid off yourself and we go down with the hills or you can even changing it. You is C. They care of yourself to school down as much as you feel. It's OK for you. It's a very good cough stretching exercise, and you can changing it again and again and just going back to the stairs, our legs outside of our arms, our arms are in shoulder right position are back like he stretched the fingers, Retek it back, and we just press down our heap towards the floor. Very easy, very gentle. You don't have to force it that much. Your heap as their own. Wait anyway, and it gravitates towards the floor. Then we put down on me and the foot. Then we take our leg between our hands, stretching it, and it's going our leg. Try to be again long, and then slowly we go to our split as much as you can use your hands if you can put it down to the floor. That's all right. Just keep your weight on your hands. What if you can, you just go to this plate, and then in the end, we just take our leg back between our hands. If you can, you go in your elbows from the few. Do it is to the other side as well. We're sitting in a wide spreader. Stretch your knees, put down your shoulders, stretch your elbows straight spine and try to sit on your seat bones and in the end, point your feet. So one of our hand comes up in the fifth position and we go towards her leg. But don't leave your opposite hip. You're always sitting on our seat bones, and then we do the same to Dad's side. Keep down your seat. Bones on the floor never come back, and slowly we go to the front. Go as much as you can. If you only can put down your hands, it's all right. But if you can put down your a booze and even if you can go further, put down your stomach. And still, if you can try to close your legs behind you and then coming back. Can you come back to this starting position? Never start any stretching exercise without being warm. If your muscles are not warm enough, it's very unhappy to just start to stretch out off. No, over. Maybe after a warm shower or a bath. Then you can stretch. But you have to have to be wrong for that. That's a number one rule. 6. 6. skills development: you're lying on her back it straight leg stores This evening. We're flexing your feet. Our legs are in hip wide position for other position, and our arms are beside us. We bend our knee, you do the p A and then the first stretch dinny and then the point of fate again, reflex by defeat, bending the knee. Try to not go down with your Here's Try to imagine that you are keeping the ceiling with your feet. It's very important. It shouldn't go down the imitating like you are standing on the floor. So as soon as your here's dropping down, it's wrong. Try to keep it and the knees going towards your feet, not going towards each other and then just stretching it. Do it eight times we're lying in the same position, left stores deceiving, and they make the first position rotating from our hip, not from the knee and not from the ankle. They were flexing back our feet. Try to keep down your lower back, and then we do a P A. And then stretch you, too, knee bending clear. Strange to me and then pointing the feet. Try to keep down your lower back again like we would keep the ceiling. So don't go further down with your. Here's your knees going towards your feet and open your hip. They're lying on our back. Our legs are straight towards the ceiling. We rotate our legs from our hips, stretching the knee, stretching the fit. We have crossed legs. Doesn't matter which one is in the front and between is in the back. We changed the leg, putting down coming back. Change again. You can put down onto the floor, but if you want, you can hold it above the floor. It's very important. Try to keep your knees stretched in your feet and your rotation from your hip. Do as many as you want. You're lying on our side. Try to be straight from your hand until your foot. Try to rotate again your legs from your heap a little bit. Stretch your feet and your arm is from the few and your head is lying on your other arm. And we pulled up our knee slowly, stretching as much as we can, flexing back our feet and it's coming down with straight me and pointing the feet again. So you touch with your toes your other leg. You go as much as you just scan it's rich, flex and slowly come back. It's very important to do this snow. If it's hard to lie in this position on your side, then with your arm, which is front of you, you can put it a bit further from yourself next to it least four times. It's very important in classical body this exercise because later on we will do like lifting why we're standing. Let's do this to the left as well. We're standing in parallel position, hip fight or it can be also closed. They pulled back and down our shoulders are chest is a little bit lifted. We're taking the bar or a chair. It doesn't matter trying to have a long spine and then we make preparation position lower fifth position with the arm coming to the first position opening to the second. It is a little bit front off me, not behind me. Every breeding and with long spine, we go towards the front as much as we can. Try to not move from your legs. Only your upper body is working. Try to put your stomach towards your ties and make 1/5 position with your arm. There's trading in your spine and it's come back and then we go to the side. Put down your shoulders, don't move from your hip, and then the head is away from the bar first. Again, we stretch of the spine in the Let's go back behind just a little bit. Just open your chest and then we come back. Open the armed, This second position breathing in and coming back to our starting position. They're lying on our stomach. Our hands are under our shoulders. We have in popular position Our legs stretched me stretched feet and then we lifting it up , putting down our feet and then try to go to the side with your knees. Our goal is to have everything on the floor. Our knees are hip and our feet, if your feet is not in the floor or your hip doesn't matter. Your hip has it their own weight, so it will go towards it. We gravitate towards the floor if you feel comfortable. Come when you're a booze. Stay here for a while and then just go back to the same way as you just came from closed the knees, putting down your legs again. It's very important not just to do this exercise randomly, but you have to be warm enough for that. Or at least you have to have a warm shower before, what a bath or anything. But don't do this just randomly. If you want to read a book in this position, otherwise have fun.