One stroke painting of Realistic Daisy | Fathima Aafreen | Skillshare
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6 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials Required

    • 3. Basic strokes

    • 4. Final project /realistic Daisies

    • 5. Surprise bonus lesson

    • 6. Conclusion

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About This Class


Hi!! I am glad to be a part of skill share. In this class I talked about the nature of acrylic paint, how to handle your brush while using onestroke technique. I have shared how to do some of the basic strokes like Wiggle stroke, Shell stroke, daisy stroke , slider stroke and few leaf strokes. I have shared some of the experience in my life. You can definetly find this helpful as it is useful for all level. I shared a lot of tips and tricks. If you watch this lesson completely , over all you will get the idea of one stroke technique. There is a lot more realistic easy florals to come in future. Specifically in this lesson I shared about different daisies with a surprise bonus lesson.

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Fathima Aafreen

One stroke and landscape painting artist


Hello, I'm Fathima Aafreen . A happy mother and a self taught upcoming artist. Though I now put in Malaysia, my family is rooted in India. The nature at its best inclined me a love for drawing. What started as hobby turned to passion from the late 2016 and I haven't turned back ever since. They say , inspiration can come from anywhere. Well, mine is from our dear mother earth which paved a way for me to be a nature/landscape artist. From early 2016's, I started with graphite. In  2017, I experimented with oil pastels. I have made few masterpieces which grasped the attention of many. From 2018, I started experimenting with acrylic soon I developed a flair for it. Recently I start to work with watercolor too. I have made 100's of landscapes  with oil pastels, graphite , watercol... See full profile

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1. Introduction : Hi, I'm fatty mouth train I myself that desk. I have done few exhibitions in Malaysia, both solo and group exhibitions. And always I have then few online and offline workshops. In this lesson, I'm going to share some tips and tricks to do this beautiful shorter work using one stroke technique. Basically eminence kept up this. But whenever I feel lack of inspiration, I used to do once should technique, this gives more satisfying and magical C. This lesson is suitable for oil level from basic to advanced level. I'm going to share the tips and tricks about how to hold your breath when doing one stroke painting. And how do you load your brush and how to do some basic warmup strokes and also the finer, beautiful composition. You don't need any pretty experienced to do this technique. All you need is practice, practice, practice and oil. So observe the techniques I share with you and try this at home. Do painting with patients. And if you have interest, you can definitely achieve what you really want to see. I'm going to share the tips about how to cover the base layer and how to add highlights and also how to add leaves. That to add leaves, how many leaves makes your Walk looks more beautifuler? And all the days I learned through extreme ending, try do, do painting along with me and end up decision. You will definitely go the idea of how to create a beautiful composition using some basic strokes against taught painting with any material, you have it in your hand. So don't wait for anything and start painting. Start creating beautiful, amazing works. 2. Materials Required : Let's see, what are the materials required to do this beautiful piece of artwork using one technique. 145 GSM black sheets are any colored ivory sheets. You have to fly brushes, one medium size or half inch clad Trish and another one a quarter inch are very small size flagged Trish, What did you to cleaner brash, paper towel to remove the excess water from brash. And the colors, I'm going to use our viridian green, yellow, ochre, Titanium, right? Medium and low burnt umber, and cadmium Zai Di Qu. You can use Amy Brand, but I prefer to use any artist quality acrylic colors because student quality may be less pigment. So while doing one search technique, you all walk will not pop up like using artist quality acrylics. For pilot, I'm using a plastic vegetable Patel. You can use anything at home. While loading paints on the palate. Leave some space between the colors to allied mixing of colors. 3. Basic strokes: Let's see how to load a brash and some of the basic strokes to do this painting. So Stefan, Lydia brash, one tip with light and analytics with cadmium JD poo on any of the color of your choice. Made sure to third, width, dark color, and 1 third with a light colour. Go back and forth. Loaded brush when until you get the smooth feel. You need to load your bridge properly. Otherwise you are strokes will get broken edges. The same B goes to a low end Green, loaded properly whatever the color you choose. Let's see the basic stroke. Holyoke, brash, little sloppy. Use your pinky as a support. Wiggle it as much as possible. Then you stop making a 100 straight and lift. This way you will get the teen h. And now let's do a daisy stroke, or you can call it as common stroke. Let me do one more time, changing the direction and do the same stroke. Though this exercise before you start doing this beautiful composition of our final project. Let's do the leaf stroke for that, the CMV. Hold your hand a little sloppy, give maximum pressure and go to the top and lean it. Now change the color inside out and from top to bottom, come down and connect. Let's do one more time. The same V handle your breath, usurping cases abort, give maximum pressure, and go to the top limit. This time I didn't change the color. And I start from top and end up to the bottom. Now, let's do the good stroked, leave that the same v. Hold your hand a little sloppy use have been cases a boat, wiggle it three times and limit. Now, talk to them. And I changed the color inside out. So do this exercise strokes before you start doing our final project. 4. Final project /realistic Daisies : Let's do the final project in this lesson using the strokes which we saw in our previous lesson. First, mark some dots using your smile flat dish that you want to fill. Our variable you want to add Flavel. Now let's cover the base layer for all the flavors. For that am going to use my medium-sized A-flat British load, one tip width. Dean green and analytics with a low occurs loaded, well, go back and forth until you get smooth feel. Once you load it will use a vehicle stroke and here, a low awkward on top green inside. Wiggle it around the dots. The archiving the base for oil, the roof level is first. The Cmd V go now covered all the base layer for all the aloof lovers. Turn your paper for your comfort minus. Now let's cover the base layer for the red flowers. For that, I'm going to use a locket and cadmium red De Pu, loaded well until you get smooth feed. Now, cadmium draped on top a long inside VG, let alone the darts. Do the same progress for both red flowers. Let's add details to the aloof levels. Lord wanted fitMedia mellow and 35th alien, or a low medium on top and a local insight. Imagine this like a clock. First, do 12 daisies strokes around the dice, and after that, filling the space between each paydays, do the same progress for all the four a loaf lovers. Let's add the dead to the red PH level phi that I'm gonna use midi mellow and cadmium red De Pu loaded to L. Now the red on top, a little bored them. Imagine this as o'clock, half clock like from nine to three, add buttons and then fill the space between those predators. Do the same progress for the second race level, read Daisy. Two, add details to the sender bullshit. Use smile science to fly. British Lord wanted fit, burnt amber and elected with a local dab it on your ballot and lake down open curve debit. And again they can up open curve, do the same baton to oil the flavors, all V6 flowers. Here, you decide the direction of the flow level and do the strokes that way. Hi, let's load a low medium on the side of a law could and dabbing legacy to all the flowers. Now I gave and titanium white on the side of medium, a low-end Babylonia palette, and again, dabbing legacy to give realistic c to all the flavors. Let's add highlighted but dense, too oily flavors for dead load, 12V, titanium, light and innovative with medium in low with the same medium-sized flagged Risch from the half of the flanger and Daisy stroke. And the next stroke should be little shorter than the previous one that we fill this space. The same b add highlighted by dense to oil, the elif lovers. And the same pattern we gonna add for the leaf level. For the next level, we gonna use titanium white and cadmium depot. Now white on top. While at the same they start from the half of the flavor and make your Baden little shot done than the previous one. Do the same progress to the second reef level also. The completed adding details to the flowers. Let's add some leaves at level five that I'm gonna use viridian green and medium, a low loaded brush properly until it gets moved. Now, medium, a new on top viridian green boredom. Give maximum pressure leaning towards the top and top to bottom. You change the color inside out and made sure tried to add or number of leaves and the flowers first. Once you complete adding on number of leaves that on the flowers, they fill the space between the Flavel is with fuel more leaves. I added three leaves around each lever to fill the largest base. I'm going to add five leaves. To give the shadow field do the leaves, you can add two machine Blue and a low conquered instead of the Indian Green and medium in lieu. Further daisy, you can choose any two colors. Fifth, titanium white. And you can create your warm color combination. Basie. Just play with the color until you get satisfied. You can change the direction of the paper for your completeness. If you keep practicing, you will get to learn new techniques from your mistakes. You can also add single stroke. The leaves are legal stroke beliefs, whatever you wish to add. The highly did feel to the leaves. Titanium white on the side of medium. To make it. Can you spot the difference between the highlighted leaves on the leaves in the background? Lines you complete adding the highlighted leaves, connect oil. Some flowers using stem. Tried to add some leaf lists tend to make your work looks more beautiful. The most complete, the final project. I hope you got some idea about creating such a kind of work. 5. Surprise bonus lesson : Hi, in this bonus lesson, we're gonna see some of simple, basic strokes and some folded field, the betas. This is a kind of daisy for Sephora Lord. You are roundish with titanium white with a little mix of any being she'd give maximum pressure and minimize the pressure in the middle, again, give maximum pressure. And the in-depth towards the center of this level. The same. They do all the adults strokes to create a beautiful daisy with different style better. This technique is that kind of meditation, which gives a peaceful, satisfying magical field while doing this. Once we complete doing the base covering of oil, the betas, let's add some details to each beta file that load one to fit any dark shade and analytic with titanium white, loaded well until the fee, that kind of smoothness in your brash. Now white on top rated the bottom lake a curve. Do the stroke. One more time. Let me show you the same V. Now. Let's do a kind of folded field stroke by doing this seam curved stroke. Whiteness on top and red is at the bottom. So let's fill the center portion. Let the head both the brush handle, adapt, descend deposition rate. Cadmium are blue light. That will give a kind of mixed feeling. Now light buffet kalos, Shonda, brush handle and lauded width. Good enough. And dab it on the center of the flower, like the way I am doing. Now, we almost completed the bonus lesson. I hope this helped you at least submit soul, keep doing, keep practicing at home. Happy painting. 6. Conclusion : Hi, so we'll withdraw from all the previous lesson. We have learned a lot of things were done. They may DD is required to do this amazing piece of art and how to load your grayish without any cracks. And some tips and tricks to create some basic strokes and how to do some of the leaves troops have had to do some of the Flavell strokes. All the thing we have learned in this lesson and in filing Final Project, we have created this amazing piece of art. So don't sit back. Once you've watched this tutorial, tried to do this at home. Fifth, different colored culmination with different composition of flowers. Tried to do that. And poor students can share class, class project. So I'll give aiding, I'd be happy to see that. And thank you so much.