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One-Stop Microsoft PowerPoint Tutorial: Creating Outstanding Slides

teacher avatar Yuan Liu, Founder / MOS Master / PowerPoint Design

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

41 Lessons (1h 37m)
    • 1. 1.1 Welcome

    • 2. 1.2 PowerPoint versions

    • 3. 1.3 User Interface

    • 4. 1.4 Customize Quick Access Toolbar

    • 5. 1.5 PowerPoint Setting Tips

    • 6. 1.6 Save PowerPoint

    • 7. 2.1 Recommended Fonts to Use

    • 8. 2.2 Install Custom Fonts

    • 9. 2.3 Embed Fonts in PowerPoint

    • 10. 2.4 Find Font

    • 11. 2.5 Customize Theme Font

    • 12. 2.6 Customize Theme Element

    • 13. 2.7 Customize Theme Color

    • 14. 2.8 Insert and Format Text

    • 15. 3.1 Using Shapes Building Impressive Slides

    • 16. 3.2 Change PowerPoint Slide Size

    • 17. 3.3 Using Guides to Align Content

    • 18. 3.4 Using Shapes Building Cover Slide

    • 19. 3.5 Merge Shapes

    • 20. 3.6 Edit Shape Points

    • 21. 3.7 Work With PowerPoint Layers

    • 22. 3.8 Using Gradient to Format Shape

    • 23. 3.9 Enhancing Slides With Icons

    • 24. 4.1 A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

    • 25. 4.2 Find High-Quality Images

    • 26. 4.3 Crop Images

    • 27. 4.4 Merge Images and Shapes

    • 28. 4.5 Layer Images and Shapes

    • 29. 4.6 Format Images

    • 30. 5.1 Insert and Format Video

    • 31. 5.2 Insert and Format Audio

    • 32. 6.1 PowerPoint Animation

    • 33. 6.2 Animation Type

    • 34. 6.3 Animation Pane

    • 35. 6.4 Multi-Animation Effects

    • 36. 6.5 3D Animation Effects

    • 37. 6.6 PowerPoint Transitions

    • 38. 7.1 Four Basic Design Principles

    • 39. 7.2 Layout Design (Top-Bottom n Left-Right)

    • 40. 7.3 Layout Design (Center n Full Screen)

    • 41. 8 End

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About This Class

In this course, I'll not only show you the basics of PowerPoint, but also get to the very point to show you the most commonly used techniques about PowerPoint, letting you master the techniques you need to create your outstanding slides. Along with my experience, I've helped many people desgin their slides across industries, I hope my class could fit you well.


With help of this class you will:

  • Get to know PowerPoint User Interface
  • Insert and format Text, Shape, Image, Audio & Video
  • Design logo using PowerPoint
  • Create an animated business presentation
  • Get to know basic design principles
  • Master four classic design layout

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Yuan Liu

Founder / MOS Master / PowerPoint Design


Hello, I'm Yuan. I'm a PowerPoint desginer, letting people better present their content through visual elements. I hope my class could give you insights and capabilities on how to build your outstanding PowerPoint.

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1. 1.1 Welcome: Hello, I'm you. Microsoft Points is the most popular application for print editions in this one stop corporate course. Not only show you the basics of purports, but also show you the most useful techniques to help you quickly and professionally. Use your outstanding slides. Get started with sparkling user interface off that Will you insert and managed shapes, images, audio and videos. Last will descend sales at an emissions traditions. Complete our slides. I'll be in the purport fields. Will quite a long time. A studies my workshop having students, super teachers and companies designed slides. Welcome to one Stolper points. Let's get started. 2. 1.2 PowerPoint versions: regarding PowerPoint origins. I recommend you use poor points to Southern 13 2016 and 2019. Here on Most recommends, you use office 3 65 as he's got brand new features on the regular updates, but in the worries, If you get anyone with this worsens installed, it's okay to start learning journey. Next, we're going to start our propane application. 3. 1.3 User Interface: the poor point user interface includes four sections from top to bottom. They are total bar ribbon. It's a lot of pain and status bar. The title bar contains quick except uber. I was serum or in the next course, the ribbon contains out of commence for the wrapping AARP indentation. They are thieves in the grooves, and they're each temp to kept great those commands. The slapping contains a navigation pane on the left where we can air, slice, navigates, reorder and deletes. Underwrites is a river ads in the form and content. We can change the magnification accountants in the window that using the June tools in the status bar to let a slight fit the window. Kallick fits right person. There's a note Barton, where we can put our nose in it for special for a reference. Okay, this is the overview or poor points user interface, and that's how you introduce you more about quick. I said to bar 4. 1.4 Customize Quick Access Toolbar: they're quick, I said. Tobar can be customized to add commonly used commands to is making our workflow more efficient. The defaults quick acid are important. Displayed the shape and do Redux and start from picking importance. I recommend this playing. It's below the river as it is closed for work space. We can head us. The fourth commands, if it turns often use in the following chapters will learn inserts and former tasked shape and images. So let's put those in circumvents into quick izettle bar. Read. Click those commands at you quick, I said tomorrow, when these unimportant wants alignment is a worry. Important principle, for example, to manually at Lend those pictures is a very inconvenience. Tokic leland them. Select the mall. Go to form ITR. This tab is only available if any object is selected to make comments related to the objects in the former tap shoes. Alenka Men's Kallick LME. Go away horizontally. Done. Okay, that's Adisa. Lincoln mints through a quick Eyes October. We can also at those commencing that's into Cook has a toolbar. Okay, toe Adam arguments or to adjust their older just click on the little drop in a row and choose more commence. We can get remove. And there were older. Those commence to resents Creek. Isa Tober. Kallick reset only quick as it were. Okay, then in the next course introduced some setting tapes in poor points. 5. 1.5 PowerPoint Setting Tips: Sometimes we need to change. Deport purpose options toe fit The way we work. Here's some changes and recommends you to follow. Go to fell Khaliq Options Toe open Thurlow balls on General Page Fence office Seem here you could change your poor points Epsom color for me that she was black. Not only I think it is cool, but also I want to make my workspace more focused for my rulers. You may choose other colors it we're liking on soup age. There's a photo recover sitting. If the power goes out or sometimes you accidentally close per points without saving, you can get your last The auto show with fail through author recover, Fail location, said his auto sue. Every feminists is okay, but not make it too small as it, um, it makes your computer were slow. On the last page, I said maximum number of Endo's, the largest of 150 that the phone number is 20. Sometimes, when you make changes to our slice will make some mistakes. You want to rework back to its original look. If the 20 then means you can only rewards 20 times, 150 is big enough for us a route work back Another saving on this page is image, size and the quality for the resolution. I said. It's high fidelity. It allows you to reinsert picture into a poem. Points are high resolution displays with minimal compression uncustomary been recalled and Terkel's tapes that we don't use at the moments. In a nice course, I'll introduce save purple ins. 6. 1.6 Save PowerPoint: we can see where we're conditions as different formats. The keyboard show cars for Suez is control shift s or go to fell Khaliq sewers. Choose the further for saving Messed. Choose the fare for minutes, which he wants with exports from top the list the film is it would often use or pdf poor potential, which is a presentation fell that runs only as a celestial and P four W m v Redo fell Jay Peak, A PNG picture fell ends purple in picture presentation. This form, it's saves each slice as one picture the slats components cannot be at it It Okay, now we have pretty much knowledge about poor point user interface. In this chapter, I'm going to introduce in search and the managed test. 7. 2.1 Recommended Fonts to Use: There are three piece you friend tips, Sarah Sensor off and script. A centre offense. It's one that high serves the Tenney extra strokes and the end of this letter when popular SERE offense is times new Roman on the country. A sensor offense does not have the syrups. It's radically s moose that have very popular in modern design research. So stats Sarah offense are harder to read when the space are swing here. I strongly recommend you to use sensing defense on slides so that we work and quickly read it points. And it returned their attention to you. The worry popular since their offense, our aerial calibri century call seek que, says Helvetica. Lucy descends the Homa Underwood. I know. If you insist the SERE offense, I suggest you can only be used entitle to make a contrast that we supported Test another friend Tab is secretes a script. Vince is one that resembles handwriting. That's the preference is quite hard to read, and so not to be used on slight body test since that we were spend too much time transferred, read of the worst, I suggest toe only uses in your car slides to make your slight, more stylish and attract to you, or where slice will be with some special purposes. Besides starts that creating offense of your slides, be sure to speak toe once thunder fence to look professional. No modern street, different Finn times throughout your presentation instead of a using standard fence installed in system, which had recommended. Sometimes using customer funds is a quick way to make your presentation Sandals on look super cool. Here is the one place I recommend you to find free custom offense online. Whether it's Google friends, open the websites in your browser, you could screw to selected offense that measures your knees. You know this course out introduced insulting custom offense. 8. 2.2 Install Custom Fonts: they are different fund categories on Google. Friends here at use Send Sarah Fence, for example. Screw to True's defence. You like hell bows open sense, condensed Donald. This insure this hope open. It's copy and dread. Friend fails into offense window between starlets. Then we can re open our slides on the true's defence with just installed in the next course about introduced how between bad fence in poor points. 9. 2.3 Embed Fonts in PowerPoint: what risk between store and the utilize our custom offense. It's that those friends will only display on computers still have them installed. If you're sincere, slice eternally, toe others. Your slice made its very differently on their computers. You look a mess if those people don't have this fancy installs. One way to solve this is to impair their offense. In your purple fell, Khaliq fell select options in the journal Box Select Shoe and the bottom colic in bed fence in the fell shoes. Other invested. Only the characters used in the presentation or in bed Oh characters. The first option at the other people with the presentation but not additives. The second option allows viewing and editing, but it will increase the first size. The choice depends on your needs, but other workarounds. If you're doing luxury in bed, their offense in purpose as the inquiry to fail size and they are custom offense. Onley display as a decorative fence in a small part in slides. For example, if the only displacing our car slides in such case selector Test Cottage's in Red Creek Attention paces as picture Now you wouldn't worry. It'll display differently. Other computers as they start the one picture. The certain Messers is what I often use, which our introducing future course. More shifts in details. Insert a rectangle that the Congress your test send it back to let a test on top. First to like are test hoes and press ships from artists like Direct Tango Go to foment more ships. Khaliq Intersect Done. This time, the test is changed into a shape. Still, we don't need to worry. It'll displayed differently. Are other computers okay in the next course out introduced how to offend Fence any human image. 10. 2.4 Find Font: Sometimes the riff infants posted images on Web set, which we want to utilize to AARP indentation. If it's an image but not able to enter, differ defense. Here is the one website recommends, which we can successfully friend fence images. What's different is still come first. Have defense image prepares. RPC cut off its extra contents. If he has upload image, follow its instructions. Check every image and the impose characters accordingly. It can help us also feel the characters. If you're looking the Web set, double check. If they're OK, then continue. Here we go eat at this place at least offense that I'm matching defense we just uploaded. Some of those fence are only for personal use. It's a cruel to offend, Offend would like. We can download and install it in your system. Okay, if the fence is posted on websites, for example, if we want to check the fence that are being used in what Fuentes Socom Lepage Radically the page. Choose in spirit. Collect the left top selection echoing on the tool selected test on the red panel. Choose complete. It's from the least on atoms Fence friend, Family. Yes, it's the using offence called Aggressor. Okay, this is pretty much it was Finn fence in the next course out. Introduce Hajto sets infants. 11. 2.5 Customize Theme Font: that the four friends in preference is calibri for changes For another offence, we need to customize Symphony, go to design. In this step, we can set our scene elements which are introducing in this course in the very group Click More. Aargh. How would the most offense There are many office pre defense infants. Khaliq customer fence in the leading test section transpose heading on ball defense to Ariel. The name is try Leckey Su Now when we input a new test defense, it changed to Ariel. Where are slights? Contain multiple friends instead of changing fence slides by slides Pere warp a paragraph. Go through whom police replace The first replace is to replace testes Lives Richard. Seconds. Replace fence in the first drop down list. It contains our defense air slice. Replace them toe Ariel. Okay. In the next course out introduced same elements 12. 2.6 Customize Theme Element: in the last course that introduced seem friends. When we come to the subject, seem elements. What has seen that seem is a settled design elements that applied to one or more sliced implementation. They are pretty defense. Seems important ones for so utilize, it seemed, includes four paese components. They are colors, fence effects and pick one sales. They introduced Fence in the last course. Same effect. It affects the process, Sips tells week offensive stills on the former tap Kallick more button on ships. This group, those sips tales will change if we switch to another. If Estil okay for background styles, we can enter from it. It's true. Deason Tap or right click Any plans based off our slides choose for my playgrounds. We can certainly feel picture a few and great and fuel. It's very similar with the way before my ship now introduce more in future chapter insert on the foam issue. Same colors are very important scene elements in purple in design. Poor points of color is key. To make our presentation, look consistence and professional. Don't use too many colors. Your poor points. The misuse of colors can be very awful and unprofessional to customize our same color. Really. Colors customers. Colors. The six accents colors are the ones that are most useful. Your purple in color setting. These are the main colors you use in your presentation. Te PR Children seem colors here. Rename its for liking. Okay, in the nets course, our introduce hotel peaks in colors. 13. 2.7 Customize Theme Color: collar. Siri is a sense in the art, which encompasses multitudes or categories, definitions on the concepts. If we want you going, there's to study color. Siri. Here is one website W three schools dot com, and that there's a color to Tora position for per point. Beginners here at provide you a practical and simple gators are how to set our seem colors before descending. Our presentation sets a base color, then our poll pigmentation so that the line was this space color. This base color can be strictest from the topical with presents. For example, if is about a company, then we can pick the space color from marketing materials such as its website logos. Temperatures, police notes. Colors can be specified in different ways for poor points. If accepts RTP value and is excellent value. After we set our piss color nest, we need to choose our car schemes. For example, if I choose monochromatic color scheme means we use only one color, but about adding where sees to this color to make a contrast. Tore contents to generate says your color scheme. Here is another websites and recommends color. Those adobe will come. It can bypass shoes are kind of skins. First Peppino piece color reset colors can be specified by hikes, value or RTV value. Switch between those rules here. Attack. Monochromatic rule. Oh, no generator color scheme, which are to be values. Police notes. There's another tab. Extract for image. If a fence any picture which is color schemes appears ours, we can upload it into restructure my image. Then it's a recommends a color scheme over the image force. We can sequence office into a slide. Use edge over toe. Help us identify those asset values. Police A chopper in the friend color Howard and the post on color check is a teepee value. Take those at it develops down into a note. Apply them to our seem color your color palette. The red six colors are the customise colors. Okay, you know that's course we can start through format. Her test 14. 2.8 Insert and Format Text: we can form a test in home tab fence and paraquat groups trying toes commenced one day one to see how they form a test. Serie sings I want to highlight on test for Mitt, they are line spacing, Tess gentle and tests credence. The lens basing should be says summer picturing 120 to 160% off their size. Tokyo Each worth room to breathe. Selector. Test Cullicott, Lance Bass and commence Len Spacing options. Choose multiple front line spacing. Drop down list. Ted Value. One point you go back on How I look. No scoot When keep here is awards It was impure black test with wet backgrounds or pure white test with black backgrounds. They can cause discomfort for the I. When you reserve reader test leading through I string due to too high. Over contrast, I recommend to set test, agree color to let a look better If he invites backgrounds. Gory color can t wants a comfort feeling, but adding shadows to test can create a realistic three d fells. Also, when the contrast between the test and the background is small, shadows can make it has more readable for this light. It's not that easy to read the words, but by adding some say does is more readable to unsettles. To test seductive test breath leak, Choose former test effect and their test options. Choose test effects in the shadow option process. Choose a bottom right shadow. See now the test. I'm more readable. We can change those perimeters like sets. Transparency. 80% make blurred. Zero distance for PCI. No scoots right? Messed test greedy INTs for grating effects out. Introduce more in details. In this chapter, inserts and the pharmacy select the test read. Click. Choose former test effects in the test options this time Select test view and other flying in the test. Few option. Choose great and feel in the direction Options. Choose linear in the greeting stops. We can recover the stops toe. Create her Great. In effect, your post ends left agree, give the second stop. A what color? The search cookery. We can move stores manually or in protecting death number in the petition option. Toe places at a fixed position in the test flight option. Choose Sorry Lie Tokyo. The test A lights. Great outline. Okay, this is pretty much was test form. It's in the next chapter introduced Insert and former ships 15. 3.1 Using Shapes Building Impressive Slides: we can't use first trips to pull some impressive slides. We're learning how to add images and animations in future chapters to control the flow off information to increase viewers interest. But before we lento chapters, we can still create beautiful looking slides off the Learned The Scepter of Shapes. Its allies can be categorized into five types. They are car slides, contents, light transition slight but its light against any slight. We'll learn how to use ships. Toe created those slides except body slides. The court information is the Our body slides are Lupo. This light design took Tepper layout. Is I okay? In the next course, our introduced use interest shapes to create a car slides. 16. 3.2 Change PowerPoint Slide Size: before we start is any are slides but part from the same elements to prepare ahead, which I introduced in the last chapter inserts in the former test. Normally, I would sing about having a match between the size of my slides and the size of the screen , which would be using to deliver the presentation that the force setting for the Ladies worsens or poor points is seeking to an Irish you for on screen presentations. But some oats protectors used the standards for 23 sides. So remember before this any are slides. Make a search off a match between the slice size and screen size. If you got the wrong and have her later come were tell presentations for different size, it can be very troublesome. To change is that I size go to design. Choose Enter 16 tonight or for this race ripping size. It's life size. We can also customize slice lies, but other choosing from the start side stop list or in putting wise and height values. If it's screen sizes, different select orientation is poetry's or landscape. Okay, in the next course appoints house. Another tip. Using guys toe happen lying are constants. Before we started, send your car slides 17. 3.3 Using Guides to Align Content: Parkland. Beginners tends to protest images or any other objects on the page. When there were there have been three space. Miss Chris is a slitting Macy in the professional feeling purported constants. So be other alliance. We seen slides, which were introduced in Chapter one User interface. Customized precursors to par, using a length men's to Allay Objects or Toby Alliance across Lights. The purpose of alignments is to unify and the organized a page. Brewers can quickly identify the constants off the structure by their placements to achieve the Lyman's across lies go to you Check guys, it appears, are worth Coke guides and the horizontal guides. How are the most on this? The most points air turns into a moral eckholm rights critique toe at Bosworth Co. On the horizontal Guys The Keeper. So cards for I Think Guys is host Contro Key Jack The Children Guide to replicate it to remove guys Red Creek delete or just the guys. Other slides. Now we can't use guys pra structure or content placements. We can't use guys to make some margins inputs, slight tidal a line to the guys. Be careful, not too acidic. Allies leave some spacing and true. Put her body contents. Now we're set up to rule Sim content on same spot, then other slides to the follow this rule. You're the better not to break this rule. Okay, in the nest courses that's got started using strips to create our slides. 18. 3.4 Using Shapes Building Cover Slide: like her. Introduced in early courses using ships, the peel slice can keep a fresh new impression to our audience. It's clean. That's a religious with too much visual elements here, Altimo Hotel designed says. We're car slides enter so quickly at a new slides alike. Control T. To replicate this page, it addressed copies and pastes the layout off your last light. Okay, on this blast light red creek for make big runs. It's only fuel are seen paste color. Next at the triangle Sheep hold shift key. Turn it into an equilateral triangle. We can either form it is on the right panel or in the formative no feel orderliness with our complimentary color. Wait three pt Philippe Critical All in this century? No, I want my slept title toe penetrated. Strangle here First I introduced one simple my search as a rectangle Let a few the same color with our pick Wrong color. Know what lie now in process? Let title No scoot. We can also try Replicated triangle Hold shift key three large It we can do Mazar slat here holds control key. We're loading the most real backwards. Reset the triangle and move it to a proper place, said he is a lateral, remember? Okay, it's almost there. Well, it's No issue is with puts a rectangle upset triangle on the fill it, er, background color. It looks fine, but the wise which is the background to image it doesn't work using this way to sell this issue and introduce more ships in this course. 19. 3.5 Merge Shapes: sometimes if you are working on pigmentation in purple, it's the shape you want. Instance included in the beauty and the four ships. In this course, I'll show you Hotel March multiple ships to create their own customer ships, select ships you want to merge Price and whole ships. He will select his ship in turn on the joint whose form it up in the Insert ships group Select worships entin. Pick the option you want. They are union. Combine recommends Intersect ends subject. We can add it to a quicker I said sober. Let's go through. What is your option dollars union? Their own selected objects into one object. Combine all selected objects into one object, but a removes overlooking portion fragments. Turns a larger objects into many small ones because the whole day or lab intersect removes everything except the intersection of the two shapes is the objects of the combined function subject the shape you're Silicon Seconds will be subjective from the first. Let's do some experiments. See how they work. Select both circles. First Trust Blue one Price and hardships key to choose the yellow one. Choose unit. The march as a whole. Object control Z and to union commence. She's combined most together, but the result there in the south, parts in her sex. Give it there. Over. Left portion subject we move from one ship Was was covered with seconds fragments. It turns them into many small ships. Okay, that isn't here. If a first choose the yellow one, then whole ships to choose the blue one. Check out those commands again. See the difference? Yes. The order that they use left ships were inference how their most together for summary. The first ship you select will determine the color. Yes, there are other more shit as a introduced in beginning because creates our own custom ships using worship commands with our creativity. Okay, Come back to our finished slice in the last course. I want to remove this direct tango from triangle like our test. Penetrate this triangle first. Choose the triangle. Hold ships, Patrice the other rectangle and they're much shapes. Commands group. Choose breath mints. Remove those and natives for arguments. Use edge over to instruct the color toe for mentorships and test. Okay, It's almost there. You can notice they're polar slaves are to remove the rectangle in the next course introduced at the ship. Poise through more The borders 20. 3.6 Edit Shape Points: every pore point shape it's called. It was the use or points on the lines. Those points are connected to its lines. We can break the connections between points by removing lines. We can also these and lines culture Tokyo with shape that it's air aspect. We call this digital drawing past rolling, Read, Click at these points Khaliq black points jacket to the place he wants. But just the other lines culture. Okay, said this fight. No coffee and a pistol. New shape. Go to drawing twos. Form it. Hap your teats, Felipe Horizontal? No. The new shape to the initial shapes. Symmetrical petition. Okay, Come back to our car slides to remove boulders. Kalief shape read. Click at the points. Right. Click on the point of the border which you want to remove. Khaliq Open course this action. Converse the close ship into an open shape Red cliff. The other points, the leave points. Let's do it seem with the bottom shape. Okay, Looks good. Now, in the next course, our introduced using layers toe further in Peru, the slides 21. 3.7 Work With PowerPoint Layers: well, basically completed our car. Slight design. It looks fine, but let's see how we can improve its. I want to let this center area standout from backgrounds to create a testing teatime using like shadows. Let's get started first, See, like our outer strangle feeling white. Who's the other elements are coward but outer triangle. So it comes to our today's topic. Work with PowerPoint layers. Poor points neighbors. You toe arrange elements by layers like photo shop read, click. Normally we can use Bring two friends. Bring toe back men's toe. Address our layers. Policeman's sent Becker's sends the elements back. One level Central bank places elements behind all other elements on slides. Bring two friends. Commence are the opposites. But sometimes when there are too many regional elements put in our slides, it'll be very painful. Toe address elements back and forth. Another way to arrange elements you home tab. Go to editing group. Choose select click selection pain. This pain will show the all the elements on your current slights. Simply select the name of the elements you is to move in the pain, then jack it up for forwards out down for backwards. We could also rename thes elements, which make it very easy to distinguish them among all those elements. Khaliq the Right eye Parton Toe hide, Owen hide elements. Our case dread our outer triangle and their knees. Other elements set its transparency. 30% said his settle effect upset center increase its size and the player values. Okay, now our slides looks more ritually interesting and the realistic. In the next course, our introduced another form s trip skew news ingredients to start building our conference light. 22. 3.8 Using Gradient to Format Shape: the Caribbean's can create a new color combinations that feels difference in the modern. The mix and blend different colors, which brings a unique view to designs in this course, introduced how to adequate in effect, to shapes. Insert a rectangle, make it pick up half our slights by referencing guys fitting this color. No Italy. Insert words constants to create a contents Lights. Now let's add greeting effects to this rectangle leak. Form a ship Now is sorry. Fewer office color. Check greeting fuel. There are a few options and needs to explain ingredients. Fuel preset ingredients it addressed. Process with several ready to use the fourth greedy INTs step. They are four quid in taps available, which are leaner, radical rectangular and passed fully in here. If transitions along a straight line in a single direction for the other three ingredients , they're similar to lean ingredients. Dressing different force radical. If transitions in the foremost circle rectangular in a form off a rectangle. £4 either transitions Using the sheep as a pass means now our ship is rectangle. The radiance is in the form of red tango. When the trenches ship to like triangle, it turns into a triangle, radiance for direction and angle the controls. Direction off. Greetings for angle is only available for leaner ingredients. Let's change great in the direction the events next comes from Gritting stops options on this greedy in power. It has stops where new color stars we can add. A new credence stops that click ingredients Stop part him, or simply click on a greeting for where you want to add a new stop to remove the stops. Khaliq to remove store Parton or simply a drug store off the quitting part will remove it. Normally we can just leave two stops. Police that on each side change their colors on the red store. That's proof. Sharpest color on the left one sin color. Just make it Tucker. Okay, so that's a fuel. Let's continue toe finished our counter slides. Correct. Ecstatic effects to our words. Contents, which I introduced in the last course to create a dance in design. Okay, you, sir. Time circles. Make them numbers. Yes, sir. Test boxes. Input. Ted hose. Okay. Now our content slightly east. Then for this car slides. It asked the lena ingredients to the rectangle with rounded corners which creates a sense of movements, making our slice more impactful dynamic on the life. Insert a rectangle with rounded corners, click and track that yellow points to adjust the corners. Culture rotate. It's for parallel with this side of border triangle. Great and feel live to stops feeling this color on this store and feel complementary color to the other. Okay, that one tip here is for PowerPoint. Beginners. Make your grading settle. Don't make it to boot. It can be where singers who are slide here is one websites and recommends when you want to add ingredients. Web greeting dot com where it provides supercool linear ingredients. We can copy those color values, but unfortunately, poor points cannot use those hex values. We can copy those values. Tour knows Google Online to find some hacks. Toe RGB converter can work those hex values toe RGB values and there again pissed um into our nose to utilize them. Your slides okay , in the next course introduced using cones for you to reach our slides 23. 3.9 Enhancing Slides With Icons: but adding icons store constants makes the easy for obvious to in distance. Interpreter for your permission. If the meaning of the echo is clear audience, we're linking the easily and quickly to the desert function. For example, the phone and email accounts are ending slides. Rivers can quickly reads, interpreting information presented when tip here is. Be sure to use the red econs, so we're took it econs. Here are few websites and recommends you to fend free in pretty good eh cones. They are flat encontro com streamlined a constant calm. The Last Realtor com. Yes, Kumano dot com One thing I want to point out is they are pixel econs, like a GPS or PNG. Phil. Yes, look there econs speech. You fell for downloads. The differences between these two fellas are, if you're doing to these two fails Doctor Fell doesn't lose quality. Another benefits for rectal fell is because recorder it's tourney's. But one small issue is when you insert as rich you fell into a pro points. The greeting few in future. Few options that result. We can red click the estimates you feel and grew in the pop up. Click yes to so this issue. The second way to add econs is to get econs from Microsoft's air hostess Slippery Go through inserts Choose cones. We can search our cones but in putting a name in the shirt spokes Donald, this interest lies another convenient way to get eh cones here Injured? He was the weather report for poor points Idea. I slide open Another course introduced How we can use this. Adding to efficiently pewter are slides open the website A slight RCC Khaliq Free downloads saved ur peace between started The stars are poor points and is here I slides. Yes, you are home tab click Econ Library in prison name. Choose one we like it'll be Download it into our slides. Just like our ship. We can freely change their colors. Breath Cool, right? Okay. If you are not satisfied with all those sorts out icons you can create, it's about using my search. Introduced in the course. More ships. You need a species of shapes. Your icon is done. Okay, This is pretty Marshall with chapter shape. In the next chapter, l introduce inserts and the former images 24. 4.1 A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: there's a saying goes. A picture is the worst of cells in the worst read images can cause a foster and a stronger reaction that worse. Take a look at this light. Nothing march. Just a normal slide report present data. But if changing into this slight, how would you feel? The image has the power to encourage audience to make an emotional connection with presentation, they would've feel joy and three years. We don't need to talk much, but people will remember when point is the use often image in our presentation. So to be associate it with the contents, those images in poor points so that there will be Children simply because it looks good. Every image that we use to the house audience toe understand our topic. Okay in unless course out introduced where to offend those high quality images 25. 4.2 Find High-Quality Images: There s river abscess that often used to download images. They not only host large quantities of high quality images but also the affray for commercial use. They are picks obeyed. They'll come pixel still come and displeasure to come. You could search her image, but in putting your desire a topic in the search box. They also recommends popular images for search, and they're searching box, for example. On picks up, it'll come Khaliq nature. With so many beautiful on high quality images, it's really difficult to pick one among all those choices. Look, there's a few options for future our search results. Khaliq images. It also provides us with radio for download. Same with pieces that come with video downloads available for images. It a categorizes into three times photos, director graphics and the illustrations. You can check them out for yourself to see their differences. Okay, attention. The original image size is quite large for one or two slides containing such an image, it's OK, but the ones is used across lies. You went really. Your slice sites would be very large for daily business presentations. Choose the large or medium size is OK, but once it doesn't provide us with Stano size options like the sense and supplies they'll come. We can comprise the image size in poor points. I sit down those uncertainties. Horse Lloyds Duplicate the slides Calico image Click Form it up. Choose. Comprise pictures by default. This to check boxes are checked for resolution options. Choose either HD. A Web is okay for their deep indentations. Another message is very simple, right? Clean image Choose copy image. Go back to our slides paste. See, the quality of the image is still very good. Let's hope past comparing this three slice lies goes to isolate that which I introduced in the last chapter. We use the S allies. Three answered Icahn's This time. Go check fell analytics. See the sets difference? Yes, we can reduce our poor points File size quite a lot, but using the measures address told Okay in this course I introduced were to fund high called the images on the whole to reduce images fail size in the next course introduced how to crop images toe fate are slice size 26. 4.3 Crop Images: We've got an image, Donald. It's for Internet Nest, Amato said, his as backgrounds for my slides. It's not recommended that we directly right click our slides, Khaliq for my backgrounds and the imports or image at spec rounds or directly attract the recites, handle, tow, faith, a slice size. None of this to practice is cracked. We, my friends, are image is three stories. If we compare with the original image when Mary says objects, especially images, awards, images looking, so course are stretched to crop image. Toe feet have slice sides on the cave. The shame aspect or issue. Collect the image. Go to form a tab on their picture twos. Collect job. Dumbarton off the crop commends choose aspect reissue. Our slice eyes reissue is 16 to 9 colic. It's to enter the crop emote. Address the image position if we want to keep certain contents or price and holds shift key . Direct the corner cropping handle tow. Adjust where it would be removed. Okay, toe exit the coping most price s key or simply click any blank space of our slides. Okay, now, price and hold shipped key. Direct the corner resets handle toe, make the image fit her slides. Sometimes you're my friends. Even result Whole ship key. The steel keep the same issue because on their sense option look, expect issue is checked anyway. The Safeway is to hold shift key. Now we can set image as backgrounds without worrying about this torch in to set his hands. Backgrounds cut its from him Backgrounds. Picture protector. A few click click port. Okay, another point about coping images is crop to shape. Here is an example Collect image Fumento Crow Crops received. Let's shoot a will to manually chance this old to circle is difficult. Read. Click for my picture and their sights. Option and check lock. Expect tissue improves the same number Well, you for height and wife click. Enter where imports is then to finish. Our input now is a circle. Let's reset. Is on the line to this test. Okay, maybe you will notice the image is distorted. Toe fix this Kallick feel on the crop commends to restore its original reach You okay then Looks good. One convening the way to complete its Let's first insert the circle. No offline se feel picture directly into the sea nest Khaliq Few under crop done. Let's move forwards if we were are sent to the side and oak char, which includes a number of people. And the Suster compresses if you're using the traditional way, like I just hold by in putting an equal number of ships with images on the field, those images into those ships is quite inconvenience. Here is Iceland or game, which can high pass efficiently. Finish this work. The first step is the same safe. Your picture and address did well here. Price and host shifts two. Multiple Select those pictures. Make sure last select are finished one nest. Go to I slide Designed. Lil's Crawl Pictures Kallick. Use the last ship size crop. Whoa! Now all those pictures are turned into the same size without distortion. Click rope to slightly address their petition. Make sure their eyes, you know, hold on the line. - Okay , in the next course introduced merchant images with shapes 27. 4.4 Merge Images and Shapes: in the last course introduced cropping images into ships. But using two ways. One way is to use crop the ship commence. Another way is to say feel picture here introduced a certain way March images and ships to achieve the same effect. Remember, I introduced in the course more ships. Actually, it can not only more ships, but also come March images and test test. It's just one formal shit if you're check ship off Polio test you seen said it. Okay, here's the image in certain shape. It's better to Assam transparency to ship which enables us to clear ISI which area of the m escape first, Select the image. Hold shift. Purcell s ship choose intersect Then let's take a look at this. Light is stressful Years on more ships at a trust. Hold inserts ships adjust their positions. Choose where you want to keep her images. Okay, that one thing I want to point tells the three emails cropping meister's. If you click each other vocally crop See, the image is not truly crawled. The cropping areas are just hidden. So if there's any constants which we don't want other to see or which just want to reduce our slice size goal. Kelly Compressed image. Check the least crop Everest off pictures to reset, says check reset pictures and size. Okay, in the next course, our introduced to layer images and shapes for standing slice. 28. 4.5 Layer Images and Shapes: women's self images as backgrounds. If you are searching images online, one type is they are quote images on bed images, and we should pick good ones. What are quote images? Good images is there are enough detective space image next year Space, also called West based. It's the area that strong subject, that that's an attract too much attention. Like this one, your slides. There's plenty room. A negative space. Apart from the main object for three inputs are titles, which makes our title easily standards. We don't even too much with the image so simply and put our titles. It's OK has come to this image if dress that using the emails at the backgrounds see, no matter what color we use, it's not the easy to read the words. There's no enough negative space for arson put out titles either. We could say it's a bad image. Okay, if I requested or it's the only image that we friends relevant to our topic, and we have to use the image. What we can do is in this case, we confirm it. This image, but lower spread nous for details regarding image formats are introducing the next course But even this measure it works at all recommends you do this way. So it comes. So today's topic layer shape also called mask unto the image to control the outlook of the image without editing that image. In our case, going insert a rectangle, pick up the whole slides Shit. Feel black? No, awfully sets transparency. 60%. Okay, no, we can recover. Are turtles as open? This in this color? No schools. Another my search toe for murder or mask. This time that's greeting fewer street tap. Choose purse. Make the two stops Color lights. Seth, rest stop transparency 100%. Address the left. Stop transparency and position to east. Look, scoots Intuit our titles and make it Tucker. Okay, another usar layer creating fuel ship onto image. See this slide? We don't want to have this border that separate both slides at a rectangle. Len. It's with this side of the image. Check great and feel live with two stops. Direction two. Right. Okay, the key is set left. Stop color the same with our background color. In this case, set both sides. White said the rest of transparency 100%. Okay, now how does it feel? It? Transitions were naturally in the next course introduced hotel formats images in poor points 29. 4.6 Format Images: I think to you now. We're basically mustard techniques on how we use images and ships to quickly build our slides on the way happens added to the image to changes. Look yet toe Aditya image. Collect the image go to from it hip. We can't use all those commands to change the image off. Look, you could check them out there ourselves to see how they for my images, remove Macron's. You can cut off the image backgrounds for us on the condition death. Our image should have clear boulders for this image. There's no way to remove the speck grounds in purple ins. Okay, let's switch through this image. It's visa rule, which has clear boulder between the person and the backgrounds. Go click. Remove Macron's. Choose my Kyra to keep to control which ever to keep. Okay, then Tab s key to exit Look, Schools for corrections. It can happen off certain our image or amplify our lower the image brightness color commands it kind of color. Oh, image example Here. Sometimes if you got an econ picture, don't notice from Internet, as in not vector graphics, or to say it's not elected shape. We can certainly feel to change his color. So to use a re color function which can have has changes color to our base color artistically Fix week with how our mouse on those events to see how they can change our image. Transparency Consider image. Transparency ends There are some percents picture sales for a reference for all those commands. We can also fend them by red, creaking our image on their picture command groups to modify their values to reset her image to its original look. Go click reset pictures. Okay, this is pretty much it was chapter insert on the foments images in the next chapter introduced in Search and the Fomento El Do on radio soon last time. 30. 5.1 Insert and Format Video: being useful is the core for poor point mutation. But I think being interesting is also the part of per plenty time. It's so much easier to kind of uber's attention and keep our viewers engaged, but adding some reduce audios or any mission to our slice. It's a good way to achieve that in this course, as focus on we do from it go to the inserts incessantly do on my PC, he says. It's towards my site left with you in the video tubes format have. It's very similar with the ways before my symmetries, we can pick a poster but clicking on poster free commands to show the picture before playing our radio in the plate. That tap. We can chim the radio to control the stars, and the importance says that sugar, let's use automatically play check loop and two stops to play the radio repeatedly during this slight as the insert potatoes toe house. Let's show very cool right when tip here is If we knew our mouths on the slides, the radio play pepper would appear automatically, which we're doing once We just want this video as a background in such case at a transparent mask about this radio toe high the video play paper. Okay, this time we in slice show the video playback bar want to appear if we knew our mouths around. Okay. You know that's course. Let's move on to insert and for myself, do 31. 5.2 Insert and Format Audio: audio formats is quest similar with redo for minutes. Go to inserts inserts lto on my PC. Two studies as background music movies waterslides believed icon. Go to all the tools. Formentera. It's the same as a reformer images toe format. This icon tourneys here with status as a back on music so we don't need those actions in the playback tap. Yes, as you can see, it's almost the same at a performance video to trim Are all of you so said it's feeding Fido time. We can set his other start once we start celestial here when different options is play across lies. If it wants to play all you across lies, we can set his through an emissions colleague and emission pain All the animations were set in this slight are listed in this pain rightly are all due in a telephone If it happened in a stop playing option, If it wants, for example, to slice playing this audio check after input True, that's how a special it'll stop And this black page Okay, this is pretty much always told you on the radio in the next chapter. Now introduce animations 32. 6.1 PowerPoint Animation: What do you think? All purple in an emissions Theo wanted juice offer. Using animations in pro points is obvious. We can use animations to control the flow off information making information appear. Amplify it to focus on important points. Movie. Iran's and True. Make it disappear. With those animations, it can increase. We were its interest. Hold their attention long enough, but showing information. Individual forms. People don't have to use their brain power to imagine. Reduce Capa Seymour Yarp indentation. But the one tip is don't go or reports off any missions using too many fancy effects. Can this tractor our audience and make our presentation look rather and professional? Keep it simple. OK, In this chapter, Lester True animates our presentation. First of all, I'll introduce how many animation tips at their import point. 33. 6.2 Animation Type: they are for admission, perhaps in poor points, which are engines. I m foresees access on the motion parts animation has, if it open any mission pain wherever at its admissions. Explaining in Teacher In a nice course, we can see those animation taps are represented by different colors. Green for entrance, yellow for emphasis, right for exit on blue for motion parts. How we're almost through any mission pain the most pointer turns into a drinkable con means we can move the animation pain anywhere we've seen convenience toe added animation effects . Okay, go to an emission tab. Click on projects, which we want to add animation. Collect the more button to display the animation manual. Get the job done. Manual. It shows some basic, any missing fix to find more effects. For example, the entrance effect leak. More entrance effects in the change. Intrinsic factor. Low balls. It displays all the animation effects of entranced help political animation wants. We can have a live preview if the preview effects it checked. When Tip is select basic or settle animation effects in our daily presentations awards using setting fancy effects to detract our audience unless we must check those animations one by one to see how the enemies are updates for access animation, tap is the same effect with entrance animation type. If you muster the entrance, you're totally fine with exit. Okay, here is the one aesthetic slice I created were easy to create for the second part. Dressed stature circles when she feel blue, the other notion feel. But it was desktop flying, Learning center host and pressure on show and ships jacket to duplicate last insert icon, which I shirt smells it where I slides. Move. The Econ and Bruce Circle the keyboard, so cars are group is control. G on group is controlled Gypsy nest at the basic entrance animation effects to them. Let's choose Jew Looks good. This is the basic level off using animations in pro points. But if we Atmore animation effect to them, how does it feel? It's more interesting and concretely, troll viewers attention. Okay, In the next course, our introduce applying multiple any mission effects toe one objects 34. 6.3 Animation Pane: before we learned to apply in multiple animation affair toe objects. We need to get to know animation pane of every happel to manage multiple animations, go to any mission Tab, Khaliq and emission pain. The June. Any mention facts, we added. Two objects in the last course are listed here. At first. That's when we look at this any mission pain. It's not quite clear to us when we see those system auto generating names over 25 overall certitude. We couldn't quickly identify which any mention, in fact, is for which objects a last week. Helicon. It's the color of the animation label is different when there are more animations at its worst slides. You would feel dizzy on such occasions when TV is to rename those objects. ER slides can have has quickly identify those objects, and the animation effects added to them. For this life, go to home Select Select Pain, which I introduced in the course. Their images and shapes we can rename, reorder, show and head are elements. Let's rename those elements for the group. The group the Air Con and Blue Circle rename its to group product price promotion and please Okay, same for the rights. Another very useful function is if you want to check how many any mission effects are addicts with objects, or how those animation effects animates our objects Kalief head or choose the object we want rich it. It'll future that end mission, effecting the any mission. Pay very convenience for to reveal. Okay, go back through any mission tab. We can set effect options for June effects. If can zoom in France, left, center or off the center. The effects very based on any mission effects, we can set the timing for animations that option duration and delay. The timing is visualized the animation pain from the animation pain we can see. There's a timeline on the bottom. All those animations play, but the timing was set to them. For example, that's Jimmy or objects one by one, not at the same time. First, let's select all, and emissions can show A to select them. All said duration 0.2 seconds. Let them Jimmy and faster Khaliq enter toe Finishing puts the wife so the poor represents the duration of the animation. We can also jacket longer to control the duration. Move it for, said DeLay Okay, that's reward back. Multi select prices elements says starts with previous said DeLay 0.2 seconds, which we want to assure. Price Arthur Product. Here's said Promotion delay 0.4 seconds. Police 0.6 seconds. Let's have special. Okay, No scoot for effects and timing settings. We can also read Klay Klay Effect Options or Timing to set each option value. This is pretty much it was any mission pain. In the next course, we can start to apply multi animation vest who are objects. 35. 6.4 Multi-Animation Effects: the ants basically entrance true effects toe objects in the slides. You want to be more interesting when it's you. Apply multiple animation effects to updates, and this is the process from physical level toward once level for poor point admission. Okay, lets throw it down to how close Look first Jimmy are objects nest? It has a cruel string effect twice in the Meanwhile, the alter this sloth lie spins how Look again. Okay, let's begin to do it. Go through an emissions to leak any mission pain See like our circle to add a grocery in factories. Kallick more button Choose grocery effect. Let's house National. There's something wrong. See the entrance you may fit for product. Echo is missing. This is the common Mystics than most people would often commit you when getting started with the purple. In animation, we want to add animation affair to one objects to lift the object. Click at animation Recon fence. There's some great outs. Animation effects with your countries means this animation effects cannot apply to our objects. For example, now are objects is a group of ship elements and this fence color effects can only apply to test. Okay, in the Emphasis group Choose Grow Cering effects Movie up. It's recommended to put the same elements and missing effect together says starts with purpose read Click Choose Temi Set duration. 0.1 seconds. Delay. 0.2 seconds. Which we want to amplifies of the Jew. Me, in fact, is there in the effect Hap. Let's make the crow says smaller. 100 cents percent. It's that of defaults. 150% click Enter toe finished imports. Check the lottery. Worse means after the grow effect is then either shrink to the original size. That's how special. No scoot to let his growth twice. Same setting step at animation. Choose growth ring effect. Muteia Start It was period right click timing duration. 0.1 seconds. Delay 0.4 seconds In the effect app. This time, let's give it smaller size 105% check also re worse. That's how I look. Perfect. Okay, let's continue to add the same effect to the rest of the elements, but it'll cost so much time. If we do the same setting one by one here, the Magic animation Pinter will help us solve this trouble point through the updates. We want to reform it. Double click animation. Pinter. When Pence brass appears, collect the other objects to apply this form. It's We're coming in, right. The last step is to add a spin effect to the outline. Collect the Prada outline as animation. Choose Spin. Yeah, right click timing. Start with curious Do reason. 10 seconds in the repeat drop down list. Choose into enter slides to let it spin repeatedly. Use any Mason Pinter toe foam at the other outlines. Now our slide is finally done in the next course as how parties are creating this three d spinning effect. 36. 6.5 3D Animation Effects: it's really is available. Toe Office recently filed on the office 2019 To insert us really model go through Insert colleague three D models Drop down. Choose from all my sources that search. First, choose the model we want done of it into a slight inserts a universe picture to let the Earth rotates. Khaliq. Any mission More button in the street e animation Tap, choose turntable and emission effect. Khaliq. Any mission pain. Double click in the timing tap said Duration. 50 seconds to let it rotates. Slowly choose repeats and under slides in the effect up we Can Sit is a smooth start. Six seconds means to Letty. How unnatural acceleration. In six seconds. After six seconds, it'll move at a constant speed into stop. That's it. Last traded on the right. See moose and it's the updates with a natural deceleration bun sends is to have weapons effects after stops. Nonsense is also very popular, which looks like adding some weight to the elements. We can add a crew effect with the earth as it rotates. Start with the previous duration. 50 seconds. A six second Smith starts okay, lets how look looks. Nice mess at the floating effects to the universe. Picture. It has happened down motion purse and the Sheikh effect Collect picture Khaliq. More motion parts Chews up. Says that was previous duration. Five seconds. Repeats into under slides. A three second civil start Check lottery. Worse to let him move up in them and animation shoes. Teacher starts with pervious duration. 30 seconds. Repeats into under slides. Okay, let's have special looks. Good. In the next course, let's learn purport transitions. 37. 6.6 PowerPoint Transitions: purple in tradition is the animation that plate between slides. The transition effect can be divided into three categories. Satel, exciting and dynamic content. You can collect them one by one to check out those transition effects. The first condition effecting subtle tap is Morphy. If our huge import 13 65 or poor points of united the Morphy can make objects, transition from one slides toe another worse mostly, what we need to do it just to pick our car slides on a duplicated slight. Change the objects petition color. Besides, once we set it up, we can click on more V and Prevue defects. We're cool, right? Speaking of the preview, Rick would not only Kalief slash Joe Barton to preview, but also can collect the star icon. He said. Our slice of nails, this star icon appear only even at an emissions or transitions to our slides. For transition fares, we can train Seefeld options. For example, the morphy fats switch between those options for morphy words or characters off test for faith effect most of ours with how useless for more self presentations, it provides a subtle fitting facts. People slides for posi fat. It can be used in timeline to push the second slight interview. Looks like these two slides are connected. We can switch if an options who can show the push direction. Okay, let's come through the exciting transition. There. We can choose a pitch occur to make our slice look like Philippine page looks nice, right? Okay. Nest when these parts What opinion? Pros off using purple in animation. We can lease our reasons. Yes, There's some people who disagree. We can use relief defects that display the opposite opinion at last. If it convenience, those people was important and mission is right, we can't use cross fact to stroll the council way. Okay, these are some. If there s a peak front you're setting pair the last transition tab is than any content. This enemy contents is related to our slide muster. Go to the police slave master. It contains out of design layout that are cuts team is using to add a new layouts. Click in. Certainly Els Here I created the plan layouts and at a real sheep and the bottom Okay, lets close master view go to home. Open new slash drop down menu. We can fence our customer layouts units. Take our timeline slides at example at the post transition effects from rights to the second slides. Duplicated slides. That's a dependent. Fax. Internet content. Tap to the second side. This time, let's have a comparison. See the difference? Yes, the rail ship with potential and master doesn't won't even added in any country Fat tore slides. Okay, we can set transitioning fast in the tradition pap to customize a tradition. Sounds said the transition to recent her apply the current transition affair. Toe all slides. Yeah, set a slight rendition. Control our most click to display the nice light or, after a period timeto auto display. Okay, this is pretty much it was chapter transitions and emissions in the next chapter Out introduced layout is I. 38. 7.1 Four Basic Design Principles: There are four principles Mr Keeping minds when two important design they are contrast, repetition, alignments and proximity. Here's a book a recommends If you want a learning this off the same principles, which is the 90 generous Descent book written by roping millions very suitable For those who are new to design, the first principle is contrast. If we want to emphasize some information, we can make that information difference. But amplifying the size or recovering to make information stand out. The second principle is repetition. Repetition has stressed the unity. That's why I wish to the set our scene elements before with the semper points your daily work with often worse it was Other people slides, so we should pay attention if the more slides are in different from taps, different color skins or different sips. Sales even out to unify those same elements is painful, but it's worse. Well, the third principle is alignment. The alignments can create a clean, fresh look. Mr Recommended to make guys reasonable, go to your type check guys. The guests can have has a land not only with since lights but also across lies. The last principal is proximity items relating each other to be grouped close together to become one with two units. For example. For this light, the top test of the titles or topic the bottom test and then topic related by putting space between the test rather than equally spaced to give readers a clear structure. Okay, for this light at first, that is hard to tell. Which message is for which picture. If it just their space make the same information close. We were sky easily reading relationship. Okay, this is a brief introduction of these and principles for these and pick winners in the Nice course are starting introduced layout design. 39. 7.2 Layout Design (Top-Bottom n Left-Right): There are four classic purple in layout designs. They are top bottom nails left right labels. Central eels in the foot screen nails first as look at top of thumbnails for top bottom layouts. Contents are placed from top to bottom for this, lights at potatoes on the pope with a better picture, said Has backgrounds on the bottom is aware up with body constants. We can change the shape opener for this. Lights much rectangle and Changle safe your picture in their picture. Choose Formentera Police crop for you to sell. Picture is arena aspect or issue. For this light. Just change the shape into an oval or course there plenty or shaped transformations with you can use. Four. Okay, this is a team culture, which I introduced in the course crop images. Santos, a mistress, blew off line to plant with the blue. For this light. Just group relate his information close to let the words rates from top to bottom. Okay, nest left. Wrestle ales for this conference like creation introduced in the course. Use ingredients to form a ship. It's a left right flails for this life. First, let's re rectangles safe your pictures and insert has underneath. If some paragraph has to be this long, we can insert a line between each paragraph to make them visually aligns. Okay, for this ultra slight Looks very cool, right? The chick is hot and make four equally sized rectangles that can read. Few are slides. Let me show you how to do it. You certain rectangle price and whole ships and control drug. It's typically horizontally. That's stupid. Before line them, group them together. Direct the recess, hand those to make them field slides. Thank you. Done. Okay. And that's safe. Your pictures call if you let them show properly. Caligari color. Which was great. Okay, for the rest to more direct tango and tango insert passed on. How about that? Were easy to do. Okay, nasty. Is this true? Layoffs combined together, for example. This light, I can say, is a top bottom or after read labels. But her combination of these two layers this is pretty much was top bottom and the left Red layoff designs in a nice course introduced centrally else. And the food screen nails 40. 7.3 Layout Design (Center n Full Screen): Let's continue to study purple in nails. Central eels. It's a popular labels, especially when you are making a speech. Put her message and the center is a good choice. People with a better measures in no time and the return their attention to you centrally else also applies to a transition. Slides toe display what you're going to tell. Okay, nest, full screen nails. A picture is the worst assassin. Worst field slides with school picture that the Measures Air Message can make an impactful emotional connection with your audience. When choosing pictures, pick those that have enough negative space so that people can easily read the worst. Okay, this is a pretty much of his purple and nails, and the my course went slow. Poor points Company ends today Trains for my new courses. You've got any questions regarding purple ins? Once hesitated letting you know I'd be glad to hear from you sent to very much 41. 8 End: Okay. This is pretty much was discourse. Stations is my other courses. I hope those courses happier, centralized professionally and efficiently. If you've got any questions or any feedback on a plan to hear from you and you have something where much?