Omelette, scrambled, fried & poached eggs heaven! | Timothy Cunningham | Skillshare

Omelette, scrambled, fried & poached eggs heaven!

Timothy Cunningham, Online Instructor

Omelette, scrambled, fried & poached eggs heaven!

Timothy Cunningham, Online Instructor

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7 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Welcome To Everything Eggs!

    • 2. Fried Eggs

    • 3. Fried Eggs Demonstration!

    • 4. Omelette Physical Demonstration!

    • 5. Poached eggs

    • 6. Poached Eggs Physical Demonstration!

    • 7. Scrambled Eggs Physical Demonstration!

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About This Class

This class is a run through on how to cook eggs with some hints and tips to make it easier for you to learn.

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Timothy Cunningham

Online Instructor


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1. Welcome To Everything Eggs!: we're going to run out of a hat of cooks and eggs. The methods were going to run. Harbor has had a scramble leg so that nice and fluffy was a beautiful color and not over coops. Best method Used to Mike Perched Exit Harm had to make sure the extent together North Korea's well fried eggs and had over cold mistakes. Don't we know how to make a perfect eggs? You will have a store them correctly to enjoy the late today one that some people watcher. But when he's had to make a move, which could baby tricky So run over that we'll show you a physical demonstration of H days methods to cool gigs full along a partial results in the discussion era. I also feel Freddie joined the problem. Facebook Group Coming in Profit Share 2. Fried Eggs : 3. Fried Eggs Demonstration!: All right. So this is the fraud. Eggs, guys, the pain he was really hope had a crack it with one hand. Give it a little me saw. So basically, you want to do is get one crack and then maybe hands a pot. Blacks are, as you squeeze into the two little trick. So do that. Do you need a nonstick pan, please? You want to turn the hate right down Because we want the York Teoh. But we don't want the egg watts to remain rule while the base of the fried egg gets really , really don't. We're just trying to create a Norris Cole safe. A lot of people put the hate on Fox here on for when you are checks. I mean, no. When you part when you for give it a little bit of power, you just want to leave it, locate you, comply with the hate, pretended up whatever you think it makes. Just play. Yeah, really? I got this on a medium toe. Now you will say Well, the quad still seems a bit role. You really want to keep it on a lot of weight once you see the ache Watts got completely want. That's when it's ready. We'll also show you a cool little tree on how toe flip the eggs. If you don't want them signing up. Now what we're gonna do is give it a flip. So if you don't like your right something saw it up, which is basically the York showing the way it is, you conclude the other side will make it cook what quicker as well What you do simply you want to get the panel flick up Now this side you could okay, raising more concern. Hate brought off by flipping the take our ball. You gonna way out the hate, which is gonna be a door in direct contact with the York Neil So the other side isn't gonna take a cook. That's what it would have if we just let it for I sunny side up, they haven't Friday. Now he don't like is much color on the base of these Or if you like it to be nice and want a level, it's just about the temperature control at the start of the cooking process. So what you do is when you originally start the process, so you have to hate much loa. I cooked the egg, then on a high hate right to start with so I could get that golden brown that I was looking for again. If you didn't want that, it's just a simple matter of making sure that the egg keeping one that it will take a little bit longer. 4. Omelette Physical Demonstration!: All right. So we're gonna run throughout a quick anomaly. So I want to get this nice and hot. Little more smirking. We stopped some of your eggs with a little bit of milk, Freddie saves and some salt pepper if you like. You also need a spatula. This is awesome. So quickly pulled. What you want to do is come from the side. So to push the edge in and roll back, imagine edging back. Leave it there on a hate one more time. Keep that north and heart. Get that Norse and we want to go skin. Sprinkle this bit of chase Just a basic chase. On what? To save you. Beautiful. Give it a quick flip. Say, Norris. Beautiful Golden brand And the egg was a little bit role when we flipped it. But as that combined together rubbing against each other Walk star. The rest will continue to cook There. Lots of this type of hate still finish it off. Turn the head off. Just wait. Do it all. They have a nice, beautiful chase on what's perfect. Healthy breakfast 5. Poached eggs : one time enough for you. So help Steve exit, you'll marching to combine together, which will make this a lot one easy to execute this because once first starts to coagulate , the Sooners inmates hate so yours course. Low to begin with, able more slowly when the house surrounded by that wants. Sorry, I didn't mean to get a part for up. Thanks to watch. Maybe faucet helps him. Don't be shy with white vinegar at as much as you think. You need to make sure the eggs don't separate. 6. Poached Eggs Physical Demonstration!: just quickly whenever some perched eggs so I could have water here. We just want a little bit of white vinegar. Helps the eggs combine a little Be just so it's frightening You don't want to be are preparing so the equipment we've got his eye Chefs burn here with holes in it three eggs and also a stainless steel ball to place the eggs in. After that, you don't have to use this if you are going to eat them straightaway, but you are going to store them. You cannot put minister still bold with some ice cold water. Now the trick is when you get your eggs ready this holding a lot of people will just place the egg straight into the parts, which is the incorrect way to do it. That's the eggs gonna struggle to combine You want to give it a bit of So what we're gonna do here cried a little under wards tonight are with that Chefs get it moving practice crack the next Don't crack the next again on top of the previous eggs that you placed in. You want to try to keep him as far apart as possible. Now we're gonna keep stirring like a tornado. You sort of want to go around the otherwise while we're very slowly, you don't Usual. Chefs burn to interact with the eggs You don't touching and breaking New York because you were on your part steak. So just give it a bit of encouragement, Trying to create many tornadoes in your water and come back the other way once it starts to boil. You want to bring you hate down very gentle. So we're just gonna leave this cook for a minute, daughter with the Mars, And then I'll come back and show you guys how to make sure your eggs already and cooked eel walking. We've been going about a minute now, so I just picked this up very slowly, carefully, not breaking. Yeah, So when you touch it, it's sort of once you wanted to spring back a little bit. Say it's still a bit stiff. It's not quite ready and quiet role on the inside when you press on the issue. So I wanted to be dancing back a little bit more. You wanted to baby firma. Now the reason why we're using a holy spring, he'll is that a liquid that we pick up. We're just funneled through to the bottom. So when you put it on your plate, you're not gonna have in have an egg that's full of vinegary, which doesn't go down well, that right there, see out spring back a little bit towards me. That's where we're off. That means it's gonna be nice and runny on the inside. Now, if you don't want eggs that acquired running, just leave this in a little bit longer, so it gets a bit of our harder, Uh, surrounding if you're gonna store it for later. What's a Mars cold water here back, you know, Look at that beautiful running egg. That is a perfect project Approach. Take right there, guys. Get a hole in my stools. Tightest. Could have growed hand delicious. Dominate this right now. 7. Scrambled Eggs Physical Demonstration!: so I d x were twist. Oh, you brought up straight cold. Now I want to start stirring the straightaway. You sort of wonder what? Just the Haiti should go. You notice. Have a butt up. Still melting. That's what way. You know, This is well with the eggs stopped to catch. I'm sorry. If you put here as you go on, start staring it. Scrag Diego sort of report Hate to turn off every now and then It's gonna you don't just so happy yet because of Wilton the eggs gray So the hate isn't even on right now we're just using the hatred Spain retained in the books. Continue cooking the eggs. It's gonna quickly put that back again. Scraping the egg that's cooked off side of the put on bringing it back into the center coming up. Really? Okay. This stage is saved. A touch of pepper. He's what? Pepper. You can use cracks, just whatever you foreign very suitable the salt. So just, say, Zenit Teoh, walking as a former Coke Phil frayed at the milk. So give it a Norris fresh. So flavor weren't these eggy? I think the hate up a little bit to get it going were scrambled eggs. You do want to be sure, because it can be quite delicate. Too much hate at one stage, well posted to go doing clumpy. I'm cereal, my toe that it is okay to turn the heat up occasionally and they don't know how I hate be. Don't we expose it to my chief of very well. You hate down now just be patient with it. If you're not a patient person, walk myself would be very tempting. Teoh. Just leave it on a high hate. Get it too cool, but you won't get the desired outcome. We're often north. Fluffy screamed. Okay, gauze north preying on fluffy scrambled eggs. Cake really is in the water. Temperature constructs that taking off made it still continuing. Just be nice and smooth. It's no runny fluffy, which is what we're after for next season. It was possibly some deal guitarist. Delicious. That's amazing. God, look at that. Fluffy knows the milk doesn't make it is 80 so it's really just north and smooth. See how it's all golden. No rowdiness. Perfect for a big breakfast sausages. So no excuse now. So make Merce delicious scrambled eggs