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Online Ballet Basics

Renata Simon

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6 Videos (1h 17m)
    • 1. feet excersises on the floor

    • 2. feet excersises at the barre

    • 3. proper arms and legs in classical ballet

    • 4. exercises that strengthen muscle groups which is required in classical ballet

    • 5. stretching excersises

    • 6. skills development


About This Class

You can make a base for classical ballet.

Course description:

1. foot exercises on the floor: – strengthening special muscles
(which can result in great improvements in conditions such as flat-foot
and fallen arches), – the mobilization of the feet, which is
indispensable to a dancer, – coordination required in preparation for
ballet basics

2. foot exercises at the barre: – mobilizing, coordination improving exercises

3. proper arm and leg position

4. exercises that strengthen muscle groups which contribute to good posture and the basics required for ballet

5. stretching exercises that contribute to stretching the muscles previously worked, and contribute to flexibility

6. skill developing exercises that contribute to the coordination basics of ballet.





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