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Online Advertising with Customers: Alternative to Facebook Ads and Google AdWords!

teacher avatar Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Enroll in Online Advertising with Customers

    • 2. Example of how I am paying my new online ad budget to existing customers

    • 3. How I communicate with my best customers using my Facebook group

    • 4. How to pay people and why make available only to paying customers

    • 5. Using my online advertising budget this way allows me to build deeper relationships

    • 6. See how effective this is to get a new member of my Facebook group during the live stream

    • 7. How do I feel months later?

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About This Class

Watch this class to see the new system I use in my Facebook group at to offer my online advertising budget to customers instead of paying Google for advertising with AdWords and Facebook for sponsored posts!  The beauty of this new system is that is gives back to the people already giving to me and gives me a simple way to build deeper relationships with the people already loving what I do online!

What I love about this new system is that I get a chance to help others work online and provide a simple way to do it.  Requiring anyone participating to be a customer first virtually eliminates the opportunity for me to get scammed and rewards faith with proof of results!

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Jerry Banfield

Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes


You can become a MASTER OF DIGITAL MARKETING by following me on Skillshare and watching my classes each day!

BIO: 6 years sober, 4 years plant based diet, 7 years married, 4 years parenting, and 9 years as an entrepreneur online with 103 video classes on Skillshare, 21 books, 1082+ blog posts, 2,500+ YouTube videos, 1,000+ podcast episodes, and 70 songs on iTunes/Spotify!

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1. Enroll in Online Advertising with Customers: thank you very much for joining me in this course. Would you like to learn an alternative to spending a bunch of money on Google and Facebook ads? I've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on Google and Facebook ads, and there's got to be a better way than doing this. So what I'm going to do is give you an alternative in this video. As I actually presented, I'm going to present the alternative in the video class that we're going to do together. It will be a live stream out to my audience, and this is my current alternative to using Facebook and Google ads. Now here's the reason for it. So what I'm going to do is offer to members to my existing customers people who are already paying me. I'm going to offer my advertising budget to them because if I completely fail with my Google and Facebook ads, they don't give me anything. They don't care about me at all. If I fail advertising to my existing customers, my existing customers will love me that much. Mawr, Instead of having paid Google and Facebook another 100,000 I want to pay my existing customers back that 100,000 because I'm a lot more likely to get that back. Then I could spend 100,000 Google and Facebook and get nothing except a bunch of empty clicks. Giving my customers $100,000 back is almost certain to result in a lot of good things happening. And even if it results in nothing, I've given $100,000 back to my customers. That's awesome. That's really worth doing. So I realized there's not a lot of good proof for this. There's not a lot of easy ways to get started necessarily. I hope in watching this live class presentation as I go forward and present this option live to my audience. I hope you will be inspired, motivated to figure out a system where, instead of paying Google and Facebook to advertise your business or instead of paying them your whole budget for your online ad budget, maybe you can find a way to give back to your existing customers. Maybe you can find a way to empower your customers to doom or word of mouth marketing for you. I thank you very much for watching this. I hope you enjoy enrolling in this course and seeing exactly in depth what I'm doing to offer my customers. Ah, piece off my advertising budget. 2. Example of how I am paying my new online ad budget to existing customers: would you like to learn how you can get my $1000 a month ad budget paid directly to you? I'm hoping this is an amazing alternative to using Google and Facebook ads, because I've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars I've paid to Google and Facebook ads, and I want to pay that to you instead. So here's how you get access to my advertising budget. I'm giving my entire advertising budget while I have other fixed expenses. But my online advertising budget that I'm paying out is going to Facebook group members. I appreciate you watching here if you're live, and I'm grateful that you are here learning about this. What I want to do is give my advertising budget back to my customers instead of giving it to Facebook and Google. So I'm only making this available to my Facebook group members. My Facebook group is called Masters and Online Business Administration. The point of the group is to learn and grow your business online, learn by seeing how actually run my business. I've stopped using email. I run my business inside the group. You'll see me interact with everyone that I'm paying to do work for me in the group, you'll see me learning and growing and connecting with each group member's best I can every day. So if you want access to my advertising budget, you must be a group member. This is how I screen out people that I don't want to pay my budget to. If you're not willing to give me $25 a month to be in my group, then I'm not interest you in in giving you a part of my advertising budget. If you are interested in giving me $25 a month to support the group work I do online, then I'm making $1000 available to you starting in January and every group member will have a chance. So here's exactly how you get access to it, so you have to be a member of the group first. Then once you're in the group, just comment on my post, I'm going to make a post, it says. Here's my $1000 advertising budget. I'm going to give it all out to group members. Tell me what you're going to do with it. So you reply to my post and start with the money So you tell me how much you want to be paid here. For example, $20. That's the minimum offer. I'm not going to pay you less than $20. You're already paying $25 a month to be a member of my group. I'm not going to pay you less than $20 to do something for me. And if I'm going to pay you $20 my hope is that it's very simple and easy for you to do and enjoyable. So you start off, you make a proposal for how much money and then say what you'll do for that much money. So, for example, you make a post. You say, for $20 I will retweet all your new videos. You should be able to do that in a entire month in less than an hour. That's $20 an hour simply to hit the tweet button. You might already like and enjoy watching my videos anyway, so why not get $20 for taking the time to share them? Or you might make an offer and say, for $25 I'll refer to new group members every month. I'll give you $25. Before you refer anyone, I'll take a leap of faith and say, Sure, here's $25 backs You literally pay $25 to be a group member. And if you make a proposal and tell me about how you're going to refer, knew group members, I will be willing to pay you back. You could make something like For $30 I'll write a blawg post summarising the most recent things you've done online that I've enjoyed the most you could say for $50 I'll make a custom graphic and share it with all my friends and family and give it to you to use and put on your Facebook page for you might say, for $100. Look at this YouTube channel I have. I've got 10,000 subscribers. I will mention you in all of my videos every month, all through a link to your YouTube channel or website or whatever you want in all my videos every month, I'll just say something like, Thank you, Jerry Banfield, for all the help you've given me and learning and building online, what I hope is that you will offer to do something that you'll enjoy. I don't want you to do grunt work. You can go get a job anywhere and do things you don't enjoy. I want to give you money in exchange for doing something you enjoy. That helps me and that. So if you enjoy doing it, that's a win win for both of us, right? Thank you for asking the question. How do you pay members? So I should have put that in a slide. I guess I will pay members directly via PayPal or Bitcoin or patri on Those are the three payment methods I'm willing to do. I would guess most people will do PayPal. If you can't take PayPal, you should be able to take either patron or Bitcoin. I'm hoping to do automatic recurring monthly payments as well, so I'm offering you a monthly income that's automatic. I don't want to manually have to send the payments. If I can help it, I would rather send you the money automatically. So I'm offering PayPal or Bitcoin, and I encourage you to be creative offer to do something with the unique look at what I've created and what you might enjoy doing. So the more creative you're likely to get. Like, for example, you might say, I'll tweet all of your skill share courses every month. Naturally, I'll say, Look, this is a really good skill share course I love taking your skill share courses, and you could say something like, I will What? I don't even know Whatever you like to do on whatever unique opportunities you have. I would like to match them with what I need and the foundation of what I would like is sharing. I would like you to more proactively take time to talk about what I'm doing with your friends, family and people following you online. I'm starting with $1000 total budget in January 2000 and 17. This is significantly less than I was already paying Google and Facebook ads before. And what I hope to dio is to scale this up over the course of the year, where I've paid out a total of $100,000 back to you collectively. So you and everyone else watching I want to pay you over $100,000 collectively this year or next year. It's December like 40th right now, so I'd like to pay you collectively next year, $100,000 toe advertise my business because I think if I pay you the $100,000 it'll mean something to you. If I pay Google and Facebook another 100,000 they're not going to care. And they're going. Give me a bunch of clicks which may or may not get me sales. I would like to empower your creativity. So I will show you how today I will show you the inside of my business system. I will give you insight into exactly what I need help with or think I need help with. And I hope that will be useful for you and making a good offer. Right now, there's 17 members in the group, which means if everyone got 22 $50 I can afford to pay everyone out of $1000 a month who is currently in the group 25 to $100 a month. Now, if 10 or 15 or 20 more people join as a result to me sharing this, it will get more competitive. So the more competitive it is, then better you'll need to make an offer. So I'm going to show you how to make a really good offer today, the better. You know what I do, the better you can make an offer that's appealing. Now, if there's more than 40 group members or so, not everyone is likely to get a piece of the initial advertising budget. However, stick around and over time, consistent effort. My vision is, every single person in the group will have a chance to get part of the advertising budget. So these in the main three things I do online. Youtube dot com, skill share dot com and patron dot com. So anything you can do to help with these three that is most valued by me. Now I will show you more ways you can help, but those three other primary The point of this is the more you help me, the more I help you. I'll show you the inside now and I'm recording. This is a skill share course for alternatives to Google and Facebook advertising. So what, I hope here is an effective presentation that this is my method I've used to try and give back to my existing customers. I think if you want to have an amazing business online figure out how to give back to the people who are already working with you instead of trying to pay outside companies and other people outside to try and help you try and give back. So I hope this is been, ah, good presentation showing one way I'm doing this and I hope will inspire you if you are advertising online to think of a way you can give back to your existing customers. 3. How I communicate with my best customers using my Facebook group: So here's the inside of my business system. I think if you want to effectively find an alternative to doing Facebook or Google ads or something similar, you need to have some way to communicate directly with your customers effectively. So what I've got I have my I'm doing my best to get all of my most enthusiastic customers on my PATRI on account here and to then have rewards set up to give back to my most enthusiastic customers. So currently I have this Facebook group member is one of the biggest rewards I have in the sense that you get access to this Facebook group. So promoting this Facebook group is something I could use a lot of help with. If you're willing to refer people of this group, if you like being a group member, that's a big thing I could use help with. And the patron page, then, is the foundation of my business. Anything you can do, for example, of promoting get someone to sign up for a call our live stream or become a client, I would really appreciate help with that. So for showing how to do this as an alternative, you need someplace to communicate directly with your customers. So if you have an email list, you can put this out on your email list. I'm going to put this out of my email list. If you've got your customers on a retargeting audience, you could show them whatever offered is you're going to make for them. Ultimately, you are going to want your customers to know what to do for your business. You're going to want your customers to give you feedback as to what they can uniquely do for your business. You might not even realize what all your customers can do for you. So I realize I don't know what all my existing customers and group members conduce best for me. So my strategy is to just show you everything I've got, and then I'll leave it up to you to decide what you want to promote. So if you want to be a member of the group, you must be a member of the Facebook group. So this is my Facebook group here, and you have to sign up and be on patron at the $25 or Maura month reward level that allows me to screen everyone out because I'm grateful there's more than 50. There's 50 or 60 people watching right now online as I'm doing this live. But the problem is, how do I decide if I just offered this available for free? Who would I know to trust? Essentially, how would I know how old anyone is or who I could send payments to? It would be very difficult if I just made this freely available online. So I've got a simple way I require that you give to me first. I've got a very simple way to screen out and to cut out the majority of people from being able to participate that are only willing to take If you're not willing to give to me first , I'm not willing to give outside of giving you free help in tutorials, which is already the foundation of what I do. I encourage any business system. You should have a way to give massive value for free, and then when it comes to paying out money to have a good way to screen people out so that they cannot get your money without first having been a customer or contribute to you have possible That's the problem with spending a bunch of money on Google and Facebook ads that they can take a bunch of your money without giving anything back. Now, Facebook and Google provide massive value for free, which is why it's so easy for them to take more of it advertising. And I'm not saying they're wrong for taking money advertising. I'm saying that you might like an alternative that gives you a chance to give back to your customers instead of just paying Facebook and Google money. So I I have a website here. I have a website that I'm looking all these things on my website. I'm looking to promote my YouTube channel, my Facebook group and then the courses online. I've got books, I've gotta blawg, I have a business resource list and I have a podcast. So if you would like to help out, my websites got a good list of the things I care about and would like help with. So you can find a link directly to join the Facebook group. There you can go the short link I put up. So once you're a member of the Facebook group, then you want to be able to figure out what it is you can help me the most with and actually enjoy it. So I've got a Twitter account. I don't do much with I my podcast. All my new videos automatically come up on Twitter. One thing I would appreciate is simple Retweeting off my Twitter tweets. I think that's really easy to do. If you already have a Twitter account, that's something you can just hit a click of a button. Maybe once a day. Just go retweet something that you'd like, and I think that would be really valuable. So that's a simple way you could help out. I have a podcast here that I've got all these episodes on my podcast, so I would love it. If you enjoy listening to my podcast, I would love for you to share links to my podcast. I've got my podcast is on my website at jerry banfield dot com slash podcast. I think I have a link to that. Yes, so I've got jerry banfield dot com slash podcast. It's got all my episodes in it. It's got links to you, tube or to iTunes and Google play. So if you enjoy the podcast. I would love help with sharing my podcast. If you're on skill share, I would love help sharing my skill share classes. I make a lot of new classes that are available for free, so, like this one's available for free. So these are really good things to share these air things you could share up with the skill share link up there. These are things you can share that then don't require anyone else to pay anything. So if you share a link to my best online teaching business system, for example, you sharing a link to a free class that people can then use and enjoy. So you're sharing something that you preferably you enjoyed. And then you're sharing that with people. So my skill share makes a very easy place to share. And then I've got all kinds of these YouTube videos here, the YouTube videos. I'm already getting good sharing on YouTube, so I'm already getting thousands of shares for free on YouTube. What I'm interested in is if you would like to get paid a little bit to intentionally share some more of my videos, you might watch my videos, but you just might be lazy, like the average person. I'm lazy. I listen to Tim Ferris's podcast all day, and I don't go around sharing links to it. I watch all kinds of videos. I don't go around sharing links and letting anyone know that I watched them. So that's where the money comes in. I pay you a little bit. You take a little extra time to say I watched this video. I like this video from Jerry. I'm gonna share that on Twitter or on Facebook or wherever you want to put it. I also have a Facebook page over here at I don't know if I have a link to that out here. Yes, I do. I have a link over here. I'm live on my Facebook page right now, so these live streams are very easy to share. You could share these live streams with people. You could share that comments on them. You could share the videos. So most anything on Facebook is a pretty easy opportunity to share a swell. So I've got ah, lot of things online that are set up that you could share and that you could help me out. So the question is Can you think of a way, or will you think of a way to apply what you can do and what you know how to doing what you love to dio So what I need help with If you're willing to do that, then I'm willing to pay you for if you will take a leap of faith enjoying my group. So this is for if you want to build a business online if you want to earn more money online . If you want to have a life like I do, where I'm able to work and do whatever I want online each day, then you're going to need a lot of help with that. In my experience, it's something that's very achievable in yet. You're not likely to just do it by yourself, plotting and scheming and having ideas. You need help. You need feedback. You need a lot of help to be able to do what I do. I'm here with you because I've provided a lot of people a lot of help, and I've gotten a lot of help also, So I hope this group is useful for that, and rather you join or not. It doesn't matter to me because I'm just telling you what I'm already going to give the people who are already in the group. I only want you to join if it's something that you think would be useful for you. So I realize there's there's a potential that it might not be any use for you, and that's okay. The way I have everything set up online, I can't quite target exactly who to share everything with. So I just share out there is wide as possible and trust the basic process with it. So I think this is an awesome alternative to Google or Facebook ads, or it could be a great compliment to existing ads. You could just cut some of your ads back and put a little bit of spend back into your customers. And I think if you just honestly communicate with their customers, you have a great chance, like I think I do here to communicate. So I will try and answer some questions now based on this and fill these in okay, 4. How to pay people and why make available only to paying customers: I appreciate the questions you've asked so far on the live stream, and I will repeat thes for the skill share course. And for everyone who hasn't seen them on the live streaming, I'll try and answer them now. So for providing a reward like this, what is the way to pay people and what's the value and paying people? I think it's nice, even if your customers have already paid you directly to pay them back directly. Everyone loves the feeling of getting given some more money. So even if you've already paid me $25 a month to join the Facebook group, everyone loves a feeling of getting some money paid back. I think it's a better feeling to spend back and forth than it is to just offer something that's barter. The problem with offering something that's barter or that doesn't pay anything is it just doesn't tend to attract enough attention of the right attention. So if I said I'd give you if you promote my Facebook group and try and get referrals and I give you free access to it upfront in exchange for you promoting the group, then that doesn't work as well as telling you. Look, you've gotta pay, enjoying to do something for me first, and then I'm setting up a huge system to give back to you. But you've got to trust May and I will trust you once you've trusted me, and I put out everything for free to make that trustworthy. So there's a comment on there's a common on Facebook that says you are bankrupt, mate. Accept it. You are already in 300,000 debt already, so stop trying to scam people. This This is the kind of outlook that I'm looking to screen out of my Facebook group. And this is the kind of outlook. If you've gotten out look like this, then how are you able to even get through the day like that? I know when I used to have that kind of outlook in life, my life was filled with pain and suffering all the time, and what I tried to do was tear other people down all the time. Let me tear someone else down. I want you to have a wonderful life of joy and excitement. I want you to have everything in life that you deserve. There's nothing I have that I would deny you I have enough money today. I also have debt, but I've got lots of cash and I have lots of debt. I have great cash flow coming in, and I think if you and I work together next year, I will have an even better year than I had last year and last year in 2016 I made more money than the whole rest of my life combined in one year. And that's because I've focused on giving more value, giving you mawr help doing more. That's useful for you. I'm going to do a whole presentation on this. If you has set up a way to give your advertising budget back, you need to have a way to screen out people that you don't want to pay it, too. If you've got a bunch of free users on your website, you want to be able to just pay your ad budget back to your paid users. You want to be able to give back to the people who are doing the most for you, so I want to give back to the people who are doing the most for me and I will keep trying to help you. I will keep making free video tutorials for free. I will do my best to help you for free when it comes to spending money, though, given all that I do for free, I expect you to give me some money first if I'm going to spend money back with you, and my goal is to be able to give you more money than you give me. And that's how we all make more money. That's how we all work together. Small businesses are the foundation off making money and growth on the planet. Things like bigger businesses and governments don't tend to produce much growth relative to what small businesses do. So if we all build and grow businesses, it's good for all of us. So if you're going to offer an alternative, you need a way to screen out all the people that will just try and take your money without giving anything back. See if someone's so concerned about scamming are getting scammed. They won't make an initial investment most of the time, or if they do, they'll withdraw very quickly. So one thing. One thing I've got set up is. I guess we're gonna listen, Teoh and that? Yes. Someone said he should pay us first. Well, I can pay Google or Facebook already. Know what? I'm going to get back out of them. So you've gotta have a way if you're going to offer. This is an alternative to your customers. You gotta have a way to get a group of your best customers together and then offer them whatever you have to give back. I talked with a guy online today He has hundreds of thousands of customers that are paying customers and then probably millions of free customers. What his best opportunity is is to isolate his highest paying customers. The one to order is very best product. Get a group of the ones who are interested together and give back to them. So that's what I'm doing. I'm getting a group of the very most interested people together and what I've found in life if you Onley will do things for you. Everyone is spending money somewhere. Everyone is buying new clothes or food or going out to eat or alcohol or drugs or whatever it is. Everyone is spending money somewhere and the best chance for building more income and building more relationships usefully is to see where you're already spending money and see where you already have opportunities and grow the ones from there. So I'm trying to do better with the people who are already spending money with me, the thousands of customers this year who have already spent money with me try and find a way to give back to those customers. And it's not hard. Some of the same people who have paid you money well then cussed you out in an email right after that. So that's why I think something like Patron is really good. It provides a place to get together your most enthusiastic customers. So I'm grateful to have the chance to share this with you today, and I'll try and answer some more questions here. 5. Using my online advertising budget this way allows me to build deeper relationships: I see a great question in How are we helped? If we pay like $25 get $15 back, you might have this question with your customers to you might think. OK, so my customer paid $40. If I offer them to pay 20 why not just give them a discount instead? Or what good am I doing? If my customer pays 40 and I pay them $20 back, the point is to facilitate the transfer of money back and forth between us. You want to get the mo mentum going? The biggest difference is no money given back and forth versus a little bit. You give $25 you actually, if you sign up December, you have to give $25 twice before January. However, preference will be given to people who have been in the group members longer. So the earlier you join, the more likely it is. I will accept your offer. You give me money and I give you money and this facilitates the transfer. So what? I've noticed I have a friend. He paid me $20 a week to be in my mastermind group for at least a year, if not two years. And then when things went really well for my business last year in the U, Timmy was growing out of control. I've found a way to pay him $3000 a month to help me out with my business. So in just two months, I paid him more than he had paid me combined. What you want to do is have your money moving. If you want to keep more money, you want to have your money moving in and out. And the best way to get money coming in is to spend money in directions that get money coming back. So my hope is that you paid $25 a month to be a group member. You invest in learning and building in the group, and then the longer you remember them or and Mawr, I will be able to give back in my advertising budget. So that way you might start out. The minimum I'm giving back is $20 a month. Also, I'm not accepting offers less than $20 a month, so you pay $25 a month. You might then get depending on how many other people are in the group right now, you're in good shape if ah bunch. If, like 10 or 20 more people join, though, it'll be more difficult. So in the beginning, you might only get $20 back. So what, you lose $5 At the same time, the group is a valuable place to do learning and networking for a $5 value. If you want to grow your business, you're gonna find it difficulty to do better than that. So you've got a lot out of it that way, and then I may be able to pay you $50 a month as my whole business continues to grow and Patron is looking like one of the best opportunities I've ever seen to build a business online. I've never seen a way to build recurring income so fast. Most of the times I do this, the income per month is higher and higher and higher, so you might start off paying $25 a month. My hope is to pay back over 100,000 to group members by the end of the year. So how's that likely toe work? Most of the members who join early and who are there from the beginning and who invest the most when they take a leap of faith. Those members will probably make a lot of money in the positive. And then what will happen whenever the patron hits like $100,000 a month? There'll be all kinds of new people joining that want to get in. And most of the ad budget will already be spent to the older members. So what I've found you have to take leaps of faith in life. You have to believe first, and then you get the results of your belief. It's the same thing with believing in God. If you want to believe if you want proof of God, you believe in God burst and then you see repeated proof all over the place. But if you stand there, well, I'm not gonna believe in God until God drops this burning bush right in front of me or whatever it is. If you don't believe you won't see the proof either you believe first. So if you believe in me, I believe in you reward each other back and forth. I think you join and become a member of this early on, there'll be exceptional opportunities for you that then, when the Patriot on pages went around the world and all kinds of other people are joining in, then they will have missed most. All of the opportunities and all the opportunities they get will cost a lot more. You will of winning and grabbed the opportunities right away when you were wore the people who are closest to you and build up and grow together. We can all accomplish things that wouldn't be possible by ourselves. And this is why I think this is a great alternative to Google and Facebook ads. When you pay Google more and more money, you often actually get a lower result, so you essentially will have to compete against yourself. For example, the more I would raise the price of my re marketing ad budget. The higher my clicks would be because I have a fixed audience there. So if I raise my budget more and more, I have to pay more and more to reach the people, whereas it works the other way. If I pay you, the more and more I pay you, the more loyalty, the deeper relationship I'm getting them more and more. You're work for me will have a higher impact. So that's why I'm excited about this. So I'm not telling you. You have to do anything. I'm showing you an opportunity. Life is filled with opportunities, and when you're ready to have the kind of life you want to have, you'll jump in opportunities. And even if they don't work, you'll be grateful for the learning experience. Even if you join the group for several months, you can't come up with anything. You'll at least be grateful for learning and connection and or you might not be. You might just be sour. I tried working online in 2000 and four. In 2005. I signed up for a survey website That was a total scam. I started working for an MLM company. That was a total scam also, and you know what I did? I gave up even trying again for seven years. For seven years, I gave up even trying. What if the third thing I would have signed up for in 2005 wasn't a scam? What if the fourth or fifth or sixth thing I was so worried about getting scammed for most of my life that I didn't find any good opportunities. I've lost a lot of money on what you might call scams. I've paid people to do work for me that haven't hardly done anything. I've spent thousands of dollars on ads that have giving me nothing in return. I've failed at working online a ton of times. That's the biggest difference between me and most of the people trying to work online. I've messed it up almost every way. You can mess it up, and that's why you're here with me. Today is because I've been willing to keep trying even after I mess it up. I've been willing to go back and try doing it a different way. And when things don't work, I've been willing to listen to feedback. People say, Well, maybe if you did it this way, it worked better. So that's the power today off building relationships with people. What you want is valuable is the relationship. If you're willing to trust me enough and I'm willing to trust you enough to give money back and forth, that's the foundation of a powerful relationship and I realized if I think this patron page I have as a potential go to 100,000 plus dollars per month, which will get it a whole lot of attention worldwide, which will likely bring in even more money. And I think that everyone who's built a strong relationship with mean starting now or who's already started before, has a chance to benefit gratefully. So if that's you today, it's up to you. I have friends who have been playing video games with me online for eight years. They've made tens of thousands of dollars for doing simple things from me online. There's friends now that are have an entire job working online because of working with me because of a relationship with me. I've helped a bunch of other people to build full time businesses working online. If you'd like to stop making AH, $100 or a couple $100 a week, if you'd like to stop having to go to work 40 hours a week and not being appreciated, then build a relationship with me. I think that's worth $25 a month. If you don't, that's fine. There's plenty of other people who do, and there's going to be MAWR and more and more people that do. There's not room for everyone. Essentially, I can only be of service in my Facebook group, where I can read everyone's comments. The bigger it gets, the more you'll interact with other people. The chance to build a good relationship with me is here today. It's it's, Ah, great opportunity, I think. And yet I realize it's not for everyone. So I hope seeing this, seeing how I go about doing this, seeing the leap of faith, I take presenting this out to all my customers all at once with all kinds of different responses. I hope that's helpful for you. 6. See how effective this is to get a new member of my Facebook group during the live stream: So one of the coolest things that's happened during this live stream is one person just went through and joined the Facebook group during the live stream, which is amazing. I've been live for about a little less than an hour, and I'm very grateful that Eduardo just went through and join the Facebook group member using the patron link at the unlocked $25 reward level. So I'm grateful that this communicating in a live stream just honestly, presenting what I'm trying to do to the people following me and using this patri on page to make the conversions the very effective system for then qualifying and giving me a chance to build an inner circle that then I offer that inner circle all that I have to offer. I offer the inner circle, my best customers, most enthusiastic fans. I offer them the money I want to spend on advertising, so I'm grateful that this does work for for me and it works for you. I'm I'm grateful for the chance to be here with you today. I hope this is useful for you and seeing what's possible in your online community and activities today 7. How do I feel months later?: It is several months later now, since I've started this strategy and how do I feel about the results? I feel outstanding about the results today because I've been able to have the single largest part of my advertising budget this year go out to my customers and clients. I feel very good about that because instead of primarily spending money with Google and Facebook, I've spent thousands of dollars with my customers this year, and regardless of the returns I get, I've been able to help my clients and customers be able to have money to do the things they want in their life. I've given back to the people have given to me. The cool thing about advertising online with customers is the flexibility. I've continued to switch the exact terms each month. The first month, the system I gave in here. I showed it just having people offer to do things. I expanded that the second month and then the third month, I gave more of a specific directive. I asked people to go and take my skill share classes and paid them when they successfully completed the class by posting a project and a discussion question in the class that has helped me to get more interaction and to get a strong foundation on my skill share classes . However, once all the classes have been done, there's not much point continuing that. So I switched it over, then to another system Now where I'm promoting videos together where I'm spending money on YouTube ads for videos that I've created in collaboration in partnership with my customers that then send people to buy the course directly to their website. I think, and then the money from YouTube ads is promoting something that the client then is created . And then that money from the YouTube badge, actually more than half of it is going back to other YouTube creators. I'm grateful today to have tried so many of these different approaches, and some of them were what you might call a failure. I paid customers to do things, and I can't prove I got anything back out of it. But that's OK because I've had the same result with Facebook and Google AdWords. I pay them to do things that I can't prove. I've got anything back out of it either. Instead of putting more money in the pocket of the richest companies in the world. I've given money back to other people, which I feel really good about. So I'm going to continue doing this and continue trying to innovate and find the best way to do it going forward, so to speak. And I hope this has been a useful class for you to see a new way to do things maybe than what you've already been doing.