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4 Lessons (59m)
    • 1. On Boarding Staff.Session1-Introduction

    • 2. On Boarding Staff.Session2-Transitions

    • 3. On Boarding Staff.Session3-Design

    • 4. On Boarding Staff.Session4-Specifics


About This Class

CLASS INTRODUCTION - It’s been said that “All’s well that ENDS well.” But when it comes to starting new hires or new promotions on the right foot, “all’s well that STARTS well!” On-Boarding has previously been viewed as just a necessary function that businesses and non-profits just have to do either for compliance reasons or just because that is the way things have always been done.  This is a critical organizational function for a variety of reasons. According to Gallup’s 2013 report on the State of the American Workplace, 70% of employees are considered “unengaged” with their work. This means that they are not connecting to their work, their customers, and their co-workers. The result is lower customer/client satisfaction, higher turnover, and lower productivity and revenue just to name a few of the negative impacts. In fact, employee disengagement costs the U. S. economy over $450 billion dollars annually and the statistics are worse for corporations in other nations (Gallup, 2013).  When it comes to younger or millennial workers (born between 1980 – 1996) who now constitutes the largest generational cohort in the marketplace, the levels of disengagement are higher. Further, two in ten millennial staff members are actively looking for another opportunity at any given time according to the Gallup Summit on How Millennials Want to Work and Live (2016).  So, have I made my point about why this matters?!?! But what if we changed the paradigm? What if On-Boarding was viewed and used as an impact multiplier that allows team members to be productive and engaged in faster and more meaningful ways? How valuable would it be to an organization to have its new hires innovating and contributing in an accelerated time frame? Now the obligatory on-boarding process takes on a whole new meaning and purpose Whereas not a panacea that will solve ALL your staffing problems, this course is designed to help you and your organization take a new look at how you orient and on-board both new hires AND newly promoted internal hires (definitely a forgotten workplace demographic!) as well as provide you a framework that will inform a reengineered program design and its components from Pre-Hire to Continuation. Comprised of 4 easy to follow segments, the course will be organized by and videos viewed in the following order: INTRODUCTION Workplace TRANSITIONS Program DESIGN Program SPECIFICS and Ideas





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William Faulkner

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