Online Advertising with Customers: Alternative to Facebook Ads and Google AdWords!

Jerry Banfield, 102 Skillshare Classes Published

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7 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Enroll in Online Advertising with Customers

    • 2. Example of how I am paying my new online ad budget to existing customers

    • 3. How I communicate with my best customers using my Facebook group

    • 4. How to pay people and why make available only to paying customers

    • 5. Using my online advertising budget this way allows me to build deeper relationships

    • 6. See how effective this is to get a new member of my Facebook group during the live stream

    • 7. How do I feel months later?


About This Class

Watch this class to see the new system I use in my Facebook group at to offer my online advertising budget to customers instead of paying Google for advertising with AdWords and Facebook for sponsored posts!  The beauty of this new system is that is gives back to the people already giving to me and gives me a simple way to build deeper relationships with the people already loving what I do online!

What I love about this new system is that I get a chance to help others work online and provide a simple way to do it.  Requiring anyone participating to be a customer first virtually eliminates the opportunity for me to get scammed and rewards faith with proof of results!