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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

64 Lessons (5h 18m)
    • 1. 001 OnPage SEO Intor

    • 2. 002 OnPage SEO What is OnPage SEO

    • 3. 003 OnPage SEO Why should you optimize your website OnPage

    • 4. 005 OnPage SEO How does a Crawler see your website

    • 5. 006 OnPage SEO Keyword Research Intro

    • 6. 007 OnPage SEO Why to do Keyword Research

    • 7. 008 OnPage SEO Google Keywords Planner1

    • 8. 009 OnPage SEO Google Keywords Planner2

    • 9. 010 OnPage SEO Tool Keywordd io

    • 10. 12 OnPage SEO Tool uebersuggest org

    • 11. 13 OnPage SEO Pick the right Domain name

    • 12. 14 OnPage SEO Set the right GEO location

    • 13. 15 OnPage SEO pick the right CMS

    • 14. 16 OnPage SEO get good Hosting

    • 15. 17 OnPage SEO Block Bots

    • 16. 18 OnPage SEO www vs NONwww

    • 17. 19 OnPage SEO Yoast SEO Plugin Download Installation

    • 18. 19 OnPage SEO Yoast SEO Plugin How it Works

    • 19. 19 OnPage SEO Yoast SEO Plugin Settings

    • 20. 19 OnPage SEO Yoast SEO Plugin

    • 21. 23 OnPage SEO Important Ranking Factors

    • 22. 24 OnPage SEO Important Ranking Factors TitleOK

    • 23. 25 OnPage SEO Important Ranking Factors H1 to H6

    • 24. 25 OnPage SEO Important Ranking Factors MetaDescription

    • 25. 26 OnPage SEO Formating your Content

    • 26. 27 OnPage SEO Freshness of your content

    • 27. 28 OnPage SEO optimizing the URL Structure

    • 28. 29 OnPage SEO optimizing Meta Keyword Tag

    • 29. 30 OnPage SEO Searcmetrics ranking factors 2014

    • 30. 31 OnPage SEO Negative OnPage Ranking Factors Intro

    • 31. 32 OnPage SEO Negative Bounce to SERP Bounce Rate

    • 32. 33 OnPage SEO KeyWord Stuffing

    • 33. 34 OnPage SEO Hidden Text or Keywords

    • 34. 35 OnPage SEO Cloacking

    • 35. 36 OnPage SEO Above The Fold Adds

    • 36. 37 OnPage SEO Blog SPAM

    • 37. 37 OnPage SEO Dublicate Content

    • 38. 38 OnPage SEO Thin Content

    • 39. 39 OnPage SEO Link Stuffing

    • 40. 40 OnPage SEO Meta Tags Google Intro

    • 41. 41 OnPage SEO Meta Tags Google

    • 42. 42 OnPage SEO Image Optimization

    • 43. 43 OnPage SEO HTTP and SEO

    • 44. 44 OnPage Mobiel Intro

    • 45. 45 OnPage Mobiel Mobile SEO

    • 46. 45 OnPage Mobiel Responsive fix

    • 47. 45 OnPage Mobiel Testing

    • 48. 46 OnPage Mobiel Mobile SEO Clearification

    • 49. 47 OnPage Mobiel Mobile SEO PageSpeed

    • 50. 48 OnPage Mobiel Mobile SEO XML Sitemap

    • 51. 49 OnPage SEO Canonical Tag

    • 52. 50 OnPage SEO aHref Lang

    • 53. 51 OnPage SEO RAVEN Intro

    • 54. 52 OnPage SEO RAVEN Visibility Issuese

    • 55. 53 OnPage SEO RAVEN Meta Issuese

    • 56. 54 OnPage SEO RAVEN Content Issuese

    • 57. 55 OnPage SEO RAVEN Link Issuese

    • 58. 56 OnPage SEO RAVEN Image Issuese

    • 59. 57 OnPage SEO RAVEN Semantic Issuese

    • 60. 58 OnPage SEO RAVEN PageSpeed

    • 61. 59 OnPage SEO PREMIUM Membership

    • 62. 60 OnPage SEO Content Creation Intor

    • 63. 61 OnPage SEO Content Creation Site Structure+

    • 64. 62 OnPage SEO Content Creation 1Keyword 1Page

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About This Class

♚ Over 12000 satisfied students enrolled in my courses

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Course updated on the 15th of March 2016.

Do you want to:

♚ Learn the most effective SEO OnPage Techniques & Strategies to be ranked #1 on Google in 2016?

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This course is packed with the best SEO OnPage strategies available on the market in 2016.

SEO OnPage optimization is a must have in 2016 if you want to rank high on Google and drive massive traffic to your website. Most people don't use it the right way or don't use it at all. In this course, I will teach you the best techniques, tools and strategies to SEO optimize your website pages so you can have a HUGE advantage over your competitors and make more sales (because you will be ranked Nr#1 on Google).



In this course you'll learn many new skills including how to:

♚Basic and advanced SEO OnPage techniques that is up-to-date in 2016

♚The most effective and safe OnPage techniques and strategies to get TOP Ranking in Google in 2016

♚How to use Keyword Research for OnPage Optimization to INCREASE SALES!

♚Everything you need to know to start getting real results with SEO OnPage optimization in 2016

♚Why you should install the Yoast SEO Plugin and how to do it the right way

♚The Content Creation Secrets: the techniques used by the SEO experts to create valuable content that ranks high on Google!

♚All the positive OnPage Ranking Factors and how to use them to BOOST your website TRAFFIC.

♚The negative OnPage Ranking Factors that you should avoid at all costs (otherwise it can kill your business!)

♚How to use Meta Tags to dramatically increase your Ranking!

♚Learn how to increase Page Speed to satisfy your customers and the Google algorithm

♚And you will learn how to use many other plugins to be a SEO OnPage Ranking Master.


_____________________________________________________________________ What my students are saying:

<< Extremely thorough, up to date and easy to follow course. AAA++. >> Harald is a very talented and highly informed speaker on all things SEO and beyond. Super helpful when it comes to answering questions and looking after his students. The best SEO course on Udemy from several I have tried. Highly recommend to anyone at any level." Arnold Tuchinsky

<< Professional advice from an expert. >> My online business has never really been much of a success… Since implementing wholesale changes to my business structure and the way i advertise and marketing techniques my business has taken off. The SEO research was a dream comes true. This course is very helpful and will make your online life a pleasure. It is well set out and very well wrote with in depth knowledge on all topics. A gem of a course that reaps great positive results." Nick James

<> I have taken many classes but they are only in mind and cannot use it for the practical. We need practical knowledge more so this is best training." Aman Awal

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If you don't act, you will never tap into your SEO OnPage potential and finally learn what really works from what doesn't. This course has not only the best SEO OnPage strategies you can find on Udemy, but this course has safe and proven strategies which won't hurt your business, but only improve it which will make you save a lot of money and time.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Harald Tschuggnall

SEO GURU and Founder of SEOacademy.net


SEOacademy CEO and Founder

Harald Tschuggnall is specialized in Linkbuilding, Penalty Recovery, Link Risk Management and Link Audits.He is running the first LRT certified agency and holds a LRT expert certificate himself.

Within the last years, he published several case studies about websites that became victims of Google updates.
He also works as a SEO trainer for an online training company.

Harald worked with clients from all over the world. Hence, he knows about SEO problems of small businesses as well as of big brands from different countries. He knows how to boost a website's ranking by means of onpage as well as offpage actions. Further, Harald is able to analyzes websites' link profiles in order to discover the reasons why a website became a victim of a ... See full profile

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1. 001 OnPage SEO Intor: high end with Kim Many myths and I took now and in this course I want to show you all the secrets I know about on page optimization We will start very basic. So I will show you how to structure website, the UL structure, basically how to write a good title at description and all the other stuff you have to know about on page optimization. We will also dig a little deeper in tow, things like what is economically tech? How to use a H ref lang tech and what I do if I want to rank international and what at the main ending, sure use. And I will sure stuff lights doing older right settings in Google but master tours and connecting some plug ins to your website I will show you everything step by step using WordPress installation. So you will be very likely to just do what I show you here if you using WordPress. But also, if you don't use wordpress don't very there are loads off plug ins or loads off systems out there. It doesn't really matter what you are using. I just joy to you that you will understand it and you will be able to implement it in your own website as well. So I will try to make sure that everybody it doesn't matter what CMS or what system you using understands what is needed and what is important and that you can implement it and also keep in mind Like in all my eso courses you he will always have the possibility to join my private Facebook group and ask me questions. If you need help, I will be there for you. So I hope you will enjoy the course. See you inside. Bye bye. 2. 002 OnPage SEO What is OnPage SEO: So let's start Very basic, Rod, It's on page s you and why should you toe on pages? You basically it's on pages. You is everything that happens on your website. So this will be starting from the girl going toe, the title, the description, all the content on your website, the images, videos and everything that you have on your website. Basically, there are also factors that could be considered his own page, like what domain to pick and some settings in that master tour, some targeting settings and stuff like that that would be also very important for on page optimization. That's why I will show you all the stuff you need. So we start very basic showing you what ah fixes you could really make quite fast will show you what plug ins you can install and what resource is You can really use toe be ableto optimize your upset very fast and get better rankings very soon. 3. 003 OnPage SEO Why should you optimize your website OnPage: So why should you optimize your website on pitch off course, you want to have better rankings, but first you have to understand that. First of all, it is very important that Google has got access to your upset or any other crawler that you want to give excess. If Google is not able toe Xs, your upside is Google. If Google is not ableto see a content Crawley content on the page, then of course, they can't rank you and you will not be shown in the searches arts. There's the there's away toe block the bots. So, for example, or the Google port using robots, txt. Or you could do other technical block ings, not allowing Google toe Xs your side and first of War. We have to make sure that you are not brutal king Google bought, of course, So the most important thing is actually to make your website crawl about. First of all, if we made the upset crawling crawl able after that, we can really start toe, optimize everything, and after we optimized everything, I will show you Ah, all the advanced stuff, how you can implement or why you should implement a community take how to implement the atria if tech how toe Use plug ins, how to generate site maps and I will show you all you the stuff you need. And this is why it is important, really, To optimize your website on page, to give the crawlers excess and to show the cross everything. And if you have got a video or if you got images or PDs or stuff like that keep in mind Google can't read things documents. So you have to help go to be ableto index this stuff and to know what it is all about. So I will show you everything how you can do it, how you can really structure website and fix all these issues toe gives Google access to a website and to make really the content rich for for Google and interesting for Google. So Google will come pick it up very fast, index it and rank you high 4. 005 OnPage SEO How does a Crawler see your website: So hold us a crawl or the Kuwaiti pot. See your website, their tours out there that we can find out how cool sees our website. I take this example This is just set up this website so it's not optimized, but actually it's good for for showing your so it's good for demonstration purposes. If you look at the website. I mean there is not much content on there, but there is it, graphically. It looks quite nice, but we don't really know what Google sees because Google is a machine and Google will not be able to see everything or to know what everything is. A show you later and Web master tours that they changed it. It's not like before. It's not like they can't see anything, but you really have to help them, make sure not blocking stuff and things like that. So to find out what Google Caesar, what about sees Google bought is able to see much more. But if it comes to being or Yandex or the not so advanced pots there will still go for that method. So thesis the tool s you browse If I go to, um browse here, it's just sticking to upset. It will show us. How about sees it. So, actually, what I see here on top is that I see logging sign up. So these are it will go to the website like it's it's locked out. Of course. So this will be looking sign up that we see over here. Of course. Then it just shows us this headline that we have over here and we've got this unrolled button featured courses and he you see, they are just putting in like the images thesis will be this images and then the text off the images. So just the headland of the images and the explanation the auto, everything you can see over here, that is, that is text. Actually, they can read. So if you can market who we can read it as well all its stuff. But you see, actually, from that point off you it's quite hard for Google to say what it is all about. Of course, they have got this headlands, but they don't have any clue what to five syriza or eight to Underland. Whatever image east. How could a search engine no bodies on that image? So here's the problem starts, you know what I mean? So could agree, for example, will never rank you an image search for S U for image like that Or if there would be a cat on forget, because if they if you don't put it in the image name. And if you don't have out attack to explain what is on the image or image description or text around the images that will explain it, you will never be able tow rank in the image search, for example, because Colby doesn't understand what is on that page recently, Some months ago, Google changed or that the coop reporter that the whole algorithm, um, went a little further. You've got now the possibility if you goto Google Web master tours, if you don't have a master tool accountable, strongly suggests to get one because it's not just to get on page errors who will also get errors or messages? If you have got mental penalty, they will tell you if your site is offline or the can crawl certain parts or if your website is not mobile friendly or stuff like that. So this is very important toe have Google Webmaster tools or to set up being Web master tours. But mainly we're talking about Google's. So really, make sure you are setting up the pastor tools. And if you go to crawl here on the left that click on fetch and random, you will get the screen like that and you would have to possibility toe put in some sup URAS subdirectories and cant Just tell Google Toe Fetchit, I'm so if you press on fetch, Google will go out and visit that website straight away. Look what is on the website and actually will ascended to the index. So this is a way to get your content index quite fast. But what we want to do now is we want to find out how Google sees or rep site. What does the the pot really see? What is he recognizing? Maybe there's some stuff missing. Maybe we see something different than the but And here you need to know that you have got the opportunity possibility toe tell what bodies. It's like that that Google has got different pots. So for desktop search day, we're gonna send a different. But he will. He will just randy it like you would see on on a desktop so on a regular PC or make, and there are other boats out there that are for mobile. So they want to. They gonna try toe, access the website and render it like it would be on a mobile phone. And there are also different parts out there just collecting images. One is just responsible for video files and stuff like that, or or PdF. So stuff like that this potter really made for, ah, one simple task. So the image. But for example, we just go out and have toe. He will go out and really look at the images. Make sure the images get index and stuff like that. But what we want to do now is we just leave it on desktop because, first of all, we want to see how our website looks on a desktop device. So just go ahead. I don't put anything in here, and then they will just random my home page so that the main site click on Fetch and Randall and you see it's it's pending already here, or I do now is also fetch it using a mobile. But just let's try it again and we look at the desktop a recite now, just pressed President of this cup results and see what is coming up. And you see, in this case, KUBI sees the sign in Ah, here the cedar and roll button to see the text, the future courses, they see these images. This image is missing. So to see almost everything, but they don't see the main image. This is not, um, display speak problem. But you see, it's partial, so it's if they can't render everything. If you look at their results down there, we see that we are blocking scripts. So they were blocking travel script. I have to say this website is not ah hosted our service. So they're blocking travel Script E and the blocking certain images here, as you see. So that's why they can't be displayed here. So you see, we have got already some issues, and if you want to make sure that Google really sees what is on our website, we have to make sure not blocking our script. Not blocking. See, Is this not blocking images? This is getting very important. Like one year ago, Google still recommended to block Charles Krypton seizes because they had some problems. Now they strongly advise that you don't blocked travels. Krypton seizes because they want to render the website. Let's just go back to the result and see how it looks on a mobile. So on a smartphone, if you click on it, it should be responsive. The website. So it should get shrink down and we'll see what we're gonna see here. So actually that the image is missing again. We have a different So you see, it's quite nicely below each other. But we have to the same issues here off course. So we really need to make sure not to block all that stuff. So, like this, you can really find out how Ah crawl a see easy website and keep in mind the if you're focusing on like still yeah, Yandex or some some other search engine that doesn't have that much market share. Of course, um, maybe it will still be recognized like that because there's it's not too easy to get it. That advanced S Cooper and Google like a shoulder. You will try to rent it and they will try to see it as a user sees it So there's the possibility if you coat of upside that you display it, actually, or you have it got in there in the cold. You have got it in the HTML code on or in the in the whatever Cody using you have it on top in the coat. But actually it's displayed somewhere in the photo summer. And like that, Google makes sure that Google really sees it as the user sees its OK, if this pattern is, for example, here or if this images furred up, they say, OK, that must be a little more important, of course, because they use a season's straight away and everything I want to use it to see straight away must be a little more important than stuff that are sticking to the foot. You know what I mean? So this is very important and it changed. And you know now how crawl on how Google sees your website. If the crawler goes up and comes to your website 5. 006 OnPage SEO Keyword Research Intro: this section is all about Cheever to research for on page optimization. Off course. We don't just need the key vert research for on page optimization. It are so very important for off page. Actually, you can't separate that. Keyword research is really one of the most important things. If it comes to a CEO, nor the to, um, two on page optimization. Actually, it started a little earlier. It's also a marketing decision off course, because if you find out that people are not really searching for this, keep it off for this product or for these were combinations, then you have to question actually the idea behind it. Of course, if you're selling some high volume, some very expensive stuff, then you don't need this much of a search, William. But keep in mind, it's very important to pick the right keywords in the beginning. So you can really see Easter and need for for that what you want to sell. And then, actually, you should go out and build your rep site on that research. So we're gonna look at keywords. How are we gonna find the highest church, Williams? How are we gonna see if it is very competitive or if it is, may be easy to rank for. And I'm gonna show you how to research the keywords How toe implement. Ah ah, the content on how to write content for this key. But how to do list side structure that it is good for the the the Keeper to be found, actually So really make a nice structure that Bill Google show that is all on topic and you will have success by picking their activites. So this is what we're gonna look at in this section are gonna show you some free tools or the show you are Premium membership told it, You can use if you want. And this is actually the most important thing when it comes to starting issue, approach project picking A keyword is picking a fight. Keep that in mind and see you inside 6. 007 OnPage SEO Why to do Keyword Research: why? To do keyword research. So it in the beginning, it's very important that you pick the right keywords like we had already wise that important. First of all, if you have the wrong keyword, even if you rank for this key but in top positions, then nobody we'll buy it because there is no need for it. So this is why it is very important. This is the first part. Then you could pick a keyword that will bring a lot of traffic, but has got a lot off competitors. So, like a mansion before picking a keyword is picking a fight. So if you pick a keyword a very competitive key, Bert like, I don't know insurance or or, um, some very competitive niche, for example, and you pick the key, but you will go for the keep it. But just keep in mind. There are loads off large, very enterprise companies out there that invest like thousands off dollars or euros or whatever each month into there s yo strategy. And if the businesses are really big, they also get, um, the do marketing and they they get links automatically, and they may not be that good in on page optimization, but they really have a big or a very strong link profile. So you also have to look at your competitors. If the competition is very strong, you may needle a lot off time, a lot off money as well to be able to compete listed competitors. So that's why you should actually pick a long tail keywords along. Tell Keeper is basically a combination off, so it will not be like, for example, the head term insurance or insurances or stuff like that. It would be like insurance for Children, for example, or you could break it down even more. You could say insurance for Children in New York or whatever, or you see that the idea behind it. And if you use the Google keyword planner, or if he used thesis research tours and put in the head terms on some combinations, we we think that could be relevant. Google will tell us or will automatically shores or the other tools will automatically show us some related keywords that have a high search volume. And if he checked that, we can also see if there's maybe a low competition and this would be the best TV. It's to pick after re picked that keywords. Of course, we're gonna go and check out what the others a tour. So their race to see what words to their competitors use on their rep set. Because it's these days all about semantic, it's very important that it doesn't work like you. You put in a lot off this, keep it on on the page. No, you have to go out. And really look what could be semantic code warp would be normal or what party really relevant if you talk about the topic this words that are just related. A semantic Googling knows that they should be in your cell choppy or in your content to be really relevant and toe for Google. It's very important that they know that you're really talking about the topic, and that's why they want toe rank You. If they see you've got great content and your back link profile, it's a strong trust for you will range. So we will do. Keep it research. I will show you some tools. I will show you free tours and, um also ah, our tour. So, um, state your intent. See you in the next video 7. 008 OnPage SEO Google Keywords Planner1: the first tool I show you to do keyword research. It's the Google Edwards keyboard plan, actually, So you need Edwards account. You can just go and sign up. You don't have to do any Edward, so you don't have to spend any money. You can really use it for free. Just goto google dot com slash Edwards, and you will be able to set up your account. And then if you click on tools and click further own keyboard planner here, then you will get this tool. Actually, Google is giving us this tool because they want us to find really out what we could use, what kind of words we could use to do Edwards. But we can also use it for a CEO, and the data is very good inside off the stool because it's really Google data. That's why we're using that. I will show you two ways to to use that tool. Actually, one way would just be to put in some keyword ideas in here. Like you said, it's very important that you do some brainstorming and you really try to find the right keywords. Let's assume now we are ah, real estate company and we are based in Miami and we want to sell some houses. And the one search term could be like Let us type in here by buy houses in or let let let us let us do it like a user would do it. So bye house in Miami and Miami. And it could also be like, if the user, you know, if he's and Miami already, he will not put the location so it could just step by house and we will see later. If that makes any sense or not, it could buy. Hey, could type house Miami he could or the type buy a house in my Miami, Florida and so on. You see, just type in some stuff for pulled in all your keywords ideas that you collected before If you've been doing brainstorming or if you have been asking other people, this is one way we just do that in the moment. And then we go down and put set the targeting right. The targeting we can pick here the the country. It will be United States if you are in the UK If you're in Australia, Canada, whatever our around the world and you can just if you click there, you can't just change the location. You can say they want to add The country here could also toe the United Kingdom United Kingdom, for example here. And I could remove us, or I could also I will remove it again United Kingdom so that we get good data. But you could also combine some countries. Um, this is questionable if this is really a good idea in this case, because in s yo, you really need toe target certain countries, So you could off course do it for the United States. But if it comes maybe two to Europe, then it's very it's not that easy, because at the search engines they use different search engines in every country. So, actually, you have to have the right domain for that and and all off that stuff. So I really recommend to do it for one country for one target group. Don't be afraid that your target group will be too small. It's much better to get faster results for a small target group than to try to target everybody and get no results. You know what I mean? So you could pick the language here. Of course it's English. You could pick Google and search partners here, so that will be just the Google search engine. Or also the partners were to distribute the answer. But for Cuban research, I would suggest Just leave it to Google native um T. But inter native keywords you ads for this campaign won't show when a search contains any off this keep. So you could, um, you could separate here. Some key between. We don't need it for Cuban researcher. Just want to go through that. Don't worry about that keyboard filter. You could put in some some filters that the competition should just below the search. Volume should be above that and and are not higher than that on. We don't need that anyways on TV. We could tell Google if they should should just show us so only show ideas close related to my search term. Sometimes that's quite good. It depends what recite we get later. We can always, always go ahead and do these settings later show key bits in my account. We don't need to choke you. What's in my plan? Show adult items if you deal in the other area you may take this thes are not really went for it in a moment. Maybe we have to go in and said it toe only show ideas close related, but you see, we don't need it. Keywords to include this could also be interesting. So, um, we could just type in maybe Miami or Miami end, and, um And how so? Whatever. So but I don't think we need it. We can drill down a little later if you want. And he we could just go in and arrange the data. If it's important for you. So we just leave it like it is. It's self months, but you could make the period small or you could even, um, look at a larger amount of time. So it just go ahead and say, Get ideas here And you see, it's already fetching the data. And first of all, it will show us the at groups. These at groups are not that important for us. I mean, it gives us it gives us actually categories that we can use later in in our side structure , because look what they're doing. Houses for sale. This could be like category, you know, what I mean? Rent in Miami. Great Miami. Florida is very generic already for the houses, Steptoe by steps, steps to buying. This could be a really good idea, You know what I mean? So they already telling us he steps to buy. Maybe you make your pdf or whatever and and call it how to buy a house in my mail. What is important if you buy a house in Miami? What you have to make sure before you buy it and stuff like that be chose. We buy houses, hotel cells, Miami home speech shelters, you see, so really, some categories could give you insights and ideas. But what we do is or what is important for us, maybe one more thing here you see in generate it looks like here. Ah, not of people are looking for houses there. But what we are going to look at is the key with ideas on top. It shows us now the keywords re put in and you see by a house 5400 high high competition, and I mean, in this case, it depends if you work locally or whatever, But in our case, actually, that's too generic. That's too You know what? What? What will the user? What does the user expect? Actually, if he buys, if he types in by a house, we really need the location to that House house. Miami. That would not be, Ah, that would be actually a good teacher, I would say. And it's low competition by a house in Miami. It's just 90 but it's very targeted. But it's high competition already. And buy a house in Miami, Florida's ISS, about 10 people searching for months in its medium competition. So we see from that. Maybe House Miami would be a good fit for us and buy a house in Miami is we have to look into that. We could just look at the competitors what they do and then decide if this is okay or not. But I would turn the just to write on. Maybe this keep it, could just put it over, he to a planet and export all the key. But But the more interesting part is, actually, this Google is telling us here what we probably missing out. If you go he and sort that by average Munch Monthly search William, you will see that, like this key, would have Scots 1,273,000 searches per month. But it's apartments for rent. So if you would rent out apartments that are in Miami, I I wouldn't go for the key. But it should be like apartments for rent. Miami. This is too broad. You don't know if you're really large company. If you like having apartments or selling houses all over the country, then actually that could be a term for you that you want to optimize for. But then you have to spend a lot of money a lot of time, and you see it's a high competition that the money to spend is not that high. But the competition is quite high. So what we do is we just go down here and look at houses for NT's are or very generic, and you can just optimize for that stuff. If you have a lot of money and a lot off time and you really bake and and can can do it and you have off course that the properties to sell, it doesn't make sense to rank for key. But if you are not, are not having that that properties or houses, You know what I mean? So what I do now? You see, it is up quite difficult here, and a lot of stuff in there that doesn't Ah doesn't bring us food, actually, So I just go here and say keyword includes just ah, put in Miami press, enter here and see how it's It's sorted now. So I see now it just got the stuff with Miami, and I could even go down and put in house. I think I have to do it like that. I'm not sure, So let's see. Yeah, we've got House and Miami now, and we got still the highest church. William. He houses for rent. Miami, Florida, Miami Beach houses for sale. Um, so speech, maybe maybe beach hotels. How to buy a house, hotels in Miami, apartments for rent in Miami. So this would be actually, if we have apartments, that would be very interesting key, but you see, it's 12,100 search volume, so this could be really interesting. Cute. It's a high competition. But to be able to release a chest to write it down and see what it is like that really you can. Cheap hotels in Miami is not really something. Homes for sale in Miami. That could be something still 5400. So you you get the idea you can drill down here. There's a lot of stuff in there, and you can use the filter over here again. You can put in Raanta by again and just pick out the best the best keeper to you. Put them into a list, Put them into a list. Because the Google AdWords keyword planner will not be the only tool we gonna use. Important it is that you put in the key, Bert. Just making actually put in the key bird. Then put in the search William put in the competition and maybe or the put in their suggest that bit to see what you would have to pay for that. Keep it if you would do Edwards. So this was the Google AdWords keyword planner. And you see, it's very easy, actually, to find out what? How you can, uh, see, if people are really interested in this keyboards and if you gonna be successful using this keyword because you see the competition 8. 009 OnPage SEO Google Keywords Planner2: You can also use the keyboard planet to spy on your competitors, actually, because you need to find out the right keywords. And maybe if some guy's a ranking quite high already, maybe they have to Raptiva to ready. And you should try to optimize for this key bits as well. So how to find that out? I show you one are actually show you two ways. So if we go to Google and say We want rank for that, buy a house in Miami term and we just type it in and see who off the competitors is coming up and this is here chula dot com Home start Come into They're all quite big companies, of course, but just let's see, how would they do? So it just click on it And what I do first is I go to the source coat and look for the key word tech that see if the half one yes, here made her name keywords content here, so I mean, you have to be a little careful by doing that. Actually, they made a key, but tech you shouldn't use because Google is not using this myth. Akiva Tech And if you really stuff in loads off key birds. It could be seen a s'more, a Spanish signal dinner, then helping signal. You know what I mean? But and actually for yourself, it could be negative, because competitors can find out very easy. But you want to rank for like we have. In this case, it really depends if the people who set this meta keywords I'm no how it works, Actually, so it's really questionable if they put in there The keywords that are really um, yeah, important for for the market. If you look over here Miami Real estate, Miami House, Miami homes for sale, Miami properties, maybe listing. So that could be really good keywords. So you see, and you could do that just going toe only competitors and look what they put in. Just keep in mind some some competence will put in some stupid stuff, just single words that don't make any sense. But this guy seems that they I did some research and that these are really some keyboards that could be very relevant and and you really interesting to rank for so that this is one way to see what your competitors is. The competitors doing, and there is actual loads off more ways out there. What I do now is I go back to the website and copy out this main or two can just copy the whole your l and go to the Cougar Keeper plan. I copied the whole euro because this website is very big. If the website would be small and just about a one topic, then I could just take the main Ural or the main the main. But no, I took a subdirectory targeted toe Miami to get better targeted information. So I'm back in the keyword planner now. And what we're gonna do now is we gonna clinch on that search for new keywords and at group idea. So this this first option here, we're gonna kick again. But now I'm not gonna enter any key veto here. I will enter landing page down there, and I could pick some categories of whatever, but we're not gonna do it, Actually, just put in Atlantic picture, I leave the settings s, they are here, so I'll leave it to the United States. I leave it to English and so on. I just click on get ideas here and you will see Google will try to find out now what actually this website of this sub director is all about and what keywords they have and where they're feeling. So it's really interesting again. We see he at the estate. Mamie Mamie, House sell homes, rent in Miami, houses for sale. This are interesting key categories and you get a little insights and we move on to keep her ideas over here. And let's see what keyboard ideas we can get out. By analyzing our competitors like that, I just go ahead and click on the monthly search volume here just to sort it to see the highest volume on top. And I see your homes for sale Mobile homes for sale homes for sale, apartments for rent in Miami. Of course, it is the same again. Now we have to find out what are their keyboards that have a high search, William, actually, and actually it would be good that they have a low competition, so this would be a key, but that we could pick off course. It has got a high competition, but at least it has got a very high search warrant. The other way we could go for it is to sort it here. So we sorted that we have the low competition on top. Just make it like that. So we've got a low competition top and then we look for Let's say we want at least 1000. So we go down here, down here, down here. Go to the next page, go to the next page. That could take a little while. We just decided we want toe. So you see, there is no low competition. If it comes to the search volume, that is, uh, at 1000. So it starts. If it's if it's 1000 The sexual and the competition is already medium homes for rent in Miami, Florida. So Okay, that would be a great Ebert and its medium competitions of the King offered properties for sale to generic. I would say we can go down again and you can off course. You can pick like keyboards that hair flag. Let's see 700 apartments in Miami. Great great key withs. Its medium is well, medium medium. They're not very ah, a lot off low. Actually, it's first just the first pitch In some nations, you will find loads off low volume keeps. It really depends how intense your competitors are doing a CEO. And really, if you can make a lot of money with some terms, of course they are competitive. So this is the second way how you can spy in the competitors and keep in mind you can stick in all of your competitors, then to export off the list again, put it together with the other keyboards you researched already. Put in the data from other tools and then in the end, sort it try to find out which keep it has got the highest search warrant, but the lowest competition. That would be your gold and keep it all right. I hope that helps. 9. 010 OnPage SEO Tool Keywordd io: and not a tool that I want to show you to do. Cheever research is key word. I Oh, actually, it's not just for keyword research in the regular way. It also helps us to analyze or see what content are the people are writing. So if you look here for a CEO article writing or niche evaluation, we'll help you with a comprehensive list off highly relevant keywords. Suggestions to create improve your message so they will also look at the content. If a type in here by a house in Miami and press on analyze, you see, they are running their tours and we will get a little different data. What the do is They will also look actually, so they go out now and look who, which were upset our ranking for that keyboards and 10 day Kona. Look for us of what other sub pages ranking for the keepers and then analysing the content and tell us what words the competitors have on the website and this could be or the words that we can use. So look here. So it's Ah, buy a house in Miami Beach by house in Miami lakes, so it's even more long tail and we can go down here and see this Arctic ice that are ranking. And it shows us that this first guy who is ranking the dis Trulia, um, has got 1229 words on that sub page and Miami the second guy. So you can see how much content you should actually here for bodies. Quite normal to have. If this 10 competitors have got, like, around 1000 here, I mean, there's here, one that s got zero. He would have to look into that how how we ranks if he's got no words on the website. But you will get a feeling that you that the content you would have to write for the key but should be around 1000 words to cover everything. If you go further down, we see as a split up off the key. But so this. Lots of people, of course, have Miami, Florida bath price estate really bad. These are key words that should be, or normally, if you write and natural text, this keyboards will be inside of that. If you write article about Miami or sell a house by house in Miami, It's very likely that Florida is inside. That is a pass inside because people want the nice pass and this the price inside. It's very cheap, are very expensive. It's really estate. It's bad. It's for sale. It's new. It's listed its home, its view. You can view it or whatever, you know what I mean? These are all words that are semantic, and Google will be. If you use this voter, don't don't try to artificially put these words into yet their ticket. If you really write it for the uses, this birds will be in anyways. But for Google, it's like if defined words like that. If they find the semantic a connection, then really they are sure that you're writing about this topic and if you're paddling, profile is also okay, Then you will be very likely to rank. So you see, it's a different. It's a different Um, it's the tool is a little different. It also looks on on page and this is like text frequency. I don't want to go too much into into that topic, but if you see here like you, see how many times people are using what words and this big blue land is like the average and you should be alike on that line. So you see here lots of people are using Miami floor using Florida and so on. And if you're you could also stick in your website here, and you shouldn't be down there. You know, you should be some burr here on average, and you would or to see that you're missing out some birch for X number. So maybe so. Look at that. This guy's not using home. And this This is also not using search. But this guy is like using food to too often you are much more than the artist, much more than average this red guy. It's using movoto a lot. So maybe this is the branded and it explains it. But you can really see how do the the other structure content and how are you structuring the content? And of course, there is, ah, a reason why this 10 websites ranked in the top 10 so it could be the back link profile. But it's also off course on page related, so keep that in mind. This is a really, really handy tool to to use and to get your content right. Just keep in mind. Don't write artificially right for users because the search engine doesn't buy anything or despite a search, spider doesn't rent. Ah ah ah! The house in Miami. You know what I mean? So you want to write for your user? You want to write for conversions and to sell? Keep that in mind. 10. 12 OnPage SEO Tool uebersuggest org: river suggest will be one more tool that you can use to find relevant keywords. You see here it's uber suggest thought orc and what the tool will do like its name tells us the totally suggesting keywords. And how does that work if you go to Google? You've seen that before. I guess. If it just type in a here, it will give us some ideas. Be beach, See? You know, club the So it will just try to find more key bits that are related so more long term cubits that just pick out that TVA Termeer Co two, which is ish. Put it in here and just say English Web and put into text. Over here mitts in your and click on the just and where the tour we'll do is we'll try like putting a on the end, putting a B on the end and so on. So really giving us all a long tail. Keep between me. It's doing it town down toe set and really we getting nice combinations seat by a house and maybe parts and maybe beach the house, maybe lake by horse. Mamie Core Gravel's and this low taught thereby house in Miami. How much to buy a house in Miami? This is also really great. They also try to put in some stuff like that. So questions if there are some questions out there that people ask a lot, that could bring a lot off people to your website. And as we have seen in the other research video, we we found that we probably could, or to do a checklist. Oh, how tow boat to Jack before to buy a house in Miami, for example. And you see, they're giving us loads of suggestions. Home to buy in Miami, Use a buy a house to Miami. That's quite strange, but buy houses interest rate by a house in May. Repair house And maybe you see really interesting stuff and exports that stuff again and put it into re excel sheet. And on the end, in the end, just sorted highest virtual, um, on top. And look what is the lowest competition and start to, uh, optimized your website for that single. Keep it and then go on. Go on, go on. You don't have to do optimization for the fall. The keep it at one time. I would really suggest pick one keyboard, make great content, get their side structure right for that, keep it and start optimizing 11. 13 OnPage SEO Pick the right Domain name: So let's start to talk about the rial on page optimization for me or actually, it starts not just on the website. It starts earlier. It really starts if it comes to the domain name. So it is a marketing decision. Off course you have to know or you have to decide in which country you want to rank. If you say okay, I just want to rank in the US Um, and your ah quite sure about that. Then you could just go out and pick it up. Come to me. If you want to rank in country In Europe, for example, it would be very important to either use it out com domain and then make it like sub folders for the different countries. If you want to target the different countries or really get a domain from that country, I mean by that if you want to rank in Germany, you need to take like a dot t e domain. If you want to rank in in Russia, for example, you should have RU domain. So this is a very important decision to make. It's also very important for on page, of course, because you have to decide which countries you have to target, and there's really the domain is very important because you can set the targeting in Web master tours. I will show you that later. It's very important. Tow. Target the domain to a Spitz specific country. If you pick it dot com domain, there is at the possibility to say you you targeted to the state or it could also put targeted toe the UK or whatever to Canada. Also, that's possible with all top level domains, or the possible is net domain, which you domain and within four domains and stuff like that. But keep in mind if you are in in Germany, for example, and you've got a d E domain, it's not possible to target a different country using this deed. I mean, so it will be very hard to rank in a different country. That's why you really have to start by deciding what the main strategy you gonna go. If you're going to go international any time, I would really suggest toe pick a condom in. You could just pick the com domain and start for your country under the under the regular domain. And if you go toe if you want to, maybe move to Europe or whatever. If you decide you want to rank in Germany is well, you could just do your company that come slash d e and target that the East subdirectory to Germany. Or if you want to go to Canada than you've got a dot com domain. Did that main the main you could target to the United States, but it could make a C A folder and target that see a full to Canada and that will tell Google that everything actually, which is in that see a folder is for users in Canada. And you can go into Web Master tours and target this. See a folder in Canada A to Canada, and it will really help your rankings. You could also do, ah that using sub domains, of course. But I would really not recommending to use supplements because a septum main is actually seen as a different domain, not 100% anymore. But it's really if you have, like W W and your domain. If you pulled in like a Miami, don't you remain whatever that could be targeted toe to the Miami area. But you could also use, like us thought your domain or C A or D E thought to target the special countries. But the problem you have with that is off page problem because your link profile it's not on the same domain anymore. It's sub domains and for supplemented would have to build links for every sub domain. If you just use the standard domains or if you just use your company named that come slash subdirectory, then, um, it doesn't matter. The link choose will just come toe one domain. And if it will profit from the link, choose that is coming in for all the countries. And if you do it in a supper level or in a sub domain basis than you would have to build links for every septum in itself. The links that are coming to the other supplements will not really help you. So really, keep that in mind. This is a marketing decision. And also don't just make a quick decision keeping man. Maybe you want to go international into two years, five years, you know what I mean. This is very important to get that right. Keep that in mind. This is he. Even before you built the website, you have to make that decision 12. 14 OnPage SEO Set the right GEO location: So if you made that decision, what domain to pick, you need to target the domain. This is very important. It was like some years ago that Google was looking at your server like various to server located and some other signals, and they tried to figure out in which area want to ring. So they did by, of course, language. Maybe you address a server location, all that stuff. Now it's different. So Google just stated that they're not looking at this stuff anymore. For them, it's most important where you target the domain and targeting you can do in Google Web Master tools. If you go to our Web master tours, it just type in google dot com slash web masters. If you don't have a master tool account, already really get one. It's very essential. Actually, you will get all did error messages, and you will also see if you got the penalty or his side is not crawl able stuff like that . So how to set the targeting for your domain? I just have some domains in there and as you see here, if you having if you would have like supplements, he would have to Add this this sub directory of sub domain to a mass shooters as well. I show you that later. So I just click on that domain and I want to target that two main to the United States. Now I go toe, I think it's in. Ah, where is it? Crawl Search traffic. It's in search traffic and its international targeting. Um, they always changed, uh, the navigation. So I'm getting confused international targeting. I click on that and I see here it is empty its language in the language step. They will show me if I implemented h ref. Feeling atrial flange is a possibility to tell Google what version off your side to show to certain users. So I could go up and make a Canadian version off my website and the English Russian on which this atrial flank tech I've got the piss possibility to tell Google if somebody's searching Canada place showing this version off the website, that can even be a different domain or different subdirectory sub domain. Whatever. You've got all the possibilities. Don't worry. I will explain that later for you. So if I go over to country here, I will get the country Targeting this is very important. See, in a moment, its target to the United States and a could also targeted to, I don't know, hunger, callaloo, whatever. So really, make sure that your targeted to the country where you main users humane customers are coming from. So this is targeted. Okay, already. Now I show you how toe it. If you would decide No, let's take a country in Europe because there are laws of countries. And just to show you how you would like target, maybe Germany. Let's say you are U S based company. You've got this dot com domain. Now here is the main, the main be target that main the main to the United States. Then I go ahead and add a side over here a just type in. In this case, we're way. Oh, empty 365 dot com. That would be your company then, of course, And just up in slash d e se continue. Of course, I would have to have this subdirectory on my rep side. But now what I did, I created this d e subdirectory and actually Google changing in Red Master told, it's very nice. Now you don't have to verify all the sub directors. If you very fight the the main once, you don't have to do that again. So what I did know off course they're fetching the data now. And I don't have a di e Sette directory, so it won't find any data. But no, Let's go ahead and go to international targeting just to show you I just go back here we are already. So we set up this Ah, misty subdirectory or you know what I mean? So I go into the d E version off our domain O and I go down to the targeting again. And what I will do now is off course. I will target that the subdirectory to Germany. And this will tell Google you get which that the e subdirectory. I want to rank in Germany. And this is actually the only way I can really make sure that it will uses in Germany. We'll find, um my content. So I go to search traffic, go to international targeting again a C language. Tech is not in there. I show that to you later hotels to make that actually set that I goto targeting users to Germany. Um, your T Germany safe. See? So And then I could go and say I want to add a new site and maybe go for www. Oh, empty 365 Come and target people in ah, in in in Russia, R O. And say continue. But what I could also do is I could, um, add some tomato. I'm not recommending to do that, but if you would go out and say D for for Germany, you've just gotta septum it. Keep in mind, you would have to do link building forward supplements. If it's on the domain, you will benefit from all the countries if links air coming in. If it's on a sub domain, Google will actually see it almost like a separate domain that doesn't submit the link. Jews link really around all the supplements so it could go here, Go and just get elected and press continue. I think I have to verify that I'm not quite sure. River WTO verify the sub domain. They just recently changed it in red master tools that you don't have to verified it much anymore. So just to show you that would be a sub domain And also, if it's adding the sub for me now, I can goto the international targeting settings and they can also set this to Germany. Of course, I shouldn't go out and like, make a subdirectory targeted to Germany and make you a sub domain target to Germany. But you see, it's actually working. I go over to search traffic international targeting, and now I can target this sub domain to Germany as well. See? So that's really great. And it's very important for you to know. Don't forget that to targeting you, you need to target you domain to the to the country where you want to rank. 13. 15 OnPage SEO pick the right CMS: after picking the right domain name, it is very important to pick also the right CMS system. So the rat system that you want toe build your home page on. There are many possibilities Opportunity These out there. I just want to recommend if you're starting wreck a regular website or a block, it doesn't even have to be a block. You can You should use WordPress. Why? Because WordPress is really standard in the in the in the moment and in in this time. And the big advantage is that there are loads off plug ins out there and extensions eso it's for you. Very cheap toe to add this extensions and plug ins and stuff like that, of course, is if a CMS is that popular, there will also be a lot off hex. So you have to be careful toe update your platform all the time. But for eso is really great. But press is really great for issue. You can add the Yost s you plug in, for example, and that will make you life very easy. And they managed actually in wordpress to get all that stuff right? So I mean by that that you If you install a plug in like that, you can very easily fix your titles. Fixer descriptions at canonical text at a tree Flanked techs uhm generates side maps automatically and really get it right for S u You could also off course use type of three or other other systems, but really check before if you can go down to the title and description economically attack can implement that old If you are going to use a shop system, I would recommend my Gento or press the shop Thes air systems were will allow you to make modifications and r s your friendly. What? I wouldn't recommend this. Ready to go out and use some off this ready made Ah, um, website. Um, it is Theis websites where you can go and build a website on their website. We having like some tours and build it on there. There may be some out there. Dead are quite good. If you're not sure about it. Just dropped me a message and and ask me. I try to help. You actually can use every system that you want. It's just important that you're able to drill down toe page lever. It's really important there. CMS is out there where you can't even change your title. You know what I mean? And because they are, they're like taking the title and generating the Titley heart somehow automatically. So you need to be able to change the title. You need to be able to fix the UL set canonical text said HR flange, tex. And you really have to do that on a page level. So this is very important. And if it comes to picking the CMS, you can save a lot of time and money. If you pick the right Seamus in the beginning, keep that in mind. 14. 16 OnPage SEO get good Hosting: you've got the right domain in the Red Sea mess Now. Now it comes to hosting like we have bean watching in the last radio. It's not that important or it's not important. Animal. Various server location is based because these days you know there are lot of CD ends out there, the content delivery networks and the serve content from different server locations or different countries. Even so, this is not affected anymore that Google you can consider. It's really about targeting if it comes to hosting wise hosting, important for on page or for for rankings. Actually, um, I don't believe, of course, there is slight people saying out there that pitched b they so important. Foreign Kings Page media If your side loads below five seconds or if your side loads normal , then don't worry about that. For me, page speed. It's more about losing the use. It's not about that much about rankings, and Google will have that or has got that in their algorithm a little. It's like the same. If your website is not responsive these days, it's the same. Google may take the right now to not show your website that often to use us because it's a bad user experience. And for Google, it's not good if they go to Google and they have a better user experience on Google, so they try to avoid that. So what is important if it comes to hosting the speed? Okay, that's that could be it's effective. But the more four conversions try to be in this owner on faster. But for me it's more about that. They really help you to deliver the content in a better way like him. This. If you would decide to go for a WordPress website of WordPress template, then I would strongly recommend to use this'll AP engine. What they do is they don't just deliver fast because to spread it around the world. Actually, they also restructure your website, so you would have to do a lot off optimization work to get it to get the website a little faster, the better structured or really optimized the images for different mobile devices and stuff like that. What they do is they restructure you your website content a little by delivering it, so they just put javascript, CSS and order stuff. That or these social media buttons of whatever they take quite long to load on the end automatically. So your website will render very fast and they do that all in the background for you. They've got a special system and also AP engine. They've got, like a staging area and a life area. So you can even go in and make changes on the staging area. Eladio Real edgier, boss. Check it or joy to your team or tested yourself. It it works. And if it works, then just put it from the staging area to the life air. So you've got, like, attesting attesting your somber, and you will not have the hustles here that you know you have to use a second server than maybe you're getting public it content indexed on a different domain and stuff like that and or the one very a big advantage off that day updating you WordPress for you, the fixing or security issues. And if you go tech, they fix it for you. Um, that the plans are not there too expensive. I think the smallest plan is around $90. You can host. I think 10 reps sets. So if you really using it for business That's no money. Keep in mind. If you are getting heck that will could cost you. You're upset. Could go down some days, and it cost could cost you some some $100 to get that fixed to remove the attack. If you are going for magenta, whatever, they're all raise specialized hosting plans out there for for certain CMS systems and, like you see here by they re p engine stuff, it's just a lot off advantages. Of course, it's quite expensive. But if you would say you have got 10 reps sites, it's like $10 per per months board. Is that if you got just one website off course, you can also have it on on different, um, on a regular server that doesn't have ordered functions. But keep in mind, Ozer, the up time is quite important. You don't want to have a server provided that is down all the time, because if it's not really that if you service down one time, that they will rank you back. But if you if Google is coming to your server and checking and your service off land and Google is coming again and the service off us off line again and then come again and they have some aero and you know they were likely to rank you back because if users would click on that, this is a bad user experience and really, they don't want to show that to the uses. So keep that in mind. Hosting is not important anymore. The hosting location is not important anymore, so you can go to every country. Just make sure this alleged hosting company and not some somebody you can't reach if your service down and they really have to act fast and make update for you and and and really help you to run your business faster. 15. 17 OnPage SEO Block Bots: So one thing that is very important, actually, that you keep out everything that you sitting up there you're trying or your semper pages, Everything. If you're setting up your website, I mean by that. So now you've got, like, the domain. You've got the hosting. Now you installed, for example, wordpress or you other Seamus system, Magen Torrey Shop system. And first of all, if you in store like WordPress, they will ask Your WordPress will ask you if you want to make it accessible for search engines. And I would keep that to know because you don't want toe have loads off. Ah, Patriots, your testing pages there, the semper pages in the index because then later you should you have to try to get it out off the index again. I would really make sure to just have pages or websites or whatever in the index that you want to get. You want to have tent and and rank there, so this is very important. If you set it up, just block all the robots in the beginning and then start toe, make your structure start to get everything ready. And if it's ready, then allow the Roberts to crawl it. So if you did that already, so if you allow the Roberts to crawl already, if you are in WordPress, you can goto the settings and 10 to reading. And you can't just go here and discourage sir singers from indexing this content that will normally. So, like Google bought or the being bought or whatever, they will not crawl your content, then their way. It will be other tools out there that are not. If you pick that, it's up to the tour's. Actually, it's actually a restriction, so actually, you're not allowing anybody to Korea content, but somebody's are not really taking that serious. But if you click it here so Google will not crawl your content until everything is ready. If you are on a different platform, a Gento or whatever there's ordered a possibility to just set just just blocked it. If you don't have the possibility, you can always do it in your robots. Txt. Text. Uh, let me show you how that works. So if you go to to Google, for example here and that just searched how to block the Google bought for using robots txt and you've got very helpful are ticking here. Blocking yours were robots. Txt. And if a click on here, they will show us the commands we have to putting. Actually, it's very It's a very simple as file. It's called robots Txt. And they're just some lines inside so that you're you're over 65 could look just like that . If you want to block all use agents, just put in users, use agent and then a star here and disallow. And this will stop all the rabbits from crawling your content. And this is very easy to do. And if you just want to keep out certain directories you could. So if you don't put anything after that, they will ah will not crawl anything. If you put directories, you can keep them out from crawling this certain directories. You can also, you know, bad both, like could put in Google border whatever or down here, use a thick Google bought is not allowed to crawl. The private director recouping news is is not allowed to crawl death and you know what I mean. So you can really tell all the reports what they allowed to crawl or not, But in the beginning. Just set up a robots txt file using it. What you do is you just just copy that out, making you text file. Just use a text Eddie through here. You making you text file, and what I do is adjust. Copy that into my text file and safe. It is robots. Txt. So where's my text file? Gone? That's just making me when I just take this one and overwrite it. So this would be the command. And it should just have toe the name robots, punk. Txt and safe it on my desk up. That's all I have to do. That would be the robots txt fund. And then I just go using a FTP program and put that in the root directory. And this will be on the server now And show that the robots both they allowed to crawl or not if you go to ah website off hours, so let me show you. So I just type in raise it here If you just tap in here a robots. Txt. Ever see that Robert 60 file in this case? We just blocking for older Roberts tvp at mean area. So all the other content is actually accessible for for the bots. But you see, just like that, you're telling the boats what they are able to crawl are allowed to crawl or what? No. 16. 18 OnPage SEO www vs NONwww: Let's talk about one more thing that is very important. If it comes to your domain and the settings, it is important that your website isjust accessible using one your or just the same, your Elo domain all the time. So what I mean by that? First of all, it should be that your domain is that you make the decision that you domain will be or your website will be accessible. Just using the www version order non w earlier version. So if I put in the non bubbly load of reversion in this case and the press enter here, you see, it will direct me to the www version and also of course, if it just put in the w w version will stay there. So I decided that we will run our website using this version. Why is that important? It's important because you want to give a clear signal to Google to the search engines and you want to avoid public eight content. If you run your domain result and with WWI version, maybe you also having like a sub domain here. I don't know you could be helper anything you see and and it will also show your your content putting in some wild card so you would have to possibility to do the domain settings that it doesn't matter what they put in front, off off the punctuation. Here it will show your website, and this is not good, actually, because then you're actually producing loads and loads off different versions off you upset ? So just imagine, somebody typed W w just using to W's and you domain name and Kobe will Index, and you have got a wildcard that will get indexed as well. So because it's accessible and through a technical issue, you could end up having, like, thousands off different euros indexed. So they really make sure that you're just having the main domain accessible? Not not. Ah, well, card or so not without the WWI version. You need to redirected using Astrea. One. Keep in mind if you made a mistake over here, all your euros, all your sub pages will also be available in different versions. That's why it's very important to fix this, so make a decision that you go for the tablet only version or you go for the version without wwi, really, and then you will make clear that. And there's just one domain. Bon neural for this kind of content these days, you know that Google announced https as a slight ranking factor. And not just because of that, but also to give a very clear signal to Google. We need to make sure that if you're running https version, you also half the HDP version redirected to the https and everything else. So there's one version and actually to you over here. So this is Ah Yost, a website. He's We will talk about those a little later because we're gonna look at his S CEO plug in for WordPress. But I just want to show you the https version. He If I articulate https and try to excess like that, it will redirect me to http, especially order. If I would try to put in the w w version here and presente it will also redirect me to the https, all razors out, the W w. And always the secure version. So he is making sure that his website is just accessible. Using one domain more neural. This is also very important if it comes to each GPS. So let me show you one more example. If you hear on Skype Azcuy for X number. Also, if I take your waited out it only Roshan. It will redirect me to the Russians with diarrhea on what they do. Is they using like sub domains for the different sections they have. So Diagnosis six is here sub domain and you see they doing it with soft remains starts Captain, come. And this is all the way to separate your content. So if you have really, you could use that in different ways. If you Actually the only way that makes sense in my eyes is if you have content that you don't want to have indexed, probably you are affiliate and you having pages that haven't got own content or you have pages that are not that valuable or you have got content that shouldn't be indexed. Then you could use like a supplement and keep their top coming out off off. The index blocked its upcoming by Robert 60. Um, you see, they are also redirecting if I take away the w w version here and how do they do it or how you should you do that? Actually, that's ah, quite simple it's 30 once. Redirect, keep in mind, always uses three or one redirect notice really, too, because Astrea one is permanent. So it's not just temporary lancastria toe. It's permanent. So you're showing Googie that you permanently redirecting something to a different location . And just if you tell Google that they will also your link, choose your link, power will also flow to the new source. If you just to a temporary, it's possible that they don't count it because you tell them you're going to change it back later anyway. So they're not gonna, you know, send all the power and the trust through your leg link profile. So keep that in mind how to change that. If you do it in your domain interface most of the time, that will be quite easy to do so. This is very important. Like we we talk that there's just one version. If I click here, I can edit it. I could also put ah, here subdirectory and whatever, but I just leave it like that. So in my interface, it will be different for you. If I go over here, I can do A UL forward, and I can pick. He had a standard time. And I could also pick the w W version. Just send it to division without or could pick lights everything that is. So it doesn't matter what is in front. Off the off the, um the point, actually. And I could put lotof off different versions, you see, And but I dated already, so it just redirected the version without the W W two diversion with Mr W. W. And my domain interface is automatically I'm using three a one redirect. Most off the interfaces should really work like that. But please go in and make sure I show you know how to check that. So let's just copy that your l over here and we go to Google and search for 31 redirect. Check this tool I'm using quite often. Internet officer dot com It's a free tool is showing quiet. Lots off adds, but we don't care. Just copy in that domain, he and check redirects and we were. What we want to see is that we have 31 reader Chrissy checked link 31 moved permanently to this version. So this is actually good. You know, this is like it should be if we take him like the Yost example over here and stick it into the redirect check as well I think we have to do. Http, I'm not quite sure. Let me see Http and we should see that it's redirected to the secure version. So see, yeah, it's very directly from issue DP version to the, uh, using Azria Want to day secure Russian. Also keep in mind if you do redirect that you don't make redirect Jane's I mean by that real wrecking from one version to the another version and then redirecting from that version to that version. That version Google says that they're following four redirects, so but make sure it's very confusing. This is one way to do it in your domain, in the face, and you can also do it in your HD excess file. Or, if you have a plugging, you can do it. Any plug in this one, we're gonna look at the HD excess file and the plaque in in the next videos 17. 19 OnPage SEO Yoast SEO Plugin Download Installation: Now you will learn hole to download and install the Yost eso plug in. So if you go to our WordPress installation and go to plug ins, which is pressed on at new, and then we gonna search for the Yoast Seo plug and just search over here, it's called S E O, um, for WordPress. I guess it just type in s your WordPress and we'll see if the results will come up. So it's down day already. You see, it goes quite good ratings and to 1226 ratings already, So we just go ahead and install that plug in. Of course, there are loads off other plug ins out there, but I really like the used A CEO plug in. It's very easy to do the settings and you can get additional stuff. So if you got loads off videos, you can also get the video plug in video S e o on. And it helps you to shoulder video snippets in search and stuff like that. You just activate the plug in now, takes a second, and after we activated the plug in, you see it already down there. So in the next video, I'm gonna show you how to get the settings right, ho to do settings that it will be the best for your website. 18. 19 OnPage SEO Yoast SEO Plugin How it Works: I already showed you whole to download, install and get the settings right. And now we're gonna actually look at the plug in how it works. I'm on the page over you page here and you can see there are already some settings reasonable, so I can see if some posts or pages are optimized or not. If they're quite good, it will show me a green light. If they're poor or ancient. There is even red. I guess there's even a red one. It's bad. So I could just sort my posts of pages and optimized them. If I click on them on a post, it will still look quite the same on top. So I've got my box. Here was the content, and if you scroll down now, I've got the WordPress eso settings over here and you see already how my post, the whole my page would look like if Google we showed her the snippet in search. So they will show this is the title. And this is the description the Ural and first of all, you put in your focus. Cute. You should decide for every post forever Page. You should focus on one main Kira. This key was put in here and it will automatically tell me that I've got the key. But in my headings in my page Total Imeri, UAL in my content and in my meta description, if it would put in like to hear it will have it will not be the same Cuba anymore, and the tour will automatically get a plug in will automatically recognize that I'm not having it in my in my headline. I'm not having it in my title aunts and so on. So really helped me to see straight away if it's OK or not. Of course, this title is not is not very good. I wouldn't recommend to put the brand name in the end. If you know they're really well known Brand. I would go more toe and ensure the user that he if he clicks on the church's art, he will be right there. But let me show you how it would work. Just would put in here the title and you see it's much too long. I'm getting a warning over here. If it would just use that that title over here, it will still be too long, and you will see it displayed over here, so but it's very important that you have your main T word in front. Sakura Penalty recovery. Maybe it's it's service then, and you should try to make a nice natural sentence. Like Cooper Penalty Recovery Service. Bester is in town or whatever. So you could really use all that space that you have in here. It's these days. It's not about the account anymore. It's it's about actually the size. So it will warn you if you're titlist along the same, of course, for your meta description. You see, if I type in some some more stuff over here, it will. It will end here and will not be displayed over here. And they will show me how many charts are still left down there. So this is really nice. You can agonize over you and there are some other settings or some other tours implemented here. So this will really help you. Ah, analyzing a little the page. It will show you that you didn't use your main key word on top off the off the page in the first paragraph and and other very handy stuff you missed out like images you're not using descriptions for your images and stuff like that. So this is really nice if you go toe advanced that things now you can really override, like the general settings for certain posts or pages. This is really nice because you can really work on the page leverage. And you could, like, decide that you won't want to keep that post out off the index. But keep in mind, of course, you will not rank for for that content, if you keep it out, could make it no follow. You can override all these settings here. So if you don't want to go toe to take out middle scripts from the most if the sink your you to Scripture is not good, you can prevent that Over here. You can just put it for for more than born as well. Yeah, and you can just say never included in the side map. So this justice paged on the killed inside map, you could set the Cano nick a tag over here. Why should you need that? If you would have, like, same products. So you have got same products in different categories. You could use that like t o tell Google. Actually, I want Thesis Page. This page is also on another UL, actually, and I want the other, um to range. So this is a way using the economic attack to tell Google that this is the same content, actually, and a monte at a page to rank. And you can also use the 31 redirect to redirect it to toe or the re director uses. Actually, if you use a can only check, the version will still be shown to the uses. But if you use a 31 redirected, users will get redirected to the other version, and also the report will be redirected and the link choose will also count for the three of one redirected target pitched in and what else we have. He could also set social so you could go in and do us a special title for Facebook, Facebook description and Facebook image. So if you were cherry on Facebook or if Facebook describing it, then you will have felt in my saddle for Facebook at optimize description. Also optimized image. These are some very nice settings. You can see it straight away. He in general settings how it would look like in search and you can really break it down on the page level. This is very important, actually, to be able to make changes on the page level. 19. 19 OnPage SEO Yoast SEO Plugin Settings: last video showed you how to download and install. They used a CEO plug in. Now I show you the most important settings and we're not gonna talk about all the settings because there are a lot. But I just show you the most important settings were in the dashboard knows or just clicked on a C owned on the dashboard. And first of all, make sure that everything he on top is green. They will give you a warning if you like, blocked your website from the robots using Robert Stick CEO if they can't write, rewrite the titles or the meta descriptions, so make sure you fix all the issues before then. You could off course start the tour over here, and they will guide you through the plug in and give you a good overview. Down there, you've got the possibilities to integrate some some tour. So what? Master tours, being Web Master tours, Yandex and so on. So I would recommend to use that to get some information, some some additional information and data. Of course, this is one off the most important tips over here. It's titles and descriptions, and you have got the possibility here, starting with general title settings. If you are not really putting a lot of effort into your titles, you could put check this box. They will try to rewrite you your title. But I would really strongly recommend that you put in some effort in rewriting go titles and make the descriptions and then leave that box unchecked here. Down there you have the possibility to know index up ages and archives. So you're not gonna have our cats and or on DSA pages inside off the index. It's very important to keep out everything that you want. You won't have rankings for if you. If you don't want to rank for some content, keep it out off the index story. If it's not used for for for anybody, you know what I mean. So you would have to possibility to do that here. Use made akiba text. There's no reason to do that because it's not a ranking factor, and Google will not give you any value for natural. Don't take that box. It doesn't make any sense. This option over here is let me explain to you how that works so sometimes Scougall. If Kobe thinks that you make the description is not very good. They can go out to D. Most demos is a directory owned by by Google, actually, and they could just pick them a description in that the directory and they will show it. And to prevent this, you can check this box. And the same is actually for for Yahoo. The whole directory can check. This is well down here. You've got the possibility to clean up your head a little so you could make sure there's no short link in the head on Nora's s a Lincoln so on. So if you want to have you had a little cleaner, just go ahead and do that. Then we've got the possibility here to get the settings for homepage. We can edit that, actually, on the main page, just get the settings on the main page post types here. We've got the possibility to really drill it down toe, post pages, media slides, portfolio and it could say everything that is in portfolio. I don't want to have index there could or to go ahead and say I don't want to have to service section indexed and or I want to have the show, the date off in the snippet at all my pages or posts so can do the setting. So here, the same I can do here can decide if I want to keep out my tax out off the index. Or it could even write some some more meta description here and and and so on. And here I can also do that with the day t out or archive, for example, Date archives. I could put in for a four page I could put in ah, search page. So you see, you can really do a lot off septics. Let's move on to the next step. That's a social media step. This is not really went for for search, actually, so it's not really a ranking factor, but you should keep in mind. S U is part off. The marketing should be part of the marketing, and loads of people are coming through social media, and it's a really good way to to reach out to people. So I would really strongly recommend to put in all your data he and use that as well. We go to XML. Site map on the plug in is generating excitement for you. This is very handy. Just if you go here and click that you early, they will show you XML site map file and their their euros inside. Or there's a euro that you can stick into Web master tours. And if you do a change on your upset, the plug in will noted automatically meant will update your SAT map. And so you said me will always be, um, the latest one. So that's really great, and you've got the possibility here to do some some settings. If you said the opinion hooping, ask what is a Ping a Ping is actually that they if you change something on the website and then they're really a signal going to murder Yahoo and ask telling the search engine that you change something and a bottle come to see what are the latest changes you could exclude , like here. Media from the XML side map posts, pages, whatever. Just make sure everything you don't want to rank for or everything that's not useful for users. Keep out off the site map. Keep out off the index, and here he could black keep our techs, keep out categories, tax, whatever they've got loads off additional settings over here. This is really nice to have. We move on to Perma links. There's some settings you can you can that are really useful, like keeping out the category out off the U. S. Structure. Why should you do that? It's more. It's actually very important if you run a shop system. If you like having product in more than one category lack, you have it in pro in category A, P and C. It's always the same product and you have to category in your your l. You will generate, like three, at least three different euros for one product and you weren't gonna have a duplicate content issue. So that's why this is very important. You could at the HTML on the end, off the off your you're as you could just redirect some stuff you could remove stop birds and enter on. So this is really handy. You couldn't order go in and forced to https, for example, for force to http. This is very handy to get the chronology tack right. If you look at the internal links structure here, you will see that we can also to some nice setting Stoneleigh so we could take Simonis. We could go in here and just say what we want to have in the breadcrumb, for example, Categories, texts. How are we gonna skittish settings? Right. This is the breadcrumb setting. And the breadcrumb is actually, if you look on top off the most websites, they will show you like home and then the first category in the second category. And you can click on all this small links so could end unable there. And I will the breadcrumbs and actually first, the first navigation item, but show as home. And this is actually very nice because it helps to get the side structure optimized breadcrumbs help really to make the the short cuts too deep pages because then, actually, the links, maybe to the sort of fourth category that is down there will be already on on your start page. NT will cut the way short for the search engine for the users as well, and the users will always know where they are in the moment. So that's why you should actually use breadcrumbs. And if you go down to eras s, you could also get the settings right for your hair is this feed you have got, like here, the possibilities to get in your auto link, post link, block link and whatever you can do them. Modify modification settings over here, and you're able to also modify your RSS link Import export. This is not that important. Actually, you could import a CEO settings from from different issue plug ins. So we not gonna thought about that Park editor. The bark Elle editor will allow you to, like, get it right in in part, If you look at all the settings, all the pages over here, you could just go in and make making action and apply it toe more than than one page. Of course, you can also do that with the descriptions. You can do that with the titles, and you will be just just a little faster. But that's already quite advanced. So this is the most important settings, actually, what you need to know 20. 19 OnPage SEO Yoast SEO Plugin: in this part of the media training, I will talk about their Yoast Seo plugging. If you're not on a WORDPRESS website, it doesn't matter. Plug in is actually just to help you to fix the on page issues easier, But you don't really need a plug in. If you are on a WordPress platform, I will show you how to install and configure this plug in. If you run a type of three website or some different platform, don't worry, you will find a CEO plugging That works quite the same. I think Yost has got plugging out there for my gentle. So if you run a Gento shop system, you will also be able to use used plug in our But I assure you everything in detail. Don't worry if you don't, if you're not able to install a plug in or if you hand coded you're upset or you still have HTML website, then you will be also able to get it right without the plugging. So I gonna show in the next steps how toe install it and how to configure the settings off the Yost s. You plug in 21. 23 OnPage SEO Important Ranking Factors: so. But what are they important on page ranking factors in this section? We gonna talk about that? There's so many noise out there. So many people are talking about ranking factors. This is a ranking factor. That is ranking factors. Many people don't have a clue what they're talking about. And actually, there are really a lot off ranking factors out there. But it's still like some off the rankings. Fact ranking factors are really important. You can see if you do some changes. You can really see the search results changing. So there are still some very important factors out there and some very small factors that should be always a considered. But we're gonna look at the really still very important factors in this section, and I'm gonna show you how you can really get them right where to find them and why and how you can fix some issues 22. 24 OnPage SEO Important Ranking Factors TitleOK: one off. The most important ranking factors is still your title You're talking about on page ranking factors in this video, so the title off your page is still one off the most important ranking factors. Of course, Google is considering Lot's off ranking factors. But as your title is standing out a lot and the title is really not just for search engine optimization, not just for rankings. Also, to get a good clicks through and the to really get the user to click on, your searchers are very important. So how should optimized Tai Tau look like? Like I said, I would really focus on two things. So get the title right for a CEO and get their title right for your marketing purposes. I mean, the title should really be kind off selling toe. Get the users to click on it. So if you look at some examples here, this is just a sky home page. If I go to their source coat and just search for the title to show you how the title looks like he, what they do is they to sky dot com. You home for the latest kind use and then sports and entertainment. There's some good things and some bad things in the title, I would say, because I mean, in this case, it's a really big brand. So it may make sense to do to put this sky dot com uh, in the beginning, but normally I wouldn't recommend to do that. Your keyword focus key with the main keywords that you want to rank for should really be the 1st 1 in this case because it is the start page off the off the website start page of sky. That could be OK. I just want to tell you that you shouldn't start every title using your brand, but actually start page or you do you main page shoot rank for your brand, of course, and maybe for one or two other key bits. But it's really for the brand to start pitch. So in this case, it it could make sense toe really have it for the start page and maybe in in in this case because it's sky and everybody knows it. It could also make sense to keep it in the other titles, but just because everybody knows it, and it may be more likely to for people to click on it for you. I wouldn't recommend that to do that, because if you are not a well known brand, it doesn't make any sense to put your brand in the euro. You could do it for your for you start page actually could do it for a start page. But even for your start page, you would find a more General Keever that you want to optimize for. And if you want to have your branded there, maybe do it on the start page. Just put it on the end, not on the front here. The other part is, um, so you they just using a separate over here to make it clear that's a good idea, and then you're home for the latest kind. You sports and Entertainment. Actually, that's a really nice title, because users will really know what where they're getting, too. If they click on that link and order for the search engine, it's a nice title you shouldn't have, like just keep Burton there shouldn't have, like news, sports, entertainment, best news, best whatever. So you should really try to make it nice. Title one sentence or two short ones really try to use all the space you have. It's your chance to get the people to click on your site. And for the search engine, it's important that your T bird is in front, because then they think it's it's it's more important Some tests have shown that that it is better that your keyword is in front. If you really can't make a good sentence with that, then put it on second search position or whatever, but just to get my point. So if we would go to but press over here, just show you there, the plug in again Burger will find it here. So I'm in WordPress again in the Yost plug in. And like I said it, it's not important that you use WordPress. If you are using the press, I would recommend to install yours. Blufgan. If not, you will find other plug ins to do quite the same. Or even it just, um, have to know how it works. And you could even implemented in your static HTML pitch. So if I am here in in the used plug in, I would make sure to have my Google penalty recovery. Then I would maybe type in service and then best proof in S e o company in the U. S. So something like that, I don't know if that would fit in, but it would really the first half my focus, keep both and then have something like semantically. Maybe you could also put in a 2nd 2nd keep it, but really keep in mind it should born page one keyword or it don't make different pages, of course, for singular and plural. So if it's very if the key but is very related, if it's it's just another word for for this key. But then, of course, you optimize it on the same page, and you could also have that in the title. But don't go out and try to optimize one sub page for 10 keeper to whatever. So when it comes to the title, it's very important that he put the key word on first place and then try to really make in natural sentence that will first off all drive to users to your website. My gift he uses the chance to see straight away. If I click on the search results, I will find what I want to find. And for a search engine, put the May keyword on top and everything or in front, and everything will be fine. 23. 25 OnPage SEO Important Ranking Factors H1 to H6: you know, looking at the headlines. So H one to h six, basically, if you use headlines first of all, of course, it's really to format the content. So if you're using H one headline, it will be big and bold. Normally, of course, you can make it look like small and tiny if you do, the, uh, see is this modifications. But H one is really should be used for a title. So it's It's for the user. It should be like Clear. This is an important title or this is where the content started. This is very important. In order for a search engine, if you use the H one title, it will be seen as more important, then something that is just written in the content because it's standing out. That's why they use I sing it better. And of course, also, the search engine will give a little more will you? So how to find out if you used the right form? I think titles own, You're upset. We're gonna just look at example off sky again. And if you look at all, it's tough. Some this or looks for may differ mated the same. Actually, that down there looks a bill a little bigger. So that could be age one. That could be a Chuan that could be aged to whatever, but we don't know it, but just looking, looking at the content, we need to look into the source code, actually. So if you go to the source code over here and just scroll up again and search for H one and see what's coming up. So Behalf H one take it. Original panel feature and receive. But we have for like, four more here, five more so we go up. OK, this is the next one, and here's one that is just named like that. But here, you see, is another H one. So we already have got to age ones on one side. Of course, in the H off html five. It's quite common that you have, like, more than one h one on the pitch because actually, if you do html five page, you've got all sections below each other, so you don't have separate pages for all the content anymore. Anyways, I wouldn't really recommend that Google will tell us that it's no problem. They can figure it out and It's no problem that there's more than one h one on the page, but ah, from experience. Point is, it's much easier to have, like separate pages, because then you also have a separate your L for that sub page. You can pick your age when you can structure a nice having a chooses a tree. Whatever. And it's really clear that this content belongs to this topic. If you have got HTML five everything below each other, then for the search engine, it's very difficult to find out what you really targeting you. You you're not really able to target the key, but right, So just to let you know here, I wouldn't recommend to use more than one H one and let's check their each to Texas. Well, and here, you see already have got 22. So that baby 11 because it's always opening in the closing tech and what we see here, this is the 1st 1 so main menu main menu shouldn't have h two. So you see that they just used it for formatting purposes. And if I go down the on down, I see the next one like navigational trails, so that shouldn't be that shouldn't be there, you know, you see here will legal bit. So all this stuff shouldn't be age, too, because it's not. It's not a headland. It's not made for a user. I mean, it's made for the user, but it shouldn't have that that h two formatting if it's if it's really not, not piece off there off the actual content, you know what I mean? And then you should go on and Black Sea or today h two. You could use more than more than once, of course, but I wouldn't really recommend to not too often uses. Just see it like it's also it's for users and order. The search engine has to understand what it is all about. If you use H one more time, this will be really the main head off the off the content, and then you can use H two for old section. Maybe you have, but then you should really use it for for useful stuff and not to to name your main menu. You know what I mean? That's not important. The user doesn't care if this is your main menu or your foot, a menu or whatever So it's too. Maybe used a little too much, but could be okay. H three. Let's see what they have. Plan your viewing it Street have got a lot of agencies. That's that's quite OK. So, um, when it comes to toe Atria toward 56 it's not that important anymore. It's just a little a little possibility for you to structure it better and to give the surgeons in a little idea. You know what it is all about? What if it is a little more important because it's like at the heading off it. So keep that in mind if you structure your website. Don't use more than one H one on a page. If if possible, and use each to four like important sections and then just go on could use H three h h for whatever. You can also make the make it bold and yeah, important is dead that you have a chew own age two and use the structured a little 24. 25 OnPage SEO Important Ranking Factors MetaDescription: Now we're gonna talk about the meta description, Estimate prescription ranking factor, or why should you optimize it? Actually, we're gonna look at sky dot com at just for demonstration purposes. They look like we look, what may descriptions they have. So if you go down and still search for mater name description, I ever see this is the meta description that sky dot com is using. And you see, Sky brings you all the latest news, sports and entertainment stories manager my sky account or discover more about a host of TV and broadband services. So it's really written to ensure the user, if he clicks on the search results, that he will be right on that page. It's really like, you see, ah, marketing messages, some kind off off, really getting to use us to click on it and ensure that uses will have to feeling okay. If I click on it, I will land on the right page. So let let's show at um, let's look at the meta description in detail here, So this part will be the meta description. This is the part off the snippet that estimated description. The May description is not a ranking factor. It's not the ranking factor. It doesn't matter what other people say out there is confirmed by Google, So it's more like your marketing message. It's your slogan. You will be able to get the people to click. Click on your search results if you really write a good made the description. And as you see here, if you put in the keywords in meta descriptions of somebody would search for Google penalty recovery. Then they will go will make it bold here, and that will give you another advantage that you have. If you use the meta description, really, if it comes to the mid description, you just have to be. Don't right them too long. Because if we would right the too long mate description, of course it won't be visible anymore. You see here it's limited toe 156 charts, and you will be able to just right no, not more than 150 or whatever, so you will be sure that it's displayed. If it's not this plate, you use us, can't see them and also make sure that you're putting your important key bits more on in in front. But it's not. It's not for rankings. It's just make sure that you're important key, but also in there. And you're writing like a kind of marketing message to ensure that if he uses clicking on that, recite, he will land on the right pitch. So it's about the The charts don't put too much charts, but use the whole two lands that you can get because it's really a chance to get the users and keep in mind it's not a ranking factor. And if you use the keyboards inside of the ME description, they will be bold, and that will give you another advantage. 25. 26 OnPage SEO Formating your Content: off course. You should also have a nice side structure. I mean by that that the structure of the website Shoot off course benefit your users or a user should be able to see everything very, very nice and get this much information as possible. Use different media types like video images, use lists and really try to optimize the content. So it's very easy to read for the use and he can see the sections have nice headlines and also really try to put in some additional media and related stuff. Um, I'm a stone is doing that very nice. That's why we're looking at the website of almost or for a minute now. So I just picked a product. They do it quite the same for all the product. And if you look over here, we have got the Kindle here. This is basically a shop system, of course, but it's very nice structured. First of all, we see a nice big image here. Then what they have is I could click on that and I have got the product radio. I've also got different, very high resolution, very nice images over here, and then it really starts very nice. I can see straightaway. What the price is that it has got a very good rating over here and that it is in stock this hour. Things that are not now in first case relevant for search engine optimization off course, but always keep in mind. Google isn't buying anything from you. So you should really have few focus on the user. And actually, if you if you do it for the use, it will also called for the for the pot. Because if you use like list over here, here will be the first list. This is a certain tacky to place in your coat, so it's it's a list, and for Google, it will also be clear. Or Google likes that. If you use like list to use nice headings, you use images you use videos always keep in mind if you use like videos or images that you name them right so that they give them alltech or you also the name off. The image should be the right one. Keep in mind, coping is basically plan and can't see the image or a video still try to help Google. So this would be a list, then they have got related stuff over here. This is also very important. If you create the page and you've got related content somewhere on your page, or even if the content is outside somewhere, like Wikipedia or stuff like that, of course you should make sure that you're not redirecting or not. You don't want to. Ah, sent the people from the website to to a different website, Of course so. But if you have, like internal related content, just listed like that, like Kindle for kids or stuff like that. So this is very nicely done, and if you go down there, you see this would be the headline. In this case, it's not done very good from the, um from the shop owner. I don't know if I'm a sown is selling that product itself or not, but it's it's it's not that bad. What I mean is that this is not text, it is the image. So you see, Kobe will not able will not be able to read that so that just combined in his image. That would be better. If that would be like each one headland. That should be H two headline so that could be 83 Headline. And it's very nice structure, as you see. And then here, down there it continues. So make sure it's not image that just picked image for the 1st 1 And as you see, it's not really relevant. So reads like a book that's not really a title that has to be a Chuan you see. It's very nice, structured till down there. They have very nice photos everywhere. They have got related links. They have got show more, and they also have, like, related books. So it's really a related product. So you see the start toe guides the user through and try to structure content. Very nice using headlands, using lists, using images, using videos, using related products. This is very important, and you see how long this is gonna be. And then they have, like, the technical details over here. They show us everything about the king led. We have to know that we can compare the different kilo, so this is really great. Amazon is really a mast off that, and the search engines really like that. The search engines don't just least Amazon that high in the search because they're so a large or a big brand. They also released Amazon because they do a lot of stuff right then they have got the customer reviews here. Then they have got really They're written reviews down there and some stuff over here and here. You know, this is really this is really great. It's It's really what also Google wants because they want to give their uses the best experience that here you can read if other people like the Kindle and automatically. Of course, if people are writing this piece of content here, it's actually content that you don't have to pay that he uses right for you, and it makes it even more relevant. Keep in mind if you have content. So if you allow comments or if you allow reviews, really make sure that you read them before I don't don't just put them on the website without reading them, because you never know what people are writing, and I don't mean if they if they're writing bad reviews, I mean, you don't know if if they make a lot off spelling mistakes or and of content is on your page and how the pages structured and make real issue. It's unique content. Otherwise it could be very risky and then expand up. They could hit you. Keep that in mind. 26. 27 OnPage SEO Freshness of your content: is the freshness off your content important or even a large ranking factor? It really depends in which neige or what you want to rank for. If you look at, for example, Barrack Obama, if I would want to rank for that term, we just ignore this because we're just looking at the organic search results. But of course, if we want to rank for that keyword, we see that, for example, here Wikipedia is ranking, but then followed by the news. So this is very news related, and it would be important to get your website into Google News. If you really want to. A rank for term like that and what we see here, it's it's reverie. 14th this is about, um, I would say, 23 weeks ago, so they show, quite, um, the latest stuff here. But it's not really that debt fresh, you see. And if off course, if you would search for some sport event that is just coming up or whatever you will find or it's just life, you will find really the latest stuff. And so it's it really depends on Munish. If you do something with news, then it's it's important that you have new content and that you tell Google that the content is life. And to that you try to get you up citing to go green use and stuff like that. But if you look at other search terms, like how to drink a glass of water, you see that this article is already about two years old and also these videos are two years or here this is, ah, younger one from 2015 this one year old and so on. So you really see it depends. There are niches out there where there is no new continent or it doesn't really make sense to to do new content. What I mean by doesn't make sense. Of course, it's always good to write something for users. But if you are like in the auto repair industry, off course, you could go out and right stuff about new techniques and and whatever. But they're just certain industries where Google isn't really looking at the news factor to rank the websites because they know it's not just not comment for For this nation, that doesn't make much sense because the user doesn't expect to get latest news on that it's it's like it always wants. But if you are inner, you really news related section. You have to make sure that you write new stuff or time int that you get it out. So you can't really say that freshness is a ranking factor. It really depends on Munish, but off course. Try to, um, try to produce content on a regular basis that will really help you rankings. 27. 28 OnPage SEO optimizing the URL Structure: Let's now talk about the best your L structure. So if it comes to the Ural structure like we have seen before, it is very important. First, to make the decision in which country you want to rank. And if you decide that you will target more than one country, you should get a top level domain. If you want to do it with the same domain and then just go ahead. And, for example, if you want to rank in Germany, you should make like, a sub folder and go to Google that master tours and stick in all the content toe thief all of that you have for Germany. And if you have, like different countries like Canada, whatever it should always be like that separated and after that there should be the regular content. So, like in this case, we could do T e and then continue using like hotels or cars or whatever they offer, and then maybe probably make the city and make it really clear for the user and make a really clear, sad structure. And then it will also help rankings because it's very clear for Google what the content is all about. if the euro is also about it. If you look at just the example he had just but in booking, not come and see what is coming up. If you look at the u. R l here it's in this case off course, just booking dot com. They don't have any targeting or whatever to that. If I click on, just click on the total and see, but is coming about clicked on that region and see how they structured. Um, what we see here they go ahead and have a sub folder for the city's. So they may have hotels that may have cities that may of countries and stuff like that. So they decided to just go for for any purpose. I don't know why they did it, but they said cities and then you see here they made Norway in Oh, and so they're able to target this whole directory to a certain country. If they want to do it. Be careful, especially with the travel rep side. It's not like it is regularly because in a Trevor upset, you know, not the people from Norway probably don't want to go to Norway. You know what I mean so in the case of Trevor website, you have to be a little careful. You can really use that for for targeting. But then just to show it is the structure. So they made city that could be also hotels. If you have like hotels, then they made the country and then they made here the the city actually So also, they also added t html. That's not really necessary that you do that some plug ins or some websites still add HTML , but it doesn't make a difference. Actually, if there is HTML or or no. So you see they have a color, very nice structure here and the other half breadcrumb stone down there. This is also quite important that this is a part of the navigation. If you use like a plug in like they used a CEO plug in or different plug ins or you if you hand code it, make sure you do this breadcrumb navigation, because what this breadcrumb navigation actually does is you see it's supporting the euro. It's like the home would be like the main the city. It's not in there, but it's like in Norway over here and then also country. So it's over here and then it's also again. So what this breadcrumb navigation does is that it really shortens the way toe to this information. If you look at the website structure overall, probably this also would be very deep for the crawl to find. So maybe on the tense 12 certain celebrity. But like this, there's a direct way from actually the home page. Or from from that booking Page two to the Oslo section, You know what I mean? So here in, like I said, you don't really have to put that and what we see here this session, I d. I mean, that's not that's not the best thing to do. They probably needed for tracking or to display some some content on the page. Google. It just recently said that it doesn't really matter if you got this this ideas, because keep in mind, it's It's a computer, it's a it's a pot down there, and he's dealing with that number. So for the porter for the computer, it's no issue, but off course. You should really try to have that structure at and after that they know that this is an idea of its starting with a question mark, and they will just ignored it. And you could even go into Web Master tours and their settings called um para Meters. And you could sell Google. If the perimeter looks like that, the content changes or the content doesn't change. So give Google a hint what to do. But you really see Yoon should make sure that the sad structure is also a nicely displayed in Europe. And if I click would click on on a hotel here, you would see that they go ahead and they are stripped out. Actually, the Oslo off the You're all here to see if we if we look at this one, you still see that they have also HTML over here. So this is the sub page. And if we click in the hotel that there is the Oslo gone, of course, and they have got actually the certain that the hotel play display the hotel. That's also the title off the hotel, and you will find the title also in the Ural. That I've seen really helps if there title is also in the urine or that the name off the product, for example, and it also helps big times in link building because you could just go out and place very naturally your your link and you don't use the architects keeper. Do you just use the link? But because they're in context is already in the U Ella's Well, this really helps and you stay on the safe side. Keep that in mind. So we see here. Now it's the it's the actual page in the euro, and they really did it quite well. Level to keep in mind if you have, like, a product or like your hotel and not just one category. Let's imagine they they sticked in the this hotel into the Norway category and into the Oslo and maybe into the I don't know, special off for category whatever. So they would end up having this one hotel in three locations so that the problem would be that it would be here in in and maybe an O, and then it would be in special offers, and then it would be at this euro. And if the other euros could be different so you would end up having duplicate content, that means you have got one piece of content. This is actually the same, but ending up having it on three euros. So Google is not sure anymore. What, what off the sub pages. Which off the sub pages, you want to get rank. So what you should do if you, um, have this issues, you could just go ahead and, for example, in the in the plug in. So in the in the US plugging you have got the possibility if you go toe SC. Also, if you go to the to the settings and if you then go for two Perma links, you can just strip off their category for Click That so it will just go ahead and strip out that if that would be the special offer or if that would be some different country would just strip it out and just display the the HTML. So just a the side toe. Any time I would click on that, it doesn't matter in which category it would just show. The product Link cannot the category inside, so that helps to avoid duplicate content. If you look here in detail, how to ride a title or how to get the UL right, it's on the same page. So if you add a new page, it has met in which CMS you are If you're invert press two typos Rio, whatever. Here it's it's somehow connected in in WordPress like test test your l If it would safe that, let's just say for draft the CMS, actually, So WordPress, in this case is generating a title rul for me using the title. Of course, I can go in all the time and edit this title. I'm really tried to make it something useful. And this would really be the end you were ever. So if I would have that in the category, if I would put it in a in a category over there, of course, the category would be shown before If I didn't check that setting step that they should strip out the category. So really, make sure that the U. Earl is really showing what is on that page. You should always ago. Actually, this is part of keyword research because it should really start. You should know what keeper to target on this page. And you just do it like you read a red line. You start finding the right, keep it then you put that key. But as we have seen, if you write, the title is so if you would write a really great title, then it would be the you're out. Um, you can take out all the stops. That's the end and whatever. So just make it a nice title in a nice clear your L and you will see this will really work good and then continue to do like the right headings. Then structure your website. Nice making, like Amazon really show related proact if you have reviews or if it fits. If it's a product for, for example, tried to have reviews. If it's some other content, try to get in videos, images, a structure nicely, so that will really help. This is how to really make your search engine friendly Europe. And in my eyes we have seen in the last month it's really important to hefted, and that really helps ranking rankings very, very good 28. 29 OnPage SEO optimizing Meta Keyword Tag: This is a short video about the meta Kiva tech shooter used the Met Akiba Tech isn't even important Ranking factor. Well, how can you see which meta keywords are implemented on a page? Just go to any random page, press the right mouse button goto view page source over you source code, and then just search for keywords. So you just type in here, keep it. And you see, here is the maitre nemc Ebert, and this is the the thing that we're gonna look yet now. So should you use the major key? But I would strongly suggest to don't use them because Google is not looking at them or any other search engine. They're not taking this. Keep it in the account. And if you really go up and pulled a lot off the keywords in there, so really try to spam like the search engines and you also to a little spare me stuff on your main content in front. Keep in mind the meta keywords there just in the back control their net not seen by the user, but they're seen by the search engines so it doesn't make any sense. And if you end up having loads of keyboards putting him there. That mean they're not recognizing the key better than not looking at the key with anymore because it has been abused off course. And so that's why they're not using it anymore. Just be careful, not toe stuff in too many cute. And I would also recommend not to use them all because they're not. Nobody's looking at it, so it doesn't make any sense from the airport. It's also that you would give your competitors advantage. Why? Because if you put the right, keep it. So if you really put in a lot off time and effort into the right, keep research and you found the best key. But it's the highest search, William and that key words that bring you most off the money, and it would put them on every page inside off the meta keyword tech. Keep in mind this keep attack. You set up for every sub page for every page new off course because you targeted you don't do it, but you would do it. So actually these are very related key. But if there are some and if they competitors did really some research, some people just put stupid stuff in inside, so they just put like I mean, Norway. This seems like its automated pulled from the from the U. R l or somewhere, so I'm quite sure they don't do it by head. So but, for example, it doesn't make much sense to put like hotels in there. If you go to your competitors, you can try it out. Really. Look at the source code. You may find the very interesting stuff you may find keyboards did you didn't even have on your ADA, and so you could just go and copy that out and try to see the search volume in the traffic estimation for that that gives you advantage. But keep in mind, don't use it yourself because the search engines it's not a ranking factor. Nobody's looking at it, and you could just give your competitive advantage if you really pull in. Good key birds don't do that 29. 30 OnPage SEO Searcmetrics ranking factors 2014: in this part off the video training, I will talk about their ranking factors in 2014. This is released by Search Metrics. It's here Google CO UK. But actually, it doesn't really make a difference. The report off the other countries, like the US they're quite the same. Um, it's very important. Keep in mind, I'm not really, um, suggestion or I'm not really the same. I don't have the same opinion as such metrics. Such metrics is a software and that they have tools like showing visibilities are basically their rank tracking. They have a key but poor, and they, um, show us visibility. That means the mawr keywords that you have ranking in good positions. The higher visibility is and you can compare yourself. It's the competitors like that. So I really would you have to know about this study. Is that all? There are a lot off websites they have been researching, or that they looked at our really big breads, and it's very natural that the big brand has got a lot off social signals. That's why in mice, this study is actually not very good, but you will find it out there and you may have this questions and you, we will be not sure if it's right or not. So that's why I want to go over this study and look at every factor and explain every factor to you. Keep in mind it's not my opinion. I don't really think that the Google Plus is the most important wrecking factory. It's just stupid. And just to explain again. That's because a lot off this big website, of course, they are very popular. They make TV spots and stuff like that. So they get a lot off off social signals and they're ranked quite well off course. But not, uh, not because the social signals are there that are there so strong. Um, but you know they have it, and that's why they show up like that. So let's start. I just tried to make it a little, little bigger. I will attach that graphic for you that you can have a look. So if we go down, he and start looking at the ranking factors, or what they say are the ranking factors they started with actually, for them, the most important drinking affected have found Ah, Google is Google plus is a plus one. If you get a lot of plus bonds, they say it's it's drinking. Factor number one. Um, I would say I mean ranking factor, Mom one. It stays. It really depends because, you know, if you locked in, if you have a Google account, you will get different search results. So if somebody in your circle is sharing something, it will be very much more likely to see that for you. So it's kind off important, but it's not Evan Seed as main ranking factor, but keep that in mind. So Facebook total they look at Facebook shares. Facebook lacks, and whatever I see it more that this is really confirming a confirming signal. If you do like marketing out there, it's very natural that you will also get social media signals. And Google is trying that to confirm all the signals around, confirming the links, confirming that loads of stuff is happening around. And this is really also important for your marketing. Of course, all that that Facebook stuff will bring a lot of fuses, but I don't see it really cougar related. Keep in mind, Google doesn't have access to Facebook. Data doesn't have access to Twitter they can use Google. Plus would be quite logical that they implement that somehow because they really have the date and can get it out. But keep in mind, it's a search engine. They build the algorithm, and they can't build algorithm on data they don't have or maybe loose very soon. So they they don't have Facebook data, don't have treated data, and I mean, they can cross some off it. They can index some of it. But as you know, Facebook, a lot of patriot. Most of the pages are like private or not accessible for for robots and the same in treater . So it's not really a signal that you could use in my eyes. Down here, it's Facebook, Facebook, Facebook again, then treats, of course, a tweet. It depends also in what industry you are, but they could pick up a tweet if you are in this very new 30 vertical and they could pick it up because Google is trying also the computers this competitors to be fast to deliver very fast. So in some industries it could be that treats help you because they pick it up. But it's not like you long term ranking strategy in my eyes, then here the 1st 1 So they say, actually appear. If we forgot one, it's the number off back Lings. I'm not quite sure if the number these days you know that we have had the Ping Green update . And so it's not about the number of back links anymore. It's really about quality and trust. But as they are all big brands, they came to cryptic conclusion that this is really about the number. So here's some more social signals, and then here the next one is a CIA visibility. What that basically means is that this website have a lot off keywords ranking in good positions. The more key but we have in the top 100 them the more keep. It's our ranking quite well. The higher you search visibility ease. So that seems to be a good ranking factor. If a lot off this, um keyboards are ranking quite well overall intend, you know, it brings up the website. These are not just on Patria lated things. Of course, this is a combination. So lots off this stuff that we talked about now is actually just off page stuff because all the signals that we've been talking now it's like the social media like this school passable is coming from outside. It's nothing that you could, um, do from inside. You could, of course, make sure that you implement share button over or plus button on every post on every page so that the people have got the possibility to share it. Keep that in mind. And also if it comes to visibility. Of course, if you write content that is really good. Then you will start to rank for some off this key, but likes like automatically. But you need, of course, the signals from outside the back links and all the other stuff. So let's go down Pinteresque again here. So this they say, If you if you have floats off signals from Pinterest that will happen then may surprise you here No follow back Lings So many people say Oh, if they do link building, they don't want to have no for links What we go, we don't really care about if the link is a for a link or not for link because in my eyes, even if you know for a link doesn't submit power, it will dissipate. Trust how I know that I noted from experience. And I know that for example, Wikipedia Link is a no falling and we know in the industry actually that this link has got a lot of value. So for me, it's very clear that this kind of link will give you trust and trust is very important these days. So if we go on, we talked about now than a for a link, then we have back links from new domains. I don't really think that that could be an issue, because if it the main is new, Google won't trust this domain that that good. You know what I mean? Absolutely trust older websites and new domain doesn't have much trust. So I don't think that this right new Beck Ling's new back links that could be a signal that people in the moment are really interested in this stuff. I think it will work like if the industry is very related to news topics. So if it's important that the content is fresh, it could also be that they're looking more at new links. But in general, I don't think that this is has got any value. I would say it's more about their link grow. So how many links that the velocity? Actually, How many links are you getting in every week every month, and is your link graph growing or is it going down or whatever? That could be a much better signal than to look at new back lings related terms. So here it comes up also to two parts of off page. If you have links on related websites off course, that will help you and also related terms could come down to content. So if you really try to structure your website right and sent that the users to related content and that makes it mawr more understandable for cool, what is all about? And they may pick it up easier. And if you don't have related links to really on topic links to this content parts, it will will really help you off page and also internally the linking. Then here we have back links from the same country. Google is really trying to serve the users the best, the best search result, so off course, this is our possibility opportunity for them in certain verticals to go up and say We know that they use us. For example, in the US, I want to have They're recites from the U. S. They don't want to see a search results from the U. K. Of course. And so they really consider the back link structure. And if you have a lot off bet Ling's from your country with your target market where you want to rank in. So if you are in the US but you want to rank in Indonesia wherever you should, make sure, of course, that you target the main to there and you have a lot off backings from Indonesia because then it looks like for Google, it's relevant people. I interested in that. So where are we now? Back clings with stop birds. So it's all about not to have, like all the exact match anchor text, keep it back. Link risky with stoppers will mean that you always try to have an irregular sentence in there like don't don't put, for example, like insurance. You could put visit this website for best insurance quotes or something like that. You know, um, there could be stopped built inside, and you just try to make the ankle Texas natural as possible. So if he go up tar Word count in anchor text. So this is actually quite the same. It's related. Don't just use one keyword. Try to make it longer hte email length. So that will be. Or that looks like a little content factor, of course, So html it's It doesn't really say here if it's also the contents, because there would be the possibility to just see that as so html just it's the coding without the content inside or if it's really there. The scene, The website award at the page overall. So, of course, it's important to have, um, a decent amount of content here. I would also suggest to look at your competitors. How many words do the competitors, right? What? What stuff they put in what words they use and so on. So the lengths off the euro. So why should that be important? Of course, if you have Ah, too long, Ural, Um, there will be technical issues, but Google is very smart these days. And all the maybe think about the user the best. Ural is also always the euro, that maybe the user will will keep in mind or would be able would be possible to keep in mind and order. If you would do advertising that, you just could use that Europe, you know, laughter Nice, smart short UAL for marketing If the U. S really long and they have got some Session Aires and stuff like that would be very hard to remember. And so, yeah, number off internal links when it comes town to internal ings. I mean, it doesn't really matter how many internal links you have, but you should make sure that most of your links so that the page that has got the most internal ing should be your most important page. This is also very important if it comes to your site structure. If you structure your website, you know, it's quite logical for Google that the website, the sub paged the page that your links toe the most thesis in Google's eyes seems like to be the most important page order for the users because you send your users, they're on most of the time, so keep that in mind So very ah, Now number of back links keywords in body, so keep it in Cuba. Important. Of course. A lot of people out there these days say they don't use to keep it anymore. Not in the You are not in the title, Notre Never, never, because Pinguin will hit me. Parliament hit me. That's totally stupid. The people don't know what they're talking about. Of course, you need a little portion off key, but in the anchor text, you should put it in the title. You should put it in the Ural, and of course, you should have it in the content. How should go figure out what you want to rank for? You know, you have to give them a hint. Google's where? Very stupid, actually. So you have to tell the machine a little what you want to rank for. So keep that in mind. What else? So posting off keyboards entitled So this is the title. Of course. We should have to keep it in the title, and I would suggest to have it in the first place in the title texture text corrector Lang's. So it's about the amount of content that you're right, and that would suggest to look at the competitors, how much they have and probably do a little more to it a little better. That will really help you keywords in internal links. This I would see totally different, not not from this post, but from from the off page stuff. So if you do link building, be very careful with Keeper to use. But internally, try to use the exact match Kiva So or really try to use a phrase that tells the user what he will find if he clicks on it. So if you would be on a red shoes website selling wretch use and you would hear fly can't backs as well, then it should. Dealing should tell hen pecks or related count related hand packs or head packs that that fits to the juice or whatever. You know what I mean. So really in context should be exact and be very careful. Don't use different versions of anchor text if you link toe one weapon internally because otherwise he would tell Google like so it would be one time head back, and it the other time it would be cheap, cheap backs or whatever. And if they have the same anchor text you like confusing kugel born time, you say like this is about that kid. And then that cute and even roast is if you use the same key but pointing to different pages. So if you would use the hand back and pointing to Page E a one time than pointing to pitch , be using the same anchor text, you end up telling over. Hey, here's the content here. The handbags that say no. Hey, hey, here's the hand packs because you know you it's like it's like you would, um, se pent backs are there and there and there. Then go be will be really confused to have to have one landing page and there's the hand packs. And also your internal and external links structure should make sure that a Google will understand what you're doing there. Um, bird count yet about the content, looking to competitors and try to figure out key. But in external links, we talked about that already, So try to not just use one keep Try to make variation. Try to use the euro and a good tip. Try to get the U. S. Structure right. Then you would automatically have your keyword in the U. S. Structure and just used the euro as anchor text. Then you're totally safe because you it looks very natural using the euro and you've got automatically the category probably depends how your structure looks like. And to keep it inside, This is the best way to do it. Cites speed. Yes, I'm not really, really into sight speed off course. You make sure that the website it's loading very fast, but this is more use issue. You know, there's so much offers out there. So many websites. Why should use those Wait so long? I see it by myself. Is the website restore not appealing after 345 seconds and I'm not so interested in it. I'm not sure that this is the best reps. I would just go and click on the next one, so keep that in mind. This is very important. So proof terms, proof terms would be like, I guess semantic stuff proof terms are if Google is, if you're optimizing for like, let's keep the wretches. If you're writing a content text about the red shoes, then it would be very likely that you use like I'm not going to shoes. But what could use maybe, maybe there's also blue. Or there's also like high or high heels or whatever. So related words that will ensure Google. Did you really talking about shoes? You know? What's that he would really use? Naturally, Maybe do the women will will know better what, what to use them tonight. So let's continue, he said. It's proven term number off external links. Um, this is quite interesting. So number off external links is here, not that rated so high and up there is back killing some new back Ling's. I don't know what the difference is actually here, but yeah, number off external links. I don't think that is about the number these days is about quality and trust h two. So it seems to be that the h two tech they found this is really valuable. That could be that Google is going a little down on the H one tech because html five, everything is on one page and most of the websites ending up with having, like, 10 no. 15 h one text on one website and maybe Google found out, or I don't know if it's true, but it could be like that. They say, Okay, we focus more on H two because the each one is not really in the times off html five, something that we could really recognize that it is really about that topic, you know, So the best structure would actually be to have separate pages separate you, Eliza Breath title separate H one a separate such structure for every keyword and not half unlike html five, everything below each other. Image count. Um, whatever that means. So it just means I think if you have like, rich media, if you have images on the website as well, that may help you. Little ul is not sub domain. You are is not septum in. So of course, you know if you have, like deciding us structure and even decide to go for www you domaine dot com And this would be off course that the main And then we would have flagged categories of whatever. After that, if you would decide to have a sub domain, it would be like Block taught you remained out Whatever. And actually it this is seen by Google as a totally new domain. What does that mean? A totally new domain. So the link Jews, if it's coming from outside will not account for you. Dolly w version. And in very few cases I've seen it like here. If you go to the travel industry, if they use like sub domains for every country or for every location, and Google is recognizing that they all belong together and actually have very similar content, you will get a little link power from to death to the other domains supplements as well. But generally, thesis scene is totally different, like block dot com and www reversion. This has seen like almost two different inmates. So of course, the supplements are not ranking that good because they don't get the power from the whole domain. Video integration video integration. It's hard to say, because there's not just video integration. If you integrate the video, you can do it different in a different way. You can just put it in I frame or whatever, saying nothing. So if you implement the video, Google will not see it. If you don't like, maybe transcribe it or use some. If you use like we steer you can to some special ASIO settings that really describes transcribes. The video that Google really knows what is on the video, and I can understand the media just if they can understand it, they can give value to it because if they can't see, why should they give a value? So just media integration. Hm? Keeper in age tool. So it comes down to H two again, of course, use. Try to use keyboards in your head lands as well, but try to use it naturally. Keyboards entitle off course, put a key but first position entitled Key, but in description would just do that for you know, the scripture is not a ranking factor. Do it for better conversion. So if you put in the Dickie wrote in your meta description and people research for the key , but it will appear bold. So this is the Trans Judge TV description H one. So he has th on. It seems to be still valuable. So use the H one tech. Of course, it should be like red line like a told already, starting with the right. You're all right. Title right? Heading right content right? Whatever. Everything Right description. What is this? Scripture made the description. If it's the meta description. Didn't we talk about the mid description already. It doesn't matter. So I assume it's the meta description, and you just get it into Teoh, Get the words bold and get the conversions higher. Keyword in domain. I still think this is a very big or very essential factor because I've seen that many times Exact match domain E MDs. So it's like you would sell insurances, for example, and it would have, like insurance dot com, or you would have a long tail key. But like, um, I don't know, cheapest insurance, whatever. If people would search for cheap insurance and you may well be cheap insurance, you have got a very big advantage. Still, um, there was, like a rumor, like, two or three years ago that exact measurements are not ranking anymore. But that's not true. Except much remains a ranking. Very good. Of course, you have to make sure that the link profile is a K that the content is okay. And beware King, for just because you've got the exact match domain don't use their the in context all the time because school knows that you Yeah, maybe trying to game them so and also, if it comes down to the to the side structure. Of course, you should have it in the category you should or relevant in the category relevant in in the u. R l and what that keyword in your key, but in tow? Main. Yeah, this is coming down to the to the U. N, Lacker said. Keyword in h one talked about that already. Ed Link throughout its sense. Yeah, it doesn't make it. It's just zero. So here is actually the negative ones. So they just found out that it doesn't make a difference if you have add links on a website . But why should that make a difference? So if you have any sense days, it seems like the websites are not ranking that well. But this could be very logically if people just stuff being that sent. So if you arrive at the website and you see like Venice everywhere and the say Buddha to expect me to leave the website so that could be something negative. Well, as we have add links. Yeah, that could be the same issue. Let you have just have to too much advertising into just leave At Sands. Blocks are the same title Cherokee character lengths. Yeah, I just I don't know. Of course you should. Bright title that its search engine friendly. So put the key, but in front and make it was a marketing title. Don't write like, two sentences. Yeah, so this are or this are the ranking factors that such metrics Things are very important. Like I said before, I don't have toe the same opinion, but we went through or defectors? No. I wanted to give you some insides, and I wanted to let you know how I see it. And I've got lots of experience. So you may have the same opinion now, or even if you don't have the same opinion. I just wanted to explain everything to you. I hope that help. 30. 31 OnPage SEO Negative OnPage Ranking Factors Intro: in my eyes. It's not just important to know the positive ranking factors you should order. No factors that could impact your rankings on page negatively. That's why I made this section. I will show you in detail what you really should avoid or how you can make it better toe get better search and rankings doing on page optimization. 31. 32 OnPage SEO Negative Bounce to SERP Bounce Rate: we're talking about negative ranking factors now. And one ah, ranking factor that could affect your website negatively could be the bounce rate. We're not talking about the bounce rate that you can see in you Google Analytics. So that would be like if you go to analytics, Terry will be a tap showing the bounce rate. And where the bounds of eight actually means is that people are bouncing. So they're they're accessing your page and they are leaving the page very fast to get. And but I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about the bounce rate, this ERP bounce rate. What does it mean? So if you, for example, if you search for something poto in its search for hotels in New York. So if I would click on a regular search term here So Trip advisor, it doesn't matter what it is and just leave again or close the tap again. S O. This is the bounce back to separate. Cougar can measure it. Of course, if I click here to start to measure it and they can see that the same I p is coming back again, like after two seconds for great. That could be a signal that this website is not dead. Great. Some people say that. So there is the outer part. Um, there are people or their countries regions out there were just people go ahead and search differently. So what they would do is that just go ahead and open the link in a new tab, open the link in a new tab, open the link in a new tab, open the link in a new tab. They do that for for all the taps, and then it's loading and it just go through it So they look at this website if they if they like it, that we may leave it open if they don't like it to close it and so on. So there's nothing like a soup bounce rate in certain countries. So I just want to, um, tell you like it is so I can't really say or can't really tell you that the Serb bounce rate is ah, ranking factor. It will be considered in my eyes. They can't implemented in the algorithm because it doesn't work in or the country's. It doesn't work around the work, and I think that they are not going to implement something in the algorithm that, um that is not scalable Off course. It could be that they are already that that you know, far that they can really do it. For certain countries, that could be possible. So the ball trait, that bounce rate back to Serpas It could be a slightly different factor because it's quite too. If a serial as a search engine, it could be a quite good singer toe know if people are satisfied with the content or not. But there's another reason. Actually they have to. They would have to measure it very different. So if I would search for, like, the at the time, time in time in India, whatever. So I would see you mean in this case, Google is showing me the time already here, so I wouldn t even have to click on a searchers on. But if it wouldn't be like that, so I would click on here and let's see what's coming up. This is Ah, not a good example, actually. So if I would click here, hopefully that shows. So I see the time straight away. So I will click on the back button and pounds because I have the information that I need a saw. The time or the same would be with weather or stuff like that. So if they use the bonds to separate, first of all day need to measure it differently around the world because people are searching differently. And then one more thing is you're so if they would have toe judge it differently. So if I look for the time or stuff that I'm satisfied very fast, just see the time and a bounce back, they would have to measured it as well. Differently. So you know now what the bounce rate is, what the back toe, sir, Pounds readies, and you can make up your own decision if you think Google will count that into their algorithm or not. 32. 33 OnPage SEO KeyWord Stuffing: keyword stuffing is, of course, another negative factor that this own page eso What is keeper stuffing? Actually, these days you don't see it that extensive anymore, but you still find like articles out there where they really try toe stuff in lots of kibitz. So this is really old school. It's not about key, but then city anymore. Whoever is telling you it's it's important to have a certain key, but density, that's totally not true. Toe, take some nice words. So it's all about semantic these days. Actually, you need to make sure, of course, that you have got your key, but inside you want to tell Google what you want to rank for. But then it's more about the semantic stuff around it. So if you talk about cars, for example, it would be very related that you maybe have a garage. Maybe have to the word tire. You may have toe world oil or whatever you're talking about, or repair whatever. So Google will find all that worlds. They will know that this words are related to the to the world car. This is that the group, and like this, Google is more likely to trust you. And if you just go ahead and do it like this guy publishing our teacher and what do you think he is trying to rank for any area. So, yeah, it looks like he's, um, trying to ring for fire pit. But that's not really the way that you should go these days. So really try to avoid keyword stuffing. Don't use the key, but like this guy did really try toe ride a natural piece of content for users research before which keywords have a high search, William and what keywords are really appearing in that content? If you are expert on the topic, you should no doubt anyways, but there are raised to go out and their tours out there to look at your competitors for some S E allies would be a tool that you could use. What a tool is doing is you're sticking a keyword. If you look at your top 10 competitors, it will look at the words that they're using, and it will try to show the semantic context off this words show you how often they use it , how much content they have on the website. So it's not about key but stuffing anymore. Police all right that we're not in 2008 33. 34 OnPage SEO Hidden Text or Keywords: I tried to find example for hidden text or hidden keyboards, but as they are hidden there quite difficult to find. So let's just talk about it. So, um, of course, like 10 years ago, it was all about keep but density and people tried to pull them as many key. But it's possible, and because they didn't want the users to see these keepers that just used, like white text on a white pitch. So the user's concede, but actually the keepers have been on the page. But googly wasn't that smart these days to recognize that, of course. So that really worked quite well. And yeah, please, really, we're not back in these days, really try to avoid it. Don't try to hide some text behind some objects. Or don't try to put like thief's that you're hiding or moving out off the out off the visible parts, for example, or don't put like the same text color is background color. Could we will pick that up. Google these days is rendering the website, so if you go to Web Master tours, there's a navigation point called Fetch and Randa, and if you click on that, you can see how. Actually Kugel sees your upset and you will see if you try to use some hidden text or whatever, they will recognize that they will just judge the website like the user sees it, and they will ignore the stuff. And it's even seen as spam signals, so that really could hurt you. If Google comes across and he sees, like you're trying to manipulate the search engine, it's very likely that you getting into a penalty or you getting a mental penalty on some kugel employees looking at the website and you getting flag so really tried to a white that don't stuffed keywords don't hide them. 34. 35 OnPage SEO Cloacking: did you hear people talking about cloaking orally? If you're not so into the search and on engine industry, you may not have heard this. This were literally so. What is cloaking? Cloaking is actually just showing Google bought or showing Google a different search results, then your user. So how does that work? It's very technically, but it's not that hard to do. It's basically you're having a list off the piece from the Google bought. So there's a list out there that you would know that it's not a user. It's a it's a cookie party. If he's accessing serve, of course, he has toe give the server informations about what? What he is, actually. So if a Google bought, or if a pot is accessing the server, he will come to the servants. Say, Hey and Google bought This will know what to do with that. If it's regular user, there would be ordered the possibility toe Redirect them by I p or by country or whatever. So it would be possible to redirect that they use is based on the Geo location. This is quite thesis, quite dangerous, I have to say, because you bought most of the time is coming from the U. S. So And if you would like, redirect people or a piece from the US automatically to some content, you will always or so redirect Google bought so you could end up not showing most of the part of the website to Google because you're cloaking or you are redirecting Google to just that one version because he's coming from the States. But this is not cloaking. This is like, technically the same, but cloaking you would call really a bad intent to It's like it blackhead tactic to cloak. Why should you do that? So just imagine that if the cougar part is coming, you show him a nice, very optimized version off you upset. But if the user is coming, you show him a really, you know, for conversion optimized, paged it. It's really made for for selling, or you don't want to go back to to see something that you you put on the page of whatever So, but actually, if you if you do it really good, it would be the same because everything that is good for you user should be really it by Google as well So it's quite logically if you make a knight's nice side structure. If you put on useful content. If you put on a nice image is nice nice readers or stuff like that, then it's good for the user. And also, it's good for a search engine because search engine will find a good headline, good content related media stuff and all, all off that. So, really, keep in mind to do that, not just for Google. Also do it for user or the main purpose should be the user, because they use is buying and not the the search engine. So cloaking is basically that you show Google order. You show any pot different content than that you show you uses. This is against the Google search quality guidelines, and they should award that that could get you in trouble. 35. 36 OnPage SEO Above The Fold Adds: too much adds above the fold could also be a slightly negative ranking factor, of course. And they even made a special update for that. You see he on search engine watch Google updates above the full page layer. I agree. Um, so there's really aiga room looking at there. Top off your page. What does it mean? Above the fold is actually everything that is visible here on a regular monitor, if above before. So, um, this is found. So you see, this would be all about the Ford. Everything that I can see whenever I access the website on on the desktop, actually not on a mobile device or whatever. So if here's a banner, of course, and he is a banner and if there would be some more banners over there if the user arrives at your website and like to Sirte's, what he sees are really Panis Booby doesn't really like that, and they found out that actually, this is a very bad use experience and made make people toe to leave the page. So they're focusing on getting you to not to put on too much banners and advertising, and you see if it's ah moving all the time. If it's blinking, then it's It could be quite annoying. In this case, I would say it's the maximum what you should really do and they're looking at if you have too many banners on top, individual visible area if you arrive page, it may be a lot slightly negative. Rancic Factory. They even have a own algorithm for that, so keep that in mind. 36. 37 OnPage SEO Blog SPAM: I want to talk about heavy block spam now. So if you have a blocks, refuse WordPress or whatever and you have caught a lot off, spare me content or a lot of spam. It comments. This could really hurt you because comments are the scene s content. So if you have got thousands off comments on the website not even relevant because there is , like, just show you that it's some extra mysteries. X trauma is a software where you can automatically spam your spend blocks or spam forums or whatever, and many people are still using that. So And if you didn't protect your your block against this spamming stuff and you could end up if you're not checking it on a regular basis, have a next thousands off off comments below your posts. And they won't be really relevant that that could really hurt it, because Google is picking it up as part off your content. And also if you see it from a user's point, or how good we could see it from a user's point. If users come to that block and read it and then look at the comments, day would be really not very happy to read something about Viagra or insurances or whatever is really high competitive and table spam. Also, really make sure if you have a block, if you allow comments that you check every comment that it's really related to the topic and you not ending up like having thousands off, Spam commented will also affect your low time. But overall it will just take away the relevancy or the focus off your page. If people are just posting links and just using your block to spend. So really take care that you're managing that you taking care off, you block comments. 37. 37 OnPage SEO Dublicate Content: public it content can really hurt you. Actually, it's mon off. One off the main issues. Why websites get penalized or lose lows off rankings. And there's the panda update out there that really focuses on public it content as well. So really, keep that in mind. Let me first explain what is public it content and why is it a problem? So actually, duplicate content would be like you. Let's imagine, just for example, you are in the U our affiliate in the travel industry or you sell a product that you get from the emergent. You end up using the same description in this case, like the same hotel description down there or the same product description s you merchant is giving to you. So you exactly use the same. So you ending up building a page where the same information is on as maybe many others if the sell the same product, or at least s your merchant. So Google has to decide if Google doesn't want to show like the same content all over again . Of course. So for Google, it's important to find out who is the publisher off that content. Most of the time they do it like if they found the content first, like on your merchant's website or on the on the seller website. Actually, so on the producer website, then they will rank that on top for good. Agree? It's very important, actually. They try to cut, cut off like affiliates and cut off like everybody else. They actually want to show the man effect er, so they the actual guy who's producing that product that won't want to have, like a something in between, Of course, if you are affiliate or if you re sell a product, if you do a better chop in giving more value and explaining MAWR, making some videos and making some content around, of course this would be the better content and you will have the advantage. But I really don't just put the same content because, like I explained, Google has to go out and decide who they want to rank for that content. And, like a said who got first indexed, will be picked most off the time, and all the others will not get shown. So it's not a penalty, but it's actually filtered out. So it's like a penalty because you're not showing up. So let me show you how you can check that. Actually, there's always a free version, and you can just go ahead and use copy space. I just copy that your own over here that you are looks quite strange, but it works. I tried it before so you could go to Scott Copies based that copies based dot com and just enter in the domain over here, copied in and press on goal. What copy space will do know is he will look at the content off the page and look for pages that have almost the same content. And you see, they found, UM, 10 results. That's not a lot, but it's actually 10 results that have very similar content. And if I check on that on the content pieces here, it will open up and it will show me where it's really placed on on which website. And if you use the pro version, they will actually show you or highlight the similar parts. So sometimes you will find that just sentences are to see this is also useful. If you like outsourcing your content production, you will often find that people that are writing content for you will just go out and copy certain pieces together. Actually, so it's not really written itself. You see here it's actually a booking dot com website, and in this case it's it's, ah that they picked up black a lot off the same navigation, a lot off the same wording over here. That's why they see all the marks stuff. That's why they I think it's it's it's ah, it's public ated that could be a search engine, always an issue. But in this case, it's not really a double kid condemnation and not picking up on on the main content. But you need to make sure that Google understands that it's this is part off the side structure so we could really go out. And also not just do the ura like I show you not example that you make, I want to make sure that you really understand it. So I just log in to the premium because in premium I can show it better to you. I could go up and just enter your around over here and there will fetch, but I can also just get out some some piece of content So let's find Let's just go to another, another hotel here, and let's try it again. What we final that just take this piece of content here. So if I do it just using the content piece, the copy space will not look at the side structure. Wallet will just analyze the content. It really depends what you want to achieve in this case, that just a copy in the content over here, and it will look exactly where else they can find that same content and it looks very, very good. It's just one more search results, as Barbara says, result. And it's here. So it's on booking dot com again, so it seems like they could have a duplicate content problem, but it that's really good. Ah, lot of times, if I'd like hundreds of results and he is hotels. Oslo. It's also seems to be the same. And if I go to compare text over here, I can see how unique this is or it isn't so. If you go down here, it should display some bread. It seems like you're very, very long, um, very long list of hotels, and somewhere over here, actually there should be the public eight content, so I'm quite sure that just used it somewhere. I can't find it now, but there must have used Executive the same description over here. And that's why actually copy space is telling us that this is public it content and we have it on lots of other pages. Let's just maybe check and no website hotels have come and copy out this part. I just want toe show you. Ah, good example and go to premium again, cooperated in again and let's see what what we find over here again. This is quite good result. It just seems that they have it on a sub domain here. If I click on it can compare text, pressed the wrong button compare text over here. It should highlight it again, and it should show me how much off the content is. Actually, the same buries it. So here it's It's this part that we copied out at this part, which is the same part of you really see. In some cases it will show you like tens or hundreds off off results because everybody is using the same content that that's why it showing up and you should try to a white that, of course, 38. 38 OnPage SEO Thin Content: talk about sin content, so it's actually that you're not having enough content on the page. So some tours will joy to ask that the HTML to content ratio isn't isn't okay. What that, though, is that Just look at the ratio off, how TML that you have on your page and also look at the content. And, you know, you should really avoid to have loads and loads off pages that you just have, like one sentence of content on. Because overall, Google is looking at your website overall. And if you end up having most of your pages or high percentage of your pages like that, you pay for a wall would get low, lower. Well, you and this could also be a pen defector. Because, of course, if you would just have one sentence, you can't give much value. So be careful. There are certain tools that you can go out and check it. I'm using our premium membership tool toe check some content. So if I go in here and go to the content section, I can dig into the pages that they haven't got high word count. So if I go down here and check or click on that, you Well, the page will open, and I see this one thing is a lexicon that we have out there. And actually there's just one line off content and because Google or the tool is looking at at everything on the page. So the source code we look like that, you see, And but the piece of content is actually just one line off off here. Online, off coat, You know what I mean. So if you end up having that loads and loads of times, you should really, really be careful. So really, try that most of your pages have good content, half like not just one sentence and give value. Otherwise, panda could pick up on you and you could get a problem. 39. 39 OnPage SEO Link Stuffing: get link stuffing and let's talk about food telling stuffing. So these days you shouldn't go out and just give a link to everybody and linking out from your food. I'm like, you see this example over here? This is really Ah very, very intense example where they really overdid it. So every all of these words actually links, so it's it's linked to, I don't know, toe 200 different sources, and you will even find examples where you where it's like about maybe insurance block and tell Inc out to casinos to poco their link out to some but Viagra or medical stuff for other other strange, strange stuff that you should really avoid these days. By linking out, you gonna give away some link power off course. And also, if you do something like this, this will be considered S s content as well. And if you link out too bad neighborhood or like casinos of whatever it is, it's called bad neighborhood because it's not actually related to your topic. And it's like industry that is quite known as being very Spare me. So you should really be careful by linking out to somebody and doing stuff like that. So in in your Footer, it's okay, toe. Have a lot off anchor text links like internally that I mean by that. If he look at like, some results over here, this one, this would be like here, some kind off on land store where they used like men's jeans, man's T shirt or whatever they have it in the food and telling to their own internal pages that this is okay. But really be careful. If you are linking out to other pages and you even using hard in context keyboards, this could be a problem. And there are the men or penalties for that. If the search quality teams see steady doing that very extensive, then they're going to send your message that you should really make sure that you are removing that kind of links. So everything that is only website be really careful. If it's in the footer over wherever it is, it is seen as content off your page, and you have to be very careful not to get picked up by an update or buying penalty. So really, make sure you're half you have high quality content and no spam. Ali whips 40. 40 OnPage SEO Meta Tags Google Intro: in this part of the video training we will talk about made attacks and not just made attacks. We will talk about made attacks that Google on stands because it's very important. There are lots of Mato takes out there, but I agree can't understand all the Mehta texts. And in this section, Google is telling us what made the text. They can recognize what made the text they can understand and what this made the text should include. So we will find out what is a ranking factor as well. But seen in the eyes of cool. Actually, this is official knowledge, official content from Google, and we're gonna look at it in detail. 41. 41 OnPage SEO Meta Tags Google: So we're talking about meta tex that Google understands in this video. So it's very important that you know that Mitt attacks. Actually, it's explained quite nice Here. Made attacks are a great way for red masters to provide search engines informations about their site. So actually, you use an opening and a closing tech, and this take has got information what it is. So, for example, we look down here, made a name description. So Google knows this is the description from the website. Basically, Google doesn't have toe search in your content and and figure out what the description is. No, you're telling Google everything that is between the opening and ending tech is the description. So it's much easier for, of course, for the search engine to figure that out. And you're it should look like that, of course. So the doc type first it starts by telling the search engine or the browser also what kind of type it Issa talk type. So html so And then here the header is starting and the meta description must be in your header. So it's between the opening and ending header opening and a look like Dick ending header is I would just be a slash before ending. So what kind off meta descriptions of what kind of made attacks That's Google. Understand? If you look here, the 1st 1 we talked about is the meta description. So basically, you start to type made her name is Clyde. Description and content. He would be the the information about your website. Actually, if you use the same s system of whatever he of course you don't have to do that. It will just the CMS system would just implement Put that that description into the right place. So don't worry about it. Our service, the title and stuff like that. So they understand that the scripture they always understand that title would just be like title opening and ending tag. And between the text, you put the title, Then we can go on and see. So here the robots, the Roberts, actually. So I could I could special five for Google pot, for example. So this made attack can control the behavior off search engine crores on indexing. So this is actually very important because if you get that wrong, you could block Google. So there are certain options here you could say like that. No index. So Google will be able to access your side, but he can look at the site, but he is not able or he's not allowed toe index Your content indexing means that he will go and fetch it and story so he's not ableto store it in the index. No follow is actually if there would be so if he comes to the to the link to the website and there would be and No. Four, he's not allowed to Search Engine is not allowed to follow any link wherever, so this you can do with using a no follow no snip. It would be prevents snippet from being shown in the search. Recites I'm not sure why you should use that, but it would just avoid that. Google will show a snippet in The Searchers are so, um, with using this N o d p, you are able to prevent that Google is going out to the most. The most is directory. Basically that good report, like some time ago and sometimes if they got the feeling that you're made a description of whatever, it's not so good, they just pull it out from the directory and using that, you can make sure that they are not doing that. So they really forced toe to use your description. Of course, you can end up that they're rewriting it, but at least they can take it off there. No, our hive prevents Google from showing the cased links from a page so it will not be in the cage. And yeah, it's just will prevent it from archiving. And you see their status. This there's more so you could combine it so you could say no index, no fall off course. So you can combine this this, um, this comments or this this Ah, yeah, you can just tell Google what he should do. And it's not just for Google. There is also for for being, for example, and stuff like that. Normally there is a regulation out there that pots have to follow this stuff. So there, if there's really no index and a page there, but should really not index it and not all the crore student And also keep in mind that, um, not always. If the service things it's Google bought, it's really good about because of some software vendors are also crawling using a user agent, Cooper. But it's very easy to to pretend that you're going about, for example. But you see, so the using their robots, robots stuff here and and adding the the commands Here you are able to tell the robot if he's able to index or he's allowed to index it a lot to follow it allowed toe r calf it and so on. So this is really and nice to have. So what is this thesis? Quiet. New. You can tell Google here with this no cycling search box. Sometimes Google is showing the search box, and searchers are too may have seen it already by putting that you are expense lately, explicitly showing or telling Google that they shouldn't showed its search box. If you don't want it so this'll one would be like they're not, they shouldn't translate it. So if you implement that, Abby shouldn't translated and this is just a verification. So sometimes if you go to Webmaster tools and went to a very fire your website, you would have to possibility that's one off three or four plus different opportunities. Possibilities still very five upside using this Google verification tech so you could do this as well. What we have here, this is the chart, said this. Also quite important. Just help go to get it right? So if you if you if, you know if the chart said it's not you tiff eight. If you writing in some Arabic language or whatever, you should make sure that nobody knows that and a couple will have. I mean, they will recognize it quite good, but it's just a possibility to to help cool meta refresh. You could redirect the users or go by boat at a certain time, toe a different websites, so it's actually a possibility to redirect after a certain time. For example, let's look at it again, and I want to tell you what it's really search engine ranking relevant for this ranking relevant. So ranking relevant is actually just here. That the title, I would say, and of course so the title. You have to get right, of course, and also this is ranking relevant because if you put like you know, index on there or no index, no follow, then Google will not be able to index the website and not be able to follow it and not be able to see all the content and not be able to index all your content. So if you get that wrong, you can't be indexed and you can't rank So actually from this meta tex the title and the robots made a text are important for your rankings and really essential. 42. 42 OnPage SEO Image Optimization: Let's talk about image optimization in this part of the video training. If you want to read the full article just to go over to eos dot com and then to slash images s you and you will find a very nice article about how you should optimize your images to be able to rank better. So let's look at this post and go through it step by step. First of all, used a relevant imaged. It matches your text off course. This is just user relevant because Google is not really able to see your image. They need all the other information around it toe. Maybe be sure that this is what is on the image. So it's really important. Of course, if you write articulate about, I don't know blue shirts that you have like image was blue shirt, so something that is really relevant to that. This alone, of course, is not Ah, Assyria factor, But it should be a basic knowledge, of course. So then it starts toe pick the right file name. If it comes to the filing, you could just name the image like Blue Show, a PLO shirred with, I don't know with image and I blue shirt with Catto, you know, so to really, if you wouldn't be able to see the image like Google because Google is a basically blind, it's a machine which is able to crawl the Web and read informations, but they can't see what is on the image. So you have to really make sure that you tell Google or let them know, uses many factors as possible to let them. Nobody is all about so, and one way is to really name your name you image like, um, if what you can see on Image, actually. So, for example, blue shirt with a cat in front, off the shit or whatever So or, ah, blue shirt with logo or something like that. And if you have, like more than one image is off the shirt. If you got from different perspectives from from the front, from the back or whatever, you could just tell it, I don't know. Image from you don't know. You don't have to write image, but blue shirt. Ah, front you ah, stuff like that. You know what I mean? So just explain what you can see, and they don't just work out the differences between the images and name them like that. So, for example, proof shirt with logo dot chip PAC or P and G or whatever. So that format, of course, the next one is makes you image dimensions match the image size off the display. Basically, what that issue shoot off course. Optimize your images for the wept. So don't use this very large images having like 23 megabytes. If you're really should make sure, if you amuse images that they load fast because it's all it's all about site speed. And it should really match the the screen, of course, off the users. And it shouldn't take too long to load. Of course, there some systems out there. If you use like Max City in or whatever, they will make sure that they if you upload the images, they will optimize it on the server and deliver it for the right device. Actually, So for a mobile phone that would just deliver a small one having really a small file size for regular desktop computer, they would deliver the the little bigger born but optimized already. But in general, if you don't have a special hosting make sure if you have photo shop or whatever, just safe it for for the Web, make sure it's still looks good, but it's very the daughter. Size is not that large in it's it's quite small. Yeah, that's quite important. So reduce file says for faster loading. Of course, we've been talking about death already to really make sure it fits on the screen. And it's not, Um, yeah, it doesn't have, like, two or three megabytes and takes a long time to load. Add the caption for easier scanning off the page. So a caption is actually, you may have seen it. I try to find a simple like This is a caption off the image you can. If you use like WordPress. You can add that very easy. There's a possibility in there, too, at the capture. What we can do is in the next video, we can go into the press and a show you how you can do this settings. Maybe that helps. And don't worry. If you are on a different Seamus, you will see in your image settings to our ableto name it of maybe rename it used the our text and use captions affected. So this would be that the caption that you have, like your your image, labor it more or less so that you can also use. Also read what ISS on on that image. Actually use an image. All text title text is optional. So really use the art text is if you if you look at the source coat, let's do it and we search for art. So let's see what we find. So here he is There are text, So basically how it looks like it's the This is the image source that just shows us. Um, let me let me grab that if you didn't know that up. So if you take this part first of all, it's the image source. So it's just a link to the image of the Web site, or the system can display the image than the our text is here, so that our text will be optimized images for issue that will pay with and the highs. And, like this was using the I'll text. You can really describe this piece of text. Actually, that was developed long time ago for to make it possible, actually for blind people. If they use screen readers, um, to understand what is on the website. So basically, if you look at your website and you would use a screen reader there, some screen readers out there, it should be, you know, issue should be able to understand everything that is only Web set, because you could you could see Google s somebody s planned person, actually. And if the blind person will be able to to read it or two to really understand it, it will be like the screen reader will read everything for the plant person. And if that is understandable, it's very likely that also could report or the Roberts will understand that. So let's move on. So here at open craft and Twitter cards, text for the images. Of course, if you share that stuff, it's important that you have the right images in there. That's not ah eso ASIO relevant. But it's also very important for your conversions because if you share the wrong imagery, if you don't share image at all, I'm nobody will click on it. Don't break the let the left reading line using image, so you should always there some studies out there. Some users studies you should keep you image left or center. Dont put it right in the European culture or in the U. S. Cultures. Or if you are if you talk about coming to ah coming to countries where they write from right to left. Of course it's different, but for us, we should really keep that. Keep that structure, use images in XML site map. So if you use for example, this s you plug in issue for WordPress, plug in. They will generate a separate site map for images. So we will make sure that also images are in the site map that this has got that understood . They get indexed faster and you can or the check. Uh, what images you have in your site map and are they indexed? And you could find out why I did not indexed for example, so and what is also very important, of course. Let's go through it again. So you take the image to image should have the right name. So you name it. Try to name it like bodies on the image. Then off course, you give her a text to give a capture, and then you try to surround this imagery. It's on topic content, so it works Very good. If you have, like, if you place the image like inside, are very close to the content and surround the image with on topic on topic content. Of course, because 10 Google can really be sure Google is very likely to believe that this image is really about that content and has got this our techs and has got this name and so on, and you are very likely to rank in image search. Dead. This could be quite important depends on the needs to do in, but sometimes and some nations are. People are really a searching were image search because it's a very visual product, so this would be very important for you. 43. 43 OnPage SEO HTTP and SEO: Let's talk about Https and a CEO. Now, you know, maybe that Google announced https. So the secure version s ranking factor I'm not gonna go in detail. I'm not gonna show you everything in detail because I just recently released a course called Richly Bs for a CEO Better and Kings using https. So just get this course if you are interested in that and let's start to get over you. So, first of all, what is SSL Certificates of what is SSL certificate? Basically an SSL certificate. Make sure that everything is secure. So if you're submitting their data to a server or receiving data from a server, it will just be secure and not seen by a Hecker. For example, why should you use SSL first of all to protect the user data and also because it could be slightly different or slightly more ranking factor in the future? In a moment, it's not really a ranking factor, and you really have to be careful by switching real. My rankings increase if a switch to SSL. I wouldn't really say that because it's really just just think about it. It's actually a domain change. It's not like you would use a totally new domain, but the H B s is actually knew. So you would have toe redirect all your links, redirect all you your pages, and it's more likely that he did. You lose ranking, Stan, then gain rankings. Summon page factors really that you have to to make sure that you are redirecting on topics . So if you move the websites to https, you need to make sure that the HDP version is is being redirected. So, using Astrea, one redirected that your internal links are all okay that you're economically tax are pointing to the right place that your images are coming from the right places and stuff like that. So you really have to restructure the internal stuff. And some off page factors are really that you have to make sure every link that is coming in from outside, that you make sure that none off this links are really coming to pages where you have four or four aero for three error. Because if legs coming into pages that are not there anymore that are not redirected, you will lose this link juice, and that's for you could also lose rankings because you don't have that much recommendations coming in anymore. So this is very important. I show you in in this Really? Of course. In the other one, I mean, ah, step by step guide. How to really switch. And if you should switch? Actually, let's talk about, um, like you said, should you switch to https? I would really recommend if you are new site. Yes, Do it. If you are established, start having rankings already. Don't do it. And then in this Arab media training, I really show you what you should do if you lost rankings after switching, Actually, because we hit the load off clients that lost rankings after switching to https. Because there are many things that you have to get right. So, like I said, if you're interested, toe take deeper into that, it should be a stuff. Just get my other course 44. 44 OnPage Mobiel Intro: in this section off the leader training we can I have a closer look at mobile friendly websites. It's very important these days that you have got a mobile friendly website. Just recently, Google is sending out a lot off warnings to Web masters that their websites are not mobile friendly. And they said that they will also like very soon take out or don't show websites that often anymore in mobile search. If they are not mobile friendly, of course, Google. We will make sure that the user experience is the best. So if they use a come come to a website and I don't know, it's it's a flesh website, for example. The user can't see it and if it doesn't fit the screen, the website, it's also not a good experience or if the buttons are very close and you can't press on the red button, these are all things issued of white and I will show you what the best solution is and what Google tells you about that. And there is also a very nice guide from Google that you can follow to get everything right 45. 45 OnPage Mobiel Mobile SEO: if you set up your responsive website or if you've got a mobile website, there's also a more, well, eso kite from Google out there. Let's look at it for a second. So this will be found on the same page is a show you before and it's called Mobile A Seal. So first of all, I've got just gonna go through it very briefly. I gonna go in detail further down if it's eso really issue related. So first start, choose your mobile configuration Mean cannot gonna look at that. I really want to focus on the on the rial s. Your topics signal you configuration to search engine. So that would be like, you know, like explained having a responsive website would be very important. Or there's a possibility t toe dynamic serving so you could look at the device and then serve a different content. Then you would serve to a desktop, for example, could serve a different one toe a mobile. You could or you could just do that on the user agent and separated yours. That would be like dot Mobi or m dot domain. But I would really recommend to do the responsive version a white common mistakes. So let's look at some mistakes. Block Ciara script tears as an image is. So you really make sure you have to make sure that you're not blocking sees s and images and all that stuff. JavaScript, um, this days anymore because Google changed that. They go out now and to try to render you upset. What does it mean? Google is really trying to see where the elements are on the page. They really want to see the page like a user season. And if you block javascript if it broke images or CSS, they can't really see how the page actually looks like. And also make sure you're not blocking like the Google bought mobile or whatever, and and really make sure that everything is visible, accessible, um, unplayable content would be like if you have some media provider that I don't know, it doesn't doesn't support html five. Just support flesh or whatever. You will not be able to see that or stuff like that. So it's just having the wrong former. It's to function on the mobile devices like the iPhone. You can't you can't view flesh or whatever, so this is very important, actually, 40 redirects. That would be that you have some. Some issues, like are redirecting the wrong users to wrong versions of whatever to really make sure that you show the mobile. So, like for a mobile phone, the mobile friendly version for the iPad or whatever for the little larger size displace the right version and also for the desktop, of course. So mobile only four force also display own aero messages for for not found pages and mobile . Google is recommending that EP download integrations, so it should really be. You could also go the other way. Of course, if you don't want to use a mobile, a mobile responsive website or whatever, you could also try to push your people to an app. But it really depends if you are. If you use the app, you have got more control over the user because you can send push messages of whatever. But then it's it's told. It's totally different. You have to develop that new and whatever year and cross links, so you shouldn't, you know, if you are mobile. It doesn't make sense if you have, like the home page of the start page mobile friend and there click on a link and then they end up being on the distributional or some strange stuff. You know, you want to know why that slow? More webpages? Of course, it's even more important on the mobile. People don't want to wait on mobile, so really have to make sure that your mobile pages are fast. So what's here configured for other devices? So, like we said tablets, you should not just focus on on mobile phones and you could go into analytics and check out what what screen sized they have few users have and really try to what devices and really try to optimize it. For for that devices, that would be really great idea. So in the future, for ones, of course. Yeah, of course. Go in and see What are you users using to excess aside what? What everything. What what browsers to use, what screen size to have? Is it a maki? Is that the PC and really try to deliver them the right pitch structure that it really looks great 46. 45 OnPage Mobiel Responsive fix: So let me give you some tips and recommendations if you don't have a website already. So if you just planning your website, you should really make sure that your website will be responsive. What does it mean? Basically, it's just that it's look, it looks at the device and it will just modify the page. So if you come with a mobile phone, you will. It will shrink together. If its iPad, it will look very nice, actually, So you can really make the best for your users that everything is readable. You can modify that using CSS so you can say if it's a mobile device display. The elements like that are displayed a text a little larger. Whatever displayed his element here don't display that element. So really, make sure it's good for the user and the user is able to find the right information for the right device. This is very important and like we way talked about. It's also a ranking factor now in the future because Google doesn't want to deliver something, deliver websites to a mobile device. You know, if they used us, can't really, um, work with that. If it's not user friendly to be doesn't want to deliver that. And that's why it's a ranking fact and you really have to make sure. So just go for the responsive design because there's just, ah different possibility that you could use, like a sub domain m dot whatever. But then you would have to manage two domains actually on. You could end up having public it content. That means that you have quite the same content on debt. Domain is on the sub domain, and then he would have to make economical and whatever. So if your website its response, if you don't have these problems because you have just one content and you have just one website and it will modify itself to the size of the device. So that's really the way to go. If you have a CMS already, if you're using WordPress refusing type of three whatever, there are plug ins out there or you can get a designer quite cheap to modify the CSS or whatever in the background that it will be mobile friendly for WordPress, for example, you can get a plug in, and if you look down here, this is their official website from from Google. They will tell you how do I'm make my website responsive and they will give you tips like here on the WordPress stuff. They will give us tips how to do it. But if you have, WordPress should just go out to a designer. That will be very fast. That's no big issue these days. All you install a plug in and then you can restructuring website. The plug in will make sure that you can reposition elements. Always make sure that the users will see what is really useful first. So if it's mobile, it may be different. You don't want to show them a big head or so they don't see anything else. The text should be big. The buttons should be clickable and stuff like that. So keep that in mind and really talking to a developer. If you really need toe, do some changes. This is very important 47. 45 OnPage Mobiel Testing: the mobile friendliness off your website is also a ranking factor already. So if they can't play them on a mobile device, if they can't show it on a mobile device, you may end up that they don't show your website. That much in the search is also it could really hurt you. So the first step, what we're gonna do is we go toe developers. That go, we got come that master stand slash mobile sites and you will get the opportunity there toe test your reps sets. So if you scroll down here, we were gonna proceed this three steps in this Really a we're gonna look at check if you're website. It's mobile friendly, X actually. So what we do is we just type in a web site. Here I take the w area BBC dot com and see what's coming up here. What the tool is doing. It's just going out to the website and it's analyzing some important factors. Like, how is it displayed on a mobile device? Are the buttons very close or whatever you see here we on the last BBC and it shows us text too smart to read. Chose us links to close together chose mobile viewpoint not set. So it seems like they didn't really optimize their rep site for mobile. And this is, of course, not good anymore. And I'm quite sure they have got a quite large percentage off viewers. I mean, this is a really Brandon Kugel knows that they have to show this brand. But if it would be yourself website and you're not really established, big Brent Google could just decide because there are errors and that couldn't that could be that they use experience is not that good. They could just decide not to show this website that often mobile search because they want to make sure that they use experience is great. Let's look at their website that is good optimized. So if I go to booking dot com analyzed the website as well. You see, they did everything right. So we will see very shortly that everything looks fine. Nancy Awesome. This pages, mobile friendly, never go down there. They really manage to look at the use agent which use agent is coming. So it's Google Mobile and then the restructuring side. They use responsive web design and just make sure that if a mobile devices coming up the restructure upset, they make everything nice and clear to read. You see, you can read everything over here. It looks nice and tidy, and they tried order to put up that the symbols are put up the search box there so that you really can use it and don't have I don't know, images and whatever that you don't really need on mobile. So this is very important to keep in mind. First, find out if your rep side is mobile friendly. If there would be some eros, go ahead and fix them. 48. 46 OnPage Mobiel Mobile SEO Clearification: in this video. I want to make sure that you really understood how the mobile stuff works, because there's really a lot of stuff out there, and it was different some years ago. So this times it's like there is no separate index for mobile, so it's still the same. Search results. There was a time I don't know what it was 456 years ago, when Google used to have a mobile index, this was a index for mobile phone, so they actually showed different recites for mobile devices or mobile phones. These days, it's not like that. You have just one index off course. It's like order in desktop search of the index may look a little different in different part off the world, in different locations in the same cities. It depends on really the service where the information is coming from. They can be a little different, but you need to understand that it's just one index tears just one index for desktop and the same index for Mobile and the same index for tablets. It's all right to see him. But, um, the new update is coming now, and they say if they can recognize that users are on a smartphone or on the tablet on a mobile device. Then they may go ahead. And if they see your website is not really mobile friendly, they will just take it out or don't show it that often because they want toe have really good use experience. But it's still the same index that just reserved the right to not show it off. No, to take it out completely. So this is very important to know they're not different indexes. It's one index, but they're gonna apply filter, actually. 49. 47 OnPage Mobiel Mobile SEO PageSpeed: Page B. The important factor for ranking. So let's find that out. I'm on their l a post or google dot com speed. Also slash speed slash page speed and you get some resources there, so you have a testing tool here. Analyze your rep site installed, chrome plug in and some more options. So, basically, I would say Page speed is not really a ranking factor, but its usability factors. You Google will reserve the right, like in the mobile space toe. Not sure you're naturally wept. Websites sometimes or filtered out, not show it so often because your page speed is really very low and they want to provide good use experience so you know it from yourself. If you go to a website and it takes like ages, you very likely to to leave the rep side. If you don't need something very important or you know the website, it's good. You you know what I mean? So I would see it mawr from a user perspective, try to make it lightning fast for your users, and there's some testings out there. I'm astounded. Some testing. I think it was like 10 milliseconds or whatever and the maid lass loads off more sales. So speed is very important. But I wouldn't really consider s very ranking important. I would see it more than like it's used experience and use Experience is very important for Google, so it will also be a slightly rank effective. So analyze your society. We're gonna put in the router. Leeuw CNN dot com Just just analyzer a big record side and see what is coming up. So the tourists going out now and checking the page speed issue. So how fast does the side load and which are really the elements that are causing problems ? Are there really large images? What about C? Is is What about javascript? Is there something else wrong with upset? Is it structured wrong? It's there, like, you know, this certain party, um, social media integrations that really take long. Are there any AP ice inside that need toe toe, make some cars and really, you know, causing problems. So what we see here is quite interesting. So it's 48 off 100. It's not that great. And there are some issues we should fix. You see, we could switch here to desktop for this stuff it's it's much better. It gives us a much better grade, as on mobile. And if you look at the issues, we can eliminate Renda blocking key Travel Scriptures s So it seems like let's look into that. Your pages. Certain blocks, strips, scripts, resources, three blocks es ss. And so that's the problem that Google is not really able toe random the website like it should be. You see, this is really very nice. They show you that, for example, this JavaScript is to show you the directory and you can go in and make sure it's not booked. I'm quite sure that blocking it using robots. Txt. So it just going to you, Robert 60 and make sure that the ah, that this a directory, whatever they using, it's not blocked. You go down there is order the CSS. It's it's actually the same issue, so this is very nice to see. I just hide the details on that and we go to the next one so one would be don't block CSS JavaScript and images. Then show leverage. Browse a caging. So if we go in here that just didn't there's a way to like Cage certain elements certain, certain images, whatever. And it seems like they're not really doing that very well. So you see here are loading times of 10 seconds or it's not a loading time. It's the time Bardiya caged as long as they are Cage. So this is also quite important, and you should fix that. So what has, um, this we hired again? This we had again? And then what's what's next? Optimized images. So they just have images, you know that they could be reduced 93%. So I believe that just dragon the images that they use in the newspaper of or whatever. And you see there they seem to be really large images. Um, they're not so large, but it's just 41 80 that you could save Kay. And but here you see, it's it's 93%. So you could you could really, really use that. Consider fixing. So these are really the most important issues that you should fix. Our CNN should fix, and it's very important. Actually, the CSS and JavaScript this'll is important, and this changed like half a year ago. Cooper gave the recommendation that you should block job description, see this. But now they changed it because they're rendering the websites like you see here they try to see it as the user can see it until it's important. So we're gonna look at some more javascript over here. They say, Ah, javascript up. German Strip Co can save many bites off data and speed up, up, downloading, parsing and executing time. So they recommend here to do the JavaScript stuff differently. I don't expect you to understand everything, and this is not really that important. Because you if you know the developer yourself, if you are the developer, you know it better than me. Uh, what is that and so on? And if you're not, just go up to the two. You develop. Oh, get some freelance to fix that. Don't try to fix it yourself. It doesn't make any sense. And in related compression to enable the compression. There's a way to compress the files so that they can be. It's, I think it's called cheese sip. You can cheese it them. So what it does. Actually, it's sipping the file that it's sent down from from the service. So it's much. It's like a sip file. You know, it's like compressed, and the browser will open it up again then. So it z very fast. And, yeah, like that. You can speed it up. Um, and past results. What did they pass? So the past some predatory use experience. Okay, you see, you see here what they passed. So it's not It's not that bad. This is really an an issue here that should fix stuff like we talk and you could also, of course, sea it for for the desktop and for the desk up. It would be quite the same you see here it's setting and the expiry date for maximum http. Thes r or cage related things, and it's quite easy to fix them. It doesn't need much, but you could, like get to a great off 99 or even 100 if you type in other website to see that they really did it. Great. So I hope that helps 50. 48 OnPage Mobiel Mobile SEO XML Sitemap: It's no talk about the site map. I want to talk about the XML side map. I'm not talking about the HTML site map that you would probably have on your website. So we're talking about the XML site map that we gonna provide to Google. Basically, you can. There are certain tools out there where you can generate your side map. They will crawl your website and generate a site map file. Actually, this is not the best solution because it's not life. You should really make sure that your Seamus system or your system is creating the site met because that it's always accurate and or raise the latest site map. So what you can do is if you used like, the Yost s you plug in for WordPress, just goto XML site map and then you can you have got the link here for the sad map so I could just take that link and go over to the master tours and put it in there. And you could see you could also just take the side map for the post, for example, or you could also just go ahead and take the side meant for videos or images. So this is the radios, for example, and you see, this is structured very nice to see all the video, some nails in front. You see the description, you see everything. Very nice structure. So you could also take just the video site map. And you can make sure here that you get the settings as you want them so you can decide what you want to have in that side map. If you grab that links, so let's stood it again. Let's just grab that link and we could just go toe wet Master tours. Of course, you need account there. Go into the most tours, go to crawl, go to site maps, and there you can add your segment. I already added some site maps here, see? And it's a new set map. That's, Ah, regular sad moment. It's the video side mint, and you see that almost all of our content is like index. This is a good sign. The images we have, like big problems over here. The videos are almost all index toe. Um, what does it do? Or why should you use a site map? It's the fastest way to submit a content to Google is the best structure way for them to find everything. They can just go through the site map and find every link, your every content that he have, only a patient that they want to have indexed. And you would see if yet there is maybe some issues. So if you have like in our case, it's quite OK because it's not a very high percentage. But we could go out and and see why these 35 35 websites or sub pages are not index because indexed are 1000 for it five and submitted at 1004 that 40 so we could take a look, maybe the stop. Lick it, content more. Maybe there's they sparked or some other issues, so I could look at that. We definitely would have to look at the images because there's something very wrong here. You see, you could just go down there and the readers and you can actually submit astm any side maps as you want like this, it's it's quite nice to see it. If I want to have a separate view on the videos, on the images and on my content, I do it like that. I see all the videos are fired and I can order check down there. What is going on? So if 16 morning so here could just press on the warnings and Google will tell me if I probably blocked them. The U. N is not accessible in this case to say 84 4 error and in this case, say, some wars in the second half a high response time. So it's it's the loading issue as well. And yeah, index Eros, you could see. Or so here. It's just not found there the the picture. You could go out and and fix that. That would be a good idea. So if you look it again, you can also see Web pages. You can just see the graph if it if it really changed or what happened over time. You see here at one at one time, some off them dropped out off their necks, and now they're in again. So keep in mind the XML site map should be really life or should be really the latest. How you're your website structure looks like it doesn't make any sense to use some external tool that maybe once a week. Oh, want the months generate XML side map? If you change things faster, you know you don't want toe half like that. Google is picking up old XML site map and maybe your pages are not day anymore or you have some new content already. It is not in a side to really make sure it's generated life as you submitted to Google. And as I showed, you can really check if you have submitted, um or if everything that you submitted is really index and if it's not indexed and take a look white snow next, you will find issues here. So that's a very nice way, actually, to find out how many websites you have indexed or how many videos, how many images you've got indexed and if there is some Eros 51. 49 OnPage SEO Canonical Tag: Let's talk about the canonical techno. So what is the economic attack? Economic like is a simple task that looks like they. So here you can implement that into your website coat and what that economic attack will actually do. It will refer to another website, actually, or to another sub page off your website. So why should you use that? So if you are for example, on land shop and you are having like, let's say shoes and you have got this same shows in in red and blue and in green so and you have different euros for that probably. And but the only thing which is different in the explanations, it's the color. So Google may up me end up thinking that this is public it content, and so you could just go ahead and place, like for a decide for one color. Or maybe you've got a general page for that and all the other versions off the product just set a Kalanick attack, pointing to the main version like that. You can tell Google that you want that one main version of that one main color to be ranked , and you don't end up having almost the same off almost exactly the same content on different euros. You can just tell Google that he should place. Consider that one version where you put on the economic Tic Tacs. So it's basically to avoid public it content and to make sure or through the link powers coming into the right to the right, a website to read sub page. So if you hand code your website still, then you just have to implement this part of the code Over here. I can show it to you in vert press plugging as well. So we installed that Yost WordPress blogging and you see here there would be the regular content, the title stuff and everything. And if I go to advanced, I've got the opportunity to set a canonical tacko here. It's also possible to use across canonical tech, so it would be possible to just point toe another domain as well. So if you having like more than one website and you putting the same content on different websites, you have the possibility to point a community attack to the version that he wants to get ranked and can avoid public what content like that. But most of the time, you will use that internally. So if you having like order. If you have tax pages, if you use were present, use tax. What phrase will generate? Ah, separate Ural for every tech, and you want to make sure that you put economically to the main version. So the link, power and telling choose will really just be accounted for. The main version. You don't end up having public it content and for the use of So what is that bit difference between the three or one redirect and economic attack? Actually, Israel one. Redirect. If you use that really want redirect, the user will not be able to see the website where three a one is on because he will get straight redirected. The user doesn't see that there is a Kalanick attack on the website, so for a user, it doesn't make a difference. You can show the use of the content, but you can tell Google in the background that you don't want that content to be counted so you can really target that the main vision. So if you look at example website so let's just take the media base 80 because I know there is a community Take implemented and look at the source code. What we gonna find there? If you go to the source code over here, we will just search for economically. Tech can only kill, and you will see here economically. Tack down there. So in this case, it's just pointed, actually, toe the main page so you can make sure that it's really, really like it. If you would have liked more than one versions off your start page, like using it result W W. Or even having https or stuff like that, you can also make sure using economic attack just two promote one version. If you go deeper to some sub page and look at the source code again, of course it's always it's not always at the calorically. Tech shouldn't always point toe the start page. That would be very, very dangerous. Actually, the chronology take on a page. Also, normally, a community tech should always point to itself. So if there is no other special reason that there is a publication summer, the community tech should always point to itself. Toe secure the page to make sure that Google is getting that right. So here they can only kekis pointing to itself again. It's this euro. So Www Media based 80 s so much in optimism. It's basically a CEO and chairman, and here it's exactly the same urine like that. And make sure that no, the other versions can't going to get picked up like the version without obligatory if it would exist. We redirected it anyways, but it's to make sure to really it bundle the link power to the right place. This is very important, actually, to keep in mind and really use a Kalanick attack. And if that would be like a product page or we would have like to eso pages, then you could, like, go out in the if I know the, um, the real content would be on so much in optimal, too, and I could just point here to to you know what I mean. It could just added the code or just set a canal kick to two, then the soup, much in optimal own versions of this version, would still be visible. But really Google will notice that I want actually the supervision up to me and number two to rank. So this is what I can do. I hope that helps 52. 50 OnPage SEO aHref Lang: no talk about the H ref leg. Did you hear about a tree flange already? If you're not the programmer or if you not really deep into eso, you may not have heard about it. You're flying till this date. So what is it? Basically each of rang ISS the possibility. Toe. Tell Google which version off your website or which sub folder which sub domain You want to get ranked in certain countries for certain languages. So, like that, you can make sure that really people, for example, in Mexico that speak Spanish get your Spanish Russian at that is optimized for Mexico. So how does it work? Basically, it's quite simple. I took here American Express because it's a very good simple, implemented it very nicely. I go to the source code off the page, and what we're looking for is thesis a treff lang. So link really alternate atria flank and here to define the language. So the 1st 1 is always the language. It has to be small letters here. It's it's Arabic and it's Saudi Arabia. In this case, it's have no idea what the languages, but it's Azerbaijan, and it's it's Bulgarian for Gary and down there. So if we go down, it's it's easier down there. It's English, us and somewhere. So Mexico. It's Spanish. Mexico here, for example. And this is telling Google if the language is Spanish and the users are from Mexico, then please show this version off the upset, so it will just exchange actually reversion if they're If normally maybe Google months before showed the com domain, you have now the possibility that Google is actually exchanging that. So if the user is really from from Mexico, if we saw here down there and to use a speaking Spanish, then let me find it again. So here this, then the user would get redirected to the American Express that come Mexico. And if I click on it, I see this page is really target to Mexico because it's Spanish, and all the information is really for Mexico, that this is really nice. Um, let me look at some more December, so one way to implement it would be like to have a slash and then target location like Mexico. In this case, it will also be a possible to make a new domain, like in this case, come that thought is a that is a Saudi Arabian domain, and they also targeted a air. So the Arabic language Russian. If I click on that, I will come to the Arabic version. And if somebody in Saudi Arabia would search for that, Google will exchange like that the com domain and shoulder a rabbit version because they know this is really diversion. They want to show over there. There's also the possibility to use supplements. So for this one, it's English and it iss I don't know what it is. Back, Back line it is Here, you see, the just used secure that American Express don't come. And then, um no, actually, they used back in the main ph. Domain, you see, So but it's also possible to just use a septum in a comes out of me and like down the So let me mark that that you see what I'm talking about. So here, network American Express that come This is just a condom made but a sub tomate. So it's possible to use a septum in. It's possible to use a new domain. It's possible to use a sub folder. It's also possible to use a totally different domain. You could also a redirect them to Holy Day. Start to our Holiday express or whatever related company would be. You know what I mean? And one more thing that is very important. If it comes to a trifling, you have to make sure that the websites are linking back to each other what I mean, but it so here. This is the dot com domain that we're looking at. And if we go to the let's say that as of my child version off the website and looking to the source code, you see that is also implemented in here and here. It's linking back to the condom in, so it's very important that one version is linking to be on a version, the other versions linking back. Otherwise, Google will not count that. It's it's it's some kind off security, you know. They have to link to each other to really get it working. I already found a mistake here that probably American Express State. I'm not sure. Maybe it's because it's it's a replicant. Um, I'm not trying to the Arabic word if it comes to the technical stuff, Um, so there is no a traveling implement that so technically they should point back to the condom. And because the com domain is pointing this Arabia version, maybe there's a reason for that. But technically, that's Ah, not right. Implemented. I show you one more tour, how you can really find out if you implemented it right? So if you go to rap master tools and go to international targeting, you will see the language. This language is the H ref Lang Tech. And we've got some errors over here. And this are errors that we are not pointing back toe the German Russian, for example, or were not pointing back to the English worships. So, um, could be really, really tell you if you missed out something or if you spelled it wrong. It you you really have to make sure that the language you have to use small letters and then the country you need to spell this large letters and make sure you're not getting it wrong. So, um, sometimes, you know, it's it's in some countries, like Spain, it's e s. Some people may use ah different, short, different two letters and then go We will just recognize it and tell you A you use the wrong language or used the wrong country codes here, and so you need to fix that. And there's a There's a reason why also that targeting or it's called targeting. So one way to target is ready to use the atrium flanked tech to tell Google what version to show for what country and love, what language and the other possibilities to use the country targeting. In this case, it's not showing up because we using it 0.80 domain that thought. 80 domain is not a top level domain that's for it's already automatically targeted toe Austria, and I can't target it to a different country. If it would be a dot com domain or some other domains of thought, infinite net all these top level domains. I would be able to target it, for example, to the United States if it would have a com domain and my main market. This United States or the com domain is made for users that speak English and are located in the United States. I would target the com domain to the States if I would go out and would use like American Express, Azerbaijan here dispersion. I would go out, set up American express dot com slash azerbaijan. There would be a new a new account in, or you can make a new can set up a new domain, actually, for every subcommittee and then this sub domain, you will go in and targeted toe Azerbaijan and also used at a traveling tech like that. You can make it very clear for Google with what version or with rich version. You want to target which people, actually, what language to speak in which countries there. So keep that in mind. Use the HR flank tech and also used the international targeting uses many factors as you can. 53. 51 OnPage SEO RAVEN Intro: in this section, we will talk about our premium membership tool in detail. What the premium membership a tool will also be able to do is make a site audit. You see, here there's a lot off tours and stuff out there we're gonna look at now. If the site out it function the side out, it function really allows us to crawl our website and be able to see all the issues. We got a first look at the visibility issues, then look at them. Meta issues continue to the content issues. Then we also have some link issues. We have some image issues, issues and there would be also some semantic issues. So I will carry you through all the steps. We look at all the issues and I will tell you how you can fix all these issues. You will be able tow use thes premium memberships off clear for 30 days for free, and you can just do what I do. You can just stick in your website. You can crawl your website and the tour will just tell you what you need to fix. And if you do the next clock crawl, you will also get a nice overview if stats or if the usability If the S u performance off your website got better or if you have to fix some more things, so keep tuned and you will see everything in detail very soon. 54. 52 OnPage SEO RAVEN Visibility Issuese: I am already locked in in tow or premium membership tool And what I do now if I go to research on it and I go toe Fessio and side out it. So let's look at Theo of you. You see that we have got different types off issues. So we have got visibility issues, major issues, content issues, link issues, image issues, semantic issues. Here on top. You see that 60% off the issues, our image issues than 27% are mitt issues and 8% content. 5% link issues. Let's go through it step by step and I will show you how it actually works. Let just let's just start by looking at the visibility issues. First of all, two pages were blocked from robots. Txt. So visibility issues are actually issues that the robot, the boat can't excess or can't find the websites or can't. Maybe it moved and we forgot to redirect or stuff like that. So, first of all, they tell us here two pages were blocked by robots. Take state if a click on that, the tool ratio a very nice of you. Never see that my VP logging in my Logan Ph B action log in. Password is here blocked. So this is actually OK because you don't really want Google to access er that the cross don't have to see the logging area because there's nothing that would be interesting for us . We can also check if you want. I show you how to find it out. So I just copy that your and paste it in here, Of course. For us we are No the Robert and we will be able to access that website receives or it's just a logging area. But what I want to show you is a just move here and go to robots dot txt. You can do that with your domain as well. If you have a robots txt file, it will show up like that and I show you here that we blocked here the repeal logging PHP reap locked a VP include Reebok, the VP at MIT, and we put in some side lips the tourist telling us that we blocked this stuff over here, you see, so it works quite well. Let's go back and looking at the issues as well. So we have got 12 pages having redirects so that could be OK or that could be in negative. It depends if we use lacks really to redirects. Normally, this is not the right thing to do because Israel to redirect is a temporary direct eso You're telling Google in the moment I'm redirecting that, but I will. I would stop to redirect very soon. And that's why you should ah, use the three of one redirect. If you want to redirect permanently in the ice off the Google, they won't give you all the link power. That won't give you the link power if you just use this ria to because they think that he was going to switch back anyways very soon. So there's no need to give you the link part for that. So make sure you using 31 redirect. Let me check what it is here. So we've got 12 pages, you see very nicely not blocked by Robert. Stay blocked by no index. Also not We have caught 31 moved permanently. We've got three or two found. Three or two found. 31 move permanently. So all the three year once are okay. We can look at the three of two pages what that is, it's actually look. Ah, podcast. So some audio files are redirected toe some other orifices using Israel to redirect. I assume that the software dusted or the plug in dusted internally, But this would be issues. We would have to look it if you would end up like having loads off links to this domain. Then the link choose wouldn't get passed on to the new to me, so we will would lose or the link choose. This is why it is really important to look at it. So let's go back, and we have got syrup ages. Zero page arrows were detected so page eros would be actually like for four a rose, five of three errors, all that aerostat you could have on your website. So if websites are not found any more, or if websites are not not working, why is that important? It's important, first of all for the user. Of course, you don't want to send your users toe broken pages, and then it's also important for the search engines because if it's a 43 or 45 or three or whatever arrow page and links appointing into these pages you looked Link choose will get lost. If the pages doesn't exist, Google will not count. Delinked. So that's That's why it's very important to make sure if you delete pages, you have to redirect them before so uses. 31 redirect to make sure you're getting all the link juice, and no mayor found the tool is also checking for Male. Where if this stays, it really happens quite often that sites coat get Hecht, especially if you use very prominent CMS systems like WordPress. Ah, lot of hackers out there to try to hack into and and get on some male wear or get on some links sent and try to really game there a CEO stuff using your upset. So be quite careful, but you see the tourist order checking this so you are on the safe side 55. 53 OnPage SEO RAVEN Meta Issuese: now take a closer look at the mater issues. So we start here. 34 pages have triplicate titles. So what does it mean? Let's click on it and see what is coming up. Basically, that means that we have got different euros here. But we have the same title. So it tells me public a title. Yes. Made a description missing meta description. And I've got here this title. This is German, but it's you see that this this is the same title. So I'm ending up having some ideas. So we're here. And what is? This s your lexicon. This is some lexicon we set up. And it seems like this lexicon is producing more than born more than one ul fraud for the same content. You know what I mean? So I am ending up having the same titles on different euros. Why is this bad? Because I'm actually, if you see it in the eyes of a search engine, the search engine finds the same titles and defiant different. You're so they're not quite sure what to do if they should rank this version off the UL or this version off the page. So they are confused. You can fix that by implementing economic, tech, tech. If you just implement a canonical like pointing to, for example, to that, um, to that page here, without the question mark and para maters, then you will make you may. You may ensure you will tell Google that he won't explicitly this version off the U. S. To be ranked. Then it doesn't really matter if you have got loads off other versions showing the same content, having the same title, having some ideas. Then Google will know that you want this'll particular version to be ranked. But the tool is showing us that we have public a titles and you need to look into it. You will even be able to search it over here. So let's go back and look at the next major issue move to meet issues. 523 pages are missing a meta description. So, like explain them. A description is not a ranking factor, but it iss your opportunity to make sure that people are clicking on a new search result. You can see it like as some advertising space. You have got to lines to really convince users to click on your search recites. This is quite important. In order to see if users type in keywords and the key with a P and you meet a description, it will be bold. It in the search recited Kugel shows, and the click through rate will be better. So let's look at it. So we have got some Coolum that Master Tours at Edit, Fetch and Randa. We've got no duplicate title, but we have got missing meta descriptions. These are all of them, or most of them are videos or they are tax. So we need to make sure to implement Met description everywhere. You could just go ahead and click on that result. It will be redirected to the actual page, and we can trust click a to right mouse and see if it's really missing the myth description . So you see, there's not much on the Patriots, just the video. And if I click on source code and search for description, there's a Twitter description, and we really don't have any description. It's it's it's empty, so it's not existing. So the tourists really showing us the right stuff. So this is just a video, and let's continue we go back to the overview again, we go to meet issues, and two pages have a major description that is considered a step public. Eight. So we you also have to make sure that you're not using the same May prescription for different pages. Off course. You have to make sure that for every sub page you are creating, you need toe have a unique euro, a unique title, a unique meta description, unique content. Everything should be unique. So you see, here it's the same or it is a different you are. It's not really it's like, you know it's being to its being here. So actually, we also ended up having public it content, and we have the same. We have to say May description. We have the same title and double kit Mater eso. Everything is actually same. We need to have a looking that someone should just get economic attack to fix that or we can redirect it probably. And until it 11 version, I would have to look into that So the next myth issue will be this 1 348 pages are missing Google Analytics. This is it. Not really This is not eso issue, of course, but you have to make sure that you track everything that is going on because otherwise how you gonna find out what is really going on? What what helps? What changes are helping if you you can't even track. If you getting mawr users, you maybe uses a bouncing. You use a stone black you content or you use us especially like a certain section of your website. You need to know that. So, like I said that this is not really s u issue, but you need 2/2 assed much information as possible. That's why it's shown here. And it can very nicely just go through that through that stuff. The next one would be 365 pages, half a page title that is too short or too long these days. It's not about the number of characters anymore. It's about pictures. So kooky gives us a certain pixel range that we can put in the continent, and we just should make sure that that title is not longer than at this pixel area, because then you would end up that your title is not showing any more and that would be, you know, if the users can't see a part of the title. Maybe you put in the important words that you do. You shouldn't does. You should put the important kibitz in front. But maybe you ended up putting them in the back end to you. Has won't even see it if the title was too long because they will cut it up. I show you in. So he and the general settings off the Yost workplace press black it like we discussed earlier. It doesn't matter if you use your press. If you use things blogging or different plug in this plug in does everything quite good. That's why I'm using it. Or they view on magenta or some other system. You will find some, um, fields or some plug ins where it's very easy for you to implement it. I just want to show you here in the US you plug in for WordPress. I could just go and type in some stuff here. Just want to show you some examples that the tool will alert me. Actually, if it's getting too long, you see title display in Google is limited to fix with eight years is too long, so I can't just make sure that the title doesn't get too long and the same is actually for the meta description for the myth. Descriptions were still works like he having characters, and it's 156 corrector steady can use. So we need to fix some title see, and some meta descriptions. What is the next issue? The next issue will be 503. 28 pages have a meta description of this too short or too long. So actually the same issue. We need to make sure that you don't really have to use all the correct is of course, but it's it's ah, you know, you have tow chance here by using the meta description to really pour your users. You make sure the users clicking on your search results because he thinks he really gets the information that he was looking for. So try toe, really Use that and the last issue would be zero pages are missing a page title. So if you are missing out page titles, of course this is not good, because then Google would just go ahead and randomly grab some piece of content on your page that Google thinks is relevant and displayed. Status title. So you it's not really targeted. You can't you know you can't. Really, Um, I think that Google will really pick the best title for you, so we really make sure you have a title that gets users to click on your search result. 56. 54 OnPage SEO RAVEN Content Issuese: content issues is the next tap we're gonna look at. So if you look at the content issues he received, 274 pages of companies are lowered count. Let's click on that and see what the tool is telling us. So we see the USC and we see the internal links with an external links received a total wings. You see the word count and receive. It's a public eight continent, and we can always go here and view UL exclude Ural film for across Generate your report So we can't just go ahead and I would be able to view Europe and then we gonna get redirected to that Europe and a C, this sister amount of content. This is not really not. And that's why the tool is warning us. And even if we go down there, we could sort it here by word count and really see that the pieces of content very after just 89 for example, Chur, let's just go to that ul And look, I think these are all lexicon pages. You see, there's, um, this really that could be a danger if it comes to the panda update because you look at that . It's It's if you end up having loads off pages like that, with almost no content, Google could pick up on you because you're not giving much value. It's really that you have to make sure that you don't end up having lots of pictures like that. And that's why the tool is very, very nice. We can look at one more example here, having like 91 entries. Yeah, you see, it's almost just two words so that this is not good. This kind of pages shouldn't be there. Yeah, you know what I mean? So let's go back and look at the second content issue. 285 pages a stub. Lick it content issues. We This is not good. What does it mean? Doubly? Kate Condon issue is Actually the content is very similar to some other pages or one other page. So if you look here, we have got the Inter next or total Word count again and receive the public eight content issue that is public. It common. If we click on it, I see that these are they want to 34 pages that have almost similar content, or they have very similar content, so I need to fix that. You see, the tool is very handy. I can just click on one uel. It shows me the theater for us and a country's click on that and see what kind of content it is that I have to fix. And then I can go on and and redirected or I can go so I could decide to delete the other versions and redirect them if I don't need them. If it was maybe attack or whatever, or I could go out and just put a cannot be tech, and that really helps me to fix all my own page issues. And you can set the tool that it's automatically running every week every month. Or you can start it whenever you want, and you will see if your optimization is really going a good way. If the errors are getting less and if you're optimization, efforts are really starting to work 57. 55 OnPage SEO RAVEN Link Issuese: the order have quite a lot link issues on our pages, you see? So let's start 11 external links are broken, so let's find out what it is. So it looks like over here, we can check that these are links the softer found actually pointing toe our website or they have been there, but they are broken off. We could just checked. It s so this is that would be the text. And if I go out here and view where it's coming from, we should find, um we should find a link to a website, actually. Okay, this is just a four or four aero. So actually, they're removed this article page. That's why actually it's showing as an arrow. If you go to Google, got come campaigns. Let's look what that is, you resource. It's also broken. And let's look at that so most of them will be will be gone or broken. That's why the tool is telling us, Theis, Actually. So if that would be, ah, friends or partners or whatever, we could just go up to them and say, Hey, did you notice that the link is broken or if it's some block or whatever, Then just reach out to these people and say, Hey, please fix that link or what happened to that link or whatever. So you see, it's very handy. It's telling us everything. Here, it's you even see what kind of a roast they are. So it's a 44 or 43 The page is not there anymore. And this five fund that would be server errors, and it would also see if it's a no falling or falling. So if you've got really a lot off links, it will beam or important to look at the following. So just go through all its stuff. So schema that Orc let's check the road, it's or they're gone. But it's quite interesting that we used to have a link there. Actually, let's go back to the link issues again and look at the 2nd 56 Internal links are missing and context our text. So it seems that we have lots of internal links that are, ah, images in most of the time, or really text links that home don't have our text. Let's check that out. So, for example, here we're gonna look at what is that? This is actually audiophile. I don't know if it can. Here it Here. Just turn it away. This is out. If I it's it's somehow recognize this image from from the tool. But the audio file doesn't have any Arctic, so it doesn't have any description what it is. If you look at this one, this is considered more mentioned as text here. What is that? So it seems like we have a link on there, but we're not having any any our text. So I assume this is the image, or this is, um yeah, I assume it's the image linking back toe upset. We we would have to look at it in detail. Or maybe it's this paneling stuff here. Eso You can clearly see that there's no our text and it could sorted over here so you could just throw it out. Maybe the images that don't have our text and go in and fix all this stuff so I could see no all text. No. I text to could really go out and and fix toilets stuff. So let's go back to our link issues again. Five extent links are missing anchor or our text toe. Also, that's the tourist, Not just looking at internal links it on looking at external ing. So this is very nice. Let's check it out. I mean to thesis Streeter, this feat Burner, this is YouTube. Let's see. Very end up. Here s a mix advance keynote. Met Cuts. We we Yes. What is this? Do these links don't work? So this is actually comments are disabled. So probably this have been some comments, but there are disabled. No. And I common the common come and it difficult with. I left a comment ah, below this video because it's very important here. This is about Ping Green update and last interview was met cats and any celebrate. So So you see, it's really telling you not just if internal anchor text is missing Also external and context let's go back again. Toe a link issues and continue to links are using no follow. What is the new for a techno follow tech is actually that you can tell the way that you don't want actually cool to follow this link. So, um, if there's a No four links, Google will not go on and And for this Lincoln go to that content and also what you can do . Issue can stop to submitting link, choose to the sub pitch, but it's not like it. Waas Before it was like in the old days you could just like if you have if you had, like, 10 links pointing to 10 pages, but it just wanted one page to really rank good. Just making nine off them, no follow and center the total link. Choose to one page that they wanted to rank thes days. It doesn't work like that anymore. You can still put it to know follow. But if these days if you would put nine to no fall and want to follow you would just get 10% off the link. Choose to your paycheck. We want to send a link choose to, because Google is just measuring it like they won't count it for the pages that you have No four on. But you also we lose it. So if they're tellings on your linking 10 times to a different paged and you just get the benefit 10% if one is snow for that, they changed it. So you're not really able to to your internally you really swap around the really Get your link. Choose to the right pages. So what we see here is the We have got some issues over here. This is broken. This is no follow. Let's see. Broken. No, let's see why We have got no four links on there. Just open it up. Google patent against spam. Maybe re link the Spammy website or what? He But I can't really see. We could just check the source code. So here's the no follow link and then a four link will point to cope. Apartness King Spam reports cannot get your reply. Yeah, so leave a reply. It's actually just the leave a reply link here. That is a no following, so But that's okay. It doesn't have to its comments, so we can actually ignored it. And what we can do here is very nice. Actually, we can just go ahead and and say you are You link pages and we cared. Arza, go ahead and, um, tell the tool not to crawl that next time. If if it's crawling or not to recognize it. If this issues coming out. So next one for 242 external links use riel no follow. So this was the internal link, and that was the external ing's. It's OK that ah, links have no for it. It's really a part off your natural link profile, so it's totally fine if you have no followings. But if you look through the list E and you may find some friends off yours or some people that you know or some possibility that you can make out off a no for Lincoln for a link, this is very handy. So you could just check all the links and see. Maybe you can make them follow link. What would be the advantage off A for a ling? So the following link real always will also submit the link power in my Astor. No, for a link will just submit trust. So because why I say that there are there are rich peelings out there that works quite well and we keep pedaling sours or no photo. But we in the industry know that the no follow link from Wikipedia is is working quite well . So in my eyes and no following is just submitting trust what else we have. So we also have Syria. Internal links are broken, So this is good. If you would have broken links inside, the tour will tell it to you and it would be able to fix that. 58. 56 OnPage SEO RAVEN Image Issuese: to see in the over you on top requite have a lot off image issues or 60% of our errors are image issues. So let's let's look at this image issues. We've got 1442 image are missing art text. So of course, you should always make sure to use our text to explain what is on the image. Actually, Google is basically planned and will not be able to see what is on this image. So you really have to go out and help Google Toe recognize what is on that image we see here. Also, the file names we didn't really put very nice is still called for Tolia ministers called Link building Cheplak. This is somehow generated from some system. Horrible file name, actually. So you see, we could really do a better chop by putting in some better file names. We don't have all context. Sometimes you don't have a title text and whatever. So if you see stuff like that, really go out and fix that we already working on a new website or we're not gonna go and fix that. So just to let you know, I don't want to, um, give you the feeling that I'm teaching something and we get everything wrong ourselves. But their website was growing, you know, and they said, actually go so I can show you what you need to fix. Let's go back. So this would be quiet. Ah, big issue, because it's a It's a lot off broken images, and it would be very important if you are trying to. Rankin Image image, Search some industry For some industries, it's quite important ranking image search because users will use the image search to find certain products. 2553 images are missing. Title text. Also make sure that you put in the title text off course. I could go up to this, um, this page and just let's look at it. So it's just downloading that the image over here. I can see that this coming from a Syrian, it's in BP continents upload. It's to Cyril. 132 young Next J pic. So in WordPress, I show you how to fix their in WordPress because I am it locked in, already repressed. So you would just have to go to the media library. This is a different website, but it doesn't really matter. Just show it to you how easy it is actually to fix all this stuff. So if we go to this nice lady over him, we can put in a title here. So you could just put in a useful title. Um, and we could put in a capture. You remember. The caption would be shown like below the image and described the image again. We could put in our text over here, and we could even put in at description for that image. So it's very easy to fix that. And you in president media magic again. Cut. Just go through all that images and fix them. You know what I mean? So it's very nice and very easy. If you are working on a different system, I'm sure there will be also, like, some kind of media manager. If you code it yourself, you will know anyways how to how to code it, how to implement it. So this is how you can fixing how you should fix it. If you go back here toe our link image issues, then we see Syria. Images are broken. So this is good broken images would just be that we uploaded the images to some website is to some server, and it's not shown its Jonas as error. So this is good that we don't have any broken images. 59. 57 OnPage SEO RAVEN Semantic Issuese: tool or the shows us to semantic errors. So what are semantic errors? If you look at the over your here, we see Cyril patrons with head us where without headers were detected. Ah, Header is basically some additional information for for Google, for the search engines so difficult over he and see. That's just it should be p had a chick and it just show you how to check it It just take any checker here. Doesn't really matter if you put in the w, w dot media base 0.0.80 and say Submit the website real fetched ahead of and this is the head of it's actually telling me the http um, version. It's telling me that date, it's telling me on what kind of service It's a Petrus server. It's telling me the the except range, so by it, it's telling me the page speed. It's telling me the cage control. You see, it's it's it's a lot of stuff up here, and the server will actually get notified about that, or that the search engine will be able to read it. And this is also very important that this is a 200 so actually, what the tool is doing that. The checker is going up to the server and trying to get that website and the same is actually the crawler doing. And it is very important. That is the 200 here because then it says it's okay to feel for three or whatever. Then it would be a problem. So if I would just put in some you, Earl, that doesn't exist. You see what kind of header we get now? So we get four or four not following, and we get some said Cookie, we get some Aargh! Aargh! Message where he, you see? So this is what the semantic issues will be and 92 pages used. Schema dot orc Boris came a torque schema dot organs actually especial way to tell Google some more informations about the person about a book about event and stuff like that. You can implement it. In our case, we implemented the auto tech, I guess so. The schema for for the alter, the people who writing the content as you may know, since some months school is not showing their alter images next to snip it any more. But there's certain other ways that you can implement scheme, other organ. Use it very nicely, like if you would be in the travel industry, you can get the stars or if you are having Ah, if you're doing events, then you could get that more prominent into your search results. This is what the semantic issues are. 60. 58 OnPage SEO RAVEN PageSpeed: pitch speed is important to satisfy your users if you will have to wait very long to see your content. This is not a good use experience, actually. And that's why Google is starting very slowly to implement this factor into the ranking algorithm. Because if users are not satisfied, if uses go to Google, click on a search, recite and don't get what they won't have to wait where along they're not satisfied. That's why in our premium membership told us or so the page speed and it's not. Of course, there's a page speed tool out there from Google that tells you everything. But actually the tour really explains it that you will understand it's or for example, it's minimize http requests, and it really states 80% off end users response time is spent on front and PLA blah, blah, blah blah, so it will explain in detail what you have to take care off and how you can fix all these issues. If you go further down here, use a content delivery network and it's it's telling us everything here it's it's showing me content delivery network, securing me. You're as it showing me a rose avoid empty image sources, and it's even giving me like examples. Over here it's looking at Internet suppose safari, chrome, Firefox, Opara. It's telling me about it and expire or a cage control header. And it's It's showing me the euro's where this is missing, and it's also showing me in detail how I have to do it. She's disip, um, components, so there's a possibility, like to G seep stuff. Put it on the server and the server will delivered compressed, and the browser will actually unpack it. And this will be much faster and much easier. Pusher style sheets at the top Put scripts at the bottom, make our escaped and seizes external. So all this stuff is being explained very good. And it's not just a general information. The to Richard Situated information is across or whatever. If you having like issues and really it's looking at reduced DNS lookups avoid redirects and it's you know it's it's showing me here how that would look like removed public public . It scripts. It's checking if there some delicate script. Configure e tax, make age Xkj able get HX requests. They see loads and loads. No. Four force you see, it's really very hand and really tells you everything you need to know. And it will also look at, um, you page all the time, like every crawl, it will update. One last thing I show you in this tool is the cross comparison. I could just go out and crawl the page now so I could just go to side out it to the main page. Clicking a button and it will start to Crawley will take some hours, depending on the size. But he I see like the total Eros, I say. I think here it's It's a 30 of December 2014 and Force of February 2015. The total errors went up a little and you will see here what happened over time, so there's no much changes. But here it's like Plus, we have got external links are broken, so there's some more links broken over here, and you can really morning tour or really see what is going on. If the arrows are really getting down or if you some more arrows are coming in, you can also set the software that it will crawl automatically every week every months, and this is really nice to have 61. 59 OnPage SEO PREMIUM Membership: because I want to make sure that you're getting the most out off my training. I will give you our premium membership for free for the 1st 30 days. So now you have got really the possibility to do everything like I show you. In that video, I will use the premium membership tool to fix their own page issue. So I show you in detail. What are the sections are and how you can fix their own. Patricia is how you can find them and so on. And that's not or like in all my trainings, you didn't just buy on, you know, just buying the training, you also buying my support. So whenever you have an issue, whenever you have caught the questions just come up to me, I will try to help you as good as possible. It may take a little time because I'm quite busy, of course, but I try to help everybody. I try to help. I tried to reply to everybody personally, of course, and I tried to make sure that you are really getting helped whatever issue you may have. So, like I said, you're gonna get this free trial for our premium membership tool. Normally, the software alone has got a really off $99. You're getting everything for $97 but you're getting the tool, you getting my support whenever you need it, and you getting all upcoming trainings and courses for free. So they are already, like three courses out there that you will get for free if you take the pre membership. And I'm already planning to new courses for the next two months, 23 months. So you will also get this courses for free, and it's just $97 so it's not really a big deal. 62. 60 OnPage SEO Content Creation Intor: in this part Off the video training, we're gonna talk about content creation. So what is important if you come? If it comes to content creation where you have to start, what kind of structure should you go for and how many key? Virtually Target, actually, for one page and really, how you should do the internal linking in external linking I will explain everything in detail in this section. 63. 61 OnPage SEO Content Creation Site Structure+: the site structure is very important to let the crawlers actually know what is important for you and also with a good set structure is much easier to rank certain parts off your website because you really able toe final, the traffic the link chose and the power to the right pages. So how should a good side structure look like before you planning a website? You should really make sure to get the sad structure right off course It would start really , By deciding what kind of the main aim you're gonna pick. If you want to go international, you may pick it out. Com domain and you may make like sub directories and target this subdirectories to certain countries like you could go out and make you your company. Don't come slash see a target this see a subdirectory to Canada Then of course, you would have to decide. Maybe some parts off your website are https so protected because it's like you are shop and you need to protect your users state or you made it decide that you're really putting everything on https and you would just make an excellent and put in all the informations over there. You should. You should put the Ural and we're gonna look later. It the actual side structure. You could also decide that some part off your content you want to keep out off the index, so you will would go ahead and you could just maybe set up a sub domain and it would, ah, call the supplement. I don't know, block dot or no access. Start your domain dot com and everything that is in this sub Tamino on that sub tamin you could block from the crawlers. Why could that be useful? That could be useful. If you, for example, affiliate and you getting all the product descriptions or the stuff from your merchant or from your Philip partner. You could just create ah lot off unique own content on humane domain and everything that is actually public it content or not really high. Really. You could put on a supplement, just block everything, the septum, it that would be the first step if it comes to the side structure clip because that's the domain structure. After you managed that, the main structure after you clear about the main structure about targeting and whatever it would actually start to build the sad structure. So, of course here that would be the home pages start page. Then you would go out and put our decide what kind of categories you gonna have for sub pages. It really depends if you're building like a shop system. Maybe the categories would be shoes, backs and I don't know and women's shoes for, for example, so But the women shoes should then be. Or let's say, this would be shoes. Then that would be shoes, man shoes, women shoes, Children's shoes. And that would be like the actual shoes them. So what I want to say by that is that you should make sure that your content is accessible . Were easy, that the ways down to the content are quite short because the deeper the Continis stay less important, it gets seen, actually by a searcher. And it's quite logical because it's also quite, um, difficult for the user toe. Find that piece of content and quite logically, if the content is accessible, quiet, easy, it's it's more important for you to content. You also gonna put something on the start page. It is very important for you and not down 10 10 layers deep. You know what I mean? So it's very important to keep the side structure that you keep the more important things you keep the categories on top and really structuring very nicely order if it comes to categories to the u world. I mean, I would recommend to strip out the category off off the euro because you could end up having applicator content. If you have more than if you have a product that is in more than one category, you may have different us for same product, so you could use a canonical attacked a white that. But he could also strip out the cattle view for you are in, so this would be a good solution for it. So basically, just make sure that you are really making very logical side structures have in categories having maybe some countries and then having the products and always keep in mind. Do it like Amazon. If you look at Amazon, they really have a lot off related stuff, a lot of for later information. This works really very good. So keep that in mind if it comes to use to your side structure to really get a nice and clear side structure, 64. 62 OnPage SEO Content Creation 1Keyword 1Page: It's no talk about a very important part of the content creation. It's probably most important part to understand how it really should work, What benefits you get if you do it like that. If it comes to content creation, you really have to make sure that you pick one key word, of course, that that should be their the right key, but that uses a searching for but just picked it one key word for one sub page. So you're not targeting like five or 10 keyboards for the same sub page off course. If it's singular plural, that will be the same sub pitch or it's a semantic word for actually the same were. So if it's just, if it means totally the same, but it's just a different world. You would also go out and target the same landing pitch, but you're not going out and, um, target one landing page for X number five different kibbutz. That doesn't work anymore. You need to make very clear what this sub page is all about. This is very important. If it comes to S u. This is one off the most important things you have to know. Actually, So I show you that again by using the All Star A silver press plugging because it gives us a really nice overview how it should be in this case, I made a just a block post about eso penalty recovery. And you see, the title is not really well optimized on the key road. In this case, I want to target is penalty recovery. So I typed in the focus, keep it over here and straight away. The tour tells me it's in the article heading. So this is very important. You need to make sure that it's really like a red line. So here it starts with having the key both in the Europe. Then it continues to have the key word in the headline So I can show you that if you want, let's go through it and I show it to you. So I just switched here that we can see the content. It takes a little time against to load. So here is so we see the content over here s your penalty recovery. Of course there's the issue before it's questionable. If that should be there or not, I just decided to have to go over there and I go down to the plug in again. I don't know why. It's so so deep down or river it actually disappeared. Let us find it. Here is throw it in the headline, then page title. This would be the page title here. So it's in the page title, actually. Then pitch Ural like we have seen here. It's in the page, Ural. It's inside of the content here three times on its not intimate descriptions or the Met description is here. So we should really make sure that we also target that keyword inside off the meta description. So you already see it comes down really to targeting one keyword. This is very important. Get this red line. Make you really sure Google understands what it is all about, but don't spend. Don't try to put in too much of this key, but, you know, really try to make it natural. We can also have a look at the page analyzes over here. No focus spirits were set. We didn't set that till now. So I just go ahead and updated and we'll see if we get the data out quite faster. If it takes a little time for us to get the data. This is best basically to help you to fix more off the issue. So I scrolled down to the box again. I try if yeah, it's inside early. So what the tour is also telling us is, there is there are Cyril words containing so in the body copy. So here, in this case, there are a lot off special Texan sidelights. I'm using a special plug in that allows me to visually drag and drop all the stuff away. So it seems like the plugging doesn't really pick up the word count, right? You just checked it. But off, of course, we have got some content on the page. That tool is not really picking up it right, No mater description that this is true. So we really have to fix the meta description. Try to focus Justin. That won't keep it. No image appears, so we should also put on some images. The page title contains 33 characters, so you should put it up to 40. Like I said before, it's not really about. That's quite, ah, older metric. It's not about that. The characters anymore. It's about the pixels, but it's around Theis amount of characters, so it gives you a little hint. How much? Correct as you can type in. Um, just try it. It will show you if it's works on it. No out bound links appear on the page. So if you link out toe related sources that, could you make your article broke? Post more trust Murthy. So if you like, for example, right about, um, some Trevor location and your linked to a very well known travel block and your link to CNN that they just made a ah ah article about that as well, that could give you a little more trust because Google sees your linking out to trusted resources. You writing about that, That could really be about the topic and get some advantages. The page title contains key word phrases, but doesn't appear a two beginning, so you really should to make sure that we don't put the issue in front. We put the penalty recovery and maybe relief they see away, or we we just put it somewhere at the end. It's all and this are green. Keep it phrases appears in three off subheadings. The key with appears in first paragraph. So it's just checking if the keyword is at all in our title, what is really going on? So this is quite quite handy and quite nice. If you go to the advanced settings our show, you can, um, do all it's stuff you. If you didn't want your content to be indexed, you could set it to know follow. And down here you've got the possibility toe and the economic attack. If you if that would be like a just a version, just a color version we talked about. If you would have, like, different kind off. Sure, so if that would be read truth. But you also have already blue strew set up, and the only difference between these two versions would be the price and the image or that divert blue or red. Then you could just go ahead and put the UL to economically rush over here. Or, if you have more than one websites, you already published the content somewhere else. You could just go ahead and put the Kentucky targeting to that page. The test. The content already on like that you are awarding toe generate public it content And of course, if this website would go down if you want to close, did website or if you just decided to redirect it to another version? No, a new Urschel. Whatever. Just put in the New UL over here like that, you users will get redirected to renew page, and also the search engines will get redirected and the search engine real. Also redirect link power. The link Choose to renew your The difference between the canonical Ural and history of one is actually if users land on. If you still want to see uses the content, you have to use a communicate because Tony and they are not getting redirected. If you're using a 31 they're getting redirected and they can't see the actual content anymore, so I hope that helps.