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4 Videos (1h 58m)
    • On the BA Job Market Module 1

    • On the BA Job Market Module 2

    • On the BA Job Market Module 3

    • On the BA Job Market Module 4


About This Class

Tips for interviewing and resume writing for business analysis positions.

*Be sure to access the Class Project section to download documentation included in the course.





Teresa Bennett

Business Analysis Expert

Hello, I'm Teresa.

I have 20+ years working in IT as a business analyst.

My road to success wasn't always smooth. Because I fell into the roles of Software Tester and Business Analyst by accident, I had to learn on my own by trial and error.

I have developed a system to help you be successful without all of that trial and error business. I'll give you proven strategies for becoming a successful Business Analyst.

I offer my experience and expertise so you c...

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